Wild unforgettable blowjob performed by hana harusaki shaving pussy and doggystyle

Wild unforgettable blowjob performed by hana harusaki shaving pussy and doggystyle
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I regained my composure and opened my eyes. Mom was now sitting on the sofa trying not to look too much like she had enjoyed being fucked by me. The good doctor was standing next to me with her left arm clasped around my waist, holding me slightly towards her so our bodies touched, as we stood in front of mom.

She was beaming all over like the cat that had got the cream! She was still topless, her ample boobs hanging glaringly on her chest, and still in her black panties and stockings. "Congratulations," she said out loud. "Well done both of you, and especially you, Jacob, as you're no longer a virgin." I smiled back at her, knowing my secret, fully aware that I'd lost my virginity to mom some time ago, and trying not to ogle at her boobs too much, particularly as her left tit, which was nearest to me, was squashing up against my body.

Fuck! Mom continued play-acting with the doctor a little by saying hesitatingly, "I hope that was ok Dr Taylor. I mean, I did do my best for Jacob for medical reasons." "Yes, yes, my dear Marge, you did very well. I hope it was not too difficult the first time for you with Jacob, as it is a bit of a taboo to do it with your son.

But remember, it is all for the best of medical reasons, and what mother would not want to do the best for her son now?" Mom looked reassured and smiled, happy the doctor did not seem to suspect anything was amiss, and that she genuinely thought it had been the first time for her and Jacob.


She had got quite turned on by the whole thing, but luckily had been able to hide the pleasure on her face from the doctor and muffle her groans and dirty talk she normally liked to verbalise. "I hope you are both happy with my involvement as facilitator," continued Dr Taylor. Mom nodded politely and smiled. She had been particularly pleased the doctor had held her ass cheeks open and voluntarily taken her bra off, as that indicated the doctor might go a lot further, although she did not openly want to seem too keen at that.

Cheekily, but very innocently she said, "Thank you for holding my bottom and assisting Jacob. It did make the process easier, feeling your hands on me in support. And thank you for removing your bra. I'm sure the sight of your very nice breasts did help to stimulate Jacob further." For some reason, I thought I detected a slight blush on the doctor's cheeks, but I could not be sure. My eyes moved back down to her boobs, which I was now dying to caress and suck, particularly as one of them was squashing sexily into my chest.

I thought I should add a compliment and said, "Oh yes, Dr Taylor, may I say how wonderfully arousing your breasts are. I hope you do not mind me saying so." "Of course not Jacob. As a young man, it is natural you should be attracted to them. It is quite normal. In fact, I may let you touch them in due course as part of my role as facilitator." My dick twitched in response at the thought, even though I had cum just a moment ago.

I doctor just happened to be looking down at that moment, and saw my dick getting aroused momentarily. "Ahh.a twitch of agreement from your cock I see," said the doctor, and mom and her both laughed out loud.

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The ice, if there had been any, seemed well and truly broken. Still with one arm around my waist, and her left boob still squashing up against my chest, the doctor gave my limp cock and balls a feel and caress with her free hand.

"What a wonderful cock your son has Marge. You should be very proud." Mom smiled back, but didn't say anything, perhaps not knowing quite how to respond.

The doctor then lifted my limp cock in her hand and rubbed over the tip. Some cum was still on the end, and she massaged it into my cock and balls, again giving my privates a good feel all over.

Fuck, she was giving me a good grope! Finally letting my cock go free and rubbing my chest instead she said, "Now perhaps we should get cleaned up a little before we have another go -- do you think you will be ready again soon Jacob?" Her hand became stationary on my chest for a moment. "Oh yes ma'am," I replied. "Definitely," confirmed mom, "He can cum quite a few times in a few hours. I know from experience in collecting his cum!" "Excellent," replied the doctor.

"Let's freshen up first and then we'll continue the treatment." "I'd like to use the toilet for a moment," I said, feeling the need to pee after cumming. "I need to clean myself and use the toilet as well," said mom. The doctor's eyes seem to light up with a thought. "As, facilitator, I would like to suggest we all go into the bathroom together," said Dr Taylor. "The reason being, as we do such personal things in the bathroom, by sharing what we do in there, will help break down any psychological barriers.

We must not have any secrets between us." There was a bit of a silence hearing the doctor's suggestion as it sunk in. Mom looked slightly perturbed. I thought it was just another kinky side to the doctor. As I had seen mom pee once before and enjoyed it, it was a quite exciting thought to be able to watch her again, although I didn't let on.

Mom regained her composure and said finally, "Well, if Jacob is fine with the idea, perhaps we should follow your suggestion." "Ok by me," I replied, trying to sound as innocent as possible. "Marvellous," said Dr Taylor. "Follow me." The doctor, still topless started walking towards the bathroom door, her glorious fat butt cheeks bouncing up and down in her black panties as she did so.

Fuck! I loved watching a large womanly ass move! Mom followed behind me. She still had her bra and stockings on, but was panty-less. The doctor entered the bathroom and held the door open for us. When we were all in, she closed the door.

Mom looked around. It was her first time in the doctor's luxurious bathroom. "My, what a fabulous bathroom you have," said mom gazing around at it all. "And how spacious!" "Yes," smiled the doctor. "I do like to have some counselling sessions in here of various kinds, and it needs to be spacious and comfy." I didn't let my mind dwell too much on what kind of counselling sessions the doctor might have meant, but I was sort of getting the gist from her actions so far.

"Now, Jacob, ladies first.

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Let your mom have a pee. Don't be shy at doing it in front of your son and I, Marge. Remember, no secrets between us -- you must feel it is completely natural to do it in front of us." Mom seemed to hesitate, I believe genuinely this time.

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But then she walked over to the toilet and sat on it. After a moment, a clear stream of urine could be heard hitting the water in the toilet bowl. I could not see much of the stream, but we could certainly hear it.

Mom finished after a minute or so and dabbed herself below with some tissues from a toilet roll next to her, got up and washed her hands in the sink. I had enjoyed watching her, and it triggered some strange feelings in me. "Good," said Dr Taylor looking pleased. "Now you Jacob." I was quite desperate to pee now, so my inhibitions in doing it front of the doctor and mom went to one side.

I lifted the seat and held my dick so it pointed into the bowl. The stream came in no time sand I felt a wave of relief as my bladder emptied. I hadn't looked up at mom and the doctor watching me, but I could sense them looking on intently.

"Excellent," said the doctor.

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"How did you feel doing in front of us?" she said to me firstly. "Kind of freeing, I guess," I said. "I enjoyed watching mom pee for some reason. I don't know why," I added truthfully. "Interesting," replied Dr Taylor. "And you Marge?" "Well, I kind of felt the same as Jacob described. It is kind of freeing." I think mom decided to be discreet, and not say anymore.

"Very interesting," the doctor replied. "Well some people find it sexually arousing - maybe we can explore that another time," she added. "Now, next, I would suggest Marge and I remove the remainder of our underwear and all three of us have a quick shower together. The shower is big enough and designed to accommodate several people at once. I would encourage you both to have lots of mutual touching in the shower and wash each other, as it will again help to break down barriers against bodily contact you may still have, prior to the act of intercourse." Man, this doctor was something, I thought.

My dick was now starting to log. I think the doctor noticed. She ushered us into the shower. As described before, it had curved glass sides, split into three sections, one of which slid across to let someone in. We all went inside in turn. I would say the shower floor area was about one metre in width by two metres in length, and had several jet sprays along one wall and three shower-head sprays equidistant in the ceiling.

Mom and the doctor were now completely naked and I had glanced at the doctor's fleshy fat ass cheeks and pussy bush momentarily, as she had walked in. Fuck, what a sight! I started salivating! I was now in the middle, sandwiched between two gloriously voluptuous ladies, one of which was my mom! Fuck! The doctor turned on the water sprays for a minute and we wet ourselves all over.


Then, turning the water off, she said, "Now lather each other up quickly - I know you are both pretty clean already." "I will do your back Jacob, while you do your mom's. And then we can swap." Mom turned to face one end wall, I turned to face her back and the doctor faced my back. We all grabbed some shower gel from the various containers and started lathering up -- me doing mom's back, the doctor mine, and mom doing a bit of her own front -- tits and pussy.

Man, this was starting to get seriously erotic, and my dick was coming back to life! I felt the doctor rubbing my back and ass all over, and she even inserted her hand between my ass cheeks, doing my crack, as I was doing mom's in a similar fashion, at the same time.

What a sight that must have been if anyone had been watching! Then the doctor asked me to do her. Fuck! I turned 360 degrees, and with my back to mom started to lather the doctor's shoulders and back. Now I could see her glorious chubby ass properly, as I grabbed a full handful of her ass cheeks, moving my hands down to wash them.

Fuck, my dick was now getting hard! "Do my ass crack," commanded the doctor. I obliged, delighted she would allow me to do that. I let my soapy hand wedge between the fleshy mounds of her ass.

I rubbed my fingers over her asshole and along her pussy briefly so that the lather cleaned her, but I did not let my fingers linger, so as not to seem too keen.

Fuck, that was good! Mom had not been idle whilst I got a good handful of the doctor's body. She had been doing my back and ass again. Boy, I was gonna be really clean after all this! Then the doctor returned to face me. She did not look at me direct in the eye, but straight down at my dick, seeing it was now getting hard and sticking out towards her. The veins in my uncut cock-head were clearly showing, and I saw her lick her lips unconsciously.

"I see you are getting stimulated Jacob," she said, as she started lathering up my semi-hard cock. I sure was, with the doctor's naked flesh and boobs inches from me. Fuck! Then she said, "I think that's enough soaping up. Let's rinse." The doctor pressed a button and all three of us were hit by powerful sprays of perfectly temperatured, medium hot water. The doctor then stood sideways on and invited mom and I to help rinse each other off as she patted both our backs.

We complied. My hard on wilted somewhat during the rinsing. Then, I had a flash of an idea, and said, "Doctor, you do know how much I like ladies bottoms. I wonder if.well.if you could oblige me with some play of your's and mom's together?" "I don't see why not," replied the doctor, smiling. "I'm happy to comply with the doctor," said mom, still play acting a little.

"Marge, why don't you and I turn our backs, and let him have a good look and feel of our ample rears, which still provide such a thrill to a young man of his age?" said the doctor, a little teasingly. My dick raged up again at the suggestion and the doctor and mom both saw. They then both turned, so as to face away from the glass panels, so that they were standing side by side along the long wall of the shower, hips almost touching, and their arms folded against the wall for support.

Fuck, what a sight from behind! I looked first at the doctor, who was slightly shorter than mom and more stocky, and only with a slight curve to her waist, and then down at her magnificently thick, large butt cheeks, the curves of which protruded out at least 8 inches at there thickest point in the arch from her thighs.

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Fucking, sexy ass bitch! I then looked at mom's lovely body, which was much more familiar to me, and appreciated how much more curvy mom was, with a 'smaller' and more shapely butt, but still large and ample to behold. Seeing two naked women with large, thick butts, side by side, just waiting for me to grope and play with them was fucking awesome, and my dick jerked up again to maximum stiffness at the sight.

I decided to push my luck a bit and said rather meekly, "Er.would you both consider wriggling your lovely bottoms form side to side for me, please?" Without saying anything, the doctor and mom both complied.

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Fuck what a sight! A wicked thrill of lust went through me, seeing those glorious buttocks wriggle from side to side, the flesh on each rippling and wobbling sexily as they moved.

They both stopped after a minute or so, and I said, "Thank you. I begin my play now." I decided to start with the doctor, as her ass was relatively new to me. I gave each butt cheek a bit of a slap, watching the flesh ripple, and then a good feel over the smooth luscious skin with my palm, squeezing and squashing the deep white flesh on each.

Fuck, I loved that! Then, I knelt down and gave each cheek a good kiss all over, licking in places. Her ass smelled clean and fresh after the wash, and the cheeks were still wet of course, which I didn't mind at all. Then, I smothered my face all across the doctor's ass cheeks, almost worshipping them by rubbing the sides of my face across her butt flesh and across her ass crack.

I then licked along the crack, letting my tongue enter the crack about half and inch, but not more, as I was not sure how much the doctor would allow at this stage, but it was just enough to satisfy me.

Then I said, "Doctor, may I slap your wonderful ass with my cock please?" "Yes, you may," replied the doctor, "But do not try to penetrate me." I wondered for a second if the doctor would ever allow me to enter her, or if she was play-acting with me this time, so as not to show how much she was getting aroused with all this.

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In any case, I stood up again and started slapping my hard prick against her butt cheeks. There was pre-cum leaking from the tip of my cock, and I wiped that on her ass flesh as I slapped them. Then, directing my cock-head at her ass crack I rubbed my cock all along it, up and down, and then pushed the length of my erect dick almost sideways onto into her crack near the base, so her juicy butt flesh enveloped my dick, squashing its sides and giving me comfort as it felt like I was being wanked by the flesh either side of her ass crack.

Fuck! The doctor's butt had been moving and wriggling in response to my actions and it was a glorious sight and feeling. Then, letting go of the doctor, I moved to mom, and gave her wonderful ass a very similar treatment to that given to the good doctor, and enjoyed it immensely. When I finished with mom, I said, "Thank you so much, that was wonderful and very stimulating." Then the doctor said.

"Now Marge, I want you to rub your boobs up and down Jacobs body, starting from his chest and down to his prick." Mom did so. The sensuousness of it urged my dick to greater hardness, particularly as she rubbed her boobs on my dick and gave it a massage with them.

Fuck! Then the doctor said, "Marge, let me do the same for him." Mom moved to one side and the doctor did as mom had done. When she rubbed my hard dick between her tits my dick raged up again. "Fuck," I blurted out unconsciously!

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"Ah I see this really has an effect on you Jacob," said the doctor. "Sorry for swearing," I replied. "No, not at all, you must release your thoughts. Please verbalise your feelings, and you too Marge, as I will. That is the way to gain absolute closeness for the act of fucking that must be performed between you as mother and son.

I want you to talk freely between us, and when you are together, so you feel free." The doctors words were music to my ears, but I decided to play cautious in front of the doctor for now, as I'm sure would mom, although we both loved talking dirty to each other during sex. My dick was still raging as the doctor stood up again after massaging my dick with her tits in a kneeling position. There was one thing I was still dying to do which I'd not done so far, and that was to give the doctors tits a suck, and I looked at them again.

I don't know if the good doctor read my mind, but she seemed to sense my desire and said, "Now, lastly before he penetrates you, may I suggest we allow Jacob to orally engage our breasts Marge?" Mom and I laughed out loud and the doctor also grinned at her remark, pleased it had the desired comical effect.

"You mean suck our tits," said mom bluntly. "Yes," replied the doctor. "I have to say, my boobs were aching for some attention after all this activity.

You seemed to have aroused me sexually with my son, doctor," added mom. "Well, I think that needed to happen, somewhat, if he is going to penetrate you regularly Marge," replied the doctor. Both women now stood next to each other facing me. I actually also felt like inserting my fingers into each of their pussies to finger fuck them simultaneously, but I managed to control myself. Then they did something which I found incredibly horny, which was to hold up their large tits towards me, offering me their boobs and nipples to suck.

Fuck! I wasted no more time and sucked and grabbed each boob and nipple in turn. I had four to choose from and my mouth and hands moved from one to the next almost like I was some madman, as I buried my face in those glorious mounds of flesh.

"Marge, I think he is ready to enter you again," said the doctor, after I had gorged myself on their tits. The doctor was now in the middle, standing between mom & I.

"Marge, I would suggest you turn around and face the end wall." Mom complied. "Now, brace yourself against the wall with your hands and let your butt stick out, so Jacob can enter you from behind again." My dick jerked up at the suggestion, although I actually would have liked to fuck the doctor as well at that moment.

"But before I let him enter you, I am going to do something new -- which is to stimulate him with my mouth." With out much further ceremony the doctor knelt down in front of me, with mom facing the wall behind her, and took my pulsating hard cock into her mouth, at least half of it's entire length in one go!

"Fuck!" I gasped. "Oh that's good doctor," I managed to blurt out. "Oh, yes, fuck that's good," I said again, unable to help myself.

The doctor continued sucking me, taking me further into her mouth, and I could feel her saliva and tongue working on me as her mouth clamped onto my dick like some amazing suction machine. Fuck, she was good at this!

Then, having got me as hard as I could possibly be, she stopped sucking me, stood up and standing sideways on, started to pull mom's buttocks apart as she had done before in the inner consulting room.

I needed no further encouragement, and seeing mom's pussy lips hanging open, inviting me into her, I plunged into her deep at the first thrust, just like before. Again, mom gasped. The doctor let go of her buttocks and moved behind me as I started pumping mom furiously.

As I continued my thrusting, in and out, mom bent herself forward a bit more and started pushing her ass back into me, in time with my forward thrusts, so I was penetrating as deep as possible into her. "Yea, mom, that's soooo. good," I said out loud. "Oh, yes, fuck me Jacob," said mom, much to my, and I assumed the doctor delight at her words. "Yes, that right," said the doctor, "Go on fuck her, fuck your mom, Jacob, and Marge, you fuck your son.


Mother and son in perfect unison, a son's prick inside his mother's pussy. What could be more glorious!," the doctor continued, urging us on profusely. I felt something touch my back and close to my legs and I realised the doctor was rubbing her body against me as best she could with my movements as I fucked, and then I felt her arms across my chest and stomach. It felt great. Needless to say, with all that had gone on before, all this activity had its desired conclusion, and in double quick time, I finally erupted inside mom with a loud groan, which she reciprocated in turn, as I continued to spurt my cum deep inside her for what seemed like ages.

As my cum waves eased, and my cock started to become limp, I hugged her from behind, closing my eyes, still high from orgasm, and felt the doctor holding me from behind, pressing her naked body into me. Fuck this was heaven!