Tschechische Mädchen mit riesigen Titten one off Reiben

Tschechische Mädchen mit riesigen Titten one off Reiben
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This was my first request ever! Enjoy, and keep coming back! --- CHAPTER FOUR: Winterfell (sometime before our story began) (beast.

incest, Oral) If there was one thing that Arya Stark liked, it was riding horses. That's why when her Lord Father, Eddard Stark, said he was going out to hunt with his sons, she immediately volunteered to go along, smugly revelling in the horrified look that her sister Sansa shot her.

That's how Arya Stark found herself out with her older brothers Brandon, Robb, and her most favorite, Jon, racing across the countryside on the way back to Winterfell.

A quick look over her shoulder showed that Father was taking the journey at a leisurely pace, still far behind with his retinue. Bran was barely ahead of the group, and struggling to control his horse. Robb had slowed to make sure Bran was able to control his horse, but Jon didn't slow a bit. He was barely behind her! Tightening her skinny legs around the horse's thick body, Arya Stark urged her steed to faster speed! As the hooves thundered over the ground, Arya's hand stroked the powerful muscles of the horse, and squeezed her legs around it again.

A strange jolt of warmth flowed up her legs to between her thighs as she savored the feel of the muscles and the increasingly bouncing motion of her on her horse. Without meaning to, her eyelashes slowly lowered over her grey eyes as the pleasurable bouncing motion continues to jolt against her young cunt.

Her eyes closed, she barely noticed Jon race by, and then letting out a squeal as Jon barely reached the front gate that was their destination first. "No fair!

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You cheated!" Arya pouted, causing Jon to laugh uproariously as he dismounted. Arya lingered her eyes on him, pulling her horse up to him and started batting at her brother with a harmless fist. As Robb and Bran cantered up behind them, Jon reached up with his hands and easily plucked Arya down off the back of the horse.

Wow, Arya shivered slightly and smiled upward at Jon, after he easily settled her feet flatly on the ground, Jon is so -strong. Like the horse. Jon catches Arya smiling at him, an gives her expression an odd look, then lifts his hand and ruffles her hair, "Little Sister, don't you know I'll always be faster than you?" With a huff she smacked his chest again and glared daggers at him "Will not!

Someday I'll be the fastest, and I'll ride like the wind!." The deep, authoritative voice of her Father caught her attention, as he finally reached the gates of Winterfell, Arya turned towards him and saw his steel eyes lingering for a moment on her, almost sadly.

"Yes you will little one. My sister.she had quite the affinity for hoses, too. You are more like her than you realize. Jory, " he waved to his companion, "have the stableboy see to the horses." Arya piped up, already grabbing the reigns to her horse before someone else could could reach for it, insisting that she do her own horse.

With just a permissive chuckle, Father led her brothers and the rest of his house back into Winterfell, as a stableboy corralled the rest of the horses into the stables with Arya. Uncertain which stall to bring her large horse to, the black-haired stableboy directed her to the very back stall. Arya didn't notice the stableboy's eyes flick downward to her narrow hips and linger on her pants-covered ass as she turned around and lead her brown horse to the back, most secluded stall.

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Once there, she had to lift herself onto her tip-toes to pull down a brush hanging from a hook, and began to awkwardly and unfamiliarly brush the horse's hair. When she reached the horse's back leg, her eyes lowered and she paused, her mouth dropping open and the brush clanking to the floor. Hanging down from under the horse was the horse's cock. Arya didn't notice it before, but it took up nearly her entire mind now, the rest of her young thoughts lingering on the throbbing warmth still in her crotch.

Her eyes devoured the limp length, still easily eight inches long from tip to heavy balls. Gods be damned, it's huge! Tentatively extending a slim and small hand, Arya wrapped her tiny fingers - barely reaching around the beast's cock - and began to exploratively rub it. Abstractly, Arya knew from that awkward talk with Septa Mordin that there was a difference between men and women like her, but had never really saw it before.

The horse neighed, adjusting itself to allow Arya better access. To her amazement, the horse's cock responded to her attention, and incredibly stiffened and hardened, growing ever larger in her soft hands.


A beast stirred inside of her chest as she watched the horse's cock grow with her firm jerking of her tender and small hand. An instant voice spoke in the back of her mind, hers, but wholly confident.


A Need. Do it.

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Lick it. Imagine what it would taste like? Her grey eyes blinked, and she thought as she leaned forward, her pink tongue slowly extending from her soft lips, Yes. I bet it tastes -so- good. A moan escaped her lips as her soft tongue flattened and slid along the foot-long length of hardening horse cock.

The smell was strong and masculine. She shuddered, and dropped her small body to her kneels under the horse, kneeling before the cock and running her tongue faster-and-faster over its length.

Her small fist and tongue worked the cock together, and the fire in her loins only burned brighter. Pulling her head and her hand back from the horse cock, Arya narrowed her eyes in thoughtful consideration, then leaned forward, engulfing the cockead of the horse in her tiny mouth, stretching her lips obscenely. As soon as her lips wrapped around the head of the horse's cock, her body shuddered and the front of her pants drenched themselves in pleasure.


The horse neighed louder as Arya tentatively cupped the heavy balls of the horse, and slowly worked her mouth deeper onto the cock, bobbing her head and awkwardly flicking the shaft with her little pink tongue as it ventured into a hole where nothing of the sort has ever been before. How much bigger can it get? Why are his balls getting tighter.oh by gods! Arya just managed to retract her face from the horse in time as the horse wildly shook its head and bucked, its heavy balls constricting and flexing as shot after shot of warm, burning horse cum splattered over Arya's chin and and utterly soaking the front of her worn grey tunic.

Not being able to help it, Arya let lose with a moaning scream, feeling the cleft between her thighs quaking with light spasms. She rested there, on her knees before the massively drooping horse cock, while staring at it fascinatedly as the horse cum slowly dripped down her chin and soaking into her tunic. She was startled out of her revelry by the sound of a moan and, scrambling around, Arya spotted the sweet-faced stableboy there at the entrance to the stall.

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With his cock out and stroking it. Arya began to rub some of the horse cum into her chin and her neck as she crawled towards the stableboy, resting on her knees before him. The distractingly erotic sight of the youngest daughter of the Lord of Winterfell on her knees before him caused the boy to miss what she said, and he stammered out, "W-what?," never stopping stroking his massive thick cock.

Arya petulantly glared at him before repeating herself clearly, rubbing more of the cum into her soft, fair skin "Do you do that too? Shoot this.stuff?" The stableboy huskily nodded, his fist frantically pumping away on his manhood.

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After a moment of contemplative thinking, Arya took a stern voice, the voice she had heard from her father a half hundred times, and said the words that the stableboy never thought he'd ever hear from any highborn lady. "Get naked, then I want you to shoot it over my face." Immediately the young lad lost control of everything, his mind blurring with pleasure as he pulled his hand from his cock and rapidly ripped off his clothes.

Here was Arya Stark, on her knees, asking him, a lowly stableboy, to cum over her face? How could life get any better? He thought. He answered himself a half moment later as he was kicking off his last clothes, his boots. Arya Stark leaned forward and captured the head of his cock between her soft, pink, cocksucking lips, and sucked for all she was worth.

Her dainty hands began to roam his naked, powerful body, hard from years of physical labor. Spasms of pleasure shoot through his body everywhere her palms traced. Oh yes, Arya thought, I could get used to this.

Regretfully pulling his cock from between her pink, soft lips he panted "I'm.going.to.cum!" Arya's eyes glazed over in pleasure as she angled her hard-lined face upward towards the towering stable boy, her jaw hanging loose and her breath groaning out. The first rope of cum splattered over her left cheek, and her tongue reflexively shot out after it, not quite being able to reach it. The second spray caught her between the eyes and slid down the bridge of her nose.

Two more shots sprayed out from the stableboy's cock over the young noble girl's face. Throughout it all, Arya's cunt burned pleasantly, burning as it never had before.

When the final drops of cum dribbled over her chin, Arya sat back on her ankles, staring up at him with wide doe eyes. Just as she was about to part her lips to talk, another boy strode into the stall, his voice filled with amusement and entertainment.

"That you, Hullon? Drug one of the washer woman and made her have your way with her, like Theon showed us." Jon Snow stopped dead in his tracks at the sight of his baby sister, still wearing the grey leather riding outfit she had on early, covered copiously with - well, obviously with cum - Jon thought, kneeling before the naked stableboy.

Rage roared through his mind like a dragon's fire as he lunged forward and cracked Hullon across the jaw with a right hook, sending the naked man tumbling back and tripping over the water trough. Jon had his right hand on his dagger as he was about to draw it out and call the stableboy a raper, when he felt a tugging on on his pants.

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Looking down, he caught the lust-filled eye of his baby sister as she pulled down his pants to his knees, exposing his cock. Trying to protest what was about to happen, Jon unsuccessfully tried to push her head away, any words he was about to say lost to a moan as her burning hot mouth wrapped around his immediately stiffening cock.

Oh god, I love this. Jon's thick cock in my mouth. Cum dripping off my face. This is how it should be. Arya continued to bob her warm, wet mouth on her half-brother's cock as the stableboy groaningly lifted himself to his feet.

Reaching out with her slender left hand, Arya Stark wrapped her soft little fingers around the cock of the stableboy, and guided him to stand next to Jon. Pulling her mouth slowly off her half-brother's cock, she quickly wrapped her right hand around it and began to pump it fiercely. Leaning to the left, she engulfed the stableboy's cock again, sinking it into her mouth, her pert nose bumping against his stomach.

Jon and the stableboy shot each other furtive glances, then focused down on the wanton little slut kneeling before them.

Arya's ministrations quickly causes the stableboy to harden again, and Jon begin to tremble and close his eyes. Be like the ice, Jon. Long lasting. Strong. Jon felt a hotness envelop his cock again, and opened his eyes to look down. His eyes immediately caught the grey eyes of his favorite sister, bobbing up and down on his manhood and he lost any reminants of self-control. Arya felt him tremble and pulled her tiny wet mouth off his cock and furiously quickened her hand, jerking her brother off.

In less than a moment Jon Snow loudly lifted his voice and rope-after-rope of pearly white cum plastered his little sister's face and hair and further making a mess of her riding clothes.

The sight of Arya Stark taking another load of cum set off the stableboy, and with a muffled groan he added his cum to the body of the youngest Stark woman, utterly soaking her in his cum. When he and Jon were finished, Arya knelt panting on the floor of the stables, covered from head-to-waist in cum from her horse, a common stableboy, and her closest brother, Jon Snow.

Her grey eyes stared up at the pair and after a moment she finally spoke, her voice full of Stark conviction "We are doing this again."