Indisches Mädchen von 2 Männer in Herberge gefickt

Indisches Mädchen von 2 Männer in Herberge gefickt
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The Party Boat ll I had put the new boat into the water, gave her a couple of good test runs and then thought about calling Jenna and setting up something for the weekend. I expected her to be excited and was not disappointed.

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The first thing she wanted to know was when we were going to take her out. I suggested Saturday morning would be a good time. She said fine they would see me about eight. I did not know for sure who "they" were, but smiled knowing that it really wouldn't matter, she had a bunch of sexy friends and they were always welcome on my boat or anything else of mine they wanted.

Saturday morning I had the coolers loaded, the tank full and the motor warmed up when I saw a car pull up near the docks and two pretty, top heavy blondes climb out and start towards the boat. My phone rang as they were walking towards me and I saw it was Jenna. I knew without even answering that something had come up, and sure enough the first thing she said was that she had been really busy at work and had some things at the office that she absolutely had to finish today.

She asked if her friends Ginger and Kathy had arrived yet and I asked if they were two pretty big titted blondes. Jenna laughed and asked if one had a fat ass and when I said yes she said that's them. Jenna said have fun and hung up and I walked to the dock to welcome her friends. I had heard a lot about them, and had seen pictures of them before so I was sure we would have a nice day once everyone got relaxed and acquainted some.

I got a chance to look them over as they walked towards the dock, Kathy was a pretty woman with a nice shoulder length blonde hair, and a set of D cups if I had to guess, wide hips and a nice smile.

Ginger had shorter blonde hair, a pretty face with a friendly smile and also a nice set of D cups, trim waits and a nice toned ass. This could be a fun day after all I thought. The girls got on board and I asked if Jenna had called them and when they said no, I told them what she had said and also told them that if they were OK with it, we could still make it a day in the sun.

They both said it was Jenna's loss and if I didn't mind they were ready to have fun. They threw their bags by the seats and asked what next so I had them cast off the dock lines and pulled us away from the docks. I let them know where the safety gear was on the boat and where the drinks were and we started down the lake. It was already getting warm, with blue skies and bright sunshine. Kathy and Ginger took off the wraps they had been wearing, sat down on the front loungers and started putting suntan lotion on each other.

I got to enjoy watching the two sexy blondes oiling each other up in very skimpy bikinis. I was glad that all the weekend skippers weren't out yet and I could spend most of my time watching the show on my boat as we slowly made our way out to the center of the lake. Kathy started to lie back, but stopped and untied her top. Seeing me watching, she asked "you don't mind do you?" Like any sane man would have said no I thought to myself. I watched those big fat tits spill out into the sunshine and smiled as Kathy looked me in the eye as she started rubbing suntan lotion onto them.

Ginger laughing followed suit and soon I had two topless women on the front of the boat, all oily and with hard nipples standing proudly in the early morning sun. I just slowly cruised around as the girls soaked up some sun, I and knew the lake would betting busier as the weekend crowd started showing up and we would need to find a quieter place to anchor for a while. A couple of teenagers came flying by on their daddy's boat and let loose with some appreciative catcalls as they noticed Kathy and Ginger's tits with nothing covering them.

Kathy sat up a little and waved at them laughing at their antics, and stood and walked back towards me.


Reaching the cooler, she bent down to get a beer out and asked if I wanted one. I asked for a coke and told her I was driving. I was very appreciative of the view she gave me of her large full tits swaying with the roll of the boat as she bent over a second time to get my coke for me.

She stood beside me for a moment watching the lake and the boats on it. I have a nice cove we will head for; we can anchor in there and not be bothered by the juveniles.

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Kathy laughed and agreed that would probably be better. She got another beer out of the cooler, and walked back to the front of the boat. Looking back at me she sat the cold beer right in the middle of Gingers stomach causing a scream and Ginger coming straight off the lounge to the laughter of Kathy and myself.

Ginger of course threatened to get even with us both for Kathy's stunt and did not believe that I wasn't part of it. It was all good natured fun, and neither of the girls seemed the least uncomfortable about walking around topless in front of me. I for one was enjoying it, I love a beautiful set of big full boobs, and these ladies definitely both had a very nice set. I sure hoped to get a chance to check them out up close and personal before the day ended.

If these two are like the rest of Jenna's friends that I have met so far, I don't think that will be an issue. We got the boat anchored in a deep cove that I had found earlier in the spring, and usually was not bothered by anyone coming in there once they saw it was occupied because it was a narrow cove. I turned the radio up and went up to the front of the boat to talk to my guests.

Ginger asked if they were allowed to swim there and I said sure, who is going to stop you. It's about ten feet deep, and a muddy bottom so you should be good to go.


Both of them went out to the front deck and jumped in yelling and laughing as they hit the water. I enjoyed watching them chase each other and enjoy the private area we had.

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Things started to get interesting when Ginger tried to dunk Kathy, grabbing her shoulders from behind. Kathy lunged forward and Gingers hands slid down her back and she caught Kathy's bikini bottoms with her fingers. Kathy yelped as she felt her bottoms pulled off her ample ass and tried to grab them, but was not quite fast enough to stop Ginger from pulling them off and throwing them past me to the back end of the boat.

I was curious to see where this game was going to end up. I was thoroughly enjoying myself watching 2 beautiful ladies frolicking in the lake, one now naked, and one almost naked. I could feel the stirring in my pants as Kathy's large tits bounced freely in the water.

Gingers big tits were bouncing also as Kathy tried to pay her back for stealing her bottoms and leaving her completely naked. Ginger laughed and kept pushing Kathy away, half the time her hands sliding on Kathy's wet body and ending up on her big tits. The girls soon got tired and said they wanted to come back aboard and get something to drink, I put the ladder down and watched as in a brief lapse of judgement Ginger started up the ladder.

Kathy jumped up and grabbed her bottoms stripping them quickly down her legs and waving them in the air. Ginger definitely has a nice trim ass, you can tell she works to keep a nice trim body and succeeds very well.

Ginger jumped off the ladder at Kathy trying to regain her missing bottoms. Kathy waited until she was jumping then threw the bottoms over her head and they landed almost at the same spot on the boat that hers did. Now both of these lovely ladies were naked as the day they were born. I was eagerly looking forward to the rest of the day. Kathy dodged Gingers attempt to dunk her and climbed up the ladder onto the deck. Ginger right behind her, pushed her and Kathy landed on my lap.

I had to grab her to keep her from sliding off my lap and onto the deck and as I did, I found myself with two handfuls of Kathy's large tits, and a big soft ass grinding down on my rapidly hardening cock. Ginger started laughing; she said the look on my face was priceless. Kathy however said nothing and just ground her ass harder onto my cock. Since Kathy did not seem to mind, I took the opportunity to massage her tits, and was happy to hear a small moan as I rolled her swelling nipples between my thumb and finger.

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Kathy leaned back against me as I played with her tits, making pleased humming sounds. She continued rocking her hips, rubbing her wet pussy against my hard cock as I played with her tits.

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I slid my hand down over Kathy's stomach and cupped her wet pussy in my hand, slipping a finger in between her hot wet pussy lips and started teasing her swollen clit. I looked across the deck and saw Ginger sitting on the seat watching us, one hand on her nice tits, and the other between her spread legs a finger buried deep in her shiny bald pussy.

I smiled at her and continued stroking Kathy's clit as she squirmed. Kathy reached between her legs and managed to free my straining cock form the leg of my shorts, and maneuvered it up between her legs. I could feel the heat from her pussy as the head of my cock moved closer and closer to her swollen lips. Kathy gasped as my swollen head grazed her pussy lips and she got it positioned under her and sank down on it with one motion so I was buried deep inside her.

Ginger sat very still watching as my cock slid deep inside her friend, her left hand frozen on her tit, and her right motionless with two fingers half way in her glistening pussy. She started moving again when Kathy started rocking back and forth on my cock while clenching on it with her cunt muscles.

Kathy was moaning as she rocked on my cock, moving faster and faster. We were in plain sight with her big tits bare to the world, and I saw the morning sun glinting off of more than one set of binoculars held by other jealous boaters. The faster Kathy moved the faster Gingers fingers pistoned in and out of her bare wet pussy. Her face was getting red and I was pretty sure she was going to cum soon.

Holding Kathy tight against me, I stood and turned around so Kathy was kneeling on the seat and holding onto the back of it. I started plunging deep into her soft wet cunt, it felt like warm wet velvet wrapped around my straining hard cock.

I could see her big full tits swaying and swinging with each thrust. I had no problem with putting on a good show for the early to rise boaters on the lake with us. I enjoyed watching Kathy's ass flatten each time I plunged into her, seeing her skin jiggle as our bodies made contact with each thrust. I felt Kathy's hand on her pussy, furiously stroking her clit and from the way she was shaking, I knew it would not be long before she exploded.

I was close to cumming myself and knew once her cunt started clenching me tightly when she came I would not be able to stop myself. Kathy let out a long moan and her body stiffened as she started her orgasm. I kept stroking deep inside her until she reached back and grabbed my hips holding me deep inside her. Feeling her heat and the way her pussy was squeezing me, I shot a heavy load of hot cum deep inside her. I stood behind her for a short time, and Kathy slowly slid forward onto the seat and sat very still with her eyes closed.

Turning I looked at Ginger, and she was setting on the other seat head back and eyes closed hand in her lap and legs still spread wide, her bare cunt still glistening with her juices that she had spread around fingering herself while Kathy and I fucked each other in front of her.

This was turning out to be a very interesting Saturday I had to admit. I moved across the deck and sat next to Ginger, she had a half smile on her face and seemed content to let the sun play across her glistening body. She barely moved as I slid my hand across her soft thigh and cupped her still wet pussy in my hand; a soft moan escaped her lips as I slid a finger across her soft lips and stroked her still swollen clit.

Ginger spread her legs open a little farther as I started using a second finger to spread her swollen lips even farther. I could feel her juices starting to flow again from her hot and already well stroked pussy. Ginger tilted her hips allowing even more access to her sweet cunt and pushing further onto my probing fingers. I kept working her sweet pussy, and leaned over and sucked on of her distended nipples into my mouth, sucking and nibbling on the taut nub listening to her soft moans as I did.

Ginger started bucking her hips harder and I could feel her juices flowing even more freely as I kept fingering her hot pussy, her swollen pink lips grasping at them every time I slid them out. I looked across the deck at Kathy, and she was slowly rubbing her leaking pussy as she watched me fingering her friend. I slid off the seat, sliding Ginger to her back as I did.

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I kept my finger teasing her clit. I slid my cock across Gingers forehead and down until the swollen head was rubbing on her lips. I leaned forward and felt Ginger's lips part and felt the heat of her mouth as my cock slid in. I could feel my balls smacking against Gingers forehead as I thrust my cock deeper and deeper into her mouth, feeling the head bounce against the back of her throat.

I looked over at Kathy and saw her licking her lips and fingering her clit in time with the strokes of my cock into Ginger's mouth. Kathy's pussy was dripping wet, both from our time together, and from her stroking her swollen clit the way she was.

Her big ass was shaking from the way she was fingering herself, making me think how much fun it would be to sink my cock in there and feel those plump cheeks hit my stomach on every stroke. I knew that if I kept thinking like that, I would be filling Ginger's mouth before I wanted to, so I tore my eyes away from Kathy and brought them back to the pretty lady who was sucking on my cock, and squirming on my fingers. I slid my cock out of Gingers mouth and also slid my fingers from her dripping pussy, I turned and straddled her chest and laid my cock in between her big mounds of flesh.

Pulling them together, they made a nice warm tunnel for my cock to slide in. I started pumping it back and forth in her soft tunnel, and watched as it bumped her chin every time I thrust forward.

Ginger realized what was hitting her chin and tucked it into her chest and the next thrust; I felt soft warm lips suck on the tip of my cock instead of her chin as it appeared from between her soft tits.

I started working my hips faster, stroking forward between Ginger's ample tits, and enjoying the heat of her mouthing sucking me deeper on every thrust, tongue swirling on the head of my cock as she gazed into my eyes.

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I felt the boat rock a little as Kathy stood up, and still squeezing her big tit she moved behind me, out of my view. I sensed her kneeling down, and Ginger gasped around my cock. Reaching behind me I felt a handful of hair and could feel a head bump against my ass on each back stroke.

Looking back quickly, I could see the top of Kathy's head, and see her face buried between Ginger's tanned thighs. Kathy must have been working on Gingers swollen clit pretty good the way Ginger was moaning around my cock every time the head was in her hot mouth.

I could feel Ginger's hips starting to rock underneath mine as she started trying to bounce her cunt harder against Kathy's mouth. Between Ginger's tits and mouth working on my swollen cock, and hearing Kathy slurping on Ginger's wet bouncing pussy, I could feel another hot load of cum churning in my balls, and looking for release.

Ginger must have sensed my impending release, because the next thrust forward she released her big tits grabbed my hips and pulled me into her mouth until the head of my cock hit the entrance of her throat. Feeling her gag a little on the head of my cock was all it took to push me over the edge, and I pumped several strings of hot cum into Gingers eager mouth.

As I emptied my balls into her, Ginger pulled her legs up near my sides trying to give Kathy more access to her sweet pussy.

I reached back and pulled her legs up to my sides, holding her legs in that position as Kathy sucked her hot wet pussy. I could hear her lips smacking on the soft wet flesh, and could tell by the way Ginger was squirming under me that Kathy must be as skilled at eating pussy as she was at sucking cock.

Ginger's eyes were closed and my flaccid cock had slipped from her mouth, leaving a wet trail across her lips and chin as she zoned out from the way Kathy's tongue was working her clit. Gingers hips seemed to be on Auto pilot the way they kept thrusting upwards trying to get more and more of Kathy's tongue inside her. Sliding my arms behind Gingers knees to keep her legs up, I reached down and grabbed one of her beautiful tits in each hand, squeezing and massaging them as Kathy licked and sucked her sweet pussy.

I pinched her nipples between my thumbs and fingers, and Ginger let out a yell pulled her legs free from my arms, she arched her back and lifted both of us off the seat. She froze in that position as Kathy flicked and licked her clit with her tongue as Gingers whole body shook and quivered.

Suddenly Ginger just collapsed back onto the seat. I moved away from her and sat on the seat across from them as I looked at Ginger taking gasping breaths lying on the seat, Kathy kneeling at the end of the seat, her head lying on Gingers glistening soft mound with Ginger lightly stroking her hair with one hand.

I wish I had been able to take a picture of them; It was extremely erotic both woman fully satisfied and totally naked lying there in such a provocative pose. I would have loved to ad it in my collection. It was well past noon, and the sun was hot I reached into the cooler and got three beers. I moved over to the girls and ran one of the cold bottles across Gingers brow. She looked up and smiled thanking me for the beer as she took it from my hand. Kathy stirred and looked up smiling as she reached for the beer I handed to her.

The three of us sat quietly sipping our beer as we recovered from our activities of the morning. Kathy and Ginger found their bottoms and pulled them back on as we cruised slowly around the lake; much to the approval of several boats of young men that we passed, and that passed us they made no attempt to put their tops back on.

I am sure I saw more than one glint off binoculars from other boats slowly passing us. Ginger brought me a drink and I pulled her down on my lap as I took it. You drive for a little bit I told her. She laughed as I ran the ice cold can down her back and around her trim waist and over her nipples, causing both of them as well as Ginger to jump, and the nipples to jump to attention.

Setting the can in the cup holder, I took one of her firm tits in each hand and started tweaking the taut nubs. I felt Ginger shiver as I did this, and felt her nearly bare ass shift on my lap, centering my hardening cock on her swelling pussy lips. I had not had the pleasure of filling Gingers pussy with my hot cum yet, and this was as good a time as ever.

Gingers legs were already spread as she sat on my lap, one leg on the outside of each of mine so it was no problem to slide my hand down her firm stomach and cup her already hot damp pussy.

I untied the strings of her bikini bottoms and she raised her ass a little as I pulled them off her pussy and tossed them to Kathy who was watching what we were doing with rapt attention. Kathy was drinking another beer as she watched me playing with Gingers sexy hard body, I watched as her hand was making slow circles on her rounded stomach, and did not figure it would be too long before her fingers would be buried deep inside her wet pussy.

I smiled at Kathy as I slid two fingers inside Gingers cunt, listening to her moan as they slid over her swollen clit while entering her. Kathy moaned almost as loud as Ginger, and her hand slid downward, cupping her own mound and I watched as she slid two fingers inside herself and matched my tempo as I slid my fingers in and out of Gingers wet cunt.

Ginger was now rocking her cunt against my hand, causing harder friction between my slippery fingers, and her swollen clit. My now hard cock had slid partially out the leg of my swim trunks, so it didn't take much effort to release it completely and hold it against Ginger's wet slit as she started rocking on it with even more of her hot juices flowing over it.

I grasped her hips as she was trying to slide forward far enough to let the head enter her burning love tunnel, and I wasn't ready to have her do that yet, I enjoyed her frustrated moans as she could just feel my swollen head hit her clit and I would pull her back so it did not slip into her. Ginger was moaning and I could feel her body quivering as she rocked on my hard cock, and by now I wanted my cock inside this beautiful woman's pussy as much as she did.

The next time she slid forward, I let her slide enough that the swollen head of my cock lodged itself into the entrance of her pussy. Ginger let out a satisfied as she rammed herself down on my hard cock, and in one hard motion buried its full length in her hot depths.

I held onto her tightly and she started rocking her hips on my cock, using her muscles at the same time to milk me as she rocked. I knew I would not last long at this rate and to be truthful, I didn't care, I just wanted to shoot a load of my hot juice deep into this beautiful blondes insides.

Suddenly Ginger stopped rocking and sat frozen on my cock, I could feel her pussy quivering as she started to cum, her tight pussy tight around my cock and it pushed as deep inside her as our combined actions could get it. Ginger let out a long moan as her head fell backwards on my shoulder and her milking pussy kept vibrating on my cock as I started shooting my hot cum inside her tight beautiful body.

I looked at Kathy, slid down on the seat one hand on her big tit tweaking her nipple and the other furiously stroking her fat wet twat. I turned off the motor, allowing the boat to drift in the middle of the lake and slid out from under a very relaxed and unmoving Ginger and stood up, my cock still hard. Get over here I told Kathy and she slowly stood and made her way the few short feet to me.

Pointing to Ginger, I told Kathy she needs your help. Kathy looked at me with a confused look, helped I am sure by the beer she had been drinking.

I put a hand on her shoulder pushing her slowly down to her knees, and then aimed her head at Gingers pussy which was starting to leak my cum on my captain's chair. A little push to the back of her head started her moving, licking her lips.

I grabbed her hips and pulled her fat ass up to an accessible level, up so I could easily ram my still hard cock into her. I am going to fuck you and make that fat ass jiggle and shake, you don't mind do you?

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Kathy's answer was muffled as her mouth was buried in Gingers pussy, but she didn't try to pull away as I put the head of my cock against the entrance of her pussy, feeling those fat juicy lips spread and welcome me inside her.

I pushed forward, and listened to Kathy groan and wiggle her ass as I stopped about half way inside her. I chuckled and then rammed my cock deep inside her, and smacked her jiggling cheek hard as I bottomed out. I heard a muffled yelp as I did so, and felt Kathy clench her pussy muscles grasping my cock as she yelped. I pulled my cock out of Kathy's pussy until only the tip was still inside her; she gave a frustrated moan and tried to get it back inside her with losing contact with Gingers sweet pussy.

She finally pulled her face from Gingers cunt long enough to look back and holler at me. Fuck me; quit teasing me with your cock I want it fucking my pussy now!

I rammed it deep inside her again forcing her face back into Ginger's pussy as I continued pounding her pussy with long hard thrusts. Kathy was moaning and shaking, her fingering herself as watched Ginger and I fucking had definitely brought her to the edge faster than I expected.

I was not complaining though, these two women had about worn me out today, and my knees were almost raw from kneeling behind her on the carpet and spanking and fucking her fat ass and juicy pussy.

With a final hard shove forward, Kathy moaned and her shoulders dropped onto Ginger's knees as her pussy bucked and grasped my spurting cock. Her fat quivering cheeks held tight against my stomach as I shot what little cum I had left into her hot pussy which finished milking me dry. I just fell back against the side seat and sat there watching the two beautiful women tangled on my chair as we slowly drifted in the twilight. We were brought back life by the sounds of horns and cheers as some boats that none of us had seen got close enough to watch that final act to our day on the water.

Somewhat red faced, I looked at the ladies and said I think we should head to the dock. After standing and helping Kathy and Ginger to other seats, again to the tune of horns and cheers, the three of us faced the boats and took a quick bow to our audience and with a wave, started the motor and headed to the dock.