Hermosa joven se deja grabar cuando tiene sexo

Hermosa joven se deja grabar cuando tiene sexo
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Fbailey story number 727 Whip 'em Out I was thirteen when I first noticed that my father was a domineering man. He intimidated me but he had absolute control over my mother. She never failed to obey his every order. It started out simple, well at least after I noticed, that is. He would tell her what to wear, what to fix for dinner, and what to purchase. She would get him his beer, snacks, and even turn on the light for him. After I had become a teenager I also noticed that he told her what to wear at night before I was sent to bed.

Each night it was something sexier, more revealing, and more transparent. God, Mom was beautiful. Then we went over to the house of one of Dad's friends.

I had never been invited to go with them before. Bill had a pretty wife and a teenage daughter my age. She was adorable and she was dressed very sexy…just like most of the girls in my school. I sat through dinner with the three women waiting on us men.

Yvonne was assigned to me and the men had the other's wife waiting on them. It felt very strange. Mom waited on us at home but this was entirely different. Yvonne filled my glass after every drink, she handed me the bowls of food, and she got the salt, pepper, and catsup for me. She almost wiped my face with a napkin but I took it from her.

When it came time for desert the three girls cleared the table off. Then they brought in a bowl of fresh made whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and maraschino cherries. Bill said, "Whip 'em out!" My mouth dropped open as I watched Yvonne, her mother, and my mother removed their blouses and their bras. Yvonne looked great topless.

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The three of them lay on their backs across the table. Dad got Bill's wife, Bill got Dad's wife, and I got Yvonne. The whipped cream was passed around and Yvonne creamed her own breasts. So did Mom and Yvonne's mother. Their hands were covered in cream, so Yvonne asked me to put as much chocolate syrup on her breasts as I wanted. I watched Dad squeeze a lot on Bill's wife…clear down to her belly button.

When I got the bottle I squeezed it all over. I started by running circles around her breasts, down to her belly button, and then up her neck and down her arms. I loved the way she giggled. I passed the bottle of syrup to her father and picked up the jar of cherries that Dad had passed me.

I placed one cherry above where her nipples should be and another one on her belly button. Then as an after thought I placed a cherry on her lips and then I kissed her pushing the cherry into her mouth with my tongue. The other two women were lying sideways in front of the men while Yvonne's head was toward me. I had clearly gotten the impression that we men were in charge and that I could do anything that I wanted to do to Yvonne.

Basically because I could see that the men each had a hand up under the women's skirts and I was pretty sure that they were finger fucking them. I stood up and pulled Yvonne toward me enough to let her head overhang the table. I unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out.

Then I leaned over Yvonne and started to lick her belly button.

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She knew what I wanted and I could feel her lips taking my cock into her mouth. I felt her hands on my butt pulling me closer. Then I heard her slurping but fortunately the men were making too much noise to hear her. I did notice her mother looking at us and smiling. My mother had not noticed. In fact her eyes were entirely white, her eyes had rolled up into her head, and she was moaning. I figured that my mother was cumming from Bill's manipulation of her pussy.

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I had cleaned Yvonne's belly button but I didn't want to pull my cock out of her mouth to lick her breasts. So I pulled her skirt toward me, exposing her sexy panties. I pulled the crotch to the side as I leaned in to kiss her pussy lips.

I felt my cock go deeper into Yvonne's mouth and I could feel her humming.


It felt great! I kissed her pussy and I noticed how nice it smelled, so I ran my tongue into her slit. She groaned around the cock in her mouth.

Soon Yvonne was lifting her ass up off the table and pressing it tighter to my lips. My cock had slipped deeper into her mouth, her throat muscles were milking me dry, and I was cumming full force into her. After I had cum, she curled her torso up and her legs wrapped around my head pulling me tighter into her pussy.

That was when she came and her fluids tasted great. I couldn't get enough. I sat back down in my chair and started sucking the whipped cream off her breasts.

Her mother said, "You really enjoyed that, didn't you Yvonne." Yvonne replied, "I sure did Mom. I've never known pleasure like that before. Thank you for including me in your fun, Dad." Her father said, "Just do what I tell you to and things will be fine, screw up and I'll punish you good." I felt her shiver under me and she got real quiet.

As for her mother, my father said, "I didn't tell you to speak, bitch." He ripped her panties as he removed them, he pushed her skirt down and off, then Dad flipped her onto her belly as if she were a feather.

What followed made me sick. Only Yvonne sucking on my cock brought me back to her.

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My father spanked Yvonne's mother viscously. I had never seen him so cruel. She cried and she screamed for a long time before she went silent. Her ass cheeks had handprints on them long before they became too red to see anything.

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When she could no longer react to him spanking her ass, his hands moved down to the back of her legs. Once again she started to scream and cry. Yvonne's teeth scrapped my cock and that caused me to cry out and jump back. Immediately Yvonne begged, "I'm sorry.

I didn't mean it. I swear I didn't do it on purpose." Her father said, "Spin her around and fuck her. Cum in her cunt." Yvonne was silent as I spun her around on the table. Her knees were up and she was holding onto them.

I moved in and slipped my cock into her very wet pussy.

It felt great and I enjoyed poking around inside her for a few minutes before I came deep inside her. Her father said, "Yvonne, what do you want to say to him." Yvonne opened her eyes and looked into mine as she said, "Thank you for taking my virginity and making me a women. I now belong to you.

My body is yours. You may fuck me, punish me, or let other men use my body.


I only live to serve you." There was a pause and I heard her father clear his throat. Then Yvonne said, "Oh yes, I am not on any birth control and you might have gotten me pregnant." I looked over at her father and my mother.

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His fingers were buried deep in her pussy. Mom smiled and he said, "Now that Yvonne belongs to you, you can take her home to your bed or sleep in her bed any time that you want too." I looked over at my father. His cock was shoved into Yvonne's mother's ass. He was butt fucking her to further add to her punishment. She did not speak or smile at me. Dad said, "After you knock her up maybe you will let her father and me fuck her sweet little cunt." Her father laughed and said, "I want her ass.

I just want to remind her what a pain in the ass she has been lately." I looked down into Yvonne's eyes. She reached out and pulled my cock back into her pussy. She smiled up at me. I fucked into her longer that second time.

When I had cum she said, "Thank you. I liked it better that time. Would you like to sleep in my bed after we take a shower together?" My father said, "Go ahead. There isn't any school tomorrow. You can stay in bed all day and fuck her brains out." I helped Yvonne off the table, we said goodnight to our parents, and then she took me up the stairs.

Once we were safely inside her bedroom with the door locked Yvonne whispered, "Oh thank God you got me.

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I was afraid that my father was going to give me to your father. Your father is a cruel master. You saw the way he punished my mother for just talking out of turn." I said, "You seem to know more about this than I do." Yvonne whispered, "My mother has tried to train me to be a good submissive behind my father's back.

He has had us both…whip 'em out…for several men in the past couple of months. He only let them play with my tits and finger my pussy while I sucked their cocks but he let them fuck my mother." I asked, "You've sucked other cocks?" Yvonne blushed and said, "Yes.

That's why I'm so good at it." I asked, "How many?" Yvonne blushed again and said, "twenty-seven but you were the first one Daddy let fuck my cunt. Then he gave me to you. Now I'm yours forever." I question her last statement, "Forever." Yvonne said, "I just turned thirteen yesterday, today I belong to you.

I cannot date other boys or get married without your permission. You can keep me all to yourself, let our fathers fuck me, or let every boy in school fuck me. You can let women fuck me too if you wish." I asked, "What about getting you pregnant?" Yvonne replied, "That is my father's desire. He has never allowed me to use birth control and he is serious about you getting me pregnant." I hugged her to me and kissed her.

Then I said, "If you are mine then I can put you on birth control. I'd hate to spoil your wonderful body. That is until I get tied of looking at it." Yvonne smiled and removed her skirt and panties. Then we walked down the hallway to the bathroom.

We were just coming out of the shower when my mother came in to pee. She just sat on the toilet and peed as I dried Yvonne off with a big fluffy towel. Yvonne asked my mother, "Is something wrong." Mom looked at her, she looked at me, and then she looked at the closed door. Then Mom whispered, "Yvonne, I belong to your father now. My husband took your mother home with him." Then she started crying. Yvonne took me back into her bedroom and locked the door.

The End Whip 'em Out 727