MOMs pussy is convenient for FUCKING

MOMs pussy is convenient for FUCKING
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Just a little heads-up&hellip.This story is quite a bit longer than my usual ones. I hope you enjoy. Chapter 1 The summer holidays were underway and going well although both Molly and Ryan were surrounded by uncertainty at this point.

As if it wasn't enough for them to be dealing with normal teenage problems they had found themselves in quite a tricky situation which if not handled with charm and finesse could go horribly wrong for them and everyone around them. Over the next few days the siblings were awkward around each other to say the least.

They still saw each other as brother and sister and still had the exact same sibling bond now it was plagued by all sorts of underlying feelings and thoughts towards each other. Ryan was still trying to understand why he felt this way towards his sister as his young mind had trouble comprehending such mature feelings which he had no experience with.

Molly was troubled by her inexperience of womanhood which seemed to be moving along at an alarming rate not giving her a chance to understand or even get familiar with the new developments she was undergoing. So it was safe to say the teens had a lot on their plate as they tried to act casual around each other for the sake of their parents not finding out even though they couldn't possibly forget the night they had spent together. Tuesday morning came around and Ryan felt the need to get out of the house and away from his family for a couple of hours just to get his head cleared.

He had decided to meet up with a few of his friends and went to the arcade at the mall. The boys instantly noticed something different about Ryan that day. As they performed their usual routine of checking out girls and calling out to them but then hiding when the girls looked their way, Ryan just sat at the arcade café drinking a soda trying to make sense of what was happening.

He would answer when spoken to but in a very dull and uninterested manner and would ignore half the things his friends were saying to him. Molly had decided to spend the day at home as she wasn't in the mood to mingle with people given her present mood.

She had this unnerving urge to tidy up her room which was a new to feeling she was not accustomed to. She stood in the middle of her room and looked around it with a confused expression on her face, shocked that this was actually her room.

It was filthy! Clothes and shoes were scattered all over the floor, the bed was never made up and it smelled like a men's locker room. She was horrified to say the least. She promptly got to work, throwing out clothes she once loved and now couldn't see how she could possibly wear as they looked like boys clothes. In just under an hour her room had been transformed, it was now neat, everything tidied into its own little space and she has misted the room with air freshener just to get it to smell a little more feminine and pleasant.

She laughed at herself for giving into her girly side but thought why not just go with it. Just then she heard a knock on her door and saw her mom, Susan walking into her room. She stopped after taking a few steps in and looked around the room in amazement. "Wow, it looks like the clean fairy paid you a visit." Susan said as she took another few steps towards her daughter but still looking around the room. She was clearly surprised and was delighted at this surprise.

"Haha, very funny.

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Is there something is can do for you?" Molly said in flat tone of voice. "Oh, we are even speaking with manners now, and polite like a lady." Susan said and giggled as she walked towards the bed and dropped a box on the bed.

She walked over to the wardrobe, opened it and picked up a pair of high heels. "I'm going to need these back sweetie, with Aunt Peggy living so close to us I just know we are going to end up having a night out before the week is over. I'm sure you don't mind, you probably haven't even bothered trying to wear these. " Susan said as she looked at her shoes while speaking to her daughter.

She noticed Molly was rather quiet and looked up to see her deep in thought. Molly looked at the shoes in her mother's hand with a vacant expression on her face. Images flashed in her head of the first and only time she had worn those shoes and that was the night her brother and herself gave each other their virginities. She was brought back to reality by her mother speaking again. "I did think that was pushing it a bit a far. Have you even considered trying them on?" Susan asked her daughter.

"Yeah I did, once! They were a little too big, I couldn't walk properly." Molly said, she giggled to herself as she remembered that when she wore them, the only waking her feet did was all over her brother's cock.

"Oh perfect." Susan said as she made her way out of the room but stopped in the door way. "I bought a new pair for you.

My baby girl has her very first pair of high heels. I'm more excited than I ever thought I would be. It's a good thing a got a size smaller, those are size four so they should fit perfectly and they are closed so that should make balancing in them a little easier." Susan said to her daughter. She gave her a warm smile as she marvelled at the thought of her tom-boy daughter finally becoming a young woman.

She giggled as she was filled with excitement from the ideas of all the girly mother-daughter things they could finally do together. "And do look after them dear.


They were quite pricy but I thought what the hell, I've only got one daughter." Susan said as she walked out of the room. Molly ignored the box that was now just sitting and staring at her.

She continued straightening out her room. A couple of minutes later she heard her mom talking to her from the hallway. "I just got a call from Peggy, I'm going to help her unpack her stuff and get settled. See you a bit later." She heard her mother say and then heard the front door close. Molly sat slouched on the chair in front of her dressing table.

She looked at herself as if she were looking at a stranger as she could hardly recognise herself. Her long blonde hair was tied tight in a high pony tail slightly raising the corners of her eyes from the tension giving a mysteriously naughty but charming look about her.

She had an idea and shot up and swiftly made her way into her parent's room and began going through her mother's possessions. Her original intent was to look for some perfume or jewellery to mess around with but instead found some hair dye. She went into the bathroom feeling quite mischievous, slipped on the plastic gloves that come with the box, managed to free a thick lock of hair from her pony tail, grabbed a thick glob of dye and smothered it all over the lock of hair.

She massaged it and then leaned forward to let it hang free so it didn't touch her face. She read over the instructions while waiting for it to set. After a while she smelled something weird so decided that since she was washing her hair, she might as well take a shower.

She got under the water once it had warmed up, washed the lock of dyed hair and then let the water wash over her entire body. She was quite quick in the shower as she got bored and stepped out and began towel drying her hair.

After that she decided to go all out and blow dried her hair, loving the felling of the warm air on her scalp. Once done she tied her hair up again in the same manner and looked in the mirror to see the outcome. It was pure amateur luck as the lock of hair was dyed a strong red and was in perfect proportion to the rest of her blonde hair.

She thought nothing of it and returned to her room to sit in the same chair she had sat in previously. Ever since her encounter with her brother she had become quite conscious of her feet now and decided they needed a fresh coat of nail polish, this time going for black nail polish as it matched quite elegantly in contrast with her milky white toes.

After painting the nails on both her hands and feet she stared at the box sitting on the bed while waiting for her nail polish to dry.

Finally curiosity got the better of her and she stretched her arm out and grabbed the box, dropping it in front of her. She flipped the lid off of the box and found a pair of bright pink patent leather high heels in the box surrounded by white packing paper. "Oh wow mom, pink! Really?!" She said to herself as she picked one shoe up and looked it over.

The sole of the shoe and inside lining of the shoe were both silver leather which she thought gave them an elegant look. "They aren't that bad I guess. They kinda cool." She said as she noticed a tiny paper fall out of the shoe and into the box. She then noticed it was the price tag which read '$2000' on it. In shock she instantly dropped the shoe.

"What the fuck mom? That's just crazy." She said to herself. She could not believe her mother could by a pair of shoes this expensive for her. She picked up her mobile phone and sent her mom a text message which read: 'Thanks for the shoes mom, they are really nice but you didn't have to spend so much on me.' Susan read the text and simply smiled while writing a reply which read: 'Molly you are my princess and you deserve to be spoiled once in a while.

I'm glad you like them. xx' Molly read the message and still couldn't believe it. What she intended to be a quick look suddenly escalated as she stared at the shoes for a moment and then decided to try them on. She slipped her foot into the right one first and then the left. She couldn't help but think back to the sensations she felt the last time she wore heels but this was different, she was alone! She was not being sexually stimulated by anyone and was not aroused but still felt her heart begin to race.

She stood up and found it easier than she thought to balance and looked herself in the mirror. She wore nothing but the pink high heels and a towel around her but even she had to admit that they looked good on her. That's when things got crazy. Every time she glanced at the shoes she fell more in love with them, then she revelled in the feeling of the cool leather against her soft feet and this began to make her feel flustered and hot between the thighs as she felt sexier in them as the minutes passed.

The final thought hit her like a rushing wave as she imagined her brother smothering her toes with his cum and then her slipping her new shoes on and walking around in public with her dirty little foot secret that no one but her could feel. This thought brought her over the edge as she lost her balance and sat down in the chair. She looked at herself in the mirror and opened the towel, letting it drop onto the chair under her. She looked her body over and the feeling of just having showered together with wearing nothing but brand new high heels was arousing her to levels she didn't think were possible.

She opened her legs slightly and slipped a hand between and began rubbing her moist clit as she fantasized about what reactions Ryan would have towards her new shoes. She wondered if he would like them. She wondered if he would get aroused seeing her in them. She wondered if wearing them around him would make him want to fuck her senseless. She began rubbing harder and faster as hormones tore through her body ravishing her every nerve ending bringing her close to an orgasm.

Just then she suddenly heard the front door open which startled her something serious. She stopped, frozen in place as her mind began to try and comprehend what was happening. She tried to think who would be home at this time. She knew that if it were her mom she stood a chance because she could explain and her mom would probably understand. She thought her dad on the other hand would think she is some sort of pervert and probably never look her in the eye again.

She quickly wrapped herself in the towel again, slipped the shoes off and sat in her chair, not moving a single muscle as her heart raced and she tried to act as casual as possible. She felt strange as noticed her fear was quickly being replaced by something else. "What if I hadn't heard the front door open?

Someone would've caught me getting busy with myself." She thought to herself. The thought of being caught made her cheeks turn bright red and a few beads of sweat appeared on her forehead. The more she thought about it the more aroused she became and felt herself get increasingly wet by the minute as she heard footsteps coming up the stairs. She was about to rush to the door and slam it shut when she saw Ryan walk past her room.

She thought she was going to faint. Ryan was the last person she thought of as possibility of being home and this gave a strange mixture of feelings. Chapter 2 "Ryan, are you ok?" She asked. Although she was riddled with sex hormones she still managed to notice the sad look he had on his face. Ryan stopped and back tracked a little, stood by her door way but didn't turn to look at her as he spoke.

"Yeah I'm fine, just had a long day. Nothing to worry about." He said before he began moving again. "Ryan!" She called to him again. "I need your help with something." She said to him. She wondered what she was doing since she could see he wasn't in the best of moods but her fantasies were now wreaking havoc on her brain. Ryan backtracked again and made his way into her room, looking down at the floor as he walked.

"What do you need?" He asked in a dull mono-tone. "Well if you say it like that then we can just leave it." She replied.

He could hear from the tone of her voice that she was pouting in a sulky manner. "Oh, sorry. What is it?" He said, this time in a more casual, lighter tone. "Well I just got out the shower and I can't reach my back to put lotion on it. Would you be a dear and help me." She said, asking in a little school girl voice. Ryan was a little irritated that she would bother him with such a trivial matter and his gaze shot straight her face to see if she was one again messing with him.

He looked up and instantly noticed the red in her hair. "You coloured your hair. It looks nice. You look really pretty." He said in a dull tone. She could still here sincerity in his voice which made her smile as she thought even when he is in a crappy mood he still acknowledges her and pays her compliments. "I guess it's my duty to cheers him up then." She thought herself as a wicked smile shot across her face. "Why don't you grab the lotion over on my bedside." She said to him. He didn't think much of it and walked over to retrieve the item she had requested.

When he returned he notice a towel piled up on the floor close to where Molly was sitting. He looked up to see her standing in front of the chair facing away from him completely naked. He didn't know what had happened before he walked in and didn't know that Molly's hormones were in high gear and she was as horny as ever. He looked her up and down taking in her slender but curvy figure.

This was the first time he had seen her body without any obstructions and he was completely taken in. "My back! Remember? I asked you to lotion my back." She said with a little giggle after speaking the last part of the sentence.

She was amused at the fact that Ryan was now frozen in his place. After what seemed like an eternity he moved towards her, squirted a bit of lotion into his hand and began rubbing it on her back. His hands were trembling as they moved slowly up and down, side to side. Molly was nervous as well but was too turned on to show any signs of it.

She was in heat and the only thoughts running through her head were of a sexual nature. "Ok that's enough, it think you got it." She said in a casual tone. Ryan was slightly relieved that it was over as he found it extremely awkward after what had happened between them the other night.

He placed the cap back on the lotion and was about to turn away when Molly stopped him by reaching behind her with her right hand and grabbing his right wrist. Ryan stood still not knowing what she meant or what she wanted to happen. She grabbed the lotion and managed to pop the cap off with her left hand and squirted some lotion into his palm. She put the lotion on the table in front of her, pulling him forward in the process.

As she straightened back up her back was now pressed up right against his chest. She looked over in the mirror and noticed he was now slightly taller than she was and seemed to be filling out a bit more as he neared his mid-teens.

She couldn't help but blush as she thought they made a cute couple even though they were brother and sister and would never be allowed to be together. She tilted her head back, resting it on his shoulder which gave him a full view or her breasts from a top view and from a front view if he looked in the mirror.

She lifted the hand she was clutching and placed it on her right breast. Ryan could feel the heat of her breast in his palm and his brain was instantly overwhelmed by the feeling of her erect nipple. Molly on the other hand felt a sense of relief as the cool lotion in his palm smothered her erect nipple and her breast which she felt was about to burst into flames.


She placed her hand over his and closed it gently which in turn caused his hand to close and gently but firmly squeeze her breast which made her moan softly.

"Oh my God! Your touch is soothing. Strong and firm even for someone your age." She said as her head rested on his left shoulder. "There is no woman on this earth that can compare to you. You are absolute perfection!" He said, shocking them both with his words. Molly has never heard anyone speak so profoundly about her before and she was taken in by every word. She turned her head slightly and whispered in his ear.

"Rub me all over honey. I wanna feel your hand touch every part of me while you rub lotion on me." She said to him in a slow and extremely seductive manner ending her sentence by gently licking his earlobe.

A simple gesture set him on fire! "Yes mistress, I live to server you." He said in an obedient, almost brainwashed tone of voice. "There you again with that word 'Mistress'…you turn me on beyond belief when you talk like that." She said as she grabbed his left hand and run it down her stomach, bringing it to rest by her shaved pubic region. In one motion he simultaneously opened his left hand and cupped her pussy and at the same time squeezed her breast with is right hand and proceeded to massage both, making her head spin as she felt pleasure from both areas at the same time.

This motion continued for a fair amount of time before they both felt their urges get the better of them. "Ok we need to move on before we get carried away." She said as pulled away from his embrace and sat down in the chair. Without thinking he got down on his knees in front of her, submissive and helpless to her womanly charms.

"You need to moisturise my legs now sweetie. Would you be ok doing that?" She asked casually, knowing he would say yes. "Of course mistress, anything to make you happy." He said with a smile on his face. She leaned forward and passed him the lotion and then leaned back in the chair and raised her leg as he began working the lotion into her right thigh which he couldn't help but notice was a lot more shapely than the last time he saw it.

She was developing into a fine young woman and this had not escaped his notice.

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It had not escaped his notice because she was developing into his ultimate fantasy. Ryan's hands made their way down her thigh and had just passed her knee when she raised her leg and straightened it a little but left a slight bend by the knee leaving her leg in an awkward position that she could hold for long.

Ryan noticed her leg dipping and realised she was having trouble holding her leg up at an awkward angle. "Does mistress need a foot stool?" He asked in a very formal tone. She was thrown off by him assuming his role so well that she just nodded her head and stared at him with her sparkling blue eyes. He received his confirmation and just smiled as he opened his mouth and moved forward until her toes came to rest on his tongue.

He felt her leg relax immediately and he closed his mouth around her toes, closing his eyes and savouring the feeling of her soft toes in his mouth once again. "mmmmmmm!" was all that could be heard coming from Ryan as he honestly thought he had arrived in heaven. He continued working lotion into her lower leg and once satisfied he held onto her calf and began sucking on her toes very slowly which in turn made Molly hot and flustered.

"So I take it you like the black nail polish?" She said, attentively watching him worship her foot. He gently let her toes slip out of his mouth and kissed them and then took a good look at them. He was amazed at how gorgeous they looked, the black in contrast with her milky skin which was now glistening with saliva making the high gloss black nail polish shine even more in the ribbons of sunlight that came peering through the curtains.

He gave her toes a second kiss before taking his time in putting more lotion into the palm of his hand. All the windows in Molly's bedroom were opened so it took no time at all for her delicate toes to dry up. He began working the lotion into her foot. Watching him massage her feet was like watching a master craftsman make a masterpiece. He was patient, every moment slow and sensual.

He massaged the lotion into the sole of her foot and then into the delicate underside of her toes. Although he just thought he was trying to do a good job he hadn't realised the effect it was having on poor Molly. She was now frantic, her breathing had become laboured as her breasts began rising up and down in quick succession.

She shifted in her seat from side to side trying to keep her composure but her baby brother was getting the better of her.

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Out of his own interest and obsession he performed the same routine on her other leg, the lotion massage, the foot worshiping and then sensual foot rub. Beads of sweat began forming on her forehead and cheeks as she began squeezing her breasts and pulling on her nipples, moaning softly each time his thumbs pushed into the arch of her foot while he kissed her toes at the very same moment. It had become quite evident that the boy was gifted in foot worshiping! His instincts told him what to do, where to touch, where to press and when to kiss.

He was greatly helped along by the fact that Molly had perfect feet. Soon Molly lost it. She snatched her foot away from him aggressively, leaned forward and grabbed the back of his head and leaned back in her chair, bringing his head gently but firmly crashing into her pussy.

She moaned load at the impact as his nose hit her clit and his mouth sunk into her love tunnel. He simply moaned out of surprise but quickly adjusted his position to get comfortable between his sister's legs.

He wrapped his left hand around her slender thigh and rested his right hand on her tummy. In turn she lifted her legs and rested them on his shoulders and began lovingly stroking the back of his head as he paid attention to his sister's womanhood. "Oh yes baby. It's only been a few days but I missed the attention I get from you. Only my baby brother can love me like this. Did you miss my pussy baby?" She asked between short breaths to which he just nodded his head, too busy to concentrate on anything but the pussy his faces was buried in.

She let her head fall back and rest against the back of the chair and let out a weak giggle as she was having trouble believing they had gone down this forbidden road again but knew neither of them could stop and knew neither of them wanted to stop.

Molly felt her clit tingle, a feeling she was slowly becoming accustomed to as she felt Ryan's tongue writhe inside her moist pussy and tease her clit with brutal force. She soon grabbed his head with both hands and began pulling it in as she thrust her hips forward. "Fuck yes, that's it baby brother. Whatever you do, please don't stop sucking me. I've never begged you for anything in my life but I'm begging you now.

PLEASE…DON'T…STOP!" She pleaded as she felt her orgasm approach. Her body went rigid as she felt it wash over her like tidal wave. She shook uncontrollably as she managed to open her eyes for a split second and look down at her brother.

What she saw magnified things to a point she didn't believe was possible. Ryan had the lower half of her body in a gentle but firm embrace as he kneeled in front of her with his mouth opened, receiving what he saw as a gift from his big sister. Gushes of vaginal fluid ejaculated from her pussy as she came in his mouth. Ryan was new to this concept and didn't know what was going on but instinct lead the way for the young boy as he narrowed his mouth and pressed it against her pussy while she squirted in his mouth.

It seemed to go on for eternity because all Molly could hear were loud gulping sounds as her brother drank her cum as if he were drinking from a water spout.

This turned her on more which in turn pro-longed her orgasm to a point where her vision blurred and she could no longer feel the bottom half of her body for a few moments.

After a while the pussy fountain subsided and Ryan stood up to take a look at this goddess who had just showered him with her cum and he gladly drank ever drop of it. She lay still for a few minutes trying to catch her breath. He couldn't help but admire her beauty as she lay with her legs opened and exposed like a cheap slut but all he saw was the perfect woman. She finally opened her eyes and weakly smiled at him as he leaned forward and kissed her on the forehead which was shining with sweat and had a few blonde strands stuck to it.

She had never experienced such a show of endearment from him before and thought she should've fucked him ages ago if it meant he would be this nice to her.

She finally got the use of her body back and leaned forward to grab the towel at her feet and wipe the sweat off of her body. "You know I could lick that all clean if you want me to." Ryan said in a very polite manner which she had never heard him use towards her before this moment. It made her feel safe for some odd reason. "Oh no honey, that's ok. I think you have drunk more than enough of my body fluids for one day.

Anymore and you could be considered a reverse-vampire." She said with a weak giggle. She looked him over as he stood in front of her. She noticed the stiff rod he had that was just about tearing through his jeans. "Aww poor baby. Did big sister make your cock hard?" She said to him as if talking to a toddler. His response was just a warm, shy smile as he never liked being in the spotlight of any situation. "You know I did have an actual reason for calling you into my room." She said in a casual voice.

Ryan would've normally been confused but learned today that he should just go with the flow when it comes to his mistress. He tends to enjoy it more that way. "Ok close your eyes." She said, to which he did quite quickly. She leaned forward and slipped on her new heels, closing her eyes as she was overwhelmed by the sensation of the cool leather against her now moisturised feet.

As if they weren't soft enough before, they were now silky soft which made the contrast between her skin and the shoe excite her even more.

"I needed your opinion on these, what do you think?" She said to him as he opened his eyes looking around her approximate area not knowing what to look for. He looked at her and saw nothing had changed until he glanced down at her feet. His eyes almost popped out of his head and his mouth literally fell opened. "You like them?" She asked like an excited child.

The only response he could give was a vigorous nod.

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"Mom got them for me because she wants me to be more girly, but they make me so horny when I put them on that I think I'm only going to wear them when I'm near you. That way you can help me if my hormones get the better of me like you did s few minutes ago." She said in a factual tone of voice.

Once again all he did was give a nod, only slower this time as his eyes were firmly fixed on her shoes. "Oh shit! That's right, I forgot you have a thing for girls in pink and girls in high heels. haha! I guess you better go thank mom, she hooked you up and she doesn't even know it." Molly said as if she had some sort of epiphany. "Ok besides the obvious that they are both things I like and are on a goddess, what do mean she hooked me up." Ryan asked curiously.

Molly leaned back and steadied herself in the chair and lifted both her legs and rested her shoes on his crotch, pressing them into his cock. "I mean& get to make a mess on these since they are my shoes and not mom's." She said with a wicked and cunning smile on her luscious lips as she used the heels of her shoes to undo the buttons of his jeans, exposing his manhood.

She slid one heel into the waistband of his underwear and pulled down just until his cock sprung out and began rubbing his cock with her shoes. The feeling of the cool leather against his cock and the sight of his sister's new heels being rubbed all over his cock aroused him beyond repairs as his cock began dripping precum.

They were both loving this moment as this was foreplay to the extreme. She was surprised he hadn't blown his load by now after eating her out. Suddenly they heard the front door open and they heard their parents call out in their usual greeting. Ryan panicked as any normal person would but Molly once again felt that exhilarating rush at the thought of being caught.

Ryan looked at his sister and wanted to move and button up his jeans but she just simple gestured with her finger that he shouldn't. At that moment he thought she had gone mad and was trying to get him into trouble but all she did was simply continue rubbing her heels all over his cock.

"Molly I need your help with some stuff down here, and Ryan, we need to talk to you." They heard Susan call to them. Molly looked at Ryan and gave him the filthiest smile he had ever seen in his life.

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She pulled her feet away and slipped her heels off. She stood up and walked towards him, hung her shoes on the tip of his cock and kissed him on the cheek. "You might wanna sort that out before you come down stairs." She said giggling as she opened the wardrobe and slipped on a pair of panties, a skirt and a t-shirt before heading out and down the stairs.

Ryan's head was spinning uncontrollably. He had never been so horny in his life. He took a few staggered steps forward and placed the heels on her dresser table facing him. He was in pain from how hard his cock was pulsating. He held his cock in his right hand close to the base and squeezed it a few times before thick ropes of cum shot out of it.

Luckily he had lined himself up properly and managed to shoot his cum directly into the shoes, alternating between the two trying to get an equal amount into each. He steadied himself by leaning on the table once he was done cumming, shook it a few times to get the last drop or two out and then buttoned up his pants and straightened out before facing his parent.

He looked into the shoes and watched as the cum ran down the silver inside lining and pooled down at the bottom were his sister's perfectly sexy and delicate toes would sit very time she would wear these shoes. The thought of it excited him so much that he just left the shoes there as they were and left the room. Chapter 3 "Hey mom, hey dad." Ryan said as he walked into the kitchen where his family were. "Wow, two happy kids in one day, aren't we lucky today Peter?" Susan said sarcastically to her husband.

"Funny isn't it? Ryan we need to talk to you about college. We received a call from your home room teacher and she thinks with grades like yours you should start thinking about which colleges you want to apply to." Peter said.

Molly hopped off the kitchen stool. "Wow, this is going to bore me to tears. I'll be watching TV while you guys bore each other to death." Molly said to them in an uninterested mono-tone voice as she made her way into the living room and lazily dropped onto the couch. Ryan and his parents began talking casually, bouncing a few ideas around when Ryan felt his mobile phone vibrate alerting him that he had just received a text message.

He pulled his phone out of his pocket and opened the message which read: "Having fun in there? I'm having a ball in here." Ryan saw that it was from his sister so he just ignored it.

"Buddy, you need to pay attention to this conversation." Peter said to his son noticing he was pre-occupied with his phone. "I know dad, that was Charlie, his parents got the same call so he was asking which ones I'm thinking of applying to." Ryan answered, making a smooth cover up. His parent continued talking and another text message came through: "Lean back, there's a new show on.

You gotta see it." Ryan was getting a little irate so he leaned back in his seat to tell his sister to back off. Lucky for them their parents were standing in a part of the kitchen that is blocked off from the living room by a wall but were Ryan was sitting gave him a clear of this 'show'. Molly was clutching her panties between her teeth and had her legs up and opened as she stared Ryan dead in the eye while her one hand rubbed her clit and the other slowly fingered her pussy.

"She's gone insane!" Ryan thought as he leaned forward out of her view and tried to act like he was paying attention to his parents. In all honesty Molly was just consumed by hormones. The thought of being caught at any moment coupled with the fact that she was exposing herself to her younger brother had the girl going wild as she couldn't control her actions.

The problem now was Ryan was a hormonal teenager himself. No matter how level-headed he tried to be, his sister would always get the better of him due to the fact that he would always want sex. He leaned back to take a second look and there she was, spread out and strumming her clit like a bass player.

She was so aroused by the situation that she was so wet she had to use her panties to wipe up the fluids that were running down her pussy and onto her asshole, she didn't want mess the sofa so she had to wipe every few seconds.

"Give it some thought kiddo and let us know what you decide." Ryan heard his father say. He was relieved that the conversation had ended so he could get out of that weird situation. "I'm going for a swim." He said as he walked out of the kitchen. "Ryan its 3:45 in the afternoon." Susan said to him. "Yeah I know but it's still hot as hell and I fancy a swim." He replied calmly trying to quickly leave. He went to his room and changed into surfer shorts and headed out back and made a sharp dive into the pool.

Being under water drowned out all other sounds and he could finally get some peace and quiet. The water was soothing as it cooled him down from being flustered in stupid situations his sister was creating. After swimming the length of the pool a few times he went under one last time and was about to come up and leave the pool.

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But when he came up for air he should've known she would be there. Molly stood at the poolside in a new bikini that left very little to the imagination. It was a silver two piece suit that consisted purely of stringy material. Her nipples were covered by two extremely tiny triangles of cloth and the same was said for her pussy.

She took a dive into the pool and swam the length of the pool twice before settling at the edge of the pool. "What kinda stunt were you trying to pull?" Ryan asked, not amused at all with her antiques. "I dunno, just thought I'd give you a show. It's not my fault you make me horny you know." She said with a sheepish smile. This made Ryan back down pretty quickly as he felt wrong fighting with her when she had this new timid mood she sometimes goes into.

"Oh yea by the way, I saw Madison at the mall today, she kept looking at me really weird, like I had something on my face." Ryan enquired about Molly's new best friend.

"She did? She is such an idiot!" Molly said, giggling to herself. "Why? What happened?" Ryan asked casually. "Ok I'll tell you, but you have to promise you won't get mad." Molly said to him. "I can't promise that if I don't know what you are going to tell me." Ryan replied. Molly stared at the water which shimmered off of her pink lips and sparkled in her eyes.

She bit her bottom lip and thought carefully. She suddenly moved to Ryan who was now in a corner of the swimming pool. She moved up next to him casually and just grabbed his cock and started rubbing it. Ryan looked at her as if she had gone mad. She reached into his shorts and began stroking his cock until a was fully erect before she slowed her strokes to a steady pace. Ryan was trying to concentrate but couldn't as all he could do was focus on his sister giving him a handjob. "Right, now that I know you are super calm I can tell you." Molly said as she kept her strokes steady.

Ryan just tilted his head back and tried to listen. "Madison kinda noticed something different about me the other day and was convinced I had lost my virginity because it was acting different. The worst thing is she made a joke and said you took it and I just blushed so she actually thought it was true so I had to tell her something." Molly said, trying to sound convincing. "So what did you tell her?" Ryan asked. "Don't freak out ok! I kinda…maybe… told her that I make you suck my feet when I get horny.

I swear she doesn't know anything more than that. I had to tell her something she could believe." Molly said, waiting for him to throw a tantrum like he usually does. "Nice cover up." Was all Ryan said. "Are you for real?

You not gonna flip out like you usually do?" She asked, surprised was an understatement compared to what she was feeling. "Yeah, I don't care. It makes sense why she was looking at me like that now but I don't care who knows I worship your feet. I'm lucky I get to do it so I wouldn't be mad." He said to his sister. Molly was surprised by his calm mood and was somewhat turned on by how mature he was acting.

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Ryan had his head tilted back and was enjoying the sun on his face when he suddenly felt her tug the front of his shorts down freeing his cock, he then felt her legs wrap around his waist and by the time he opened his eyes she had him in a leg lock with his cock resting right against her pussy.

"What the fuck Molly, we can't do this here. Are you fucking nuts?" He asked trying to keep his voice down. "You were so cool about what I told Madison I decided to give you a reward. Besides, you are making me unbelievably horny today and I already told you, when I want you, I will have you! You are my sex toy, got it?!" She replied in a playful but stern voice.

He felt her move her hips upward slightly and then back downward which caused the head of his cock to come into contact with and penetrate her opening. She loosened her grip a little bit but only so she could move her bottom in closer as she held on to the step ladder of the pool to steady herself. "Molly are you fucking crazy? Mom and Dad are in the house, they could be watching us." He said, panicking as he tried to get free of her grip.

"I know baby, but doesn't that make it even hotter." She said as she moved closer. Ryan felt his cock inch its way into her pussy, the contrast between the cold water and her warm slick pussy almost caused him to lose his mind.

In a matter of seconds his cock was buried down to the hilt in his sister's steaming hot pussy. "I swear this cock was made just for me, you fit me so well honey." She said with a cheeky grin. "By the way I got your sticky surprise that you left in my new shoes. Just imagine, innocent Molly going into her room to try on her new shoes which she loves so much only to find her toes swimming in someone's cum.

Now who could that be hey?" She asked in a playful tone. "I'm so sorry Molly, I won't do it again. You don't have to this, mom and dad will kill us." He said, pleading with her. "Oh I know, they would murder us and hide our bodies!

You see the problem is I'm not doing anything right now." She said giggling as she looked down between them. Ryan followed her eyes and saw that she was indeed not moving instead he was thrusting his hips, fucking her slowly. "I'll even go as far as saying you are kinda turned on by the fact that Madison knows you worship my feet." She said, smiling sheepishly as she felt his cock pulsate and his thrusts pick up in speed.

"You see, I told you. Now fuck me Ryan! Fuck me hard like you are trying to break me." She moaned as she tried to steady herself but his thrusts combined with the motion of the water each time they moved were proving too much for her.

Ryan grabbed her around her waist and held her in place as he began franticly thrusting into his sister who began moaning loader. "Shhh, they might hear us." Ryan said in a whisper. Molly ignored him as the thought of it aroused her even more. She leaned forward, wrapped her arms around his shoulders and pressed her face into his neck and began moaning as he fucked her harder with each thrust. Molly was so euphoric at this point that she didn't care if her parents could see them or not, she wasn't going to stop for anything or anyone.

"Holy shit Ryan, fuck me like a little slut. Show me how much you want me." She spoke into his ear as she began pushing her hips down, meeting his thrusts causing the water around them to splash violently. They both felt each other's bodies tense up as they gripped each other tight and hung on for the ride. Molly felt her orgasm peak as she let out silent screams as her pussy tried to clench around her brother's cock but Ryan was also cumming which meant his cock was pulsating outward forcing her pussy opened each time it tried to contract.

"Oh my God Molly I'm cumming." Ryan whispered. "Yes.YES, cum inside me again. Oh I've waited for wait feels like eternity until you fill me up again. Go on Ryan, fill your big sister with your yummy cock juice." She said in a low but aggressive sounding voice A few moments passed and they loosened their grip on each other and finally let go as they drifted apart in the water, both feeling weak and lifeless. Ryan clung to the edge of the pool and Molly straightened out her bikini bottom as she got out of the water and lay down next to the pool.

A few minutes later Susan came out from the house and walked towards the pool wearing a towel and morning slippers. "Hey kids, hope you haven't been up to anything naughty. I tried asking your dad what he wants for dinner but he is neutral as usual once he is in the study.

What do you kids want for dinner?" She asked casually. "Mom, why are you in a towel?" Molly asked. "I just came out of the shower silly, why else would I be in a towel? Susan asked rhetorically. Ryan and Molly looked at each other and burst out laughing. "What's so funny guys?" Susan asked. "Nothing mom, it's just a joke Molly told me earlier about why women wear towels around the house." Ryan replied, he was always a quick thinker. "Eh, whatever. Oh honey you look so good in that bikini.

Good work." Susan said, proud that she had picked out the bikini herself. "Have you tried on your knew shoes?" Susan asked Molly but continued speaking before she could answer. "Ryan you should see the shoes I got for your sister.

They are STUNNING!" She said to Ryan. "Yes mom, no need to go on about them. He has seen them." Molly replied. "You really liked them didn't you Ryan." Molly asked, turning her head to look at him, giving him a wink. "Yeah they are nice." Was all he could say thinking back to how he made a mess in them. "Well ok then, I'll get dinner started. Since no one will tell me what they want, I'll make the decision myself." Susan said as she walked away.

The teens sat silent until they heard the sliding door shut which confirmed she was had left. "Holy fuck that was close!" Ryan burst out.

"Yeah but look how quick you popped. You loved it you little pervert!" Molly said, teasing him for not being able to control himself. "Yeah whatever. Mom is really trying to make you all girly." Ryan said observantly. "Ah, it doesn't bother me anymore now that I have someone to look good for." She said as she stood up and casually walked away into the house. Ryan sat there in the pool and literally stared at her thong encased ass which swayed gently as she walked. "If anyone ever finds out about us, at least I can say no one can blame me because she is ridiculously sexy." Ryan said to himself and he got out of the water.

That evening they ate dinner as a family. The awkward thing is everything was completely normal and there was no sign at all that the two teens had been getting busy which made them all the more excited about it. Chapter 4 Ryan had been up early the next morning. He was to spend half the day with his mom as they went around different colleges looking at prospectus and what not.

He couldn't understand why he had to look at this stuff so early but his teacher had convinced his parents that it would benefit him if he got his foot in the door earlier than he needed to. Molly was in a much better mood thanks to a stern fucking she had received from her dearest brother. She called up Madison as she didn't feel like being alone today. The two girls spent the day doing what 16 year old girls do best: talking a whole lot of shit and perving over boys.

Midday came and Molly noticed a car park in the drive way. A car door opened and then closed and car drove off again. Ryan came through the front door and into the living room to find Molly and Madison sitting on the sofa watching a DVD. "Hey guys, having a good day?" Ryan asked, not really waiting for an answer as he walked straight through. "HEEEYYY RYAN." The girls said in unison as if they were talking about him just before he walked through the door.

He did notice Madison gave him that same weird look that she gave him at the mall a few days ago. He ignored it and went to his room to play video games. Just as he was getting stuck into a game he heard a knock on the door. "Hey, where did mom go?" Molly asked. "She went to see aunt Peggy." Ryan answered, quick and to the point as he tried to concentrate on his game. "Oh, ok. Listen, Madison wants to ask you something." She said sheepishly. "Molly, I'm busy!" He replied, clearly getting irritated.

"Excuse me?" Molly asked in her voice of authority. Ryan knew better than to challenge her after what they have been through lately. She would find some mind game to torture him with. "Ok what is it?" He asked in a more polite tone. "Well I don't know, do I? Come and see for yourself." She said as she walked away and went back to the living room.

Ryan paused the game and sat in frustration. He knew he had to go because she was in control since she could mind-fuck him once they were alone. He stood up and made his way to the living room. He stood behind the girls and asked his sister what they wanted. He asked her instead of Madison since he had never spoken to her before, just seen her around school a few time.

Now Madison is quite a looker. That's why most guys don't even try their luck because they know they don't have any hope. She had the same height and build as Molly did except she was a red head. Her womanly features were more pronounced than Molly's and she had striking green eyes with a tiny, hardly noticeable patch of freckles around her nose which seemed to add an element of cuteness to her otherwise striking features.

"Go on Maddy, ask him!" Molly whispered to her. "No, you ask him." Madison relied. "You either ask him or think I'm a liar for the rest of your life. But trust me it's worth seeing with your own eyes." Molly told her friend. "Ok fine! Fine!" She said feeling pressured. Ryan always saw her as confident and full of herself but she somehow seemed shy and timid all of a sudden.

Molly noticed this seemed to be a pattern, woman seem to act this way around Ryan all of a sudden including herself. "Well um…Molly told me that you…you guys sometimes.

That you sometimes worship her feet. Of course I told her I don't believe her because that's ridiculous. No younger brother would ever do something like that for his sister." She said, seemingly answering the question herself and being satisfied with the answer. Molly stood up and walked over to the sofa and sat down in a rather elegant and graceful motion. She looked over at Ryan and gave him one of her usual warm smiles which seemed to be some sort of trigger in this whole situation.

Ryan walked over to his sister and got down on his knees in front of her in his usual manner. Molly sat back and crossed her one leg over the other leaving her left foot dangling.

Ryan leaned forward and slipped her black ballerina pump off her foot and placed it on the floor. As he moved closer he was engulfed by that familiar scent of lavender body lotion and the smell of a leather shoe that seemed to intoxicate his brain. He reached his target and planted a kiss on her toes.

She giggled as he kissed her toes repeatedly. Madison heard the sounds and turned around in disbelief to see Molly's baby brother actually kissing her toes. He then stuck his tongue out and began sliding it between her toes. "mmmmmh" was all that was heard coupled with the sucking noises as he began sucking on each toe and revelling in the taste and feel of it as if he were a crack addict getting his fix.

"Holy fuck Molly, he is actually sucking your actual toes!" Madison stated in complete astonishment. "Yep. And you love my little feet don't you Ryan?" She asked in a warm tone of voice. "Yes mistress I love them." He said quickly as he hurried back enjoying his sister's feet. Madison moved up and sat next to Molly but leaned forward in order to get a close up view.

When she did so Ryan began licking up and down the sole of Molly's foot, his tongue dipping in between toes each time he came back up. Molly then swapped feet and he repeated his routine on the other foot, enjoying every moment his tongue was touching those goddess feet.

Molly was having her usual reaction of being aroused and letting out quiet moans as she experienced her brother's talent for worshiping her feet. "Holy shit Molly. This is so sick and twisted but it's so cool at the same time.

It's insane." Madison said as she watched the siblings both quietly enjoy each other's displays of affection. "What does it feel like?" Madison asked, now as curious as ever. Molly just sat there with her eyes closed, moaning quietly. "It's like having someone pour dessert cream on your nipple and then licking it off!" Molly answered as she shifted in her seat.

"Is it… is it ok…if I…have a turn?" Madison asked innocently as if she would be slaughtered for saying the wrong things. Molly's eyes shot opened as she looked at her friend, astonished that she would even ask such a question. Molly was overwhelmed with feelings of being over protective of her brother who she was now seeing as her lover since they had had sex twice and made their foot play a regular thing.

She was about to chew her friend's head of and kick her out of the house for asking such an outrageous question. "How dare she?" Molly thought to herself. She was about to snap when she was cut short by Ryan. "With your permission mistress, I'd like to show her what it's like." Ryan asked quite calmly. Molly felt a strong surge of jealousy rush through her but then looked Ryan in the eye and realised he was in fact devoted to her and was only trying to be a gentleman.

"Yeah whatever. Do what you want." Molly said in a sulky tone of voice. At that point Madison was pretty much ignoring any input Molly had from this point on.

She put her legs straight out if front of her like an overly eager kid as she smiled brightly. Ryan shifted to the side and was now in front of her.

He reached up and slipped off her yellow flip flops which had a white flower on the front. He examined her feet closely. Their scent had a hint of sweat but nothing off-putting as it was gentle on the nose, mixed with the smell of fresh nail polish as well as what he could just make out as strawberry scented body lotion.

Her toes were painted silver and were in perfect proportion to each other. He kissed the toes on her right foot and smiled at her. "You have very pretty feet." He said in a soft and calm voice which seemed to have a profound effect on her. Molly's blood was boiling at this point. She had never felt such jealousy in her life but she kept her cool. Ryan began by holding her feet together and kissing all ten toes and then proceeded to lick just under in the ridge where her toes meet the balls of her feet.

He then began sliding his tongue between each of her toes and then stopping by each one to suck on it. At first Madison was quiet then she began giggling as she said it tickled a little. The giggling then turned to soft moaning when he began sliding his tongue between her toes. Soon she was heard moaning louder as if someone where sucking on her clit. She leaned back into the sofa and closed her eyes as she let this new sensation carry her to newer heights.

"Oh. oh my." She whispered as she felt her inner thighs begin to heat up and she felt her pussy begin to get moist. This went on for a few more minutes before she began unbuttoning her top and one of her hands disappeared into her shirt as she began rubbing and pulling on her nipple. "Holy fuck this is hot." She said as she shifted in her seat, surprised that she could be so aroused by having her toes sucked on and the soles of her feet licked from top to bottom.

She squeezed her thighs tightly together as she felt her hormones take control of her and she was becoming alarmingly aroused. She then felt a vibration on her toes as if Ryan was humming or something. She opened her eyes to see what was happening and right before her very eyes she saw Molly with her top opened and her breasts completely in the open and her feet were wrapped around Ryan's fully erect cock as she stroked him trying to make sure he stayed only interested in her.

"Molly that's your brother!" Madison said in astonishment. "You have experienced what he can do, can you honestly tell me you wouldn't do the same if you were in my position." Molly asked, not really expecting an answer as it was more of a statement. Madison sat up and watched as Ryan attentively sucked on her toes while his big sister jerked him off with her feet.

Molly was furious at the fact that even though he had her feet on his cock, Ryan still didn't stop sucking Madison's toes. She began tugging violently on his cock as if she were trying to snap it off. "Oh my, big sister is getting possessive now." Madison giggled as her concentration was now on her best friend's feet giving her own brother a footjob.

This was all too much for Ryan. He was overwhelmed by having two gorgeous women in front of him telling him to worship their feet. He soon went stiff and began moaning as his cock violently pulsated and shot rope after rope of hot cum onto his sister's toes, smothering each one of them in steamy hot cum. This was too much for Madison to take in as she almost fainted. She couldn't take her eyes off of Molly's feet which were squeezing the life out of this poor boy's cock and milking every single drop out of it.

It was safe to say that Madison was beyond horny now. Ryan sat back on the floor and basked in the moment as Molly lovingly stroked his cock ever so slowly just for the simple sensation of having his cock between her feet. Molly sat in disbelief at what she had just seen. "Ok this is fun and all but it's gone a little too far now." Madison thought to herself. Before she could even say a word, Molly made a hand gesture for Ryan to approach her. He stood up and made his way his sister and stood in front of her.

She leaned forward and within the blink of an eye Molly had Ryan's cock buried in her throat. Madison's eyes shot open and her hands moved to cover her mouth as she watched Molly sucking her own brother off.

She knew she should be leaving as this was now against the law and wrong on so many levels. She tried to move but couldn't bring herself to stand up and walk out of the door. She couldn't stop watching this unholy union between the two. As if possessed, Madison sat back on the sofa and began rubbing her breasts through her shirt.

She then opened up her shirt completely and that caught Ryan's attention very quickly. He looked over to see her watching them. She had smaller breasts then his sister's but her nipples were a brighter shade of pink.

She caught him staring and the two locked eyes and stared at each other. He then looked down at her breasts and then back at her face, he was taken in by the site of someone else other than his sister. She pulled hard on one of her nipples and bit her bottom lip as she watched Molly's head move back and forth and Ryan's cock disappearing between her lips. She looked back up and was unsure why she was pleasantly surprised to see Ryan was still looking at her.

She raised her hands and removed her hair band, letting her hair fall down past her shoulders and as if knew where to go as it parted and rested around her chest, leaving her breasts in full and unobstructed view making her look like someone out of a porn catalogue. She blushed when she noticed his mouth swung opened as he took it all in.

Madison bit her lower lip as if deep in thought and then decided there was no turning back. She unbuttoned her shorts and raised her hips to allow her shorts to pass under her as she pulled them down and off the end of her legs, taking her panties with them.

She was shy to say the least. She sat there trying cover up what she could with her hands, her face turned red from blushing profusely. She looked down and watched as Molly began licking the shaft of her brother's cock as if it were an ice cream. Madison felt repulsed by it but more turned on. So turned that she had forgotten she had a spectator and began rubbing her pussy.

After a while she came back to reality and looked up at Ryan who watching her attentively. She felt the urge to cover up again but before she could mover Ryan gently removed his cock from his sister's mouth and moved toward Madison, getting down on his knees. Madison didn't what to say or do, she was a like a deer caught in headlights as she just froze. Ryan gently held her thighs open and took a quick look at her pussy.

He was amazed. Her pussy was not shaven but trimmed, it had very fine red hairs that flowed neatly in the same direction. Her pussy lips were bright pink and swollen as if pouting, sulking for being ignored. He leaned in and kissed her pussy gently and then proceeded to lick up and down her slit. Madison had only had sex once before and was still very sensitive to a foreign touch.

He sank his tongue into her moist slit and she inhaled deeply. He began eating her out and neither of them noticed Molly sitting with her arms folded, upset that she didn't have all the attention. Just then Molly had a wicked idea of how she could still have fun and get back at her friend.

She lifted her legs and raised her feet to Madison's face who had her eyes closed as she was having her clit mercilessly assaulted by Ryan's tongue. She picked up the scent of lavender and something else she couldn't quite place so she opened her eyes to see Molly's feet right in her face. Madison was now in a whole other world and wasn't thinking clearly. She looked over at Molly and smiled, then looked back at her feet. "You have really sexy feet Molly. They kinda turn me on." She said in a soft and sincere voice.

Molly thought she was being sarcastic and gave a fake smile. Madison leaned forward a bit and began licking Molly's cum covered toes. Molly was shocked to say the least. She sat there with her mouth open in shock as she watched her best friend first lick her toes, then continue to suck each one, sucking the cum off each and every toe.

Madison tilted her head and began licking the soles of Molly's feet. They both knew there was no cum on her soles but Madison was enjoying the taste and softness of her friend's feet. Molly lowered her left foot and began using her toes to massage Madison's breast which seemed to make both girls uncontrollably horny.

Molly couldn't handle it. Although her plan was to get back at her friend, she ended up being turned on to the point of no return by her friend tenderly sucking her toes. "Ok enough is enough. Ryan, I need you now." Molly said, startling everyone. Ryan moved away from Madison and moved over to Molly knowing exactly what she meant.

Molly opened her legs and bent them backward, her knees almost touching her breasts as Ryan moved closer and lined himself up. "No guys, you can't." Madison said as she saw what they were about to do. This would be taking it way too far now. Ryan slowly leaned forward and Madison watched as his cock entered his sister. Molly closed her eyes and moaned when he was buried in her all the way.

Madison sat there in shock, not wanting to believe her friend would actually do this. Ryan grabbed Molly by the hips and pulled her toward him, causing her ass to hang off the sofa slightly and her torso was now lying flat on the sofa. She turned her head to the side and saw Madison looking at her with a shocked look on her face. Molly felt aroused like never before. She finally had someone watching her being fucked by her baby brother.

It excited her to levels she couldn't believe. Madison watched as Ryan picked up pace and began to fuck his sister with quite a bit of force behind his thrusts. "Ah…that's it right there. Fuck me harder baby." Molly moaned to her brother.

Madison's eyes almost popped out of her head, she could not believe Molly could say such words to her own brother. This opened the flood gates to Madison's pussy as she felt herself lose control of all her morals.

Madison got up on her knees and straddled Molly's face. Molly did not hesitate a she lifted her head and began licking and sucking her friends pussy. "Oh Molly, you seem to be really good with your tongue." Madison said as she steadied herself by reaching out and leaning on the back of the sofa. She lowered herself and sat directly on Molly's face.

"That's it you slut, eat my pussy you incestuous whore!" Madison said as she began rocking back and forth grinding on Molly's face.

Molly had trouble breathing but couldn't find the time to say anything as Ryan was watching all this in front of him and began thrusting mercilessly into his sister. She was now screaming out of both pleasure and pain but found herself getting wetter by the minute.

Being used as a fuck toy by her brother and her best friend sent Molly over the edge, both Madison and Ryan stopped as they felt her body shake as if she were being electrocuted. She orgasmed so hard she actually fainted for a few seconds and came back around when it began to subside. Madison and Ryan managed to make eye contact again as Madison raised herself off of Molly's face stuck her ass out Ryan which glistened with her vaginal fluids and his sister's saliva.

"It's too late to turn back now. If you want it, take it!" Madison said to Ryan as she watched him climb up onto the sofa on his knees like she was and they were both elevated over Molly who was still trying to recover. Ryan simply held his cock to keep it straight and Madison backed up into it. She moaned loudly as she felt the 14 year old penetrate her and tunnel his way into her pussy until he bottomed out. "Ah&hellip.shit! that feels incredible. Please don't stop, I'm begging you." Madison said, looking back at him over her shoulder as he held onto her hips, kissed her gently on her shoulder and began moving faster.

Both of them had forgotten about Molly underneath them as they were entangled in each other's body heat and lust.

Ryan slid his hands up her body, feeling each curve and contour until he got to her breasts and gently massaged them. Their fucking picked up speed as they got more into each other. "Pull my hair baby." Madison said in seductive voice which all three of them were shocked to hear her say. "I said pull my hair please, if you are going to fuck me from behind I want to know what it feels like to be a slut." She said with slight laughter in her voice.

Ryan slid his hands up her back and took hold of two handfuls of her thick red hair and gently tugged on it. This seemed to give her incentive as she began slamming her hips back into him, the harder she slammed into him, the harder he pulled on her hair.

"Yes. Oh that's it.


I'm almost there! You are about to give me my first orgasm baby." Madison said between breaths. Just then they felt something extremely strange but it took them over the edge. Molly who was still beneath them, managed to recover and raised her and tilted it to the side, opened her mouth and slid her tongue up and down the point where Ryan's cock entered Madison's pussy and somehow managed to get her clit as well. The two of them lost it but had gained too much momentum to stop and just kept fucking as they their orgasms washed over them.

Each time Ryan and Madison pulled out and smashed back together they were erupting with massive amounts of cum from both parties resulting in Molly getting showered in her brother and her best friend's cum. At first it bothered her then she opened her mouth and began drinking it and rubbing it all over her breasts as they showered her with their cum.

Once they had come back down to earth they felt an enormous sense of release and detached from one another. They got up and off the sofa only to find a cum drenched Molly helplessly smiling at them.

"Holy fuck! You two are animals!" Molly said to them, to which Madison just blushed, this having being her first time being fucked senseless.