Crazy Milfs With Bigcock Chippendale

Crazy Milfs With Bigcock Chippendale
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I was driving by your house and seen you washing your car in your bathing suit ! You looked so fine I drove by 4 or 5 more times! Till I seen that you were done! That you were puting stuff up and going in to the house! I park down the Road an walk up to your house! I stand out front looking in your windows and I catch a glimpse of you taking your top off and walking in to a room !

I walk up to the door and Knock on it hoping that you would answer ! You put on a towel that you had from drying off and come to the door! Your very beautiful whit blonde hair and tattoos all over your body! and I see you have a lip ring ! Your towel is just barely covering your nipples!


I ask if the car was for sale an you say no! I clear my throat and look at you and push my way in and shut the door behind me ! Grabbing your blonde hair in my hand!

I take you over to the couch and rip the towel from your body ! You fight back but I am to over powering I quickly to over and tie your hands behind your back and shove a rag in your mouth. I drag you to the bed and tear your swim bottoms off and spanked your ass!

Then I pull the out your gag an pull mu hard dick in your mouth! telling you to suck it you slut!! Im facefucking you and tinching your hard nipples at the same time! I forcing you to take my whole cock and your gaging and spiting all over your face!!

I lean over so i can get to your sweet pussy thats wet now an lick it clean! then I finger it with 2 fingers till you cant take it anymore!Your all over the bed trying to get away! I pull my cock out of your mouth and stuff your bottoms in your mouth to keep you from screaming!! I pull you around and start to fuck your pussy hard and driving in you as deep as i can! I pick your legs up over your head and I fucking you hard! Your love it and moaning an betting in to it!!

I want some of your ass so I drag you over to the side of the bedso your laying on your belly and your legs are over the side of the bed. I spank your ass trying to get it red and warm to take my cock in your ass!!

I put my finger in your ass to losing it up ! You try to jerk away but I pull you back and spank you again! Your ass is so red and hot !

My dick is so hard and ready for your ass! I stick it in slow and your fighting it and trying to yell so I slap your ass and tell you to stop yelling!! I continue to pull it in and your ass is so tight! I get it all the way in and I start to fuck it faster and faster!!

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pounding it so your ass cheeks are pushing back on me ! Your starting to like it! I slow down and put my fingers on your clit so you can cum to ! When I do you calm down an pull back on my cock and your fucking me now!

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I see that your liking it and I untie your hands ! I tell you to play with your clit while I fuck your ass! You slide your hand under you and go rite for the clit ! I reach up and pull your hair so that your head is pull back and slap your ass !

I tell you Im going to cum in your face and your going to like it!!! Im fucking your ass so hard and your playing with your clit an then I feel you cum all over me! I fuck you harder untill i cant take it any more and I pull out and push you to the floor on your knees and I spray cum all over you!

Your looking up at me ! with your beautiful eyes! It awesome! I tell you to stay there why I get dressed and then I leave! You thinking about call the cops ! But to you it was the best sex you have ever had!!! The next day I drive by your house again and your washing your car again!! In more revealing clothes!! I take that as a invention!!

One night about 730 I was in Home Depot and I was walking around and I saw you over by the plants. I keep looking at how fine you were in your tight pants and shirt and I started to get a hard on.

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So I follow you around the store. You dont see me your look for things for you house and your not looking around at people! I keep following you and you look like you in a hurt to get to the other side of the store ! I speed up and get closer to you till you turn and go toward the bathroom ! I think ill hang out for a while till you come back out! Then I see you come out and go into the Family bathroom.

Im thinkg the girls was full! I start to think about you in the bathroom with your pants down and I can help it! I rush to the door and Open it!


Your look on your face was priceless! Ranger It You!!


I Lock the door and rush over to you before you get your pants up! I push you back down on the toilet and I have you by the head of your hair ! I tell you to undo my pant to suck my dick!

You do and find and big hard dick and its ready for you! I shove your head on it to suck it! You do and your doing a great job !


Taking it easy so I shove my dick to the back of your throat till you have it all !!! It feels awesome I hold you there till You push away ! I tell you to suck my dick like you mean it and to look in my eyes !

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Like your my whore! I reach in and pull out you perfect breast and pull them out so I can see them!

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It make me want you more! I pull you up and turn you around so your hands are on the toilet lid and I ease my cock in your wet pussy! You so wet ! I pull out and stick 2 finger in your pussy and fuck you with them till they are real wet! I take them out and taste you and a you are sweet! Then I stick my dick back in your pussy and fuck you !

I then put my fingers in your mouth That I had in your pussy so you can taste it 2 !!! You like I and suck them like they are my dick!

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which turns me on to! I pull you hair and you arch your back and I push in you further it feel so good! I slap your ass and pull your hair! You about to cum an your trying to keep it down so everybody want be knocking on the door !

You cum and I can feel you pussy Massaging my dick It feels awesome!!

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I tell you I fixing to cum and to get on your knees and suck my dick dry!! You rush to it and swollow my cock till it in the back or your throat and I cum!

Im jacking off using your head to do it! You look at me and Know that you found what you where looking at Home Depot!!! I hope you like ! I didnt have time to write much!