Fresh petite cutie gets fucked by some big cock in POV

Fresh petite cutie gets fucked by some big cock in POV
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"Assholes, fucking assholes," the rather substantial girl ranted as she stormed into her house. Ursula Cole screamed her passionate hate for men,"Assholes," she screeched as she dived into her bed, she buried her head under her pillow and sobbed, all 5'8", 160 pounds of a kinda cute brown haired, brown eyed college sophomore had gone ballistic. One text, one fucking text and her world fell apart. "Ron, the big party tonight, when you picking me up?" Spring Break, gonna have a hellava time tonight, fires on the beach, cook-outs, wine, beer, nothing but a friggin' ball, Ursula was finally ready, tonight was the night.

She was twenty and a virgin, but tonight she was ready, Ron would have her. She had bought the sexiest underwear she could find at Victoria's Secret, she'd bathed and put on her Mother's top of the line perfume, a little between her thighs and a touch between her 34 B breasts.

Daisy Dukes, top tied around her tanned belly, God, she knew she was hotter than a three dollar pistol; her phone said she had an incoming text. "Sorry Babe, am taking Karen Baker tonight, talk to you soon. Ron." "WTF," he was dumping her on the biggest night of the year. "No, No, No," she threw herself on her bed, buried her head in her pillow and sobbed. The bedrooms were on the second floor, Ursula had slammed her door so when her brother came in he had no idea that his sister was in distress, he made himself a ham and cheese sandwich and popped the top on a Bud, with a few chips he had lunch.

He was in civilian clothing, in fact, gym shorts, a tee shirt that advertised nothing at all and white socks with Nike trainers. Ryan was a rather large man, 6'3", 220 pounds, he served in one of the unnamed branches of the US Military but he was home on 30 day's leave.

After three tours in the Middle East his next assignment was in the local recruiting office, he liked the action the military gave him but a year assigned to his hometown would be nice, he switched on the TV and kicked back in the recliner.


About a quarter of an hour into an episode of "Homicide Hunter" he heard a wail and a crash. What the hell, he thought he was alone in the house, he set his beer aside and cautiously started up the staircase to investigate, as he crept down the hallway he heard whimpering coming from his sister's bedroom, he lightly knocked, "Sis?" he asked.

"Go away," she sobbed. He didn't, his little sister was in distress and Ryan, by nature, was a protector, he eased the door open. "Ursula, what is it, maybe I can help?" He asked.

"You can't help, no body can help." "Want to talk about it?" "Talk about what? Men, fucking men, I hate them all, they're ruining my life." Her experience with the opposite sex had, up to this time in her young life, been disappointing to say the very least, probably why she was still a virgin, she'd never been able to get into a relationship deeply enough to give it up. Ron was going to be different, fuck a bunch of Ron and Karen, too, maybe she was destined to be a nun.

Now that was a thought, and she wasn't even Catholic. "Men," she screamed, they're all bastards. He sat on the bed, "Me, too?" He asked. "Maybe you're the exception.the only exception, Ok." Ursula adored her big brother, he'd always treated her like an equal, not like so many guys did with pesky kid sisters, now he was gently stroking her back.

"Want a sympathetic ear, tell me about it," he said. "No," she pouted then she spilled her guts. "He is a right son of a bitch, I have to agree," Ryan said. "Damned right, see why I'm gonna give up on men." "What, you gonna swing left handed?" "What do you mean, swing left handed?" Ursula asked.

"Girl on girl." "No, that won't work, Carrie kissed me and played with my titties, didn't do a thing for me, in fact it was a turn off." She hadn't told him everything, now she confessed, "Ryan, I'm still a virgin, Tonight I was going to let Ron.well, you know. I even bought some sexy undies and stuff just for him.

I didn't tell him and I guess that's why he's taking Karen, he'll get some pussy from that bitch." "You sure tell it like it is," he said. "Well, I'm right and he missed out on a virgin tonight; have you ever been with a virgin?" She knew her big brother wasn't celibate.

"Several." "What was it like, for the girls I mean, did it hurt?" "Sometimes, always a little I guess, they're having their hymens torn, I imagine it must hurt." "Oh God, I wanted to find out, I really wanted to do it tonight, I'm just so pissed." Ryan wasn't entirely comfortable talking with his baby sister about her cherry, he stopped rubbing her back and said, "Unh, are we getting, you know, off track here?" For the first time in, what felt like a lifetime Ursula cracked a little smile, she was embarrassing her big brother.

"Don't stop, that feels nice," she said of the back rub he'd stopped. When he resumed she gave a contented sigh, then a few moments later she rolled onto her back. "Rub my tummy Ryan, under my shirt." "Sis, that's a little too intimate, don't you think?" She took his hand and guided it to where she wanted it, "Please, and no, I don't think it's too intimate, I don't think it's intimate enough." Her eyes were glassy, she was lightly panting as his hand touched her bare skin, her head fell back and she gasped.

"Oh My God, I just came Ryan, you only touched me and I came." He started to pull his hand away, she caught it, held it fast then pulled it up.

He could smell her musk as she settled his hand on her breast, she didn't have a bra and her nipples were swollen and stiff. He jerked away and tried to stand, she jerked back, he was off balance, he came down on his sister, she hungrily kissed him, he felt her tongue, her breath was sweet and hot. "I want you Ryan, I want you to be the one, I want you in me," she whispered. "Ursula, no, you're my sister," he tried to pull away, she was locked on him. "I want it to be with a man I love and who loves me," she'd reached one hand down, she was stroking him through his gym shorts.

"You want me, too, I can feel it," she told him. Ryan wanted to do what was right but he was no statue, his erection was growing, it was inevitable, his favorite girl in the whole world was under him.

Still, he protested, again to no avail. "Take my top off, look at me," she breathed. Her tits were beautiful, perfect cones, symmetrical with mauve nipples now nearly bursting with excitement and desire, she arched offering them to him. "Unnnnnnnnnh," she gasped, she'd cum again when his lips had taken the nipple in. "My shorts, take my shorts off, I want you in me, God I need it," she demanded. "Slow down Sis, it's not a race," he said as he lowered her shorts.

"The panties, too, the fucking panties, I want you in me." Kim had left work early, she'd decided to take her kids out to dinner in celebration of Ryan being home, she went upstairs, she wanted to shower then dress up for the evening out.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Fuck," she heard her daughter screech. What the hell, she thought. Ursula's bedroom door was slightly ajar, she crept to it.

Her immediate inclination was to rush in screaming for them to stop, Ryan's head was between Ursula's legs and her daughter was going berserk, she paused. Kim was in the shadows, not that it mattered, no one was paying attention to her. She never seen or heard anything like it, Ursula's legs were up in the air, they were trembling, she screamed as each new orgasm thundered through her.

"Oh God, Oh God, fuck, fuck, fuck," she screamed as she shook even harder. Kim watched in awe, could it really feel that good? It never had for her, she couldn't imagine.but she could see. Unconsciously and involuntarily her hand went to her breast, she squeezed, she felt the moisture between her legs, her panties were being soaked. Her knees felt weak when Ursula screamed, "No more Ryan, no more, it's driving me crazy, ah fuck, please now." There was a jar of Vaseline on the bed, Ursula used it to remove makeup, she'd gotten it for him, he told her it would make it easier for her.


He opened the jar, lubed her vagina and his penis then he moved up on her. "You're beautiful," she heard Ryan whisper. Kim agreed, her daughter's vulva was coral pink, not yet stained a ruddy red that would happen later in life.

Mesmerized she watched her son run the head of his penis along her daughter's slit. He was big, bigger than any she'd seen before, not that she qualified as an expert, she'd only seen three, but still. He guided the head into the throat of Ursula's vagina, she saw his butt muscles tighten as he thrust forward.

Her daughter winced and gave a little cry and Ryan was in her. My God, Kim thought, she'd just watched her daughter lose her virginity to her brother. He stroked her slowly and gently. "You Ok beautiful," he asked. "It wasn't bad and now it's good, you can do it harder if you want." She watched as they fucked, Ursula was loud in her appreciation of her first sex, she moaned, "You're so big, so damned big.I like big.

Ah Jesus, I'm gonna cum again," he felt her trembling. When her orgasm had passed he pulled out, "Turn over and get on your hands and knees, I wanta see your cute butt. It was cute, her vulva was redder now, blood engorged, Ryan parted her labia, Kim gasped as she watched his cock slide in. Her hand went under her skirt, this was how she liked it best, her husband could go deeper this way, then the rhythmic slap of Ryan's balls against his sister, he was fucking her harder now and she was moaning, he gave her ass a little spank, she howled and quivered as she came again.

"Want to have some fun now?" Ryan asked. "I already am," Ursula saucily replied. He pulled his cock out of her and laid down on his back, "Mount up Cowgirl," he told her. She just looked at him, she had no idea what he wanted. "Squat over me and sit on it," he said. Kim watched, Ursula brought the head of his cock to her vagina then slowly eased herself down until all nine inches were in her, she began to post, moving up and down the shaft, picking up speed as she bounced.

Ursula began to giggle, this was fun. "Thought you'd like this, controlling bitch that you are," he laughed. "Damned right," Ursula shot back. Kim slunk back down the stairs, she was torn, she went to the bathroom, sat and thought. They were adults but they were still her children, she knew she should do something but, on the other hand, she'd never been so aroused in her life, her panties were soaked, She'd cum when Ursula was getting pounded from behind, her cunt was still tingling.

She went to the front door, quietly opened it then slammed it, "Ursula, Ryan, I'm home," she called out. "Hi Mom," they chorused, "Be down in a minute." Hold it together, she thought, just hold it together. Ursula glowed, Ryan just smiled, "Hi Mom." "How about we go out to dinner tonight, a little celebration for Ryan's arrival?" "Sounds great," Ryan said.

"Ok, let's get showered and changed, I've already made the reservations." They headed upstairs. Kim went to her room and locked the door, she got her toys out of the drawer, she realized they made a poor substitute for what she'd just witnessed, she stripped. Last off were her panties, she dropped them, picked them up and brought them to her face, her smell was strong, her tears added to the moisture.

Kim, like her son and daughter was tall, 5'9", a slender 130 pounds, she had small breasts, she'd been envious when she'd seen Ursula's, her complexion was a creamy white, she had dark brown hair cut in a short bob and hazel eyes, eyes that were still teary as she stepped into the shower.

She dressed nicely, a chocolate brown pant suit with a lighter brown blouse, bone pumps, matching handbag, a single pearl on a gold chain with pearl earrings, she was fastidious with her makeup. She took her car keys out of her bag, laid them on her dresser and went down stairs. Ryan was already waiting, Ursula came down moments later. "Everybody ready?" Kim asked. "Let's go," she said as she looked for her keys in her purse. "Darn, must have left them upstairs, be back in a minute," as she rushed back up.

Quickly she went to Ursula's room, in her closet she looked in the dirty clothes hamper, today's panties were under the tee shirt. As she'd feared, the crotch was soaked with her pleasure along with a large quantity of seminal fluid, Ryan had barebacked her. She got her keys from her room and rushed back down. Throughout dinner she looked at Ursula, Kim knew that her daughter was sitting on a vagina overflowing with sperm, she didn't need a pregnant college sophomore, she had to get to a drug store pronto.

On the way home she told the kids she needed to pick up something, she swung into a Walgreen's. She came out with a small bag. At home they all dressed for bed, Ursula was already down and sleeping when Kim came out. She took a deep breath, the poor woman was a nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs, but, determinedly she walked down the hall. Kim slept in white cotton panties and a baggy tee shirt, that's what she was wearing now, she stopped at Ryan's door, she was afraid her knees were going to give out, still, she had to do it, she wanted to do it even if she'd hate herself for it later, she knocked.

He came to the door, he also was dressed for bed, all he had on was a pair of boxer shorts. "Ryan, I need to talk to you, please come to my room," she said.

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Both padded barefooted back down the hall. As they entered the room she locked the door, their "conversation" would be private, she sat on the bed. "Come join me Son," Kim said to him, her voice was raspy in her ear. "Sure Mom," Ryan said as he joined her. "I'm not going to beat around the bush Ryan, I know what you and Ursula did this afternoon. I'm not going to ask why and I'm not going to be angry with either of you but I wish you'd have used a condom, I don't think either of us wants Ursula pregnant." "I was going to get a Plan B pill for her in the morning." "Not necessary Son, that's what I got when we stopped at Walgreen's." "Thanks Mom," he said.

"Don't thank me Ryan, and, please call me Kim. I bought enough for two girls," she choked out. She took one of his hands and brought it to her breast, the other caressed his chest. "You want," he began. "I need not want," her eyes were pleading, it took everything in her to confess her desire, she knew she'd die if he turned her down. "Mom, I." "Kim, please, it makes it easier for me." His second hand went around her head, he drew her to him.

"It's been my dream since I was twelve," as he kissed her. A hand went up under her tee shirt, he caressed her breasts. Kim broke the kiss to say, "They're nothing compared to Ursula's are they. In accordance with her willowy physique, her breasts were a mere A cup. "Kim, they're perfect, they fed me and I turned out Ok, didn't I?" "Yes, God yes," as she resumed the kiss.

He worked her tee up over her head, like his sister her nipples were mauve and like hers, Kim's were swollen and stiff, he took one into his mouth. She moaned, "Touch me Ryan, please touch me," as she thrust her pelvis up.

He masturbated her through her panties until she gasped as she climaxed. "In the nightstand, there's lubricant, it's been a long time since I've been with a man and, never with one as big as you." "Planned this out, didn't you?" He asked as he got the KY Jelly from the drawer.

"Don't make fun of me, please, this is hard enough." "I'm not and I never will Kim, I only want to make this night memorable for you." "It already is, I can assure you I'll never forget it." "No you won't Kim, no you won't." Although she was forty-seven, Ryan knew her sexual experience was somewhat limited, it wouldn't be by the time the night was over.

He slid her panties down and off. She had no tan lines, she had no tan, her color was clotted cream with a wild mink brown muff. "God you're beautiful Kim, I hope you like oral 'cause I'm gonna eat you up," he licked his lips. "I've heard of it but I thought it was a myth, your father wouldn't do it, oh, it was fine if I took him in my mouth but he said I was all wet and nasty." "Dumb man, beats the shit out of salty fish eggs and Beluga Caviar is pricier than good pot," as he sunk between her slender thighs.

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He gave her clitoris a flick with his tongue, he'd work around the shaft not on the jewel but he liked her reaction, it was like a little electrical shock, she jumped. "Sensitive, aren't we?" "Christ Ryan, do what you're there for." He did.

Her cunt flowed like the lava from Vesuvius and was nearly as hot. He had to chase her all over the bed as she writhed under his insatiable tongue, her fluid was like the nectar of the Gods, slightly salty and acidic like a perfectly ripe citrus, he feasted on her as she wailed, moaned and cried out in a language not heard since the Tower of Babylon. He did understand her plea of, "Fuck me Ryan, Oh Christ, fuck me," of which he had no intention, at least not yet, he picked up the KY and lubricated his two middle fingers.

"Ready for a trip around the world?" He asked. "I'm ready for your cock," she shot back. He hadn't done this with Ursula, she'd been a virgin, he would, in the future, but now he was with Kim, he slid the two lubricated fingers into her and probed the front wall of her vagina, he was seeking a small patch of rougher tissue, her Gräfenberg Spot.

Some said it was mythical, some said it was mystical, from experience Ryan knew it existed, he'd just found his Mother's. He hooked his fingers and began rapidly masturbating her, he was applying pressure as he did so, she was well aroused but she'd never had her G Spot stimulated, it might take a little time.

That was fine, he enjoyed watching Kim's ever so expressive face. The best was about ten minutes in, he saw her urgency, he knew what was coming next, "Stop, I have to pee, I have to pee right now." The G Spot was swollen to the size of a walnut, a little fluid had leaked from her urethra, partly urine but with so much more, with his left hand he held her down, she was pleading, "I'm gonna pee on you, please Ry." She bucked like the finest rodeo Bronco then exploded as she erupted like Old Faithful, her ejaculate volcanoed at least eighteen inches into the air, then twelve, then ten then her Son's mouth covered her, he drank and licked up the rest of her ejaculate, she was spent.

He held her, he was gentle with her, he stroked her hair hand combing her short bob, he kissed her cheek, he hugged her like she was his child, she was still catching her breath, it had been an out of body experience, finally she was able to rasp out, "What happened?" "One of the things your lovely body has been waiting for," was his enigmatic answer.

He went to the bathroom, got a towel and wiped her down. "No, really, what happened," she was still dazed. "It's called squirting, did you like it?" "I, I, I'm not sure, it was unbelievably intense, I completely lost control. Ryan, I didn't know girls could do that." "Kim, a lady's body is designed for pleasure, maybe Mother Nature's way of repaying you for the pain of child birth, you think?" As they talked his fingers sought out the split between her labia, he gently stroked her.

"You're such a beautiful and desirable woman Kim, I think tonight I'm the luckiest guy in the world." It was like she melted as she whispered, "I still want you in me Sweetheart." He laid her back and lubricated her vagina with a dab of the KY, he positioned himself between her slim thighs, as he moved up on her she instinctively drew her legs up exposing herself, the head pressed into her then the thrust as he buried himself in her hot, wet folds.

She moaned as he filled her, he was big, huge in comparison with any past lovers, it created an ache, a superb ache as she was stretched, she wrapped her legs around his hips, her arms embraced him, she clung to him like a baby sloth with it's mother as he fucked her. He started with slow, deep strokes, probing places that no man had ever explored, she was making little moaning, whimpering sounds, it hurt but it was like she was living for the pain, plus she realized it would soon pass, he was opening her, opening her to the fantastic pleasure she knew was waiting.

She threw her pelvis up meeting his thrust, "Harder," she moaned. She screamed as he slammed into her, "Yes, fuck yes, fuck yes," she climaxed. Hot and slick, Ryan reveled in his Mother's orgasmic juices flowing over his balls, he fucked her all the harder and she screamed all the louder, it felt wonderful, her internal organs clenched, her uterus, her anus and, as he could now feel, her vagina, it gripped and pulsed as her cunt convulsed with a series of orgasms, it nearly brought him over the top, he held out, he was far from done.

She began to relax. "Want a ride up top," he asked. Oh God, he was gonna give her control, she remembered seeing Ursula, the fun she was having, "Hell yes," she exalted.

He pulled out of her, his cock was dripping with her juices, he rolled onto his back, his erection towered from his groin.

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With a smile he said, "Mount up Mommy." Damn, he'd called her Mommy, she felt she should be pissed, she wasn't, not even a little bit. As she slid down his meat pole she took it slow, seated herself against his pubic hairs she smiled, God it felt good, slowly she began to ride him.

Her hands went to her breasts, small as they were, she still squeezed, it felt good, her nipples projected between her grasping fingers, Ryan was smiling at her, he obviously liked watching her, she leaned forward and gave him a little kiss. "You like?" She asked. "Absolutely, I love it, you're spectacular, he slid fingers under her and began to masturbate her, her eyes told him, they glassed over as she climaxed once again. She fell forward, sprawled on his chest, he held her and let her regain her breath.

"Liked that, didn't you," he finally asked. "Unhunh," was all she could reply. "I think you'll like this even better," he told her.

"I want you on your hands and knees." Oh God, here it comes, all I want and more than I can take, she thought. She got into position, or at least she thought she'd had. He forced her head and chest down to the mattress then lifted her by the hips and pressed a hand into the small of her back, she bowed under the pressure, she realized that everything, all of her female treasures were exposed to and for him, she was frightened, his tongue found her most secret place, he licked her then the tip slipped in her back door, "No, please no," she pled.

He didn't stop, her musty, earthy scent drove him on, he kept her pinned down until she gasped, "Oh Christ, please stop, please stop, please," a gasp and a climax, she trembled under his relentless tongue, He lifted her and slammed her, her vagina, her very core, she wailed, shrieked, three notes higher than the highest soprano, he rode her down as he came in her. In spite of everything Kim knew Ryan was filling her with his cum, hot and viscous it pooled below her cervix, even at forty-seven she was still fertile, like a bird drinking her cervix was dipping into the pool, sipping and passing the sperm along, it would swim, a race, through her uterus to her Fallopian Tubes, after her egg, at forty-seven, one of her last, she had the pills, the Plan B, the Morning After, she collapsed, he held her.

He held her like no man had ever held her, she felt loved, loved like she'd never felt in her life. "I could get pregnant, you know," she whispered. He embraced her, his breath was hot against her neck, "I can only hope," he whispered to her. Finally she said, "We have to talk to Ursula, too." "Yes, I suppose we do" "I'll do it, it's really a woman thing, then after we can all sit down and discuss it." "Thanks Kim," he said. "Are we going to continue?

Are you and Ursula?" "I want to, but it'll really be up to you two, won't it?" "Ryan, I can't go back, if I'd taken the time to think about what I was doing I probably wouldn't have done it, I mean it's incest, it's illegal among other prohibitions. But I didn't, I've never wanted anything more, I watched you and Ursula and I wanted, oh God how I wanted.

Now I want it even more." "And Ursula?" "I can't speak for her, it will be her decision." "Will you talk to her about this, too?" "Of course." "Ryan Honey, why don't you go to bed, get a good night's rest, we can talk more tomorrow, Ok." After he'd left she gave it enough time so he'd be sleeping, she got one of the pills and a glass of water, she walked down the hall. A night light was burning in Ursula's bedroom, her daughter was atop the covers, she'd kicked them off.

Like Kim Ursula slept in cotton panties and a tee shirt, the tee had ridden up to just below her breasts, the panties caressed her hips, Kim just stared, her beautiful baby girl. She placed the water and pill on the nightstand and sat on the bed. Ursula's eyes came open, "Hi Mommy." "Hi Sweetie, did I wake you?" "I wasn't asleep, I was just thinking." "There's a lot to think about, isn't there." "You know, don't you Mommy?" "Yes, I know, I watched through the doorway." "You watched?

God that's embarrassing." "Ursula, I found it beautiful." "You did?" "Yep, now I have something for you," she retrieved the pill and water, "Take this, it's an emergency contraceptive, I'll make appointments for us with my gynecologist for birth control." She took the pill then laid back down, Kim began to stroke her daughter's tanned tummy. "Mom, you said, about the doctor, you said appointments for both of us, why?" "I'll get to that, but now, how do you feel, some girls find losing their virginity traumatic." "I'm a little sore and I ache up inside but I'm Ok." "That's normal, in a few days you'll heal.

Baby, do you want to do it again with Ryan?" Ursula dropped her head like she was giving confession, "Yes Mommy," was all she said. "Good, he'll be glad to learn that. Now, I guess I have a little confession to make to you. I understand why you ache, he's so damned big, he gave that same ache to me. We have something in common, both of us have vaginas filled with his sperm." "Oh MY God, Mom, he did it with you, too." "I pretty much made him, after I watched you with him, I, I, I guess I lost control, it had been so long, I wanted what you were feeling." "Jeez Mom, what was it like doing it with your Son?" "An adventure, a hellava adventure, I learned more about what my body can do with him tonight than I'd ever known." "What, what, now you've got me interested." Kim shared her experiences.

"Mom, no, he didn't lick your butthole, God that's nasty, why would he do that?" Ursula exploded. "I didn't know it, like I said, I learned a lot tonight. It's an erogenous zone, he made me cum when he was doing it, it felt wonderful." "Weird," was Ursula's comment on that. "I think he wants to do me that way." "Do you that way, what do you mean?" "I think he wants to sodomize me and, honestly, I'm a little scared." "What are you going to do if he tries?" "Let him, of course.

His job is to satisfy us, our job is to satisfy him." "Mom, you're scaring me, do you think he'll do it to me, too?" "I think that, with your perfect body he's chomping at the bit." The hand that had been stroking Ursula's tummy rode up, Kim cupped her daughter's left breast through the cloth of her tee shirt.

"How I envy your breasts," she said rasped. Their faces were close, Kim was panting lightly, they could smell and feel each other's breath, Ursula's nipples stiffened under her Mother's gentle caress. As their eyes met Ursula gasped, "Mom, Mom, Mom, oh God." The young woman's legs fell apart, fingers masturbated her through her cotton panties, she moaned, "I'm gonna cum, Mommy, I'm gonna cum." "I know you are Sweetie," Kim whispered as their lips met.

Ryan was first up, in his Sister's bedroom he found them both.

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Tee shirts were up, breasts exposed, panties still on, they laid chest to chest, he smiled then went downstairs and made coffee. It was about fifteen minutes before the ladies joined him, they were still in their sleepwear, the panties gave Ursula a sexy little camel toe.

"I thought I smelled something good," Kim said as she inhaled the coffee aroma. She and Ursula walked to the counter, Kim poured them each a cup. Ryan admired them, the contrast was amazing, tanned Ursula's plump bottom filled her panties to the max, startling, though they were mother and daughter, Kim was tall and willowy, her butt was small and tight, they were both utterly desirable.

They joined him at the table. "I think we need to talk," Kim said. "After last night the matrix in our household has shifted and I want everyone to understand. Ryan, we both want to be your girls so in the bedroom you're the king. Outside, I'm still the Mom, I know you're both adults, but we'll still live by my rules, you both know what they are so I'm not going to draw this out.

Now, Ursula's going to be sore for a couple of days, heck, I'm gonna be sore but in a very nice way, I think she should abstain for a little while until her broken hymen heals but that's up to her. I'm going to make doctor's appointments for both of us, we need contraception, I'm going to have the doctor insert IUD's in both of us, now, is everyone in agreement?" "That's the way is should be Mom," Ursula said.

"I agree, sure Mom," Ryan added. "Good, Ursula, how about starting breakfast while I call the doctor." Kim picked up her cell phone and went into the living room. Ursula whispered to Ryan, "I still want to fuck, I think I love it." She got eggs from the fridge and said to Ryan, "You make the toast." Kim came back, "We're in luck, we have appointments at ten o'clock this morning, we'll have to hustle and I need to run to the drug store. Ursula, you probably won't like some of the things we need to do, she's insisting that we have complete physicals and that includes a rectal examination.

We both need to have enemas before we go, she wants us to have empty bowels and full bladders when we get there." "God Mom, I've never had an enema and I don't really want one." "I don't want one either but that doesn't change the fact that we both have to have one, now serve the eggs." After their meal Kim said, "Ryan, how about you clean up here and load the dishwasher, Ursula, you need to shower, no perfume, no deodorant, lay out your clothes, dress light, a button front blouse, panties, a skirt and wear flats, don't dress until I get back, you'll still need your enema." And out the door she went.

She was back in fifteen minutes, in the bag she was carrying was a six pack of Fleet enemas, she went to Ursula's room, she was sitting at her vanity brushing her hair. "Get out of your panties Honey, I'll be right back." Kim went to her room, stripped and took two of the enemas and got the KY from her drawer, she jumped onto the bed.

"I'll give you yours then you can give me mine, come get over my lap." "Do we have to?" "Quit sniveling and get over my lap or we'll be late." "Obediently Ursula climbed across her Mother's lap." "I'm going to put a little lubricant in you then I'll give you your enema," she said as she greased her index finger.

She held her daughter's cheeks apart, her anus was a cute pink flower, she slid the lubed finger into her, pumped it several times, pulled out and inserted the enema nozzle. It was only 4 ½ ounces, a squeeze of the plastic bottle and it was over, she pulled the nozzle out.

"When your tummy feels fizzy head for the bathroom, Ok." "Ok Mommy," Ursula answered in a little girl voice. In several minutes it was, "Whoops, time to go," as she hustled to the bathroom. When she came back Kim told her to sit on the bed, she crawled over her lap.

"Lubricate me and give me my enema." "Oh for crying out loud Ursula, put a little lube on your finger and stick it in my bottom, come on, let's get this over with, we need to hurry." They were in a rush by the time they got to the car, they only had fifteen minutes, they were chugging water bottles as they drove; full bladders, empty bowels were the order of the day.

"Mommy, I'm nervous," although she was twenty she could still sound like a little girl. "I understand, I still remember my first visit to a gynecologist, I was terrified especially because the doctor was a man, at least Dr. Marge is a female." When they checked in the waiting room was about a quarter full, the receptionist said, "You're both here for physical exams, right?" "Yes,"Kim replied.

"I bet someone needs to pee." "You bet," Kim answered. "Come through the door at the side, I'll get you watered." She walked them toward the back of the office, from a counter she picked up two urine specimen cups.

"There are two bathrooms, fill the cups and put them here on this counter when you're done. Ursula, since you're a new patient we need a medical history, pick it up at my desk on your way back to the waiting room." Back in the waiting room Ursula whispered, "I peed on my fingers, yuck." "I did, too, I'm not a very good shot," Kim whispered back, they both giggled. When they were called a nurse ushered them back to an examination room.

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"I'm Trudy, I'll be attending Dr. Marge with your exams, who's first?" "Me," Kim said, "But this is a first for Ursula and she's a little nervous, I want her to stay with me so she can see and know what to expect if it's alright with doctor." "No a problem. Mrs. Cole, please get undressed, you can keep your panties on for the time being." Kim hung her clothing on hooks that were there for that reason, Nurse Trudy directed her onto a scale.

"131, nice, it must be wonderful to be slender." Trudy looked down at herself, she was plump. "Have a seat over here, I need to get your blood pressure, pulse and heart beat rate." "Perfect, you seem to be quite healthy, why don't you jump up on the examination table, doctor will be with you in a moment or two." Dr. Marge was an older woman, Ursula guessed her to be in her sixties, she greeted, "Hi Kim, long time no see, you're here for an IUD, got a new boyfriend?" "Errr, kinda, I guess." "Well enjoy, we all need it.

And hi Ursula, bet you don't remember me, do you?" "I don't think I know you, do I?" "I wouldn't think so, I only met you once and that was a long time ago but I did get to whack your cute butt and now twenty years later I get to see it again." Kim spoke, "Ursula, Dr. Marge delivered you." "Really?" Ursula queried. "Really," Dr. Marge asserted. "Yes, really," Kim confirmed. "OMG, unbelievable," Ursula interjected. "Believe Sweetie," the doctor said as she unlimbered the stethoscope from around her neck.

"Let's get this show on the road.

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She put the scope on Kim's back, "Cough for me," she moved the scope from place to place repeating, "Cough," at each stop. "Your lungs are perfect, aren't you glad you've never smoked?" "I lost my father to lung cancer, smoking is a capital offense in my house, no one smokes, not my relatives, not my guests and certainly not my children, Ursula knows that if I ever caught her smoking her panties would come down and she'd be over my knee, don't you know that Sweetheart." God, how embarrassing, Ursula thought but she couldn't deny it.

Twenty years old, a college sophomore and Mommy still spanked and, God could she spank, she just nodded "Yes." "Good for you, now, let's proceed, put your right hand behind your head, let's check your breasts." "If you can find them." "Ah Kim, I think they're kinda cute, now hand behind your head. She conducted her exam then moved to the left side, finally she had her lie down and finished that part of the exam.

"I'm going to do an abdominal examination now, Trudy, would you take Mrs. Cole's panties down so that her abdomen is exposed please." "Ursula, I'm going to be examining your Mother's ovaries and uterus, I'll be doing internal examinations later, Kim, sing out if anything I do hurts." A press here, a thump there, nary a pain, "Not bad for a forty-seven year old broad," Marge laughed. "Only 'cause I have such a wonderful doc," Kim shot back. They both chuckled, then Dr.

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Marge asked Trudy to help Kim out of her panties. "Kim, I'm going to be using lubricants during the rest of your exam, they can adulterate temperature readings, so I want to get your temp before we start, how about you roll onto your side facing away from me." "Trudy, both thermometers, please, prepare one." "Open," the doctor said, Kim took the thermometer into her mouth. "Hold her open," the doctor instructed. Trudy opened Kim's anal cleft, the rectal thermometer slid in.

"Three minutes," Marge said, she stroked Kim's slim flank, "Just relax Kimmie." Ursula was appalled, she couldn't believe she was seeing her mother having her temperature "that way," and she realized she was watching a prelude of her own time on that table, she wanted to cry.

"98.6 front door and 98.7 back, there is usually a small difference, the rectal is the more accurate but no infections are indicated, flop over onto your back and mount the stirrups, now I get to play with you." "Ursula, first I'm going to do a visual examination, I'm looking for lesions, swelling, anything out of the ordinary and, queer as it may sound, I'm going to smell her." Ursula watched as the doctor manipulated her Mother's labia checking first then the other before spreading them exposing her vagina, urethra and clitoris, she checked each individually.

"Now the internal exam," she said as she gloved up. Her upper hand was on Kim's abdomen while her gloved hand probed her internally. "I'm doing a more thorough examination of her ovaries and uterus, in a minute I'm gonna take a little sample and have a look, think you'd like to see what I see?" "Unh, can I?" She asked.

"If it's Ok with your Mom, sure, how about it Kim?" "I guess." Once her digital examination was complete she asked Trudy for a speculum, she got it from under the heating pad and lubricated it. Marge inserted it, locked it into place them took something that resembled an oversized Q-Tip, swabbed Kim's cervix and put the swab into a sterile tube for the lab. "Come, take a look Ursula. Marge used a small flashlight with an intense beam to illuminate Kim's inner workings, they were all a pretty shade of pink.

"Kinda like abstract art, isn't it, maybe Jackson Pollock in his pink period, I think it's so beautiful in it's own way, I mean Ursula, there is the future of our species." Ursula looked at her, "You really mean that, don't you." "You're damned right I do, I think we're creative enough as to make men superfluous." "Sorry, I'm not a dyke, I don't want that to happen, I kinda like guys." "Ah shit, so do I or at least I did, It's been over twenty years and I still reach over for my guy when I dream, maybe we aughta keep them." "I certainly intend to keep mine," Ursula smiled.

"I hope you do, mine died twenty years ago, the fool smoked, I'm a doctor, I ranted at him, he wouldn't quit." "Should have spanked him, that works with me," Ursula ended the conversation. "What I'm doing now is called a bi-manual exam, my index finger will be in her vagina, my second finger will be in her anus, I'll be able to feel both the top and bottom of her uterus, she can have either an anteverted uterus that tips slightly forward or a retroverted uterus that bends slightly backward.

Neither is a problem and both are common, but as her doctor I need to know." "Ok gals, let's move along, I've got a hot date, steak, wine and my Hitachi Magic Wand, Kim, get up on your hands and knee, time for a little anal fun." Marge explored Kim's entire anal ring feeling for internal hemorrhoids, lesions or any abnormalities, "Up on hands and knees, I need to use an anal speculum.

Do you engage in anal sex?" "I never have." "Then this may be a little uncomfortable," Marge said as she slid the lubricated instrument into her patient's rectum, she withdrew the plunger like device, now she had a birds eye view of Kim's interior, she called Ursula over.

"First impression?" She asked. "Amazing," Ursula replied. It was all pink, various shades but all pink, she watched, tubes writhed, they moved around like beautiful snakes. "Do I look like that, too," She asked. "We all do." "Wow," was all the young woman could add. Dr. Marge withdrew the device then asked Trudy to help Kim clean up, Trudy wiped the lubricant from her bottom.

"Just about done, I only have to test your sexual responses, back into the stirrups Kim." This was Marge's favorite part of doing a gyno-rectal examination, it wasn't necessary but she liked it and so did most of them. She ungloved, she liked to do this flesh on flesh. "Kim, I'm going to stimulate you to test your sexual response, I want you to lie back and totally relax for me." Dr.

Marge squeezed a small amount of the lubricant on her fingers, then with a touch as light as hummingbird's wing, she rapidly fanned her fingers over Kim's clitoris.

Ursula watched her Mother's face, her smile then a little grimace, her breathing changes, she was lightly panting, a clench then moisture exuded from her vagina, Kim had climaxed under the doctor's touch. Dr. Marge told her, "Just rest for several minutes, I'll get your IUD in and then we can get started with Ursula." Ursula's examination was a repeat of her Mother's. She really hated having her temperature taken rectally and the speculum up her butt was real uncomfortable, but all in all, it could have been worse.

And she didn't cum from the sexual response test but she nearly did. "All done ladies but I want to see you both in a month, I won't do complete physicals but I do want to check the plumbing to see that there's no problems with your new IUD's, I'll do vaginal and rectal exams. See you in a month, you can pick up your appointment notices out front." In the car Kim said, "You lived through it and now you're got your little copper "T" to protect you from Ryan's big bad sperm, hunh." "I guess; Mom, where are we going?" "I thought we'd go to the mall, have a little brunch and do some shopping." Crab salad and white wine at the Garden Bistro, some of the sexiest lingerie you've ever seen from Nordstrom's, fancy panties, a collection of shorty nighties, matching robes and high heeled bedroom slippers then a trip to a medical supply store.

"Mom, what are we doing here," Ursula asked at the medical supply store. "A favor for ourselves, we'll both appreciate it." "What the heck are you talking about?" "This morning, Dr. Marge insisted that we both take enemas, why do you think?" "So we'd have empty bowels for her examination." "Precisely, empty bowels so she wouldn't be dealing with poop when she was in us, it won't be any different with Ryan, he's going to be in us, too and I certainly don't want to embarrass myself by pooping all over the place, do you?" "What are you going to buy?" "A two quart enema bag and tubing, we'll get two nozzles, one for you and one for me for hygiene's sake." As they pulled into the driveway Ursula asked, "Can we model our new things for Ryan?" "Why not, they'll sure get him in the mood," Kim answered.

With Hi's as greetings they traipsed upstairs to Kim's bedroom. "I need a bath, the lube the doctor used feels sticky, how about you," Ursula asked. 'Yeah, me, too." "Bath with me Mom, you can wash my back and I'll wash yours." "Ok, I'll start the water." They splashed and giggled like a couple of kids, Kim again lamented the small size of her breasts and complimented her daughter on her fine set.

"Oh Mom, what does it matter, they say anything more than a champagne glass full is a waste." "Yeh, but I've only got a shot glass half full." "I had a girlfriend when I was growing up, she was as flat or flatter than me, she use to joke, 'I got my blonde hair and blue eyes from my mom, unfortunately, I got my chest from my dad,' I thought it was funny." Kim commented on Ursula's neatly trimmed bush.

"I don't understand why girls want to shave completely but trimmed like you are looks nice. Maybe you could help me do it, too, I'm pretty bushy down there, would you?" "Sure, in fact, why don't I do you and you do me, it would make it easier for both of us." "Deal.tomorrow?" "You're on." They got out, dried, spritzed a little cologne on and chose their clothing, Ursula opted for her bright red panties and nightie, Kim selected a cute little apricot number.

As they stepped into their high heeled bedroom slippers and robes Kim noticed something. "Seems we weren't the only ones that went shopping and it kinda scares me." "What Mom?" Kim pointed to a black bottle on the nightstand. "What is it?" "Read the label." In bold print it announced, Pjur Back Door Glide Anal Lube Silicone Personal Sex Lubricant with Jojoba.

"I'm pretty sure I know what that's for and who it's for and my tummy's in knots." "I thought you said you'd do it to satisfy him," Ursula said. "Yeh, I did and I will, but that doesn't mean it isn't frightening, I mean I've never done it, have you?" "Of course not, Mom I was a virgin until yesterday for Lord's sake." "Ah shit," Kim uttered. "No, we'll have none of that, remember you had an enema today," Ursula chuckled. Kim glared at her, "Not funny, I'm nervous as a whore in church and you're laughing." "Well." "Just wait 'til it's your turn brat." Ursula laughed again then said, "Let's go strut our stuff." As they made their entry Ryan exclaimed, "Lucky me, the two most beautiful girls in the world, a Queen and a Princess in their royal regalia." "I take it you like," Ursula said.

"Like, I love it and I love you two even more, come over here," he got up and moved from the recliner to the sofa, "I want a hug from both of you beauties." He embraced both girls, one on each side, "You two look fantastic." "You ain't seen it all, look," Ursula raised the hem of her nightie so he could see her panties.

"Wowza Sis, you're making me hungry." "Mom, show him yours." "This is embarrassing, I shouldn't be showing my panties to my Son." "Enough with the false modesty, if you didn't want him to see them why did you buy them?" Slowly Kim lifted the hem of her nightie, peaches and cream complexion, slender thighs, legs slightly parted, her dark pubic hair evident through the sheer cloth, Ryan reached and stroked her inner thigh. Kim was amazed, just his light touch was like an electric shock and her lubrication wet her panties.

He saw her eyes glaze and he could smell her arousal, his arm circled her shoulders, he pulled her to him and kissed her. Her breath was hot in him mouth, her head bent forward, hie nibbled at the nape of her neck.

Nerves were firing that Kim didn't know existed, when he whispered, "Is it bedtime," she grabbed his hand and pulled. As she led him to her bedroom Ursula trailed behind, by the time she got into the room they were passionately rolling around on the bed, she took a chair and simply watched.

The robe was gone, the slippers were kicked off, the nightie was up, her tiny breasts exposed, his mouth was on one of them, fingers danced over her still pantied vulva, she was writhing as he built her arousal. "Give it to me, damn Ryan, I need it, give it to me," she pleaded.

The nightie came off, her upper body was naked, he sank between her thighs, hot breath through her panties inflamed her, she screamed, "Fuck me damn it, please fuck me." He rolled the panties down over her narrow hips, she threw her legs up and back, he took her with his mouth. The taste was exquisite as she climaxed, the cunnilingus she got brought her to two more orgasms, he got the KY out of the drawer, the Pjur was for later.

Two fingers slid into her vagina, he said, "Sis, would you get a towel please." Her Mother was moaning uncontrollably by the time she got back, she wondered why the towel, it didn't take long to learn as fluid jetted upward from her Mother's urethra, the first at least a foot and a half then several more, each less forceful.

The towel caught most of her fluids, Ryan licked up the rest. Ursula couldn't help herself, wide eyed she murmured, "That was awesome." He slid up, his cock cleaved her, she moaned as he buried all nine inches in her. Kim was expressive as he fucked her, she was still tight, he was still stretching her, she whined and whimpered as he got into her, he picked up the pace and intensity, he pounded her until she was screaming.

Suddenly she bucked up, held herself there and with a gasping screech she climaxed. "Turn over and get on your knees," he told her. She assumed the position she liked best, her face and chest rested on the mattress, her hips were high, she arched her back, all of her genitalia were on elegant display for her man. Ursula could see that her anus was a tan color, perhaps the only tan on her sleek, slender body, her pose reminded her of a tabby cat in heat.

Ryan's fingers spread her labia, now her vagina was displayed, he moved up and entered her with a single thrust. Kim moaned as he filled her then gasped, "Fuck me Ryan, fuck me good." His strokes were long and powerful, his penis nearly came out of her on the back stroke then he slammed her hard, Ursula wondered why he was being so rough with her before she realized that was exactly what her Mother wanted.

Kim was noisy, shouting, "God yes, fuck me, fuck my little pussy, fuck meeeeee." The meeeeee came out as a wail. Ryan's balls were slapping her so hard they sounded like a cymbal. Kim's pussy was soaking, it was making squishy sounds as he drove into her. "My cunt, hurt my cunt Oh Damn, fuck me harder, make me cum, I need to cum, I need." And she screamed, the contractions in her vagina felt spectacular to Ryan, he held her by the hips as she threw herself back against him time and time again.

Finally, Kim went limp, she tried to fall to the mattress, he held her up and continued fucking her until he was able to bring on another milder orgasm, she was pretty well spent. "Put a pillow under her, down here by her hips," he told Ursula. He eased Kim down. He pointed, "Give me that would you Sis," he was pointing at the Pjur lube.

He laid up over her back so he could whisper. "I'm going to use some lubricant then put fingers in you, I want you to relax." The lube was cool on her anus, he slid a finger into her, he felt her tense up. Her voice conveyed her fright, raspily she got out, "It's going to hurt, isn't it?" Honestly he told her, "Yes Kim, it probably will, I'll be as gentle as possible and it's your job to stay relaxed but, yes, it will hurt." He continued to work lubricant into her, better too much than not enough, when she was ready, he massaged her shoulders and back reminding her how important it was that she try to relax.

He told her, "When I'm ready I want you to push down like you're trying to poop, Ok." He'd already decided to engage Ursula in this, he said, "Come here Sis, I'd like your help." "What do you want me to do?" She asked. "I want you to spread her cheeks apart for me." She just stared at him then said, "Get real." His expression startled and frightened her, he said, "I am, do it." Her Mother's cheeks were small and compact, no larger than a small grapefruit, she put a hand on each and parted them.

It was mid afternoon, the sun was bright outside but the windows were heavily draped, the nightlight provided most of the illumination, as she spread her Mother's buttocks her anus seemed to glisten from the artificial light.

Ryan straddled Kim's narrow hips, Ursula thought he loomed over the slender woman, he added some of the lubricant to his penis and rested the head against her.

"Push down when I say push Kim," he said. "Push." There was a gasp, "Oh God," then a whimper, "It hurts, Oh My God, it hurts." Ursula was still holding her Mother's cheeks apart, she'd seen the bulbous purple head pierce her Mother, now she watched as the enormous man pole slid in eliciting a mournful sound from Kim, all she could understand was, "It hurts, it's so big, it really hurts." She heard her brother say, "The worst is over Kim, I'm in you." Kim's face was turned to the side, Ursula could see the grimace on her expressive face, she could see the tears leaking from her pretty eyes but, most memorable she could hear the sounds she was making, particularly when he began to stroke.

He took it slow and easy but he was going deeper each time, when he leaned forward covering her Ursula took her hands off her Mom's butt, she sat back on her haunches and watched.

After a few minutes the settled into a rhythm, with each downward stroke she gasped "Ungh," as he pulled out she gave something sounding like a sigh, soon she recognized what sounded like a little steam engine, "Un, ysss, un, ysss, un, ysss," her mouth hung open as she made her sounds.

As he fucked her tight little ass Ryan realized he'd never had any better and never would, every boy has fantasies, Momma fantasies, he was realizing his, all that was left was Little Sis and she was on the menu for Monday. Why Monday, tomorrow was Sunday, she'd still be sore so he was again going to devote it ti Kim but with an alternative motive, she aught to he jealous as all hell.

Greedy bastard that he was, he wanted them both and he wanted them completely, he wanted them as a threesome, he shoved it to her harder, he wanted to hear her.

He did, her moan was heartfelt to Ursula, to Ryan it was satisfying, he began fucking her a little harder. Probably the easiest for a woman to take anal was on her belly, the penetration wasn't nearly as deep, still, for an anal virgin it could be difficult. Kim was sweat slickened, her cute bob was stringy, any makeup she'd worn had washed off creating black smudges down her cheeks, momentarily she saw her daughters face, pity, embarrassment, humiliation, what, she was watching her Mother go through an agony even Christ might not have endured.

He pulled out, Oh Christ, it was over.he rolled her off the pillow, his right arm lifted her right leg, he was in her again. He changed how he was fucking her, now it was with short, vigorous strokes, he ratcheted into her, short, fast thrusts, he wrapped his arm around her throat and bowed her back.

"You like it Kim, tell me you like it, tell me," he whispered to her "Fuck you, I hate it," she spewed. "Liar," he said as he fucked her even harder. He loved her sound, she wanted it, he knew she wanted it but he was hurting her, gasps of unmitigated pleasure with burst of pained sobs, she was learning, but he still needed to take her over the top.

He rolled so he was behind her, he fucked her hard and fast. He wanted Ursula to engage. "Help her," he said as he grabbed his Sister's hand, "Help her," he put the hand on Kim's vulva, "Rub," he said. Her Mother's pussy was wet, her inner and outer labia and pliable, as her fingers began to stroke her she cried out, "God yes, God yes," she wanted to be touched, she was panting at about a thousand miles an hour. Suddenly Kim's feet began to quiver, it was as if she was doing some new dance step, the trembling moved to her thighs then her entire body, she was jerking spasmodically as though she was suddenly afflicted by a macabre version of St Vitus Dance., her screams were shrill, her words incomprehensible, just babble.

Ursula pulled her hand away, Ryan had her partially restrained, he had her by her hips, he continued to fuck her, he rode her through what he knew or at least suspected was a mind shattering anal orgasm, once it had passed she laid like she was in a stupor, Ryan came in her, pulled out and started to lie down beside her, he realized he needed to be loving after what she'd endured.

Ursula would have none of it, she said, "Ryan leave her alone, just leave her alone and get out of here, I'll take care of her. He saw no need to argue, he got up, picked up his boxers and went to his room.

"Mommy, are you Ok?" Ursula asked. "I will be, but right now all I want is some rest and affection," Kim replied. Ursula took her in her arms, her Mom snuggled against her breasts, she could feel her hot breath, she lifted her tee shirt.

Kim sucked like a baby, it was so comforting, in moments her breathing became slow and regular, she slept. Ursula followed about five minutes later.

She'd relived what she'd witnessed and felt some guilt, she'd had a part, albeit a small part in what had happened. When Ursula awakened, she reached for her Mother, the opposite side of the bed was empty. She got up, peed and went looking for Kim. She opened Ryan's door, the two of them were sleeping, Kim was on her side with her back to Ryan, he was cradling her with his left arm, his right was draped across her as though he'd been masturbating her.

Most apparent in the room was the odor, sex has a smell but this was like sewer gas, Ursula realized she was smelling her Mother's bowels, the aroma was so intense she realized it must be the result of multiple encounters.

She closed the door and went downstairs, she made coffee. When they came down Kim was dressed in a tee shirt and panties, Ryan wore only his boxers, he was bare chested, no one spoke of the previous night, Ursula poured them each a cup of the coffee. He announced, "I'm gonna be gone most of the day, a couple of the guys I knew in high school and I are getting together at noon, we're gonna watch some basketball and pig out on hot wings and beer.

I probably won't be home before seven or eight so don't hold dinner for me, I'll probably be stuffed on those wings." He took a sip of his coffee, stood and went to the back of Kim's chair, he stroked her hair then nibbled on her ear lobe then kissed the nape of her neck.

His hand slid down, he caressed her small breasts then rubbed her tummy and lower abdomen before he reached between her thighs, Kim spread her legs, Ryan was lightly running his nails along the tender flesh. Kim's mouth was open, she was breathing heavily when Ryan took her hand. "We need to go upstairs," he said as he led her. Ursula got up to follow until Ryan said in a stern voice, "Not this time Sis." She sat back down.

When she heard the door close she quietly climbed. At the door, with the same voice of authority he'd used with her, he was telling Kim, "Just get undressed." "But Ryan, can't we just have sex?" "Later, when I get home, but now I want your delightful little bottom, get undressed and get on the bed." Several moments later she heard Kim moan then begin to chug, he was sodomizing her again.

Ursula crept back down the staircase, she was beginning to feel a twinge of jealousy toward her Mother, she was monopolizing Ryan.

Then she thought, that's wrong, Mom and I agreed to share him, he was breaking Kim in for anal, Ursula thought, better her than me, she had no intention of getting sodomized. It was over two hours before they came down again, Kim still was wearing panties and a tee shirt but Ryan had on cargo shorts, a bush jacket and Nike trainers, with a see you all later he was out the door. "The coffee's probably stale, want me to make another pot?" Ursula asked.

"No, I don't coffee, what I'd really like is a glass of white wine, would you pour me a glass, you can have one, too, if you like." Ursula looked at her Mother, it wasn't like her to drink early in the day or for her to let her drink. Under her daughter's gaze Kim said, "What, I can't have a little wine and share with my daughter?" "You don't usually let me drink." "Ursula, you very well know the rules, when we're here at home you're permitted a glass or two of wine or a couple bottles of beer, no hard alcohol and no drinking outside this house." "I know Mom," she said as she opened a bottle of a nice California Chardonnay and filled two wine glasses, she served and sat.

Mustering up her courage, Ursula asked, "What was it like?" "You saw, didn't you?" "Yeh, I thought you were going into convulsions, I was worried." "Truthfully, I don't remember all that much about that, it was like I was having an out of body experience." "Didn't it hurt?" "My God yes, when he first went in me it was like I was on fire but after a few minutes it was better." "Where did you go last night, I thought you were going to sleep with me?" "I was but Ryan came and got me in the middle of the night.

He's got stamina, I'll tell you that, he took me four or five times over night then, when he took me back upstairs he did me again. My panties are probably soaked, I have so much semen in me I must be leaking.

I had orgasms every time, not like the one yesterday when I went crazy but I came hard. It's not like a vaginal orgasm, these seem to encompass my whole body." "You'd do it again in spite of the pain?" "Oh God yes, a hundred, no a thousand times yes, you can't imagine the feelings, emotional and physical feelings you get." "I'm not going to do it, period, Mom." "Ursula, I haven't yet but I want to thank you for your help yesterday, you have no idea what a comfort it was to me." "I, ah, well I kinda liked being able to help." Kim refilled the wine glasses, "Really, what did you like?" "Oh Mom, this is embarrassing, I liked touching you." "I liked being touched," Kim said, her voice was choked with emotion, she and her daughter's eyes met.

Ursula gulped her wine, Kim did the same, she took the young woman's hand, "Have you ever been with a woman?" She asked. "No Mommy." "Me neither," as she rose and led her to the downstairs guest bedroom. By the time their assignation was complete, they laid naked on the bed holding each other, both now knew the other's taste, lips, breasts and, yes, vaginas. It was strange, Kim wanted Ryan to call her Kim in the bedroom but when Ursula called her Mommy she hadn't asked for Kim, she liked her daughter's sweet voice.

"Mom, in here, this room, it's perfect for our fun, it has this huge California King bed and a Jacuzzi tub big enough to swim in, let's move all our stuff, lotions, lubricants, clothing and even toys in here, make it a special place." "I think it's a wonderful idea, in fact, if you'll load and run the dishwasher I'll start moving things down here." By mid afternoon they'd finished, the room smelled of Jasmine, the lighting was controlled on a rheostat, they'd introduced an antique hat rack, no one was going to hang a hat though, it was for their enema bag, they treated themselves to another glass of wine, this time it was a crisp, tart, Italian Pinot Grigio.

Heady with the wine they decided to dress up, they bathed together, splashing and laughing like a couple of school girls then Ursula donned her hot pink nightie, Kim opted for a pale yellow so translucent that her pubic hair showed through. She hadn't gotten her trim yet. They had salads and a little more wine for dinner, Ryan got back at 7:30. "Man, unbelievable, my Queen and Princess in their royal regalia and it smells wonderful in here." "Well, you're not adding to the fragrance, you smell like a used jock strap, go bathe and come join us for drinks," Kim told him.

He was casual, very casual when he came down, just boxers and a white tee shirt that emphasized his broad chest, Ursula had already opened a beer for him, he sat down beside Kim. "Do you want to see what we've done with the bedroom?" Kim indicated by pointing at the open door. "Sure." After the inspection he said, "I like and it's a hellava lot more convenient than having to climb the stairs." Then he added, "Let's try it out," as he closed the door in Ursula's face. She listened, she heard her Mother go through three orgasms before she recognized the pained moan, he was in her.

The chugging then the slap of his balls, he was riding her hard before she heard, "On your back, I like to see your pretty face." Her Mother was screaming, moaning, whimpering under the onslaught before she heard Ryan demand, "That's right, that's the way, cum for me, cum with me in your ass." "God yes, yes, yes, cum in my ass, oh God fuck me, fuck me good ." Kim's voice went up to a shriek, he was pounding her hard and fast, she listened to his roar, he was adding to the semen already in her bowels.

A few minutes later she heard her Mother say, "You're turning me into your butt slut, aren't you?" "I don't have to turn you into anything Kim, you're a natural." "Ryan, promise me, you can have me anytime you want anyway you want but please don't do it to Ursula, she's so scared." All he said was, "We'll see." Ursula took the empties back to the kitchen and slowly climbed the stairs.

Monday dawned bright and sunny, Ursula decided she'd work on her tan later that morning but now, she fixed breakfast.

Ryan came out first, they'd spent the night in the downstairs bedroom, he got a cup of coffee and sat down. "Any plans for today Sis?" "I thought I might sunbathe and read a little, how about you?" "Nah, nothing special." Ursula saw her Mother rapidly climb the stairs, she was naked carrying her panties and tee.

When she reappeared she was dressed in business attire. Although Ursula was on spring break and Ryan was on leave Kim needed to go to work. After they'd eaten and Kim was ready to go she asked Ursula to walk out with her. "Sweetie," she said, "I'm having a little problem, I feel so sluggish, I sat on the toilet but nothing, I think all the semen Ryan has put in me is causing some kind of congestion in my bowels, if nothing happens during the day today, could you give me an enema this evening?" "Of course Mom, not a problem." "You're so sweet, I'll see you tonight then." Ursula watched her drive off then went back inside.

He had the TV on watching SportCenter on ESPN, he switched it off when she came in. As she walked past him he stood up. "God Sis, you look good enough to fact, I think I will." He swept her up into his arms, she weighed 160 and he handled her like she was a child "Ooooooooooooooh," she gasped, he'd taken her by surprise, now his lips were on hers as he carried her to the bed. He laid her down then came down on top of her. "I've got you now, we're gonna have fun today, lots of fun." He ripped from the hip down one side of her panty then the other, "God you have such a pretty pussy." There was something powerfully exciting about being taken like this, roughly, most women have had a rape fantasy, she was living it as his mouth covered her vulva.

He tongued her until she'd climaxed then he'd used a little of the KY at the throat of her vagina, he took her fast and hard, she'd cried out and he'd told her, "I'm not going to injure you but I'm going to hurt you, sometime today you'll cry and beg for mercy." She suddenly felt she was under the control of a predator, he was already hurting her, he was wielding his massive nine inch erection like a sword as he pierced her.

Suddenly she had her legs pinned back to her breasts, his thrusts were stretching the tender tissues of her vagina, his hand came up around her throat, he began to squeeze as he said, "You're mine now you know, mine to do what I want, see." The hand tightened, the pressure was to her carotid arteries, it restricted the blood flow to her brain, she was terrified, her vision was tunneling, it was difficult to breathe, she could see his smiling fading toward darkness.

Ursula thought she'd died until a burst of white light, he slammed into her, the pain was exquisite, her legs shot straight up and she seemed to levitate from the mattress, with a tortured, strangled wail she settled into his hands, he had her by the hips as he slowly fucked her. "You never had an orgasm like that, have you/" "Bastard, what a bastard," she fumed. "You liked it, don't deny it." "No fucking way, I thought you were killing me." "Ah Sis, don't be that way, you liked it, tell me you liked it." "Well maybe a little when I climaxed." "Now that's my girl; want a ride up top?" "You know I do." He laid on his back as she squatted over him, she took him in slowly then began to rock before she started her up and down movements.

She loved this position, she felt like she was in control, it gave her a freedom no other position offered, soon she was bouncing with unbridled abandon, doing everything but shouting, "Ride'm Cowgirl." He let her ride for fifteen minutes or so, she was having a ball even though she wasn't nearing a climax, at least not until he slid his hand under her and held her hip with the other. "Having a good time," he asked.

"It's delicious Ryan, God I love it." The fingers under her began to rapidly masturbate her, he said, "Time to cum for Daddy." Her sticky fluid ran down his still erect shaft when he lifted her off, she was sure he'd take her from behind now and he sorta did, he turned her so she was facing away then entered her from behind, she was still sitting on him.

"It's called Reverse Cowgirl, I think you'll like it, I know I will." "Why will you like it?" "The spectacular view." She realized he'd be admiring her ass, she looked over her shoulder back at him. "That's right, you'll be beautifully displayed, now fuck me." She began to post on him he was riding English. God she's desirable, he thought, her buttocks were tan as nuts, she obviously sunbathed in the nude, her bottom was plump and full, her anus was tight, tan tinted with a dusty rose, he reached both hands forward to caress her then stroked her flanks, he enjoyed touching her and her little sigh signified that she liked being touched.

After a while he brought himself up into a reclining position and pulled a pillow over to support his back then he pulled Ursula down onto him, bowed backwards she couldn't get the leverage to continue fucking him, he took over, he was fucking her rapidly. "Play with yourself Ursula," he whispered, he guided her hand down. "Do it like you were doing with Kim yesterday." Her fingers began to dance lightly over her clitoris.

"I want you to cum for me, can you cum?" "Unhunh," she breathed. "Go girl, get me wet," a few minutes later his cock was squeezed as vaginal contractions started. "You're special Sis, you know I love you," he whispered as she came. "Now the grand finale," he said as he rocked her forward and up onto her knees.

"Head down ass up," he instructed. With head and chest on the mattress, her hips were high. Although she liked Cowgirl this position did the most for her, he could go deep and bring on that exquisite ache, he drove into her and fucked her mercilessly, it was inciting a wild frenzy in her.

Ursula shuddered when Ryan took the bottle of Pjur from the nightstand, he held her by both butt cheeks, his right thumb was massaging and pressing her anus, his right thumb was coated with the Pjur, it slid a little way in, she howled, as his cock pounded her vagina, his thumb was fingering her anus.

He continued to reload his thumb, by the time he brought her to a shuddering climax she was well lubricated for anal. Still in her, Ryan was slowly stroking, he was undecided as to what to do next. He could pull a pillow over and lay her over it as he'd done with Kim, in many ways it was easiest, it was easy to control his partner in as much as she would be under him but he wanted something special with Ursula, he wanted to watch her face as he penetrated her.

He pulled out of her vagina, rocked back on his haunches. Her thighs and ass were firm and well muscled, if she decided to fight him she might just be able to make it a contest, still, he'd take the chance, most of all he wanted to be able to look at her. He lowered her and rolled her over onto her back. He smiled, "Enjoying sex Sis?" "You know I am, I can't believe I waited until I was twenty." "You've had plenty of opportunities, the guys all like you." "Yeh, I know, but there was never the right one at the right time, maybe I was saving it for you," she smiled back.

"If so you've made me a happy man, you know I love you and I think you're stunningly attractive." "Well, you're quite the head turner yourself." "Must be the genes, Kim's influence." "I know you're right, she's still quite the looker at forty-seven," Ursula said.

"She darned sure is," "You like sex with her, I mean the way you've been doing it?" "What do you mean, the way we've been doing it?" "Ryan, I saw it the first time and I've heard the two of you, that's what I mean." "It's great particularly now that she's gotten into the swing of things, I think she's becoming addicted." "What's so great about it?" "Tight, incredibly tight." "I'm tight in front, you've even said so." "You are but that won't last, sex and kids will loosen you, your vagina will stretch, but the back door stays tight, even in older women." "You've had older women Ryan?" "I've been with women from sixteen to sixty, Sis, nine years in the military traveling all over the world has given me opportunities to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh." "Well, it looked pretty gruesome to me." "You'll never know until you try it." "I'm in no hurry," she said.

"I'm ready for more, are you?" He asked. "You know I am," she replied. "Let's do something a little different," he said as he pulled a pillow over. "Lift up, I want this under your hips." Once she was on the pillow Ryan put her legs over his shoulders then leaned onto her, he pushed them back until that it was uncomfortable, she tried to push back, it was like trying to move an unmovable object, she looked at him and she knew.

"Please Ryan, don't, wait 'til Mom gets home." "It's not Kim I want and I don't think you really want her watching, do you." Ursula remembered what she'd witnessed when Ryan took Kim the first time, no, she didn't want her or anyone else watching.

She tried to struggle but immediately recognized it was futile, her brother had her inescapably pinioned. "Please Ryan, don't, I don't want it." She felt the press of his cock against her, "Please don't," she tried again.

"Remember what I told Kim, when I say push just do it." "Push." She felt the pressure increase, he was painfully pushing against her outer sphincter, she felt it yield, the pain was excruciating, her pretty brown eyes flooded as tears streamed down her cheeks, "Oh God, take it out," she begged, she tried to twist under him.

"Don't fight me Ursula," he said, she could feel his cock being forced deeper into her rectum. As the tears continued to flow she said, "I won't fight, what's there to fight for, you're in me, you've got what you wanted.

You said you'd hurt me, you told me you'd make me beg and cry, well congratulations, you've succeeded." Her words made it less enjoyable than he'd anticipated, oh, he'd fuck her until he came but it wasn't going to be great, she was laying as motionless as a corpse.

When he finished Ursula rolled onto her side with her back to him, he tried to embrace her but she said, "Leave me alone Ryan, I still love you and I always will but right now just leave me alone, I can't stand to look at you." He knew when to make an exit, he went back out to the kitchen, it was only nine thirty, he got a beer and would have preferred a stiff stiff shot or two of Makers Mark, he knew he'd been a dick but she was so damned desirable.

He sat alone for over an hour, he was on his third beer when she came out, she hadn't put panties on, just the tee shirt he hadn't taken from her, she stood in the doorway for a few minutes studying him, then walked over.

"Say you're sorry," she demanded. "I'm sorry Ursula." "Was it good for you?" She asked. "No, you just laid there like you were on a slab at the morgue." "Good, I hated you while you were doing it. "I really am sorry Sis," he told her. "Thank you, even if you are insincere." "But I." He shut up when she plopped her bare bottom down in his lap. "You're going to do it to me again a little later." "You want it, you liked it?" "I hated every second of it and, like I said, I hated you." "So why?" "Because I love you Ryan, because I love you.

I want you happy and satisfied and I want to learn how to do it, Mom likes it, maybe, in time so will I." Ryan smiled, "I'll love being your teacher." "I'll bet you will; tell me something, what did my face look like when you went into me?" "I thought you were beautiful 'though you might not agree." "Did I look like I was surrendering to you, Mom did, I saw it." "Yes, there was some of that, your head fell back and your mouth was open, you were showing me your throat." "I wish I could have seen me, I wouldn't want anyone else to but I'd like to see myself." "Sure, that would be great fun," he said.

"I don't know about fun but it would be informative." "You're right, get dressed, we're going shopping." "What for?" She asked. "You'll see." Ryan had gotten a nice reenlistment bonus along with thirty days leave and a plum assignment when he'd reupped, he was going to spend some of it now.

They drove to one of the big box stores, spent over a thousand dollars and, by noon had installed his purchases. Cameras were mounted in three corners of the bedroom, a large screen monitor was mounted to the headboard of the California King and there was a fourth mounted just above it. "Whata you think Sis?" He grabbed her and spun her around in a little dance step, his hand was on her ass when they stopped, he rubbed her and she quivered." She answered his question, "I think you're going to fuck me just so you can try it out." "Smart girl," he said as he lifted her tee shirt over her head.

He laid her on the bed, took off her shoes and pulled off the shorts she'd worn shopping, she lifted her hips so he could get her panties. "God, you look good enough to eat," he said as he admired her trimmed bush.

"I wouldn't fight you off if you did," she grinned at him. He switched the cameras on and began doing just that. "Oh fuck, I love your tongue," she gasped after he'd brought her to her climax. "Is it better than Kim's?" He said. "Hunh, what do you mean?" God how could he know she wondered. "Please, don't play coy with me, I know what you and Kim are doing and I don't mind a bit, better that than jealousy, don't you agree." "Yes," she answered succinctly.

"You didn't answer, who's better?" "It's not better or worse Ryan, it's different and I like it both ways." He stripped and, pulling a pillow over for her hips, rolled her atop it, he introduced her to the joys of analingus. There was a lot of oohing and cooing, she found it strangely comforting and incredibly arousing, she was panting in anticipation when she felt his cool fingers on her, he was using the Pjur, she tensed.

"That's not the way Sis, I can't overemphasize how important it is for you to be relaxed, yeh, there's some physical pain when I go in but most of the pain can be avoided if you're relaxed and well lubricated.

I've done the lube so now it's up to you." He stroked her beautifully tanned body, down her flanks, over her back and, of course her luscious bottom, she said, "I think I'm ready Ryan, just be gentle with me, I'm a frail female after all." She felt him press against her, she heard, "Push," she gasped and moaned, "God your big," as the blunt, purple abused and parted her sphincters, she remembered to look, she saw her face in a grimace and his in a grin as he loomed over her, she was a big girl but she looked so small under him, as he began to fuck her she heard, "Ungh, ungh, ungh," in rhythm with his thrusts.

Well, at least she didn't chug, chug. "Damn, you're a great fuck Sis," Ryan said. "Thank you so very damned much for the compliment, by the way, this hurts like hell." "You're not relaxed enough." "Fuck you dear brother, you try relaxing with nine inches of stiff man meat up your ass." He gave her a little harder thrust, eliciting a, "Fuck that hurts." "Be a good girl for me then," he told her.

He had his hands on her shoulders then his right came around her face, he turned her head so she was looking back over her shoulders and he kissed her. "You have the sweetest lips Ursula, I love you, you know." Her heart did a little thumpty thump, she did know he loved her, he was her best friend, even if he was fucking her in the ass right now.

Ironic. Fuck you in the ass might be a curse, but, in truth there wasn't much that was more intimate; careful she chided herself, it was beginning to feel kinda good. He lifted her to reposition her, his cock came out, and so did the most thunderous fart she'd ever heard, she was mortified, "Oh Ryan, I can't believe I did that, I'm so embarrassed." "Settle down Sis, it's not your fault, nothing your body's done, blame me.

When a guy's in a girl's back door he pumps a lot of air into, it's gotta go somewhere, it just went. It's normal, one of the lesser discussed side effects of anal, but normal." "Jeez, why didn't you warn me, I'm still embarrassed." "Right Sis, a great sales pitch for a guy to use with his girlfriend, 'You'll love anal, first off it hurts like a bitch but even better it'll make you fart like a stevedore,' think that would go over big?" All she could was laugh, "Well maybe not." She was up on all fours, this time he slid smoothly into her, it wasn't all that painful.

She still made the "Ungh, ungh, ungh," noise though, she decided that was her normal just like Kim's chugging." He took her twice more before evening. Ryan said he'd be out late, some guys were getting together to form a darts league, so Ursula was alone by the time Kim got home from work.

Her Mom greeted her and ask after Ryan, Ursula told her about the darts league. "I've got a couple of little filets out for dinner, I'm gonna bake a couple of potatoes, steam some asparagus and fix us small green salads, how does that sound?" "Like a celebration, I'll break out a bottle of Folie a Deux Cabernet Sauvignon, what's the occasion?" "Unh, well, we're gonna both need enemas tonight." "My God, he got you, too?" "Four times." "The brat, I asked him to leave you alone." "Mom, it was gonna happen sometime, besides he was a contrite, apologetic boy after, he even promised me a night out, he'd gonna teach me to play pool and shoot darts Friday night." "Where?" "The pub he and his buds hang out in." "Ok, but just remember, you're a Coke only girl 'til you're twenty-one." "I know Mom, I know." "Just be sure you remember it, I'll remind him, too." "Yes Mom, now, do you want to do the enemas before or after dinner." "Before I think would be better and I want a bath, too." In the bedroom Kim changed into home casual, panties and tee, got the enema bag, attached Ursula's nozzle and half filled it with warm water.

Ursula drug the coat rack out of the closet. "Get a towel and put it on the bed, you'll go first so I can walk you through how it's done." Ursula started to balk when Kim ordered her up on hands and knees on the towel, "Mom, that's such a ridiculous position, isn't there some other way." "Ursula, just do it, we could use the Sims position and will if we use the full two quarts but we're only using one, enough to cleanse you rectum of any fecal matter along with Ryan's leavings, now get up there." "First, I'm going to use some lubricant," as she did so.

"Next, insertion of the nozzle, I bought one shaped like butt plugs, it'll help them stay in." "Umph," Ursula gasped as the nozzle was seated in her. "Now the water, if you feel cramping tell me, I'll stop until we can work it out." As the water began to flow into hr she realized it felt kinda nice, a warm feeling in her bowels. They completed the procedure without incident. "Just stay like that, I'll rub your tummy 'til you need to evacuate, when you feel the need go." While Ursula emptied her bowels Kim washed the bag, changed nozzles and refilled it, it was ready when her daughter returned.

Kim got up on the bed. As she left for her turn on the porcelain throne she said, "Good job, now get the clippers and scissors." It was Kim's turn to be the first victim, Ursula buzzed her unruly bush down to about a half inch with the clippers, trimmed with the scissors then finished with a razor.

"Take a look, I think it's cute," she said. Kim got up and examined herself in the mirror. "This really is nicer, isn't it, I mean all neat and inviting?" Kim complimented her. Kim didn't have a lot to do, just a little trimming then it was into the bath for the pair of them.

After they'd dried and dressed Ursula fixed the steaks, she pan seared them and made a cognac sauce to top them. After they'd eaten Kim loaded the dishwasher then they sat down to sip that delicious Cabernet and have a conversation.

They concluded that three wasn't the ideal number in a bed, always an extra, but they'd make due. Depending on Ryan's desires they concluded that they'd take enemas every four days, on alternate two day intervals so one of them was always ready for him and they agreed that the one involved that particular night would have the right to decide if the other was present in the room. They retired to the bedroom for their own little private tête-à-tête, then decided to view some educational videos, after an hour of them they concluded that even for the play for pay girls anal was stressful.

Nearly all of them had some variation of Kim's chugging or Ursula's ungh, ungh when they were being fucked, it was universal that the moaned when a big cock parted their sphincters and it seemed instinctive that when they took a cock their hands went to their vulvae for relief. Maybe it helped, anal sex, although not completely taboo wasn't something you necessarily shared with your girlfriends either. Guy, oh hell yes, let's brag about our conquests, gals? Shhhh, that's behind closed doors.

They were back in bed together when Ryan came home. Again he greeted, "My beautiful Queen and Princess," as he came and gave them hugs. "And our odorous lover boy, you smell like beer and cigarettes with a touch of burned cannabis, take a shower and maybe we'll let you join us." As he trotted up the stairs Ursula said, "I had him all day, now it's your turn, I'm going to bed." "Where's Ursula?" Was the first thing he said as he came into the bedroom. Not exactly what she wanted to hear, still she answered.

"She said she'd had you all day, now it was my turn," she answered. "I thought it would be all three of us," he sounded disappointed then joined her on the bed with an, Oh well." He fucked her, some of his normal exuberance seemed to be lacking though he did give her two orgasms before he put her on her tummy.

Once they'd finished she snuggled into his arms and was soon sleeping. Later Kim woke with a start, a sound, something had wakened her, she glanced at the alarm clock, it was a little after two thirty. "Ryan, I heard something,"she said to vacant air, he wasn't beside her. She thought he'd must have gotten up for a drink of water, she got up and looked to the kitchen, it was dark.

There was enough moonlight for her to navigate, she climbed the stairs. She heard before she saw, the distinctive ungh, ungh, ungh, Ursula was being sodomized.

Nearing, she could see them through the bedroom door, he had her face and chest on the mattress her ass high and was plowing hr hard. Kim backed away and slowly padded back down, her vision was blurry, she was leaking tears. Why was he with Ursula, it was her turn, he could have had her all night if he wanted, she decided there could be only reason, she wasn't enough, not good enough, not woman enough to meet his needs.

How stupid she felt, she was forty-seven, her daughter was twenty, how could she hope to compete. It wasn't even suppose to be a competition, they'd agreed to share. She buried herself in her pillow and cried herself to sleep. When she awoke he was beside her. She couldn't bring herself to mention it or even to ask, she dressed for work and left the two of them at the kitchen table. She was angry, she was disappointed, she was heart broken, this wasn't how it was suppose to be, she had a difficult time maintaining her concentration throughout the day.

When she got home Ursula was preparing dinner and Ryan was upstairs playing video games. "How was your day?" Her daughter asked. "Tiring, it wasn't a great one for me, how about you?" "Fun, we did it three times.

He says I'm getting better at it, he said he'd make me cum from it like you do." "I'm sure," she said. Ursula frowned, "Mom, is there something wrong?" "Not a thing; I guess tonight's your night with him, isn't it." "Mom, that wouldn't be fair, I've been with him all day." "We'll leave it up to him then." Kim went in and changed then came out and poured herself a glass of wine, she made no offer to Ursula.

Ryan chose to take both of them to bed but it was Ursula he fucked while Kim laid beside her being fingered, a poor consolation. When he put his Sister tummy down Kim had to watch and listen to her and he rolled her and took her in a reverse cowgirl, he pinned her arms so she couldn't touch herself. Help her Kim," he said. "No, no, not that way," when she started to masturbate her, "Use your mouth, I know you girls do each other." Kim thought her humiliation was complete, she performed cunnilingus on her daughter while her brother sodomized her.

She was close enough that she could smell Ursula's bowels and, even worse, her mouth was on her when Ursula had a shuddering orgasm, her first while receiving anal. She saw the semen ooze from Ursula's anus, semen that should have been hers." Before he went to sleep Ryan said, "We'll catch up this weekend Kim." "Of course," she choked.

She kept her eyes closed and feigned sleep as the bed began to rock in the middle of the night and she was forced to listen to Ursula's ungh, ungh, ungh then her attempt "Oh My God Ryan, you made me cum again." It continued in much the same vein until Friday, Kim couldn't have been lower, now she'd be spending Friday night alone, she was already lonely in the house, she was being made to feel like a fifth wheel, she knew she'd drink at least two bottles of wine if she spent the evening by herself and then who knew.

She arranged to meet a friend for drinks just to have some company. It was after nine by the time she got home, the wine and conversation with her friend had been heady but, as she walked in the door, it all came back.

She didn't bother to bathe, she just changed and, yes, she was wearing panties and a tee shirt, her uniform, she sat on the sofa, her feet drawn up under her and listened to the clock tick. It was almost as though she hated them, she contemplated kicking them both out, her sex life would go back to her toys but that was better than what was happening now.

Then she thought, Ryan made enough to set up housekeeping, he and Ursula could get a little apartment and then she would well and truly be alone, and no, her toys would give her no satisfaction, not after what they'd done.

They more she thought, the more she fumed. Her anger, she knew, should be directed at Ryan but she found herself unreasonable holding it against Ursula. She knew her daughter was trying to be fair with her and that her Son had developed a preference, still, her daughter was getting what she wanted and they were suppose to share and the clock continued to tick.

She'd cited the adage "Nothing good happens outside after midnight," to them, she told them both that she expected home by midnight and in pristine condition, she'd elicited promises. It was eleven thirty and the clock continued to tick. Even though she was totally pissed at the both of them she was worried about Ursula, Ryan could take care of himself, but her daughter was a bit of a goody two shoes and naïve as a new born when it came to things like pubs and the men that inhabited them.

She'd moved to the living room and put on some music, God, why had she chosen "Appointments" by Julien Baker, tears began to leak from her eyes but it could have been rocket fuel, they were out having a ball and she was sitting alone and crying, it wasn't fair, it just wasn't fair. And the clock continued to tick, it was after midnight, the witching hour had passed.

At the pub neither Ryan nor Ursula had paid attention to the time, Ryan had shown her how to play pool, well, sorta, but all the guys like to see her try. She was wearing a sexy little white mini skirt and a blouse that buttoned up the front that was unbuttoned one button short of modesty, from the front they liked the tanned cleavage but, when she really had to stretch across the table they got a shot of her sexy new panties. They were around her like flies to honey and she was reveling in the attention.

Ryan was engrossed in his darts games, there was money involved, he wasn't her babysitter for Christ's Sake, hell, she was twenty and, besides she was right there over by the pool tables. Well, over the pool table, no one was challenging for "Next Game," some one might have gotten shot had they forced her to yield the table to them. When she and Ryan had come in he'd ordered a Bud for himself and a Coke for her, got his beer and walked over to the dart boards, a buddy of his had taken his place at the bar, said, "Jack and Coke, and sweeten this sweet thing's, too," he first Coke ended up a Jack and Coke, she she knew she shouldn't, but hey, just one.

When she left the pool table and took a seat she was on her third, every time her glass was empty another magically appeared. A guy sat down with her at the table, she saw it was Ryan's friend Derek, he asked, "Having fun?" "It's great," she only slurred a little bit. "Ready for another," he asked. There was only ice remaining in her glass, "Sure," she said. He got her another and a Johnny Walker Black for himself, "I'm a Scotsman you know, I can even quote Bobby Burns." "Oh yeh, do it." "A loaf of bread a jug of wine and thou by my side in the wilderness," he said.

"That's not Burns, that's Omar Khayyam silly," she laughed. "Ok, would you prefer," 'best-laid schemes o' mice an' men gang aft a-gley,' I wouldn't. "Why not?" "Cause I don't want my plans to go a-gley; I need a smoke, let's go out back." "Ok," naïve young girl says, his hand was massaging her ass as they walked out the door.

The only light was the moon, she set the drink on the big air conditioner, he said, "I'm gonna have a joint, do you smoke." "I never have," she confessed. "This is some good shit, you'll like it." It was already rolled, he pulled it from a pack of Kools, then laughed, Kools, twenty million of my Afro-American brothers and sisters can't be wrong," then fired up the doobie.

He took a hit and passed it to her, she coughed as she tried to inhale, then passed it back. He hit it again and gave it to her, "You'll love it," he said, she tried again. Her head was spinning, he'd backed her up to the air conditioner, "God damned you're a hot bitch, aren't you," his breath was hot against her face and his hand was under her mini skirt when she screamed, "Don't." "Fuckin' cock teaser," he said as he grabbed her genitalia, then he screamed, Ryan had heard her, he had Derek by the neck squeezing.

"Get back inside," he said to her, then, "That's my fucking Sister asshole, what the fuck are you doing?" "I didn't know Bro and she's so hot, I'm sorry, Christ I'm sorry, lemme buy you a beer, Ok?" They'd been friends for years, Ryan forgave and forgot, how could he not, he knew Ursula was hot, after all he was fucking her. At home Kim was beyond fuming, she was being ignored, all of her instructions, warnings and admonitions were for naught, she was being totally ignored, she did something she, perhaps should not have done, she poured her a glass of Madeira.

It's a powerful fortified wine, and she heard the tick of the clock, she looked, it was one thirty. She felt a major sexual urgency, she considered masturbating but decided to allow that frustration to fester, it was additional fuel for her anger with the two of them.

At the pub Ryan took Ursula to the side, "I'm still in a money game, how about you throw a few darts, I'll come over between rounds?" When she tried, she couldn't hit a bull in the ass with a two by four; herb superb, Jack and Coke and the adrenaline of nearly being raped left her more than a little shaky. Big brother had saved her. She didn't for a moment consider, she'd not have been involved in any of it except for big brother, his dart smacked double bull for a game winner.

He collected his winnings then looked to Ursula, "Just a more, I'm on a roll." She was starting to feel a bit left out until a cute guy brought her a drink and asked, "Wanta shoot a game or two," she took the drink and said, "Rack-em." At home Kim's anger with her children was building, like magma in a cauldron, it was simmering just beneath the surface. There wasn't a hellava lot she could do about Ryan, he was free, white and well past twenty-one (as it used to go), he could tell her to piss off but not the same with Ursula, she was twenty, at least still, at least partially under parental control, and dependent on her for both her livelihood and her education.

Even Kim couldn't understand her unrelenting anger with her daughter but she couldn't deny it. As Ryan finished his last few games Ursula mostly watched, maybe she'd had enough fun for the night, Ryan walked her to the car, it was closing time, two thirty.

"Mom's gonna pissed," Ursula slurred. "Not a problem, I can take care of her," Ryan confidentially explained. At home, Kim watched the big grandfather's clock in the living room, it was far louder than the alarm clock, it went, tick-tock, tick-tock, it struck, a single gong, the quarter hour, it was two forty-five, and the cauldron that was her belly heaved, she rushed to the bathroom, the dinner she hadn't eaten or enjoyed spewed, she heard tires on the driveway, the clock struck three.

She was back in the darkened living room, now the music was old, her Mother's music, the Fleetwoods, Tragedy, her tears leaked and her cauldron, her belly, her abdomen that cried to feel him in her, her bitch daughter who'd taken him from her, she caught her breath, they were coming through the door. Laughter, it had to be at her expense, but she heard the girl say, "God that was fun, but I'm a really shitty pool player." "Pool player hell, I'm only glad the darts were plastic or you'd have speared three people." They were stumbling, each supporting the other, both slurring, both giggling, both shocked when from the darkness they heard, "I expected better from you, both of you." "Mom, Oh My God, Mom," Ursula nearly collapsed, Oh no, not Mom, not now.

"Yes, Mom. I expected, no, I demanded that you be home by midnight, care to explain?" As Ursula came into the illumination or the small lamp Kim had lit, her Mother said, "My weren't you decked out for a hot night on the old town?" Ursula was wearing strappy white sandals, a white mini skirt and her blouse was showing cleavage. She'd been made up but now there were smudges and smears. Ryan came to his sister's defense, "Kim, it's my fault." "Let's get this straight young man, I am Mother, not Kim, not now and you're right, it's your fault, I entrusted my daughter to you and look what's happened." "Mom, no he didn't call her Kim, I'm so sorry." "Ryan, there's not much I can do to you other than to say, 'I don't even want to look at you right now, get out of my sight,' do you hear me?" "Please," he began.

The eruption that had been boiling had gone off, Krakatoa might have been milder, her as she spewed at him, then she turned on Ursula, "Get out of my sight, you're dressed like a slut and, I think you've acted like a slut, go to your room, RIGHT NOW, I'll deal with you later." "Ryan, get out of my sight, I told you I can't stand the sight of you right now, just go." Once they were gone she considered what she could really do, Ryan was twenty-seven, he had his job plus he could go to Affuckingghanastan or some other third world hell hole and get shot.

She didn't want him shot, please no, she wanted HIM, she'd never had anything like HIM. She rationalized, she knew better, it wasn't her fault, Ryan chased Ursula not the other way around, but, but she couldn't punish him.or maybe she could.

She went to her room, in the bottom of her panty drawer was a tool, she'd never employed it, she'd bought it as kinda a joke but it was appropriate now, she took it up and laid it on the bed, it would be there when she needed it. Ursula had gone to her upstairs room, it was only a room from Ryan's, he'd be able to hear, she stalked her daughter, she found her sitting in the chair at her computer. When Kim came in Ursula said, "Mommy, I'm so sorry" Kim harshly said, "You will be.

What did you not understand, I told you time and time again, no drinking unless I approved it here at home, what did you understand about no strong alcohol, you smell like Lynchburg, Tennessee (the home of Jack Daniels), I can smell cigarette smoke and marijuana on your clothing, and you had a midnight curfew, it was after three when you came staggering in, what do you have to say for yourself?" "I can only say, I'm sorry Mommy.' "Down stairs, now," she ordered.

Kim sat on the bed, the light was low, only the night light "Ursula, you're going to get a spanking, a damned hard spanking, Take off your shoes and come over here." "Showing those adorable titties of, were you?" As Kim unbuttoned the blouse, You do have a nice rack, bet the guys liked it, didn't they.

Ursula knew her Mom was right, that's why she'd worn the blouse, she'd wanted the guys to notice, the blouse fell to the floor, her breasts now exposed. Drop the skirt, it doesn't cover much anyway, who were you showing your ass to anyway?" "I wasn't showing my ass off to anyone Mommy," she said.

"Wearing those cute new panties, were they attention grabbers, did the guys like them when you bent over the pool table?" "Mommy, please, I wasn't intentionally showing off for them." "No, I don't suppose you have to, seems to me your damned brother more than takes care of it, doesn't he?" "I'm going to let you keep them on for a little while, be a shame for you have worn them and not get them touched." At that moment she knew, she absolutely knew, she was a pawn in a Mom, Son game, oh, she'd fucked up big time but this was about more than just that.

When Kim took her hand and guided her down it wasn't a game anymore. Her small hand stung on Ursula's plump bottom, she struck with a flurry until Ursula was whimpering, "Mommy, please." She stood the big girl up, "That was only the warm-up, my dear, let's get these panties off." Kim positioned herself differently, then brought her daughter over her left leg and curled her around so she could get her left arm around her. Ursula's legs were free but Kim could throw her right leg over them to restrain her if necessary.

The position might have looked cartoonish, but it was an effective way for a hundred and thirty pound woman to restrain her one hundred and sixty pound daughter. Kim picked up her tool from the bed. Clear Lexan, 16 inches long and four inches wide and 1/4" thick with a rosewood handle, the manufacture's name for it was "Boudoir," appropriate since that's where it was going to utilized.

Now Kim implemented it for the first time. The sharp crack and the immediate scream were startling even to Kim, she struck nine more times, rapidly and hard, she paused to see the effect.

Even in the dim light she could see, Ursula's bottom was red. Blood had rushed to the point of the pain, Ursula was whimpering, "Please Mommy, no more." Another set of ten and a pause, this time Kim said, "Keep your legs together, I don't want to damage Ryan's playpen." Even through the pain Ursula could recall the line from Congreve's play, "The Mourning Bride," Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Ryan had scorned her and now she, Ursula, was suffering the fury. The paddling resumed, Ursula reached a hand back trying to protect her battered butt, Kim stopped for a moment. "Put your hand up into the small of your back, I'm going to hold it, I don't want to accidentally hit it and break a finger," then she continued until she'd completed the set of ten.

"We're going to finish now," Kim said, and Oh Boy did she have a finish in mind, twenty more. She struck, right at the seam where buttocks meets thigh, one side, the other until she'd given her a total of four then down her thighs.

"Ursula screamed, this hurt so much more than on her bottom, Kim lashed up and down one thigh after the other, a total of sixteen vicious strokes, Ursula was gasping and crying convulsively, her Mother calmly said, "We're done for tonight but we're going to repeat it tomorrow night, I'm inviting Ryan to the show so he can see the price you're paying for his behavior.

I'm going to put you over a pillow for that, I'm sure it's a position you're well familiar with, now go to your room and get out of my sight." Still bawling Ursula ran from the room, her Mother's venomous tongue even more scorching than her paddle. How could this have happened, Oh God, how could this have happened, the lament running through her head like an old vinyl record hitting a scratch and playing the same lines over and over, she crawled into her bed and buried her head.

She loved her Mother but she was now nothing but a subject of hatred and scorn, she sobbed. Kim was gone the next morning, no note, nothing but the paddle still laying on the bed, with pillows mounded in the center, a stark and frightening reminder of what was to come. Neither of the women had slept well, Kim began vilifying herself, she knew she'd gone overboard but she had no intention of backing off, he'd chosen, fine, tonight he was going to see what it had cost Ursula. Ursula had silently sobbed until deep in the night, what had she done, oh what the fuck had she done.

She'd let it happen, they, she and her Mother were suppose to share but when Ryan had begun to favor her she hadn't objected, the opposite in fact, she'd reveled in the attention. It was painful to pull on panties the next morning but Ursula got then up then added loose fitting shorts, a tee shirt and flip flops, she staggered down the stairs, in the bedroom she discovered Kim's reminders of what was yet to come but no Kim, she went to the kitchen.

Ryan came bouncing down the stairs, the smell of freshly brewed the coffee the lure. "Hey beautiful, where's Kim?" "She's gone and she's Mom again, I think she hates us." "Why would you think that, pour me a cup of that coffee then sit down and talk to me." "I can't." "Why, don't you want to talk about last night?" "That, too, but I can't sit down Ryan." "Why not?" "Ryan, she beat me last night and she's promised to do it again tonight." "What, why?" "I broke the rules." "But it was my fault more than yours, come here Sis, let me give you a hug." "Ryan, I don't feel very huggable, I feel like a shit, all she wanted was us to be fair with her and we weren't." "Again, my fault, I'll explain it to her." "I don't think so, she was gone when I woke up, I don't think she wanted to see either one of us.

She'll be back later though, if only to beat my ass again." "I won't let her, once is more than enough." "No Ryan, you won't do a fucking thing, I'll take it, I deserve it, we've broken her heart and she was so happy." He got up and tried to embrace her, she pushed him away, "I don't think so, we've done enough." He sulked and she ignored him, what had been grand fun was now a painful trip through Durante degli Alighier's nine circles of hell, Dante's Inferno.

First stop, circle two, lust, final, the ninth, treachery, she streaked for the bathroom, her stomach erupted. She couldn't believe Ryan's cavalier attitude, he was absolutely certain he could make things right with Kim and he wanted to fuck her, Jesus, how could he be so dense. Kim had given her life up for her kids, Ryan had known his father, Ursula couldn't remember him, she'd been so young when a semi's brakes had failed. Her Mother had been her life and she her Mother's, oh, Kim had dated a couple of times but that was years ago and now she was going to lose her, God, she wanted the paddling if it could make things right between them again.

In the ninety degree heat, Kim was freezing, she'd left before they were awake, she'd packed a little overnight case and had put on more than her panties and tee shirt in a roadside stop but now she was sitting on a park bench, her brain and heart frozen.

She felt lost, it felt as though she had no one, nothing, thoughts of suicide passed through her mind, she got up. In the mountains she parked at the look-out, all of the city was one thousand feet under her, she could fly away from her pain, just another step or two. Another car pulled in, a lone man got out, he was well dressed yet he reeked of alcohol, kindred spirits, he asked, "Are we gonna do it?" "Why?" "I caught her with another man, my business partner," he confided.

"You?" He asked. "Just something that an old woman couldn't compete with, I guess." "You're no old woman, you're beautiful," he said. "How about a cup of coffee?" He asked, "I like mine white with two sugars," he added.

They had coffee, neither ever asked or learned the other's name, but they'd saved each others lives. Kim wasted time until it was nearly five then she drove home, she'd taken a room at a Holiday Inn and had left her overnight bag there. When she walked in she offered no greeting. Ursula was in the living room, she had on a pair of shorts, not her normal attire, the music was surprising, country, not Ursula's normal fare.

It couldn't have been worse, the song was Jolene and the chorus had just come up. Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, I'm begging of you please don't take my man, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, please don't take him just because you can. But, of course she had, he was hers now.

Kim barked, "Where's your brother." Not where's Ryan, not where's my Son, no, where's your brother. "Upstairs Mommy." "Get him and bring him down here, we have unfinished business, Ursula rushed up the stairway, at Ryan's room she said, "Mom wants us downstairs and she's on a rant." Ryan only had on his boxers, he'd been trying to get into Ursula all day, she'd been cold as the iceberg that sunk the Titanic all day, he followed her down.

"In here," Kim's voice was harsh. "Have a seat there young man," she ordered, "This show's for you." "You," she said pointing at Ursula, "Get out of your clothing, you're the star attraction." "Ursula was trembling, "Please Mommy, I'm so sorry for what I did, don't spank me again." "You girl don't seem to understand, get out of your fucking clothes or pack them all and get the fuck out of my house, am I making myself clear?" "Mom, what has she done, it's really my fault," Ryan tried to reason with her.

"Sit down, shut up or pack up and take her with her, I don't give a flying fuck." "Can I pee, I'm going to wet myself," the young woman was about to lose control.

"Sure, take him with you, he can wipe you," as venom poured from Kim's mouth. Ursula didn't even bother to close the bathroom door, she sat and peed. From outside both could hear her, "Excites you, doesn't it," she spewed. "Mommy, please." Get over the pillow, it's a position you know well and enjoy, we'll see how you enjoy it this afternoon." Kim was on her like a leopard on a rabbit, the Lexan paddled fairly flew, each stroke crisp, biting, Ursula cried, she cried in pain, she cried in shame, she cried for the loss of her best friend, she cried for the loss of her Mother.

Ryan tried to intercede, "It's my fault Mom, please don't." She glared at with a vehemence that he'd never seen even from a Taliban, "Don't worry, I'll leave some for you," she snarled. "And that's fifty," she said as she threw the paddle down.

Ursula was sobbing uncontrollable when Kim stalked out, she announced, "She's all yours now, do with her whatever you want." Ryan was at her side, Ursula was still gagging and convulsing, choking on her tears when they heard the squeal of tires, Kim was gone.

He continued to just sit, she wouldn't let him touch her, her bottom was scarlet with tones of blue and purple, she was bruised, she wailed, "It's all my fault." "How can it be 'all your fault,' you haven't done anything to he except stay out too late with me?" "Ryan, this has nothing to do with staying out too late, that was an excuse and an opportunity to get even with me." "What in the world are you talking about?" "We, she and I, wanted to avoid any jealousy, we agreed to share you, we even had enema schedules set, we'd alternate so one of us was always be ready for your attention.

Ryan, for the first time in my memory she was truly happy, she had a lover and she truly loved him, as she has for twenty-seven years but I began to get more of your attention, she felt scorned, humiliated and, probably most of all, deceived and betrayed by me. " "Oh God, what am I going to do." "We could get an apartment." "And I'd go the rest of my life having a Mother that detests me, I can't do that Ryan." He thought about what he'd suggested, "I can't either Sis, she'd done so much, meant so much to both of us." "What can we do?" "First, we need to find her, she must be staying with a friend or have a room and in her state, I'm betting room and I'm also betting she used a credit card, dig out her statements, get account numbers and that kinda stuff and get on the phone, pretend you're her and verify your recent charges, we'll find her, I know we will." They did, it was that simple, they had all of her pertinent information, she had a room at a Holiday Inn, it was only several blocks away.

"Ok Sherlock, what next?" "How the hell do I know, you're the girl, you're suppose to know there things." "Ice up two bottles of champagne, use the Dom Perignon Brut, we're gonna have a party." "Bullshit, she'll throw us out or shoot us if she has a gun." "Oh get real, she doesn't have a gun and you know it." "Well, she might now or at least a knife." "Wimp, if she has a weapon at all it'll be a nail file cause she keeps her nails perfectly manicured." "All the better to claw us with, my dear." "Jeez Ryan, I thought you were a toughie, I'll take the risk." "And what is wimpy me suppose to do?" "God, you're not only a wimp, you're stupid." "I resemble that," he quipped.

"You certainly do, what do you are suppose to do?" "I dunno." "You fuck her while I pour the wine, when you cum in her I'll give her a glass." "Oh that sounds like a Stirling idea, I'll get clawed to death." "No you won't every girl has a rape fantasy and I mean every one, she'll cum like she's a little fountain." His hand caressed her ass, "You have that fantasy, too?" "Fuck you, just do your part, we've gotta get her back." "Do you?" "Yes, I am a woman after all, aren't I, now keep your mind on Mom." He iced two bottles of Dom then assembled his "rape kit," it was pretty simple, tape if he needed it to restrain her hands (those nails) and lubricant, he certainly didn't want to hurt her.

They set off. Her car was parked in front of room 135, ground floor, they could hear sad music through the door. Ursula went to the office, she needed a key card, she'd locked herself out and her Mom couldn't hear her knocking over the music. She slid it into the slot, the door opened. Kim was on the bed, she'd stripped to panties and nothing else, she tried to muster a scream but Ryan was on her. "Mom, we're not going to give up on you, don't you give up on us." He had her pinned to the mattress but, she was a strong woman, she flailed at his face and was bucking her hips.

"Settle down or you'll get hurt," he told her. "Mom, we want you back," he said as he kissed her. At first she tried to bite, "You are a little wild cat, aren't you?" Ryan said as his lips covered her, she was the first to relent, her tongue snaked out, he tasted her breath, his hand slid down, her tiny breasts were capped with nipples that were ready to burst, she gasped and moaned as his lips encompassed one and his tongue teased it.

"You are delicious," he murmured. For a woman of forty-seven she was exceptional, her belly was taut as he kissed down, his hands touched every spot that inflamed her, by the time her panties came off she was already through her second orgasm, he tasted her, her juices were flowing, she threw her legs up then they locked around his head, God, what a way to die, he thought, suffocation by pussy, there are certainly worse fates, he saved himself when he slid two fingers into her He raised his head, "Like this, don't you," She was huffing so hard she couldn't answer.

How could he do this to her, it felt like she needed to pee just before he pressed hard and puled at her, she flooded in a gigantic eruption, in the midst of her mess his cock was in her, he thrust hard, she was making strange and wonderful sounds, it was beyond measure, explosion between her thighs, she quivered as he rolled her onto her tummy, fingers probed her most secret of places, her breath was taken away, he was in her, he thrust, he stroked and she chugged.

It was better than ever, he had her by the hips, she was nearly uncontrollable not the St. Vitus, Dance of the first time but nearly, her thighs trembled, he pulled her back on his cock as she lavished in the heat of his semen flooding her bowels, he gently lowered her to the mattress, Her daughter's smiling face was before her, "Here," she said as she handed her a glass of Dom Perignon Brut.

After she'd drunk her champagne, Kim asked, "Take me home please" She rode with Ryan, Ursula drove hers. Once there Ryan led her to the bedroom, she stopped at the door. "Come with us, I want you here, too Honey," she invited her daughter. Then to Ryan, "Why don't you run up and get dressed for bed, give it a few minutes, I want to have a few words with Ursula." Once Ryan had taken his leave Kim said, "Ursula, I can't express how sorry I am, I acted wretchedly and feel so guilty about what I've done to you." "Mom, there's nothing for you to be sorry about, I don't think any of us have acted like responsible adults.

And, about your guilt, I'll keep my panties on so you're not reminded." Kim gave a guilty little laugh, then said, "Get ready and join me in bed." There wasn't much about the "get ready," Ursula kicked off her shoes, pulled her tee shirt over her head and dropped her shorts, in just her panties she climbed onto the bed.

In the same attire Kim followed her. There Ryan found them in a hug. "Got room for one more?" He asked. He ended up between them although not in the way he'd been between them before, they held hands, linked together over his chest.

Things worked out, they alternated, Ursula was still on spring break and Ryan on leave, she got him during the day, the evenings were Kim's. The days passed rather blissfully, Ryan's leave was up, he was working as a recruiter and Ursula was back in school. The girls had seen the doctor and, after mini gyno-rectal exams were blessed, Ursula would see her again in a year, but she wanted to Kim in six months. Ursula of course bitched about having her temperature taken, as she put it, "in my butt," On a Saturday, as they were having breakfast the phone rang.

It was the land line, it wasn't a number they commonly gave out since they all had Iphones, Kim answered. They could hear her half of the conversation. "Hello, Oh hi Mom, yes, we've just sat down for breakfast, Yes, Ryan's here, he's working as a recruiter, I don't know Mom, I'm not sure it's a good time, yes, yes, I understand, I know you're seventy-one but you'll be around a long time yet, Oh, you've already made your flight arrangements, you'll be arriving tomorrow, of course we'll pick you up at the airport, what time does your flight arrive, yes, I'll have Ryan drive, I know he can't wait to see you, love you, too Mom, see you tomorrow." Back at the table Kim said, "We're going to have a house guest, Gram arrives tomorrow at eleven thirty in the morning, we're picking her up and, Ryan you're driving, Ursula, we need to clean up the guest bedroom, change the linens, that kinda stuff." "Mom, her being here is gonna be a little inconvenient, isn't it?" Ryan asked.