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Gangbang with slutty awesome girls pornstar hardcore
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EROTIC DECOMPOSITION Year: 2003 Name: W.Y Age: 21 Cause of Death: Asphyxiation due to sustained chokehold. Other Injuries: Torn vagina. Large discoloured contusion on neck. In a highly advanced state of putrefaction with grossly bloated abdomen, green complexion and extensive marbling. Time between death and delivery to mortician: 70-80 hrs. Case Notes: A young woman went missing at a park late one night while on a date.

Her strangled and violated corpse was found after 3 days. She no longer looked so pretty (though she's still hot in a certain way) after so long in the tropical heat.

Can the mortician work his magic on this rotting beauty? And can he resist her post mortem charms while he is doing that? Your fragrance so strong Leaking, bloated, near rupture Hard work but rapture This was one of the most difficult corpses I had to restore but not the least appealing by far. A young woman was 'choke-holded' to death, raped and left in the woods by some pervert. She was found 3 days later in an advanced state of decomposition.

Even I nearly gagged when I first took in her sickly sweet scent of decay when I enter the morgue that day. It took me quite a while to start to enjoy her unique fragrance. Still, I knew that I could not expect that she could still look anything like the sporty and sexy looking young woman in the photograph I was given. I decided to life up the sheet slowly from her legs up to prepare myself for what I thought would be a disgusting sight.

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The first thing that was exposed was her feet, still wearing black slippers. Then her long and sexy legs were exposed. Their beauty was marred (or perhaps enhanced) by the fact that her skin had turned an unpleasant, but not revolting, shade of green and marbling had caused dark lines streaking all over body.

Past her shapely thighs, I can see that her blue shorts was stained with dark reddish bloodstains and decomposing fluids. Above her shorts, I saw the beginning of her abdomen.

It looked grossly bloated, being so swollen with decomposing gas that it was larger than any of the pregnant victims I have seen so far. Her black tube top was stretched almost to tearing point, trying to hold in her bloated body and her midriff was bared sexily as the lower part of her rounded belly could no longer be covered by the tube top adequately.

It gave her an extremely appealing lush, ripe look. Then her neck was exposed. There was a huge ugly black discoloured bruise starkly visible against the pale green of her skin. It was probably caused by her killer as he strangled her.

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With a final flourish, I pulled off the sheet and let it drop behind me as I braced myself for her face. To my relief and instant arousal, she was still amazingly beautiful. It was true that her shoulder length hair is dishevelled, her lips were blue and bloody liquid was dripping out of her nose and gaping mouth.


But the whole image of this rotting beauty projected a sense of helplessness and vulnerability, a need for some comfort and protection that is unfortunately too late for her. Despite my impulse to just hold and hug her and fill her with my love and lust, I knew that it would be impossible in her current condition.

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All I would get is a splattering of gore and a badly damaged corpse as her belly will rupture with the slightest pressure. With a tinge of regret, I proceeded with the embalming process. First, I helped her out of her ill-fitting tube top. I could not hold her body up to strip it off her as it might cause her belly to burst.

So I used a pair of scissors to cut it off her.


I noted that she was not wearing any bra as her greenish but very attractive breasts came into full view. I then pulled her shorts off her. Once again, she was not wearing undies. I wonder if her killer had taken them as souvenirs. What was clear was the fact that she had been raped. Despite her decomposed state, I could see that her vagina was clearly injured, looking torn and tattered in places.

And a huge piece of coagulated blood dropped off when I pulled off her shorts. I then pierced the trocar into her body near her navel. It went into her soft rotting flesh easily. I switched on the pump and soon, I could see some dark liquid being sucked out of her into the bucket connected to the pump. The swelling of her belly slowly went down and soon, she looked relatively slim, even though some bloating remained.

She was dead far too long to restore her to her original slim state unfortunately. I then pumped her body full of embalming fluid which caused her belly to bloat out a bit more. At least she will last for a while more now as I began to wash her clean with a hose.

Next, I had to cover up her skin with a thick layer of skin coloured powder. Especially difficult was the marbling marks and the large bruise on her neck. I managed to cover them up quite well and soon, she looked alive. The only thing that looked out of place was her slightly swollen abdomen.

I looked at the clothes that her family sent with her and realised that she would never fit into that sexy dress as her belly was too bloated and the rest of her body was also a bit puffy with decay. She would need some loose clothing. Leaving her on the slab, I went to the mall nearby and picked a white sleeveless maternity dress and a short blue skirt.

Arriving back at the morgue, I slipped the strapless black bra left by her family over her breasts and secured it behind her back. I helped her put on a pair of undies and then dressed her in the maternity dress and skirt I bought. I tied her hair up into a loose ponytail and clipped on the earrings that came with her.

She looked really good.


After I fixed her features and applied some foundation, lipstick, eye shadow and blusher on her face, she was simply ravishing. She looked like a pretty and pregnant woman sleeping peacefully. And the generous amount of perfume I sprayed on her covered her rotting smell and increased her sex appeal. I could no longer hold back my rising lust and pulled up her skirt and pulled off her panties. I fingered her for a while. Then I entered her soft, wet, decomposing vagina and thrust against her with passion.

I whisper into her ear that unlike her killer, I truly loved her and wished that she can be my wife and bear my children.

I then stroked her bloated belly and imagined that she was pregnant with my child. Soon, I have deposited my semen into her body.

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I turned her around and entered her from behind, all the while being careful not to press on her body too hard. Finally, I placed my penis into her reopened mouth and moved her head with my hands until I ejaculated a huge load of semen, some of which spurted out from her nose. Only then was my lust satisfied. After that came the hard part.

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Cleaning off my traces and buying another set of identical clothes for her as the first set was soiled beyond use. After this victim, I learned that a mortician must look beyond the physical condition of a rotting corpse and see each body as being capable of erotic decomposition.

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