Marido babando com pau na delicinha da esposa

Marido babando com pau na delicinha da esposa
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I live with my dad in Albany, New York. My parents have been divorced for about five years. My mom started fooling around with her boss and it finally got back to my dad. Never a pleasant situation.

Since the divorce, he's dated some, one was hardly out of college. I sure liked her, but, I think they were just too different. He's a lawyer with a pretty big firm and he recently got married to a lawyer in the same practice but from New York City. They've known each other for a while and really got serious about a year and a half ago. So, I have a stepmother now, Julia, and she's really very pretty. The wedding was two weeks ago and it was where I met Julia's daughter, Samantha or 'Sam'.

She's two years older that I am (I'm fourteen, she's sixteen) and, like her mom, she's very pretty, blond and as tall as I am. They have just moved into our house over the weekend and the place is slowly getting back to normal but with some new furniture and all.

Sam has her own room, of course, and so far, has somewhat kept to herself. Its difficult enough for me to make the adjustment, it must be really tough for my new stepsister. So, after school, I've changed and had a snack and was just going to begin my homework, when Sam walks into the kitchen and says, "Lemme see your dick, why don't ya?" I sat there for a second trying to figure out if I'd heard right and she says again, "Drop your pants, Grant, so I can see your cock." Well, that's direct.

This new stepsister isn't shy is she? "Why should I do that?" I replied. "Well, maybe I'd be interested in making it feel real good, that's why." "Wow, what's going on here?" I thought, "Is this an offer of sex?" "Like how would you do that?" I asked.

"Duh, the way lots of girls make guy's dicks feel good. Do I see it?" I figured with all the sex that Dad's getting now, why shouldn't I, so I stood up and pulled my shorts down along with my briefs. As you must have figured by now, I had an erection of the ages with this sexy older girl from the big city wanting to see me naked and all that that promised.

No guy could be limp under these circumstances. "Hmm, nicer than I thought," she said as she slid her hand under my pulsing dick and hefted it up.

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An electric shock tingled all through me as she gently squeezed my rock-hard member. "Mmm, what a nice cock my new stepbrother has. Does it like to cum?" she asked with a smile. How could I ever thank Dad enough for marrying Julia and bringing this hot sex machine into my life. "Oh, he just loves to cum, especially when helped along by a beautiful girl." "Oh, you really think I'm pretty?" "Sam, you're really beautiful and sooo sexy." "Well, let's make your nice cock happy, shall we?

Let's go in my room, I've got some hand lotion." So, like a puppy, I follow her into her new room. "Take your shirt off, too, Grant, let's do this properly." So, I lie down on her bed and she pours lotion on her hands and begins stroking my cock like a pro. Wow, this is heaven and she's asking me how it feels. "Tell me how this feels, Grant. I like to know how I'm doing." "Oh, Sam, it feels great, like my dick will explode." "Well, it will, silly.

I'm good at making dicks explode. Just watch." She continued to stroke me with one hand and licked her index finger on the other and ran its moistened tip around the head of my joyous cock. Wow, what a feeling. "Is it good?" she asked. "Oh way better than good. Wonderful, that feels great." She began to twist her hand as she moved up and down, still running her finger around the tip of my dick.

"Oh, I can see you're getting close, Grant, about ready to cum for me?" "Ahhhh, yeah, Unggg, OOOH," as I spurted a big wad in the air that landed on her knees. Several more followed, and I let out a big sigh, "God, that was the best I've ever had. Wow, Sam, I'm just cummed out. You're the best." "Not so bad having a stepsister, is it?

There's benefits to it." "Oh, I'll say. I love it." Then she bent over and licked off the last drops of cum on the end of my dick which jumped in response to her tongue wiping around it. "Nice cum, too, this is going to be fun living here. I'm sure you like it already." "Oh, I couldn't be happier and neither could my dick here.

He's thrilled." "Wanna see my boobs?" Oh, thanks Dad for bringing this girl into our house to live.

Thanks, thanks. "I'd love to see them, Sam, I'm sure they're beautiful." With that, she reached across and pulled her top off over her head revealing a light pink bra covering her very nice-sized breasts. As she reached behind, she said, "Thirty-four C's and I really don't need a bra" as she shrugged it off and slid it down her arms.

Her breasts stood straight out, she was right, she did not need a bra. Her nipples were light pink surrounded by very light pink areolas that were puffy and plump.

God, they looked delicious. "Pretty, huh?" "They're welcome in this house, for sure." With that she leaned over me and dropped a nipple onto my lips which I immediately opened and sucked it in. My left hand reached up to rub her other breast. After a few minutes, she said, "Here, suck the other one" and I dutifully followed her orders and drew the other nipple into my mouth sucking gingerly on her hard pink nipple.

"That feels nice," she says as one hand reaches back to grip my cock. "Lemme take off my shorts so we can be naked together. Okay?" Without waiting for an answer, she pulls off her shorts and panties, lies down on the bed opposite me and spreads her legs wide open.

"Nice pussy, huh? Like to kiss it?" "Oh, yeah." "How about a 'guided tour' first? Open the drapes and let the light in. Okay, now, look down here," she says as she opens her legs wide facing the sunlight streaming in the window. "Get close, I won't bite. These are my labia, they're lips, girls have two sets of lips to kiss, nice, huh? I have outer labia, the ones you see right now and these." She pulls her pussy lips apart and there is another smaller pair inside. "These are my inner labia and down in here, look, is my pussy hole, my vagina where your dick goes.

Well, if you're lucky." My heart was beating fast trying to fill my cock to ultimate hard-on capacity as I peered into Sam's beautiful love tunnel. "And, right near the top, up here, let me spread this so you can see, that's my clit, right there. See it, that little nub thing. It's real sensitive and is a girl's main hot button. It'll really turn a girl on and bring on great orgasms.

But, its sensitive so be careful. Make sure it's wet before you rub it and be gentle when you rub or suck on it. I love mine licked softly. Now how about some nice kisses for these pretty lips?" I wasted no time getting between her lovely legs up to her even more lovely slit that was greeting me as I came near.

"Kiss my pretty lips, Grant, french kiss me. I wanna feel your tongue inside me." I was eager to oblige my new stepsister who knew what she wanted and how to get it, which, if you're a girl, I suppose, really isn't that hard, is it? Guys are nothing but attachments to their dicks after all. She had a beautiful pussy, nice plump fat lips, not a trace of hair or stubble, perfectly smooth, even with her legs spread wide, her lips were only just barely open.

Very inviting. And a film of moisture along her opening. I got down right in front of her and just barely touched the tip of my tongue to her slit. Then I slowly ran it very lightly up and back. "God, that's great. Just do it like that, just barely touching me. It feels so good that way." So, again, I did what I was asked, a move that will always please the one you're with. I kept gently touching her wet lips with my tongue, occasionally curling my tongue and slipping just a little between her labia.

"Put your tongue in more and suck me, oooh, yeah, like that.


Perfect." I move my hand up to rub my finger from her wetness up onto her clit and moved it in a circle. She started to shiver a bit and began to buck her hips against my mouth.

"Mmmm, mmmm, UUHH, UUHH, I'm cumming, don't stop, don't stop." In reality I never even thought about stopping, licking my new stepsister's pretty pussy was about the best thing that had ever happened to me.

We lay together after and she reached down to grab my cock and was squeezing me hard, a little harder than I would like but still. "Oh, I'm getting to like Albany better already.

You know how to make a girl happy. And your cock is hard again.

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Good job. Want me to make it cum again?" "It's all yours. Have fun, I know I will." "Okay, sit on the edge of the bed. Good, open up," she said as she moved my legs apart and knelt on the floor in front of me. She leans forward and instead of taking me in her hands, she lowers her mouth and my dick disappears inside.


God, a blowjob. My first. She's looking up at me as she sucks up and down, The feeling is awesome, when she gets to the top of my dick each time she runs her tongue around the head of my dick and I get a shiver all the way up my spine. Then she lowers back down taking me all the way into her mouth.

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Once in a while she'll pull all the way back and I pop out from her lips with a 'smack.' "Like it, huh? Your dick gets really hard when I suck you. Like this, mmm," and she goes back to work. She has one hand on the base of my cock and the other between her legs rubbing herself as she gave me so much pleasure.

There wasn't any way I was going to be able to hold off cumming and soon. "I'm gonna cum," I said and it seemed to make no difference to my new stepsister at all. She kept up the pace and within a minute I was flooding her mouth with cum. She kept sucking and some of my cum was dribbling from her lips as I saw her swallowing my juice. My orgasm was fabulous, the best I'd ever had.

"Boy, for a second cum, you really shot my mouth full. You're a good cummer." "Maybe its more that you know how to suck it all out of me, Sam. You're terrific." "Hmm, I am good, aren't I?" With that she bent down and sucked my limp cock into her mouth and began sucking me again. I got semi-hard pretty quickly but no more than that. "Well, we do have plenty of time in the future to have fun. I want to fuck you tomorrow. Have you had intercourse before?" "Uh, well, not exactly, er, uh, not really." "Oh, Grant, I'll be your first.

Wow, I'll fuck your socks off. Don't you dare jack-off tonight, I want your full load of cum. By the way, I'm on the pill, so not to worry.

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I'm excited about tomorrow, I hope you are." "I may not sleep tonight, that's all. I may never sleep again." "That's cute but I bet you'll sleep like a baby tonight and tomorrow night too.

I'll see to that. But now, I've got homework to do and you probably do too. And our parents should be home pretty soon.

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So, 'til tomorrow afternoon," and she bends forward and gives me a nice, wet, deep french kiss. "Think of me, Grant." She pulls on her clothes and trots off downstairs. How I did my homework is a mystery; I was on autopilot and my dick was in bliss. I knew it would be different having Dad's new wife and her daughter here living with us but I never dreamed I'd be getting more sex than my honeymooning Dad.

And tomorrow, I lose my virginity to a beautiful older girl. Life is great. The next afternoon, Sam is in the kitchen when I get home. "Is my new stepbrother ready for a hot fuck?" "Its all I've thought about since yesterday.

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When do we do this?" "Eager dick, huh? We could do it right now if you'd like." "Well, I did what you said and haven't jacked-off; it's all yours." "Good, let's go." As soon as we were in Sam's room, she's got her clothes off and I'm staring at her beautiful body again. I wasn't much behind her in getting naked and she took one look at my eager, bouncing cock and said, "Oh, 'mister dick' is a happy lad, isn't he?" and reached down to give my cock a squeeze.

"I know where this goes" and, still holding me by the dick, leads me to her bed. She lays down, places her pillow under her hips and spreads her legs wide out and motions for me to get between her legs. Wanting to take a little time before I entered her (my first time ever), I got down and began to lick her from the inside of her thighs up to and around her lovely pink pussy lips and then ran my tongue up and down her entrance.

"You're making me all tingly. It tickles but real sexy like. Mmmm, you're turning me on." I continued to run my tongue around her wet lips, then up to her clit and slid a finger into her warm love box. "Mmm, that's nice Grant." I kept this up for another few minutes and she was tensing up and thrusting her hips whenever I ran my tongue over her clit. "Oh, god, Grant, I want your cock in me; fuck me, now." I raised up and put my dick head on her slit and pressed in. Sam had her legs spread wide open so I slid into her pretty easily.

The feeling of first entering a beautiful, pink, moist, warm pussy was like I was being enveloped in a sensuous wet satin glove gripping my cock. As I pulled back each time, Sam would somehow contract her pussy around me in a tightness that felt phenomenal. Even her blowjob, as thrilling as it was, was only a preview of what she could do with her warm, wet pussy.

"Go deep, Grant, put it all the way as hard as you can," she said as she widened her legs as far as she could opening her love box to take me in.

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I pushed in as far as I could go and felt her flexing her pussy muscles around my cock. It felt like she was sucking me as I was engulfed in her body. "God, that feels great. Its like you're sucking the cum out of me," and, with that, my whole body tensed and jerked as I exploded inside her with a huge outpouring of my cum deep into her warm, tight love nest. "Oooh, your cum feels sooo warm inside me.


Was it fun fucking your new stepsister?" "Oh, Sam, I don't have words good enough to describe it. It was fabulous. Once in a lifetime." "Well, until tomorrow. There's always tomorrow, Grant.

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I love to fuck and its nice having you right here so we can do this any time we want." "Oh, I want, alright. Every day." "Well, I do have periods and I'll give you a blowjob when I do. That okay?" "A blowjob from you, Sam, is lots better than okay. The only thing better is to fuck that beautiful, warm pussy of yours any time I can." "As soon as you get home tomorrow, my pussy will be waiting." "I'll have a hard-on 'til then.

We better straighten up before the honeymooners get home from work. And I've got homework." "So do I, but we did 'first things, first,' right?" "Oh, yeah." So, every day after school, Samantha and I find ways to have fun with each other. She's usually waiting for me, naked, in her room. We've tried what seems like hundreds of positions, she's got a book of sex positions, and some are better than others, and a few are real favorites.

We've bookmarked each one.