Bbw blonde teen wanting to open up your pussy too much

Bbw blonde teen wanting to open up your pussy too much
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This is a fantasy i always had about these two girls.

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The names have been changed. Her name was Jessica. She was 5'4" had luscious C cup breasts, a cute little ass and shoulder length strawberry blonde hair.


We were both in 10th grade at the time. She was in three of my classes and every time she smiled at me, I had an instant boner. We were sort of friends but not great friends.

One day our history teacher gave us a group project. Since out lasts name started with the same letter, we were put in the same group.

There was only one other person in our group, Kathy. Kathy was pretty cute but not as cute as Jessica! She had light brown hair and had large tits. I wasn't really into large tits but the entire package and Kathy was missing the ass.

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They both came over to my house and since it was almost summer, Jessica was wearing a tight shirt and a short skirt.

The shirt was so tight I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra. Kathy was wearing short shorts and a tank top. I gave them the tour of my house and then we went upstairs to my room to do the project. We had done a lot of it during class so all we had to do was the poster.

I went to go get the poster board and the girls started getting everything out. Since there wasn't enough room on my desk for the poster we worked on the floor and the girls lay down.

Now, Jessica's skirt was short so every time she bent over I got a little view of her lacy blue thong underneath her skirt. Kathy was lying down too so I got a nice shot of cleavage in her tank top. As soon as I saw Jessica's thong I had a hard on. I told them I had to go to the bathroom and Jessica gave me that look like she knew why.

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I shuffled off to the bathroom as best as I could. I closed the door and started jacking off like crazy. I heard a little creak and I looked up and there was Jessica. I blushed and tried to hide my dick but it was too late. She said, "Need any help??" I couldn't say a thing, I was too astonished.

She went to the door and locked it. She started to take off her shirt and I saw her beautiful tits bounce out of her shirt with nothing holding them back. I nearly shot my load just seeing her there with no shirt or bra on. She looked at me and said, "Do you like??I had hardly let out a muffled, "Yes?when she started to rub my dick. I let out a moan and said, "Suck me, you beauty!?She showed no hesitation as she started to suck my cock.

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I took her breasts in my hands and started squeezing and rubbing them. She licked the top of my cock and sucked and sucked until I couldn't take it any longer and I started shooting out my sperm.

She never missed a beat. She just kept sucking and swallowing until I was bone dry. I thought about Kathy and what she would be thinking so I said, "We better get back to my room?

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Jessica put her clothes back on and gave me a quick kiss. She left the bathroom and I left the bathroom about 10mins later so not to arouse suspicion. Kathy was sitting on my bed looking very bored when I came back in so I said, "Is there anymore work left on the poster??Kathy said, "No.

I finished it while you were in the bathroom…" As she said it her eyes darted over to Jessica and I knew she knew something was up.

Then she said, "Got any left for me??as her eyes rolled over the bulge in my jeans. My cock lunged into motion as, not saying a word, Kathy started to undress. She was wearing a lacy green bra that barely covered her tits and a matching pair of panties. Jessica was staring wide eyed at Kathy and so was I. I had never realized it before but Kathy was hot, like really hot. My cock was now at its full 8 inches and Kathy saw it.

She took off her bra really slow and then her panties came next. She was standing completely naked before me and Jessica. Kathy said, "Come here and suck me!?I went over to Kathy's glistening pussy lips and started to suck. I sucked as hard as I could. She cooed, "Slow down…" I obliged.

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Jessica was staring at us and started to get undressed. She came over to my hard cock and stuck it in her mouth for the second time today. I felt a convulsion come over Kathy and hot warm pussy juice squirted into my face. I lapped it up and then I really wanted to fuck them both. I told them and they looked at each other and smiled, They both came over and offered me their pussies. I chose Jessica first. I asked her if I needed a condom and she said, "I'm on the pill baby…" I smiled and slowly stuck my cock into her warm pussy.