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The Devil's Pact, The Ghost of Paris by mypenname3000 edited by Master Ken Copyright 2014 Chapter Three: The Lionesses Monday, September 2nd, 2013 Paris, Texas Selling my soul was the single greatest decision of my life! Being invisible was the greatest freedom in the world. And molesting the girls that I used to spy on was the marshmallow in the moon pie. I spent my Sunday the same way I spent my Saturday, cruising the Paris Commons and porking a few young things.

I followed one home and spent the night in her bed; her parents had no idea just how much of a filthy whore their daughter was. Her name was Heather and I definitely had to revisit her bed.

I loved peeping on girls. I've been to prison twice for my hobby—once for drilling a hole into the girls' locker room at Boone High and the other time for taking upskirt pics of girls at the mall. My absolutely favorite girls to peep on were the Lionesses, the Varsity Cheer Squad for Boone High School.

Since the school's mascot was a roaring lion, the cheerleaders started calling themselves the Lionesses. Since I got out of prison, I've watched them every time they've practiced. In the past I've been forced to keep my distance, but no longer. I waited right on the sun-beaten, wooden bleachers for the girls. It was a warm day, and my pecker was rock-hard just thinking about those beautiful teens. They were all pretty, in their black-and-gold uniforms that showed off their gorgeous legs, and when they raised up their arms, their tops would ride up and show off a few inches of flat stomach.

While all of them were beautiful, I had five favorites: fiery redheaded Kelly, with her freckled cheeks; big-titted Ursula and her sky-blue eyes; shy and demure Brandy, doll-faced and tawny-haired; ebony-skinned Latonya, her hair gathered into a dozen or so short, beaded braids that clacked together whenever she moved her head; and tall, curvy Marybeth, with her pouty lips and smoky gazes.

The girls started arriving in ones and twos, giggling as they walked up, their pleated skirts swaying about their fine, toned thighs. There were about a dozen girls in the squad. Latonya's the captain and she used her whistle to get their attention. I started walking amongst the girls as they started their stretching, admiring their bodies up close, trying to decide which girl deserved my attention first.

They were between coaches, so Latonya was in charge of running things, and the Black girl shouted orders like a drill instructor. I moved behind Ursula as she bent over, her skirt riding up and exposing her black spankies, the bloomer shorts cheerleaders wore over their underwear. The spandex of her spankies was tight across her ass and I could see the lines of her panties. I reached out and stroked the panty line on her right asscheek.

Ursula jumped and spun around, crimson spotting her cheeks. "What the heck, Marybeth?" Marybeth - who was behind her and looking at Ursula through my invisible body - frowned. "What?" "You touched my bum!" Marybeth put her hands on her hips, shaking her head, her short, black hair, swaying about her shoulders. "I did no such thang!" Latonya blew her whistle.

"C'mon ladies, back to y'alls stretches. And Marybeth, don't be such a dyke!" "But I didn't touch her ass!" Then she gave Ursula a considering stare. "Although, it is one mighty fine ass." Ursula glared daggers at Marybeth and moved away from the girl. Chuckling, I goosed Marybeth's pert ass and she shrieked, rubbing her butt. Latonya blew the whistle a second time and stalked over to Marybeth.

"What's gotten into you?" "Someone pinched my ass," the doll-faced girl complained. Latonya rolled her eyes. "No-one pinched your assssaahhh!" I gave Latonya's black booty a good squeeze and the captain whirled around and glared at Ursula.

"Why did you grab me?" "Excuse me?" Ursula asked, blinking in confusion. Feeling bolder, I grabbed the bottom of Latonya's top and pulled it up over her head.

The girls all watched wide-eyed as I as twirled her top through the air, before I threw it to the ground.

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Latonya stared in disbelief at her blouse, her full breasts covered by a white sports bra that contrasted nicely with her ebony skin. "It's the Ghost!" Brandy gasped. "Mindy was tellin' me 'bout it." I smiled, remembering the fun I had with Mindy in the Banana Republic changing room on Saturday.

"Ghost?" Marybeth asked. "Yeah, he haunts the Commons and molests any purtee girl he finds," Kelly added. I grinned, pleased to hear about my growing legend. Latonya still stared at her top in disbelief, so I unclasped her sports bra and ripped it off, freeing her chocolate breasts and bright pink nipples. Latonya gasped, and clasped her hand over her bare tits. She looked around wildly. In fact, all the girls were spinning about, holding on to their tops for dear life, and trying to spot me.

God, this was such fun. "We should skedaddle," Brandy said fearfully. The tawny-haired girl was backing slowly away from the group as Latonya shrieked.

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My lips engulfed her nipple, sucking hard, as I lifted the cheerleader off the ground and spun her about. All the Lionesses were backing away as their cheer captain was whirled about by the 'ghost.' Well, all of them except Marybeth. She was the boldest, and leapt at me. The girl's sudden weight on my back threw me off-balance and the three of us went sprawling to the ground in a tangled mess of limbs as the girls struggled to get away from me.

My pecker was aching hard and I wanted to stick it into one of the objects of my voyeuristic affections.

Latonya rolled away, so I grasped Marybeth's spankies and panties, and yanked them down her ass. She didn't resist; part of my Pact was for the women I molested to enjoy it. I pulled her up on her hands and knees, flipped up her pleated skirt to expose her curvy ass and shaved cooch, and I could just make out the triangle of black hair on her pubic bone.

I knelt behind her and rubbed my pecker on her moistening cunt, then shoved into her velvety warm depths. "Oh my Lord, the ghost is fuckin' me!" Marybeth yowled like a startled alley cat. The girls fled, racing across the field, leaving Marybeth to my mercies.

Latonya didn't even bother putting her top or bra back on, just ran with her breasts bouncing about for the entire world to see. I grabbed Marybeth's curvy hips and plowed into her hard and fast. "I love tight, teenage cooch!" I moaned. "Umm, your cock feels kinda nice, Mr. Ghost!" "Are all you cheerleaders such sluts, sweetness?" Marybeth laughed, "Not all of us.

But the football team ain't got no complaints from me!" Her cheermates were almost back to the school, and it wouldn't be long before they were racing back with help. I redoubled my efforts, driving my pecker frantically into her slippery cooch. The little slut started fucking me back, shaking those fine hips, and moaning like a bitch in heat.

She kept looking over her head at me, her green eyes roaming about, trying to see something. "You gotta great cooch, slut!" "Thanks, you gotta great dick, Ghost!" The girls were coming back with a big man. The football coach, I think, and they were all running across the field towards us. Fuck, I was almost there!

I had to finish fast; luckily I hadn't molested anyone else today, and I was ready to pop off in a cheerleader's cunt. Just a few more strokes and I would be shooting inside her. I plunged in and out; the angry football coach was fifty-yards away. Into her tight cooch—only forty-yards away; out of her cunt—thirty-yards away and closing fast. "Fuckin' A!" I shouted as I buried into her sweet cunt, and came as the coach was a mere twenty-yards away. I pulled out, my pecker still cumming, spraying her back and ass with invisible spunk as he reached Marybeth, his face ruddy with exertion.

She looked back at me, frustration twisting her pretty features. "You okay?" he growled at my little fuckmate, looking around. "Where'd that pervert go!" "It was a ghost, Mr. Breeze," Marybeth answered, pulling up her spankies and panties. "A ghost?" Mr. Breeze roared, looking at the girls.

Latonya followed at a trot, her hands clasped over her breasts. "Is this some sorta joke?" he demanded of her. "No," the girls all said, but he didn't believe them and cheer practice was over as he marched the girls back into the school, unleashing an explosive tirade the entire way. As they started walking dejectedly after the coach, I heard Marybeth whisper to Ursula, "Shame Mr.

Breeze showed up, I was about to have me a nice cum." "You're such a slut," Ursula said with disgust. She opened her mouth, prepared to say more, but closed her trap as Mr.

Breeze glared at her. There was no cheer practice on Tuesday, to my disappointment. The girls must be in a heap of trouble, and I almost regretted fucking Marybeth yesterday. Almost. I was back on Wednesday, praying like hell that the girls would be allowed to practice. I mounted the bleachers to wait and plopped my naked ass down on the old wood. Pain flared and I jumped back up; something had stuck in my butt-cheek. I felt around, felt a rough splint of wood sticking dead center in the meat of my right cheek.

Gritting my teeth, I grabbed splinter and spent a minute trying to dig it out of my ass. "Fuckin' piece of shit," I muttered, flicking the splinter away. This time I carefully checked where I was about to plop my ass.

When the girls arrived, they were all huddled together, most looking a little nervous, and they all glanced around cautiously before they started their stretches.

I started walking amongst them, admiring their breasts filling out their tops, or the way their pleated skirts fell on their asses. I grasped my hardening pecker and started jerking off madly.

I was so excited I popped off early, spraying Kelly's ass with my invisible cum. "What in tarnation," she muttered, rubbing her ass. "It feels like my butt's all wet." "There ain't nothin' there," Brandy told her as Kelly rubbed her ass. Kelly sniffed her fingers then flushed and grimaced, bending down to wipe her hands off on the grass. The little slut sure knew what she smelled. I watched them go through a few of their cheer routines while I waited for my pecker to recharge.

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I found myself fixated on the redheaded Kelly. How did that slut know what cum smelled like? She must have tasted it before, maybe giving her boyfriend head in his pick-up truck? Or maybe she has been giving favors to the football team. I pictured her kneeling at my feet, my hand gripping her fiery-red hair as I fucked her mouth. "Go Lions!" the girls cheered and clapped as they finished a routine, jumping up and down and shaking their pompoms—the gold-and-black ones in their hands and the perky ones beneath their tops.

My pecker felt rested, so I strode out into the girls, to Kelly. She shrieked when I stroked her face, brushing an errant, red curl off her cheek.

"Oh no, he's back!" "Really?" Marybeth asked. Was that eagerness I heard in the slutty cheerleader's voice? "Just try and ignore him," Latonya sighed. "We're lucky we convinced Princ'pal Schneider to let us keep practicin'." Kelly flushed and the girls started the next routine.

I watched Kelly as she clapped her hands and shouted the chant in time with the other girls. She turned to move and ran right into me, and grunted in surprise as she stumbled back. I quickly reached out and grabbed her shoulders, pushing her down to her knees, my cock slapping her face.

"Oh, no!" Kelly protested, flinching from my pecker. "The ghost is." I shoved my pecker into her open mouth.

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She was warm and wet, and I started fucking her pie hole. She sat unmoving for a minute while all the cheerleaders stared at us. Kelly's hands pushed at my body, trying to force herself away for a moment, and then she relaxed and the little slut started sucking my pecker. It was heavenly. "Are you suckin' ghost cock?" Marybeth asked, her voice full of heat. Kelly's answer was muffled by my pecker. I grabbed a fistful of her hair and started thrusting wildly. All of the cheerleaders' eyes on us spurred me on, and I slammed my pecker harder into her sweet mouth.

She sucked as my cock rubbed against the roof of her mouth and brushed the back of her throat. Her tongue slid along the shaft, curling around and brushing the head, stroking the fire burning in my balls.

"You're so lucky," Marybeth complained. "Wish it was me. God, he fucked me so hard last time, and I was so close to cummin' when Coach Windbag spoiled all my fun." "Gosh, you really are a slut!" Ursula snapped at Marybeth.

"Relax, Ursula," Marybeth replied. "You seem tense, I bet you need a nice cum. That'd mellow you right out, and I'd be more than happy to give you a helpin' hand. Y'know, give your clam a little fingerin'." "Fuckin' dyke," muttered Ursula.

Marybeth kissed at Ursula and purred, "Just for you, sugar." "Knock it off!" Latonya snapped. "Let's keep practicin'. Umm, Kelly, you can continue when you.er.finish." Kelly's tongue was roaming my cock as she blew me, and I slowed my fucking and let her do the work as I watched the cheerleaders go through their routines. Their slim legs flashed as they jumped and spun and kicked. Their breasts, particularly Ursula's large tits, bounced around beneath their tops like two cats fighting in a sack.

Kelly's hand started rubbing on the underside of my pecker while her other slid up my legs and found my balls, massaging them softly. The slut must be eager for my cum. I focused on Ursula's big tits as they bounced up and down, over and over.

It was almost hypnotic, watching her sweater puppies play beneath her top, and my balls tightened. I was close to cumming in Kelly's sucking mouth.


The little slut sure knew how to give head, clearly eager for my spunk, so, with a ghostly moan, I obliged her and spilled my cum into her pie hole. She coughed when I pulled out of her mouth, licking her lips, searching for any invisible cum that may have leaked out. "How was it?" Marybeth asked as she gave Kelly an applause. She glanced up at Marybeth and flushed. "Salty." Sadly, their practice ended before my pecker recovered. Thursday afternoon, I was back, eager to play with my Lionesses.

Marybeth seemed to be the most adventuresome, and I had a perverted thought floating in my mind.

As they did their stretches, I sidled up to Marybeth, rubbing her ass. The girl smiled over her shoulder at me and pressed her butt back into my hand. I whispered, "How'd you like Ursula munchin' on your rug?" She glanced back at me, an excited twinkle in her green eyes.

"I ain't got no rug, Mr. Ghost." I smiled, remembering how beautiful her shaved cooch was. "Well, I reckon she could polish them hardwood floors you got, sweetness." "Ohh, I'd love to have Miss Prissy's tongue up my snatch." I whispered my plan to her. As the girls started their routine, I walked behind Ursula and reached around to squeeze her huge tits while I pressed my hard cock into her firm ass.

She stiffened in my arms, and screeched, "Oh, no! Please not me, Mr. Ghost. I'm born-again. It ain't right for me to do this." " 'Fraid it's you, sweetness," I whispered into her ear. "You're just too purtee to resist. Particu'rly with them mighty fine melons." I gave her tits a squeeze. "They feel mighty ripe, why don't we check, sweetness?" I grabbed the hem of her top and pulled it up over her head.

Her large tits were contained in a black, tank top bra, and I took that off, too; her melons popped out, and they were heavy and ripe, topped with fat, brown nipples and aerolas the size of silver dollars. A small, gold cross on a thin chain dangled between her melons, almost vanishing in the valley of her huge mountains.

I hefted a tit, gave her meaty melon a squeeze, and bent down to suck a nipple into my mouth. "Umm, they are ripe and tasty." While I sucked her titties, I slid my hand down her pleated skirt to find her thigh, caressed her silky skin, and slid up beneath her skirt, finding the elastic band of her spankies.

She stiffened, crying out, "Please mister, I'm a virgin!" "Well, I reckon you 'bout to lose that there cherry, sweetness." I shoved my hand roughly down her spankies and panties, feeling her soft cooch. "Don't you worry now, my pecker's gonna make you howl like a coyote at the moon!" I pulled down hard on her spankies and panties, and now all she wore was her pleated skirt, her socks, and shoes.

I lifted up her skirt to see a blonde bush; guess she was a natural. I reached a finger down and slid it through her cornsilk-soft down and found her growing wetness. She shuddered as my finger ran through her slit and rubbed on her little clit. "No, no, no," she whispered as I pushed down on her shoulders. She didn't resist, though, stretching out on her back for me on the bright green grass.

Latonya blew her whistle. "C'mon girls, keep practicin'." No one listened. They all watched as I pushed up Ursula's skirt, spread her legs, and prepared to take her virginity.

Ursula was almost hyperventilating, and she jumped as she felt my pecker press against the lips of her virgin cooch. I rubbed the head of my pecker up and down on her lips, enjoying the feel on my sensitive tip. Then I pushed in slowly, delighting in the tight feel of her cunt as it gave way before my pressing pecker. Deeper and deeper I drove, until I buried every inch of it into her juicy cooch.

"Where's your cherry, slut?" I demanded in disappointment. I always wanted to pop a girl's cherry. "Thought you said you was a virgin?" "I broke it years ago. Doin' cheerleadin'." Her cooch gave a little squeeze on my cock, and her hips twitched as I plowed into her.

I leaned down, felt her pillowy tits on my chest, and whispered, "You like my pecker in you, don't ya slut?" A small whisper escaped her lips. "What was that, slut?" I asked, really nailing my pecker into her tight cooch, enjoying every velvety inch of her cunt.

"Yes." Her eyes were full of shame. "Louder!" I hissed. "Let everyone know how much a slut you is." "I love it!" she yelled. "I love his penis inside my vagina!" "Your cunt," I corrected.

"Yes, yes, my cunt! God forgive me, but fuck my cunt! Oh my gosh, this feels so, so.fuck!" Her hips started moving beneath me as I fucked her velvet cunt; she had the tightest hole I'd ever been in. Luckily, she was well greased and I pumped in and out of her smoothly like a piston in a cylinder, my every thrust igniting her spark plug. Around us, the cheerleaders were all watching us fuck, their young faces flushed with desire, especially Marybeth's. I rose up, hooking her thighs with my legs, and started pounding her cooch, Ursula's big tits flopping about as her body shook with the force of my fucking.

Latonya blew her whistle.

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"C'mon girls, keep practicin'. Just ignore them." "How can I ignore those purtee tits," purred Marybeth. "I reckon she's as stacked as Dolly Parton!" "Don't you be lookin', dyke," Ursula gasped, covering her breasts with her hands I stopped fucking her, my pecker buried in her cooch, and pulled her hands away.

"None of that, sweetness. I want to see them big melons of yours." "Sorry! Just keep fuckin' in me!" she begged, wiggling her hips in frustration. "I'm so close!" "Now, what you said to Marybeth was purtee mean," I told her. "She was just payin' you a comp'ment. I reckon you owe her an apol'gy." "I'm sorry for callin' you a dyke," Ursula panted.

"I'm not sure that's good enough," Marybeth said with indignation. "You're always callin' me names." "Well, Ursula, how 'bout you let Marybeth sit on your face, and you eat her cunt out good and proper," I suggested. "Then I'll keep fuckin' you." Ursula shook her head violently.


"Okay, I'll just go fuck Marybeth." I started to pull out and Ursula wrapped her legs around my hips and pulled me back in. "You gonna munch on her muff? That's why I'm here, sweetness. You girls gotta learn to like each other." Ursula bit her lip, then softly said, "Okay." Marybeth grinned and pulled off her black spankies and panties revealing that shaved cooch dripping with juices.

She straddled Ursula's face, and a look of fear passed over Ursula's face as she stared up at Marybeth's cooch, then Marybeth lowered her cunt down. I couldn't see what was happening with her pleated skirts in the way, but Marybeth was moaning like a banshee. "Hold your skirt up," I ordered. I almost came seeing Ursula's tongue licking through Marybeth's shaved cunt.

Her tongue was stiff, hesitant, but as I started fucking the former virgin, she seemed to get more and more eager.

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Marybeth had a shit-eating grin plastered on her lips as she rubbed her cooch across Ursula's face. Latonya kept blowing her whistle, trying to get the cheerleaders to practice, but none of the girls were listening, too caught up in watching our three-way. It was Kelly who started the cheer, and the other girls quickly took it up: "Get her all fired up!

Get down, to town, And go all the way! Get her all fired up! So lick and suck And blow Marybeth away!" I fucked Ursula faster, spurred on by the cheerleaders. Everywhere I looked, beautiful, teenage girls jumped and pranced. Some flipped up their skirts and shook their asses in my face, others pulled up their tops and flashed some Grade A teenage titties. It was like I had died and gone to perverts' heaven!

"Lick my pussy!" moaned Marybeth. "Ohh, Ursula, I love your tongue. Why didn't we do this ages ago? I can tell that you're a natural oyster shucker!" I wasn't going to last much longer in Ursula's tight clam; my balls were boiling over.

I gave one of her big tits a squeeze, rolling her fat nipple between my fingers, and I groaned loudly as her tight cunt squeezed my cock. I needed to cum, badly, and I pistoned my pecker into her hole as fast as I could, that explosive release just a few thrusts away.

"Lionesses are hot. Lionesses are wet. Lionesses will explode And cum all over you!" Their newest cheer did it! I spilt ropey cum inside Ursula's virgin cunt; I bet she wasn't even on the pill. How big would her tits grow if she was pregnant?

She would be sexy as hell with her pregnant belly, and I reckon her breasts would become absolutely ginormous. Breathing heavily, I pulled out of her cunt and sat on the grass, picturing how sexy the squad would be if they all were pregnant, prancing about with their round bellies. Fuck, I wanted to knock them all up. This was definitely worth selling my soul for!

"Umm, I think the ghost just finished," Marybeth purred. "Let me clean you up." She bent down and lapped at Ursula's cunt. "Um, you taste great Ursula. Now I've tasted the entire squad's pussies!" "Go Marybeth!" Brandy shouted, jumping up and waving her pompoms. "Wait, she's gone down on more than just me?" Latonya gasped. Most of the girls blushed guiltily. "Umm, and you all taste wonderful," Marybeth giggled.

"You are such a slut," Kelly teased. "The biggest!" Proudly, Marybeth bent down and started licking at Ursula's cunt while Kelly started up another chant, punctuated with claps. "Hey, Hey Hey hey are you ready?" *clap, clap* "Are you ready?" *clap,clap* "To cum!" *clap* "Go Ursula!" *clap* "Go Marybeth!" *clap* "Lionesses go all the way!" Ursula and Marybeth seemed to take their teammates' cheer to heart as both girls writhed and moaned into each other's cunts, both eagerly licking up the other's juices as they came.

There was something so beautiful about two lesbo teens making each other cum. Marybeth flopped onto her back, breathing heavily, while Ursula licked her lips, a surprisingly happy smile on her face.

"Who's the dyke now?" Marybeth asked. "We are," Ursula giggled, her jugs jiggling as she sat up. "All right, back to practice," Latonya ordered bossily. "We need to be ready for Homecoming on Saturday!" Of course I was back on Friday; I wasn't about to miss out on the last practice of the week. The girls were all full of giggling excitement when they walked onto the field, Latonya at the lead.

She looked fierce, like a Zulu warrior marching into battle. As she swung her head around, looking for me, her beaded braids clicked and clacked a staccato beat; her war drums leading her into battle.

"Are you here, Mr. Ghost?" she asked, hands on her hips. "Course I am," I answered. "Wouldn't miss you fine, young thangs shakin' your asses." "You are disruptin' our practices," Latonya declared, her ebony face stern.

"So we decided that one girl would entertain you behind the bleachers, allowin' the rest of us to practice unmolested." I mulled that over.

"Which girl?" "We drew straws," Latonya said, then her ebony skin somehow flushed darker than I thought possible, and her posture became less firm, less certain.

"Today it will be me. So, do we have a deal?" I didn't answer her, just grabbed the Black girl and threw her over my shoulder while she gave a surprised scream, her beads clattering loudly. Then I pulled off her spankies and panties, stroked her Black booty, gave her wet groove a stroke, then turned and marched to the bleachers with my prize.

Behind me the cheerleaders started up another chant: "Up and down, our girls don't mess around, because our cunts are the best put our pussies to the test! On your cock, our girls slide up and down! Go, Lionesses!" Behind the bleacher, Latonya's ebony breasts, topped with pink nipples, wildly bounced as she rode my pecker up and down.

I wasn't sure if the Lionesses' cunts were the best. I hadn't tried them all. Yet! To be continued.