Gestrandet jugendlich breitet Beine für Fahrer

Gestrandet jugendlich breitet Beine für Fahrer
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" Mina, Why are you calling?" I demaned. " I want to come home to try to gain your trust." She replied. My tone was abrupt, and clipped, Mina knew what it meant. Hearing my deep, velvety voice asking that question made her toes curl in her high-heeled pumps, and made every tiny little nerve ending in her body clench.

The raw edge told her I was still angry at her for her betrayal. She missed me, she was craving for skin-to-skin contact. " Tonight, John." She cradled the phone against her ear and whispered into it like a lovesick teenager.

" I'll be home tonight. Don't make me wait for you." " I'll be there as fast as I can get there." Mina ended the call and fought that now-familiar internal battle to drag her attention back to something other than her body's urgent demands. After several slow, deep breaths, she was able to focus again on not finalizing the settlement agreement we'd just concluded in the divorce that had taken her away from me in the first place.

She wanted to get home. She needed to get home. She needed to get home, to me, and be fucked in that universe-altering manner to which she had become swiftly and thoroughly accustomed. We had been together more than five years now. Enough, she would have thought, for her to have gotten control of this voracious, insistent need for me.

Apparently she was wrong. No matter how much sex we had, how many orgasms, how many places and positions and toys -- and, it seemed, no matter what we did, on occasion, with other people -- this hunger never seemed to fade; it roared to flaming lusty life every time she heard my voice or saw my tall, muscular body. Professional pride was the only thing that kept her from hailing a taxi at that precise moment, negotiations be damned.

Six hours later she was there. At home in Dallas. Walking into the living room, she sees me lying in the sofa waiting for her. My pulse was pounding when he walked in the door.


The house was quiet; the room lit only by the scented candles and the fireplace. Mina pauses in the entryway, taking it all in with one glance, and then her eyes lit on me. I saw it immediately, the bright hot glitter in her eyes; I knew this mood very well, and when I saw it -- when I saw that she just wanted it, now, she had to have it, I responded to that need, and she could see my response in the little smile that brushed my lips. She paused at the door and I held up a glass of wine for her, smiling.

I slowly crossed the room to take it, and my eyes held hers, steady and intent. They raked her, those eyes, roaming down over her soft blue silk blouse. The top was pulled tight against her, outlining her breasts. Her skirt had fallen open a bit, showing a smooth bare leg, all the way up to the top of her thigh. That knee was raised as I got close to her. Her nipples tightened when my eyes brushed them, lingering. She feels heat all the way through her body as I concentrate on her thigh.

I slowly sip the wine, standing over her, looking down. She sees me, suddenly, as a powerful, dangerous stallon, casting fear. Her pulse quickens. She wanted to challenge the stallon, to confront me, to show me she wasn't afraid.

Perhaps a part of her wanted to conquer me. No matter how her conscious brain knew or believed about men and women and relationships, another part of her recognizes pure masculine power and wants to surrender to it. For that moment, that part of her wanted, and needed, to be dominated, to be overwhelmed, and to be completely mastered by that power. The intensity, the eroticism of that almost magnetic force surrounding me, flowed shimmeringly through her, every nerve, every cell in her body leapt in response.

Between her legs she was soaking wet, and she moves one leg just slightly, exposing her to my blazing green gaze. Mina loves seeing my cock throbbing as my eyes linger over the silky glistening folds between her legs. My eyes slowly returns to hers. She knows how much she wants me, and the smile playing at the corners of my mouth tells her I was going to give her everything she wants. I sit the glass down and kneels on the floor beside her, running my fingers from her ankles all the way up her legs, my eyes never straying from her wet pussy lips.

I bend my head close to her, only allowing my fingertips against her skin; She moans softly " ooooh.ooooh.mmmmmm " as my feathery touch slids up higher. " Mmmmm," I murmur softly. " You feel so good, baby. And that pussy is beautiful." Mina wanted to answer. She wanted to tell me how hot her skin feels when my fingers touch her, she couldn't speak. The back of one of my hands lightly brushes the soft shaved skin around her wet sticky little slit, her hips jerk in response.

I laugh at that, I'm loving that she could not control her reaction. My feathery little kisses over her pubic mound and then blow on it, and the moisture gathers there cooled so her muscles contract involuntarily. " Touch it for me, baby," I told her softly, my voice low. " Show me how you like to play with it. Show me." She moves her fingers slowly over her clean shaved pussy, watching my eyes burn emerald green, and then slid the tip of her middle finger up and down the slick wet slit.

She traces paths over the soft skin, around the fold, over this one, circling that one, getting her finger soaking wet. My pupils dilate, following her finger. She traces delicately around the edges of that hot little hole and then quickly dips inside. Thick hot liquid covers her finger, and her pleasure spikes dramatically as she sees my lips part. She pushes her finger further in, deeper, and wiggles it, knowing I see it, knowing I love that.

She pulls the finger out, slowly, and holds it up in the air, watching as it glistens in the firelight. She holds it up to me, touching my lips, sliding it between them when I open my mouth just slightly.


My lips close and she feels gentle suction, my tongue swirling over the slender length between my lips, and she hooks that finger in my mouth, pulling it back toward her, bringing my lips closer.

When I was close enough she pulls that finger away and into her mouth, and my lips instantly, forcefully cover hers. My tongue immediately enters her mouth, swirling around her as we both lick, and suck, her finger. Mina tastes the sweet, sharp tang of those juices, and she smells the heavy musky scent beneath that flavor, and her pulse begins to hammer a slow, familiar, intoxicating rhythm.

My tongue slowly circles inside her mouth. I grasp her wrist and pull her hand away, firmly, as I press my lips fully against hers. I urge her mouth open, deepening the kiss, she feels me pulling her hand back down to her now-throbbing center.

I place it gently over the soft bare skin and move to cover her fingers, pressing them firmly over the tender outer lips. I move them up, and then down, pressing harder, and she draws a sharp breath, not knowing what I will do next, anticipation suspended in the air. She feels my fingers suddenly move, pushing hard, forcing two of her fingers deep inside as my own middle finger covers them, and she arches her back and nearly leaps off the sofa.

Mina looks up at me, at my eyes, reflecting the firelight. The invasion has been so swift, so unexpected, that her brain didn't know immediately how to interpret the signals her body was sending.

She was filled, and stretched, and her body soared, everything in her opening, expanding, wanting more, eager for more. She is stroked, deep and smooth and hard, and she moves her hips forward, gently, to meet the fingers I was pushing inside her; the fingers, mine and hers, I was fucking her with. Her eyes open, meeting mine, focusing on her, knowing her, reading her response in every fleeting expression on her face. Waves of pleasure lapping inside her. I feel them, and smile.

" Feel that, baby." I murmur. " Feel those fingers inside you. Is it good, baby? You like that? You like how I'm making you fuck yourself, right there? You like feeling my fingers there with yours? Like this?" I push harder, fingers curving and straightening, taking hers with me. " Yes." She whispers, breathless.

" You want more?" I tease, my lips hovering over hers, brushing hers lightly. " More, sweetheart." She breaths against my mouth. " Give me more." My mouth covers hers, hot and sweet, and I kiss her hard as I push deep inside her, stroking. Then I curl my fingers toward the front wall of her pussy she feels it, right in the G spot, my touch so sweet she shudders, gasping, crying out as the climax broke over her, inside her, rushing through her like a tsunami.

" Oh God John.MMmmmmm." As it fades I smile against her mouth and she slowly opens her eyes. " Darling." I whisper, my mouth warm against hers, " I love you came home to me." She smiles back. The only response she made at that moment was to put her hand behind my head, pulling my mouth down and kissing me, with passion and hot urgent need, silently showing me all the feelings I aroused in her, desperate to open them to me.

Her fingers brushing the hard angles of my face as her tongue circles inside my mouth. So sweet I tasted; as my tongue plays with hers and strokes it. It feels as if her body was dissolving into me, and she welcomes it, I wants it.

Mina feels my arms slipping around her as I sat on the floor, pulling her off the sofa, holding her tightly to my chest. She twists against me so she is kneeling, facing me, her arms around my neck, her mouth open to mine. She feels me shift to hold her secure; she raised one knee and moves it, slowly, up my side. My body tenses in response and one hand slids down her back, pressing her closer all the way down, seeming to savor the contact with her silk robe.

Then she feels my hand just under the silk, cupping her bare ass and pulling it close to me and she laughs softly, her lips still against mine. " So hot, baby," She breaths into my mouth.

" So fucking hot." " Yes, Mina," I murmured. " You are. So fucking HOT," and she pulls her knee toward me, wrapping her leg around my waist. " Leave it there, right there," I told her, and she giggles when I switch hands, holding her close with one arm around her waist, leaning backward and pulling at her other thigh till she let me wrap that one around as well, finally sitting on my lap with her legs wrapped around my waist.

" Oh, yes. Just like I want you," I growl, and suddenly I was leaning forward and she was flat on her back on the soft rug with her legs around me and my hard thick cock pressing so tight against her wet pussy that she couldn't breathe. Suddenly she wasn't in the mood to laugh any more; she feels the thick smooth ridge pressing against her and she wants it so bad, she wants it inside her. " Fuck me," She whispers urgently.

" What, baby?" I tease. " I couldn't hear you. Say it again." Mina grits her teeth; she hates this game. she couldn't take it right now. She wants me too much, she has spent days, dreaming of this, waiting to come home to me, and she despiritely needs my cock inside her. " Now, John," She hisses with teeth-clenched frustration. " I want it now, I want you now, don't tease me, oh god don't tease me. Fuck me. Fuck me," and her long, smooth legs are around me tight.

She raises her hips to thrust against my hard cock, her pussy soaking my pants, and she knew that combination would get to me. " Yes, darling," I whisper against her mouth. " Yes, that's it. Let that sweet pussy tell me you want me. Tell me with your mouth, baby.

Tell me just what you want. I'll give it to you, I promise. But tell me." Mina looks into my eyes, glittering bright and hot, and it is easy to say it, to tell me what I wanted to hear.

" Oh, I want your cock, John." and reaching down to rub her hand up and down my throbbing length. " This cock?" I smile. " You want it?

What do you want with it, honey?" " I want you to fuck me with it, baby," She answers low, her nerves humming, raw. " I want you to put this hard prick inside me, inside my wet juicy little cunt, and fuck me, I want you to pump it right into me while I squeeze it tight and close my pussy right over it, while hot creamy juice pours all over it and soaks it till it drips." She whispers more, urgent things, the nastiest things she could think to say, and she pulls my zipper down, swiftly, urgently.

I help her push her hand inside my shorts, intending to pull them down. Suddenly she feels my throbbing hard thick cock leaping forward when her hand brushes it, and for a moment she is gone, paralyzed with need, gasping at how incredible I feel against her hand.

My long thick hard cock, so unbelievably hard and thick, and so hot it startles her, the velvet texture making her mouth water, and then she feels a few drops of precum gathering at the tip, leaving a little trail across the back of her hand. " Oh John, I have missed you." She breathes.

" Oh god that is so good, I love how this feels." As much as she wants to touch me, as much as she wants to feel my naked cock in her hands, the urge to taste it is so powerful she couldn't resist. She raises her hand to her lips, and the tip of her tongue darts out before she realizes it, tracing the wet streak on the back of her hand. She leans toward me. I know what she wants, so I put my tongue there too, and she feels it warm on her hand, touching her tongue; She tastes the fluid, hot and sharply tangy, and moans at the shivery delight I make her feel.

" ooooohhhh.aaaaaahhhh.mmmmmmmm." When I hear her moan, I raise my head and she sees the need, the raw passion in my gleaming eyes, I wrap my arms around her pulling her forward onto my cock in one smooth, swift, rough motion. She feels it sink deep into her like a wave crashing into a rock, she hears me groan as her warm wet pussy envelopes me.

The muscles surrounding my cock tightened till couldn't breathe at all. " John," She whispers, the words coming out so ragged and faint I wouldn't have heard it if she hadn't been breathing it right against my mouth.

" Oh,John." " Yes Mina. Oh yes love," I answer. She knew tears were starting to spill onto her cheeks; it is just too powerful, too raw, and I sense that. I smile at her, and my lips caught the tears before they slipped too far down her face. I lick them softly away and pull her down, closer to me, against my chest, and my cock slips inside her.

She giggles as she unbuttons my shirt and presses her palms flat against my chest and slids them up, over my shoulders, down my back as she leans close, then back to my shoulders and down my arms till they met behind me. She arches her back toward me, her head dropping back and she feels me slip deeper inside her.

" Yes, baby," I whisper, my voice now dark and rough. " Take it, take more of me. Take all my cock inside you." My hips surge forward as I spoke, and she rocks forward, taking it, her muscles contracting over the hard thickness of the shaft penetrating her.

My cock slides in deep, filling her, all the way down to her core, as if touching her heart. She grips my shoulders and pushes down harder, deepening the penetration. I bend my head and looking down, at the spot where my cock disappears into her.

Knowing I was watching, watching my cock fucking her, is so damned hot it makes her whimper, pleasure sizzling up her spine. I hear her whimper I reach down, spreading her pussy lips further open, exposing the tight, hard little clit and then brush my fingers across it. Everything in her throbbing, spasms swirling over her in warm, drenching waves.

Her fingers dug sharply into my shoulders and she pushes down, grinding her pussy down onto my cock. Mina hears me laugh, pure pleasure in the sound, pure joy as she explodes, telling her how good it is, how hot she is, how much I love it when she comes on my hot, hard cock. She feels my arms around her, tightening as she starts to come down, dizzy and a little disoriented. My smile reassures her.

Mina leans forward to kiss me again.

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My lips part, soft against her, she knew I wasn't finished with her; my hands are moving behind her, pressing firmly, smoothing the silk robe against her hot, damp skin. My hands feel strong and powerful casting their spell, drawing ancient mystical patterns on the naked flesh of her back, binding her to me. She leans back against my hands, feeling them stroking her, the pressure increasing till I shift, gripping her arms just above her elbows, pulling her sharply closer, thrusting my hips up again to remind her in the most direct way possible that I was still hard, still wanting her, I was going to fuck her rough and hard, and that hard thick shaft inside her pulls her attention right back to the dripping wet place between her legs.

" We are going to have a fun time, now your going to do what I want." I said. Mina said yes and starts to cry. " There is no reason to cry or scream, just relax and get ready." With that said I begin to run my hands all over Mina's body again.

I rub her tits and play with them while she chokes back her tears. My hands work their way down her stomach and start to trace the outside folds of her hairless pussy. Mina tries pull away to close her legs but I push my hand into her neck causing her to gag for breath. Mina struggles to stand up pulling away from me. Mina cries out " Stop John." I stand up grabbing her spinning her around to face the wall. I push her up against the wall and ram my finger inside her.

I forcefully violate her pussy with my finger as she begs me to stop. I then without warning or lubrication shove two fingers inside her. AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Mina screams in pain as she feels my fingers roughly probing her pussy. " Shhhhhh! " I whisper to her as I push my fingers deep inside her and begin fucking her tight pussy.

Mina screams again " AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!" When will you learn to give in and let this happen, it will be alot easier on you if you do. It will happen whether you fight or not so just be good. Understand?" Mina sobs and shakes her head yes. I pull my fingers from her pussy and force her out of the living room and down the hall. We go into the bedroom, I force her down onto the bed and push her legs open with my hairy legs.

I hold her chin and make her look at me again. " You don't have to feel uncomfortable with me, you know." " I know." She whispers. " I would never say or do anything to hurt you." " No. Wait. Please stop." She said as she gently holds my hand. " Relax." I whisper as I slowly lay on top of her. " I don't wanna do this." She whispers with a trembling voice.

She looks at me with fearful eyes. I smile at her. A kind, soothing smile. I take my hand back from her pussy. I see the expression on her face suddenly soften, as she thought I'm going to be so considerate and do whatever she tells me. At that moment, as I see her full confidence in me rise up again, " Now listen to me. You will do as I say!" " John, what happened to you?" " Nothing. You betrayed me, now you want to come back." I slowly remove my hand from her mouth and let her cry silently as I start licking, sucking and massaging her breasts and nipples.

I put my fingers in her and start fingering her pussy again. She starts gasping, pleading for me to stop. " Please. Let's just forget it. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, so sorry. Please!" I grab her thighs and start spreading her legs apart.

She grabs my head, trying to get it off of her mouth, probably so she could whimper and beg one more time. I force my tongue into her mouth and continue kissing her, waiting a few seconds before removing my lips from hers.

" Please. Please, I can't. Please. Please. I can't ." She pleads. " I know. You told me everything, remember? " Please, John. Let me leave." Mina struggles furiously to relieve herself of my weight, I hold her down as my hands begin to roam over her body. " John, stop," she sobs. I ignore her pleas, my hands roughly explore her breasts before moving down over her waist to the curve of her hips.

" No!" she wails as I shove two fingers back into her tight pussy. She grabs my wrist with both her hands and tries to push my hand away, I continue my rough assault thrusting into her hard and deep. She gasps as she feels me slide a third finger into her. " John, you're hurting me. Stop!" My body crushes her aganist the mattress and she feels the bulbous head of my hard cock poking aganist the tender lips of her cunt.

As my mouth covers hers my hand slips between our bodies and I position the tip of my cock at the opening of her pussy. I groan into her mouth as I push into her, I feel her pussy is lubricated. I thurst hard into her driving the head of my cock into her, " OMG STOP! STOP! OH PLEASE STOP!" Mina screams.

" Oh! Baby, your so tight. My God, ssssoooo tight!' I pull completely out of her. Then with the head barely touching her lips again, I drive my hips forward using all of my might. For a brief moment, her lips resist, then split to allow the instrument to enter her, slamming through her tight vaginal canal and driving itself at least 6 inches in on the first thrust.

Mina has been stretched like this many times, I wasn't surprised when her whole body jerks in response to the white hot pain of the instrument slicing into her tight pussy as she emitted a screech " OMG!


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AAAAAHHHH! " Pulling back several inches, I see lots of blood covering my cock, and dribbling down on to the bed. Then I drive forward again, slamming the head right up against her cervix.

I draw back and start ramming her as she howls pitifully " OMG! AAAAAHHHH! AAAAAYYYY! AAAAHHHH! " The feel of her tight pussy milking my cock sent shivers of excitement through my body as I slam into her.

The pain was not a surprise to her since she experiences pain every time we have sex. She feels my large balls resting against her pussy flesh and she knows she had taken all of me.

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The feeling of fullness was incredible as always! Mina is always proud of herself when she takes all 9". I begin to pull out then thrust deep back into her. I'm building a rhythm gradually taking longer and deeper strokes until I have sheathing and unsheathing of my full 9" on each stroke.

Her pussy resisting each thrust, clamping down in a vain attempt at stopping each subsequent penile impalement. Tears running down her face as her tight canal is stretched and scrapped by the sustained ramming I was inflicting on her. Gradually, the continued ramming of my cockhead gave to the back of her pussy causes it to give a bit, and I'm able to ram the last few inches in. It feels great, having her tight pussy grasping the entire shaft including the base of my cock, convulsing from the impalement, continuely spasming as her whole body heaves from the sobs and screams she was emitting " AAAAAHHHH!

AAAAHHHH! OOOOOHHHH! PLEASE STOP! Pleeesssse Sttttttoooopppp! " I groan into her mouth as I continue slamming into her like a pile driver. My fingers dig into the flesh at her waist and she cries out " AAAAAHHHH! AAAAHHHH!

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OOOOOHHHH!. " John," she cries pathetically, her hands at my face as she tries again to push me away. I fuck my wife for several minutes, loving the tightness, and getting off on her screams. I feel my orgasm approaching and start slamming harder, enjoying into her pussy until my orgasm came, and I drive all the way in, holding there as the volcanic explosion pumps my warm semen into her.

I hold my cock there for a few minutes, feeling her pussy struggling to expel me. After a few minutes, I pull my cock out and look at the blood and cum on it, and the mixture dripping out of her split open pussy, as it twitchs from the trauma it has just endured. She sobs heavily for a few more minutes, I roll Mina on to her stomach. I grab her waist pulling her up onto her knees, her tight ass in the air begging to be fucked.

The feel of fucking her tight ass is undescribably. My hard cock is covered with lubricant, that would suffice as I grab her hips making sure her ass is in the right position. I part her cheeks roughly as she whimpers " omg.stop! " When I rub the head of my cock against her tight puckered little anus, she goes wild, struggling against me with renewed vigour as she whimpers desperate pleas " stop! stop! nooo! nooo! " I laugh, watching her pathetic struggles, listening to her whimpers.

Well, no better time than the present. I line my hard instrument up and lean in hard, pushing the swollen head against the resisting ring. Her entire body tenses, in an effort to resist the coming impalement with all her might.

I was experienced in fucking her tight ass, to know that I would win this battle. Pushing hard, I hold on to my cock to prevent it from sliding off of her ass. She wriggles, clenching her sphincter and grunts with exertion as my cock head fights against her resisting ring. I feel the ring starting to give slightly, she senses it too. I push harder and suddenly her anus loses the battle and parts as my cockhead forces it's way in. Her whole body arches, her head going back as she emits a screech " OMG!

John! " when her anus is forced open. She is shuddering as she is relaxing as the pain is subsiding. The head sliding in is the beginning of the end as I'm able to push inch by inch, slowly into her as she convulses and howls.

" OMG! OMG! OHHH! OHHH!! UUHHH! OHHH! UH-UH-UH-UUUHHHHHOOOOOOOOO." Finally my entire shaft is in, my balls resting aganist her ass.

Her traumatized sphincter clenching and convulsing around the base of my hard instrument. It feels amazing, so unbelievably tight. The violation of her, with my cockhead right up in her is sheer ecstasy for me as it is agony for her. She is insane with pain, of the invading rod stretching her. I pull back and then shove in again, causing convulsions from her and high pitched noises " OHHH! OHHH!! UUHHH! OHHH! UH-UH-UH-UUUHHHHHOOOOOOOOO!!!!" Her ass forcing my thrusts to be slow, as it resists every inch of my shaft.

That will soon change. I start ramming like a pile driver into her " AAAAAAAAAHHH, OWWWWWW"its hurting me, take it out, don't push it in," she yells. I start working my cock in and out, with long deep thrusts as she screams "AAAAAAAAAHHH, OWWWWWW." I slam my hips against her ass with repetitive thrusts, WAP! WAP! WAP! WAP! battering her. Her buttocks and thighs keep quivering in response to the violation of her ass.

She struggles endlessly. Her cries are pitifu"AAAAAAAAAHHH, OWWWWWW". I continue slamming my cock into her tight gripping rectum as she howls " OHHH! OHHH!! UUHHH! OHHH!


UH-UH-UH-UUUHHHHHOOOOOOOOO!!!! "AAAAAAAAAHHH, OWWWWWW," trying to thrash around, not succeeding. After 10 minutes, I feel my orgasm coming, and plant myself deep inside her clenching asshole as she tenses every muscle in her body. I came as powerful jets of semen are fired deep into her as she cries loudly. " OHHH! OHHH!! UUHHH!

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OHHH! UH-UH-UH-UUUHHHHHOOOOOOOOO!!!! "AAAAAAAAAHHH, OWWWWWW." When I finish, I hold it there for a few more minutes, then pull out. Both of us collapse on the bed, I roll off of her breathing hard and she lays there sobbing." No, you cannot come home. Sign the divorce papers and accept the settlement, Mina."