Rica verga en la regadera

Rica verga en la regadera
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Chapter 8 THE SISTER AND THE SLUTHOLE Claire was feeling a bit better by lunch. She took out some of her upsetness on the girls she catalogued, finding particularly demeaning and filthy names to call them as she entered their tits and twats into the database.

Her supervisor Pussy seemed to notice her state of mind, and kept bringing her glasses of cordial without commenting.

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Claire drank them gratefully. Near lunch, Kitten introduced Claire to two new employees of Titcage. She met the first in the toilets. Kitten was naked as Claire walked into the toilets, preparing to piss. When she saw Claire, she gestured to the other girl there. 'Oh, Claire, this is Mackenzie. Her work name is Sluthole.' Sluthole was short and petite, but gorgeous, with a trim, fit body and flowing brown hair. She was naked too and Claire could see she already had a silver ring through her clitoris, just like Kitten.

'Hi Claire,' she said, smiling sweetly. 'Get naked, we were just about to piss.' The thought of pissing as a group still felt weird to Claire but she undressed. She didn't normally remove her top but she did here, feeling Sluthole expected it of her. She blushed as the two girls looked at her naked tits. 'You're cute,' said Sluthole. And with that, she walked over and threw her arms around Claire. Before Claire knew what was happening, Sluthole was kissing her passionately on the lips, her tits rubbing against Claire's.

Claire freaked out and went very still. She'd never kissed another girl before and this stranger was poking her tongue inside Claire's mouth. She started to blush. Then she felt something warm splash against her leg, and realised what was happening.


Sluthole was pissing. She was pissing on Claire's legs. Claire wanted to back away but before she could Kitten said, 'She's a higher grade than you, Claire. She's an X. You have to do what she says.' Sluthole stopped kissing Claire for a moment. Claire gasped for breath. 'She's right,' said Sluthole. 'And what I want you do to is piss with me. Can you do that for me, twat?' Before Claire could reply she kissed Claire again.

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Claire was trapped. She felt awful. She felt like she was being raped. But Kitten had told her before about the hierarchy, and if she broke it Titcage would probably fire her, and her father would beat her for days. She started to cry softly as Sluthole kissed her, and then, giving in, released her bladder. Piss spurted from her pussy and splashed on Sluthole's twat.

Then it arced downward to soak Sluthole's legs, and then finally Claire's own legs. It was only when Claire's bladder was empty that Sluthole released her and broke off the kiss. 'Thank you,' the girl said, smiling cruelly. She rinsed her legs wrapped her skirt around her waist and left. Kitten could see Claire about to cry.

She came closer and hugged Claire. Once again naked tits were pressed against Claire's but because it was Kitten, Claire didn't mind. Claire felt awful. She felt like she had been raped. She hated remembering Sluthole pissing on her leg and being forced to piss in return. She hated remembering Sluthole's soft wet tongue exploring her mouth. Most of all she hated remembering the little spasm in her cunt that had signalled her starting to become aroused by the whole degrading experience.

'It'll be all right,' whispered Kitten, and Claire hugged her friend tightly in thanks. After Claire had rinsed and dressed, Kitten took her to meet the other new starter in the break room. He was a nineteen year old boy named Jim and Claire had an immediate crush on him. Jim shook her hand; he told her he liked her dress.

Claire blushed and then blushed further when she realised he was actually looking at her face not her tits. He told her he was hoping for a career in social policy and that he was studying at university.

He told her he looked forward to seeing her again. Claire went back to her desk blushing happily to herself.

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Meeting a cute boy had helped her forget the degrading morning. As she resumed cataloguing sluts she smiled and dreamed about kissing Jim. That evening Claire got even more unwelcome news. Her sister Stephanie was moving home. Stephanie was sixteen to Claire's seventeen. She had smaller boobs, a willowy body and silky blonde hair down to her waist that had always made Claire jealous. She had moved out two months ago to live with another girl. More run away than moved out, really.

Her parents were furious both that Steph had run away and that she was a lesbian. When Claire got home that evening she found her sister bare assed, cunt showing, bent tits down over het father's knee as he spanked her. Steph wailed and cried. Long hours at work had trained Claire's eye. She saw a girl in a humiliating position, and she looked straight at the girl's cunt.

What she saw disturbed her on several levels. First, Steph's pussy was shaved, just like Claire's. A slut's pussy, thought Claire, before she could stop herself.

Secondly, Steph's pussy was wet. Claire's father didn't appear to have noticed, but Steph's cute labia were definitely engorged and her slut nectar was smeared across her inner thighs.

And thirdly, looking at Steph's pussy made Claire aroused. A twat like that is for raping, her mind thought, and her own cunt spasmed happily in response. Claire stepped down on those feelings hard, locking up the confusing emotions in the back of her mind, at least until she understood what was happening. Claire's mother filled her in. 'Your sister has had a quarrel with that slut she was living with, and now she needs to come home,' she said. 'Of course, we've turned her room into a study, but she can sleep with you until we're sure she's serious about staying this time.' Claire was horrified.

'What? Mum, no!' 'I don't want to hear argument, Claire. She's your sister and she needs somewhere to sleep.' Claire looked back at Steph, still wailing as Claire's father beat her naked ass. Claire tried not to look at Steph's alluringly nude pussy.

She turned back to her mother. 'Mum, why is dad spanking her?' 'It's part of the deal. She gets a spanking every night for two weeks because she ran away and because she did immoral things with a woman. If she takes her punishment she gets to stay.' Claire's dad finished spanking Stephanie and the teen girl got up, rubbing her sore ass. Dinner went by in sullen silence. Steph said not a word to anyone. Claire was brooding over having to share her room with her brat of a teen sister.

At night Claire changed into nightclothes in the bathroom as usual, to avoid the gaze of the camera, but when she came back to her room she found Steph completely naked, in the process of pulling panties up to cover what Claire had trouble not thinking of as her nude shaved whore-tunnel. 'Jesus, Claire! Privacy!' spat Claire's sister, attempting to cover both her tits and cunt with her hands, and dropping her panties in the process.

'Sorry,' mumbled Claire. 'Sor-ry!' mocked Stephanie in a ridiculous falsetto. Fine, thought Claire. I won't warn you about the camera.


And tomorrow you will be 'blonde teen slut bares udders and fuckhole while changing clothes'. They slept together that night; Stephanie right at the edge of the bed and trying to steal the blankets. Claire had her training device on with the sound turned down and her legs clenched to muffle the buzz of the vibrator.

'Did you really have sex with a girl?' asked Claire, just before falling asleep. 'Her name was Jenna,' replied Stephanie. Friday morning Claire wanted to masturbate, but couldn't with Steph around. Or could she?

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Steph had no work and it was the school holidays, so she was still asleep. Her sister's shirt had ridden up during the night to expose her small pretty tits. Claire looked at them and thought about Jim and began to surreptitiously rub her cunt. Her labia were soft and wet and it felt wonderful and relaxing. Then Steph moaned and rolled over, and Claire remembered the camera and jumped out of bed.

At work she asked if she could stop using the training device. 'My sister is going to wonder what it is,' she said to Michael. 'No, you can't stop, but we can give you a better one,' said Michael.

'You were due for a new tape anyway. Stay awake till your sister falls asleep then put it in. The tape will wake you up early to take it out.' The new device didn't have a capsule. It had a fat dildo. 'It won't buzz,' said Michael. 'It will just pulse inside you. And you will be glad to know this one doesn't shock you.' Claire looked at the large latex phallus dubiously.

'You'll probably need to get yourself wet first to get it to slide in,' added Michael helpfully as Claire headed to her workstation.

Sluthole was waiting at Claire's desk. 'Thank god,' she said. 'I have been waiting an hour to piss.' She pulled the shocked Claire by the arm, dragging her to the toilets.

Inside, Melons was masturbating as she pissed, stopping occasionally to lick her fingers clean. Sluthole ignored Melons and practically ripped Claire's clothes off before undressing herself. She pressed her naked body up against Claire and kissed her on the lips. 'You have no idea how long I have fantasised about doing this to a girl,' she said when she finally broke the kiss.

'Particularly a big titted cow like you. Kissing and pissing and feeling naked fuckbags rubbing against me is amazing.' She reached down and gently stroked Claire's twat before encircling Claire in her arms again and pulling her close.

'Piss,' she whispered in Claire's ear. Claire was crying now, sobbing, but she relaxed her bladder and allowed her urine to spurt onto Sluthole's legs. As soon as she did, Sluthole kissed her and then started to piss herself. Claire hated it. She felt the wet warmth on her leg. She felt the warm tongue in her mouth. She felt her nipples stiffening with arousal as Sluthole ground her pissing cunt against Claire's thigh.

When they were done, Sluthole had a further humiliation. She wordlessly took Claire's panties and used them to mop the piss from her own legs and cunt before handing them back to Claire and leaving. Claire threw them out. She refused to wear piss-wet clothes, and if Kitten could go without panties, she could too.

She regretted it almost immediately. She couldn't stop thinking about her bare cunt, and as she looked at pictures of sluts and tagged them, her pussy got wetter and wetter. When she got up to get a cordial at 10.30, she was mortified to realise her pussy juices had left a wet spot on the back of her skirt.

She immediately ran to the toilets, intending to wash her pussy clean and then wait a while for it to calm down. Unfortunately Sluthole was there, waiting. 'Claire!' she said, delighted. Sluthole was already completely naked. She grabbed Claire, and pulled off Claire's skirt before Claire could object. She pulled her hips towards Claire's, their legs interweaving so that Claire's thigh was against Sluthole's twat and Sluthole's was against Claire's.

Claire gasped. Pressure on her engorged pussy was just what she didn't want right now. 'Oh my,' said Sluthole teasingly. 'You're all wet.' She wiggled her thigh against Claire's cunt and Claire turned bright red at the resulting wet squelching noise.

But it felt good. Her twat responded with even more lubrication. Wordlessly, Sluthole started to kiss Claire, while grinding her thigh into Claire's pussy. Claire moaned and tried unsuccessfully to pull away. It felt so delicious.

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It was just like masturbating, except there was another girl here, and it was wrong, because Claire wasn't a lesbian, and she wasn't a slut. But Sluthole's thigh was rubbing her fuckhole so amazingly.

Then Sluthole started to piss, and Claire felt the warm liquid on her thigh. 'Piss,' whispered Sluthole, breaking off the kiss for a moment. 'Mmmf!' said Claire, against Sluthole's lips, which was her way of saying, 'No!'. Sluthole couldn't make her do this. Claire would stand up for herself. Claire would. OW!


Sluthole's fingers had worked their way between Claire's legs, and sharply pinched her clitoris! It was agonising! And yet at the same time it made Claire even wetter.

OW! She pinched Claire's clit again. Claire gave in. She released her bladder and started to piss on Sluthole's leg. But Sluthole didn't move her hand away from Claire's twat. Instead she kept stroking Claire's clitoris. Claire wanted her to stop. Claire was confused and scared.

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And then the most humiliating thing that had happened to Claire so far happened. She orgasmed. Right there, naked from the waist down, in a toilet, kissing a girl, pissing on a girl's leg, having her clitoris rubbed by a girl.

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She orgasmed. Her whole body went rigid, and she almost screamed, 'MMMMF!' into Sluthole's mouth. Piss spurted out of her pussy. Waves of pleasure ran through her. Then she went loose, losing control of all her muscles, and only Sluthole's arms held her upright.

'Good slut,' whispered Sluthole. She gently lowered Claire to the ground, where Claire sat in a pool of urine. Sluthole was still pissing and a few drops spattered on Claire's shirt. Then Sluthole went and cleaned herself off, dressed, and left.

Claire cried for nearly 10 minutes, until Toy came in and started to piss and masturbate across the room for her. Claire got up, rinsed herself off, tried to clean the tears from her face, and then dressed.

Her outfit felt slutty. She had no panties and there were pussy-juice stains on her skirt. Drops of urine were still damp on her shirt. She went back out and tried to work, hoping no-one would notice.

Someone did, though. It was Jim. He didn't say anything but he had seen Claire was upset, and he came over and gently joked with her.

He told her he thought she was a breath of fresh air next to all the slutty women who worked at Titcage, and that he was glad there was someone sane sharing the workplace with him.

Claire managed to smile and told him he was sweet. And then the day was over. And with it came the start of the weekend. (To be continued.)