Lana Sharapova Daphne Dare In Dads Cum And Tax Refunds

Lana Sharapova  Daphne Dare In Dads Cum And Tax Refunds
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---Deepest Desires Discovered--- --- --- ----- --- --- ----- --- --- ----- --- --- ----- --- --- ----- --- --- ----- --- --- Author's Note: Although this story starts out fast, I'm warning you, it does get kinda slow in the middle. If you're too horny right now to wait, go ahead and skip ahead to the sensual parts, but if you'll take an extra five minutes and read it all they way through, I think you'll enjoy it a lot more.

Thanx for reading and, of course, I always ask that you would let me know what you thought when you're all done. Thanx! --- --- ----- --- --- ----- --- --- ----- --- --- ----- --- --- ----- --- --- ----- --- --- "Kyle, No!" Maria shouted.

"I'm not going to!" "Come on," Kyle pleaded. "Be a good girlfriend. Emily would've…" "Well, I'm not Emily and I'm not letting anyone on your team feel or see my boobs!" "Why not!? Look I promised the guys that if we won, they'd get to feel you up.

I'm the team captain, Maria! I can't just-" "I said 'No!'" "Shut-up!" Kyle shouted, slapping her across the face. "Now stop being such a bitch or we're through. You know I can find another girlfriend anywhere.

Now just pull your shirt up for a few minutes, let 'em pass through and play with your nipples and you'll be done. Will you do it or not?" Maria's eyes filled with tears, but she slowly nodded and pulled her halter-top up so that her well-rounded boobs would show.

"That's a good girl," Kyle said soothingly. Then shouted, "Alright guys. Come get her!" The door flew open and about twelve guys poured into the room and made their way around the bed she was sitting on.

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Maria felt so disgraced and refused to look any of them in the eyes as they shouted for her to take her bra off. Obediently, she reached back and undid the clasp, letting her boobs fall out and a second later she felt their hands start to grab and squeeze them. One guy wouldn't stop pinching her nipples and another slid his hand down her pants, while she just tried her best to hold back the tears that were building inside her.

"Dude, she's nice!" The guy feeling her crotch said to Kyle. "What's it like to screw her?" "It's not bad." Kyle said, clearly more interested in what his hockey buddies thought of him than how his girlfriend felt. Maria's heart plummeted. She hated thinking about how she'd given away her virginity to him.

And then let him do her three more times. Now she was even letting his friends have their way with her. She felt someone pulling at the top of her pants and a second later she was sitting in only her thong, clinging to it for dear life and ignoring all the hands that were still feeling her boobs.

She was so focused on holding her underwear on, that she never noticed the hard dick that was in her face a second later, poking at her closed lips. "Suck it for him, Maria," It was Kyle's voice. Knowing that her boyfriend was telling her to cheat on him broke her heart. She gave him everything and he only saw a hot ass in her.

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She should've known that that's all a senior would want. She refused to open her lips to the cock that wouldn't quit jabbing at her and a second later she felt the hot cum erupt from the end of it and splatter all over her face. Seeing that must've given the other guys more courage, because after a few minutes all their cocks were cumming on her, leaving it running off her face and down her lips and off her boobs. She'd never felt so used in her life… ---The Next Day--- Maria sat at her desk, staring at a magazine, feeling miserable.

The entire class was supposed to be working on a project due in two days, but no one was. They were all talking happily to one another, without a care in the world. Maria wished she could be like them. "Whatcha' up to?" Ashley asked from behind her, making her jump. "Oh, you scared me," Maria said, putting a hand over her heart. "Nothing just looking at a magazine. What's up with you?" "Not much," Ashley said. "Just bored and thought I'd come talk to you.

What are you looking at?" "Oh," Maria said. She thought it was weird that Ashley would come over just to talk to her. They were on the same cheerleading team and everything, but had never really talked much before. "Just this picture." It was some movie star with her cartilage pierced.

"I think I wanna get my ear pierced like that." "Cool!" Ashley said happily. "Hey, I could do it for you. I have an ear-piercing kit. I used to work at 'Claire's." "Alright," Maria said, feeling glad to talk to someone. "Do you think we'll have time after practice?" "Yea, I'm sure we will." --- --- ----- --- --- Ashley walked out of class feeling both excited and dirty.

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She couldn't believe what she was doing; lusting after a girl! But she couldn't help it. Maria was the most gorgeous girl she had ever known. Her perfectly round butt and shapely, curved body flowed up to an innocent, cute face and curly brown hair with highlights would make any girl jealous. Ashley had fantasized about seeing Maria naked so many times before and had imagined what it would be like to see her boobs, but had never been so close as she just was.

From the desk behind her, she'd had a perfect view down Maria's shirt. Her nice, smooth boobs in a lacy white bra had almost made her drool.

She couldn't believe she might get to shower with her all alone that afternoon. If she could just drag out piercing her ear until the rest of the team was gone, Ashley could try and convince her to take a quick shower and feast her eyes on her sexy, naked body all she wanted! Oh, she was so horny! --- --- ----- --- --- Ashley followed Maria into one of the bathroom stalls in the locker room and sat down on the toilet.

"So you're sure this won't hurt too bad?" "Well, it might sting a little, but it only really hurts if you lay on it when you sleep," Ashley said, walking over to her with an ear-piercing gun that she always kept in her locker. "Here just hold my hand." She wetted and wiped off her ear for way longer than she needed to, hoping that the other girls would hurry up and leave, then put the gun to her ear and squeezed her hand tight as she fired the earring through the top of her ear.

She watched Maria wince and had an incredible urge to bend down and kiss her but knew better and just enjoyed holding her hand and gazing down her shirt. Those boobs were so incredible! Click. "What was that!?" Maria asked forgetting about her ear and jumping out of the stall. The locker room was empty. Completely empty. Maria ran to the door and tried to open it. "It's locked!" She shouted pounding on it and screaming for help. Ashley ran to the other door.

"So is this one!" She said. "What's going on? Coach never leaves this early!" "I know!" Ashley cried, trying to sound upset. "What are we gonna do!?" "Well, I'm sure the janitors will come soon, right?" Maria said, smiling. "We'll be fine." "Yea," Ashley agreed, secretly hoping she was wrong. There was nothing she would rather have than an entire night, trapped in a locker room with Maria. She sighed and then said, "So what do you wanna do while we wait?" "I don't care." Maria said.

Then, as if she could read Ashley's mind, "You up for a shower?" "O yea!" Ashley said a little too excitedly. "I mean, it was a long practice and I'm really sweaty so a shower sounds great." "Alright, let's go!" Maria said and walked into the shower room, pulling off her sweater as she went.

Ashley took in everything she could, as Maria pulled down her skirt and panties, revealing her perfectly round butt-cheeks and, as she turned around, her luscious little pussy, nice and smoothly shaven.

Ashley rubbed her legs together as she watched Maria's bra fall to the ground and her boobs, with the cutest, tiniest pink nipples ever, fall out. She was amazed how they were so firm that they barely hung down at all. They were just wonderfully round and curved. "What are you staring at?" She laughed.

"Wha'!" Ashley said, totally shocked. "Oh, I just can't believe how firm and supported your boobs are. Not like mine." She put both hands to her own boobs and bounced them up and down. Then she pulled her practice uniform off and ran to get under the water. "Oh, yours are fine!" Maria laughed. "You at least have visible nipples!" She poked her own and covered them entirely with just her two pointer fingers, making Ashley's crotch tingle and she had to fight to keep her knees from buckling.

She absorbed every second she could of Maria showering, without looking like she was staring and then lathered up and rinsed herself off, rubbing her own crotch much longer than she needed to to get it clean. She finally stopped; figuring that if she kept on Maria might notice she was trying to give herself an orgasm. She turned off the shower and wrapped a towel around herself and went to sit against the wall next to Maria, who was wearing nothing but her underwear.

"So, how's your ear?" She asked. "Oh, I don't even notice it anymore." "It looks really cute on ya!" "Thanks," Maria said, but Ashley thought it seemed something was bothering her. "What's wrong?" She asked. "Oh, nothing," Maria said quickly, clearly faking a smile. "Are you sure?" Ashley asked. "Because we've got lots of time.

I'll listen if you want to talk." "Well," Maria said slowly. "I just…do you promise not to tell anyone, if I tell you something?" --- --- ----- --- --- "Of course," Ashley said, moving closer and putting her arm around Maria, who was terribly afraid to tell her what she was feeling, but knew she had to tell someone.

"Well, you know Kyle Stockwell?" "Yea, tall senior? Hockey player? Good-looking?" "Yep," Maria said. "Did you know we've been dating?" "No, how long has it been?" "About a month." "So, what? Is it not going good?" Maria shook her head sadly and Ashley wrapped both her arms around her in a tight hug.

"I think I'm going to break up with him…" Maria cried. "He never really cared about me." "What makes you say that?" Ashley asked, with a genuine concern in her voice that made Maria smile.

"I'm sure he loves you. Who wouldn't? You're great!" "Thanx," Maria half-laughed, half whimpered. "But he doesn't think so. All he sees in me is a cute freshman who will do whatever he wants…" She paused and looked at Ashley. "And I've done everything that he wants…" "Come here," Ashley said and pulled her close to her chest. It made Maria feel good to cry on someone and she watched as her tears streamed down Ashley's chest and underneath the towel she had on.

How could she be pouring all this out to someone who was almost a stranger to her? "It's ok…" Ashley said over and over. "It's ok…" "I've just never felt so used." Maria finally said, wiping away her tears. "How far have you guys gone?" Ashley asked naively. "Farther than you probably even know someone can go," Maria whispered. "Last night he let his friends…he made me let them feel me all over.

I was disgusted with myself. I don't even remember why I started dating him. I think I just wanted to say I had gotten a senior guy for a boyfriend. I feel like a whore." "No, hey…come on," Ashley said. "What girl wouldn't do anything for a senior? Anyone would've done what you did and most girls would be too afraid to even break up with the jerk. You're brave." "Yea?" "Mm-hmm," Ashley smiled.


"Come here." Maria leaned in to give her a hug but was surprised to feel Ashley kiss her on the forehead. It made her feel like the weight she'd been carrying was just lifted off her shoulders.

"Thanx, I feel a lot better," she said. "Anytime." Ashley said, smiling down at her. For the longest time they just sat and stared at each other, then Maria finally sat back up.

"Are all guys such jerks?" she asked. "All of 'em I've met." Ashley said, laughing. "Sometimes I think we'd be a lot better off without 'em." "I know," Maria said, staring back at Ashley again. She'd never noticed before how cute she really was with her blonde hair that flipped out at the sides and soft, sensitive eyes. She was a wonderful friend, too. "I mean even right now. I can connect so much better with you than I ever could with a guy.

They just don't understand…like you do." "Thanks," Ashley said, now looking back into her eyes. "I know what you mean. I already feel so close to you… You're such an amazing person.

I can't believe anyone would ever treat you the way he did." Ashley paused, giving Maria time to realize how fast her heart was pounding. What was she feeling? Why was she so nervous? They moved closer and closer together until their noses almost touched, then Maria started talking again, just barely above a whisper, "Has any guy ever told you how beautiful you are?" Maria shook her head.

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"Well, I want you to know that even before I met you, I thought you were the most beautiful thing I'd ever…" She never got to finish.

Their lips met and they shared a sweet, quick peck. And then a longer one. Then Ashley wrapped her arms around Maria and slid her tongue into her mouth, running it along the top and drawing her long tongue out. Maria let herself fall back until her back was on the floor and Ashley was lying on top of her, still kissing her passionately.

It felt so perfect! Like they actually cared about each other and not just in a sexual way. Maria wrapped her legs up around Ashley's body and realized that her towel had fallen off, when her feet touched her bare butt. Knowing that another girl, one who she now thought was incredibly sexy and an amazing kisser, was lying naked on top of her caused a surge of mixed panic, excitment and fear to course through her body. She felt Ashley's boobs pressing against her own and got a sudden rush at the thought of what they were doing.

It was so wrong, yet it was so much more wonderful, having two soft, delicate bodies wrapped together in a bundle of desire. She just wanted to get closer and deeper into Ashley but didn't know how. She kissed her and kissed her and pulled her head closer to her own. Maria shoved her tongue way down her throat and let her lick her all over her neck and chest and then giggled when she felt Ashley begin sliding her body up and down on top of her. "Oh, I feel so wonderful," She said as Ashley began kissing her neck, rocking in rhythm with her movements.

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Maria could feel her pussy rubbing against her belly and felt a trail of the wetness that was leaking from her crotch. Ashley was still kissing and biting at her neck and Maria was sure she had a hickey but she didn't care. She'd never felt so good before.

Ashley was working her way down to her boobs and when she got to her bra, Maria cried, "Rip it off!" Ashley obeyed and pulled off her lacy bra, letting her boobs fall out and Maria felt her tongue begin licking back and forth across them, sending a sudden rush through her body. "Oh, Ashley, you are so wonderful…" --- --- ----- --- --- Ashley let her tongue go wild as she licked her way down Maria's soft little tummy. She couldn't believe this was happening!

She would've never dared hoped things would go this well. All she cared about now was making Maria feel perfect, like the princess she was. She didn't fight the tight hold Maria's legs had around her as she slid her tongue down towards her pussy and let her fingers tickle up and down her stomach.

She could tell from her moans and flexing leg muscles how great Maria's tiny body felt but wanted to ask anyway. "How are you feeling?" She said, licking the top of her pee-hole teasingly and pulling down her underwear a little. "Oh, Amazing…" Her voice said more than her words. She sounded far off and lost in the pleasure of the moment. Ashley moved her head down and got her first real whiff of Maria's cunt.

It smelled so strong and, even through her panties, it was clearly dripping wet.


Ashley pulled her underwear to the side, not wanting to make her put her legs down, and put her face to her wet pussy. It smelled so delicious and she started kissing it as deep and long and quickly as she could. She'd never done anything like this before, but had read about it plenty online and played with herself enough to know what basically felt good.

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She went up and down and side to side and pushed her tongue inside her so far that her lips even went up inside. Maria turned this way and that, obviously not sure what to do about how good she felt. Her legs kept holding Ashley so tight she had to fight to breathe, but she never stopped licking the tight little pussy she'd fantasized about for so long.

At last, she felt Maria's body start to shutter and her breathing began getting faster and faster and she gave her one final kiss, sucking on her clit for as long as she could, before letting go and allowing her to enjoy her first orgasm with another girl. --- --- ----- --- --- Maria let her legs fall to the floor and let her eyes fall shut.

She was so tired. Kyle had never made her feel like that before. He always wanted her to suck his dick and then leave him alone. She couldn't believe Ashley had done all that for her. She fell limp and started to fall asleep, until Ashley's fingers ran back up her side, over her nipples and up to her cheeks. Maria opened her eyes to see her sweet, smiling face looking down at her.


"I think I love you," Maria whispered and watched Ashley break into a huge smile. Seeing her face made Maria so happy that, as tired as she was, she slid her hand up along the inside of Ashley's thigh making her shiver and close her eyes.

Maria rubbed up until she got to Ashley's pussy opening, which was terribly wet, and she started to slide her finger in and out of it gently, as she stared at Ashley's medium-sized boobs, hanging down in her face. She moved her head down until it was underneath one of 'em and then let it fall into her mouth. She licked the nipple like Ashley had done to her before, but sucked on it a lot more, like it was a bottle. After she figured Ashley had had enough of her licking her nipples, she slid out from underneath her and let her stay on all fours, bent over so her pussy was wide open and her butt-hole showed.

She got down behind her and stuck her face close to her pussy. At first the smell of it was too much for her, but she was determined to make Ashley feel good and stuck her tongue to it.

It tasted a bit bitter and she fought not to pull back out as she tongued Ashley's open hole over and over, making her rock back and forth on her face. "Oh, Maria, you don't have to," Ashley said, but she was moaning in between every word and clearly in a state of paradise.

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Maria didn't even answer her, she just kept nippling and blowing across her clit. Every time she thought of how naughty and dangerous what they were doing was, she got a tingling feeling throughout her entire body. She kept her hands on Ashley's butt cheeks, rubbing and squesszing them, and when she could tell Ashley was almost ready for an orgasm, she pulled out and licked across her butt-hole on the way up, which surprisingly made Ashley let out a pleasure-filled moan so she did it several more times, nearly bringing her to another orgasm before stopping.

Wanting to be fun and playful, she got up on behind her and slid her crotch over Ashley's butt and leaned forward to grab and fondle her boobs. "Do you like this?" She whispered in her ear. "I love it, Sexy," Ashley said, fighting to keep her eyes open. She rocked in rhythm with Maria for a minute, then said, quietly, "Maria?

You don't have to.but I'd love to feel your hand between my legs again." Maria smiled and, though she kept sliding her pussy back and forth across Ashley's back and butt, she reached back with one hand behind her, to start massaging her pussy, and with the other, she leaned up front and began rubbing her left boob in little circles.

Ashley's body started writhing around underneath her and Maria slid over her, working herself back up again. She soon had herself so impassioned that she couldn't take it anymore and rolled Ashley back over to take her all in. She kept doing everything she was but started kissing her madly as well and in an instant, Ashley collapsed in multiple orgasms.

While she was lying on the ground, Maria licked her from head to toe and then laid back down on top of her, wrapping her naked body around hers. "What are you doing tomorrow night?" She whispered, licking Ashley's ear. "Hopefully, getting locked in somewhere with you overnight again…" "How about we forget being locked in and just go rent a cheap hotel?" Ashley smiled.

"That works, too," she said. Maria bent down and gave her a long, hot kiss. Their tongues were still wrapped around each other, when they heard the door lock slide open. They jumped off each other and Ashley wrapped herself back up in a towel. "What are you two doing here?" The shocked voice of their cheerleading coach, Ms. Young, asked.

"We…uhh…got locked in. We were piercing my ear in the bathroom and just got done with our showers," Maria said. "Yea," Ashley added. "Alright," Ms. Young said, smiling suspiciously and sniffing at the air. Could she smell what they'd been doing?

Maria started to panic, but Ms. Young said right away, "Well, get dressed!

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Let's get going!" They pulled their clothes, ripped bra and all, back on as fast as they could, neither of them looking their coach in the face. "You know you're darn lucky I had to come back for my videotapes or you two would've been here all night," she said.

"Yea good thing," Maria said, secretly wishing she'd never found them. She glanced down at the videotape in her coach's hand and blinked hard. It couldn't be! She swore the cover had had three naked girls on the front, with their hands all over each other.

She thought maybe she might've seen it wrong, but then as they were leaving, Ms. Young looked at each of them and slapped Ashley's butt, saying "Next time let me in on the fun, ok girls?" Maria and Ashley stopped and looked at each other, unable to do anything but shake their heads, and think eagerly about the next time they'd get to all be together… ---The End--- ~Tell Me What You Think~