Squirting orgasm during sensual lesbian threesome

Squirting orgasm during sensual lesbian threesome
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CHRIS The phone kept ringing and ringing, but he wouldn't fuckin' answer it. "What the fuck are you doin'?" I screamed into the phone. The only answer I got back was the ring tone that went on forever and forever. After about five more rings, I slammed the receiver down on the hook, mad as fuck. "He wasn't there?" Aaron asked as he sat on an apple-colored couch with a half-grin on his pretty face. For a second I'd forgotten that dude was in the room - I'd forgotten that I was in his small, cluttered apartment.

I was so focused on tryin' to talk to Brandon - but of course that shit ended up bein' a fuckin' waste of time. "Didn't answer the phone," I answered angrily. "He might've been busy," Aaron suggested.

He smiled again; his teeth were too white and perfect, almost like they were fake. His whole face, although it was good-looking, had that same kinda artificialness to it. "Probably so," I said. B better not have been busy doin' what I was thinkin' he might've been busy doin' especially with that dumb ass, Luke Blockhead. What the fuck could he be doin' that was so important that he couldn't come to his phone and talk to me.

Or maybe B knew it was me on the other line and just didn't want to talk to me. But that couldn't have been the reason, `cause he wouldn't have called me earlier if he didn't want to talk to me. I picked up the phone and dialed Brandon's number again. I was as fuckin' patiently as I could for B to pick up the phone. Ten fuckin' rings went by before his fuckin' voicemail picked up. "B, it's me. If you're there, pick up the phone. I need to talk to you.fuck it. Just call me back later." I hung the phone up for the second time.

"Still wasn't there?" Aaron questioned. He had this look in his attractive brown eyes, like he was happy that I was upset that I wasn't able to talk to B. He stretched out on the couch, with his long legs dangling over the arm of the couch and his arms tucked behind his head. Looked like he was posing for a fuckin' photo or something. "Guess not.well, thanks for lettin' me use your phone." I started to make my way to the door. "Where are you goin'?" Aaron asked in that deep southern accent of his.

I stopped and turned around to look at him. Aaron stared at me with those hypnotic dark eyes of his. The bottom of his shirt was lifted up a little, so I could see his nice, flat stomach, his small navel, and the little thin trail of hair that disappeared down into his tight-ass blue jeans. He was definitely tryin' to pull me in, but I really wasn't tryin' to let that happen.


I was too busy thinkin' about talkin' to B to even be worried about this dude. "To my truck," I said. "Where you gonna go?" Aaron asked. "I don't know. Somewhere I could sleep for the night." Aaron laughed.

He stretched his arms above his head, causing his shirt to raise up a little bit more. He wore low-rise jeans, and bein' able to see the naked, tight curve of his ass, it was a bit more than obvious that the dude didn't have any underwear on, and that he really wanted me to know that he didn't have underwear on.

"Why'd you think I asked you to come over here?" Aaron questioned. "Wasn't just so you can use the phone." "I'm cool," I said, "I'm just goin' to go find somewhere to stay tonight so I can head back tomorrow." "You're not gonna find anything around here," Aaron said with that perfect smile on his face, "and if you do, you'll end up payin' more than you need to when you can just stay here free." I was tryin' to be polite at first, but this dude was really startin' to annoy me.

"Look, I'm not tryin' to get into anything with you tonight." Aaron's forehead creased. "What do you mean 'get into anything'?" "You know what I'm talkin' about. Don't act dumb. I didn't come over here to fuck you." Aaron laughed at me again as though I'd just said the most fuckin' funniest joke in the world. He sat upright on the couch. "I'm not trynna have sex with you, Chris.

I just wanted to help you out. Looked like you were goin' through a hard time, and I thought maybe I could help you out." I might've believed him if he didn't say 'hard' the way he did.

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Somehow he found a way to make everything sound like he wanted to fuck. "I don't think I'd feel comfortable stayin' here," I told him. "I mean I don't even know you at all. You don't even know me either. I might try and kill you in the middle of the night or steal your shit or somethin'." "No you wouldn't," Aaron said. "How would you know?" '`Cause you're not as tough as you think you are," Aaron replied.

For some reason that reminded me of somethin' that Brandon might say. When Aaron said that, it made my heart skip right quick. "There's no reason for you to go back out there. You can just sleep on this couch tonight, wake up in the mornin' and go back to your boyfriend." "Who the fuck said I had a boyfriend?" I asked. I was defensive, but didn't really know why. "Who was the guy you were trynna call then?" "A friend of mine," I lied.

I don't know why I said that. Aaron already knew that wasn't true, and I don't know why I was embarrassed to call B what he was really was to me - or at least what he was to me. "What does the B stand for?" Aaron asked. "Huh?" "You called him 'B.' What's his real name?" I didn't want to tell him Brandon's name, so I told him the first name I could think of.

"Ben." Aaron nodded and smiled. He could definitely be a fuckin' model `cause his face was just so damn perfect. "Do you love him?" I got kinda defensive again, but then I relaxed some. "I don't know.maybe.I guess.I think so.I don't really wanna talk about this shit right now. Especially with someone I don't know." It felt weird sayin' that shit out loud. I never thought I would feel that way about anybody. But when I really thought about it, I did. "Six months ago I left home `cause I couldn't be around my family anymore, and `cause I couldn't be around my boyfriend anymore," Aaron said.

"I came here to get away from all of `em. I thought that things would be better if I was by myself.but it's not better at all. I'm lonely here.

I gave up someone I really cared about, `cause I was scared. And now.I wish I could just go back to the way things you used to be. When stuff was simple instead of complicated." "Same way I feel," I told him. "Runnin' away from your problems doesn't fix `em," Aaron told me.

"I definitely know that for sure." Aaron stood, stretched, and began to walk through a little hallway which I guess led to his room. "I'm about to go to bed," he said. "I'll be up for a little while, in case you wanna talk or whatever." Aaron grinned at me and went into his room. I could've just left right then. But there was really no place for me to go. I figured I might as well just stay the night, and maybe in the mornin' I could decide what I was gonna do.

I went over to the couch and lay down. It felt warm and soft from where Aaron had been laying on it. Looking up at the ceiling, I thought about Brandon and wondered if he was thinkin' about me. I would like to think that he was. It would be good to know that he was worryin' about me and wonderin' when I was comin' home - but maybe he didn't even know that I was really gone. Part of me wanted to just get off the couch, leave, get in my truck, and drive back to him. But then what?

Would shit be different just `cause I showed up at his doorstep? Why would he want to see me now, when he didn't want to see me the other night? I checked my cell phone to see if the signal had started workin' again.

But it wasn't. Mad, I just turned the goddamn thing off. I figured that B wasn't gonna call me anyway. I didn't wanna stay in this dude's apartment, but at the same time I didn't wanna leave, `cause I wasn't completely sure if there was a really reason for me to leave.

And then I thought about Aaron in the other room, and wondered if he was waitin' for me to come into his room and try somethin' with him. A good part of me wanted to. I hadn't had sex in pretty much over a week, almost two. Aaron was decent lookin', and I knew I could pull him in if I wanted to.

But I knew that if I wanted to make shit right with B again, that fuckin' some other dude wasn't gonna be the best way to do it. Except that B didn't have a problem messin' around with Blockhead. Even if that dude didn't mean anything to him, he was still doin' it. Why shouldn't I do the same thing? It's probably not like I'm gonna see this Aaron dude ever again anyway? Might as well make the best out of it. My dick started to get hard thinkin' about fuckin' Aaron. I could tell he had a hot body under those clothes he wore, and a sexy ass behind those tight ass jeans.

I gave my dick a few rough tugs through my jeans and stood up. I kinda felt nervous as I walked through the short hallway to Aaron's room. I felt kinda guilty too. I knew it was somethin' I shouldn't be doin'. But I was gonna do it anyway. I went to Aaron's bedroom door and pushed it open slightly. BRANDON Luke sighed and rolled off of me.

For a few minutes, we both didn't move or say anything, and then he finally got off of my bed and started to put on his clothes. I watched him, his beautiful, muscular naked body, and I wondered why I wasn't more attracted to him. "I'm sorry," I said. I could tell that Luke was upset as he put on his jeans, but of course he wasn't going to let me know it.

"No need to be. Maybe some other time." He put on his shirt and shoes. I grabbed my underwear from the base of the bed and put them on. "Just felt tired," I told him. I don't know why I felt like I had to explain myself to Luke, but I did. "I told you, it's okay," Luke said angrily. "I'm not mad." "You look like you are." Luke stared at me with an irate expression on his face for a few moments.

"I'm fine," he said. It sounded like he was trying to convince himself more than he was trying to convince me. I kinda felt bad for him. "See you later," Luke told me. And then he was gone. The second Luke left, I jumped off my bed, went over to my pair of jeans on the floor and pulled out my cell phone from my pocket. Eagerly, I checked my voicemail, hoping to God that Chris had called me.

There was one message: "B, it's me." When I heard Chris' voice, my heart almost popped out of my chest. ".If you're there, pick up the phone.I really need to talk to you.fuck it, just call me back later." I wanted to call him back that second, but I really didn't know what to say.

But I called anyway, waiting for Chris to answer. Two rings went by. Then four. Then six. After a while I became really discouraged and just hung up the phone. I wondered what he was doing right now. Going back over to my bed, which still smelled like Luke, I stared at the ceiling thinking about Chris, wishing that he was with me right now.

I shouldn't have let him leave like that the other night. I wished that none of the shit that happened had happened; basically I just wished that things would go back to the way they used to be, when we spend all most all the time together, having sex and annoying each other. Now, I felt really lonely without him. JASON "What are you thinkin' about?" Billy asked. We were laying naked on his bed, facing the opposite end of each other.

I rubbed his slightly hair, muscular calf before I kissed it. "Nothing," I said. "Bullshit," Billy said. "You haven't said anything in like twenty minutes." He rested his large, warm hand on my hamstring, and then slid it upward to my ass, where he squeezed each globe really hard.

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It made me get slightly hard again when he touched me like that, but I was still kind've recuperating from the last time Billy fucked me, nearly half-an hour ago. "You must be thinkin' about somethin'. Is it me?" "Kind of," I told him. "I was just kinda thinking about how weird all of this is." "What is?" Billy asked.

I changed directions on the bed so that we were both facing each other. I stared into his intense dark eyes, at his beautiful face, and it felt like I was seeing him for the first time.

He looked so perfect, so simple and perfect. "You," I said, "and me. It's kinda weird." I moved in closer to him so that I could feel the warmth coming from his hard body. Billy wrapped his arms around me and pulled me in really close to him. "I never thought it would be like this." "Yeah," Billy responded. I kissed the side of his neck.

I could feel his strong pulse beating against my lips. And I could feel his body start to heat up even more. His cock also started to grow larger, and it pressed against mine, which also was getting really hard again. "But I like it," I told him. "I like you." "I know," Billy said in his casual, borderline arrogant tone.

"Me too." He waited a minute, and then asked, "What about Brandon? Do you still like him?" A part of me kinda shuddered when Billy said Brandon's name. I wished Billy hadn't even mentioned Brandon to me.

I was still really upset from the way that he led me on and then fucked me over. Though I had to admit that I was still physically attracted to him, my feelings for him had turned a complete 180 and I really didn't ever want to talk to him again. And I'm not the kind of person not to forgive someone, but at the same time, I didn't consider Brandon to be someone I would ever really want to be friends with. But in a way, I was glad that Brandon had rejected me, because it brought me closer to Billy.

I really liked being around him; when we we're together, he's completely different from the asshole, stupid jock stereotype that he tries so hard to maintain. When we're together, Billy was more sensitive, more considerate, and a lot more intelligent than I thought he would be. He surprised me in a good way. Still, I was wondering why Billy had asked me that question. "Why?" I asked, rolling on top of him. "Just a question," Billy said.

He spread his legs apart, allowing me to squeeze in through the space between his muscular thighs. His cock was fully hard now, poking at my lower stomach. It only took a few more seconds for my own cock to be just as hard. "I don't even want to think about him right now, Will-" I was about to call him 'William' but I know he hated when I called him that.

I just liked the sound of 'William' more than 'Billy'.

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It sounded stronger and more dignified. "I just want to worry about you." I kissed him gently on the lips. Billy wrapped both of his strong arms around me, jamming his tongue into my mouth.

I loved kissing Billy, because he always kissed me with such passion and force as though it were the last time he would ever be able to kiss me and he wanted to make it count.

He broke away from me. "But do you still like him?" "Why are we still talking about this?" I asked. "No, I don't like him." Billy looked at me for a few seconds as though he were trying to see if I was telling him the truth or something.

It was unusual for me to see him being so insecure, when usually he projected so much self-confidence. Yet at the same time, it was kind of good to know that he actually cared about how I felt about him. "Really, I'm serious," I told him. "He has too many issues for me. And he doesn't know what he wants." Billy grabbed my ass with both hands and rolled over so that he was on top of me now. "What do you mean?" Billy asked. "You know what I mean. He acted like he liked me for a quick second, and then he was like "I have to be Chris'.

Five seconds later he's over Chris and moved on to Luke Block. He's probably gone through the whole fucking varsity football team by now. People like him annoy me. So, no. I don't like him." As soon as I finished talking, Billy covered my mouth with his and our tongues wrestled with one another. "Good," he said.

Billy started to kiss down my neck, to my chest, and then he began to gently bite one of my nipples. The moist touch of his lips, the humidity of his breath, the wetness of his talented tongue, and the gentle hardness of his teeth made my body jerk and spasm in pleasure. Billy bit down a little bit harder and a loud moan escaped my mouth. He grabbed my arms and pinned them up behind me so that I couldn't move as he continued to go to work on my nipples.

After he finished with my nipples, he licked upward to my armpit and began lick there; the touch of his tongue there electrified my nerves, and I screamed out, almost hitting a high-pitched scream as Billy licked faster and faster. I loved the feeling of being powerless and surrendering to him as he did whatever he wanted to me. Billy licked down the center of my chest again, down my smooth flat stomach, until he came to my navel. He knew that of all the places on my body, that was the most sensitive.

Billy stuck the tip of tongue into my navel and flicked at it very rapidly. I moaned and groaned, struggling against his powerful grip. The more I tried to struggle with him, the tighter Billy held me down, and the hotter my body became.

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My cock was pulsating against his chest, and I waited in antagonizing anticipation, because I knew that was the next place Billy was going to go next. Billy continued downward to my pubic area, which I'd shaved recently, because that was one of Billy's favorite places to lick and kiss me.

With his free hand, Billy cupped my nutsack and began to message my balls as he licked around right above my rock hard cock. I continued to squirm under his grasp, shut my eyes tight and curled my toes tight as Billy deep-throated my nine inch cock into his mouth in one easy motion.

I arched my back and screamed out loud, hitting the top of my head against the headboard. His beautiful warm lips went up and down my shaft, each time faster than the last. I continued to scream; Billy rolled me over roughly on my stomach. With one hand on my head, keeping me on the pillow, Billy went straight for my butt, spreading my ass apart with his other hand and dug his tongue inside of my crack.

The touch of Billy's tongue within the inside of my asscrack felt electric. I tried to squirm in response to his licks and tongue thrusts, but Billy easily kept me in place.

The tip of his tongue circled around my asshole in fiery hot circles. "Fuck me," I whispered, just about out of breath. At first I didn't think Billy had heard me, but then he snatched his tongue out of my butt and mounted me. His hard muscular body pressing me down into the mattress felt so good. Billy kissed the back of my neck while he grinded his extra big and hard cock against my asscrack, sliding it in between without actually going inside of it.

For some reason I thought about Brandon, and if circumstances had been different, then maybe I would be having sex with him instead of Billy. The more I tried to picture in my head, what it would be like to be with Brandon, it didn't seem right; even though - and I wish I wasn't - still attracted to Brandon, I couldn't imagine myself actually fucking him. I couldn't imagine him on top of me, as Billy was, ready to stick his big cock far up my ass.

I could only imagine Billy doing this to me. Maybe that's the way Brandon felt about Chris.if he hasn't already fucked Luke Block yet. I was interrupted from my thoughts by the sudden and shocking sensation of Billy's cock going into my ass. Billy had fucked me many times - while I've fucked him only twice - and each time he entered me, I felt like it was the first time I was ever having sex.

Billy pushed his cock into my ass slowly, knowing that I needed it to be gentle when he first put it inside. I heard him sigh deeply and his body relaxed as all thick ten inches of him slid into my ass. Biting the pillow, I waited for the initial discomfort to go away, but I got used to it quickly - as I always did.


When Billy knew that I was more comfortable, he took his cock halfway out and rammed it in again, much harder and quicker that time. I closed my eyes and cleared my mind, thinking about nothing except for Billy and him fucking me.

He moved faster and faster, in and out. I loved the touch of his body against mine; I loved the way he would softly moan right before he came; I loved being with him - I loved him.

It felt weird to think that, but it was true. And I knew he felt the same way, I knew - The telephone rang. At first we both continued like we didn't hear it. We kept going at until the ringing became like a drilling in our heads.


Angry, Billy took himself out of me and grabbed the phone. "What the fuck do you want?" he asked. I smiled to myself, amused by his anger, aroused by the sweat glistening on his perfect, naked body. I watched Billy's expression go from angry - to even more angry.

"Why the fuck are you callin' here, Newman? How did you get my number in the first place? No. He's not here.I don't know where the fuck he is.he's your problem, not mine.why should I tell you where he live?

Don't you already know?" By this time I figured that Brandon was the person on the other line and that he was looking for Chris. I saw the anger on Billy's face as he talked to Brandon - it wasn't a normal kind of anger, it was an envious type of anger. "Fine. He lives on Davis Street, last house on the left. Don't call here again." Billy hung up the phone. Even though I already knew, I asked, "Who was that?" Billy lay beside me again, face to face.

"Dumb ass Brandon Newman." "What did he want?" I don't know why I was asking this questions that I already had the answers to. Maybe I just wanted to see how Billy would respond to them. "You know what he wanted," Billy answered sharply. There was a moment of silence between us. I think both of us went limp. The romantic mood had passed. Now the rest of the night would be filled with awkwardness. For some reason, I just decided to ask, "Do you still like him?" Billy's forehead creased.

He looked at me as if he liked lung cancer. "Brandon Newman? Hell fuckin no." "That's not who I'm talking about." Billy's face relaxed a little. He had this weird expression on his face that I couldn't describe, almost like I had caught him in the biggest lie he had ever told and he couldn't his guilt.

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"Chris?" I didn't have to say anything. He knew that was the right answer. "He's my friend," Billy said. "I know," I told him. "That's all," Billy said.

And then he rolled over, so that his back was facing me. "Or at least he used to be my friend. Until fuckin Newman came and fucked shit up." "You're mad that he was spending more time with Brandon instead of you." I meant it to sound as a question, but it ended up just being a statement.

"Jay, I don't wanna talk about this shit right now. Leave me alone." I didn't say anything else to him. I just laid there and watched his back, thinking, but not saying anything out loud. CHRIS I opened the door to Aaron's room. It smelled like oranges inside of his room and there was a small lamp on in the corner, makin' the room not so dark I saw Aaron lying in his bed, on his back, eyes closed.

He was naked - or at least it looked so. The covers came up to where his dick was and it didn't look like he was wearin' underwear. That dude had a slick body; skinny but not too skinny - he had some muscle to him and I liked it.

I closed the bedroom door behind me gently. I didn't know if he was asleep or not. Probably not. He was just probably fakin it. Almost as if he read my mind or somethin', Aaron opened his eyes and looked at me.

He gave me that "I wanna fuck you" smile again. "Figured you would come in here," he said. "It was cold in there and that couch is hard." "That couch isn't the only thing hard," Aaron noticed, looking at the front of my jeans. My dick was still semi-hard. I kinda felt nervous again. I was used to be the one chasin' after people, being straight to the point and shit, not the other way around. This dude knew how to really go after what he wanted, and I thought that was cool.

"Well don't just stand there," Aaron said, 'come over here." "I told you already dude, I'm not gonna fuck you." Aaron laughed like a Texan cowboy. "You're a funny boy. You keep bringin' up sex and I just asked you to come here." "I'm just lettin' you know, so don't get too excited." Aaron laughed again.

"Just come here, boy." Somethin' about the way he said that made my dick pop right back up. And he definitely noticed. "I just wanna talk to you," Aaron said with that devious smile. "That's all." He stretched his body out so that the blankets went further down his body, allowing me to see his neatly trimmed pubic hair. Yep. He was butt-naked for sure.

I kicked off my shoes and took off my baseball cap. When I was about to get into bed with him, Aaron smiled and said, "You can't wear your clothes to bed." He was really makin' it hard for me to not want to just fuck the shit outta him.

But I had to remember about Brandon. I didn't wanna have all that fuckin' guilt in my head if I did sometin' I wasn't supposed to do. I took off my shirt slowly, unbuckled my jeans even slower. Normally, I didn't give a fuck about someone watchin' me undress, I was never ashamed of my body. But for some reason, when this dude was looking at me, with this excited-ass look in his eyes, I started feelin' all shy and shit.

"Why are you lookin' at me like that?" Aaron just smiled. "Nothin'. Keep goin'. You're almost there." I let my pants fall to the ground and stood naked, tryin' to keep my dick down, but not gettin' any luck. When Aaron saw me naked, his eyebrows arched and that smile became wider. "Lucky boyfriend you got," he said. I climbed into the bed with him, more scared than nervous now. I don't know why I was lettin' this dude make me sweat like this. I could've easily just put my shit back on and leave and find somewhere else to stay.

But it was somethin' about this boy that was makin' me stay against my will. I made sure to stay as far away from him as possible, tryin' not to let any of our parts touch each other. "I'm not gonna do anything you don't want me to do," Aaron said. I knew that shit was a lie, `cause I said the same shit to all the girls and dudes I ever wanted to fuck. This dude was really tryin' to pull one over on me and I was layin' naked up in his bed, hard as a fuckin' metal pole. "What are you thinkin' about?" Aaron asked.

His warm foot softly touched my knee. I felt a sizzle go up my leg. "I'm thinkin' I need to get the fuck outta here." "Where? Back to where you came from?" Aaron asked. "Back to 'Ben'?" He said 'Ben' in a way that he knew that wasn't Brandon's real name.

"Do you think he's waitin' for you at home?" "I don't know." Aaron scooted closer to me. I could feel the heat comin' from his body and though I didn't want to admit it, it felt good.

"He probably misses you," he said. "How would you know?" Grazing my elbow with his finger, Aaron said, "I can just tell." He really knew how to make the simplest touches feel like the best.

"I know you wanna be with him right now." ".Yeah. I do." Aaron placed his hand on my stomach. I jerked when he touched me; he didn't take his hand off, and I kinda didn't want him to. "What does he smell like?" "What kinda weird-ass question is that?" Aaron shrugged. "Smells are important. How does he smell like?" I tried to remember what B smelled like the last time I saw him, last night on the porch.

But I couldn't think.

"I don't know." "What's his favorite ice-cream flavor?" Aaron asked. "I don't know. That's a stupid ass question." Aaron lowered his hand so it was below my navel. My dick throbbed. "What does he wanna be?" Aaron questioned. "I don't know." He was makin' me sound like a fuckin' idiot. "When's his birthday?" "Can we stop fuckin' playin' twenty goddamn questions?" I yelled. "I don't know the answer to none of that shit." "Maybe that's part of the problem," Aaron said simply.

"Seems like you like him, but you don't really know him." After saying that, Aaron took his hand off of me. He got out of bed and walked over to the lamp on the other side of the room.

He turned it off, leaving the whole room in darkness and shadows. I felt him climb in the bed beside me again. I thought that he was gonna try and go at me again, but he didn't.

"Good night," Aaron said. I didn't say anything back. I just looked up at the dark ceiling. What Aaron just said repeated over and over in my head: "Seems like you like him, but you don't really know him." I could hear Aaron breathing softly beside me. Gently, I got out of bed and tryin' not to make a whole lot of noise, put my clothes on.

Right as I was about to head out of the room, I heard Aaron ask me, "Are you leavin' now?" I turned around. "Yeah." A brief pause, and then Aaron said, "You goin' home?" Home. I really didn't have a home to go back to. But B was back at home.

And even though there was some shit back there that I really didn't want to deal with, that's where I wanted to be. "Yeah. Thanks for your help." Even in the darkness, I could tell that Aaron was smiling at me. "Good luck he said. Make sure you lock the door when you leave." "See you later," I told him. I left his apartment in a hurry, gettin' into my truck like I was tryin' to escape from a serial killer or somethin'.

I wanted to leave as fast as possible. As I turned on the ignition I thought about the reasons why I had left in the first place. I know for damn sure that shit between me and my dad wasn't gonna change. I didn't even wanna bother to talk to him.

I wanted to have another chance with B, to make things better, to fix the only relationship in my life that ever really meant somethin' to me. Things were gonna be different when I went back. They were gonna be better - at least I hoped they would be.