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Webcam girl sex show full clip
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Home alone, or so I thought !

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I was back from college with half the day still available and my parents were predictably out so I had the place to myself. great. I could sneak guys back here and fuck on the sofa even!


Or wank myself in the kitchen - that type of adventure, and roam the house naked when I wanted to. I had assumed little brother worked a normal shift but I was to find out about his midweek day off. So what the fuck was all that noise cum-ing from the living room? sounded like an orgy in there!

His penis was hard I slipped into the living room to check what was going on. There was a hard-core porno playing on the telly! wow! And naughty little brother was there, kneeling on the floor with his dick sticking up, all hard and erect. He was absorbed with the cunt on telly who's other end was sucking dick, so he did not realize I was in the room !


He began jerking his dick with his hand, moaning, wanking away happily to the porn film. ha ha! I got hot and embarrassed but stood there fascinated by his dick. I watched him wank and wondered if he would cum. well he would wouldn't he? And I wanted to watch it happen! so I didn't leave. I just got all hot and horny. He whimpered and then a flood of cum magically came out of his dick and flooded over his hand.

fucking wow! That was hot ! I needed to wank myself and so this time I left the room without him noticing I had been there watching. teehee! my secret to keep! fuck the chair-leg again! jeans down - there was nothing else for it. I turned that chair over so the legs stuck out all hard and erected at a 45 degree angle.

slipped a lubricated condom over one of the back legs, as though I would need any lubrication as my cunt was dripping! It stopped the chair leg being wet and sticky and smelling strange afterwards. so I bent over and eased my cunt at the chair leg and up it went inside of me. "oh fuck yeesss! I signed and moaned. That felt great. I sat on the chair - ha ha - well kind-,of, and rode it like a wild nympho in heat, which I was! What ya doing sis?

so as I was having an orgasm riding the chair leg. I feel this presence and then comes a voice! "What ya doing sis?" little brother asks me. a rather compromising situation so my face turned red and I got super hot, my mouth fell open and I tried to smile.

" chair." I said trying to sound all natural about it. Its a girl thing. we do that. all the girls do it.honest! ".anyway, I got hot seeing the porno you were jacking off to" I said. "secret right?" He was surprised.but said "thought so! " and then "yeh secret sis." phew! So I was still a good girl! great!

I made us both a cup of tea after pulling up my pants, removing the condom and turning the chair the right way up - no one would know I had been ! neat! The Next Time.

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So another time I head the sounds of porno filling the air as I arrived back. And the sounds were coming from the living room again. I was interested to see what porn my younger brother watched?

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And who was the lady of his dreams? So I found my courage and walked into the living room and again the porno's were playing full hardcore! Again younger brother was there, this time seated in a chair with his dick out, watching the pornos. I couldn't look him in the eye but I casually walked around the sofa and sat down, allowing myself to sprawl upon it pretending he wasn't there and watched the sex film.

Wow! "Sis?" "oh hi: I thought I would join you and watch! hot porno film! well, I like porno too." "you're a girl, sis!

girls don't like porno" no prizes for the first part. Zero for the second part too. "I like porno. guess we only star in them right?" "yeh" I peeked.

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He was holding his dick. "Sis, you said you got hot and horny watching the porno last time but it was a slut's cunt".

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I could have strangled the little bastard ! "I was really watching you jacking your hard cock and cumming" I told him though gritted teeth.

"But I didn't want to say so." " got hot and horny.looking at my dick?" "er yeh.Its natural.I'm a woman.heterosexual woman.and you have a cock like the other guys, so yeh." "you take the other guys into your bed room sis". This conversion was not going how I wanted it too so I went back to watching the porn film.

And there was a lot of them, back to back! It was really hot and turning me on. He was wanking and so.I felt I could too. I slipped a hand down between my legs and into my knickers and began to rub my pussy. rub rub rub, yes I was now masturbating to the porno as well.

I felt self-conscious doing it where he could see me, but hay, that was the trill! I felt his eyes on my cunt watching me. I moved my panty's to one side bearing my pussy and turned a little, spreading my legs so he could see my cunt as I played with it. I put my fingers in my hot cunt for good measure and fingered myself. I noticed him as He groaned and bellowed and began feverishly jacking his dick.his eyes burning into my pussy watching me wank.

not the! I felt a little uneasy about this. My eyes went to his dick and soon he cum, spurting out cum at me, some of it hit me and I felt a splash on my face !

oh Fuck! I didn't know what to say to him. So I shrugged and wiped off his cum. I gave him a weak smile. "sorry " I told him as I left. Later. and this time we fuck He told me it was ok and that he had just cum.

And he liked my cunt. Another time I heard him in there with the porno. I went and made a drink and took it in there with me.

He was kneeling on the floor again with his trousers down and his dick out! I smiled kindly, at seeing his penis. and went and sat down first on the sofa to watch his porno film and then later I sat down next to him peeking at his dick as he got a stiffy watching the porn.

The porno had made me all horny and sexed up and my cunt was wet and my tits pushing at my bra. I touched myself and gasped at the sensations racing though me and I cum. He looked at me with a curious look. "I can smell your cunt" he told me. I got hot and panted "yeh?" "did you cum?" "yeh" "sis show me your slut cunt you slag" My mouth fell his brazen but true words.

"ok" And was.and so it began. I got onto all fours right next to him and pushed my bare cunt at his face. "Like what you see?" I laughed over my shoulder. I wiggled my ass in front of him. Then I felt his fingers enter up my pussy. I froze and my mouth fell open in confusion. no way, I refused to believe that he had just fingered me!

maybe he had inserted a pen up my pussy for a laugh? yes that was it !

He wiggled his fingers inside my hot wet cunt and finger fucked me, dispelling my denial. Oh fuck!


Now I had really gone and done it. good one girl, you just got your dumb nympho self fingered by your younger brother. This was to be soo much a secret ! proper masonic job would be needed. But I liked it.his dirty fingers inside my pussy. "well keep wanking and enjoy it" I whispered. Then the little bastard mounted me: he had knelt up behind me and slipped his hard dick up my slut cunt !

He began fucking me his hands on my hips and his belly slamming my ass.

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And his dick sliding in my cunt ! .I took it. A moment of stoic disbelief failed to get much of a hold and I told myself that this would be ok if I was french anyway.

I mean lots of girl are fucked by their brothers.I've been around and on the interweb and all. Just more dick right?

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So long as he doesn't go crazy or anyone finds out ! So he moans and groans, calls me a fucking slut and cums right up my cunt. I shivered as I felt his ejaculated flood inside my pussy. I let out a big sigh. "Finished?" I called to him an enthusiastic " Yeh THANKS SIS !" came back.

"you slag!" "oh great" I knelt next to him wondering what to do. "your taking the pill sis, I saw them in your room." "you're right" I said back. and "hay look, two chicks with cucumbers? is this a lesbian video?" "this one is yeh" GREAT excuse to leave: so I thanked the gods for that . "well i'm going then, I need a shower.oh and make sure you have one too because I don't want you smelling of my cunt?

Got that?" "yeh sure sis.whats wrong with it anyway.?" he was referring to the lesbian video but his words took another meaning to me. yeh what was wrong with it anyway? I thought. --------------------------------------------- ps I wondered what would happen to our bro-sis relationship now we had fucked.

And sure enough he use to tap me for sex when he got a stiffy. He used to let himself into my bedroom when I was asleep. "Sis? Your awake? I had a stiffy ! and you fix it?" was the usual type of persistence.

I usually gave him a hand-job. removed the covers, spread my legs showing him my tits and cunt bush in the moon light an I used to jack him off over me. It made me smile and sometimes wank myself.

Or I asked him to and he returned a helping hand. But sometimes. sometimes I needed a good fuck !

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So we did it again !