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Alex continue to romp Michelle Martinez teen pussy
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The Secret of Hogwarts House Elves "You know, I still don't understand why the house elves don't try and speak out against their masters more like Dobby! I mean, why would they be willing to serve anyone for no pay or pensions?" Ron, rolling his eyes turned to Hermione.

"I've told you already! House elves LIKE to work. They don't want pay or pensions or sick leave! Its not in their nature" Harry continued listening to their bickering while he continued to concentrate on trying to find a place where the DA could hold their first meeting.

"Yes but there must be a reason for why they like their lives so much, I mean what do they get out of it?" Hermione asked heatedly. "I haven't got a clue, and I don't really care." Ron said dully "Well I'm going to find out what it is they like about their jobs, and prove to them that whatever it is isn't worth being slaves for." "How the bloody hell are you going to do that?

They only come out at night!" "Well then I'll stay up all night and follow them around if I have to." Hermione shot back. "I'll borrow Harry's invisibility cloak." Harry looked up, "Err, sure why not" Ron rolled his eyes again and turned back to his breakfast.

-------------------------------------------Later That Night-------------------------------------------- It was eleven o clock, and Hermione ducked under the cloak and walked down to the common room to wait for the elves to come out.

She took out her wand and cast a spell making sure that she wouldn't fall asleep while she waited. Hermione was a rather pretty girl after she had fixed her teeth the previous year, and she now stood at 5'6". She had B cup breasts and long bushy hair. She had never had sex with anyone and did not care to do anything of the sort just yet. She waited for several minutes before a house elf finally appeared with a soft "pop" He was incredibly short, only about 2 feet tall and had a long nose and huge bat like ears.

He was wearing what seemed to be a beach towel with holes cut in it. Their lack of real clothes was the symbol of their slavery. Hermione watched the elf clean the room, passing within a foot of where she was hiding. When the elf finished, he started for the boys' dormitories. Hermione quietly tip toed after him up the stairs and into the dormitory. When the elf finished cleaning, it quickly left, and Hermione followed him out and into the girls' dormitories. Hermione thought to herself, "This is getting nowhere!

He's just cleaning." But when the elf had finished cleaning the room, he went up to one of the girls' beds and stood there looking at the girl in the bed.


Hermione watched the elf. Steadily the elf's breathing became more erratic, but Hermione couldn't see why. She could only see the elf's ears and eyes from where she stood. Hermione quietly moved to the foot of the bed, and stifled a gasp, her eyes going wide. The elf was pumping his cock with his hand, and staring down at the girl in the bed.

Hermione watched as he continued to masturbate, and grunt with the exertion. But as he continued to jerk off, his cock seemed to be getting larger and larger, it was already almost 8 inches long and three inches thick. The size of his package seemed almost comical compared to the rest of the elf.

Hermione felt a tingling between her legs, and realized that she was getting really horny watching him. She silently reached between her legs and rubbed at her clit through her soaking panties. When the elf's dick reached 9 inches, he stopped, and stepped closer to the girl.

He put his hand over the girl's head and muttered what Hermione recognized as a spell that induced a temporary coma.


He then cast the same spell on all of the other girls with a flick of his finger. Hermione watched wide-eyed as the elf jumped onto the bed with the girl, and pulled the covers aside. The girl made no move in her magic induced coma. With the covers pulled aside, Hermione realized that it was Lavender Brown, another girl in her year but prettier, and with straight brown hair and C cup breasts.

The elf pulled at the girl's nightgown, but was unable to get it off. He cast another spell, which caused the dress to undo itself and soar onto the floor and fold itself neatly.

Lavender was left in a lacy bra and matching hip hugging panties.

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The elf proceeded to pull on the bra and tucked it under her tits, exposing the flesh to the cold air of the dormitory. The elf lay down on the girl's stomach and began to suck on one of her nipples while fondling the other breast with his tiny hand. Hermione couldn't take it any more. She pulled out her wand and cast a spell that would cause the elf and anyone else in the room to take no notice of her, no matter how much noise or movement she made.

She pulled off the cloak and disrobed as quickly as she could. When she was completely naked, she sat down and spread her legs. She began to rub her pussy with the length of her wand, and inserted the wand tip a few inches in. She uttered a spell through gasps that caused the wand to vibrate violently.

She watched as the elf continued to rape the girl in the bed. Suddenly the elf stopped and snapped his fingers. And all of a sudden, more elves appeared out of thin air, ten or twelve of them. Hermione stopped pleasuring herself in shock, and watched as all of the elves stripped off their clothes and hopped onto the bed. One of the elves cast a spell that turned the bunk into a king sized bed, and they all jumped on Lavender.

Giant cocks humped at her body from every angle. They humped at her legs, her arms, her belly, her back, everywhere. Groans came from their mouths as they humped at her Finally they paused long enough to spread her legs, and strip her of her panties and bra. One sat down on her chest and began to fuck her tits, squeezing her tits together and fucking her cleavage.


Two went down between her legs and fucked her pussy and ass and another went to her face and opened her mouth, inserting his 9-inch cock. They all fucked her mercilessly while the rest continued to hump at the rest of her body. "You know, if you want to join in, they won't stop you," said a voice next to Hermione. Hermione jumped with a little yelp as a hand began to fondle her right breast. It was Dobby the house elf. He was a good friend of Harry, and the only elf in Hogwarts that received pay, and dressed somewhat normally.

"Oh my goodness! Dobby!" Hermione spluttered She grabbed at her robes and tried to cover herself. "I'm sorry miss!" Dobby had jumped back when Hermione had started. "Dobby was thinking that you would like some help" Hermione, still breathing hard said, rather awkwardly, "Oh, its…fine…you just…startled me" "Those kinds of spells you used don't work on House Elves" Dobby said.

He was wearing the maroon sweater that Ron had given him for Christmas, which hung all the way to the floor. He had to roll the sleeves 10 times to let his arms out. "What?" Hermione gasped. "They could see me the entire time?" "Of course miss," Dobby said staring at Hermione's chest. Hermione glanced down and realized that her left breast was showing, and she covered it up. "I didn't want to bother you, because you looked like you were enjoying yourself," Dobby squeaked.

"But I thought that you would like to join in" Hermione opened her mouth to refuse, but then she caught herself. She hesitated and stalled "Err, Dobby, isn't this basically rape?" Hermione asked. "No miss," Dobby replied, "Rape is when one person forces another person to have sexual relations with them, but since we aren't people," Dobby said with a smile, "This isn't actually rape!" Hermione looked back at the house elves swarming all over Lavender, listening to the grunts and moans of pleasure coming from the elves, and the occasional squeal as one of them came on Lavender.

"Umm, Dobby," Hermione asked slowly. "Do the house elves do this to all of the girls?" "No miss, we only go after the ones who have already broken their virginity," said Dobby. "That way, we won't arouse any suspicions! This is why we house elves like our jobs!

We can have sex with our female masters without their knowing! And we clean up very well, so know one is any the wiser" Dobby said beaming "I just wanted freedom from the Malfoys, because I can't do anything to Mrs. Malfoy with all of the security charms all over their room." Hermione hesitated and made up her mind. "Dobby, can you, err, call some more house elves and maybe, I could, err, well you know…" Dobby beamed. "Of course miss, I can take you down to the kitchens and we can do it there if you like!" Hermione swallowed and nodded.

"Ok then, give me your hand" Dobby said, holding out his tiny hand. Hermione, still clutching her robes to her body, stretched out her hand and took Dobby's. Crack She looked around and found herself in the kitchens. Gleaming Silver tables and cutlery surrounded her.

"If you would just give me a moment, I'll gather up some house elves and we'll be back here in a moment." Dobby ran off and disappeared around a corner. Hermione sat down on the floor, breathing hard. She was very nervous, but at the same time excited.

She reached between her legs and rubbed her pussy, getting the juices moving in preparation for the coming orgy. There was a sudden series of cracks, and about twenty house elves appeared all around her.

All with erect nine-inch cocks dripping with pre-cum. Several of them she had seen fucking Lavender minutes before. Dobby stepped forward from the group. "We're going to use a levitating charm, so that we will float. You will still feel like you are on ground, but you will be several feet in the air. That way, we can be all over you." Hermione nodded and she was suddenly rising into the air, and like dobby said, she didn't feel like she was floating.

All the elves had risen with her, and several elves used charms to move all of the carts, tables and cabinets to the walls so that they were floating over a clear area of tiled floor. Dobby walked towards her in the air and stopped next to her legs.

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He took the robes from Hermione's limp hand and threw them aside. They dropped several feet and hit the floor below.

Dobby lay Hermione back and propped her up on her elbows. Hermione gave him her complete cooperation.

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Breathing heavily she watched Dobby spread her legs and step in between them, his cock twitching with anticipation and shining with pre-cum that was steadily oozing out. "This might hurt a little miss," Dobby said. He laid his head on her belly and wrapped his arms around her middle. Hermione was gasping for air and beaded all over her body. She felt the tip of Dobby's penis poke at her slit. Dobby slowly eased his cock in to her. It went easily with all of the pre-cum and cunt juice. Hermione felt waves of pleasure rack her body as the cock went in.

After several inches, Dobby met some resistance. Dobby slid back out an inch and then plunged as hard as fast as he could into Hermione. "Owwww" Hermione squealed. She gritted her teeth and clenched her fists as Dobby took her virginity. But the pain quickly went away and Dobby started to fuck her. Slowly at first but getting faster and faster.

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She could hear squelching sounds as Dobby fucked her. She felt his tiny body pumping as he fucked. "Ohhhh, yessssss. Mmmmmm" Hermione groaned. Shockwaves went through her body, and she realized that Dobby was using some sort of spell to give her intense pleasure. All around, the other elves watched as Hermione fucked Dobby, jacking off their immense cocks. "Ohh yess miss, you have a very tight pussy" Dobby said, panting as he humped at her.

Another elf stepped forward, and sank towards the ground about a foot. He walked underneath Hermione's floating body and lay down. He lifted him self towards Hermione's ass. Hermione, still enjoying her fuck didn't notice the elf coming up underneath her, and suddenly felt two tiny arms wrap around her middle. She felt the tip of the other elf's cock poke at her anus, and heard the elf say "oohh yeaahh" Hermione felt her anus suddenly spread as the nine inches of rock hard cock suddenly invaded her ass.

It was absolute bliss. Hermione clenched her ass as the elf fucked her ass. The elf squealed as he felt the pressure intensify around his dick. He fucked her as deep and fast as he could into Hermione. Another elf stepped forward and stood right next to her face. His cock slapped her cheek as it twitched, lathering her face with the clear fluid issuing from his cock.

"Open your mouth miss," the elf said. Hermione obliged, and felt the surprisingly warm cock enter her mouth. The elf started fucking her mouth shoving it down her throat. Hermione gagged, but the elf cast a spell that took away her gag reflex. She felt no discomfort as the elf fucked her throat, going deeper and deeper. Three more elves walked towards her and one sat on her chest while the other two stood at her sides. The one on her chest started fucking her tits, the tip of his cock poking at her chin, while the other two started sucking her tits.

Suddenly, Hermione felt tiny bodies crawling all over her. The other elves had finally joined in, and were all over her. They were all over her legs and arms, humping at her like they had done to Lavender earlier, and all over her back as well. They were humping at her like crazy, and Hermione could feel cocks all over her, humping her.

She grabbed two of the elves cocks and squeezed as hard as she could while jacking them off. She felt waves and waves of pleasure hit her as she fucked, sucked, and jacked off the elves. The other elves who weren't on her floated into a tight sphere all around her, jacking off, and occasionally cumming all over the floating orgy.

Whenever one of the elves on her came, another took its place. The elf in her ass came, and she felt his hot jizz fly up her ass and splash all over her insides. As the elf pulled out, Hermione felt suddenly empty and jizz poured out her ass. The elf walked away and joined the sphere of elves, while another went up behind her.

He cast a spell that made her anus small again before sticking his cock up her ass. Moans of pleasure became a continuous drone as the elves fucked and pleasured Hermione, who was also passionately moaning through her mouthful of cock.

The orgy went on and on. Every time an elf came in her mouth, ass, or pussy, she felt an orgasm hit her like a tidal wave.

And she would arch her back as best she could and gasp for air.

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Dobby was already on his fifth time around humping her, and was now fucking her tits. "Oh yes miss, this feels amazing" he moaned. After several hours, Hermione was still fucking and sucking the elves, and she was completely drenched with cum. When the clock struck four, the elves stopped and stepped away from Hermione, forming a bigger sphere. Hermione lay with her arms and legs spread and her mouth open as the elves began to jerk off and rain cum all over her body.

"Mmmmm yessss, I love the feeling of your hot cum" she cooed at the elves. To finish, each elf walked up to her and came in her mouth as she sucked them clean. Elf cum tasted sweet, and she sucked it all up and swallowed it. When the last elf was finished, Hermione looked down at her self and saw she was completely covered in white. She giggled. "That was the most amazing night of my life" Hermione said. "I'm glad you enjoyed it miss Granger" Dobby said.

The other elves were floating back down towards the floor and were cleaning themselves with different spells. "I'll take you back to your dormitory, and clean you up" Dobby said "If you'd like, we could always come around and take you back here to the kitchens if you'd like!" Dobby said smiling his toothy grin. Hermione smiled, feeling dry cum cracking on her face.

"I would like that very much," she said mischievously. Later that day, Hermione joined Ron and Harry at the Breakfast table in the Great Hall. "What took you so long?" Ron sniggered, "Did you find out why the elves like to be slaves?" "As a matter of fact, yes I did," Hermione replied, "and you're not going to find out about it from me," Hermione smiled inwardly as Ron huffed, and looked forward to the coming night.