Real African Lesbians In Amateur Sex Tape

Real African Lesbians In Amateur Sex Tape
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She was the best I have ever seen. I met her the local market. At first I was so afraid to even look her in the face, but I kept on. Until, of course, she saw me staring at her. It was all so awkward. After a few moments of silence, she broke the stillness with "Hello. What's your name?" After stammering a few times, I finally managed "Tom." Then she said "You're cute!" and ran off.

Man, I felt like a god, knowing a woman that beautiful was impressed with my looks. Later that day, I was sitting in my room doing the usual stuff, strumming the guitar a bit, talking to some of my friends.

Oh, by the way, I work as a semi-professional guitarist. As I was driving to school the next morning, I couldn't help but notice that everyone was staring at me and my car. When I got to school, everybody was staring at me,and most of the girls were whispering to each other. When I got to my first class, the loudspeaker came on, and the principal's voice boomed "Tom Rosewood, please report to the principal's office." Wow, she sounded really mad.

I wondered what the problem was. When I got there, she stood up and said "Close the door please." in a very calm voice. After it was shut she said "What do you think you are doing spreading lies about your relationship?" To that, I said "What do you mean, Mrs.

Johnson?" She replied "You know what I mean. You have been spreading lies that you were 'with' the most popular girl in the school, Rose Hampton last night." Then it hit me, that girl in the store, I hadn't realized it. That was Rose Hampton, the hottest girl in school. Wow, could she have been so impressed she told everyone I had sex with her?

Suddenly, the thought popped into my mind. Sex with Rose Hampton. Oh my god, I was in ecstasy right in front of the principal. Good thing I was wearing loose pants. Suddenly, another thought hit me. If she lied and said I had sex with her, then she must want me. Suddenly, I felt my cock swell enormously. I realized, if she wanted me, that dream could become reality.

I had almost been to the point of cumming right then and there, when my teacher yelled "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" I jerked my head around, and realized mu cock had swelled so much you could see the massive lump, even with my lose pants. My principal screamed "GET OUT OF MY OFFICE!" I ran out, holding my hands over my crotch.

Sitting here now, I can imagine how weird I must have looked. As I was running, I slammed right into, you guessed it, Rose Hampton. Luckily, my erection had gone away now. She sat there, on the ground, as was I, staring at me. Then she said "I guess you figured out I spread that rumor." At that, I stammered some, and said "Um. yeah." Then I said "Do you want help picking up your books?" She said yes, and while I was walking with her I couldn't help but noticing how she was staring at my cock.

When we got to her locker, I said "Well, here are your books.

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Oh and. hey, no hard feelings, okay?" She said okay, and I noticed how she brushed up against my crotch while I walked away. Then it hit me. She must want me really bad. If I wanted, I could probably taunt her, but I didn't want to ruin a chance at a relationship with the hottest girl in school. That night, after pleasuring myself to the thought of having sex with her, I had I great dream.

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I bet you can guess what it was. That morning, my mom came in and said "You know you can tell me about anything, right?" I said "Yes.

Why do you ask?" After that she just nodded and left my room. I wonder what that was about. After a nice breakfast of a bowl of cereal and a power bar, like every morning.

Then, like my usual schedule, I lifted some weights. I can't believe how much muscle I had gained over the last year. I was really buff, in perfect shape. At the start of the year, I could only lift a measly 100 pounds.

After I spent all my money on some fancy weights. Now, I can lift an amazing 253 pounds. As I was leaving for school, I just had to stop and look in my mirror. Amazing. I looked great. I got a shower, and went to go into my car. When I opened my door, Rose was standing there. I asked her what she was doing, and she said "My car needs new tires. Can you drive me to school today?" I noticed she was wearing a naughty grin.

I said "Well sure, I can drive you to school." On the way there, I turned on some music. It was metallica, and Rose said "Hell yeah!

I love metallica!.

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Oh, sorry for my outburst, I love this band." After a few minutes of head-banging, she said "Hey, when the thoughts of me and you come into tour head, and I'm sure they do, are they, you know, good?" Again, I stammered, and said "Well, um. yeah. It's really nice." I almost broke out crying, I was so nervous. Then she said "Hey, wanna take a little detour?" Oh my god. Here I was, just a normal guy, possibly getting ready to do the 'nasty' with the best girl i've ever seen.

Then I said "Um. yeah, sure okay. But I don't know where we're going, so you'll have to give me directions." I think she looked over and saw the 'naughty' grin on my face, because she said "Oh, I know this place that has a great view, nice green grass, all that stuff." So, she was giving me directions, and I followed them.

When we got 'there' I couldn't believe how nice the place was. It was some place with a hill, peering off into a sea of trees. I stopped, and turned off the music. I said "Well, I'm no genius, but I think you really like me." At that, she said "Well, I don't know why, but I find myself extremely attracted to you, and I have since the first time we met. But then, I could hold it back.


Now, it's like a beast, raging inside me. I must have you!" Then, memories of when we first met flashed through my mind, clear as day. It was in third grade, and I was playing jump rope outside in the playground. She walked up to me and said "Hey, the teacher is out of ropes, can we take turns?" I snickered then, because I had a dirty mind when I was little.

Apparently, so did she, because she thought for a second and smacked me playfully on the shoulder and said "Hey! You're perverted!" Then she said "But really can we take turns with the rope?" I said "Yeah, sure. Unless you want it really bad, then you can have it." She blushed, and said "Um. okay." I spent the rest of recess thinking about how nice I was. Back to reality.

I was in a car, and about to have sex with, the most absolutely gorgeous girl I had ever seen. I said "I am not a virgin, so, you know, I know how things work, but it has been a while." I then remembered my first time, after school last year. It was so exciting, but a little awkward.

Now, she said "Well, that's good, because I'm, you know, still. um. a uh." She couldn't seem to say it, so I finished her sentence. "Virgin?" I said. She said "Yes. I know, you're probably surprised.

I was playing the smart route, and saving mine for you." Then, she kissed me on the cheek. That was the best kiss of my entire life. From then on, time seemed to slow down so much. We started making out, kissing each other for almost a half an hour.

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Then, I reached down, and pulled up her shirt. She said "This feels. different.


But I like it." She had a grin on her face, and started teasing her tits with my fingers. She was writhing in pleasure when she said "Oh my god Tom!

It feels so good! Squeeze them, please!" I started squeezing them, just like most girls like it. Not too hard, not too soft. We were still kissing when I stopped and said "Are you ready?" She nodded, and I pulled of my pants and shirt. My boxers were still on, but I had a major erection and she could obviously seen the huge bulge. When I started to take my boxers off, I looked at her and her jaw was completely dropped. I was pulling them off slowly, and I could tell she was craving my dick more and more.

Then she saw all of it. All 10 and a half inches of my penis sprang up out of my boxers. She then said "I knew there was a reason I was attracted to you, that thing is enormous! And I never new how built you were!" "Lifting a lot every morning will do that to you." She said " How much can you bench?" "253 pounds." I said, feeling like a god. Her jaw was completely dropped when she said "W.

wow. th. that's amazing!" Then she pounced on me like a tiger. She said "I can't hold it any longer, Tom! I need you!" We were kissing and I was grabbing her tits and getting hard again for about 22 minutes.

Then I stopped kissing, took her blouse off, took her underwear off, and starting licking her pussy. She was screaming with pleasure. I was playing with her clit, rolling it in-between my fingers. Then I started fingering her with 2 fingers. I was getting soft again when she said "Let me lick it!" I put my now soft dick in her mouth. It felt so good. I started thrusting in and out, and I was already hard. We stayed like that for almost 10 minutes when i pulled it out and grabbed her boobs.

By now, we had moved out of the car, and we were lying in the grass. I started thrusting my dick in between her boobs when she said "This is kinda weird." I said "It's okay, a lot of people do this." I was thrusting my penis in between her boobs and I was close to cumming, so I said "I'm going to cum!" She was apparently scared, because she hesitated. Then I came. Loads and loads shot out all over her body.

She let out an ear-splitting scream, and I thought I might have jumped the gun a little, but she started giggling and licking some of it. She must watch porn, because an average virgin wouldn't do that.

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I started laughing too, and we just laid on top of each other for a while. Then I said "That was great, but are you ready for the whole thing?" She nodded, and I scooted down and started licking her vagina again, playing with her clit.

I skipped the fingering, and I started with rubbing my dick on her pussy. She was in ecstasy, quivering with every stroke. I then slowly stuck it in, first only the head, then the whole thing. She was screaming, and then it came. I had never been with a virgin, so I was not expecting this at all.

She starting flowing. Not with cum, but with blood. she almost passed out, and she bled for a long time before she said "Keep going." So, I started slowly thrusting, the tight squeeze felt so good.

I was thrusting fast now, and she was screaming, a lot. Then she screamed "I. think I'm going too. CUM!" Then I screamed the same and we both came, load after load of cum shot into her. Then she passed out for a while. I stayed in, and when she came to we just laid there, me on top, kissing.

I knew we had made a new connection. I told her "You may have been a virgin but you were." and then it hit me. It screamed inside my head the whole time and I had ignored it.

I said "Oh my god Rose. I'm so sorry!" and I broke down in tears. She said "What, what's the matter?" Then I said "I cummed inside. you are going to get pregnant!" Then she started laughing. I was puzzled, until she said "Oh Tom. I'm on the pill." I started calming down, and eventually started laughing. As we lay there, breathing heavily, I looked up and almost screamed. It was already dark.

We must have been here for a long time, and I almost screamed, but instead I said "Oh my god Rose, look what time it is!' She looked, and screamed "Oh shit! We need to go!" We hopped up and ran into my car so fast It was like lightning.

I turned on the car and we were off. Then I asked her "Where are we going? Are we going to your house or mine first?" She said we should go to my house and try to sneak in. I agreed, but in all the confusion, we forgot to put our clothes back on. We stopped at my house and opened the door. This very moment was the moment that turned my life around.

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We walked into the house and my mom was literally RIGHT there. I was wondering why she had a weird stare on her face. Then I realized we didn't put our clothes on.

I almost balled my eyes out. But, instead of smacking the white off my face, my mom just left, grabbed me some clothes, and pointed to the stairs. Rose and I went upstairs, and then I realized I didn't have any girl clothes. I walked down to the car and got out her clothes, but they were covered in cum. I took them in anyway.

When my mom saw those clothes, I swear she almost had an eruption. But instead, she just took the clothes to the washing machine, and handed me some of hers. I took them to Rose and said "Sorry if they're a little too big, they are my mom's, she's cleaning yours." Rose looked at me and saw the bulge in my boxers.

At that, she smiled. But instead of doing anything nasty, she put on the clothes and said "You are great, you know." I smiled at that, and said "You are too." Then my mom came up and asked Rose if she had a way home. She told my mom that she lived just up the street, and my mom told her to walk home and bring her clothes back tomorrow.

Rose told my mom "Thank you." smiled at me, and left. My mom sat down next to me, started to say something, then left. Needless to say, I was grounded for the next few weeks.

I talked to Rose a lot at school, and I become very, very popular. Every guy wished he was me, and every girl wished she was with me. After my grounded spell, me and Rose Had sex more often, I my mom came to respect that. I came home with her, all that stuff. That was indeed the night I would never, ever forget. Ps: Thank you xnxx you are the best ever! I hope you guys like it! Also, I would like to tell the people who made "Michelle's sleeping bag" and the one about the babysitter who fucked that guy in the swimming pool.

Those stories inspired me. Also "My brother's wife." I liked that. Hope you liked it