Beatiful girl giving blowjob to her bf

Beatiful girl giving blowjob to her bf
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* * * * * Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or are used in a fictitious manner.

Any resemblance to actual events or locales, organizations, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. The author holds exclusive rights to this work. Author's Note: This novel deals with extremely taboo situations and events in a very graphic, no-holds-barred manner. It covers a myriad of taboo sexual categories, ranging from "incest" to "rape," and beyond. If taboo thoughts, ideas and fantasies are not your sexual "cup of tea," then by all means, please feel free to bypass this story entirely.

Consider yourself warned. * * * * * JOHN'S DREAM GIRL An Adult Erotic Twisted Tale About Taboo Relationships by rat_race * * * * * CHAPTER 6 1996: The Goldilocks * * * * * Goldilocks had lived in the same house with Baby Bear while they were both growing up.

Mama Bear had mothered Goldilocks, but Papa Bear hadn't fathered her. Eight years later--after Goldilocks was a married woman, and Baby Bear wasn't a baby any more--they both got together to compare notes. And they found out that they had a lot more in common than they ever could have imagined. * * * * * Goldilocks' real name was Janette, but she preferred to be called "Jan." Her maiden name was Chadwick, just like Lisa's, but it had been many years since she had gone by that surname.

Jan was Lisa's only sibling, and she was two years older than Lisa. When they were both younger, they used to fight a lot. But now that they were adults, their relationship was very different. They were close friends, as well as being half-sisters. They shared the same mother, but had different biological fathers--neither of which was Edward Chadwick. One Saturday night, Jan placed a phone call to Lisa that would end up permanently changing their relationship.

"Hi, Sis. Could I come over and stay at your place tonight?" "What's wrong, Jan? Is everything okay?" "Yeah, it's just that Bill's out-of-town right now, and Alex is spending the night at his friend's house. Trish is sleeping over at her friend's house, too. And I really don't want to stay by myself in this house tonight. I'll fill you in on all the details, when I get there." "Well, it's fine with me if you wanna spend the night.

But we'll have to sleep in the same bed together. The only sofa I have is a loveseat. Remember? So you definitely won't be sleeping on that. And I'm not gonna let my own sister sleep on the floor." "That's okay, Lisa, I don't mind sharing a bed with you." "Are you sure, Jan? It's only a twin-size bed." "I really don't want to be alone tonight," Jan pleaded. "Okay. But then I have to warn ya, Sis, I sleep 'au naturel,'" Lisa said, using a thick French accent on the last two words.

"Well, that's not entirely true. Sometimes I wear a pair of panties to bed. But I don't even own a pair of pajamas. So you'll have to bring your own, if you want 'em." "You're not the only person in this world who likes to sleep in the nude, you know.

I'm a big girl now. I can take it. Besides, you're not exactly my type." "Yeah, right," Lisa said sarcastically, automatically rolling her eyes upward. "Like I'm gonna try to 'get it on' with my own sister." Then after saying a quick goodbye to Jan, Lisa hung up the phone. And Lisa had just stated her true feelings to Jan.

Even though Lisa had decided that she wanted to try to have sex with a woman, the last woman in this world that she would ever picture herself having sex with would be her own half-sister.

So when Jan showed up at Lisa's apartment that night, and the two of them eventually got naked and climbed into Lisa's small bed--side-by-side under the covers--Lisa had no idea that their relationship would drastically change, before the sun came up the next morning.

Jan was very shaken up, lonely and horny. And that's a dangerous combination for any woman. Jan was lonely and horny because her husband, Bill Bamberg, had been out-of-town for the last three weeks. He was a long-haul trucker by trade. It was a miracle that Jan still managed to stay married to a husband that she hardly ever saw.

But she had. And she was still deeply in love with him, to boot. But that didn't stop Jan from feeling really horny whenever Bill was away for more than a week. Lisa was just about as lonely and horny as Jan was that night. But then, single people are pretty much used to feeling that way most of the time.

Once both women were naked in bed together in the dark, Lisa rolled over onto her side, with her back towards Jan. And while trying to imitate Lisa's voice as best as she could, Jan said, "Not tonight, honey. I've got a headache." Jan made little snorting-sounds through her nose, and then burst out laughing.

Jan was blessed with a wonderfully witty sense of humor, especially during awkward situations. She had an infectious laugh, too.

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And Lisa couldn't help but laugh a little bit, right along with her older sister. "Look. We're both sisters, right?" Jan said, still talking to Lisa's back. "We've seen each other naked hundreds of times while we were growing up. And we've even slept in the same bed together before.

Now quit being so damn embarrassed. Come on over here, and give me a big hug." "But I thought you said I wasn't your type," Lisa remarked as she rolled back over onto her other side, facing Jan, and slid under the covers towards Jan's side of the bed. Lisa snuggled right up against Jan's naked body, and whispered in her ear, "Do you still think I'm embarrassed, Jan?" "No. I didn't think you were embarrassed, to begin with.

But what I said got you over here next to me, didn't it?" Lisa didn't say a word. She just reached back over to her side of the bed, grabbed her pillow, and quickly pulled it up over herself--in a smooth arc--to slam it down on top of Jan's face. Jan naturally grabbed her pillow from underneath her head, and "the war" began. Two naked women in a dark bedroom having a pillow fight.

Jan finally begged, "Okay, okay, enough already! I'm sorry I tricked you like that." "Apology accepted. But don't do it again!," Lisa warned Jan. "I just assumed that you wanted to go to sleep. That's all. I didn't realize you had 'other things' in mind." "I don't," said Jan. "Not unless you do. I just need someone to hold me right now, Lisa. You aren't going to believe what I went through earlier tonight." The two sisters both laid their "bulky feathered weapons" back down, and got under the covers together again.

They embraced and lay there in each other's arms, as Jan told Lisa all about her earlier bad experience with her next-door neighbors. Jan's next-door neighbors had gotten into a knock-down, drag-out fight that evening. Jan had heard the guy's wife screaming, as he was repeatedly stabbing her with a large carving knife from their own kitchen. Jan called 911. And she eventually saw the ambulance crew take the poor woman to the hospital. It didn't look like she was going to make it.

The husband had taken off in the family car, after the stabbing, and the police still hadn't caught him yet. Jan was understandably shaken up by the whole thing. While Jan was getting the earlier events of the evening off her chest, she also tenderly ran her fingers through Lisa's hair, just like she used to do, when Lisa was a little girl.

And Lisa started to melt under Jan's motherly caress. "You know, Sis," Lisa said, "I've always envied your long, golden-red hair. It's so pretty." "That's funny. I've always wanted to have brown hair, like yours. On my head, of course. Not under my arms." And they both giggled together, just like two little girls. "Lisa?" Jan said in a very serious tone, while Lisa was still giggling a little bit.

"There's something I've always wanted to tell you, but I was just too afraid to tell you, back when we were younger. But now that we're both lying here naked, it's as good a time as any for me to share this secret with you." "It's okay, Jan.

I know you really do love me, even though you were such a shit to me sometimes when we were growing up." "Lisa, that's not it," Jan said, struggling to keep her composure. "I mean, of course I love you. You're my only sister. But that's not what I need to tell you about." Then Jan quickly whispered something, and Lisa only caught the beginning of it.

"Daddy what?" Lisa asked. "," Jan replied, pronouncing each word very slowly. Then, while Lisa was still in shock, Jan added, "He did it back when I was 20.

It happened on Valentine's Day." "Oh God, Jan! I'm so sorry," Lisa said, as she gently pulled Jan's head down to her chest and cradled her older sister in her arms. "But that's not the worst part," Jan continued. "I didn't do anything but cooperate with him. In fact, after that first time, I let Dad have sex with me whenever he wanted to.

And he came back for seconds, and thirds, and fourths, and fifths, and--" "Yeah, good ol' Daddy," Lisa quipped, "You could always count him to come back for a fifth." Jan was emotionally overwhelmed, and totally oblivious to Lisa's witty remark. Both sisters just lay there quietly for a few minutes. "I wasn't ever going to tell you this," Lisa said.

"But now, you might as well know. Daddy had sex with me too. A bunch of times. Back when I was 18. And I cooperated with him every time. Just like you did. "My very first time with Daddy happened during the middle of the night on February 14th, 1988. I'll never forget that date. And neither will you. It was Valentine's Day, Jan. And it was the very same night that Daddy first 'did it' with you too." "Shit!" Jan said, "You mean Dad fucked both of us for the very first time on the exact same night?" "Yep.

How's that for ironic? Did he 'do it' with you in your bedroom real late at night, that night?" asked Lisa. "Yeah, it must have happened around 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning. But I really wasn't paying any attention to what time it was, if you know what I mean?" "Daddy did the same thing to me, Jan. And I wasn't sure exactly what time it was either.

I wonder which one of us he fucked first." "I'm sure it was you. You were always his favorite," Jan stated in a matter-of-fact tone of voice. "But then, you already knew that." "I'm not so sure about that, Sis.

But even if I was Daddy's favorite, like you're saying, a lot of good that did me," Lisa replied. "I still got fucked. Just like you did." Both girls laughed at Lisa's sarcastic remark. Jan finally pulled her head up off Lisa's chest, and moved back up, so that she was looking right at Lisa's face. Her eyes had become accustomed to the dark by now, and Jan could see Lisa's face fairly well, despite the darkness of the room.

Jan asked Lisa point-blank, "Did it feel good to you? I mean, whenever Dad was 'doing it' with you?" "Like, yeah!" Lisa sang out over-dramatically in her best valley girl voice. "He always made me cum real good. You know?" "Yeah, I know. I enjoyed the heck out of it too," Jan quietly admitted. "And I always felt like such a slut for enjoying it. I mean, yes, Dad did rape me that very first time. But after that first time, as far as I was concerned, it really wasn't 'rape' any more, because I was always wanting it just as badly as he was." "I know exactly what you mean, Jan.

I felt just like you did. But in my case, Daddy didn't actually rape me that very first night. And that's because I was the one who accidentally seduced him into fucking me." "Oh, my God!" Jan reacted.

"Yeah. It's a long story. And I promise I'll tell you about it some other time," Lisa said. "But I just want you to know that, after that first night with Daddy, I was always looking forward to feeling his big, sexy dick inside me again." "Yeah, me too. No matter what other shortcomings Dad may have had, his dick certainly wasn't one of them. You gotta admit, that mother-fucker was well-hung!" Jan blurted out.

"You're tellin' me? Hell, he couldn't get his whole dick up into my little 18-year-old pussy." "Man, that dick of his must've been at least 8 inches long. Or maybe even 9. Heck, it barely fit inside me. And I was two years older than you. After that first time with Dad, I understood why Mom married him," Jan said, still attempting to be humorous. Both sisters laughed and giggled away throughout this whole interchange, while Jan was doing her best to joke about the size of their stepfather's large penis.

But the truth was that neither of them thought that Jan's jokes were really that funny. Their laughter was mostly a result of their understandable discomfort and embarrassment in dealing with such a personal and private subject.

Then Lisa asked, "Did Daddy do anything else with you? I mean, besides fucking?" "You go first," said Jan. "What's the matter, Jan? Too embarrassed to tell me about it?" "No. I just want to hear what he did with you first. That's all." "Okay," Lisa finally gave in. "He used to come into my bedroom while I was fast asleep.

He'd get naked and climb into bed with me. Then he'd always wake me up by playing with my pussy. "Once I had woken up, he would let me play with his dick and balls, if I wanted to. He never forced me to do that. It was always my choice. But most of the time, I went ahead and fondled him.

And then we'd fuck. "But sometimes I'd just lie there with my eyes still closed, even though I was awake. And I'd fantasize like crazy, while I let Daddy play with my pussy until I got really wet. And then he'd mount me and start humping away." "Was that all he ever did with you?" asked Jan.

"Yeah. But one time, I asked him if he would show me what his sperm looked like. And so he let me jack him off. That was really a trip. At the time, I had no idea that guys squirted so much of that white stuff out of their dicks during sex. In fact, until I finally got to see Daddy's sperm that night, I didn't have a clue about what sperm actually looked like." "Boy, you were naive, weren't you?" "Hey, give me a break.

How much did you know about sex when you were 18?" "Well, at least I knew what sperm looked like. Remember my boyfriend, Phil?" Jan asked. And Lisa nodded back, before Jan continued, "Well, he was my very first real boyfriend in high school, and he was a couple years older than me.

And back when I was 18, he actually showed me some of his dad's porn movies to help teach me more about 'sex.' Boy, he could have gotten into a lot of trouble for that one." "Was Phil your first? I mean, did you 'do it' with him?" asked Lisa.

"Well, I dated Phil for about a year and a half. And during that time, we got really close. And so we did our share of making out, mostly in the back seats of different cars.

And Phil and I took things pretty far. I mean, we eventually got to the point where we would masturbate each other during our lovemaking. But we never did 'go all the way.' Then Phil left to go to college out-of-state, and I never heard from him again.

And so the answer to your question is: No. Phil did not take my virginity. Dad did." "Wow! That's pretty heavy," Lisa remarked. "Yeah. Well, at any rate, one of the most important things that Phil taught me was that sperm could be very dangerous for a girl." "But of course, that still didn't stop you from getting fucked by Daddy," Lisa observed. "No. It didn't. It only made that very first night with Dad really scary." "So what exactly happened that first night, Jan?

I want you to tell me the whole story. And try not to leave out anything important. Okay?" "Okay. But just remember, you asked for it. So don't get upset with me, if you don't like what you hear," Jan warned.

"Hey, you don't have to worry about that. I've got a very open mind, when it comes to sex. So let's hear it," Lisa said. Jan paused for a moment to initially gather her thoughts, and then she began telling her story to Lisa. And Jan told her story in a very slow and methodical manner, pausing from time-to-time to carefully choose her wording, before she actually spoke the words themselves. But that was mainly because the vast majority of her story would end up being a flat-out lie, that Jan was making up as she went along.

After hearing all about the sexual relationship that her younger sister had had with her stepfather, Jan got extremely jealous, and quickly decided to play a game of one-upsmanship with Lisa. Besides, the last thing that Jan wanted, was for Lisa to find out about what really took place between Jan and Ed that night. "I woke up with Dad on top of me, humping away," Jan said, as she began telling her story.

"But he was 'shallow-fucking' me. You know what I mean by that, right? He was only letting the head of his dick penetrate me." That was Jan's first lie. Her stepfather had never "shallow-fucked" her. Not ever. From that very first night on, Ed had always "deep-fucked" Jan, whenever he had intercourse with her. "When I woke up enough to realize what was happening," said Jan, "I tried to struggle underneath him.

But when I did, he shoved his dick-head a little deeper inside me, and started to ejaculate. And I knew that it was too late for me to do anything about it. I began crying like a baby." That was Jan's second lie.

She didn't struggle underneath her stepfather while he was fucking her, because she was the one who had gotten so drunk that Valentine's Day night, that she had ended up seducing Ed into coming into her bedroom, and having sex with her. And Jan had gladly lost her virginity to Ed that night. She had been drowning her sorrows in alcohol earlier that same evening, because she was very angry with her boyfriend, Phil, for his having abruptly left her to move out of town, just one week before she was planning on giving her virginity to him on that very same Valentine's Day night.

But what really pissed Jan off the most, was finding out from Ed himself--while he was busy humping away at her previously-virgin vagina--that he had already taken her kid sister's virginity earlier that very same night. And then, as if that weren't bad enough, Ed had had the audacity to whisper in Jan's ear, describing for her in detail how much he had enjoyed fucking Lisa, and letting Jan know how wonderful Lisa's "tight, young pussy" had felt to his dick.

"And I realized that I really had no choice but to accept my fate," Jan continued telling her mostly-fake story to Lisa. "So I relaxed my vagina as much as I could, and let Dad shoot his wad inside me. Then he just laid there on top of me for a while. I felt his dick soften up a little bit, and I thought that he was almost finished with me.

"But then Dad reached down and grabbed his dick, and he began rubbing it up against my pussy. And pretty soon, he had another boner." That was Jan's third bold-faced lie. Ed was so sexually excited that very first night with Jan, that he managed to fuck her for an extended period of time, eventually pumping two ejaculations' worth of sperm out into the rear pocket of her vagina, without him ever completely losing his initial erection.

Jan continued on, "Then he stuck his dick deep inside me, and started humping away again. And his dick just slid right in, because my vagina was sopping-wet with his sperm. And that turned out to be a good thing. I swear, that man kept on humping away at me for what seemed like 20 minutes or more, until he finally got his rocks off again. "And right before he started cumming, I had a strong orgasm.

I just couldn't help myself. Dad was French-kissing me and feeling out my breasts the whole time that he was fucking the crap out of me. And I knew that it wouldn't be long before I felt more of his sperm squirting out inside me. And by this point, I had already had several mild orgasms. So, in other words, I had already gotten so turned-on, that the idea of me having more of Dad's sperm in my pussy excited me like you wouldn't believe." "Oh, I'm pretty sure that I'd believe it--" Lisa tried to interject, but was cut off by Jan.

"And that's when I felt like such a slut. I didn't even care whether Dad got me pregnant or not. I just wanted more sperm in my pussy. "And while he was humping away, I whispered in Dad's ear, and told him that I wanted some more of his sperm inside me. And I also told him that he was about to make me cum, which was the truth. "He asked me if I could do it quietly, so that I wouldn't wake up Mom.

And I promised him that I could, which was also the truth. But I had to struggle to get those words out of my mouth, because that's when I started cumming hard. "Even though I tend to be very vocal during my stronger orgasms, I had had lots of practice focusing my orgasms inward and cumming very quietly, thanks to all the times that Phil and I were making out in the back seats of those cars.

Sometimes we ended up making love in some very public places, like the library parking lot, or the driveway at Phil's house. And the last thing either of us wanted was to get caught in the act." As Jan kept talking, it only got easier and easier for her to lie to Lisa. But here's what really happened between Ed and Jan during that very first night in bed together: While Ed was humping away at Jan's pussy in a missionary style position, and telling her, right in her ear, about how much he had enjoyed fucking Lisa, and about how great Lisa's tight pussy had felt to this dick, Jan got really pissed-off.

And she started struggling underneath Ed, hysterically ordering him to pull out, and to get off the top of her, and to "get the hell out" of her bedroom. Ed's druken response to that, was to slap Jan hard across the cheek with his open palm.

"Shut up, you little bitch!" Ed had demanded in a very exaggerated, forced whisper, as he just kept thrusting away at Jan's baby-making hole.

"You're gonna wake everyone up, for Christ's sake! I didn't raise you to be a fucking cock-tease. So why don't you just lay there and take it, like a good little whore." And after telling her that, Ed began slamming his pubic bone up against Jan's on each inward thrust, as he was repeatedly burying his large penis inside her--all the way up to the hilt--and obviously trying his best to make the intercourse as painful as possible for Jan. "I will, Dad," Jan had managed to reply, as she was actively rocking her pelvis to meet every one of Ed's strong, energetic inward thrusts.

"I'll be a good little whore. Just for you." Jan tried to keep a smile on her face, but she still couldn't help but wince from the pain, each time that Ed's super-long penis was shoved all the way up inside her, stretching her vagina to its limit. And that's when something totally-unexpected happened. Something that caught both Jan and Ed totally by surprise. Jan began to orgasm her ass off, which was something--unbeknownst to Ed--that Jan had never managed to accomplish throughout her entire life so far.

It wasn't for a lack of trying, either. Jan had been masturbating for years, with only the mildest of orgasms to show for all of her on-going efforts. And over all those years, Jan had ended up getting very frustrated and disappointed about her "lack of orgasmic capability." Jan had always felt like there was something sexually "wrong" with her.

Something that was keeping her from being able to orgasm strongly during sex, like normal women do. And things had ended up getting even worse for Jan, whenever her boyfriend, Phil, was trying to masturbate her, while they were making out.

Jan couldn't even manage to orgasm enough to keep her pussy crack moist. And so she was always forced to fake her orgasms, whenever Phil was diddling away at her pussy. And she always used to do this by intentionally urinating in small spurts on Phil's hand, while she was letting out plenty of vocal "oohs" and "ahhs," and pretending to be in the throws of passion, so that she wouldn't risk hurting Phil's feelings, by letting him find out that he really wasn't making her cum--at least, not enough to make any real difference for her.

So with Jan's "orgasmically-challenged" background history, her automatic "killer orgasmic response" to Ed's physical and verbal abuse during their very first sexual encounter together was a totally-unexpected one, to say the least. And that's when Jan had started crying like a baby, because she almost-instantly realized that Ed had managed to accidentally give her the "key" that would allow her to unlock her full orgasmic potential for the rest of her life.

Needless to say, Jan was totally overwhelmed--and extremely pleased--by this "unexpected outcome." And so was Ed, for that matter. With Jan's orgasmically-pulsating vagina wrapped around his penis, and her body uncontrollably writhing around underneath his, Ed couldn't help but orgasm right along with her, and ejaculate his "man-seed" deep inside of her freshly-deflowered baby-making hole. "At any rate," Jan continued on with her story to Lisa, "The things I whispered in Dad's ear seemed to excite him even more, because he sped up his thrusting, and began slamming his dick into me pretty hard.

"And then, when I was just about finished cumming, I spread my legs as far apart as I could, and I let Dad ejaculate right up against my cervix. God, that was an awesome feeling!" "You're lucky!


Daddy never French-kissed me, or felt out my breasts, while we were 'doing it.'" "Well, you didn't exactly have breasts to feel out, now did you?" "Go ahead. Rub it in. I know I don't hold a candle to 'Mama Jugs' here," Lisa said, grabbing hold of one of Jan's long, erect nipples between her thumb and fingertips, and then pulling on that nipple to gently sway Jan's fairly-large breast from side-to-side.

"But I did have large, puffed-out nipples when I was 18. And Daddy could've felt 'em out, if he had wanted to." "Let me see," Jan said, reaching over to feel one of Lisa's breasts with her hand. "I've got news for you, Sis. You still do have large, puffed-out nipples." "Yeah, but now I've got small breasts, to go along with them." "Speaking of 'breasts,' you can let go of mine any time now," Jan said.

"What if I don't want to?" Lisa asked coyly, as she grabbed hold of Jan's whole breast, and started gently squeezing it in her hand. "Then you do so at your own risk. But I gotta warn ya.

I'm a real soaker." "A what?" Lisa asked. "Oh, you'll find out soon enough, if you keep going the way that you are," Jan threatened. "I thought you said I wasn't your type." "Normally you're not," Jan replied, and then quickly added, "But tonight, you just might be." "How about now?" Lisa asked, after she moved her leg up over the top of Jan's, and pressed her pussy mound up against Jan's thigh.

"Jesus, Lisa! You don't have any hair down there, do ya?" "Not one little pube. I keep it all shaved off." "Why?" "Oh, I just like it that way.

That's all," Lisa said, as she rocked her hips to rub her baby-bare vulva back and forth against Jan's thigh. "Are you trying to seduce me, Sis?" "I'm not 'trying' to do anything. I'm 'doing' it," Lisa replied. "Just tell me you want me to stop, and I'll stop right now." "What makes you think that I want you to stop?" Jan said, before leaning over and giving Lisa a big French-kiss.

"I never dreamed I'd be 'getting it on' with my own sister," Jan whispered. "Why not? You already got it on with your own dad," Lisa whispered back, as she reached down, and placed her hand on Jan's pussy mound.

"So did you," Jan quipped back, while her hand searched out Lisa's crotch. And giggles filled the small bedroom, while the two sisters took their time, feeling out and gently caressing each other's bare pussies. "Did you ever suck Daddy's dick?" Lisa asked, as she eased her middle finger up into Jan's vagina.

"More times than I can remember. He used to eat me out too." "Oh God, now I'm really jealous. If I was Daddy's favorite, he sure had a hell of way of showing it! He never ate my pussy, or got me to suck his dick. All we ever did was fondle each other, and then fuck. I mean, except for that one time that he let me jack him off." "That's too bad, Sis.

Dad was really good with his tongue, too. Let's just say that he knew how to use it to please a woman 'down there.' But God, what I used to really 'get off' on, was having that big long dick of his in my mouth." At this point, Jan had just told Lisa the honest truth about Jan having had oral sex with Ed on a regular basis. "Speaking of which.didn't you think that the head on Daddy's dick was kind of weird-looking?

I mean, the way that it was all flared-out at the back, and kind of small at the tip." "Yeah, it did have almost a conical shape to it, didn't it? But to me, that just made it even more sexy," Jan admitted.

"Weren't you ever worried about Daddy getting you pregnant?" Lisa asked. "Of course I was. Weren't you?" said Jan, once again lying through her teeth. The whole time that Jan had been carrying on her secret sexual relationship with Ed, she never worried about getting impregnated by him--because that was her "ultimate goal." Deep down inside, Jan felt the super-strong-but-misguided primal urge to get pregnant, and become a mommy before her 21st birthday.

"Sure," said Lisa. "But that never happened, because Daddy only had sex with me during my 'safe times.'" "During your what?" Jan asked.

"You know? During the first and last weeks of my menstrual cycle." "You got lucky, girl! It's a miracle Dad didn't knock you up. I hate to break the news to you, Sis, but the rhythm method isn't that effective at preventing pregnancy.

And that's because, every so often, we girls can ovulate twice during the same cycle. And sometimes we can even ovulate during our periods, believe it or not." "Wow! I never realized that," Lisa said, feigning naivety, even though she already did know everything that Jan had just told her about the rhythm method.

"So then what you're telling me, is that the rhythm method really does work, but that it isn't considered that reliable," Lisa added, still intentionally playing dumb on the subject, just to see where Jan would go with it. "Yeah. That's why I quit using it a long time ago," Jan explained.

"It's also part of the reason why I was so damn scared that first night with Dad. I wasn't using any form of birth control. And neither was he. And because I knew all about the rhythm method, and how it worked, I realized that Dad could get me pregnant, if I happened to be ovulating. But the bad part was that I didn't know exactly where I was at in my cycle that night--because, to be honest with you, I hadn't been keeping track.

"After that first night, Dad would unexpectedly show up in my bedroom late at night to have sex with me. And that would always scare the crap out of me, because even though Dad only had sex with me during my 'safe times'--just like he did with you--I knew that the rhythm method wasn't that reliable.

But outwardly, I always did my best to act like nothing was wrong, so that Dad would go ahead and fuck me. "Then one night, my luck finally ran out. I remember that I was feeling unusually horny that night. And I could tell that Dad was too. He fucked me twice that night. And the second time, we ended up 'doing it' doggie style. And right before he came, he shoved his dick deep inside me, and shot his whole wad right up against my cervix. "And just a few minutes after he pulled out of me that second time, my womb started feeling really strange to me, and I sensed that Dad had just gotten me pregnant.

Don't ask me how I knew. I just did. That's all. But of course, I didn't say a word to Dad about what I was feeling that night. "About a month after Dad had moved out of the house, I went to the doctor, because I had missed my next period.

And the doctor confirmed what I already knew. I was pregnant with Dad's baby. "Of course, I told Mom that it was Bill's baby. But that still pissed Mom off quite a bit, because Bill was a lot older than me. He was 27 at the time, and had already been married and divorced once.

But I was in love with him anyway. I didn't care that he had a 9-year-old adopted son from his first marriage. But Mom certainly did. "The ironic thing was that I wasn't even having intercourse with Bill yet. Heck, I didn't even meet Bill until a couple of weeks after Dad had moved out. And I had only been on three dates with him by the time I found out I was pregnant with Dad's baby.

Of course, I didn't tell Bill that I was pregnant. How could I? "At any rate, I wanted to have Dad's baby, but Mom wouldn't let me.

She said she'd kick me out of the house, if I did that. And so I went and got an abortion. But I hated Mom for what she made me do. "Then Mom took me down to the doctor, and put me on birth control pills. And after that, as far as Mom knew, I became very conscientious about taking my Pill every morning like clockwork, without missing a single day. "The real truth was that I flushed every one of those fucking pills down the God damn toilet! I was determined that that bitch wasn't going to control me, or my sex life.

"And I started letting Bill have intercourse with me--but only during my 'safe times.' Mind you, I was completely honest with Bill, from the get-go.

I told him that I wasn't on any birth control, but that I was using the rhythm method, and keeping track of my menstrual cycles. And I warned him that he would only be able to fuck me during the first and last weeks of my cycle. And Bill was okay with that. "So Bill and I fucked like rabbits. Heck, we even 'did it' during my periods. But we only fucked during my 'safe times.' "And four months later, I was pregnant again.

But this time, it really was with Bill's baby. And so I moved out of the house, because I didn't want to get another abortion." "So that's why you got married so young," said Lisa, as the imaginary light bulb went off in her head.

"You were already pregnant with Trish." "You got it," Jan confirmed. "Did you know that Mom caught Daddy fucking me one night? And boy, was she pissed! That's why she kicked Daddy out of the house." "I didn't know that. I always wondered why she divorced Dad. But she wouldn't ever tell me. Man, I'm glad I got together with you tonight, Lisa." Jan gave Lisa another passionate French-kiss, and then told Lisa, "Now, why don't we forget about Dad, and Mom, and Bill, and Trish for a while, and just enjoy being together." "I'm sorry, Jan.

It's just that it really turns me on, knowing that Daddy was having sex with both of us. How come you never told me before?" "What was I supposed to do? Go up to my 18-year-old sister and say, 'Guess what, Sis. I'm having sex with Dad?' Heck, I didn't know he was fucking you too, or I would've said something. Why didn't you tell me?" "I didn't think you would believe me. Heck, I didn't think that anyone would ever believe me.

But I know you believe me now." "You bet I do. I also believe that you're just about to make me cum," Jan excitedly announced, and then quickly added, "But you've gotta do something for me first." "What do you want me to do, Sis?" Lisa asked.

"Squeeze my clit between your fingers. Make it hurt a little bit. But don't do it too hard. Okay?" Jan said. "Okay. If that's what you really want." "It's not what I want. It's what I need right now. I'll explain later." Lisa squeezed Jan's clitoris, just like Jan had asked her to do.

"Is that hard enough?" Lisa asked. "No. I need you to squeeze a little harder than that." "How about this?" Lisa asked, as she pressed her thumb and index fingers tighter together. "Oh God yes! That's more than enough. Now I want you to finger-fuck me with your other hand. Do it really fast and rough. Okay?" "Like this?" Lisa asked, as she started energetically finger-fucking Jan's vagina. "Yeah. Just like that.

Now I need you to call me some bad names, like "bitch" and "whore" and "slut." Also tell me how horrible I am, and stuff like that." "Jan, how long have you been a masochist?" "As far back as I can remember," Jan honestly replied, and then urgently added, "Hurry up, Lisa.

Start calling me names. I'm just about to cum. But I need you to help push me over the top. Okay?" "You're sure a demanding little bitch, aren't you, Sis?" Lisa said, verbally abusing her older sister, just like she was asked to do. "You're a fucking whore! That's what you really are. You're nothing but a cheap slut. I can't believe you're my sister, you fucking masochist! If you don't cum right now, I'm gonna squeeze your clit even harder!

Okay. You asked for it." Lisa warned Jan, and then promptly followed through with her clit-squeezing threat. And Jan's uniquely-masochistic response was to orgasm strongly for the first time that night, thanks to Lisa's clit-squeezing fingertips, and her insulting potty-mouth, combined with her frenetic finger-fucking.

After Jan's orgasm subsided, she thanked Lisa for her cooperative sado-masochistic role-playing. And she casually resumed her stroking of Lisa's pussy. Meanwhile, Lisa was mentally struggling to keep her dick-clit up inside of her uterus. But Lisa knew that she was going to have to let Jan in on her "incredible secret," at some point.

And that point came when Jan slowly licked and kissed her way down Lisa's chest and abdomen, and was getting ready to start eating out Lisa's pussy. "Hang on, Jan! There's something else I have to tell you first, before we go any further." "It's okay, Sis. I know you've always wanted big boobs, like I have. But believe me, they're not all they're cracked up to be." "That's not it.

I mean, of course, I've always loved your big beautiful breasts. But that's not what I need to tell you about." "Oh God, here we go again," Jan said, rolling her eyes upward and shaking her head.

"Okay, what is it? Don't tell me you're a masochist too?" "No. Actually, I just realized that I must be somewhat of a sadist. because I found myself enjoying what I just did to you and your clit. But that's not what I need to tell you about." "Then what on earth is it?" asked Jan.

"I have a dick," Lisa stated matter-of-factly. "You have a what?" Jan reacted, not believing that last word she had just heard coming out Lisa's mouth. "A dick. You know?.A penis!" Lisa said, emphatically. "Oh come off it, Lisa! You're all woman, as far as I can tell. And now, you expect me to believe that you have a dick?

Honey, you must be out of your gourd!" "No, I'm not. But I wish I was," Lisa said, reaching over to turn on the small bedside lamp. Then Lisa pulled the covers off both of them. "Go ahead and get down between my legs, and I'll show you." Jan felt pretty embarrassed with the lights on in the room. She was used to all of her lovemaking with her husband taking place in a darkened room.

And it was always that way, at her insistence. Now she and Lisa were staring at each other's naked bodies, and Jan's first inclination was to reach down and pull the covers back up over her.

However, despite her embarrassment, Jan went ahead and did what Lisa had wanted her to do. But Jan sure felt self-conscious about letting Lisa see her milk-white, light-pink-nippled breasts and her hairy pussy, with its thick triangular patch of bright reddish-orange pubic hair. But within a few moments, Jan quickly forgot about her own embarrassment. And she just watched in horror, as the tiny head of Lisa's long, dark-reddish-colored, noodle-looking dick-clit popped out of her vagina, and then slithered several inches out onto the bed sheet, between Lisa's spread legs.

"Oh my God! Have you always had that.that.'whatever it is'?" "I call it my 'dick-clit.' And no, I just got it a few weeks ago. I don't really know how to use it yet." Jan was stunned, while Lisa was filling her in on all the fascinating details about her alien abduction experience. "You mean, that's your real clitoris?" Jan asked, pointing at the small head of Lisa's dick-clit, but being very careful not to actually touch it. "Yeah, that's why I had to show it to you.

I found out that I couldn't even cum at all, without having my dick-clit sticking out of my pussy." Lisa moved her dick-clit all around, just to show Jan a sample of what it could do. "Oh my God! It's just like a little snake, or a worm, or something. I've never seen a penis that could do that!" "Yeah, but that 'little snake' is the center of my sexuality now--whether I like it or not. I've never shown it to anyone else before. But if you're gonna make love to me, you're also gonna have to make love to my dick-clit.

That's just the way things are. "My 'other clitoris'--you know, the one at the front of my pussy? Well, it's completely numb. And it doesn't work anymore. It's just there for looks, as far as I can tell. And my G-spot?" Lisa said, pointing towards her vaginal entrance with her index finger.

"Well, it's not there anymore." "You've got to be kidding me!" Jan blurted out, not really meaning to. "I wish I were," Lisa said, as she "willed" her dick-clit straight up into the air, perpendicular to the bed, raising it up nearly a foot above her pubic mound. And then she intentionally twisted its shaft, so that the bottom of it was facing Jan. "See that long, rough-looking patch of skin on my shaft?" Lisa asked. "Uh-huh," Jan hummed back, nodding her head. "I'm pretty sure that's what's left of my G-spot.

Those alien bastards had to have cut it out of my vagina, and then grafted it onto my dick-clit. All I can say is that, to me, it feels just like it's my G-spot. And the head of my dick-clit feels just like it's my clit. "So you're gonna have to play with my dick-clit, if you truly care about me, and wanna make me cum tonight, like I just made you cum. But if you'd rather call everything off right now, I'll understand." "Are you kidding me?

This has turned out to be the most incredible night of my entire life! Besides, it's way too late for us to pack up our marbles and go home." Jan dove head-first into Lisa's bare crotch, and started licking away at her pussy mound.

And it didn't take Jan very long, before she had finally worked up enough courage to actually stick the tip of Lisa's dick-clit into her mouth, so that she could begin making oral love to it. Of course, Jan also made sure to actively tongue the rough patch of skin on the underside of Lisa's pencil-thin shaft. But above all, Jan was very careful about not to bringing her teeth into direct contact with Lisa's dick-clit.

Lisa felt like she was in heaven. She could hardly believe that her own sister had not only accepted her dick-clit, but there she was, actually sucking away on it like a giant, tasty piece of spaghetti. Lisa was damn glad that she had let Jan come over to spend the night with her. That night, Lisa also found out something else about her older sister, that she never knew before.

Jan was one of those special women who could literally cum in buckets. She ended up soaking the sheets so badly, that Lisa had to put on new sheets, before they could finally go to sleep. * * * * * So Baby Bear and Goldilocks became lovers, as well as friends. And pretty soon, there really weren't any secrets left between them--at least, that's what they both thought. But they didn't go on to live happily ever after, because Baby Bear still had one big problem to deal with: Baby Bear could barely cum, and that was something she just couldn't bear.

* * * * * CHAPTER 7 1997: The Set-Up * * * * * Lisa had just finished giving John a quick-but-amazing blowjob. She was still sitting at the foot of her bed, looking up at John, who was standing in front of her in her small bedroom. And she still had her hands on his balls. "Hey, Mister," Lisa said, shifting back to her little-girl voice again. "Do you wanna do something really neat?" "Sure, Little Girl," John replied, playing along with her again.

"Okay. Just hang on a second," Lisa said, as she quickly maneuvered herself across the bed, to one of the night stands on the side. She grabbed her hairbrush off the top of the night stand, and then, just as quickly, manuevered back to the foot of the bed, before handing the hairbrush to John. "What am I supposed to do with this?" John asked, looking at the hairbrush.

Culeando a moderno pasivo hasta venirme

"Brush my hair?" "No. I want you to bend over in front of me, Mister, and stick my hairbrush all the way up into your butt-hole," Lisa said, as she giggled in delight, still pretending to be a little girl. "Oh, come on!" John sternly replied, showing his total disdain for the idea of him inserting the 5-inch-long handle of Lisa's hairbrush up into his own rectum.

"Hey, Mister. I wouldn't ask you to do something that I wouldn't do. In fact, if you let me watch you stick it up your butt-hole, I'll let you watch me stick it up mine. It feels really good. You'll see.," Lisa bartered. "I don't know about this.

I don't even have any lubricant," John argued half-heartedly. Lisa reached across, grabbed the hairbrush out of John's hand, deep-throated the handle into her mouth, and then sucked on it, to get her saliva all over it. Then she gave the hairbrush back to John, as she said, "Now you do. But you'd better hurry up, Mister. Before it dries out." John turned around, with his butt in Lisa's face.

He spread his legs apart, bent over at the waist, reached around his right butt-cheek, and slowly inserted the entire saliva-coated handle of Lisa's hairbrush up into his rectum. "Wow, that's really neat!" Lisa remarked, still playing the role of a little girl.

"Now, slowly move it in and out. Okay?" And this time, John cooperated with Lisa, as he did exactly what she was telling him to do. And the hard handle of the hairbrush firmly rubbed back and forth against his prostate gland, which felt absolutely exquisite to John.

He found himself not wanting to stop this unique anal intercourse that he was having with the handle of Lisa's hairbrush. And he was unable to hide the fact that he was thoroughly enjoying himself. "You see?" Lisa barked out proudly. "I told you you'd like it." John let go of the hairbrush to turn around and say something to Lisa.

But then, without any warning, Lisa reached across, grabbed hold of the hairbrush, and swiftly yanked it completely out of John's butt, as she said, "Time's up, Mister. It's my turn now." "Hey! That's no fair!" John said, acting just like a little boy himself, as he spun around to face the foot of the bed again.

Lisa ignored John, as she turned her back to him, and got down on all-fours on top of the bed. She stuck her butt up in the air, right in front of John, and then reached around with her hand, and slowly inserted the handle of her hairbrush all the way up into her own rectum, in one smooth movement. "Okay, Mister.

I'm ready for you to move it in and out now," Lisa proudly announced in her little girl voice, as she teasingly swayed her hips from side-to-side. And John was more than happy to reach across and grab the hairbrush, so that he could begin actively frigging Lisa's little butt-hole with her own hairbrush handle.

The whole time that all of this anal hairbrush sex-play was going on between him and Lisa, John just kept thinking to himself, What the hell am I doing? This is crazy! However, those thoughts didn't do anything to prevent John from becoming an eager participant in his and Lisa's anal-oriented activities.

And throughout, John's penis had remained in a fully-erect state. At the same time, John was really starting to get frustrated. And he was pretty upset with himself, because he knew that what he really wanted--and needed--was some pussy.

And Lisa's bare pussy was right there, within his reach, just underneath the hairbrush. But he couldn't touch it, because he needed her permission first, if he didn't want to risk being brought up on rape charges. So it's completely understandable that a large toothy grin came across John's face--and he was very relieved--when he heard Lisa finally say, "Hey, Mister. Do you wanna stop 'doing our butts,' so that you can play with my pussy now?" "Oh heck yes!" said John.

And Lisa calmly reached around her butt-cheek to remove the hairbrush from her rectum, so that she could lay it back on top of the night stand by the bed, where she had originally gotten it from. John could see that the hairbrush had some obvious fecal matter on the very end of the handle. He could also tell that Lisa wasn't concerned about the fecal matter at all.

Lisa nonchalantly moved back into the exact same body-position that she was in on the bed when she was pulling her pussy crack wide-open with her fingers to show John her "ta-daaaah!" And he naturally climbed up at the foot of the bed and positioned himself between her spread-apart legs.

To his amazement, Lisa did absolutely nothing to try to stop him this time. She just lay there quietly on her back, and let John stare at her baby-bare pussy up-close, while he was manually exploring it and fondling it. Then he dove head-first into her mound, and he started eating her out with the ferver of a young boy who had never tasted pussy before. After a while, John finally moved up her body, and he began licking and sucking on Lisa's fairly-small-but-nicely-formed breasts.

And that's when Lisa broke the silence again. But this time, she was using her normal adult voice. The same one that she had used so effectively at Fred's bar.

"Come on, Baby. I want that wet dick of yours inside me. I need your sperm," she said in a very serious but gentle manner. And John looked down at his own penis to see for himself that his dick was indeed wet at the very tip. A tiny stream of transparent, pre-orgasmic seminal fluid was oozing out of John's piss-hole slit, and slowly dripping onto the sheets. Now this was John's kind of woman. Someone with whom he could picture himself actually falling in love.

Someone with whom he could spend the rest of his life, and never fool around on. Someone who, in the near future, could have his babies. John reached down and grabbed hold of the shaft of his penis, and almost-reverently guided the leaky head of it into the crack of Lisa's pussy, as he thought to himself, Lord, thank you for sending this little angel into my life.

Then his thoughts naturally shifted to how neat and wonderful it always felt to have his penis actually touching a brand-new pussy. And this wasn't just one of those gold-diggers' pussies either. No sir. This was an incredibly sexy, hairless pussy belonging to an incredibly sexy, non-gold-digger woman. At least, John assumed that Lisa wasn't a gold-digger. If she really were a gold-digger, she sure hid that fact very well, because she hadn't even wanted to ride in John's fancy Lincoln Town Car, when they had left Fred's bar for her place.

Instead, she had insisted that they take her modest Chevy Nova over to her apartment, although she did ask John to drive. Then John slowly rubbed the circumcised head of his penis up and down along the wet crack of Lisa's sweet pussy a few times.

And once his dick-head was well-lubricated with her womanly juices, he eased the head of his penis into Lisa's vaginal opening. John was amazed at how snugly Lisa's vagina fit around his penis. Her vagina felt to him like it belonged to a young teenage girl, instead of a full-grown woman. An uneasy thought struck John from out of the blue, and he didn't hesitate to verbalize it to Lisa.

"I sure hope you didn't forget to take your Pill today," he said, almost jokingly. "What Pill?" Lisa replied. "You mean you're not on The Pill?" he incredulously asked. "Of course not, Silly, I don't use any birth control.

What made you think that?" John was positive that his pre-cum was still oozing out of the head of his penis. And for a moment, he wasn't sure what he should do. Part of him just wanted to run away from this entire situation. To just pull his dick out of Lisa's welcoming pussy, and get the hell out of Dodge. But another part of him was just as preoccupied with rationalizing away this "unforeseen turn-of-events." He figured that he might have already released more than enough sperm cells just inside the entrance of Lisa's fuck-hole to get her pregnant--if that was what was destined to happen--and so he might as well go ahead and finish off the act.

That way, at least he would have a great orgasm to show for his efforts--even if Lisa did later become pregnant. Besides that, John had already been thinking about Lisa in more serious terms than he cared to admit.

And if she did end up getting pregnant, he knew that he would probably buy her the nicest wedding ring that he could find. Of course, this rationalizing part of John's mind quickly won out over the scared part, just like it tends to do in most men who find themselves in similar sexual situations.

But John was still so shocked by this disturbing "piece of news".("Our top story tonight: Lisa Chadwick is the only 27-year-old, single, sexually-active woman left in America who doesn't use any form of birth control at all. Stay tuned for further details.").that he became a temporary statue. "Hey, Earth to John. Are you there?

I asked you a question?" Lisa prodded. "Well.I.I guess.I.just assumed that--" John stammered away. "Don't worry, John, you can't get me pregnant, if that's what you're worried about," Lisa assured him. Then she rolled her eyes back into her head as she said to herself out-loud, "Oh, Lisa, you stupid idiot. Of course he's worried about getting you pregnant. He's a guy, for Christ's sake. Duhhh!" Lisa immediately directed her attention back to John.

"Look. I just had my period, and now it's my 'safe time.' Okay?" Lisa said, lying through her teeth. "But I really don't want to go into all the details with you right now. I just wanna enjoy us being my bed.butt-naked.coupled-up.and 'doing the dirty deed.'" Upon hearing this, John relaxed again, taking great comfort in the fact that Lisa seemed to know exactly what she was doing.

So he eased his penis up deep into Lisa's vagina. Physically-speaking, they matched up pretty well together. Because even though John was quite a bit heavier than Lisa, she was 5' 6" tall, which was only 3 inches shorter than John was.

And her snug vagina turned out to be large enough, so that it easily stretched to accommodate his 6-inch-long, erect penis, without causing Lisa any discomfort whatsoever. But John was hesitant to lay the weight of his upper torso onto her, choosing instead to support himself on his own two arms.

Lisa was so slender that she felt fragile underneath him. "It's okay," she reassured him, sensing his discomfort, "you're not gonna crush me." Lisa placed her arms around John's shoulder blades and pulled his upper body down onto hers. She felt some of the body-hair that blanketed the whole upper part of John's back, and she thought to herself, Man, I was right.

This guy really is a big teddy bear. Either that, or he's a fucking werewolf! Lisa wasn't a fan of thick body-hair on men. It had been the one thing about her stepfather's naked body that she hadn't been too thrilled with--aside from his beer-gut belly, of course. "John, why don't you take off your glasses?" Lisa politely asked. "But I can't see very well without them," John automatically replied.

"You don't need to see anything right now, John. You've already seen everything that you needed to see." And with that, Lisa extended her arm, grabbed hold of the bedside lamp pull-chain, and instantly put the small bedroom back into the same moonlit darkness that John had encountered when he had first walked into the bedroom.

Lisa reached up with her hands to feel where John's face was. And then she gently pulled his glasses up off of his ears, before depositing them on top of the night stand, right next to the lamp--and the now-infamous anal hairbrush. Meanwhile, John had been passively basking in that very nice sensation of being deeply coupled-up with a woman.

The darkened room all of the sudden brought back the vivid image in John's mind of Lisa lying there on the bed, totally nude, except for those shimmering white panties of hers. Out of the blue, John wondered where Lisa had put her socks, because her feet were bare, and he didn't see any socks by her pants and boots that were on the floor next to the side of the bed.

And he thought to himself, Nobody ever wears boots without socks. Or do they? Sometimes the damndest thoughts cross a person's mind at the strangest of times. As John was starting to ease his penis back out of Lisa's vagina, so that he could begin thrusting away at it, he was mentally-busy wondering if Lisa talked to her own pussy, whenever she was masturbating.

But John was jolted right back to the here-and-now, when he thrust his penis all the way back in again, and the muscle structure surrounding the entrance of Lisa's vagina clamped down very tightly around the base of his penis. So tightly that, for all practical purposes, his penis was pretty well immobilized. And John started to react. Switching back to her little girl voice, Lisa told John, "Oops.

I guess I lied to you earlier, Mister. I really do bite." And then she burst out giggling uncontrollably. * * * * * CHAPTER 8 1997: The Key * * * * * Alex Bamberg, who was Bill Bamberg's son from his first marriage, had really taken a liking to his Aunt Lisa.

She had been coming over to the house at lot lately, and spending an inordinate amount of time with his stepmother, Jan. And Alex thought that the two of them had been acting kind of strange around each other lately, with lots of kissy-feely kinds of behavior. But then, Alex also knew that it really wasn't that unusual for girls or women to get all touchy-feely with each other.

However, Alex didn't just like his Aunt Lisa in the way that an 18-year-old nephew would be fond of a favorite aunt.

No sir. There was much more to it than that. Even though Aunt Lisa was nine years older than Alex, she looked like she was still a teenager. And it wasn't just the way her body looked. It was also the way that she acted and dressed.

Alex definitely had the hots for his Aunt Lisa. He fantasized about what her small tits and her pussy might look like.

And naturally, he fantasized a lot about what it would be like for him to actually have sex with her. He definitely wanted to fuck his Aunt Lisa, if he ever got the chance. One afternoon, a few days ago, Jan had gone over to Lisa's apartment. And Alex had tagged along with her for the ride. He had no choice, because Jan had just picked him up from soccer practice at school, and then they had gone straight over to Aunt Lisa's apartment.

While his stepmother and his aunt were sitting at the kitchenette table, and chattering away over coffee, like two excited Capuchin monkeys, Alex excused himself from the to-him "boring conversation," and he went to go use the restroom. Lisa's super-small, single-bedroom apartment only had one bathroom.

And to get to it from the kitchen/dining area, one had to walk across the living room, and then down a short hallway, passing Lisa's bedroom doorway in the process. On his way to the bathroom, as Alex was walking down the hallway, he looked into Lisa's bedroom and noticed some crumpled-up white panties on the floor, next to the side of Lisa's bed. Alex took a quick look behind him to make sure that no one was watching him.

And then he darted into Lisa's bedroom, and scooped up the panties in his hand, before darting back into the hallway. He went into the bathroom, closed and locked the door, and then spread the satiny panties inside out, with the cotton-lined crotch of the panties lying across the palm of his hand. Under the overly-bright, bulbous lights that surrounded the bathroom vanity mirror, Alex could see that the crotch of the panties was soiled with the dried, watermark-type stains that Aunt Lisa's natural "pussy-leakage" had obviously produced.

There was also a small fecal streak stain, right where Aunt Lisa's ass-hole had been in contact with the panties. Alex placed his nose close to the panty-crotch and sniffed it, just like a dog sniffing another dog's butt. And Alex could easily smell the urine-tinged, mildly-fishy odor that Aunt Lisa's pussy had left behind. Alex's young penis was quickly on its way to becoming fully-erect, but he also felt that he had to pee like a racehorse, or his bladder was going to explode any minute.

After all, that was reason why he had headed to the bathroom, in the first place. So Alex placed the panties down on the vanity countertop, and then struggled like hell to pee out of his semi-erect penis. By the time he had finally finished urinating, he no longer had an erection. He carefully folded up the panties, and stuck them into the pocket of his jeans. When he came out of the bathroom, another idea struck him, and he acted on it immediately.

After making sure that no one was coming into the hallway, Alex made a detour back into Lisa's bedroom, went over to her dresser, and started quickly-but-quietly opening the drawers, one at a time, until he finally found what he had been looking for. He grabbed one of Lisa's bras, and stuffed it into another pocket of his jeans. Then he pulled a clean pair of white panties out of her dresser, crumpled them up, and dropped them on the floor, in the same spot where he had originally found her soiled panties.

Alex hightailed it out of Lisa's bedroom, stopped in the hallway to catch his breath for a few moments, and then nonchalantly walked back into the kitchenette area, and rejoined the "boring conversation"--which meant that he basically sat there quietly, and stared at Aunt Lisa, while she and his step-mom were too busy talking to each other, to even notice that he had returned from his bathroom trek.

After a while, Alex thought to himself that he should have just stayed in Aunt Lisa's bathroom, and jacked himself off, like he had originally wanted to do. But he also knew that he would have plenty of time for that later, in the privacy of his own house. When Alex and this stepmother finally left Aunt Lisa's and went home, Alex went straight to his bedroom, and quickly hid the bra and panties underneath some of his own clothing in his chest of drawers.

And he eagerly waited for the next opportunity when he would put those articles of intimate apparel to good use. That evening, Alex put on the bra and panties underneath his own loose-fitting pajamas, and he had even walked around right in front of his mother, without her ever noticing that anything was "wrong." Later that same night--once Alex was sure that his stepmother was fast asleep--he got out of bed, and went to the bathroom.

He locked the door, took off his pajamas, and stared at the bathroom mirror. He was totally amused at how silly he looked, wearing a white A-size cup bra and white nylon panties. But these weren't just any old bra and panties stolen from a department store. This was Aunt Lisa's bra and Aunt Lisa's soiled panties. And Alex got a hard-on pretty damn quickly. Alex stroked himself through the panties, and was amazed at how good the slick, nylon material felt to his penis.

He left the bra and panties on, while he kept stroking his dick and fantasizing about Aunt Lisa. And he almost ended up squirting his wad right inside the panties--which was something that he really didn't want to do. He quickly freed his penis, through one of the leg holes of the panties, just in time to squirt his sperm out all over the bathroom vanity countertop.

Over the course of the next two days, Alex masturbated three different times. And each time, he had only taken Lisa's panties into the bathroom with him, and left her bra in its hiding place, because he had figured out that her bra really didn't turn him on half as much as her soiled panties did.

He had also figured out that what he really liked to do was to hold the panties in his hand, and rub them against the end of his dick, while he was stroking it.

And that's exactly what he was right in the middle of doing that next afternoon, when his Aunt Lisa had unexpectedly dropped in to visit his stepmother. While Alex was masturbating in the bathroom, Jan was taking a nap in her bedroom. Alex heard the doorbell ring, and then several knocks on the front door, followed by his mother yelling out from her bedroom, "Hang on. I'm coming!" Alex laughed a little bit, thinking to himself, Hey, that should be my line, Jan.

And that was because Alex really was on the verge of cumming.


As he grimaced up his face, closed his eyes, and let out that little telltale cum-grunt that guys tend to make, right before they start to orgasm and ejaculate, Alex was totally oblivious to the sounds of the locks turning on the front door, and his Aunt Lisa's perpetually-enthusiastic, high-pitched voice saying, "How's it goin', Sis?" Alex just kept his eyes closed, and rode out his orgasm, as he was letting his sperm forcefully squirt out willy-nilly, and land somewhere in the vicinity of the bathroom vanity sink and countertop.

His very first spurt of sperm had squirted out so forcefully, that it had splatted up against the vanity mirror, and was now slowly working its way down the mirror. Alex was mentally coming back down to earth, when he heard the very tail end of his stepmother saying, "Still hangin' in there. How 'bout you?" At this point Alex was instinctively using his hand to milk the last of the sperm out of his dick.

"Can't complain," Lisa said, and then added, "Hey, I don't mean to be rude or anything, but I've gotta use your bathroom. I'm just about to pee my pants." Upon hearing the word "bathroom" being said by his Aunt Lisa's unmistakable voice, Alex's heart started pounding, and he was having trouble catching his breath. He completely lost his mental composure.

Alex watched in horror as the locked bathroom doorknob twisted a little bit. And then there were some knocks on the hollow door. And Alex knew that his Aunt Lisa was waiting on the other side of that door. He looked at all the sperm that was splattered across the sink and the vanity countertop--and especially took note of the long string of sperm that had run down the otherwise-shiny bathroom mirror--and he knew he had to clean up his "mess" as best as he could, and get the hell out of there fast.

"I'll be out in a minute," Alex said through the door to Lisa, as he was pulling his pants back up, buttoning them up at the waist, and then pulling the zipper all the way up.

"Please hurry, Alex. I'm gonna pee my pants, if you don't!" "Okay, okay! I'll be right out!" Alex yelled through the closed bathroom door, trying to buy himself a little more time. Alex stuffed his Aunt Lisa's stolen panties into his pocket, grabbed hold of the toilet paper, and yanked a whole streamer of it off the spinning roll.

He quickly wiped up the long streak of sperm on the mirror; and then, just as quickly, shifted his attention to the most-obvious "sperm-puddles" that were laying everywhere else. And right before Alex finally unlocked and opened the bathroom door, he casually dropped the wadded-up, sperm-laden toilet paper into the waste basket, beside the toilet. Lisa barged into the bathroom, shooting right past Alex, to stand directly in front of the toilet.

She quickly undid her pants, and pulled her pants and panties down around her ankles. Then she plopped herself down onto the toilet seat, and her urine immediately began spraying out forcefully into the toilet bowl beneath her. Alex was in shock, as he had just stood there, and watched his Aunt Lisa do all this, right in front of him.

"Well, are you gonna just stand there and watch me?" asked Lisa. "'Cuz if you are, you ought to at least come over here closer, so you can see better." And as she said that, Lisa twisted her body towards him, and then spread her thighs far apart, so that Alex got a good look at her shaved pussy mound, while the urine was still spraying out of her pussy crack, into the toilet bowl. Alex was emotionally torn. He wanted to stay in the bathroom with Aunt Lisa.

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But the bathroom door was wide-open, and Jan was somewhere else in the house. Naturally, Alex's first inclination was to close and lock the bathroom door.

But he knew that if his stepmother came and caught him in the same closed bathroom with Aunt Lisa, his ass would be grass! So Alex did the only thing he could really do. He said, "I'm sorry, Aunt Lisa." And he left the bathroom, closing the door behind him, on his way out. But Alex really wasn't "sorry" at all. He was glad that he had finally gotten the chance to actually see his Aunt Lisa's pussy, even if it was for only a few precious seconds.

The image of her hairless, urinating pussy would vividly live on in Alex's fantasies for many years to come. As soon as Alex left the bathroom, Lisa thought to herself, What the hell are you doing, Lisa?

She couldn't believe that she had just propositioned her own 18-year-old step-nephew, right there in the bathroom, with the door wide-open, and with her older sister in another room of the house. The scariest part was that Lisa hadn't been teasing or playing with Alex at all, when she had tried to get him to stay in the bathroom with her.

The truth was that she had been ready-and-willing to have sex with Alex, right then and there--just as soon as she had finished urinating, of course. Lisa didn't know what had come over her at the time. But it was like being a female dog in heat, who was enthusiastically offering her little puffed-out doggie-pussy to the first male dog that came along.

Lisa started feeling pretty embarrassed about what she had just done. But she also knew that it was too late to change things now. She would just have to live with it, and hope that Alex thought that she was just teasing him. Lisa was reaching over to pull some toilet paper off the roll, so that she could wipe off her pussy after she finished urinating, when something caught her eye. It was a small puddle of something that looked like sperm, lying on the edge of the sink, right next to the countertop of the vanity.

After she was finished urinating, Lisa leaned over from the toilet, while she was wiping off her pussy, and she took a closer look. And there were a few more little droplets of the same stuff, pretty close to the first little "puddle" that had caught her eye. Without getting up off the toilet seat, Lisa reached across and scooped up a little "puddle" of the sperm-like stuff with her fingertips. She rubbed it between her fingertips, and then she smelled her fingers. And sure enough, it was definitely sperm.

There was just no mistaking that unique, musky smell and sticky texture. And the sperm felt warm to her fingertips. Lisa knew that it had to have just been ejaculated. And so it had to be Alex's sperm. She realized that Alex must've just finished masturbating, when she had barged in, to use the restroom. Almost without thinking about what she was doing, she reached down and rubbed the small amount of sperm into the crack of her pussy. Despite the fact that she knew that she was incapable of becoming pregnant, it was still a big turn-on for her to know that she was putting her own step-nephew's sperm into the crack of her pussy.

Especially after she had just teased him, by showing him her pussy--except that she really hadn't been "teasing." Lisa thought, Boy, Jan would really freak out, if she knew what I was doing right now. And that thought made it even more exciting to Lisa, because she knew that she was being a very naughty girl, indeed. Lisa could feel the head of her dick-clit tingling, and her dick-clit quickly snaked its way out of her vagina.

Then it looped back upward to insert its tiny head into the crack of her pussy. This really surprised Lisa, because her dick-clit did all of this, completely on its own, without her mentally guiding it there. She was watching in amazement as her dick-clit automatically rubbed itself--and her clitoris, with its tiny slit at the very tip--back and forth against the area of her crack in which she had just placed the sperm.

Lisa retracted her dick-clit for a few seconds, just to make sure that she still had control over the movements of her own dick-clit. She had mentally "willed it" back up into her vagina. And it faithfully did what she wanted it to do. But the minute that she stopped trying to control her dick-clit, it automatically slithered back out of her vagina, all on its own, and continued to rub its tiny head against the sperm in her pussy crack.

Lisa didn't try to stop it again, because she was really curious to find out what her dick-clit would do next. Lisa's dick-clit started to quiver and vibrate like crazy, just like a tiny electric vibrator. Pretty soon her whole body started to tense up, until it seemed like every muscle in it was rigid.

Her dick-clit just kept on vibrating, and her whole body straightened-out. She almost fell off the toilet seat, as she let out a very loud scream, and began to spontaneously orgasm her ass off.

The muscles in her vagina started to contract repeatedly, and then Lisa felt the strong, needle-thin stream of warm fluid, as it was forcefully squirted out of the tiny hole in the tip of her dick-clit, directly against the crack of her own pussy. Lisa had never experience such a strong orgasm throughout her entire life so far. She started crying. But these were tears of great joy.

Lisa was still riding her orgasmic wave when Jan, who of course had heard Lisa scream out, came to the bathroom door, and asked if Lisa was okay. Lisa managed to calm down enough to tell Jan that she was fine, but that she had just seen a large roach scurrying across the bathroom floor, and that it had surprised her, and scared her pretty badly. But she assured Jan that she was okay now. Lisa looked back down at her pussy, and it was covered with a white-colored fluid that resembled sperm.

Of course, she knew that it wasn't sperm. But it sure looked like she had just ejaculated a wad of sperm into her own pussy crack. Lisa was intrigued by her "egg-cum," which was the name she eventually gave to it. She realized that all this watery, sperm-looking stuff was the fluid that was meant to propel her eggs out of the the tiny hole at the very tip of her dick-clit.

And she knew that at least one of her eggs must be swimming around somewhere, in all that sexual fluid. As soon as she heard Jan's footsteps go off in the distance, Lisa reached over to the vanity countertop, and scooped up another little glob of her step-nephew's sperm with her fingertips.

That's when she remembered that the bathroom door wasn't locked. Alex had simply pulled it shut. And Lisa thanked her lucky stars that Jan hadn't opened up the bathroom door, when she came to check on Lisa. But in her orgasmic afterglow state, Lisa also had absolutely no desire to get up off the toilet to go lock the bathroom door.

And so she just decided that she would go ahead and continue taking her chances, by leaving the bathroom door unlocked. Lisa held the sperm-droplet about a foot away from the front of her pussy mound. Her dick-clit almost immediately stretched itself straight out towards her fingers. And when she slowly moved her sperm-coated fingers up and down, her dick-clit instinctively followed the movements of her hand, just like a cobra responding to the movements of its intended victim.

Lisa bit her lower lip to hopefully keep from screaming out again, and she touched her sperm-coated fingertips to the tiny slit at the tip of her dick-clit. But this time, her alien penis didn't vibrate at all, or squirt out a gush of sperm-looking fluid. And Lisa also didn't orgasm at all. Lisa was mad as a hen in a hailstorm. Here those alien bastards had not only made her into a sexual freak, but they had also taken away her natural ability to strongly orgasm at will, and tied it in directly to her monthly ovulation--so that she was now even more of a slave to her own menstrual cycles, than she had already been, before her abduction.

Now, Lisa was only going to be able to have a "decent" orgasm once a month. Maybe twice a month, if she got lucky, and ovulated twice during the same menstrual cycle. This experience in the bathroom at her sister's house showed Lisa that she absolutely needed a guy's sperm--that she needed her egg to be fertilized--in order for her to be able to experience a strong, satisfying orgasm.

But how was she supposed to go about getting a guy to give her his freshly-ejaculated sperm? And the sperm had to be no more than a few hours old, because only living sperm cells would be able to fertilize her egg. When Lisa finally stepped out of the bathroom that day, she ran up to Alex and gave him a big hug and a kiss.

"Thank you very much," she said in a quiet, very-sincere voice. "For what, Aunt Lisa?" Alex asked, feeling embarrassed.

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"For just being the wonderful person that you are," Lisa cryptically replied, in almost a whisper, and then winked at Alex, and gave him a devilish smile, before she headed off to visit with his stepmother. Lisa knew that Alex must have thought she was literally out of her mind. But she didn't care. He had unknowingly given her the "key" that had unlocked her "new sexuality." And for that, Lisa would always be grateful. And one good turn always deserves another.

* * * * * CHAPTER 9 1997: The Good Turn * * * * * Now that Lisa knew that she could once again have a "decent" orgasm, she wanted to orgasm her ass off at least one time, while she was having sex with her older sister.

Lisa felt she owed Jan that much, since Jan had happily shared all those intense "lady-quakes" of hers with Lisa. Lisa also wanted to prove to Jan that she really could orgasm her ass off, just like Jan always did, whenever they made love to each other.

So Lisa started taking her basal body temperature every morning, to determine when she ovulated. And three weeks later, when the little graph finally spiked sharply upward, she knew that she had an egg waiting to be released by her dick-clit. During her lunch break at work, Lisa called Jan on the phone. And after they had chit-chatted for a couple of minutes, Lisa said, "I miss you, Jan." "Yeah, the feeling's mutual. Where the hell have you been the last two weeks?

I'm so horny I can't stand it! I kept calling you. But you never returned my messages." "I'm sorry, Jan.

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It's just that I got snowed under, here at work. They dumped a bunch of overtime on me. You know how things are. I'm sorry I didn't call you back. But by the time I got home, it was always way too late to be calling you." "You're not seeing a guy, are you, Lisa?" "Don't be silly, Jan.

You're the only person that I wanna be in bed with right now. And you know it." "Of course I do. I just wanted to hear you say it." "Well, why don't you come over to my place this evening. And don't forget to bring your horniness with you." "Don't worry, girl. I take it with me wherever I go. Believe me!" Jan quipped, and then added, "But just so you know, Bill's in town right now. I guess I'll just have to tell him that we're having a girls' night-out tonight." "I love you, Jan." "I love you too, Lisa.

See ya tonight." That night, after Lisa and Jan finished their lovemaking, they lay in each other's arms, and had their usual heart-to-heart talk. This was always one of the most rewarding parts of their sexual relationship.

After they had finished sharing their raw sexuality with each other, there was never anything else left to hide. They always took advantage of these special moments to share their deepest, darkest secrets and feelings with each other. "Jan, I'm really jealous of you right now," Lisa said while she was playfully flicking one of Jan's long nipples back and forth with her index finger.

"Oh, there's no need for that, Lisa. Big boobs aren't all they're cracked up to be, you know?" "That's not what I'm talking about, Jan.

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I'm jealous of the way that you always cum in buckets, whenever we make love--just like you did tonight. And no matter what you do for me, I can barely 'get off' at all." "Oh, come on, Lisa, we've been through all this before.

You know that doesn't matter to me. I still love you." "Yeah, but it matters a hell of a lot to me, dammit!" Lisa said in a shaky voice, as she began to sob. "I need you to make me cum, Jan. I mean, really cum hard. Just like you always do." "But, Sis, you know that I'm always game to try anything that might make you cum good. What do you think Bill would say, if he knew that his wife got fucked in her piss-hole tonight by this weird, female-penis thing?" "Yeah, you do have a point there," Lisa admitted.

"I'm just frustrated. That's all. Listen, I really do appreciate you being open-minded enough to try all those kinky things with me in bed." "Well, I really didn't have that much of a choice, now did I? I mean, you don't exactly have a normal pussy down there between your legs, Girl. After our first night together, I didn't expect that we'd have sex the way that two 'normal lesbians' do." Jan laughed at her own witty remark, and Lisa had to laugh right along with her. Besides, it felt better than crying.

"Speak for yourself," Lisa piped in, "I'm not a lesbian." "Neither am I," Jan said. "My two lovers both have dicks!" Jan and Lisa burst out in laughter again. "It always feels so good to be here, naked in bed with you, Jan. You're such a sweetie," Lisa said, and then gave Jan a very passionate French-kiss, before laying her head down on one of Jan's pillowy breasts. "Jan, I want to try something new with you, the next time we make love." "But, Lisa, you're always trying something new with me." "Yeah, I know.

But this is something that I need to let you know about in advance, because I'll need to get your approval and cooperation before we do it together. But it's also something that I think will finally really 'get me off,' and make me cum in buckets, just like you always do." "Well, for Christ's sake, Lisa, what is it?" "I don't really know how to tell you." "Go ahead, and just give it to me straight.

I'm a big girl. I can take it." "Okay. Well here goes nothing.when I called you this afternoon, you told me that Bill's in town right now. Right?" "Lisa, you naughty little girl! So then you do wanna have a threesome with Bill and me," Jan said very enthusiastically.

And the words just kept on machine-gunning out of her mouth, as she excitedly added, "I was wondering when you'd ask me that. I can warn Bill about your dick-clit, and all that. And I think he'd really 'get off' on having my little sister in bed with us. Of course, you'll have to promise me that you won't actually let Bill fuck you.

Because after all, he is my husband, and--" "You don't understand, Sis!" Lisa interrupted, which brought a sudden halt to Jan's barrage of words. "I don't want to fuck Bill. I want you to fuck Bill. Now if you'll just listen up, I'll tell you what I've got in-mind. When is Bill leaving town again?" "Tomorrow morning. Around 10:00." "That's great. Then I'll take a sick-day off from work tomorrow. Alex and Trish will both be in school tomorrow, right?" "Yes." "That's perfect!" Lisa said, unable to hide the fact that she was thrilled with the way that things were turning out so far.

"Now, do you think you can get Bill to fuck you, right before he leaves in the morning; and then give me a call, just as soon as he's gone, so that I can come over and make love to you?" "Sure, but I don't see what my fucking Bill has to do with your having a great orgasm during our lovemaking." "I'm not really sure myself, Sis.

It's just a hunch I've got. Call it 'woman's intuition,' if you want. But we've never made love, right after you've had sex with Bill, have we?" "Well, no. Not that I can remember." "I want to see if your having Bill's sperm inside your pussy might make a difference, when you and I make love." "You mean, you want to stick your dick-clit into my pussy, and coat it with Bill's sperm." "That's exactly right." "Oh, I don't know, Sis.," Jan said, shaking her head slowly, "I don't like the idea of sharing Bill's sperm with you." Lisa abruptly lifted her head up off Jan's chest, and looked her straight in the eye.

"Why not? You know I can't get pregnant. And it doesn't seem to bother you, that we both shared Daddy's sperm. Hell, we even shared his damn dick between us!" said Lisa, all of the sudden getting very agitated at Jan's "totally unacceptable" response to her "reasonable" sperm-sharing request.

Lisa angrily reached down between Jan's legs, and quickly shoved two of her fingers up deep into Jan's vagina. And a very surprised Jan sucked in a big gulp of air, in response. Lisa immediately started rapidly thrusting her two held-together fingers in and out, finger-fucking the crap out of Jan's vagina, as she kept talking harshly to Jan, while making sure that Jan didn't get the chance to get a word in edgewise.

Let's just say that it was obvious to Jan that Lisa was quite pissed-off at her. "There aren't any secrets between us anymore, Jan. I know that you and Bill have been fucking for years, without using any birth control at all, because you've been wanting to have another baby.

"I know that Bill loves to have his dick sucked, and that you won't suck it, unless he takes a shower right before having sex with you.

And that's because you hate the smell of Bill's crotch. But you sure loved the smell of Daddy's crotch, didn't you, Jan?" "Lisa, for God's sake, stop this--" "I know that you really miss the feeling of having Daddy's huge dick filling up your pussy," Lisa's mouth kept steam-rolling onward.

"And that's because Bill's dick is only about half the size of Daddy's. And I know you're definitely not happy about that. You told me so yourself. "I know that whenever Bill cums, the sperm just kind of slowly oozes out of his dick. And I know you're not thrilled about that either. "I know how to finger-fuck you, the way that you like to have it done. And I'm doing it right now.

"I know that you're getting closer to cumming. And when you do, you'll either say 'Oh God' or 'Oh yes' over and over again, while you're doing it. "I know that your deepest, darkest secret is that it really turns you on like crazy to get verbally and physically abused during sex.

And that's because you're really a true masochist at heart. Why else would you marry a guy who's gone out-of-town three weeks out of every month?

And even when he's back home, he doesn't have a clue about how to make you cum real good. Once again, you told me that yourself. "But I know how to make you cum your ass off. And that's exactly what you're gonna do right now, you little bitch!" Lisa demanded very sternly. "Come on. Go ahead and squirt all over the bed, you fucking whore! 'Cuz that's what you really are, isn't it?" asked Lisa, finally stopping her verbal tirade long enough to let Jan actually answer her question.

"Yes, you're right. I am a fucking whore," Jan said very meekly, all the while realizing exactly what was happening. The code phrase "little bitch," was Lisa's way of letting Jan know that Lisa had begun her sado-masochistic role-playing, in order to help Jan get her rocks off really good.

The fact that Lisa really was pissed-off at Jan only served to make their sexual role-play together even more realistic and exciting for Jan. "Yes, you are. And I'm your john. And you're gonna cum for me right now, God damn it!" Lisa nearly screamed back at Jan. "Tell me that you're cumming, you naughty little cunt!" "I'm cumming," Jan obediently said. "No, you're not!" Lisa snapped back, very harshly.

"Yes, I am!" Jan insisted. "You're a fucking liar! That's what you are! I paid you good money to watch you cum. Now cum for me! Right now, God damn it!

If you don't start cumming right now, I'm gonna squeeze your clit 'til it hurts!" Lisa threatened, waited a couple of beats, and then reached across and began steadily squeezing the head of Jan's clitoris between the thumb and forefinger of her non-thrusting hand. "Okay, okay. Please stop! You're hurting me!" Jan begged, playing along with Lisa, but not really wanting Lisa to stop.

"I'll cum for you! Right now! I'm cumming! I promise! I'm really cumming this time! See?" Jan pleaded, as her leg muscles went rigid and then she started yelling out, "Oh God! Yes! Oh yes! Oh God! Shit yessssss! Aaaaaaah! Oooooooh!" Lisa abruptly pulled her fingers out of Jan's orgasmically-spasming, squirting vagina, knowing full well that her inappropriate timing for this finger-withdrawal would end up emotionally "torturing" Jan even more.

Then Lisa began repeatedly flicking one of Jan's long nipples with the hard-lacquered nail of her middle finger, just to make Jan's nipple sting a little bit, in order to help enhance her masochistic sister's orgasmic experience. After Jan's orgasm finally subsided into its after-glow phase, Lisa quit flicking Jan's nipple and continued on with her "I know" speech.

But by this time, Lisa had managed to let out all her anger and rage at Jan. And so she shifted her emotional gears, and began speaking to Jan in a very supportive and loving way, "I know that you really want me to orgasm my butt off, right in front of you, like you just did right in front of me.

"I know that the doctor told you that you're not fertile anymore, but that Bill's sperm tested out just fine. "I know that this really tore you up, and that you felt like you were less of a woman. And I know exactly how you feel. "I know that you want me to have a threesome with your husband, and that--despite what you just told me--you really wouldn't do anything to try to stop me from fucking him.

But don't worry, Jan, I'm not gonna fuck your husband. Because you're the only person I wanna fuck. But I wanna do it with Bill's sperm inside you. That's all. "Face it, Jan. Bill's sperm is no more or less special than Daddy's sperm was. Sperm is sperm. And all guys happily squirt it out, whenever they feel like it. What harm could it possibly do, for you to let me get a little bit of your husband's sperm on my dick-clit, so that I can see if my hunch was right?" "None, I guess," Jan calmly replied.

"I'm sorry, Lisa. I'll help you, anyway that I can." "Just give me a call tomorrow morning, as soon as Bill leaves. Okay?" said Lisa. "By the way, please don't take a shower or douche before I come over." The next morning at Jan's house everything went like clockwork. As soon as Bill had left, Jan gave Lisa a phone call, and a little over an hour later, they both ended up naked in Jan's bed.

"Was it easy to get Bill to fuck you, right before he left this morning?" Lisa asked. "It was a cake-walk. No, I take that back. It was a cake-fuck. And Bill was very happy to supply the 'icing,' if you know what I mean." Girlish giggles filled the bedroom. The two sisters always giggled and laughed a lot, whenever they were naked in bed together.

And this fact wasn't lost on Jan. Jan's lovemaking with Bill was almost never a light-hearted experience. Bill was usually very serious and quiet during sex. Jan found it very refreshing to actually talk to her partner, and laugh together during sex. "The secret to getting any man to fuck you," Jan lectured to Lisa, "is that you never beat around the bush. As Bill was getting ready to leave the house this morning, I grabbed onto his crotch, and I told him that I was so horny that I couldn't see straight.

"He tried to give me the argument that he didn't have any time. And that he had to leave, if he wanted to stay on-schedule. "I told him that I wasn't asking him to make love to me, and that I just needed a 'quickie' before he left town. "Then I stuck the stake in his heart, by reminding him that I wouldn't see him again for three more weeks.

And I opened up the front of my house coat to show him that I was completely naked underneath. Then I gently grabbed hold of his hand and placed it right on my pussy, while I was kissing him. "It was like taking candy from a baby, let me tell you. I unbuckled his belt, pulled his zipper down and stuck my hand down inside the front of his underwear. He kept fingering me while I was squeezing his dick. And he got hard real fast. "I pulled his dick out the front of his underwear, and he 'did me' right there on the cold tile floor by the front door--without even taking off his clothes.

"A couple minutes later I had his sperm inside me, and he was walking out the front door, with a big smile on his face. "You know, it's always amazed me how quickly a man can 'get it up' and 'get his rocks off,' when it usually takes me a good 15 minutes, just to get in the mood.

Seems to me like another one of those cruel jokes that Nature has played on us women." "Am I still a woman to you, Jan?" "Honey, trust me.

You're more woman than any man could ever handle," Jan said as she placed her hands on Lisa's firm breasts. And their lovemaking began. During their foreplay, Lisa was very careful to keep her pussy from coming too close to Jan's. No matter how eager Lisa was to use her dick-clit, she knew that she had to give Jan time, so that she could have a few orgasms first, and become completely receptive. Then Lisa finally made "her move." "I wanna fuck you, Jan.

Is that okay with you?" "Well, what are you waiting for? An ad in the newspaper? Come on, let's rock 'n roll," Jan said, as she rolled over onto her back, and spread her legs apart, so that she could be mounted by her sister. Lisa rolled over on top of Jan. And Lisa's dick-clit automatically came out of her pussy-hole, and looped around to seek out the sperm. The dick-clit pressed itself up against Jan's pussy crack. And when it found her vaginal entrance, it automatically slithered up inside of Jan's baby-making hole.

Lisa moved the head of her dick-clit all around deep inside Jan, rubbing it against the walls of Jan's vagina to coat it with Bill's still-living sperm. And then Lisa's dick-clit started to quiver and vibrate. "Jesus, Lisa, what the hell are you doing inside me?" Jan asked, very concerned. Lisa used the sensitive head of her vibrating dick-clit to quickly feel around and find Jan's cervix. She then pressed the tip of the tiny head right up against little hole in the center of Jan's doughnut-shaped cervix.

"Don't worry, Sis, I'd never do anything to hurt you. You know that," Lisa assured Jan. "Just relax, because it's finally your turn to feel me cum in buckets." Jan felt an unusual pressure deep inside her, as the tip of Lisa's vibrating dick-clit literally forced itself through the small hole in the center of her cervix, until the head of Lisa's dick-clit was actually up inside of Jan's uterus.

"That vibrating you're feeling? Well that means I'm getting ready to cum. But this time, I'm gonna ejaculate inside you," Lisa informed Jan. "Well bring it on, Little Sis," Jan whispered in Lisa's ear, enthusiastically cheering Lisa on, "Go ahead and cum inside me.

Let it all out, Sweetie. You deserve it. Come on. I know you can do it!" Lisa's whole body quickly stiffened up, and she let out a very loud scream as she orgasmed her ass off, and squirted out her watery wad of "egg-cum" directly inside of Jan's uterus.

Jan felt the warm pulsating jets of Lisa's unique sexual fluid inside her womb, and she started screaming out her "Oh yes's!" and "Oh God's!" as she was having her own killer orgasm. Jan instinctively sensed that she was somehow being impregnated by Lisa. She had felt that same "special feeling" in her uterus the night that she had conceived Trish, as well as the night that her own stepfather had gotten her pregnant. When both women finally finished orgasming, Jan said, "God damn it, Lisa!

That really kicked ass! Did you ejaculate sperm inside my uterus?" "I did," Lisa admitted, as she slowly withdrew her dick-clit from Jan's vagina. "But it wasn't exactly 'sperm.' Remember I told you that the aliens told me that I was supposed to be able to ejaculate?

Well, I just ejaculated a fertilized egg inside your womb, thanks to your husband's sperm. The wetness you felt, was all the fluid that squirted the egg out of my dick-clit.

Remember our very first night together at my apartment?" "Oh my God, how could I not remember that night?" "Well, do you remember how--after we had finished making love--I asked you if you and Bill were still using condoms? And you told me that you hadn't used any type of birth control for years. You told me that you and Bill had been wanting to have another child for years, but that you had finally gone to the doctor, and found out that you had become infertile.

"And remember how I asked you if Bill was also infertile too? And you told me that his sperm had tested out just fine, and that you had told him that he'd better not ever go and get another woman pregnant, unless he got you pregnant first, or else you'd hunt him down and chop off his balls." "Yeah, that was pretty funny, wasn't it? But you wanna know what's even funnier?

I feel like you just got me pregnant." "Well, Big Sis, I probably did. You just let your husband's sperm fertilize my egg, right inside of your pussy. Then I stuck my dick-clit up into your cervix, and squirted that tiny fertilized egg deep into your womb, where right now, as we speak, my little egg is probably swimming its way through your uterus and trying to attach itself to the lining. And if and when it does, you'll become pregnant.

"Of course, I'll be the baby's biological mother. But Bill never needs to know that. We can just add that little secret to all the other secrets that we already keep between us.

And no one else--except for you and I--will ever know the real truth about the baby. We can just let Bill assume that his little 'quickie' with you this morning got you pregnant. That way, it's a win-win situation for all of us. "Bill will be thrilled when he finds out that you're pregnant, you'll have that third child you've always wanted, and I'll have the satisfaction of knowing that I finally helped my big sister do something that she couldn't do on her own--instead of things always being the other way around.

I really do love you, Jan." "I love you too, Lisa" Jan said, with tears streaming down her cheeks. "Thank you." "You're welcome," Lisa said, and they both just held each other for a moment. "But technically, Bill got me pregnant, before he got you pregnant," Lisa chimed in. "So now I guess you're gonna have to hunt him down at a truck stop somewhere, and chase away the little teenage slut that you'll probably find sucking on his dick, so that you can chop off his balls, without any witnesses." And both sisters laughed so hard that it hurt.

And they had to force themselves to stop laughing. A few weeks went by, and then Jan called Lisa to let her know that "the rabbit died." And Lisa was genuinely happy for Jan, and her new pregnancy. But during that same phone conversation, Lisa told Jan that she thought it would be best for everyone concerned, if she kept a low profile, and stayed away from Jan and her family for the next 10 years or so. Lisa promised that she would still keep in touch with Jan by phone, and also visit her and her family during the holidays, of course.

Jan had to agree with Lisa's logic. But she also pleaded with Lisa to come over and make love to her one last time. Jan said that next Saturday night at 9 o'clock would be good, because Trish would be sleeping over at her best friend's house again that night, and Alex would be going out with one of his friends to the local jazz festival. "That'll be great, Sis. I'll be there with bells on," Lisa said.

"You can forget the bells. We don't need 'em," Jan replied before saying goodbye to Lisa. * * * * * CHAPTER 10 1997: The Last Time * * * * * On Saturday night Lisa drove over to Jan's house. When she pulled up into the driveway, Jan's car was there, but the house was pitch-black, except for the front porch light.

Lisa knocked on the front door, and a light came on in the living room. Jan greeted Lisa at the front door, holding a single long-stem red rose in her hand. "Tonight's gonna be very special, Lisa," Jan said, giving her the rose.

"I owe you a lot." "You don't owe me anything, Sis," Lisa said, as Jan was closing and locking the front door behind her. "Oh yes I do," Jan replied, giving Lisa a polite kiss on the cheek from behind. Jan came back around in front of Lisa, took her by the hand, turned off the living room lamp, and led Lisa through the totally-unlit house, to the pitch-black bedroom, where both women went right into what had become their "little ritual." After Lisa had reached out and felt for the night stand, before laying the rose down on top of it, the two women stood on each side of the bed as they quickly stripped off all their clothing, letting it fall to the carpet, and then jumped in under the covers, right next to each other.

Jan immediately gave Lisa a juicy French-kiss, after which she pulled the covers back, and she started licking Lisa's small breasts, and sucking on her puffy nipples.

Jan pulled the covers down even further, and started stroking Lisa's pussy. And the dick-clit naturally slid on out of Lisa's vagina. "Gosh, Sis, you sure seem like you're in a big hurry tonight," Lisa remarked.

"That's 'cuz I'm getting you ready." "Ready for what?" Lisa curiously asked. "Ready for me," a deep male voice answered from one corner of the bedroom. Lisa instantly freaked out. And her dick-clit--which had been almost totally extended--quickly shot back up into the safety of her vagina.

The voice belonged to Bill, Jan's 36-year-old husband, who proceeded to walk over and get into bed, right next to Lisa, sandwiching her between him and Jan, in the queen-size bed. He was completely naked. Lisa quickly rolled over on her side, facing Jan.

"What the hell is this, Jan?" "What does it look like, Lisa?" "It looks like I can't trust my own sister anymore." "Sure you can. This is a 'very special night.' That's all. And Bill is my 'very special present' to you." "But you told me that Bill was out-of-town," said Lisa. "He was. But I talked him into cutting his trip short, and coming back early, so that he could be with us tonight." "Does he know about my--?" "Yeah, he knows." "Oh God!

Jan, how could you tell him about that? About us?" "He's my husband, Lisa. I don't keep secrets from my own husband. That's why our marriage is so good. "You see, I know all about him picking up those little hookers at the truck stops, so that he can get his dick sucked. "And he knows all about you and me, and our special relationship. "He even knows that you're the one who was responsible for finally getting me pregnant.

I told him all about your alien abduction, and the whole nine yards." "Jan, how could you?" Lisa asked, feeling totally betrayed. "Well, Sis, one good turn deserves another. And I knew that it had been an awfully long time since you've had sex with a man. "And I love you so much, that I'm willing to share my man with you tonight.

I promise you that this will be the first and last time that we ever do this. You could say that Bill is my 'farewell present' to you." "But I told you that I didn't want to have a threesome with you and your husband," Lisa reminded Jan. "And you're not going to, either.

I'm gonna leave right now, and let you two enjoy yourselves," Jan said, as she started to get out of bed. "Jan, please don't leave!" Lisa pleaded, grabbing hold of Jan's forearm, "I need you here! With me!" "So then you do wanna have a threesome." "I didn't say that." "Then why don't you ask Bill to leave?" Throughout this conversation Bill hadn't said a word.

But his hands had been busy. He had started out gently rubbing Lisa's back, and now he was kneading one of Lisa's butt-cheeks in his hand, as he was planting little kisses on the back of her neck and her upper back. "Jan, you know I can't do that. This is his bedroom. I'm the intruder here. If anyone leaves, it should be me." "What's the matter, Lisa?

Would you rather do Alex, instead of Bill? I can arrange that, if you want. I know Alex likes you a lot. He's always talking about you. And I've seen the way he looks at you. In fact, I'll go call him right now. He's at the jazz festival. But I'm sure he won't mind coming back home early to get a piece of ass from his Aunt Lisa--and maybe even lose his virginity in the process. Who knows. So what do ya say? I'm okay with it, if you are--" "'t!

You just stay right here!" Lisa demanded. "How can you even say something like that, Sis?" Lisa asked, thinking about how she herself had been more than ready-and-willing to have sex with Alex, right there in the bathroom at Jan's house.

"I love you. And I owe you one. That's how. So I take it, you prefer Bill over Alex." "I prefer you!" said Lisa. "Oh, I think you'll change your mind soon enough.

Just think of me as your friendly neighborhood Eskimo, sharing my spouse with you for the night." "You're bound and determined to do this, aren't you, Jan?" "Yes, I am." "Does Bill really want to do this?" "Are you kiddin' me? Why don't you reach over, and feel his dick right now. And then you tell me if he really wants to do this, or not. Go ahead. He won't bite you." Lisa slowly reached behind her with her hand. And Bill took her hand and very gently placed it on the firm rod of flesh that was his fully-erect penis.

Lisa instantly noticed that Bill's penis was on the small side, just like Jan had told her, but that it was actually longer than Jan had previously described it as being. "Well, does Bill wanna do this, or not?" Jan snapped at Lisa.

"But I thought you said that you didn't want Bill to fuck me." "It's a woman's prerogative to change her mind. What's the matter, Sis? You've been telling me that you wanted to have sex with a man again someday. Well that 'someday' is finally here, Lisa. You ought to be thrilled." Bill had reached over Lisa's body, and was now massaging one of her small breasts. Lisa still had her hand behind her back, wrapped around his very-modest-size boner.

And despite her verbal resistance, she really didn't want to take her hand off of Bill's boner. "Jan, I can't believe you doing this to me. It seems like a bad dream, or something." "Oh it won't be that bad, Lisa. I know Bill's not anywhere near as well-hung as Dad was. But I think you'll enjoy yourself anyway." "He knows all about Daddy and me?" "Sure.

He also knows about Dad and me too, and how Dad got me pregnant. He knows about Mom making me get an abortion. He knows everything. I told you, I don't keep any secrets from Bill. He's my husband, my lover, and my best friend." "Oh my God, I feel like I'm being raped. No offense, but I hardly know Bill very well at all." "But, Lisa, you know me very well. And Bill's a part of me. And if you really love me, you'll make love to Bill's penis, as if it were mine--because in a way, it is.

That's just the way things are, when you're married to someone." "But I'm really scared, Jan. I'm not a normal woman. You know that." "Bill knows that too. And he's just as ready as I am to deal with whatever happens tonight. Now why don't you quit being rude to my husband?" "I'm sorry," Lisa said to Jan, and then slowly rolled over onto her back. "Hi, Bill. I didn't mean to be rude to you. It's just that I've never done anything like this before.

And I'm pretty scared right now." "That's okay, Lisa. I didn't want to do things this way. But Jan insisted that I surprise you." "Oh, it's definitely a surprise alright!" Lisa truthfully declared, as she was spreading her legs apart, expecting that Bill would immediately mount her in a missionary position, and begin fucking her.

But he didn't do that. Instead, Bill leaned over and French-kissed Lisa, while Jan started sucking on her left breast. Then Bill moved down to suck her right breast. Lisa stuck her left hand into Jan's crotch, only to discover that she was already wet. Lisa was also fondling Bill's balls with her other hand. And she was beginning to get very aroused--especially after Bill stuck his hand down into her crotch, and began fondling her hairless pussy mound.

"Are you startin' to enjoy yourself, Sis?" Jan asked after a few minutes had passed, lifting her head up from Lisa's left breast to talk to her. "Uh-huh," Lisa hummed back with her lips closed, while quickly nodding her head at the same time. "Hey, I've got an idea," Jan said, "Why don't we do something special for Bill? You get on one side, and I'll get on the other. And we'll give him a blowjob that he'll never forget." Lisa traded places with Bill in the bed, and asked Jan to turn the lights on.

"I wanna see what I'm gonna be putting my mouth on," Lisa said. "Besides, I'm sure Bill would like to have the lights on, too. Wouldn't you, Bill?" "You got that right!" Bill chimed in, while lying on his back. "Believe it or not, Jan never lets me make love to her with the lights on." "Hey, that's not fair!" Jan said, turning on the lamp next to the bed.

"I know it's not. But that's just the way you are," Bill added. "Now, you know that's not what I meant!" "Of course I do. I'm just saying that a fellow needs to see his own wife's naked body once in a while." "Well, you're seeing it now. So quit complaining." The two sisters knelt down on either side of Bill's hips, leaned over his crotch, and then kissed each other on the lips. Jan grabbed the short shaft of Bill's penis, and offered it to Lisa.

"You go first. You're the guest of honor tonight," said Jan. "Why don't you go first. He's your husband," Lisa argued back, as she was playing with Bill's balls. "Tell ya what. Why don't we both go at the same time?" Jan replied. And they both started licking the firm head of Bill's penis, stopping every once in a while to French-kiss each other.

Eventually Jan backed off, and let Lisa suck Bill's dick. And then Lisa backed off, and let Jan do the same. Jan finally pulled her mouth off of Bill's penis, and looked Lisa straight in the eye. "Why don't you go ahead, and jack him off. I'm sure he'd like that," Jan suggested. Bill jumped right in with a "You bet!" And Lisa started to seriously stroke his stick.

At first, hand-pumping Bill's penis was awkward for Lisa, but she quickly got the hang of it. Meanwhile, Jan had her hand down in her own pussy, diddling away at it, while she was sitting on the bed, and watching her younger sister jack off her husband. It didn't take Bill very long at all to shoot his wad.


And when he did, the sperm just slowly oozed out of his little piss-hole slit, in a mildly-pulsating stream of little globs, despite the fact that his penis was throbbing away like mad.

"You see? I told you," Jan said to Lisa. Of course, Jan was still diddling away at her pussy, and not missing a stroke. "Told her what?" Bill asked Jan. "I told her that, when you cum, the sperm slowly oozes out of your dick." "Yeah. Well? So what?" said Bill. "Well, most guys 'squirt out' their sperm, instead of 'oozing it out,' like you do." "What difference does that make? It's still sperm." "You just don't understand, do you?

I guess it's a 'woman kind-of-thing.' Lisa knows what I mean. Don't you, Lisa?" Jan asked, still happily finger-stroking her own pussy crack. Lisa didn't reply to Jan right away. And that's because Lisa had actually liked the way that Bill's sperm had oozed out in such a controlled manner. She remembered how Daddy's sperm had forcefully squirted out all over the place, when she had jacked him off that one time.

And all the other men who Lisa had ever had sex with in her life had also turned out to be "squirters" instead of "oozers." So it only made sense that Lisa was literally fascinated by Bill's very-tame ejaculation.

Not only that, but watching Bill ejaculate had been almost a religious experience for Lisa. As she was watching the sperm ooze out of the head of his dick, she was thinking to herself how weird it was that the very existence of the entire human race depended upon a teaspoon's-worth of white, gooey fluid that comes out of a guy's dick.

She understood why men and women both always made such a big deal about guys ejaculating their sperm, because in the larger scheme of things, sperm really was a "big deal." It was absolutely crucial to the survival of the human race. But then, so were a woman's egg cells. "I don't know, Jan," Lisa finally said, "That was actually the sexiest ejaculation I've ever seen!" Lisa winked at Bill, being careful to hide the wink from Jan, and then added, "I thought it was kind of cute, myself." "Yeah," Bill agreed, "Maybe I married the wrong sister." Jan immediately straddled Bill's hips and carefully sat herself down onto Bill's sperm-coated still-partially-erect penis, as she was reaching down to grab hold of it, and guide it up into her own fuck-hole.

Then she began vigorously bouncing herself up and down, behaving just like the "actresses" that she had seen in the porn flicks. Lisa watched in amusement as Bouncing-Jan had a hand on each side of her chest, and was squeezing her own bouncing-boobs--and doing it so firmly that she was actually causing herself quite a bit of discomfort--while she was humping away at Bill's half-erect penis.

"Go ahead, Jan," Lisa said, "Tell Bill your deepest, darkest secret. You know? The one about him not knowing how to make you cum real good." "God damn it, Lisa!

That's none of your business!" Jan said, abruptly stopping her bouncing motion, but pressing her vagina downward, which left Bill's dick inserted up to the hilt. "If you don't tell him right now, I will," Lisa threatened. "Why are you doing this to me?" Jan asked Lisa, feeling just as betrayed, as Lisa was feeling earlier. "Because it's for your own good.

That's why," Lisa said to Jan, and then looked down at Bill. "Your wife's been faking her orgasms all these years.

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The whole time that you guys have been together. And that's because of another deep, dark secret that she's been keeping from you." Then Lisa shifted her attention back to Jan. "Go ahead, Jan. Tell him. It's about time that your own husband finally knew the real truth about you." "I can't, Lisa," said Jan.

"Oh yes you can. And you need to," said Lisa, and Jan kept shaking her head. "Okay. Then I'll do it for you," Lisa said, as she shifted her attention back to Bill. "Your wife's a masochist." "Oh come on. You've got to be kidding me. Not my Jan," Bill said, shaking his head, in denial. "Yes. Your Jan. She's really a dyed-in-the-wool, card-carrying masochist, if ever I've seen one." "Is that true, Jan," Bill asked.

"'s.true," Jan very slowly replied, with her eyes closed, as she was obviously very ashamed to admit that fact to her own husband. "So you see, Bill," continued Lisa, "the reason why your wife has had to fake her orgasms all these years, is because you're just too gentle and kind in bed.

In other words, you're a good man. And what Jan really needs, is for her lover to be a little bit rough and abusive to her. Especially once she gets sexually excited. That's what gets Jan really turned-on, and makes her cum hard. Isn't it, Jan?" "Uh-huh," Jan hummed back, nodding her head, but still keeping her eyes closed. "Look. I'm gonna show you how to make you wife cum hard," Lisa said to Bill.

"All you have to do is listen to what I whisper in your ear, and then say or do exactly what I tell you to--no matter how weird it may seem to you. Believe me, I know how to make Jan orgasm her butt off. Are you willing to give this a try?" "Sure. If it'll make Jan happy, I'm good with it," Bill replied.

Lisa bent down and whispered something in Bill's ear. And Bill immediately grabbed a handful of Jan's red pubic hair at the front of her crotch, and he pulled upward on it, as he said, "Come on, you little bitch. Start bouncing up and down again." Lisa whispered something else in Bill's ear. And when Jan started bouncing up and down again to thrust Bill partially-erect penis in and out of her vagina, Bill let go of her pubic hair.

Lisa kept whispering phrases in Bill's ear. And Bill kept following her "instructions" to the letter. "I can't believe you're fucking me, right in front of your little sister. You're such a fucking whore!" Bill said to Jan. "Squeeze your tits, like you were doing before.

But this time, I want you to squeeze 'em even harder. Make 'em really hurt!" Jan began squeezing her breasts very firmly. And her face indicated that she was causing herself considerable pain. "Yeah, that's it!" Bill said. "I know how much that turns you on. Now I wanna see you make yourself cum, you little cunt! And don't you dare try to fake it, either! Cum for me right now, God damn it!" Bill was amazed at how easily Lisa words were flowing out of his mouth.

And the more confident he felt, the louder he spoke to Jan. "Okay.I'm gonna.cum.just for you.Bill," Jan struggled to blurt out, panting hard between each short phrase, and still not being able to catch her breath.

"You're a fucking liar! That's what you are. And you ought to be ashamed of yourself, you nasty slut!" Bill literally screamed back at Jan. Then Jan closed her eyes, and while still panting away like a long-haired dog outside on a hot summer's day, she proudly announced in an overly-loud voice, "I'm cumming!.Right now!.Oh God!.Oh yes!.Yes!.That's it!.Oh fuuuuuuuuck.yeeeees!" Jan slammed her pelvis down hard against Bill's, and had an enormous "lady-quake" that would've been at least a 6 on the Richter Scale.

Bill felt his wife's warm gush of sexual fluid, as it freely flowed down his balls, and left a large circular wet spot on the sheets between his thighs.

Bill had never made his wife cum in buckets like that before. And he immediately realized that Lisa had been absolutely right about Jan being a masochist. Jan finally opened her eyes again, let out a long sigh, and said, "Well, Bill, do you still think you married the wrong woman?" "No way! I love you, baby.

Even if you are a fucking masochist." "I love you too, honey. I'm sorry I wasn't honest with you about that.

But I just didn't know how you would react. It's hard to tell someone you love, that you're 'broken.' I mean, I can't help the way that I am. "But in order for me to really enjoy sex, I need for you to be verbally abusive to me, and even cause me some pain.

In other words, I need you to treat me the same way that my stepfather did, whenever he was having sex me," Jan tenderly replied, as she finally laid her torso down on top of his. Then they both kissed passionately, until Bill's partially-erect penis eventually became completely limp, and fell out of Jan's vagina, all on its own. "I'm sorry your stepfather treated you that way," Bill said to Jan, as she finally rolled off the top of his pelvis, and lay down beside him.

"I'm not," Jan replied honestly. "Because the truth is, I enjoyed the hell out of it! I loved having sex with my dad. And that's something else I never told you before. I guess I was just too ashamed to admit it. But now you know. I can only hope that you will forgive me for keeping all this from you for so long.

I just didn't know how to tell you. "And just for the record, Dad didn't 'break me' either. I was already a masochist, long before Dad ever climbed into bed me that very first time.

All Dad did was to help me realize that I was actually a masochist. "The more abusive Dad got towards me, the more turned-on I got. And that's just the way things were for me. And we both realized it at the time. And so Dad always played along with my 'little masochistic game.' Not because he wanted to. But because he knew that that was what I wanted him to do. And above all, Dad wanted me to be happy.

"I know this may be hard to believe, but despite everything that happened between me and Dad, I still love that man with all my heart. And I feel the same way about you." Throughout all this, Lisa was very moved to witness such an exquisite display of love, total honesty and affection between a wife and her husband.

Lisa was on the verge of tears, as she realized that she would probably never experience this in her own life. "Well, Lisa, was it a turn-on to watch your big sister 'doing it' with her husband?" Jan said. "What's the matter, Lisa?" Jan asked, when she noticed that Lisa was just sitting there on the bed, like a watery-eyed zombie.

"Oh, nothing. It was just so beautiful. That's all," Lisa replied. "Come on over here, Sweetie," Jan said, with open arms, "I'm sure Bill will move over to let you in. Won't you, Bill?" Bill shifted over to the edge of the bed, and Lisa crawled back in between Jan and her husband again. This time, Lisa felt much more comfortable having Bill in the same bed with her and Jan. "Now it's our turn, Lisa.

We need to let Bill take a break for a little while. Don't worry. I guarantee you he'll be back for seconds." The Chadwick sisters made love to each other, while Bill watched them go at it for a few minutes. Then he got out of bed to go use the restroom, and clean his genitals up a little bit, so that he would be ready for Round 2.

And that left Lisa alone with Jan in the bedroom. "Jan, you haven't told anyone else about my dick-clit--or about us--have you?" Lisa quickly whispered in Jan's ear. "Of course not," Jan whispered back, "And I never will. I promise you that. Bill's the only other person in this world who will ever know about you, and about us." "I'm afraid to show Bill my dick-clit. But I've got to stick it out, so that I can cum.

You know that." "Well, go right ahead, Lisa. Stick it out," Jan whispered, feeling like a spy exchanging passwords with another spy. "Like I told you before, Bill already knows all about your dick-clit. Of course, he'll probably be a little bit shocked, when he first sees it.

But he won't be surprised at all. In fact, he wants to see your dick-clit. Believe me, he's been talking about it enough." "But I don't know what's gonna happen when he tries to fuck me. I mean, I'm not fertile right now. But I still don't know how my dick-clit's gonna react to that." "Why don't you just pull your dick-clit back in all the way, and let Bill fuck you the same way that he fucks me?" "I don't know if I can do that, Jan." "Don't be silly.

Of course you can. Now, shhhhh, here he comes." "Bill, Lisa just told me that she wants to show you her dick-clit," Jan announced in an overly-loud voice. "You liar!" Lisa yelled at Jan, and hit her on the shoulder with her open palm. "I didn't say that, Bill." "So then you're not going to show me that sexy dick-clit of yours, huh?

Shucks! I was lookin' forward to seeing it for myself, after everything Jan told me about it. But if you're not comfortable showing it to me, that's okay. I understand." "Bill, it's not that I don't want you to see it.

I'm just afraid that you'll laugh, when you do. And I can't handle being laughed at. I already feel like a God damn freak." "I promise you, I won't laugh. I'm not here to hurt your feelings, Lisa." "Then why are you here, Bill?" "I'm here to fuck you, Lisa--that is, if you'll let me.

I've never screwed any other woman in my entire life, except for Jan. In fact, on our wedding night, she made me promise her that I'd never do that. "So when Jan told me that she actually wanted me to fuck her kid sister, I was floored. I could hardly believe what she had just said to me. And I assumed that it was a joke, or something. "But she was serious. And she told me that I'd better take advantage of this opportunity, because I'd never get another chance.

"Well, I'm just as horny as the next guy. And I've always thought you were very attractive. So I agreed to do it. And now I'm really glad that I did." "You might change your mind, after you see my 'special little dick,'" said Lisa. "I don't think so. In case you can't tell, my dick's already getting hard again." "Of course I can tell. I'm not blind, you know," Lisa said, staring right at Bill's penis.

Then Lisa shifted over onto her back and spread her legs far apart. "Okay, you asked for it, Bill. Go ahead and pull up a front row seat," Lisa said, pointing at the mattress between her spread legs, "so you can watch the sideshow that's just about to get under way." Bill got down between Lisa's legs, and placed his hand on her pussy mound. Lisa grabbed his hand and pulled it away.

"Right now, I just want you to look, and don't touch. Okay?" "Sure," Bill said. Lisa bravely extended her dick-clit all the way out of her vagina, and Bill's mouth dropped wide-open. Jan was lying next to Lisa, tenderly kissing her cheek and neck. Then Lisa moved her dick-clit around between her spread legs, before she finally coiled it up in a tight spiral, just like it was a tiny rattlesnake. Lisa uncoiled it and let it lie straight out on the sheets. "Well, Bill, what do ya think? Do you still wanna fuck me?" Bill looked Lisa straight in the eye, and slowly nodded his head, before turning his attention back to her pussy.

"Can I touch it now?" Bill asked. "Sure. But be gentle. Okay?" Bill curiously touched and felt Lisa's dick-clit, while he was gently supporting it in his hands. Meanwhile, Jan reached over and played with Lisa's puffed-out nipples. Then Bill stuck the tip of Lisa's dick-clit in his mouth, and began to tentatively suck on it. That's when Lisa experienced her usual mild orgasm, despite the fact that this was a very unusual situation that she was in.

"Lisa, why don't you pull that dick-clit back up inside you, and let Bill 'do his thing.'" Jan suggested. "Are you really sure you want me to do that, Sis?" "I'm sure," Jan replied, and then traded some saliva with Lisa.

While the two sisters were busy French-kissing, Lisa retracted her dick-clit back up into her uterus. And then Bill knelt between Lisa's spread legs, getting ready to mount her in a missionary position.

When Lisa felt the large, firm head of Bill's penis sliding up into her vagina, she knew that it was too late to stop things now. She would just have to hope for the best.

At first, things seemed to be going just fine, as Bill slowly eased his short penis all the way up into Lisa's vagina. But then the muscles at the entrance of Lisa's vagina automatically clamped down tightly around the very base of Bill's shaft. And things rapidly went downhill from there.

Bill instantly realized that he had definitely bitten off much more than he could chew. And Lisa found out the hard way, exactly how her "new genitals"--her alien-altered genitals--were meant to function during sexual intercourse with a man. * * * * *