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Lelu Lieben Leder Lust
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She had sucked off a total of fifteen men that night, and it wasn't over yet. Not by a long shot, she thought to herself as she peered into the dark corners of the discotheque. Far from it.

She was just beginning to hit her stride, she told herself, returning the predatory glance of another man, eager to push her back into a dark corner of the room and feel her moistness. There wasn't any stopping her now. The night was young by her standards - only about two - and it was Friday night, after all. The best ones don't even come out looking until midnight.

And when they came, she would be there. Lapping it up. Just the thought of their sticky goo made her quiver with delight. The disco was famous - it was so exclusive even many celebrities couldn't get in, but she never had a problem.

Everyone who worked there knew her and her obsession and no one stood in her way. Certainly not the club's owner. She was all too happy to oblige him too because this was where the hunting was best. Bad girl, bad girl. Donna Summer was telling her. Uh huh, she thought. Bad girl, all right. That's what I am. All told, since eleven p.m. - a scant two hours - she had gratified fifteen men inside the club in the same way. She had sucked them off, either in a corner of the room, or in their booths, crawling under their tables after exchanging a furtive glance, then unzipping their flys and taking their members in her insatiable, hot hungry mouth; two of them she had done together, in the dark room down a hallway, next to the storage room.

A friend who worked at the club showed it to her once, telling her it was unused and usually left unlocked, but she really preferred not to use it. It was only when they became worried about being seen that she took them there, finding it all a bother really; the real thrill for her was to take a man nearly in plain sight of the others in the club, nudging them back against the wall into the darkest recesses of the disco, reaching down to rub their hardness with her hand while excitedly thrusting her tongue into their eager mouths.

Yes, the room wasn't really what she wanted. She liked the thrill of being seen, and no one cared. In fact, it was great for her to be seen - guys would see a stacked blonde woman with her tits showing, jerking some strangers' dork off into her mouth in the dimly lit room, and who could resist? She'd happily do them too. Some nights there were so many she lost count, and that made her angry, because knowing how many was one of the best parts.

The most she could remember sucking in one night was one hundred and nine, but technically that wasn't in one night - that was between ten p.m. Friday night and about five a.m. Sunday, and she had simply stayed in the club almost the entire weekend, going from cock to cock to cock, room to room, into the private parts of the club with her special pass, sucking as many dicks as she could.

She wouldn't let anyone touch her pussy or fuck her that night. She had set out to see how much cum she could ingest in one night and that was it. Some wanted to eat her too, but she put them off with a laugh, saying that the sign outside didn't Studio SIXTY-NINE.

That was usually enough, and most men were willing to stand there and go along with her anyway. She sometimes played a game in her head. If a man can cum a quarter ounce, she thought, and I can do between thirty and forty on an average night, and that was ten ounces of cum each night, three times a week. She estimated that in the last half of 1978, she'd ingested over seven hundred and fifty ounces of the precious goo, and now it was three months into 1979.

She saw a man staring at her ample breasts, separating the cleavage with his eyes as he gently rubbed himself, tracing the outline of his penis against his trousers.

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He was ready and knew what she wanted. This guy looks like he's hung like a horseshe thought, pausing in the hallway, returning his glance and bringing her hand up to trace her neckline just above her breasts; but that's no guarantee he'll shoot like a spigot, she said to herself, allowing her eye to fall to the cut of his pants, watching as the faint outline of a cock became better defined.

I don't care, it's all cum to meshe finally decided, smiling at the face, clean shaven and well scrubbed, as he came closer.

"Hi," he said, simply. Hi, she thought. Hi hi hi. "What's your name?" Staring, she remained silent. A flicker of a smile crossed her face, more sweet than sultry, as she stood there looking him over.

Her head turned side to side as her eyes fixed his with a sultry glance. "You tell me." She said it without malice, an invitation to shape her as need be to suit his whims. She liked him so far.

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"Well, I'm a friend of Jackie's at the bar and when I asked her who you were, she said why don't I go find out myself. Said you'd have no problem with it. Am I right?" Right, she thought, as she reached out and got a piece of lint from the lapel of his Armani suit.

Nice dresser. Classy clothes, probably spends a fortune just on underwear. Smells nice, too. Fuck it. I'm doing him. "Are you cut," she asked. "Not that it matters to me." "Uh, yeah," he replied, taken aback by her directness. "I guess I am." He could see that she was on fire now, her eyes smoldering. She reached out and took his hand and lead him back down the hall, past a restroom with people milling around, waiting for a stall to snort in.

Left at the secondary bar and it's smaller dance floor, and to the back of the darkened room. In the corner, where only a few stood unnoticed by the crowd, she backed him against the wall and slipped her delicate hand into his fly, feeling him harden in her hand.

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He slipped his belt open and let her all the way into his pants. She could feel the leather and steel of his cock strap through his bikini briefs. She was pleasantly surprised to find him clean shaven down there, his balls stripped of hair and oiled, the whole package neatly wrapped in leather and steel rings, which only accentuated the size of his cock.

She took out a vial and held it to her nose, inhaling, then held it up towards him. He recognized the poppers and thought it unusual for a woman. He took the vial and sniffed deeply. The cock itself was beautiful; very large and thick, not grotesque in any way; it was eight inches at least and the circumference could have been easily seven inches. It's head was perfectly formed, and was slightly larger than was proportionate, even for such a huge dick; it had a slightly flat appearance across the top when viewed straight on, as she was looking at it now.

The slit at the end was already oozing a drop of cum; clearly, her man was ready for her. She licked it with the very tip of her tongue, and, looking up at him, smiled that sweetly seductive smile of hers.

As she licked downward along the shaft, she sighed and inhaled the deep, musky odor of his genitals. She could smell soap, and baby oil on his balls.

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She loved nothing better than a thick, clean cock in her face. She licked gently down along the shaft to his balls, then flattening her tongue, licked them, as his cock suddenly twitched and grew more fully erect.

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He moaned as his knees weakened momentarily. She took her cue and thrust his entire cock into her mouth, nearly gagging on the length of it. She sighed deeply as the member reached it fullest size, and trembled in anticipation as she felt it entering the top of her throat.

Her heart was pounding from the poppers. Get down, get down. Kool and the Gang advised. She sank down a little further onto the floor, and bending him slightly toward her, pressed her throat over the thick throbbing cock.


God, I love it!she thought.


I have to have it. I need cum! She reached up and felt the balls bound in their leather strap, with its shiny chrome ring attached. She looped a finger through the ring and jerked straight down suddenly.

He gasped as his balls were drawn taught, stretching the already impossibly tight package to the edge of pain. "God, yes!," he moaned. A couple were watching in a booth ten or twenty feet away, and he was aware of them, but beyond caring. He saw the man reaching under the table towards his own cock. His cock continued to engorge with blood and the strap confined his pulsing genitals.

In the dim light she was aware of the changing appearance of his dick; it was getting thicker and dark, the veins now pronounced, and the balls were hanging lower, filling with a thick load of gooey cum for her hungry mouth.

She yanked on his ring again, this time pulling the sac as far as she could. He felt as if the entire thing would come off, and a shot of pain mingled with pleasure shot through his loins as he sagged again under her assault.

She moved her head up and down, taking him into her throat with each stroke, thrusting more and more furiously at him. She could taste the first drippings of his cum and almost came herself. She stopped momentarily, stuck her finger in her mouth, removed it and resumed, reaching behind him to feel his asshole in the half darkness.

As she continued sucking him, she placed her finger on the opening of his anus and applied just enough pressure to push in a bit. He shook as she sucked him faster and faster, moaning, and pushed her finger up into him. She moved it around inside in a circular fashion, loosening him up, stretching him, then pulling out and working two fingers inward.

He trembled again as she pushed further and further into him, finally reaching the prostate, and began to gently rub it. He was beyond stopping. He thrust his loins at her face, pushing into her greedy mouth, both of them moaning in ecstasy, as the few people around them looked on. "Yes! Suck my cock, baby!

Take it! I'm gonna give you my cum, baby!" She pushed her mouth as far down as she could, impaling herself on his thick cock, simultaneously pushing both fingers hard against his prostate, and pulling his cock strap with her free hand.

As he began his climax, she was in a state of abandon, her wet pussy twitching and throbbing inside as she reached a climax of her own. He gasped as he shot the first spurt into her. She could taste the sweet mix of sugar and chlorine that she craved so much, and swallowed the first gulp, then pulled him out of her mouth and jerked his cock off with the thick, sticky slick of semen and saliva from her mouth.

She groaned and came again as she saw the thick white liquid come gushing outsome of it shooting the inch to her face and hitting her on the mouth, running down her face and back onto his cock, where it mixed with the cum now dribbling out of him and running down the side of his cock. She made a little cup out of her hand and prevented it from falling on the floor, pulling on his shaft and milking his balls for every drop. She gathered the semen in the palm of her hand, wiping every trace of it from his cock and balls with her fingers, taking it from her face, collecting it all in a puddle.

When she examined it, it completely covered the palm of her hand, and sat thick enough to fill the hollow of her hand. She could barely contain it all in her hand. This was a thick, thick load indeed, and her best guess by looking was that the handsome stranger had yielded nearly a half ounce of cum. She reached into her bag and took out the shot glass she had pocketed at the bar earlier, and scooped his jism into the glass.

It was even better than she thought - It filled the glass three-quarters of the way. She sighed and licked her lips, the knowledge of exactly how exceptional this load was adding to her enjoyment of this moment.

She took the glass and held it above her open mouth, groaning and cumming again as the thick semen fell onto her mouth, a little dripping off the corners.

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She loved the taste of cum, it's thick viscousness filling her mouth and she sighed again as she felt the texture of it with her tongue.

She felt the first of it going down her throat and climaxed again, as she held it at the back of her throat for a moment, tasting the sweet and sour combination she loved so much. If I could, I'd swim in this stuff, she thought. She finished her climax to the lovely thought of her body suspended in a vast tank of cum, buoyed by the thick white liquid, laying on her back, her hair dripping wet with it, dipping her head back and catching a mouthful of cum, more cum than she could ever swallow.

The man was gone. She was still there, with the cum on her face, thinking about how it would feel to have a stomach literally filled with this white gold. She considered how many men it would take. A roomful? More. Scores. Every man in this disco, she thought, every man here tonight, and tomorrow, and for the next month.

She licked her fingers and returned the look the man in the silk shirt gave her. Burn, baby burn. disco inferno, the music screamed.