This slut cant go anywhere as she is felt up by lesbians

This slut cant go anywhere as she is felt up by lesbians
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We both know we shouldn't be here. We are more than aware of what will most likely happen. But we decided against logic and took a chance.

Now, here we are, all alone, with her laying naked across this king size bed. We had made several subliminal passes at one another, often playing them off as jokes or saying things like "just kidding" or just laughing them off.

Truth be told, we prefer it that way. You see, we both have someone, and yet, the attraction here is beyond obvious. We have been confronted about it on a few occasions, but we find ways around the topic, or change it altogether. The annoying part is that we work together, making things a little awkward. We hear the whispers of our co workers, but never confirm or deny anything, stating only that we are friends and our personal lives aren't their business.

Needless to say, this only drives them to assume, often resulting in a rumor being spread. None of which are even entertained.

Recently she has been complaining of her shoulders and neck being stiff.

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Being one of the only women in this department, I can understand why. She's a strong built woman, but this type of physical labor is hard on us all sometimes. The constant lifting and moving would add tension to anyone stocking merchandise, let alone a person with sore muscles already.

During a break today, I noticed her rubbing the side of her neck as if she were in pain. Asking how she felt, I began to massage her shoulders. She instantly began to relax, thanking me with a playful sigh of relief. I massaged deeper, asking where it hurt most. She told me that she's sore everywhere, moaning softly with tranquility. As always, our actions drew attention. We dismissed it quickly, returning to our conversation. As our small talk got more in-depth, we began talking about relationships.

I moved to her neck, working slowly up from her shoulders. Another moan, slightly softer, sliped out.

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I could see that she hadn't been touched like that in a long time. I asked why her man doesn't massage her, joking about how sexy her moans are. Laughing, she hit me, telling me to shut up.

I laughed, then asked again, inquiring more seriously the second time. The conversation quickly stired into a topic of relationship issues, both of us having quite a bit of input. Before we knew it, our break was over.

Slowly, Cierra stood up, thanking me for the massage, joking about the next one being more thorough and private.

I laughed, saying I'd hold her to it, as we returned to work. The rest of the shift went by slowly, and our asshole boss kept shoving more work on us to the very end. Tired of being at work, I made my way to my car. As I pulled out of my parking space, I noticed Cie standing at the bus stop.

I pulled up and offered her a ride home. Gladly, you accepted, quickly getting in at the red light. As I drove, we talked more on the topics from earlier. Before we knew it, we were at the front gate of her apartment, driving in.


After finding a place to park, we sat and talked another five minutes before I noticed her again holding on to her neck as if it were still hurting. I, without really thinking, reached over and began to rub that spot for her. She paused for a moment, closing her eyes in relief before telling me not to tease her if I'm not going to finish.

I laughed it off, stopping as I resumed the conversation. She quickly changed the subject and began telling me that her boyfriend wasn't coming by today and that a good massage would be really nice. Immediately, I thought about what could possibly happen.

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I began to think about the possible consequences of those possible events. All of these scenarios seemed like they would end badly, driving me to say no, but I went against my better judgement and accepted her offer.

We both knew we shouldn't have come here. We were more than aware of what would most likely happen. But we decided against logic and took a chance. Now, here we are, all alone, with her laying naked across this king size bed. We have some warm oil, soft music, and the dimming light of the setting sun setting the mood.

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Her smooth, brown skin was awaiting my touch, and I would be rude to keep her waiting any longer. Moving her hair out of the way, I began to pour a light layer of oil between her shoulder blades.

I watch it slowly drip down her spine before rubbing it all over her upper back and shoulders. She closes her eyes, completely relaxing her body.

I begin to work the aches out around her neck. She sighs deeply, relaxing even more as my hands continue to set her body at ease. As I work on her upper back, Cie compliments me on how good of job I'm doing, raising up only to reposition herself more comfortably. As she sat up, I can't help but to catch a glimpse of her supple breasts before she can completely cover them.

She notices, but says nothing as she lays back down, telling me to continue. I do just that, pouring more oil onto her back. As I massage it in, I let my mind drift off, watching her soft skin glistening with the fading light of sun. I direct my attention to her lower back, firmly caressing her magnificent body. She moans softly, seemingly indicating that she wants me to stay in that spot.

Focusing on the small of her back, my eyes wander downward toward her hips and ass. There is no secret that Cierra has a nice body, but to see her like this was nothing short of amazing. Without noticing, my hands had moved along with my eyes and were now on her hips. Thinking to myself that its already gone this far, I continue on. Without further hesitation, I begin to massage her hips, slowly making my way in to her incredibly toned butt.

Hoping for some kind of reaction, I look at her face. To my delight, she was smiling, calmly enjoying every moment of it. This helped me relax a bit more, encouraging me to see if I can go a bit further.

I grab the oil, pouring it slowly from the small of her back, to the crack of her ass. She looks back with a smile, then playfully shakes it back and forth before laying back down. Looking at Cie like this makes me want to jump out of my clothes right here. I settle for just my shirt for now, as I discard it to the floor and continue. I squeeze her bottom firmly, massaging the oil into her soft skin. She moans softly, repositioning herself to a more comfortable spot.

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I go on to her strong thighs. Her legs were toned, yet still so soft and supple. I apply a little more pressure, causing her to tense her up a moment before relaxing again. Laying back down, she moans softly. Hearing this sweet sound makes me want her all the more.

I slowly massage her legs from the bottom of her thighs, to the top of her ass, squeezing it as my hands almost glide over the oil. She bites her lip moaning a little louder and look back over her shoulder at me. The look in her eyes tell me shes ready for more. I smack her on the ass, telling her to turn around.

Knowing what was about to happen, she gives no resistance, and lays back. The view alone was enough to make me grow impatient.


Her smooth skin was calling me. Her eyes were pulling at my very core. Her body was screaming for my touch at this point. I grab the oil, pouring it over her chest and all over her luscious breasts. She simply closed her eyes and got comfortable. I can see that Cierra was enjoying herself as I massaged the oil over her ample breasts. I playfully pinched her nipples as I continue to rub down her incredibly soft bosom, periodically getting a few moans and sighs.

I squeeze them together, taking her nipple into my mouth and sucking gently. Her breathing deepens as I go from one boob to the other, sucking, nibbling and licking her nips. I make my way to the middle of her chest, releasing a loud moan as I work my way to the base of her neck. I bite her softly while still massaging her breasts before moving to her full, juicy lips. We toss and tangle a while, kissing passionately. She parts her lips. I take her invitation, lightly licking her lower lip as my tongue begins its slow waltz with hers.

Her arms are now around my neck, one leg around my waist in a slow, sexy grind. She jams her tongue nearly down my throat, pulling me closer and grinding harder.

I know how badly she wants it because I want it just as bad as she does. I go back to her long, slender neck, kissing it at the base, then to her chest, and began to proceed further south. As I reach her belly button, she parts her amazing thighs for me, revealing her perfectly shaved kitty.

I waste no time, giving her a quick lick, then kissing her inner thigh. She arches her back in ecstasy as I continue to seduce and tease her body. As she relaxes, I switch to her other thigh, starting just above the knee, then I slowly lick back up to her secret garden. Unable to resist any further, Cierra, takes me by the face, bringing me to her lips one more time before pushing me back down to finish what I started.

She opens her legs wide, spreading her pretty pink lips open for me. I lick her juicy little pearl up and down slowly.

Her sweet juices flow like water as I lick her now fully erect clit. She grabs the back of my head, pushing my face deeper into her honey pot. I lick her a little faster, sending waves of pleasure throughout her entire being. Her sweet nectar pours warmly out onto my chin as my tongue dances its tango of seduction on her throbbing pearl. Her legs beginning to tremble with bliss, I press my lips against her clit, sucking gently as my tongue glides over it back and forth.

She tosses her legs around my neck, her body shaking frantically from my tongue's unrelenting assault. She scoots away, trying to give herself a break, only to be pulled back. My tongue starts to do circles, licking her cooch all over. She tries to scream only to have her breath taken away by my tongue's unending flurry of licks.

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She tosses her head back, breathing hard as she tries to regain her composure. Her juice box begins to well over in excitement as I lick her faster and faster. Helpless to stop it, she screams loudly exploding ferociously all over the sheets. Sitting up and catching her breath, Cie pulls me to her face and kisses me deeply.

She starts to claw at my belt, struggling to get it loose. I help her out, tossing the remaining clothes I had on to the floor with the rest of them. Staring for a moment, she moves in, grabbing my rock hard dick and stroking it slowly. Her soft hands feel amazing, leading my mind to wonder.

She breaks my thoughts, licking my tip before taking me completely into her mouth. It was obvious that Cierra was no amateur at this. She looks me in my eyes, swallowing my love stick down to the balls and back up. The way her tongue tickles and teases the length of my shaft is phenomenal. The feel of her long tongue dancing around the head sends chills throughout my body.

This woman was a true expert. I wanted to tell her to slow down, but the words couldn't quite form. Without warning, I feel the length of my throbbing member go down her throat, her amazing tongue tickling the boys. I grab her hair, momentarily holding her there. She shows no issues with it, barely gasping for air as she releases me from her throats grasp. We lock eyes for only a second before Cierra returns to work, once again devouring my thick cock, her warm mouth almost massaging my dick as she bobs her head on the lenght of it.

I can barely handle any more, grabbing the sheets tightly between my fingers. Seeing this, Cie grabs me my the shaft, jerking me off while her lips lock around the head. At this point, there was no fighting it anymore. She sucks hard, finally reaching her goal as I cum hard, my cake batter filling her mouth. She flashes me a victorious smile, swallowing the remaining drops of nut from me before releasing me. Still speechless, I motion for her to turn back around.

Catching my hint, she turns and assumes the desired position. With her now turned around, her glorious ass up in the air, its time for the real games to begin. I grab her nice, round booty, spreading her cheeks apart as I dive in tongue first. As my tongue jams deep into her pussy, her juices begin to flow like a waterfall.

She replaces my hands with hers, holding her pink kitty open for me as I tongue fuck her deep. She begins to drip with excitement with each thrust of my tongue.

Her legs quiver, shaking hard as I tickle her clit with the tip of my tongue before diving back in. She screams, her legs nearly vibrating from the sheer pleasure shes feeling. I decide its time to give her what shes been so patiently waiting for.

We are both more than ready. I position myself behind her, teasing her soft, pink lips with the head of my love stick. She moans softly, waiting eagerly for me to cross her threshold. Still teasing, I slide the tip in slowly. She bites her lip, pushing her ass back toward me and working the rest of me inside her. Her warm, wet walls feel indescribable as I dig deeper into her love tunnel.

She moans louder and louder with each stroke. I squeeze her ass firmly, making sure to get a good grip before speeding up. She grabs her pillow, biting into it to quiet her scream. I continue on, thrusting deep into her juice box.

She looks back, telling me to go harder, unaware of what shes getting herself into. I give her what she asks for, smacking her ass and thrusting deep.

Loving every moment of it, she screams, squirting hard and drenching the sheets underneath us. Surprised, I pause a moment before continuing to pound her girl parts. Arching her back for me, she starts to throw it back at me, her amazing ass shaking each time I reach the depths of her dripping wet puss.

She cums again, then again, before it all runs together, seeming to never end. Without warning, her trembling legs give out and she collapses onto the bed. Still shaking from her intense series of orgasms, I turn Cierra around, spreading her legs wide and licking her from her clit to the hole, jamming my tongue deep inside.

Her sweet nectar taste exquisite. I lick her juice box up and down for a moment, stroking my throbbing hard dick in preparation to reenter her forbidden place. I kiss my way up her stomach, stopping at those incredible melons.

She moans, biting her lip as I suck firmly on her nipples. I bite her neck as I slide inside her tight pussy, causing her to moan softly in my ear as she wraps her arms around my neck. I began to thrust deep, each thrust deeper than the last. There was no way I could've guessed Cierra would feel this good. From the way she was moaning and screaming, I can tell she felt the same way. I slow down, giving her long, deep strokes. Her excitement building by the moment, I can tell that her very being was overwhelmed with pleasure and ecstasy.

I turn my attention to her breasts, not losing my stride as my tongue ticked her hard nipples. She cums instantly, her walls tightly clenching my throbbing member. As she orgasms over and over, I continue to deliver. Without warning, I put her legs over my shoulders, looking her in the eyes as I start to drill her deep and hard.

She screams loudly, uncontrollably squirting all over the sheets. I keep going, keeping her orgasms coming back to back.


Unable to hold out any longer, I pull out, splashing her chest and tummy with my hot love juice. We lay there silent a few minutes in an attempt to catch our breath. Finally, the silence was broken with an affectionate kiss, followed by a thanks for the massage. We lay there a few more minutes, almost literally unable to move before reaching off of the side of the bed for my clothes.

I pick up my pants, reaching into my pocket for my phone. First thing I notice is that I had three missed calls. Knowing who it was, I slowly get up from the bed to clean myself up, then continue to get myself dressed as she does the same.

Almost fully clothed, we joke about going back to our partners and how much fun we had just a moment ago. We kiss again as we stand and start walking toward the door. She tells me she may need another massage soon, then in a flirtatious tone, she whispers in my ear that we can skip the rub down next time. I smile, agreeing with her, as I reach for the door knob. Suddenly, a knock on the door.