Cocking perfect Latina by the pool

Cocking perfect Latina by the pool
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Copyright 2018 by tcs1963 I edited and rewrote some lines in this story. This story was written to see if there are genres that I can write that I have no experience in, and make it real enough for people to enjoy.

I was surprised at how well people received my story. Thank you in advance for reading my work. Tom Tom and Morgan, Growing Together, chapter 1 A Father/Daughter Story. She was only sixteen years old when first she heard the word Cancer in her house. The house that she lived in with her mother and father. She remembered coming home from dance class and as she made her way up the steps she heard her mother, crying uncontrollably.

Morgan's daddy was talking to her, as he tried to calm his wife down. That's the first time Morgan heard the fear in his voice. Something she had never heard from her Daddy. Morgan knew right then that they were in trouble, and Daddy couldn't fix these tears with a kiss and a cuddle, like so many times before. Days passed and mom got sicker and more fragile. Cancer ravaged her body and she eventually became a shell of the woman that Tom and Morgan remembered.

Morgan's daddy (Tom) became withdrawn and angry, he spent late nights at work or the bar. Drinking away the loss, as he was spiraling downward. Anything he could do to stay away from home and the illness. Then when he did come home he was drunk. Hiding her heartbreak Morgan spent her time between school and Dance class. The rest of her free time spent caring for her mother. Which was slowly beginning to beat Morgan down.


A year an a half passed and about six months before graduation. Just two days after Morgan's eighteenth birthday, when the inevitable happened. Margaret died peacefully in her sleep.


The funeral and the following days were devastating to both Morgan and Tom. They both found different ways to deal with the loss of their wife and mother. Morgan chose to lock herself in her room and listen to her mother's cd collection and go through her mother's things. Tom just got completely obliterated. Drunk beyond what he has ever been before. One night during one of these binges. Tom became so impaired, stumbling through the bar. The bartender was so concerned that he called him a cab.

Tom was so well known in the tavern that his friends had taken his keys to make sure he made it home safely. That's the night that Morgan and Tom's relationship changed. That's the day that a high school girl realized that she was a woman in Daddy's eyes. As Tom stumbled out of the cab, he fell and scraped his hands and knees. Making all sorts of racket getting into the house. He fell through the foyer and dropped into his easy chair.

As he rested Tom periodically tore a piece of his clothes off. Dropping them onto the floor. His shoes went flying across the room and made a thud on the bathroom door. That's the sound that startled Morgan. She stumbled out of bed and retrieved her robe, slowly making her way down the hallway to the top of the stairs, and stepping down quietly Morgan finally laid eyes on her inebriated father. Tom was reclining back in the chair, in nothing but his boxers.

Clothes scattered everywhere, legs spread wide and just starting to snore. As Morgan approached him, she noticed that the front of her Daddy's boxers were wide open.

His bulge had always been very prominently displayed, especially when he wore tight pants or swim trunks. Although Morgan hadn't seen her Daddy's cock in the flesh since she had accidentally walked into the bathroom on him as a toddler.

Curiosity got the better of Morgan as she moved slowly closer. She sucked in her breath deeply and inched on her tippy toes, ever closer. Morgan realized that a lot of Daddy's cock was down the leg of his boxers, and she was only viewing a small portion.

Her heart beat stronger and faster, and she had a slight bead of sweat on her upper lip. Morgan thought to herself, "Dear god, I'm actually excited about seeing my own Daddy's cock." She felt embarrassed by her feelings, but the excitement grew as she inched closer.

Morgan tiptoed slowly and grab the can of beer out of her father's hand. Trying to keep it from spilling on the rug. Just that quickly, her daddy grabbed her wrist and pulled her into his lap. Laughing and pulling her tight to him. Morgan felt everything with only her silky robe and a pair of thong panties between her bare cunny and her Daddy's partially naked cock. Tom wrapped his arms around her squeezing her tiny body tight against his. Giving Morgan no means to escape.

Reaching up and squeezing her tits, and using his fingers and pinching her nipples. The force of his hug causing a small squeak to come out of Morgan. Tom leaned in and bit her shoulder and said, "Margaret, you feel incredible." Morgan knew at that moment her Daddy in his drunken state thought that his wife, Morgan's departed mom was in his lap. Next thing she felt was his warm hand on her bare thigh, creeping closer to her crotch.

Then Morgan heard her daddy whispering, "Margaret, I'm so horny. please baby." Tom finally touched little Morgan's sweet cunny.

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Running his finger along her slit, causing her to squeal and tremble. Her tiny body reacting like a common whore to his manipulations Morgan couldn't believe how good her Daddy's hands felt as they were exploring her body. Making her feel creepy but good at the same time. Morgan had long ago started making herself cum. But feeling her own Daddy's hands take control was so much more intense. It seemed he knew exactly how to touch her for maximum effect.

She could feel her panties getting wetter with each touch. Squeezing her nipple and her clit at the same time was the move that made Morgan squeal, and then she peed some wetting her panties. It was then that Morgan jumped up and darted across the room as her Daddy reached for her. Running to her room and locking the door, and starting to cry. Tom then yelled for her mother to come back and Morgan stayed quiet. Trembling in her bed too afraid to wake and tell him about molesting her in his drunken stupor.

Morgan cried until dawn, thinking of her mother and how lonely her father must be. But she couldn't shake the good feeling her own father had brought out in her. Since the funeral and everything else that had transpired these last two years, she hadn't thought about the pain he must have felt.

Even though she was upset, Morgan couldn't forget how erotic it felt when her Daddy had touched her. She finally passed out completely drained.

But when she finally awoke she realized she had to give her Daddy sometime. To grieve and get his life in order. So she decided to leave immediately for the college campus.

So after she packed her things into her car, she called her friend and dorm mate, Jennifer. Trying her best to avoid her daddy because she felt a little awkward. Earlier that morning Tom had awoken with a raging morning erection.

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His boxers wet from precum could barely contain the appendage lying on his thigh. He thought that it was a dream that had him so sexually aroused. Because in his inebriated state he remembered grabbing his wife and having an intimate moment. Touching Margaret's warm and moist pussy was impossible.

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The problem with that is, the only female in the house since his wife's death was Morgan. Tom was completely mortified. So he woke up early, getting showered and stroking the edge off his cock. Then he got dressed and went to work in his garage. Wondering what his beautiful daughter must think of him now.

Now that he had made a fool of himself and manhandled his daughter's pussy. Within the next two weeks, Morgan immersed herself in the college life. Trying her best to forget the incident and stay out of her father's way as much as she could.

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But she couldn't stop fantasizing about her daddy. During the nights she would wet dream. Morgan's cunny would become so wet and excited that she had even drenched her mattress. She had never had her dreams be so vivid before, causing her to overthink the situation.

She just couldn't get the thoughts of sex with her daddy out of her mind. Morgan kept thinking about the intense feelings Tom's mistake had brought out of her.

Why was she beginning to have more than regular Daddy/daughter fantasies about her father? Morgan knew at the very least that her dad had made her tight little cunny wetter than any boy she ever dated. If she was being totally honest with herself, Morgan couldn't stop thinking about his large cock and the rough treatment she had endured. Morgan made the best of her time in school this semester and tried to forget what had happened between her and Daddy.

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Partying with her girlfriends and meeting boys were a common occurrence to her. Morgan's grades never faltered but she used her free time to explore her sexual proclivities.

Reading everything she could to give herself options. One night in a very intoxicated state of mind she even played around with her friend and dorm mate, Jennifer.

The spent the night in the same bed one night after a fraternity party. They had touched and kissed before but this went much further than their high school games.

It seemed Jennifer had been exploring her sexuality also because she taught Morgan the thrills of cunnilingus. Jennifer went down on Morgan so intensely that she made her moan and whimper. Using her tongue and fingers to give Morgan multiple orgasms. She even tongue fucked her asshole, something Morgan hadn't experienced yet.

But it still wasn't the same feelings Tom had given her. When Tom made her squirt by sucking on Morgan's clit and a finger bang. Morgan's first thoughts were, maybe I'm not into girls. But looking back maybe it was just because she wasn't her daddy.

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She couldn't get that night of her and daddy's frenzied passion out of her mind. Along with all the fantasies and dreams of her daddy forcing her that she had when pleasuring herself were incredibly sexy. But they did make her feel so guilty. So as the semester ended, Morgan started coming up with a plan to explore more sex with her daddy. She felt so devious thinking this way about her own father. The bonus was it gave her such amazing tingles in her tight little pussy. While back at home, Tom couldn't get that night out his mind either.

He had stroked his cock many nights thinking of Morgan. When Morgan had gone off to school. Tom had completely replaced fantasizing about his late wife. She was replaced with images of the little girl he had raised and protected.

Tom actually started planning a surprise for that same little girl he had held in his lap when she cried from scraping her knee. But Morgan wasn't a little girl anymore.

No, she was every bit a sexy young woman her mom was when Tom had met her. Tom and Morgan were both ready to explore the depths of their depravity and take their relationship to the next level. If history repeats itself it's gonna be exciting. The End. of part 1