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In the still hours of the period between night and dawn comes the whisper of tiny leathery wings. They are so muffled that no one hears them come through a window high up on the west side of the ancient castle. A tiny blur hovers in a dorm room. Three young boys lay sleeping. The blur moves to hover above one of the boys. He is a young human.

A warlock. Not very powerful or skilled yet. Without a sound the blur transforms into a beautiful creature. Long purple hair, pale blue skin. Eyes that seem to glow yet have the cold intensity of an icicle. The being gently moves the bed covers down to expose the young boys body. The beautiful creature, a female of some species moves his nightshirt up to expose his small soft cock.

She smiles, her face almost kindly. She bends forward, whispers a magic spell into the boys ear. Her voice so soft, so soothing. He smiles in his sleep, moans softly with pleasure. Now her tail entwines around his thickening cock.

It massages it, pumps it slowly to arouse it. Make it so hard, so ready to enter her body. She kisses his lips too. Softly, tenderly as would a gentle lover. She positions her body above the boy and gently, lowers herself to take him inside her. Her wonderful blueish ice colored eyes grow smokey with desire as she moves on him, her pale blue fingers placed tenderly on his chest.

Sometimes touching his cheek as she rides him. Her beautiful thighs beside his, her perfect bottom rising and slowly falling. She moans softly as she loves him, using his small hard cock. Sliding herself up and down on its shaft, her muscles making her pussy squeeze and milk him. She feels him swell inside her as his testicles begin to tighten.

He body responding to her, preparing to deliver his seed deep inside her. Her long black tail massages her back entrance, then as the feeling of release begins to rise in her it eases its way deep into her, massaging her, driving her lust higher and higher. Inside her pussy a tiny proboscis emerges. It feels its way into the boys penis. Through the one eye of his throbbing knob. It is tiny. It will not hinder the explosion of cum that will soon erupt from him but it extends and extends till it reaches deep inside his bladder where it makes a tiny pin prick hole in the wall of his bladder.

Now tiny cilia like tendrils emerge. They grow rapidly, following his veins, to his main artery and through his heart. Up and up till they reach his brain. Expanding, racing to find the centers of his being, his essence. Once there they stop growing and begin the process of absorbing his soul. She stops her movements letting the boy's urge to cum subside. She wants to prolong it. Give him all the pleasure she can. She does not know what is happening. She only knows he feels good inside her.

He makes her happy, gives her such a feeling of being filled, being satiated. She begins to move again. Ever so slowly. Savoring the feeling of his cock touching her places inside. Concentrating on every part of her he touches, massages as she slides it in and out.

So good! Oh so good! The boy jerks, cum rushing up the tubes from his testicles. At that same moment she orgasms hard. Squeezing, fucking, using his cock. Her own pale green cum mixing with his as the act of love and lust is completed.

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She lays on the boys chest exhausted. Spent.


She kisses his lips. Lips growing cold already. The force of life having been drained from his young body at the moment of his bodies most intense pleasure. She lets his now softening cock withdraw from her pussy. The tendrils and proboscis fully retracted now. With tears in her icy eyes she moves down his body. She cleanses away all traces of their joining with her mouth and tongue. The taste of their juices sweet and aromatic. She tenderly worships his cock. Sadly wishing it would rise again, fill with passion and lust for her body again.

Finished she moves up and kisses his lips one last time. In an instant she is a blur again. Out the window and around the castle.

Behind her lays a young boy. Dead. He has known the most intense pleasure a male can experience but this last time, the 7th time, he has not survived her visit.

With the coming of the day there will be a great sadness. A tragedy has befallen one of the children. No one will know why. No none will know how. Or will they? The blur changes back to the beautiful female. She lays down on the bed, covers her nakedness with the covers and glances to see that her roommate still sleeps soundly. She lies for a moment, sad but so sated, the awful need, the emptiness now gone. Murmuring a ancient spell in a soft voice she drifts off to sleep.

Talia will remember nothing of this. Talia thinks she is a fairy. He is known by many names. Ancient names. Kwan-yu, Krom, Ares, Mars, Thor to name a few. He is imprisoned. A stupid school for childish enchanters. Weak powered Warlocks. No one that can really create chaos or slaughter on a grand scale like he can. He has been captured and sentenced to this stupid school.

The forces of good ensnaring him, containing him. Making him almost powerless. Making him almost human. Even naming him Dale. The name he had eons ago. When he was innocent. He stands in the back. Day dreaming of wars past while the stupid wizard drones on about potions made from dust and toads and bat wings.

Children's stuff. Bah! He looks at the other students. Boring trolls, stupid elves. A few witches and Warlocks. Amateurs! Wait! Who is this? A girl. No a fairy. His ability to see through guise still sharp. Urges that have been suppressed in him roust to life. He smiles. It feels good to lust again.

Wanting to breed. Take a female and use her for his pleasure. This one is very pretty. A note is passed over to Talia from down the table. She looks up, all the other children in the row giggling. She picks up the note and reads it. 'Do you like me'? She looks at the other children and sees one of them staring at her. He blushes and turns away. She giggles and smiles at him when he turns back, then she turns back to the board.

Mars sees the silly note passed to her. The boy, a young human warlock. He smiles. He is not even at puberty yet. 'She is way beyond you boy' he thinks. Though clearly very young she has bloomed into a fully mature fairy. He watches her. His arousal growing. Her body nice. He can see the small bulge at the side of her butt where her tail is hidden. He sees it because he knows to look.

The delicious curve of her firm full breasts. 'Damn'! He thinks. Why didn't I pay attention at roll call? What was her name? 'No matter'. 'I will possess her soon enough'. She pulls a small mirror from her pocket and looks at herself. She thinks, 'I am decent I guess.' Her skin is pale blue as is the norm for her race, but hers is paler than most, almost glowing from how pale.

To the other students, her skin color was explained as her being an elf.

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For some reason, they didn't want anyone to know she was a fairy. At least her skin, eyes, and ears all fit that description. Her eyes are the color of mist, a gray with a light blue tint. Her lips are the color of ice, a distinctive feature from the rest of her face. Her pointed ears are not pierced, just lovely and shapely. They are usually hard to see though, because of the dark purple hair that falls in curls to her waist.

The hair not only keeps her warm, it hides her wings from the rest of them. They all think she is just an elven girl, they can't see the dark black wings or the long, black tail that is coiled up in her panties.

The sweaters she always wears also do a good job of obscuring her large breasts, because while she is young for her race, 40 by human years, though the equivalent of only 10 of human, she is already a woman by human standards. The long skirts cover her legs so they don't see the scars that are on them. Scars left by trying to do magic and failing as a fairy-ling.

She wears nice black high heels, simply because they make her feel free. She is well practiced in her disguise. Her hair moving perfectly to conceal her wings. (Mars is a fool. The creature is a Succubus. A demon that drains a man's energy with sex.) Mmmmmm, He thinks. Picturing her beneath him.

Her wings to the sides, her beautiful hair on the bed, her pretty face though blue, flushed with passion. Her eyes smokey with the pleasure his body is giving her. He wonders if she has had sex yet? Fairies are lustful creatures. Mating early. They can only be fertile once every 10 years or so and when pregnant the gestation is over 20 years. They are free to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh because of the reproductive cycles of the females.

He realizes this is about all he knows of such creatures. Being a god of war does not bring one into the circle of forest and mystical beings. He suddenly realizes there is something wrong here too. Something is not right. 'What is it'? 'She looks delicious'. 'Still there is something'? She smiled and looked back down at the note.

She wrote yes on it, then passed it back down the row. She was about to close her mirror, when she noticed a man in the back staring at her. She turned, looking at him, then blushed and turned back, closing her mirror.

The bell rings and she gathers her things and leaves as quickly as she can. He extends his mine toward hers. The same mind control that he used on Helen, to make her leave her husband, run away with him to Troy when he took human form as Paris.

That memory is painful. It hurts to fall in battle. Die with a sword in your heart. She does not react! He cannot get in! Damn goody goodies! They have stripped even that from him. He might as well be the stupid human he looks like now and was in the beginning.

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He watches her leave. Enjoying the movement of her hips and her posture. Staying well back to not alarm her. She is small in this elven form. She can be tiny, like this, or large depending on her mood and the magical powers she has mastered. He thinks,'I will have her'! Somehow he is compelled. What is this obsession with a young fairy?

More of the goodies games? Wanting to make me change, make me a goodie also? Still she is so desirable and it has been so long, so very long. He will watch, learn, then plan his conquest of her. A parallel universe. Beings, conscious entities of pure energy merge.

'He has seen her, wants her'. 'Yes, the plan is good'. 'She will tame him, give peace to that tortured planet'. Venus is withering in pleasure. A huge man and a Centaur fucking her. She feels a presence, a force within her mind. She gasps as she has her 3rd orgasm then smiles as the lovers pause in their efforts. 'I take it he has found her'. 'Yes'. 'His lust is flowing strongly again'.

'He will call on you soon for a potion, a spell to make her love him'. 'You know you play a dangerous game'. 'I have probed the young fairy's mind'. 'She has tremendous potential for magic and power'. 'She may feel his pain and for the sake of loving him free him of your constraints'.

'He might try to conquer the world to place a crown on her head'. 'Yes we know but the opportunity to bring peace makes the risk worthwhile'. 'Holding him in check like this is very tiring'. 'I have it prepared'. 'You will let him receive it'? 'Yes, he will be allowed to receive the package from his loving aunt'.

The force leaves and Venus smiles. She has the potion prepared alright. Just a little extra something in it. She is mischievous by nature. She misses the time when she was worshiped and besought by all lovers. Talia walks out of the classroom, heading towards her locker. She stops there, grabbing her books for her next class, looking up and down the hallway. When she senses no one is looking, she pulls away her hair and spreads her wings, lifting her shirt so her large breasts are visible, wrapping them around her body and pulling her shirt back down.

Thanking the botanist that put all these plants in the halls and entries Mars is hidden enough to catch a glimpse of her adjust her very very nice breasts. Exceptionally large for a fairy he is sure. She is certainly pretty. The blue skin, that purple hair. Exceptional! Most fairies have reddish or blond hair. The dark color so right for her. He can feel himself thicken. It feels good to get aroused. So long since he has been. If this was a different place and time, he would just take her.

She looks so ready. Just then the boy comes around the corner, and she giggles and starts walking to class with him. She looks over her shoulder and sees the man once more. 'He's not just watching me to look out for me. He knows something he shouldn't. I wonder who he is', she thinks. She smiles at him and blows a kiss, turning back to her friend. 'The little flirt'! 'So she does notice me'. 'She will see a lot more of me soon', he thinks.

His imagination flashes images through his mind of her riding him, using him. That beautiful hair falling down around them. Her startling eyes closed in intense pleasure. His hands holding those perfect orbs, loving them with fingers and lips. Bouncing down the hall with the boy she thought, 'He is cute as humans go, but that's because of his eyes'. 'Poor creature, halfway through his life already'. She walks with the boy and they turn, go into another class room.

He could follow but that is too obvious. He doesn't want to seduce her. Takes too long plus she may have prejudice against mere humans.

'Damn, that is certainly what I am now'! He thinks. He walks on past the door. Heads for the library.

Talia sighs, sitting down in her next class. How she longs to be free, yet here she was, imprisoned in the world of humans. It was by her choice to be sure, but she wishes that she could just be a fairy. 'What is so scary about us'? Then she realized that there are other fairies in the school, and none of them were disguised like she was.

'Why was it just me'? 'What crime did I commit'? She decides that after this class she is going to go to the principal and find out. Reaching the library he goes into one of the enchanted study rooms. There is a crystal ball like device in each.

Silly to make a mental communication device look like a Gypsy's phony trick to snare stupid human money but it is a school of magic after all. He sits, concentrates. The crystal glows. Venus's voice comes into his mind, 'Well hello Mars, how is my favorite nephew?' 'You don't know'? 'Yes, I know you finally crossed the line with that little thing in, where was it'? Oh yes'! 'That area of Persia the stupid British called Iraq'.

'Really Mars, planes into buildings'. 'How crude'! 'The goodies have taken you in hand, haven't they'. 'Yes, they have me cooped up in of all things a school of magic and potions'. 'Venus, there is a girl here, a girl I want'. 'You must really be restricted'. 'You not able to make a simple girl succumb, and only one Mars'? 'She is not human, a fairy'. 'I've never had a fairy'. 'Are they good Venus'? 'Oh yes Mars, very sensual and passionate'.

'Still, I am so surprised'. 'You feel almost gentle, human'. 'A strange feeling from you'. 'Are you sure it's not the goodies influencing you'? 'Perhaps it is but I need her Venus'. 'I need her bad'. 'Very well, I will cook a little thing up for you'. 'I will send it with a school supply package for my nephew'. He can sense her amusement at his situation.

If he was his normal self he would know not to trust her. She will not harm him but will be one more powerful being interested in playing with him. That she will help him have the girl he does not doubt. She is the goddess of love after all but what twist will she throw into the pot? 'To hell with it'. 'I want the girl'!

'I still don't know her name either'. He goes back to his spartan room. Nothing but a bed, a table and one chair to watch the TV from. A TV that never has anything interesting on it. No news, no war, no sex here in goody goodie land. His dick is so hard, throbbing. The face of the fairy girl burned into his mind. His want, no his desperate need for her becoming more and more intense. He lays down, on the bed, shoves his pants down, The human dick so hard, the one eye looking up at him as it throbs, gets even harder, swells more to his touch.

He closes his eyes, sees her, naked. On her knees, on this very bed. The long purple hair hanging down on both sides of her head, her wings closed. Her black tail curled upward around his naked arm. His hands on her hips now, the tip of his vicious hard dick tasting the wet wonder of her entrance.

Rubbing it with his hard red knob, pre-cum oozing out of his one hole. Anticipating the way she will feel as he takes her slowly, letting her stretch and swallow him. Gasping as he strokes it. Seeing him enter her, open her, her pussy's dark blue lips kissing him, sucking him, spreading as more of his dick disappears inside her.

So small, so feminine, so incredibly beautiful. His hands reaching around her to hold, cup those big full breasts. Thrusting slowly, deep. So hot, so wet, good!

Pumping himself it hits hard. Cum spurting up to fall back on his stomach. Pounding it to relieve the intense need. All things but the feeling of cumming, almost painful, gone. Laying panting. His stomach a mess. his hand a mess. Using his underwear to dry himself, wipe his hand. Laying exhausted.

So long since he has even known fatigue. Humans! Sleeping soundly. Thankfully, but waking up in the dark. A terrific wet dream! The girl's face and body. More cum spurting everywhere. 'Tomorrow'! 'Tomorrow I will learn her name'. Begins his plan to have her. 'I do need her so'! Talia moans, rolling over, her pussy suddenly on fire. She gasps again, squeezing her breasts with both hands, pinching her nipples, her tail slipping itself in her pussy, thrusting hard into her.

Someone was thinking about her, thinking dirty, dirty thoughts. They are wonderful. she can almost feel their dick inside her. She moaned again, her roommate waking, Gala shaking her head at her. "It's happening again?" Gala was the one student who knew she was a fairy. They'd lived together since she moved into the school, and Gala was 16, one of the older students. She had beautiful red hair and bright green eyes, with large full breasts. If her father would allow it.Talia would take Gala as her mate.

"I can't help it." She moaned again, moving her tail into her ass. Talia knew that look in Gala's eyes, and she smiled pleasantly and screamed when Gala knelt before her. 'I love worshiping your blue pussy'. 'Your purple pubic hair is really hot'. 'You are my Goddess'. 'I will do whatever you say for eternity'.

With that, Gala stuck her tongue inside Talia. It was wonderful. She had been terrible at first, but Talia had coached her, and she could eat pussy almost as well as Talia could. Within minutes she orgasmed, squirting the thick pale green cum all over Gala's face and in her hair. Gala giggled and climbed into bed with her, wrapping her arms around Talia and falling asleep. Mars woke up with a jerk. Sweating and trembling. He had been at Thermopylae again. One of the last Spartans to die in that mountain pass.

Dying after they had held back the Persians for days. He realizes where he is. That he is not dead again. Not on his way for a pleasant little tryst with Valkyries at Valhalla once more. Mmmm. He remembers that time with the red headed Lucia. She had flown him away from the hall. To the sea where they made love for days.

She had begged Odin to allow her to bear his child but selfish bastard that he is, he refused. No new god from the mating of a Valkyrie and the God of War. 'Bastard'! 'I think I loved her'. 'At least at the time I did'. He remembers he is in a school of Potions and Magic. A school for young Warlocks, Witches and other magical beings. 'Why am I here'? 'What is the purpose of holding a God, an entity of war and destruction prisoner in this silly place'?

He suddenly remembers the girl, no not a girl, a beautiful young fairy. God his dick, this puny human dick is so hard and throbbing again.

He tries to remember other women, other girls. Raping and pillaging, seducing and loving but he can see no one but her. He gives up and day dreams of her. Dragging her into this plain drab room. Keeping her here for days. Raping her. Using her over and over. But no, he cannot do that to her. he has never been able to rape and hurt that much or that often. He can kill a man, watch a man tortured beyond endurance.

Watch as whole cities are sacked and burned but never can he force a female. Even taking captive women he has had to try and make it easy for them, make them want him. 'Oh, I miss my ability to control minds, place thoughts and desires into others brains'.

He lays awake and strokes it till it spurts hard again. His stomach now covered with cum. Some crusty feeling from last night. 'Bah'! 'This is silly'! He gets up, showers and for some reason shaves the 4 or 5 days growth of beard off his face.

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He dresses as best he can. He must find out what her name is! He must know how to play for her seduction since he cannot just take her. 'Hurry Venus'!

'I must have her soon'. 'What has happened to me'? He even picks up the books for the classes he must attend. Perhaps there will be something. Some little thing he can use to relieve this terrible ache, this burning need and desire. He goes to the dining hall, looks for her but does not find her. He is famished so he eats well.

Hurrying to the class where he saw her. Wanting to be sure to see her again, hear her name called during the roll. 'Yes'! 'There she is'! Sitting by that silly little boy now. A naughty smile for me too! Her name? Yes! Talia. ! My most desired is Talia! Talia sighed, putting her elbows on the desk. She was still horny from showering with Gala this morning, and this class was boring anyway.

She had been doing magic like this for 30 years. Why was she stuck in this class? Stupid pre-requisites. She sighed again, leaning back into her seat and drifting off. The sun. That was what she missed. The sun, the fields, the flowers. Freya, the beautiful Vanir who kept watch over the elves. How she longed to be allowed into Asgard, to cross the rainbow bridge to the city of the.

She jumped up, the bell ringing, startled. Everyone around her looked at her and laughed. She blushed and hurried out of the class, heading into the bathroom. She went into the stall and sat down, still flustered. She waited a few minutes, till her heart rate returned to normal, then she headed to her next class.

Watching her go into the girls bathroom. Aroused, oh so hard watching her delicious bottom move with each step. He hurries to the student post office. The 10 year old human girl at the window checks, 'Yes, there is a package from home for Dale McFarland'. 'Bless you Venus'! Grabbing the small box he thinks 'To hell with the next class' and hurries to his room. Package opened, there is stuff like socks, undies and in the middle a mechanical pencil.

Unscrewing the pencil there is a tiny vial of a ruby red powder. The powder clearly magical as it appears to flow like liquid when moved. A note is inside the pencil too. 'Pour the powder on something that she and she alone will touch'. 'Then you must create an emotional reaction to you and you alone'.

'I suggest anger Mars'. 'You have always had a real talent for making people mad now haven't you'. 'Have fun nephew, I took a peak at her and she is delicious'. 'Bring her by sometime and we can all three play'. Venus. 'Yeah right Venus', he thinks. He is not into sharing much and never with other males. He likes his women his and his alone.

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Checking the clock, He sees he has about 30 minutes before the last class change of the school day. Just enough time to get this powder on her and then look forward to an incredible night in that small bed over there. He hurries to the main hallway, locates her locker.

Talia. Yes! Beautiful delicious Talia. Checking that no one is watching he pours the ruby red dust on the handle that must be slid upward to open the locker. It disappears instantly.

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He is in such a state that he does not feel the wisp of invisible gas that he pulls into his nostrils nor the tiny electric tingle that goes through his whole body. Now to stay nearby. Make sure no one else touches the handle but his Talia. A few minutes and the hall is full of students. He sees her and her roommate coming. Mmmm. She is delicious too but he has eyes only for his little fairy. She approaches her locker, switching some of her books to her other hand.

Talking to the red headed girl. He holds his breath. She lifts the latch. In a school of magic locks are useless. She places two books and a note book inside and closes the door. He steps toward her. Closing quickly. He bumps into her hard, loving his first touch of her body. Making sure he steps on her foot hard. No worry about injuring her.

The magic of this place will heal her almost instantly. Her devastating mist blue eyes turn red in anger. She cries out in pain but meets his hard hazel eyes squarely. He apologizes profusely and hurries away. It is done. He can go to his quarters, wait till dinner time then enjoy a good meal.

Later after the school is quiet he will project his mind toward her. Summon her to him. Make her his. Lay with her for the whole night. This night and all others. She is his now. Completely, utterly his! At the strike of midnight he extends his mind toward hers. He can feel her laying awake in her bed. As if she is waiting for his call. 'Talia, come to me darling'. 'Change to your tiny size and fly through the window quietly and my mind will guide me to you'.

He senses her get up, naked, she opens her wings and shrinks to a pixie as she flies out the window. No glow, just the whisper of her tiny wings. She flies out and around the building and then across to the building where the boys are housed. Up to the third level and around the building to a single open window.

The soft glow of a bathroom light guides her flight. She hovers for a moment, scanning the inside of the room. She sees the man, the one for some strange reason she loves and cannot resist.

Through the window she flies as he gets up from the bed. Also naked, his eyes telling her that she is so welcome. Oh so welcome. As she changes to normal size he reaches for her. As his hands touch her naked shoulders in a blink she is tiny again. Catching her fall and hovering on her wings. They are both surprised. She changes back to normal as soon as they break contact and he reaches for her again. Blink! Down to tiny!

Hovering before him on her wings. His frustration and anger begin to rise. Someone is playing a trick on him and he doesn't like it. Talia extends her hand to him and as she touches his arm her body explodes 10 times her normal size. Luckily, she is quite nimble and drops to her knees before she bashes through the ceiling. As soon as her hand leaves him she returns to normal. His rage is beyond measure! The God of War is waking up. Talia feels his rage and hate in her mind and quickly cringes into the corner.

His human body begins to change, the iron hard muscles of the fierce warrior begin to emerge again.


He grows almost 6 inches in height before her eyes. His face changing into the mask of pure rage to reflect the storm rising within him. Venus smiles to herself. She has done as bade but added an interesting twist. It will be amusing to see Mars and Talia struggle with their spell induced lust for each other. Unable to even touch much less join in passion and release.

The rage and lust for battle that drove Genghis Khan across the east killing almost all in his path is once again raging in the world. The rage that drove the First Crusade over the walls of Jerusalem in 1099, where they slaughtered every man, woman and child is loose upon the world again. The entities in their parallel dimension recoil in horror at the pure rage and energy of the War God. They must do something! They instantly realize the danger, the twist that has been added to this scene.

They know that as the rage and hate in Mars grows and expands they will not be able to hold him, contain him as they hope. Almost instantly a tear in the space time continuum opens and Dale and Talia are frozen for a moment in place. A pale blue beam plays over both then the hole closes. The counter measure is performed. They cannot change the spell but they can create an envelope where the two lovers can meet.

Join and be calm. It will give them time. Time for the gentle passion and love of the girl to have its desired effect on the War God. He slumps onto the bed. The emotional state he is in slowly subsiding to only deep deep sorrow. His body returning to that of a human man. In the corner Talia feels his terrible pain. She is no longer frighten but searches within him, seeks to sooth him.

She finds not only the rage and hate but good things. Deep unshakable loyalty. Quiet courage. The courage of a boy that faced 3 Saber Tooth tigers eons ago to try and save the girl he loved utterly.

The boy that the gods were so impressed with that they had him re-born through the goddess Athena. He had died, his stone knife buried in the throat of the last beast. His rage and battle lust to kill all beasts of this kind so intense that the gods were almost frighten. They captured the girl's essence before it could escape and placed it in the body of one of the new creatures emerging from the primal ooze.

A being of forest, meadows and of magic. He feels her reaching out to him. Trying in her passionate gentle way to console him. Calm him. He lays on the bed panting. Staring at her. Wanting her desperately, needing her so very very badly. Loving her like he has never loved before. Talia stands, crosses the tiny room, sits on the edge of the bed. Her beautiful purple hair hanging down across her beautiful breasts.

Her chest heaving as his. Her pale colored eyes soft somehow. Her smooth delicious legs so touchable, her face so utterly beautiful in his eyes. Talia extends her hand towards him. Slowly. A faint red aurora seems to surround her arm and hand now. He extends his hand toward her and the same aurora surrounds him. As their hands meet, their fingers touch, the aurora expands to encompass both their bodies and he is able to draw her to him. Hold her tightly and closely. A soft wordless kiss of two lovers caught in something they do not understand.

A deep loving tenderness that perhaps springs from another day, another time eons upon eons ago. He kisses her lips, her eyes, her neck and then his lips find the two incredible orbs that are her large breasts. The hard black nipples, taunt with desire. Her skin hot with the need. The need for a man, her man. Talia moans.

Her tail finding his hard member, caressing it. Her hands holding his face as she raises it to kiss it again. Looking into her eyes. Adoring her. Not caring about anything but this wonderful thing he holds in his arms, this vision of love and beauty.

His hands moving down her stomach, tentatively, touching the line of purple hair where she begins, moving lower to cup her hot wet pussy. His body aching to thrust into her, pound his cock up into her but no he must be gentle and slow.

Such a treasure as she, the gift of her body must be cherished. Gasping an 'I love you Talia', as he moves her beneath him. His hot hardness pressing against her entrance as she spreads her smooth blue legs and arches her back. Their bodies straining to join. His swollen knob demanding she let him enter into the heaven that she has for him. He opens her. His cock going in slowly, stretching her tiny pussy.

Moaning as he feels all of her, slipping in deeper and deeper as she becomes more and more wet, so warm so desired. Kissing, his powerful muscles straining, reveling in her hands, her nails on his bare back.

For some reason Talia sobs through her lust. The feel of him entering her, pushing deep inside her sweeping over her completely. She must cling to him, wrap herself around him. Protect him, love him utterly. As they begin to move together, he thrusting slowly, she rising to meet him and squeezing him as he withdraws, she to push up again as he pushes deep into her over and over. Both whispering words.

Words of adoration, of longing, and trust.


Her beautiful smooth legs wrapped tightly around his hips. His lips kissing hers, now her eyes, down her neck, teasing, adoring her full wonderful black nipples. They moan, groan and gasp from the sheer pleasure of this. The sounds of their wet joining so nice, so arousing.

Both dizzy with emotion. The longing, the wonderful wanting now ebbing away to give its place to love and tender passion. In some ethereal place, some plain of existence, she looks up at him and once again, pushes the strands of red blond hair from his face. Tears in her eyes laying her cheek against his chest, 'What have they done to you my love'? He strokes her hair softly, kissing her forehead, gazing off into space.

So long, so far yet here once again. It is as if they never parted eons ago. The girl and the brave young boy. Both only essence now but together again. Their love has survived the eons of time and many births and deaths but now it is joined again.