Redhead gf gets anal in ocean view apartment

Redhead gf gets anal in ocean view apartment
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Die or live to do a porno As I have learned it is important to inform you that this story is very graphic and some of the scenes depicted are offensive.

It contains such things as rape, incest and water sports if you don't like such pornography then I suggest you don't read this story. As always comments and advice are all welcome I have tried to work on some of the things that were suggested recently. Money was so very tight in my Mom's house and it doesn't help when she is a crack head and your sister a prostitute.

Dad ran out on us when I was ten ever since then I have sworn to be better then my family. BANG! BANG!

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BANG! THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! Great Michelle is working again and I'm trying to study for my final exams yet she decides to bring them back to our place and fuck them against the same wall that is against my desk. "Yes, fuck me harder, god your cock is huge." Her pathetic encouragements don't seem to help much.

Her client fucks her for the next 20 minutes and my iPod just isn't loud enough. After a while I hear the front door open and swing shut, looking out the window I can see a 30 year old man getting into an old sedan and drive off.

He wasn't too bad looking compared to the normal filth she brings home. Knock, Knock my sister knocks on my door "Hey Ashley guess who's gonna be in a movie?" I swing my chair around to see my slutty sister standing in my door way in nothing but her skin.

She walks in and sits down on my bed as casually as if she was wearing something. Her soft smooth skin has a golden glow to it from hours of practised sun bathing and her perky breasts point straight outward without any support.

I move my sights from her body and look her in the eye.

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Her normally blonde straight hair is bunched up and in a mess after her most recent session. Even though she is three years older then me we are the spitting image of the other. "Let me guess you." Was my eventual and sceptical reply.

"Yep and guess what it pays $5000." Her smug grin now covering her face. My less then enthusiastic response "What's the part?" "All I need to do is fuck some guy, hey you should come too I bet we could get even more money if we pretend to be twins." "What in a porno, I don't think so, you should have more respect for yourself, maybe try and get a real job." "What is your problem little goodie two shoes, you are never happy with anything I do." "Why should I be you're a whore and nothing more, now get out I need to study." "Fine what ever but don't say I never do anything for you." After her final words Michelle gets up and leaves.

I look down at where she was sitting and see a large wet spot on my bed covers, the slut is walking around with cum dripping out of her pussy she better not get pregnant again, the last thing I want is her going down and getting another abortion using my name.


I change the sheets and then check the time, already 10:30 better get to bed early for my exam tomorrow.

During the middle of the night there is a BANG, BANG, BANG! on the front door "Coming, just give me a sec." I could hear my sister in her room rustling around. As she walked past my door she stopped and opened it.

"Hey are you sure you don't want to be in the movie, it could be a lot of fun?" "PISS OFF I have an exam tomorrow." "Fine, fine see you later." She closed the door and went to go leave but I could still hear voices. A mans voice made its way through the walls "Who was that?" "Just my sister Ashley I was telling you about." "Well is she coming." "No she's too much of a fridget." "I think I can change her mind." The sound of foot steps approaching alerted me to danger and I sprinted for the lock on the door.

I turn the latch just as the handle begins to wobble. "Open up Ashley I just want to talk to you, I can make you a lot of money." Cool, calm and collected I decline his offer "No thanks, I have an exam tomorrow maybe next time." THUMP!

The door shakes, THUMP! Dust sprays from the hinges THUMP! The door flings open braking the lock and bolt on the door. "AGGGHHHH!" The man storms in holding a gun to my face "Come with me slut and nobody gets hurt." I go to make my way to jump out the window but he cocks the gun and I flinch. "Come on it won't be that bad all you need to do is come with me and you get to live." I shuffle towards the door with my chin on my chest looking at the floor.

I see Michelle at the door in the arms of another man a hand over her mouth and another holding her close to his body. We make our way out to the front door where we are then blind folded and our hands tied. I hear a van's side door wheeled open and we are guided in.

The drive takes what I estimate to be 30 minutes and we are then moved into a building. On the way I could over hear a conversation between one of the men and a girl on the phone basically telling her she won't be needed tonight.

"You know if you just said yes we could have stuck to plan A and I think you would have liked that much more then what we have in store for you now." The blind folds are removed and once our eyes adjust to the light we see we are in a small warehouse and around the room are several different machines, not machines for packaging or manufacturing but for sexual exploitation.

I try and run for the door and yell for help but I am tripped and fall to the floor with my hands still bound.

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"Don't worry we'll be done in a few hours then you can go home and I keep my word you wont get hurt if you do what I say." The two men then pull on balaclavas to hide their faces from the camera and then proceed to rip off our clothes. A mattress is our first stop and we are tied together with rope so that our pussies are pressed into one another's face. My sisters pussy smells musky and is completely hairless compared to mine which is covered in curls of blonde pubic hair.

I am forced to lick my older sisters' pussy which has been used as a money maker by countless numbers of men. Her juices begin to dribble into my mouth and I hear one of the men order me to taste and swallow what ever comes out. As I work Michelle's clit a moan escapes my lips her unwanted attention on my own pussy is having an unexpected effect and I can feel my own horniness begin to build. I don't find the circumstances erotic but my own body betrays me.

I continue to lick my sisters' cunt until she comes and I lick up every drop that escapes her soft wet folds. Soon my own orgasm approaches and I grind my hips into my sisters face trying to climax desperately.

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"OH GOD, YES." Eventually I cum and once I come down from my high I feel so guilty that my own sister made come and worse that I enjoyed it. How will I ever live with myself knowing that me and my sister ate each other out? We wait to be untied and move onto the next humiliating act, I look up into the camera which is now pointed at my face.

The sound of air is followed by a cry of pain, I am next to feel the whip on my ass and a similar cry escapes my lips. "Eat her pussy you slut!" and then another tirade of whips hits our asses. My gaze is removed from the camera and I return it to my sisters pussy which is dripping with her cum.

I return my tongue to her soft folds and taste again her salty juices. This time I pay more attention to what she is doing to me then worrying about what I'm doing. Her velvet tongue runs up and down my labia working its way inwards.

She then slowly flicks my clit with the tip of her tongue causing me to shiver. She continues to flick my clit and then move back up and down between the sensitive spot between my clit and vagina. My own sister has me moaning and withering as she eats me out and I struggle to return the favour.

I can't hold on anymore and I come in my sister's face and yell into her pussy. I feel my eyes role into the back of my head and my eye lids flicker. Something isn't right and once I come down from my second orgasm I feel the sharp pain in my ass. The man has been beating my ass with the whip, I come back to reality and return my attention to Michelle's pussy. With each lick I feel my stomach turning, the guilt is making me want to throw up but I continue to pleasure my sister with the fear of being beaten or worse killed if I don't do what I'm told.

I try my hardest to make my sister come but it feels like she's struggling to hold it in. Finally she comes and my thoughts are almost confirmed as cum is squirted into my face in such a force like a dam has burst. I can't lick up or swallow all her juices and they cover my face and hair in a sticky mess. The ropes holding our bodies together are removed but our hands remained tied leaving me covered in my sisters' cum.

We are moved over to a wooden frame which has a simple design just a flat wooden platform about 5 yards by 1 yard with vertical posts in each corner. I am the first to be secured my left ankle is tied to the base of one of the poles and then my right leg stretched over to the other pole and tied down, instead of using rope they have used some kind of elastic cable in the middle.

My arms are then spread and each wrist tied to a post, something very small, cold and metallic is then pushed into my ass and left to rest inside me while something is stuck to each ass cheek. To finish my restriction a pole with a round object about the size of a tennis ball is placed underneath me and is left touching a large area of my pussy including my citreous. The position is very uncomfortable but I notice that the elastic cord gives me enough give to be able to lift myself off the ball which is otherwise pressed firm against me.

Michelle is bound 5 yards away and I know now what is shoved in my ass and attached to my cheeks they are electrodes attached to car battery and operated by remote. Our bodies are secure and the cameras repositioned. The men go and turn the car batteries on at the same time, immediately the ball vibrates at a wild pace forcing me to stand up.

Michelle stands up at the same time as me, immediately we both scream in pain as electricity passes through our rectums and ass cheeks. I fall back down onto the ball but the electricity still passes through my ass, I look up at Michelle but she is now standing still relaxed.

The vibrations on my clit are more uncomfortable then pleasurable so I pull myself up off it. The moment I pull myself up Michelle's face is distorted and she screams in pain. It is clear to both of us what is happening and we both lower ourselves onto the balls, immediately the pain is gone. Now our clits are subject to the vibrations of the ball on the pole, eventually we get accustomed to the simulation on the now hypersensitive nerve endings. Michelle is the first to cum and when she does her body goes rigid and she stands up causing a bolt to go through my body and stand up too, of course this only causes a bolt to go through Michelle as well.

I force my body back onto the ball but Michelle struggles after a climax the last thing you want to do is have your clit vibrated madly. It isn't long before I cum and we go through our routine of trying to lower ourselves back on the balls. As Michelle approaches her second orgasm on the frame one of the men approaches holding something in his hand. I can't see what he is doing as he is standing in my line of sight but Michelle screams in pain and obviously stands up forcing another bolt through my ass but I control the pain and stay on the ball.

I hear her scream again but thankfully she didn't stand up. The man turns around and walks towards me, he tweaks and plays with my nipples for a while making them stand hard at attention then producing what was in his hand he shows me a clamp that is tied to a piece of elastic cord. Securing the clamp to my nipple I tremble and wince in pain the moment he lets go I feel my left nipple in fact my entire left breast pulled forward, the process is repeated on my right nipple and then he walks away.

I look down at my tits being pinched and pulled forward, I follow the cord with my eyes the five yards to Michelle. Our tits are connected by the length of cord which is shorter in length then I wish it was. All of a sudden Michelle comes with her juices splashing then dripping on the floor what is left runs down her legs.

Soon I have another orgasm too but mine was so intense that I just had to get off the ball. As I stand up the cords on our tits stretches and the pain in Michelle's ass and tits forces her up too. Once Michelle is standing our nipples numb a little and we lower ourselves back down. This went on for a while and I lost count of the number of orgasms we had until finally one of the men disconnected the batteries and releases our nipples from the clamps. Finally the bonds on our wrists and ankles were removed and the first thing we did was hug each other.

It just felt nice to hold her after our torment only we would know how much pain we went through. I brake the embrace and am left with the guilt of remembering tasting my sisters cum earlier and how she ate me out too. Michelle was taken by one of the men to one corner and I was left with the other. The Man tied my calves to a toilet seat which was then placed on a frame, my forearms were then tied to my calves to immobilise me. As I sat there I realised I could have tried and run for it but then I reason that I was way to exhausted to get very far.

Eventually my thoughts turn to tomorrow's exam and how badly I'm going to do if this doesn't end soon, it is all Michelle's fault she just had to fuck a porn producer. The man says that in a moment I will be given a chance to go relieve myself and suggests I do so otherwise the next toy could be very painful. He explains that first I will need to urinate and then release my bowels.

I can hear noise behind me and assume they are move the cameras and prepare the next scene. Once the other man returns again they tell me I can pee now. I concentrate and once my nerves pass and I relax enough I manage to empty my bladder. A moment after they say I can take a shit now too.

I fart and then I a large shit escapes my bud. I am removed from the chair and then tied down to a large plank of wood a dentist gag is opened inside my mouth causing is to stay open.


The man who is binding me then tells me I will now have a chance to have a refreshing drink. The plank is then wheeled around the warehouse floor and then stops. OH GOD! I realise what is about to happen, I feel the gun pushed to my temple and then a voice "you can now pee." Hot warm pee splashes against my face and the plank is quickly moved, my sisters piss is now squirting in my mouth and the gun is pushed harder against one of my temples.

I swallow and then swallow some more, my stomach turns in disgust as I drink my sisters pee and it mixes with her cum that is already being digested. Soon the stream ends and then I panic they wont make me eat her shit will they? I thank god when I am wheeled out before they say you can now release your bowels but I make a mental note that they had the power to if they wished. Our bonds are cut once more and this time we are forced into a doggy position, with our heads then forced into a padded lock.

I can't move my head in any direction and am stuck looking straight ahead which begins to hurt my back. Our restraints are moved so that our heads are just inches from one another and we are forced only to look in the others eyes.

The cameras are moved again and to my disgust I see one of the men move behind Michelle, he is now completely naked and has a huge erection. I know what is about to happen but still I know it to be rape. Neither of the men are gentle with us, all they care about is getting their rocks off. "Please don't, no, stop, you can't, I can't." I cry as the man's cock forces its way into me breaking my hymen apart. The man stops mid thrust, "Holy shit, this chick was no slut like her sister, she is a virgin, I mean was a virgin." I look up at Michelle and I can see in her eyes her remorse at what she had forced upon her sister.

"You're kidding?" "No joke, get off that whore and get a shot of it." The man got off Michelle but was soon back fucking my sister. I cried the entire time, in my 18 years I never thought that this would be the way I lost my virginity.

Staring into my sisters eyes I could feel the man's cum shoot inside me and then his cock slide out. Shortly after the other man pulled himself off Michelle and we were left alone for a moment.

"I am so sorry, I can't believe what I've gotten us into." I didn't reply, what could I say to her, I sure as hell wasn't going to forgive her. Soon the men returned each carrying something which they placed behind us.

With a flick of a switch we began a new torture. Something slowly started to push its way into my pussy. Inch by inch it went further and further in until it hit another barrier.

Michelle's eyes bulged "MY CERVIX FUCKING HELL!" The fake cock slowly withdrew, the large amount of lube that was used allowed the phallus in and out easily but it didn't change the fact that it hurt like nothing yet and it stretched our vaginas in all kinds of ways.

Just as the machine started to pick up a bit of speed and tears were freely running down my cheeks another object started to push its way in but this one was directed at my anus.


I could feel the two cocks rubbing against the other between the flesh and membranes that separated them. The pain was too much and the last thing I saw before I passed out was my whore of a sisters eyes. When I woke up I was on a bed with bright lights in my eyes. Was it just some sick dream?

I look around but next to me is the warm body of my sister pressed up against me. Her eyes flutter and she too wakes up.

"Good morning girls, you have time for a nice rump in the sack but I think you can make this one a little more romantic." My sister looked into my eyes and her mouth moved closer to mine, her arm traced its way along my waist. "Get off me you bitch." I push her away.

"NO! NO! NO! you call that romantic?" I look up at the gun pointed to me and I settle back down. "Good girl, now kiss your lovely sister." I lie back down on the bed and look Michelle in the eyes.

Soon our lips are pressed together and her tongue pushes its way into my mouth. Her tongue explores mine and her hand grasps the back of my head forcing our lips tighter together. Her firm leg is lifted over mine holding us in a deep embrace. I can't believe this bitch, I hate her so much, the moment I finish school I'm leaving this family behind. One of her hands begins to tweak my nipple, twisting and pulling on it. Breaking the kiss she moves down pecking my neck and collar bone.

She begins to suck my left nipple and her tongue dances over the tip.

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I just lie there and pretend to be enjoying it. Michelle roles on top of me and then I notice that she has a strap on. Lining herself up she uses her left hand to guide the rubber cock inside me.

As she thrusts in and out she lowers her mouth to mine once more to kiss me. After the kiss she thrusts harder and harder, I can barely feel it after my insides were stretched so much by the last machine but still she continues to fuck me.

Thrusting harder and harder until she collapses tired and sweating our bodies are left lying together, neither of us able to achieve orgasm. The men pull us up and move us into the van. Once we get back to the house they make us sign papers and give them bank details and social security numbers. They finally leave and I call the cops, they arrive and take our statements. By the time they finish I have 15 minutes to get to the exam.

I run as fast as I can in sweats a shirt and runners. I can barely concentrate and am well aware of the how mad I smell and look, not only that the entire way to school and during the exam my pussy and ass just didn't feel right. 3 hours later I leave the exam knowing that I failed.

Later that day when I got home two police officers and a couple of lawyers were already waiting there. I sat down with them in the kitchen.

The officer started the discussion "these are very serious allegations you are making, with the number of reports and fines made against you Michelle and your mother we have several doubts about your story." The other office continued "The evidence we have collected is not favourable, you have both signed contracts." "But they forced us at gun point" "Don't interrupt, there is no evidence for that claim no weapon has been found or footage of you being forced to do anything other then what you agreed to, the money has been deposited in your account and the defendants have provided us with copies of the material which we have gone over and frankly are appalled to watch." One of the lawyers then started "Our client is claiming you are trying to scam them and you are spreading slander about their business, they are willing to forget the comments you have made if you sign these stating that you will not now or ever again claim that you were raped or unwillingly abused by BDSM18SLUTS Inc." "No they humiliated, raped and tortured us." I stood up shouting while Michelle just placed her head in her arms.

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One of the officers stood up "Look just calm down, what you did was make a mistake that's okay, if you take this to court I find it hard to believe the jury will find it in your favour, plus there would be extraordinary costs and then you face being counter sued." I brake down crying as Michelle reaches for the paper and signs it. With all eyes on me I am intimidated and scared, I sign the papers and everybody leaves.

I yell and scream at my sister for the rest of the day and all the time I feel nauseous for licking my sisters pussy, drinking her pee, being fucked by some random and being tormented and abused. Worst of all my insides feel weird and out of shape. A week passes and a DVD is in the letter box, I call Michelle in, putting it in the title is TWIN SUBS and our real names swipe across the screen. We press play and watch ourselves suffering in bonds, I can't watch it and just hit the skip button to see the beginning of each scene, I come across one I don't even remember it must have been made when I fell unconscious.

I watch myself as I am tied hanging up on a beam, spread eagle and Michelle tied in a similar pose with her back to me. Our breasts are wrapped in rope and are tied tight so that the skin begins to turn purple. I begin to wake up again but clamps are attached to my nipples forcing me back into my own safe subconscious. More clamps are applied to our pussy lips. To add to our decorations weights are added to the clips and wooden clothes pegs attached to any space available.

We are left hanging for 20 minutes then they cut us down and put us in the bed ready to fuck each other. Stopping the DVD I am once again left humiliated and depressed. College offers finally come out and I am looking forward to finding out where I could possibly be going even if I don't get what I want anything that gets away from my sister I will take.

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Each of the responses were almost identical we are sorry to inform you that because of extenuating circumstances and your poor grades we can not accept your tuition. The next day and more letters arrive but these feel thicker maybe some of them have accepted me. I rip them open all of them offers, offers for porn. Hope you had fun yours erotically SwitchLad