Tattooed lady Brittany Lynn recording her first blowjob and dick riding

Tattooed lady Brittany Lynn recording her first blowjob and dick riding
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After that first afternoon of frantic sex, Amber and I settled into a pattern. During the day, Amber puttered around her house and garden while David slept.

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Then, after dinner, as soon as David left for work, she slipped through the hedge that separated our yards, in my backdoor, and into my arms. I wasn't a virgin by any definition of the word when I had my sister for dinner but sex had never been as exciting or as satisfying for me as it has been with my big sister.

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All the books on sex that I ever read said that good sex is a never ending adventure in which people constantly find new ways to excite and satisfy one another and that's the way it is for me and Amber. Take what happened last weekend. David was spending several days in the "Big D," that's Dallas for those of you who aren't familiar with how us Texans lovingly refer to that city, on some business affair. We were going to have four days and nights all to ourselves.

It was our first chance to get away together so I decided to take Amber to one of my favorite getaway spots, Texas' Bastrop State Park. We had known about David's trip for a couple of weeks so I had plenty of time to reserve us a cabin right on the shore of my favorite fishing pond/lake.

I always got the same cabin, one surrounded by a clump of pine trees. It would take a book to share all the sexual adventures we had during our four days and nights together so I'm just going to tell you what happened the night before we left.

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I spent several days before we were to leave buying Amber a new wardrobe, a few sexy outfits for Amber to wear when we were able to get away together. I went to all the exclusive boutiques, including Frederick's of Hollywood. The night Amber drove David to the airport, I laid her traveling clothes out on the Cedar chest at the foot of my King Size bed, a white, leather mini-skirt; a white, silk halter top; a white, lace g-string; and white sandals.

No bra, Amber's titties were the size of melons, but they were solid with no jiggle so she didn't need to wear a bra for support. Amber knew I bought her a new wardrobe for the trip but she had no idea what I bought her until she walked into my bedroom and saw what lay there at the foot of my/our bed.

"I love it, honey, but I can't wear it honey," She said pointing at the lace g-string. "I'm too fucking hairy down there." "I know that, sweetheart. I'm going to shave your pussy so it's as hairless and as smooth as a newborn babe's bottom. See," I announced pointing to my beard trimmer, safety razor, shaving cream, water basin, and towels on my bedside table. "Jesus, I've always wanted to shave my pussy but I was afraid I might knick something important down there." Giggling Amber slipped out of her frumpy dress and under things and stretched out on the beach towel tat I had placed on top of plastic sheet that covered my comforter.

"I won't cut anything except your pussy's bush.


I promise." Using my bear trimmer, I slowly trimmed her bush down to bare skin. As the plastic guide moved down the sides of her pussy lips, Amber moaned.

"Damn, that fucking thing feels better than my vibrator. Keep that up much longer and I'm going to squirt my juices all over that thing." I put down the trimmer and filled my hand with shaving cream from the heated dispenser, lathering up Amber's almost bald crotch. "Oh, Lee, that feels delicious. It tingles." Amber giggled and wiggled as the warm, mentholated shaving cream stimulated her nerve endings. "Lie still, honey. I don't want to knick you with this razor." Shaving Amber's pussy had turned me on as much as it turned her on.

By the time I finished using the safety razor on her and wiping her bald pussy free of any remaining shaving cream, my cock was standing tall and proud.

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"Oh, that tingles too, Lee. What is it?" "It's to keep your pussy from itching too much. Guys use after shave lotion not only to entice the gals with the sexy fragrance but to keep from itching after shaving, this lotion does the same thing without the masculine fragrance." I massaged it into her bald crotch, spending extra time on the area around her slit.

Amber was getting horny, playing with her own nipples as I finally worked a slippery finger between her gaping lips to finger her clit. "Lee, fuck me.

I'm going crazy. I need you inside my bald fucking pussy right now." "In the bathtub, honey." Sweeping her up in my arms, I carried her into the bathroom.

Settling her gently atop the bathmat, I turned on the shower, adjusting the showerhead until the water fell like raindrops over her entire body.


Kneeling between her raised widely spread thighs; I slipped my throbbing shaft inside her tight hole. "This feels so fucking erotic.

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I know your inside me but this steamy hot waters feels like your jism spattering all over me. Oh, Jesus, honey. Fuck me harder." Wrapping her short legs around my hips, she pulled me even further inside her steamy hole.

I picked up the pace, until my cock was stroking in and out of her hole like a piston sliding up and down inside the cylinder of a high performance-racing engine, battering her ass down against the bathmat.

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Amber leaned back against the end of the tub; her mouth open wide, as the water drops cascaded down over her upturned face. "Oh, my God, Lee…I'm going to cummmmm&hellip.Oh, yrahhhh…I'm cummmmiiiinnnngggg!" "Oh, Goddd…bbbbaaaabbbyyy.

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