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Emo gay boy bondage and d and gay twink full length videos xxx Shane
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Chapter 2 I wake up suddenly at the sound of my alarm clock. It was 5:00 a.m. Cassie was still asleep next to me. I got out of bed and into the shower. I just stood there letting the hot water spray against my back. Once finished I shave and clip my nails and get dressed. I woke up Cassie before I left and asked "Are you going to be at the meet?" "Yes always". Cassie never missed a meet. I loved that she was always there to root me on.

I left for school, on my way I stopped at McDonalds to get some breakfast. Once at school I went to the locker room and sat down on the bench next to Kevin, he was also eating McDonalds we ate in silence waiting on coach to tell us to load up. Once I had finished eating I double checked my bag making sure I had all of my equipment. Coach came out of his office and gave the word to get on the bus.

I sat in the very back not really listening to what the coach had to say. I turned on my IPOD and closed my eyes so I could get some sleep. Kevin woke me up about an hour later telling me to get up.

I got off the bus at Johnsonville High School. It was December and the snow was falling at a fast rate. I zipped my coat up a little higher protecting me from the wind and snow. Once inside they went into the visitors' locker room to change and weigh in. I weighed 145 exactly.

After weigh ins' the team did some warm ups and looked to see when they were up. I had a little while before I was up so I sat down on the bleachers getting mentally ready for my meet. I was wrestling the number 1 ranked guy in my weight class at the tournament I was ranked second.

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I scanned the bleachers and in the third row center was Cassie and on the far right side was Brittany. Cassie was sitting with a couple of her friends she waves at me and I wave back. Finally it was my turn. It was one of the longest meets in my career. I finally won in the final seconds with a takedown. The crowd went wild when the ref declared me the winner. I won the rest of my matches. Kevin also won all of his. When the overall score was tallied the team won by 6 points everyone was excited.

The best part though was when the Notre Damn scout approached me afterwards he wanted to get together with my dad about a scholarship to Notre Damn. That was one of the best days in my life. Cassie caught up with me while I was waiting to get on the bus she had heard about the scout and hugged me and congratulated me. On the ride home I passed out and slept. I woke up just as the bus got back. I headed home to shower and get ready to go out with Cassie to celebrate.

It was around 6:30 when I pulled in front of Cassie's house. I knocked on the door and her mom answered. Cassie's mom Debra always liked me for some reason. I always thought that she had the hots for me but never wanted to ask.

Debra also congratulated me on the win and the possibility of a scholarship. As I walked by her she swatted my ass and smiled seductively at me. About 5 minutes later Cassie came down the stairs wearing a tight pair of blue jeans that hugged her in all the right places and a matching blue blouse that was low cut showing her excellent cleavage.

I felt a stir in my pants as I looked at her. Cassie noticed it and smiled at him knowing what I was thinking. We said their goodbyes to her mom and left. On the car ride to the restaurant Cassie asked the one thing that they never really discussed. "Why did we break up?" "I don't know" "Did I do something wrong" "No remember you broke up with me" Cassie remembered it was just after the fall formal that she told him that she wanted to see other people.

Little did I know that the guy she left him for was not real she only told him that so she could get an abortion. After it was over she tried to reunite things with me but I didn't want to. Brittany had entered the picture so I was not interested. "I tried remember" "Yeah but you can't expect me to wait forever".

We finally arrived at the dinner to eat with Kevin and Brittany. Kevin was dressed like I was in jeans and their team hoody both were wearing their letterman jackets. Brittany was wearing hip hugger jeans and green blouse that was low cut but not as low as hers. Cassie secretly hated him because she knew that Kevin was cheating on her with a girl from another school.

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Brittany was a virgin and was not planning on loosing it anytime soon. Cassie decided a long time ago not to tell anyone about that. She didn't feel that it was her place to say. We got seated by a tall dark haired waiter who could not take his eyes off of Cassie and Brittany. They made small talk about school, movies, music, wrestling and college.

When both Cassie and Brittany both went to the bathroom Kevin asked I the big question. "So are you and Cassie an official couple again?" "Nope" "Why not, I see the way see looks at you she still loves you" "I know but I can't help but think she is not telling me something about the real reason she ended it with me." "She told me another guy.

I never saw her with him and nobody else did either and it ended pretty fast.

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A month is not fast I at least not in High School. I know, just can't shake that feeling. So have you and Brittany fucked each other yet?

Nope all we have done is oral and the occasional hand job. I know you and Cassie go at like rabbits at your place. It's not like your dad is ever home. By the way where was he today?

Out of town again, He gets back Monday. Sorry about that. Meanwhile in the bathroom Cassie and Brittany are having their own discussion. So have you and Kevin done it yet? Cassie asked as she is reapplying her makeup. No not yet. I want to but I am nervous I know Kevin is no virgin but I want to make sure that he is just not with me so I can say he banged the principal's daughter.

"That makes since" responded Cassie. So are you and Sean an official couple or what? No just really good friends you could say. It looks more then that from my point of view. Well to each their own. After that they left in silence back to the booth. The food had arrived. Both I and Kevin were eating steak Cassie had chicken and Brittany had pasta.

As they were eating the topic of college came up again. Kevin who was going to Duke in the fall was going on about what classes I was going to take and his new dorm room. Brittany was headed off to Yale. She was the class valedictorian and apparently her SAT scores were through the roof.

Kevin then asked Cassie where she was planning on going to college, secretly she was applying to Notre Damn to be with me but she lied and said UCLA. Kevin then went into my favorite subject wrestling.

Kevin and I talked about the meet and the team. Kevin had no doubt in my mind that at the end of the season coach was going to make me the new captain. I knew I was the most likely candidate. Dinner ended with little incident. Brittany suggested a movie that had just came out. They all agreed and headed over to the theater. One of the sophomore JV wrestlers was there at the ticket booth and got all of us in for free. Kevin and I both knew it was because he wanted us to talk to coach about him taking a shot at the current 130 varsity spot.

Kevin and I bought popcorn and drinks for everyone. We headed into the dark movie theater sitting in the top row in the darkest corner. Since it was late there were only a few more couples that showed up for the movie and they all sat in the middle and front rows. The movie being more of a guy flick then anything else so Cassie who was being bored decided to play a little.

I had long taken off my jacket so she could use it as a cover since it was cold in the theater. She quietly slid her hand between my legs and started rubbing my member through my jeans. I looked over at her and smiled she smiled back looking at him seductively. She could feel my member getting harder by the second. She unzipped my pants and freed my cock with it sticking straight out she started stroking it up and down in a slow steady pace.

Just as the movie was ending I was getting close to the point of no return. When the movie ended Cassie put away my throbbing cock. It was hurting and all I could think about was getting some release and to make matters worse as we were walking down the aisle Cassie intentionally rubbed her butt against my member making some pre-cum leak out in my boxers. Brittany needed to get home so she and Kevin left in his car. Cassie and I headed to my car Cassie not wanting to go to her house went back to my place for the night.

It was about a 20 minute drive across town to my house. On the way there she continued her teasing him in the car.

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I undid my pants freeing my throbbing member. Cassie leaned in taking just the head into her mouth sucking on it like there was no tomorrow. I was using all my concentration to keep my car on the road and in between the lines. She slowly slid her lips down my shaft. The angle prevented her from deep throating me so she used her free hand to stoke what she could not swallow.

I could feel my climax reaching the point of no return. I had just pulled into my drive way when I let go into her waiting mouth. She did not spill a drop. Cassie then leaned up and showed me the mouthful of cum in her mouth then slowly swallowed it all. I put away my cock and got out of the car. Cassie followed me in the house.

I went straight to my room with her in tow. Cassie was well acquainted with my house. Once in my room I closed and locked my door. I stripped naked and pulled on a pair of gym shorts. I threw her a t-shirt to change into.

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I saw in the reflection from my window that Cassie was not wearing a bra or panties under the t-shirt. Cassie saw me staring at her reflection and smiled to herself she knew that she was drop dead gorgeous, but longed for me to want her again like I did before our break-up. I turned off the lights and turned on the TV before crawling into bed. Cassie climbed in next to me. Cassie dosed off to sleep with in minutes of lying down. She did not think I was going to start anything since I was in a trance staring at the TV.

She woke up when she felt something wet on her neck she opened her eyes to see that I was kissing her neck and face. She instinctively wrapped her arm around me pulling me closer. I went for her ears. I knew that when I played with her ears she always got really aroused. I continued my attack. She felt the heat in her loins starting to build. She decided to let me take the lead. She loved it when I did.

She felt the shirt being pulled up exposing her pussy to my attack with my fingers and hands. I knew just how to play with her to get her juices really flowing.


She felt me remove my shorts and tug at her t-shirt she sat up pulling it over her head and tossed it on the floor. I laid her back down and slid in between her legs. I opened them up and wrapped them behind my. I took my cock and slid it up and down her slit coating it with her juices. Once the head was good and wet I pushed into her slowly letting her feel inch by inch fill her up.

She gasped when I was all the way in hitting the opening of her cervix. I held it there just enjoying the feeling of her pussy wrapped around my cock. Cassie started moving her hip stimulating her clit with my throbbing member.

I started slowing pushing in and out. Bringing almost my entire cock out of her then pushing it back in. Cassie's orgasm was building with each thrust. I could feel mine starting to build so I picked up the pace with each stroke. Her pussy muscles were milking my cock for my sperm. Finally I hit the part of no return and shot my load deep in her pussy.

Cassie had her orgasm just as I released inside of her. I stayed there for a couple of minutes enjoying the feeling of her cunt.


I slowly pulled out of her and lay beside her. I spoke first, "Do you love me?" "Yes" was all she could muster. The question had caught her completely off guard. I have been thinking a lot about you and me. "I want you to join me at Notre Damn next year." "I already applied" "Why?" "Cause I knew I wanted to be with you" I was lying to her next to you and had an epiphany.

"I did not want Brittany because I wanted her it is because I wanted to hurt you like you hurt me". When I said that she wanted to tell me everything but decided not to, it just didn't feel like the right time.