Busty babe is enjoying playing with a huge dick

Busty babe is enjoying playing with a huge dick
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My partner, Steve, and I recently had a few days away on a golfing break. The morning of the first full day was absolutely glorious - warm and sunny, with hardly a breath of wind. We had spent most of the previous evening making love and had eventually fallen asleep exhausted by it. Yet, when we awoke early, with the sunshine streaming in through the window, and with the taste and smell of the previous night's love-making still on our bodies, we had to continue where we had left off and had another passionate hour before a quick shower, breakfast, and out onto the course.


The wonderful sex had not served to satisfy me, however, only to stimulate my desire for more. Sometimes I seem able to reach a higher plane where my whole body becomes an erogenous zone.

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With the proper attention I can stay like this for hours, and, on that morning, I was determined I was going to receive all the attention I needed. On the first hole I hit my shot behind a small copse of trees. Walking through the copse I came out onto a beautifully secluded and sunny grassy bank. I shouted over to Steve to come over to help me look for my ball.

When he came through the copse however, he could see that I had already found it, but I think he guessed that he would still be needed.

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I was lying on the bank next to the ball wearing as demure a smile as I could muster, considering my panties were on the grass next to me, my skirt was pulled up over my hips, my knees were bent and my legs were spread invitingly apart. He smiled, knelt down, and began to gently lick and suck my clit.

He knows that when I am in this state, the most gentle of stimulation will produce incredibly powerful orgasms, and it wasn't long before my hands were tearing at the grass as I felt the intense waves of pleasure washing over my entire body.

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When I got up I put my panties into one of the pockets of my golf bag - I had a feeling they wouldn't be needed much for the rest of the round. At the next tee there was a bench where I could sit. While Steve prepared to hit his drive I gently fingered myself to another glorious climax. He laughed as he asked, "Are you going to give 'getting a stroke a hole' a whole new meaning today?" "What a good idea," I replied mischievously, "that is exactly what I am going to do." So that became my mission for the morning round; somehow I was going to orgasm on every hole of the golf course!

I set out to pursue my mission with a steely determination. Hitting a ball into the woods no longer became a disaster; rather an opportunity for Steve to fuck me from behind as I leant against a tree. Crouching down to line up a putt gave me the opportunity, even in a crowded part of the course, to finger myself to another crescendo.

The rough became a bed where Steve could again use his tongue on me. A secluded tee box gave me the opportunity to return the compliment and take Steve's still willing cock into my mouth and suck him dry, before he used the ribbed grip of his driver along the crack of my pussy to bring me to another shattering climax.

As the end of the round approached, I had had a simply wonderful morning, managing to accomplish my mission with precision and daring.


Even my golf had been better than usual; but what happened on the final hole surprised even me. The tee box for the 18th was in a secluded corner surrounded by trees.

Some of them were silver birches - always one of my favourite trees.

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One in particular had had to grow at an angle of about 45 degrees to the ground for the first 5 or 6 feet to find its way to the light. Its trunk was about a foot in diameter and it was covered in very smooth silver bark.

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In my state of heightened sexual arousal there was only one use I could make of this beautiful tree. As Steve looked on in amazement I hitched up my skirt and threw my leg over the trunk.

I was now standing astride it with my naked pussy pressed firmly up against the bark.


I began to slowly rub my pussy up and down the trunk. At once I began to feel the pleasure build and I moaned eagerly as I realised this was going to be something special. The way the bark interacted with my already exquisitely sensitive clit soon engulfed me in wave after wave of bliss.

Gasping breathlessly, I had to lean forward and throw my arms tightly around the trunk as I rode it and rode it, until, at last, I could take no more ecstasy and collapsed, exhausted onto the floor.

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I think I suddenly understood what I had been missing by not taking an interest in horse riding! As Steve helped me to my feet he kissed me gently and whispered, "Babe, that was the sexiest thing I have ever seen in my life." "Thanks," I replied mock casually, "are we playing again this afternoon…………………&hellip."