Overwhelming blonde Desire Moore adores fucking around a lot

Overwhelming blonde Desire Moore adores fucking around a lot
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She wasn't much for words, but that's precisely why I loved to fuck her. Nothing drained my balls faster or better than a wordless and incredibly intense exchange with her. I answered the door to find her in a long jacket, impossibly tall heels, and dark sunglasses. I thought I knew what was coming when she walked in the door, and pulled her jacket open to show her bare body and beautiful curves: she came close to me, smiled a devilish grin, and then slapped me across my face.

Unexpected. She spat on me too, and I damn well enjoyed it. This was going to be good. I was naked, and ready for whatever she had in mind, so she pulled me by my cock to the bedroom, forced me down on my knees, and planted her sweet pussy on my face.

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My cock sprung to attention as I licked from her clit to her cunt to her asshole and back again. Her pussy was dripping wet, and my face was soon covered in her cum. She gushed on my face at least twice, screaming "fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck" over and over again with each explosion.

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I was dying for more of her, but she needed to be kept in check. I stood up, forced her against the wall, pressed my body into hers, and then spat her juices all over her face.


I slapped her too, which she fucking loved. I pushed her down on her knees so she could take her turn on my cock.

First I slapped my cock against her face, leaving a trail of precum all across her forehead. I pulled her close to me so that her nose was at the base of my cock and her mouth was on my balls.

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She sucked each one into her mouth as she jerked my cock off on her face. So fucking hot. But that was just the warm up.

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She quickly swallowed me whole, taking my now ridiculously rock hard cock deep into her throat. I wasn't about to let her dictate the terms of this engagement, so I began pounding her face with all my might, my balls slapping against her chin with every push.

I could see she was struggling to take it, but she loved that feeling more than anything else. I just loved watched her eyes water with every thrust of my cock. I could have filled her belly full of cum, but picked her up instead, kissed her full on the mouth, ours tongues intertwined, our cum swishing around in each others mouth, and then threw her on the bed. I dove on top of her, and then flipped her over so I could eat her pussy again. She took right to my cock without skipping a beat. I relentlessly tongue fucked her pussy, pushing deeper and deeper as she took more and more of my cock down her throat.

She ground her clit on my chin as her pussy flooded my mouth, so much so that I could barely breath.

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Without warning, I unloaded my balls in her mouth, bucking so hard I almost threw her off of the bed. Take that you little slut, I thought.

She took my load like a pro, saving it so she could show me how much cum I gave her. First, she rolled off of me, and then climbed back on top to sit on my chest with her pussy right in my face. She leaned back every so slightly and then began to drip my cum out of her mouth between her tits. I nearly exploded again when I realized what she was doing -- she was feeding me my own cum off of her body. I watched as it rolled down over her belly to the top of her shaved slit.

I couldn't believe that I was about to slurp my cum off of her pussy. My cock remained rock hard as I pulled it into my mouth.


She pushed every last drop into my mouth with her fingers. I showed it to her, she smiled, and then flipped back around on me so I could tongue-fuck it into her pussy. She's such a dirty little whore, but she's my dirty little whore. She cleaned my cock and balls as I filled her with my cum. Once done with me, she flipped back around, sat on top of me, and gave me an even more seductive look, like the fun was just beginning.

She pulled me into the shower for our traditional cleanup, but this time she pushed me back down on my knees.

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I moved in to lick her pussy again, thinking she wanted more cumplay, but she pushed me back by my forehead, smiled, and unleashed a stream of hot piss all over my face and in my mouth.

I stood up so she could piss on my cock while I jerked off.


It's one of my deepest fantasies -- nothing turns me on more than that. Oh fuck, I was about to burst again. Once she was empty, she knelt before me so I could return the favor. I plastered her face, drenched her hair, and covered her tits in my salty piss. I pulled her up and flipped her around, and told her to spread her ass. She willingly gaped her ass for me, so I placed the tip of my cock inside of her and filled her ass with my piss.

Take that you little fucking slut. We finished with a slow and sensual piss-filled kiss. Her mouth and mine were full of so many different tastes, and our bodies were now bathed in both cum and piss. I turned on the water for a hot, soapy shower. I had two soapy fingers in her ass by the time it was done, and she had one in mine too.

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After all, round one was down, and round two was about to begin…