Beefy gay fucks a young lad

Beefy gay fucks a young lad
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Diary of the Kosmetics Killer (Entry # 2) A few weeks after my first kill, I was starting to long for another sexy corpse. This time, my lovely victim would be someone I saw in the subway. She was rather petite but in a slim and sexy way. She was wearing a tight black spaghetti strap top which showed off her small, shapely and perky breasts and gave a hint of her cleavage.

She was also wearing a long light brown skirt which clung to her body, showing off her sexy ass and legs. Her lightly tanned skin hinted that she was rather sporty. While she was only very lightly made up, her sexiness captured my attention and lust instantly.

I guess she did not expect her dressing that day to lead to her death but things happen. I was especially intrigued by her smooth flat belly without any trace of fats, clearly observable behind her tight fitting top. I fantasize about how it would look if her abdomen was to become large and bloated. Through pregnancy perhaps. Or by drowning.

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I followed her home by subway while eavesdropping on her conversation via her mobile phone with a friend. I found out that she was a student staying alone in an apartment and that she would not be meeting anyone until her boyfriend come to pick her up the next day.


I could not believe my luck as I confirmed her for the next kill. I walked behind as she got off at her station and walked towards a nearby apartment building.

She climbed the stairs to her room as I stealthily followed behind. At her door, she stopped to talk with a neighbour so I could not make my move. She soon went into her room and closed the door. After waiting a few minutes and making sure there was no one around, I went up to her door and rang the bell. A few moments later, the lovely young woman still dressed in her seductive clothes opened the door.

I quickly pushed her in and kicked the door shut. I then delivered a carefully aimed chop to the nape of her neck, causing her to lose consciousness instantly.

My years of training in karate have not let me down this time again.

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The woman slumped limply into my arms and I lay her onto the floor. I wasted no time in pulling off her skirt and panties and quickly penetrated her pussy, rupturing her hymen and causing her to bleed. This one was a virgin! I kissed and fondled her face and breasts as I thrust into her with a steady rhythm. Soon, I have left my sperm deep within her.


However, I was not done. I am not going to strangle this one.

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Rather, I remembered thinking of how sexy her bloated belly would look. I considered forcing water down her mouth until her stomach bloats but that was before I discovered that she had a bathtub and it was already filled with water. She must have been getting ready for her bath before I struck. I will let her finish her bath while unconscious.

First, I stripped her of all her clothing so she lay fully naked in front of me. Her breasts were perky and shapely even without her bra. I carried her to the bathroom and gently lowered her into the bathtub.

She was submerged quickly and bubbles started to appear out of her mouth and nose as she took in water.

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I watched her slowly drown and more and more water entered her lungs and stomach. After 15 minutes, I lifted her up form the bath tub and laid her on her bed. Her wet dripping body seemed heavier and soon it became obvious to me why. My plan had worked.

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Her once slim and flat abdomen is now grossly bloated with the water she as swallowed unconsciously. It gave a lush ripe look which enhances her beauty and sex appeal. I could not help it but climbed onto the bed and entered her again.

This time, the results were spectacular. When I jumped onto her body, my weight pushed down onto her water distended belly and water spurt out from her mouth and nostrils, spraying me straight in the face. I slurped up all the water which tasted sweet and delicious before having sex with her corpse again. This time, I blew air into her mouth in a fake attempt at CPR, knowing that she is beyond resuscitation.

Soon, I was done. All the pressing on her body had made her belly less bloated so I carried her into the bathtub and placed her head underwater again while keeping her body kneeling at the edge of the bathtub. I could hear water gushing into her open mouth and soon, her belly became rounded and swollen again. I carried her onto the bed and dried her of all the water, squeezing her breasts as I did so.

I then dressed her back in her bra, undies, top and skirt. Her tight fitting top could no longer fit nicely over her bulging belly and I as I was forcing it down, I pressed on her belly a little too hard and some water flowed out of her mouth again. I found her vomiitting so sexy that I rammed my penis into her mouth and shot off a load of cum into her mouth, watching the semen drip out from her mouth and down her face.I then wiped off the cum and continued dressing her.

Finally, she was all dressed up. This time, I have brought my own make up kit so I applied a bright red lipstick, dark blue eye shadow and purple mascara on her. I also applied blusher to her ashen cheeks. She soon looked lovely though she had a somewhat pained expression. I do not blame her, after all that she has gone through.

She would make a lovely surprise for her boyfriend when he came the next day.