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Free teen boy vid gay porn and teen boy buff nude gay porn That Type
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Well shit i can make this easy or harder and longer. Haha sex jokes even portray to that. So in order to keep my sanity ill make it difficult. I will start with the easier ones and work up. Eventually i will just have done them all, but by then I'm sure we will move. My father was an army general who had a fairly consistent job. He stayed in one city with an army base for one year making changes and observing until he moved on in the middle of summer.

Ten more weeks till we move, next stop Texas, right now we are in California. Oh, Shit the bell rang, yeah day is over. Now go home and sit in my room and plan my next encounter, who? When? How? Better pick up condoms on the way home. Ill research them and get to know them on my favorite social network, School Books. A lot like "other" social networking sights it was all the people who attend your school on there.

I had packed every thing and was walking in the parking lot when I happen to look to the left behind the school.

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Two guys were crowding around Alisa Stallions, a transfer from Ridgemend, Carolina. The two guys were local scum who went to the standered high school down the street. She tried to push them away but they persisted. She was in obvious distress and even though i was a little bit busy now with my plans i decided to intervene.

"Hey man", I began, "is there any trouble here?" She nodded yes, but the bigger of the two said, "Naw, man. Nothings the matter unless you wanna get your face fucked up! Now piss off!" he said and reached to push me. About ten years of Brazilian jujitsu, along with my own street smart fighting kicked in. And about two seconds after his hand touched my shoulder he was on the ground with two broken fingers He stood up stunned, he tried to punch me but i moved my body back a little and let him swing around.

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His side stretched and exposed i jabbed quickly and swiftly he fell. His right arm and leg limp. They would stay that way until he slept tonight. "Now i would suggest helping your buddy to his house and put a hot pack on that." i said facing the other guy. He put his hands up in a surrendered expression. "Alright man, i got no beef with you." he backed around me and helped his limp friend to their car.

It was simply easy to fight the people here. I started to walk away when i herd a voice behind me. "Thank.Thank you," she croaked in an unsteady voice.

She was crying when i turned around, "those heartless pigs, if you hadn't come I don't know what would have happened." she sobbed, and slid down to her knees crying into her hands. "Come now," i said and lifted her up, "You are safe now, come here," I finished pulling her into an embrace. I let go and handed her bag to her, fully ready to walk away. But as i began to turn she clung to my arm and sobbed more. "Alright once, just this once I'll bring you to your house, i have a car and it will be quicker and safer for you." her eyes light up and she hugged me again this time kissing me.

She held her embrace for a couple seconds then realized what she did, blushing she looked away. Still holding onto my arm.

I started to walk, she followed and we got into my car.

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Blue 65 Mustang, my pride and joy, started up with a roar, and i moved the stick into reverse, pulling away from the building we took off down the street with the top down. She asked if there was a place we could go and grab a quick bite to eat.

Taco Tower was the only fast food restraint and we set our destination accordingly.

At the red light ahead i looked over to really take in who was in the car, Alisa was a young girl only about 15 who was truly gifted with English, and writing. She had long brown hair which she would normally wear in a pony tail, but she had recently put her hair down to let it fly in the wind.

Her green eyes sparkled as she was enjoying her self, she had a young girlish face and a belay girls neck. (long) she had nice round, undeveloped breasts which had two more years to go honestly, she had no belly at all she was very thin but not anorexic type of thing.

Long legs even though she was short and when she was standing a hard ass from the look of it which stuck out invitingly. She was as far as i knew a virgin, mainly because she had only had one boyfriend and he was a prude.

The light had turned green and she caught my stair and began to blush. I quickly regained my thoughts of driving and pulled in to the Pharmacy up the road and said i need some things for a project later and to wait her it would only take a minute. I walk through the doors a 16 year old to by condoms, not unnatural i suppose. I found the brand i wanted and bought two boxes. I had high hopes i guess. And even though it coast an arm and a leg for about 25 "rubbers" i bought them. The clerk said nothing but he smiled a little as he bagged them "Double bagged?" he asked and i thought that might be best.

He wished me well and i left. When i got back to the car i through the bag in the back and thought not smart as she reached for it and said, "Whatcha get?" opening it she looked a little shocked and looked back at me.

"Um.there not for you. i mean I'm not expecting any" i was a little embarrassed but telling the truth i had not really considered having sex with her. She tied the bag up and giggled as she put it in the glove box.


I hoped over the door on my side which was force of habit now. All the way over to the Taco Tower I caught her looking at me. When we got there she ordered a taco salad and a hard shell taco. I had two tacos, this place was home made to so the food was much more healthy then other restraint.

We ate on the hood of the car and talked, she was a nice young girl, who was just that young, she hit on me several times using lines that she probably didn't understand herself. I grew to like her very much. As we finished up and got in the car she said that she had a good time and would like to do it again sometime. I explained to her that i was here to finish the year and then i was gone, that did not bother her, she said she could go to what ever school she choose because she boarded.

I held off explain until a little latter, when she told me to pull over up ahead that she had a spot out in the woods she went to hang out away from other people. That she wanted to show me. We walk out in the woods a little while till we came to a river where it was shallow, had a slow current, and a sand bottom. "Sometimes i even skinny dip around here." with a giggle and then ran into the shrubs. Less then a minute latter she ran by naked to the core and jumped into the water, her ass shaking at me in an inviting way as she ran through the water.

She shrunk down and i couldn't see her body clearly. I thought about the condoms in the car be then thought screw them.


She would have grabbed them if she needed. I was hesitant because i didn't want anything permanent. But then i striped down and when my cock came out a little aroused but not at its full size she looked down and blushed i quickly ran in and dove under.

Opening my eyes i could see her ass, I swam under her surfacing behind her. She turned and pulled me in closer to her and said, "You will be my first. Will you be gentle?" she asked drawing circles on my chest. I was in a really tough position. I had to explain that she would not be my only one. I would be doing this a lot. "Alisa, I.

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I can't, i bought those condoms because I am going to be having a lot of sex, with different people. Numerous people. You don't want a person like me to ruin your first time." I finished. She looked up and kissed me. "I don't care. If you need time to do that I will let you have Wednesday and Thursday for what ever you want. But i get you the other days of the week, and weekend." That gave me time i needed, a good person to have regular sex with, and some one to talk to.

Maybe even talk about the hobby with. "I left the condoms in the car. Ill get them." i said moving to land. "No, I'm on the pill so don't worry." she said smiling. She kissed me again. I kissed back, moving my hand down her B cup breasts to her waist and the to her tight vagina, i put one finger in and felt her, she was warm with the rivers water cooling her. I felt around in her she pushed against my finger making it go deeper, i pulled out my finger and slowly pushed my cock in, the tip pushed in and when i was about half an inch in i felt it pushing on her hymen.

She held me tight and readied herself. i was hard and long she was wet from the river and her own juices. I push in until it was tight against me resisting my further entrance, i would do it quick so it would not drag out and i would hold myself in her so she would loosen up.

She nodded giving me the go ahead and i thrust up breaking through. She dug her nails into me i held my self steady inside her until she relaxed a little.

Then i set up a slow rhythm, in-out-in-out, began to rock back and forth with the motion, she moaned lightly and closed her eyes. I picked her up off the sandy river bed and held her up on my cock, she was unable to rock but i did suck her breasts. Small with her nipples which were just the right size. She began breathing harder, and in between breaths said, "OH.Fuck.Me.faster.faster.faster" as i drover in and out faster pushing her over the edge.

She took in one long sharp breath as she climaxed i could feel her coming, juices rushing like the current over my cock. I continued fucking her, her breasts bouncing up and down with the rhythm i set. I came shortly after she did the second time, I didn't pull out I let my cum fill her up.

I didn't set her down rather i picked her up in my arms and brought her ashore, and then setting her down. We had no towels so we made do with using a combination of airing out and my shirt which i was content not to wear.