Teen Babe Slapping Her Ass

Teen Babe Slapping Her Ass
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The Car Ride, Jay Offers Maddy a Ride Jay was on the way home from school when he passed by a girl with her head under the hood of her car.

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He slowed down to see if he could offer any help. As he got closer he recognized those beautiful legs and nice ass that was displayed in some booty shorts. "Maddy, are you ok" Jay called out. Maddy turned and smiled when she saw her teacher.

"I'm fine, but I don't know about my car" she said with a giggle. Jay pulled over and looked got out to look at the car with her. After trying to crank it several times and messing with the battery Jay finally said "I think I know what is wrong with it". "What" Maddy said.

"You're out of gas" Jay said with a smile pointing at the gas gauge. "Come on hop in my car and we will go get you some." Jay didn't mind helping Maddy out on bit. Any excuse to see her outside the soccer team and class was nice.

He remember the first time they fucked when she stayed the night with Rose at his house. He began to get hard Hyatt thinking about it. Jay started to drive and Maddy sat in the shotgun seat and playfully put her legs across the seat on Jay's lap near his crotch. Jay looked at Maddy and smiled and she smiled back. He grabbed her foot and rubbed it and brought it up to his mouth. Jay had a thing for feet and loved to kiss and suck on toes. "Mmm" Maddy said as Jay slid her toes into his mouth.

Maddy had long and toned legs. Jay loved to touch and run them during the soccer games when she got a cramp. "Looks like I'm gonna owe you a big one for this coach" said Maddy with a grin on her face.


"Oh I have a big one for you that you can work on" Jay responded. Maddy smiled and pressed her foot against Jay's crotch feeling how hard his dick was. "Is that the big one?" Maddy asked. Jay unzipped his pants and put sprang his hard dick freed from his shorts. Maddy began to run her foot up and down on his dick and then she used both feet to stroke his dick.

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"Damn, that feels good babe". I hope I don't have a wreck and run off the road." Maddy was good with her feet and had her coach stiff as a board in no time.

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Jay said "you gonna make me cum if you keep that up". Maddy said "well we don't want to get that all over your car and shorts do we?

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She unbuckled her seat belt and flipped around with her head in Jay's lap and she begin to lick astound the tip of his hard thick dick. "Oh god" Jay said. "Mmmm, give me all of that cum" she called back to him. She began to take more of his dick into her mouth sucking on it hard and stroking it as she blew him. Jay caressed her hair and hair as he watched Maddy take his dick. He moved his hand down her back and slide it inside her shorts and panties sliding his fingers down her crack.

He squeezed her ass and fingered her pussy with his fingers as she sucked him off. "I'm gonna cum Maddy!" Jay shouted as she buckled down on his hard dick ready for the tasty treat.

Jay felt his body convulse as he shot loads of his cum in her mouth. "Mmmm" Maddy moaned as she took all of his cum. Maddy cleaned off the cum around his dick and licked it off her lips as she sat back up in the seat. Jay pulled into the gas station with her.

After they got some gas and started heading down the road back to Maddy's car Jay looked over at Maddy and she had grabbed his cell phone and started to slide her gym shorts down and take a few selfies with Jay's camera.


"I'm leaving you something to look at later on" she said with a smile. Her panties were very small and cute. They had a single band around her waist and just enough material to cover up her pussy and just above it. "Make sure you take some good ones" Jay said as he slowly drove down the road. He keep looking over at Maddy and back to the road.

He wondered if he could take any other roads and extend his car riders fun. Maddy pulled her panties down half way and took some more of her little bush showing out the top of her panties. Jay slid his hand over and reached between her legs to get a feel of her pussy. His hand slid inside her panties and he felt her moist and warm pussy lips.

Maddy took pics of his hand inside her panties. "Mmm" Maddy said as his fingers went deeper and parted her pussy lips. Jay's fingers found the entrance to her pussy as he slid one inside her a few inches and located her clit. Maddy slide her panties down all the way to her ankles and opened her legs up to give Jay better access to her moist tight pussy. After finger fucking her for a minute he added another finger and pressed hard against her clit while he was probing her wet fuck hole.


Maddy took more pics Jay's fingers inside her and she said "I want copies of these later on!" Jay felt his dick get harder as he played with this little high school sweetheart. Maddy turned sideways facing Jay and leaning up against the door of the car. Jay turned and began to rub her clit with his thumb as his fingers were on top of her little patch of hair. Maddy's foot wandered over to Jay's lap again and pressed against his dick that was bulging inside his shorts.

"I see someone's happy again" she said playfully.

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Jay looked over and smiled at her. He looked down and Maddy's pussy was so wet it was dripping down out of her hole and down her crack on her ass. They came to a stop light and Jay quickly put the car in park. He knelt down and grabbed Maddy's legs and buried his face between her legs and began to kiss and lick up all of her wetness.

"Oh god yesss!" Maddy moaned as he took more pictures of her teacher enjoying himself on her pussy. Jay sucked her loosened pussy lips into his mouth and pressed them against his lips and tongue.

He would tongue fuck her and press the tip of his tongue against her clit also. A car horn interrupted his minute of pleasure and he tried to quickly sit up, but Maddy held his head down and pressed on it demanding that he not stop. After a few more honks she released his head and he sat up and hit the gas pedal and they sped off.

Jay unbuttoned his shorts and Maddy helped him as he drove down the road. She freed his thick and hard cock from his shorts and began to stroke him again. Jay returned to fingering Maddy with one had while he drove with the other. "When I was younger my daddy used to let me drive the car sitting in his lap" Maddy said with a smile.

"Can I do that with you, daddy?" she said with a smirk on her face. Jay quickly pushed his seat back all the way and then motioned for Maddy to come on over. Maddy put her feet down in the floorboard first and Jay helped her over and grabbed her hips and moved her right above his hard dick. Maddy reached between her legs and aimed Jay's cock right up at her pussy as she lowered herself down onto his dick. "Mmm, oh fuck yes baby!" Jay said as she took all of his dick inside her pussy slowly.

She rested between his legs and took the steering wheel and began to drive while Jay wrapped his arms around her body and he caressed her tits and then moved down between her legs and found her clit again and rubbed it slowly.

Maddy bounced up and down as best she could, but the steering wheel was in the way. She was driving all over the place and not very straight as she was not focused on the road. Jay put one hand under her shirt and caressed her breasts while his other hand continued to work her pussy over faster and faster. He would pinch her nipples and kiss her neck as they rode down the road. Jay grabbed his phone and took a few pics of him giving Maddy driving lessons.

Just then, they heard another car horn honk at them from the side and the both turned to look and see an old lady in a car drive by giving them a look. When the woman saw Maddy sitting in Jay's lap her mouth dropped open and she lost control of the car and went up on the sidewalk to a stop.

Her car horn honked again as she hit something on the curb and Jay and Maddy looked at each other and smiled. "Honk if you're horny!" Maddy said and Jay added "she's probably just jealous." Jay returned his concentration on working Maddy's clit and she finally came after a few minutes of rubbing on her pussy.

Jay felt the rush of wetness leak all down around his cock.

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Jay and Maddy pulled up to Maddy's car and came to a stop in front of it. Maddy crawled off of Jay's dick and back into the shotgun seat. She pulled up her shorts and they both hopped out if the car to put gas into Maddy's car. The car cranked up and Maddy rolled her window down and said "Thanks for helping me with my car Coach!" Jay leaned down and gave her a kiss and she grabbed his crotch one more time before she sped down the road.

Jay went back and sat in his car and just breathed deeply with a smile on his face. He looked over at the radio and Maddy had left her underwear for Jay hanging on the radio knob of the car. He grabbed them and took at quick sniff of them before he put the car in gear and drove home. (to be continued…)