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Hot Cam Chick Using Toys
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The Ordinary Girl Jimmmy D. "You've just got to remember to let the right one in." "That's it!" was what Felicity yelled into her cellular phone.

Whoever might have been on the other end of the phone tried to splutter some sort of apology or excuse, but Felicity wasn't having it. She'd had enough. "Fuck you, Fuck your friends, and Fuck that shriveled roll of dimes you call a dick!" were the last words she would ever speak to the person on the other end of the phone, and she punctuated it by throwing her phone over the pier and into the mississipi river.

She stomped away from the muddy water and back toward Jackson square, where her friend Shelley was waiting for her. "Shell, I can't take this shit anymore." she told Shelley sitting beside her on the bench where Shelley sat.

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"Is it over?" Shelley asked, seeming a bit sad with a pinch of hope. "Yea, John can take his beer, his pot and his tiny dick down the road and pick up the next stupid bitch." "Well, what are you gonna do now?" "I'm gonna go get a daiquiri and get completely shit faced, thats what I'm gonna do, c'mon." Felicity said picking herself up from the bench. So they marched on into the French Quarter. Felicity and Shelley stomped into the first daiquiri bar they came across, and they were running a special: All you can drink daiquiris for ten dollars.

So they laid their money down and drank for the next several hours discussing life, love, hate, and philosophy.

Toward the end of the conversation Felicities sexuality became the topic of conversation.


Shelley asked "What about girls?" At first Felicity was thrown off, but found her footing and spluttered "What, like dating girls?" "Well Yea." Shelley said. "I never really thought about it." Felicity trailed off, seeing some reasoning in Shelley's idea.

"Why not give it a try? At the worst you meet a nice girl and find out you don't like pussy, what have you got to lose?" Felicity considered this and decided she had just lost her boyfriend, so she really didn't have much to lose. "Sure." Felicity decided. "Okay, I know a place that will make it easy for you to make the transition from Guys to Girls." "Really?" "Yea, grab your shit, lets go." Shelley finished picking up her purse and grabbing Felicity's arm on her way toward the door.

The only walked a few blocks before they came to an unmarked apartment building just off of Royal street, and Shelley took Felicity inside. There was a stairway that led up the a small hallway with four doors, Shelley picked the second door on the left and knocked. The person who answered the door was a beautiful woman of average height and build, as Felicity saw; though she was very well endowed with breasts.

"Hey'a Shelley." the woman holding the door said. "Hey Tracy, this is my friend Felicity, she's having some boy issues." Shelley told her.

"Have no fear," Tracy said silkily, "I can help her out." she whispered as she reached for Felicity's hand and pulled her inside. Shelley closed the door as she went back down the stairs, and then Tracy and Felicity were all alone. Tracy led Felicity through her apartment which was decorated with wispy cloths draped over nearly everything, and the place smelt strongly of opium incense. It looked quite like the home of a gypsy. "So Felicity, tell me about your issues." Tracy said as they reached the kitchen.

"Well." felicity started, but paused to take a seat at the kitchen table. "I was dating John for like three years and I just found out he's been seeing someone else for the last few months." "Go on." Tracy encouraged, pouring water into a tea pot, and putting it on her stove.

"He was never that nice and he was never very good in bed, but I guess he was just convenient." "So you've decided you'd like to give the other side a try, eh?" "Yea, I guess I might as well, no real reason not to." "Let's have a chat while we wait for this water to boil." Tracy said.

And they did, they chatted about girls and the lesbian lifestyles until the water boiled, and they kept chatting while they drank their tea, and also while they washed out the tea cups. Everything Tracy told Felicity, whether good or bad, made Felicity more and more confident about switching teams.

"So, you wanna give it a go?" Tracy asked abruptly. "What? Now?" Felicity was a bit taken aback. "Sure, why not, why not try it now? No use getting all excited about the idea if you can't go through with it." Tracy reasoned. Felicity agreed. Tracy took Felicity by her hand and guided her to the bedroom, which was dimly lit and had wisps of incense smoke hanging in the air.

"Don't expect to get the whole experience tonight." Tracy said, "I mean the whole lesbian experience, but I'll get you started off." Felicity nodded and smiled when Tracy leaned in slowly to kiss her on the lips.

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The motion was smooth and soft, and Tracy's lips tasted like butter and strawberries. As they kissed Tracy moved slowly and effortlessly onto the bed, and she took felicity with her. Excitement rolled up and down Felicity's spine as Tracy's nimble fingers explored her neck and shoulders, then moved under her shirt to unhook her bra.

At that moment Tracy bit gently on Felicity's lips and drew away from a smile. Then she pulled Felicity's shirt off over her head and pulled her strapless bra away from her breasts, which jiggled a lit after the bra came off.

Tracy pushed Felicity back onto the bed slowly as she kissed her collar bones and chest. Tracy moved her hands down Felicity's body; over her breasts, her stomach and to button and zipper on her jeans.


She let her fingers do their work on the zipper and button while she moved her mouth from Felicity's belly button up to her breasts, kissing every inch of the way. The jeans were undone and halfway down when Tracy started sucking on Felicity's nipples.

The jeans were off and on the floor when Tracy ran her hands over Felicity's now goose flesh skin, all hairs standing on end. Felicity could feel her juices flowing, and it had been a long time since that had happened.

Normally John would tug on her breasts to get her hot, then he'd stick it in, thrust no more than fifteen or twenty times before pulling out clumsily and cumming on Felicity's stomach. The he'd apologize, smoke a cigarette, and watch television. Felicity got more and more into it and started running her fingers through Tracy's hair while Tracy suckled and tweaked her nipples. Tracy drew away and told Felicity "Okay, now don't freak out." as she guided Felicity's hand through the dim lights toward her groin.

Tracy felt no guilt and no shame when she opened her hand to feel Tracy's juicy pussy. Felicity froze and was silent.

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"This is a transition, remember." Tracy said as she kissed Felicity's neck and shoulders tenderly. Felicity didn't act so Tracy stood up and took her panties off and lifted her skirt up so that Felicity could see her cock swinging hard and free. Tracy was even more excited, but the shame started to rush in, "You're. You're a man?" Felicity asked. "No, I'm an ordinary girl, I just so happen to have a dick." with this Tracy moved closer to Felicity, her let her carnal side get the better of her.

Felicity grabbed ahold of Tracy's hard cock and noticed immediately how big it was; nearly twice the size of John's, so probably between nine and ten inches long, and much thicker too. Felicity put her hands on Tracy's wonderfully shaped ass and took Tracy's cock into her mouth. She tried to put it as deep down her throat as she could, but could barely get passed the head without gagging.

So Tracy put her fingers under Felicity's chin and came down to met her face. She kissed her and said "Don't try so hard, but the time I'm done with you, you'll be able to eat a foot long in one bite." just before licking the pre cum and saliva off of Felicity's lips.

She stood back up and put her cock back into Felicity's mouth, who was only too happy to start sucking on such a huge cock again. Felicity took ahold of Tracy's cock with both hands and started stroking it slowly and gently while she sucked on as much as she could get into her mouth.

And her saliva dripped down her chin like she was drinking a delicate white wine, though at that moment it was much sweeter than any wine could ever have been. Tracy moved Felicity onto her back on the bed, then she got on her knees in front of Felicity and lifted her legs up to get a good look at her pussy, which was practically gushing juice.

Tracy leaned in and pressed he dick against Felicity's pussy, then asked "Are you sure you want to do this?" Felicity nodded and Tracy slowly and gently slid her dick into Felicity.

Felicity's eyes opened up as the enormous cock made room for itself inside her pussy which was used to much smaller dicks. Tracy pushed in nearly all the way before she tough Felicity's cervix, then she drew out and pushed again. After only a few thrusts Felicity felt like she was already going to cum, and she hadn't even touched her clit.

"Can. I.

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Cum?" she asked through small gasps. Tracy nodded and gave a few quick thrusts which sent Felicity hurtling headlong into a world of nothing but pleasure, answered prayers and pure divinity. She moaned lightly and came externally, the juices gushed out of her pussy and sloshed onto Tracy's bed cover. Tracy smiled and kept pumping away at Felicity's tight little pussy. Felicity had an orgasm that lasted for something like two and a half minutes while Tracy kept fucking her, slowly and gently.

Then Tracy pulled out and licked the juices away from Felicity's pussy, and stuck her tongue inside. Tracy moved her tongue around the opening then dragged her tongue up to Felicity's clit and started drawing circles around it with the tip of her tongue. After just a few more minutes Felicity asked again if she could cum, Tracy told her yes again, and kept lapping away at her pussy. After another few minutes of orgasms Tracy told Felicity to get on her knees.

Felicity did, and Tracy got behind her, and pressed her dick against Felicity's pussy opening. Tracy took a moment to look at Felicity's ass and pussy spread open in front of her before she slid her cock in again, and started fucking Felicity, this time harder and faster. After a minute or so Felicity couldn't stifle her moans and started gasping and moaning like she was getting fucked well for the first time in her life, which wasn't so far from the truth.

While Tracy fucked Felicity from behind she licked her thumb and started running it around Felicity's asshole, who moaned more hungrily at it, so Tracy slid her thumb inside and started moving it around in circles. Felicity started gasping quicker and moaning louder as she drew close to another orgasm, and yet again she let herself fall into that world where we all want to be, but seldom get to go to. Felicity collapsed onto her stomach, but Tracy kept fucking her.

Tracy had her legs on either side of Felicity's hips and plunged her cock deep into Felicity's juicy loosening pussy. Felicity started drawing close again, and Tracy could feel her pussy started to ungulate so she fucked harder and drew herself to orgasm as well. The came for what seemed like a lifetime while Tracy's long, hard cock gushed torrents of sticky white cum into Felicity's pussy which was no oozing cum, a little blood, and her own pussy juices.

Tracy collapsed beside Felicity and asked between breaths, "Well.

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What did you think?" "I think I'll be back tomorrow." Felicity told her new lover.