Hot sexy body nasty teen brunette slut

Hot sexy body nasty teen brunette slut
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This this my first story, so please comment and rate! Feel free to PM me to let me know if I should work on a second part and edit some things to make it better.

__________________________________________ Hi, I'm Noah, I am 14 and quite inexperienced in sexual relations. With my dark brown eyes, short black hair, I'm about 5' 4", I'm not the worst pick there is. I'm not totally buff either but I'm at least within standards.

I have a nice six pack and build and all but the best muscle on me is my 7 inch dick. All of that is nothing compared to my older step sister, Ashleigh. She's 16, is about 5'6", with hazel eyes, and dirty blonde hair.

She looks like she's got C cup breasts and she has a nice ass that jiggles and sways firmly when she walks around the house.

I know it isn't right to pay attention to her like that and I usually don't, or at least I try not to since she's my sister. Shes just so fucking gorgeous! It began one evening after I'd eaten a late lynch. I was doing my science homework. What fuckin teacher gives homework on the last week of school!? Anyway, I thought she might be able to help me since she's in a higher grader and stuff. It wasn't hard, I was just too lazy and didn't feel like getting my calculator out either for the formula math.

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Plus, I'd get the chance to be around her and maybe catch a glimpse of her cleavage if she leaned over. As I was walking out of my room I thought I'd try fake dropping my pencil across the room so she'd bend over and pick it up for me. I walked to her room down the hall but the door was closed.

She probably didn't want me to just waltz in there without knocking, but the TV was on so she wouldn't even hear me so I just opened the door and walked in.She didn't like when I did things like this which is why we never got along like best friends like some other siblings do, but we were still okay with each other.

I saw no one was in there but here laptop was turned on on her desk. I decided I to see what she was doing on her there and wait until she came back from wherever she was. When I saw the screen I almost shat bricks, it was porn! I know that shouldn't be abnormal to me since I watched porn everyday and jacked off once or twice too, but this was porn on Ashleigh's laptop, not mine! I never thought she'd be the type of girl so mature, sophisticated and all to be watching this stuff.

I was definitely turned on to know my step sister had a dirty mind of her own! I then on sat at her chair and started searching for videos to watch and jack off to. I was so horny now I'd forgotten I was within my sister's domain and shouldn't be doing that in there but I didn't really give at the moment.

After a few strokes I heard the shower turn off in her bathroomconnected to her room. I couldn't believe I didn't notice she was in there when I first walked in and she was bound to come out any minute now and see me jacking off to porn on her laptop.not a good place for me to be in. In a panic I started shuffling my pants to pull and button them and I accidentally dropped her laptop! "Fuck", I muttered. When I had my pants on good enough I picked up the laptop and quickly checked for any damage, there wasn't any so I placed it back on the desk in the same position it was in when I had got there.

As soon as I stood back up I saw Ashleigh fully clothed in the doorway looking at me with a scared expression in her eyes. She rushed over to the desk and shut her laptop. "Noah, what are you doing in here? The door was closed because I was taking a shower", she exclaimed. I stammered, "I needed some help with my science and I was just wondering if you'd help me Ash." "Yes, fine, but don't come in without knocking or wait til I come back in next time." I saw her glance at her laptop with a worried face, hoping I hadn't seen what she was doing with it.

She took my hand and walked me out of her room. Before she turned around to close it her eyes flicked down and caught my hard dick bulging in my pants. I thought I saw her give a naughty smile as she turned away to close the door but I wasn't sure.

I was just glad I hadn't been caught masturbating to her porn and that she wasn't too mad at me. While she was helping me with my work I couldn't keep my dick under control. It was pitching a major tent as I was sitting at my desk. As I had hoped, Ashleigh had to lean over since I didn't have another chair for her. She was wearing a blue tank top with a white bra underneath and I kept getting peeks at her cleavage. I loved whenever she'd write something I wasn't paying attention to and her breasts would moved slightly with her soft, smooth skin.

I wasn't sure if she'd caught me looking but out of my trance I heard her say, "Noah, are you paying attention?" I quickly looked at her and nodded my head.

Then she remarked, "I meant to the lesson" with a smile while looking in my eyes. I didn't say anything back out of fear that she'd caught me staring at her. I wasn't gonna dare try that pencil idea I had earlier after everything that had already happened.

It was then that I noticed my hard on was opening my zipper since I didn't get to completely close it while I was pulling up my pants in her room. I quickly took my hands off my desk and covered my crotch. She took a look at my lap from the corner of her eye and smiled again. I saw her nipples were starting to get hard through the fabric and my dick made a sharp twitch in my pants.

Ashleigh said "See it's really easy to do but I'm not going to do all of it for you" and started to leave. When she got to my door she turned around, looked at me and said "Although it was fun, uh, helping you get a strong, hard start." I heard her giggle a bit when she was out of sight.

What was that supposed to mean? Did she notice me staring at her? Did she know I had a hard on because of her and enjoy giving me one? Whatever it was I needed release and fast. As soon as I heard her door close I busted of our my pants and started beating off slowly to the thought of my sister wanting to turn me on. I was sitting on my bed and when I lifted my head in ecstasy to blow saying, " Oh God Ash" and I saw Ashleigh standing at my door watching me.

I was about to pass out from my massive orgasm and her scaring me shitless like that didn't help. I wondered if she had heard me say her name when I started cumming but I was already streaming my load shot by shot out onto the floor. She stammered "I-I think forgot my pencil in here and I came to get it back. I accidentally walked in- oh Noah I'm sorry ." She hurried in my room and looked for her pencil which had must have fallen on the floor when she left because a string of cum had landed across her pencil.

When she found it she bent over to pick it up while staring at my dick in my hand. She picked it up with her thumb and middle finger and as it came off the ground I must have imagined it because I think I saw her quickly swipe up a bit my man juice off the floor with her index finger. She started to lean more towards the floor as of she wanted to lick it up but she hesitated, stood up with her hands behind her back, and backed up to the door.

Ogling my dick she said "Again, I'm really sorry Noah. I didn't mean to catch you but I didn't want to interrupt your 'fun'.

Please don't think bad of me it really was an accident." With that she turned away and I saw her move her hands up to her face then she stuck her finger in her mouth then flicked the pen with her tongue. That quick sight caused my dick to jump in my hand again and one little rope of cum shot out onto the floor again.

I was just sat there trying to process what had just happened. How long was she watching, why was she staring at my dick the whole she talked to me, was it just me or did she actually taste my cum before she left? I was too baffled by all that had happened to think straight so I got a washcloth and wiped up my mess from the floor and lied down on my bed.

I knew things wouldn't ever be the same between me andy step sister from now on. It sure wasn't but I had no idea things would take a turn for the good. It was hard to fall asleep with everything that had occurred today so I dozed off pretty late. Late at night I heard someone open my door but I was too groggy to process everything and it all just seemed kinda like a dream.

I was facing away from the door and I heard Ashleigh walk in. I knew it was her because she said"I was getting really cold in my room and I wanted to sleep in here so you could 'warm me up'". I didn't say anything but made some noise and she must've take that as a yes because she closed the door then took up my covers to slide in my bed behind me. I was snoring a bit and she probably thought I was still deep asleep because within moments she had her arm reached over me with her hand inside my boxers I sleep in fondling my cock and balls.

Like I said, I was too groggy to realize what was really going on and my sister, in my bed, playing with me, was so unreal my mind decided this was just all a dream.

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I was starting to get hard in my half sleep as she squeezed and felt all over my junk. "Oh fuck yes, just what I want.

Your cum tasted so good earlier I just need to have it again" she purred. She then threw the cover off of us and slowly turned me on my back and crawled in between my legs.


I felt her soft skin along my thighs and lower legs, she was naked! My erect cock was standing straight up in attention toward the ceiling. Ashleigh took her right hand and wrapped it around my shaft with a tight grip. She proceeded to move her thumb up and down then slid it along the crease at the crown of my head. Her left hand then cupped my balls which were getting hot with cum boiling up inside them and jiggled them a bit. I heard her whisper "Oh yeah, I want to taste your hard meat and hot cum.

By the way you were heating off to me earlier I know you want me to have it too. Even if you are asleep I can at least give you the best wet dream ever." She then started slowly stroking my entire cock with her tight hand.

I moaned a bit and she stopped for a second, smiled and continued at a faster pace. The hand on my balls began softly tugging at the skin and my pubes. My breathing increased and the blood began pumping hard in my dick. Ashleigh then used both hands to stroke me and moved her face closer as I felt her increased breathing on my head. Her twisting hands felt so good I don't know how I didn't fully awaken or even bust yet!

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The hand on the bottom stopped and gripped the base of my cock while the other pumped the rest of my dick furiously, focusing mainly around the head.

After about 30 seconds of that, her hand released my based and her fingertips traced my tip as she kept pumping. I made some more noises in pleasure as I was about to explode and she went back to two hands with and even tighter grasp.

"Oh my God, yes! Please cum now, I'm so thirsty for all of your hot juices" she moaned. Instantly I started shooting my load straight at her face, she was still pumping me so it landed on her chin, hands, arms, and some on my stomach.

She was still trying to squeeze the rest of it out after I was spent and licked up her chin, and arms.

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She took each finger and slowly sucked off the cum then moved up to slurp up all that was on my stomach. "Fucking delicious" she said. Ashleigh got out of my bed an started to pull the covers back up but stopped. She leaned over and saw a little last bit of cum that oozed out on my head. I felt her the tip of her tongue slide into it and the her lips encased the head.

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The feeling of her sucking out what little left I had and help tongue swirling around was fucking marvelous! "That was wonderful" she said softly, "That better be a dream you'll remember. Next time I think I'll suck that fine cock while you're awake." That was the best feeling ever! But unfortunately since I was still dozing, it would have to be the best wet dream for me. She pulled my boxers back on, then the covers under my arms. She walked over to my face and planted a few soft kisses on my cheek while squeezing her boob and rubbing herself, then slowly kissed my lips and walked out my room and whispered.

"Sweet dreams" with a smile on her face, licking her lips.


Final Note: Comment on how you thought it was and if I should do another part. Let me know what you want in the next story if I should make one.