Male strippers in bondage stories and free movies muscle men in

Male strippers in bondage stories and free movies muscle men in
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I last left you with Kim having made me cry. I had just spent the day with her after we skipped school. We had not been together for a while and I was looking forward to some fun with her. We did have a little bit of fun however; it was a day filled with her making smart remarks.

It all boiled down to her still wanting John. I was very upset as I drove to work mainly due to questions I had running around in my head. How could Kim be so loveable one second then a total bitch the next I thought as I drove to work? Did John dumping her turn her into what she had become? Is she like that because of me; was it my entire fault? Was Kim trying to drive me from John? Was Kim right about John just using me as if I was his toy?

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I pulled into John's dad car lot where I worked; I just sat in my car for a few minutes. I wiped my tears away and tried to pull myself together. All I could think about was Kim telling me that John was just using me as his toy.

In addition, that when he had his fun he would dump me just like her. I made my way into work and into my office before anyone saw my red eyes from crying. I busied myself doing paperwork, which at least got me thinking about something else. I was busy at work when John walked in through my door. He closed the door and locked it behind himself as he entered. I gave him a smile, as I knew what he had in mind.

"John could I ask you something?" I asked as he walked over to my desk. "Anything Janet," John replied as he leaned down across my desk so that he was right in my face. "I sort of got into a little fight with Kim today when we where at your place," I said.

John interrupted me as he said, "So that how my sofa got wet." "Sorry about that but Kim said something that is troubling me," I replied. "Now what did she tell you?" John asked shaking his head. "John, are you just using me and when you have had your fun with me," "Are you going to throw me away like you did Kim?

I asked with a troubled look. "Janet I have told you before not to listen to any thing that Kim tells you." "And I did not just throw Kim away, sure she may have been my girlfriend but that was just it, a girl friend it was not like I gave her a ring or anything." "Further more I am not just using you and to be truthful with you Janet that hurts me that you would even think that," John replied as he stood back up and hurried toward my door.

I sprang from my chair and I blocked him before he got to the door and I said, "Hey I thought you had something else on your mind." "I did but the mood rather left me now, I do not want you to think I am just using you," John replied looking at me with those lovely blue eyes of his.

I put my arms around that big neck of his and pulled his face down to mine where I locked my lips on to his. I gave him my most powerful, deep, passionate kiss I could muster. John wrapped his lovely big arms around me as he kissed me back slipping his tongue into my mouth. I broke our kiss and with a smile I said, "Go ahead use me baby." John picked me up by my butt as I hung on to him around his neck. He carried me over to my desk pushing the little bit of paperwork I had on my desk to the side.

He had me stand up as he unsnapped my jeans, letting them fall to the floor. I kicked my shoes off then my jeans. I had no panties on so he did not have to remove them. John continued to kiss me as he placed me up onto my desk. He was in his garage coveralls but I could still feel his hard cock through them as he bumped it into my hairless pussy. My kisses to his lips turned even more passionate as he rubbed that cock of his still in his coveralls against my hairless pussy.

John broke our kiss and he stepped back as he started to unzip his coveralls. I watched him as he slipped them from his shoulders. I sat there on the edge of my desk my hand rubbing my pussy. I wanted to throw my legs high in the air and tell him to fuck me. However, I sat there watching him instead. I checked out his chest so defined and toned. I noticed how his pecks stood up and out from his chest. John seen that I was watching him so he flexed those lovely pecks at me.

Those massive chest muscles made me even hornier than I was as I watched him flexing them. My pussy started to drip juices as I rubbed my hand on it. I watched him slide his coveralls down lower exposing his well-defined six-pack abs. I motioned for him to come closer with my one free hand while I rubbed my pussy with the other. John moved closer to me; I removed my hand from my pussy as I used both my hands to run over those lovely big pecks of his.

He flexed them again against my hand, I moaned as I felt the raw power in them. I ran both my hands down to his six-pack abs tracing the well-defined outline of them. I felt my pussy throb as it dripped more of my juices. I removed my hands from his body and started to unbutton my shirt.

I took my shirt off and threw it to the floor with my jeans. I sat there on my desk with my tits still in their bra. I leaned forward a little making them over flow the top pf my bra. I shook my tits back and forth making them jiggle. John just smiled as he licked at his lips. I unhooked my bra releasing my big tits; they gave a quick little bounce as I threw my bra to the floor.

I was naked on top of my desk now. I took one of my tits into my hand and I brought it up to my mouth. I stuck my tongue giving my nipple a little lick. I played and licked at my own tits as John watched me. I raised one of my long legs up to my desk.

I played with my hairless pussy as John slipped out of his coveralls completely. He was almost naked except for his socks and work boots. I rather gave a smile with a little laugh, as he looked so cute with those white socks high above his work boots and naked the rest of the way up his finely enhanced body. I fingered my pussy as I checked his body out.

His body was already showing the affects of working out at his Aunt's house daily. He looked like a blonde hair, blue-eyed statue of a Greek god standing there before me.

His cock stood straight out and throbbing from his muscular body. The only part that I really did not like on him was those big, powerful thighs that he had. It had seemed like the steroids had all went right to his thighs as they just looked vastly over developed compared to how they use to have looked. His thighs were more like those of a person who poses for muscle magazines than a football player. However, my eyes moved to what was between his thighs.

His cock was hard and he was making it dance for me. John's cock is just that perfect size. He is about eight and a half inches long he always tells me it is nine on a good day. His girth is just right any fatter and I would never be letting him stick it up my butt. His balls hung down low in his sack and he swung them back and forth, as he danced that lovely cock for me. I brought my wet fingers up from my pussy giving them a lick with my tongue as I said, "Take me John," as I lie back onto my desk with both legs hanging over the edge.

John moved toward me and he scooped my legs up to his chest. He placed his lovely cock at the entrance to my pussy. He gave a gentle slow little push as it slipped inside, my pussy lips wrapping themselves around his cock.

He gave me about half of his cock before he pulled it back and started to slide it in and out. I moaned intensely as he started to give me more of his cock with each stroke.

I moved my hips up from my desk taking more of his cock into my moist pussy.

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John started to fuck me very lovingly not very rough but not teasingly neither. I moved my hands to my tits where I rubbed on them as he slipped that cock in and out. I looked up at him and all I could see were those lovely blue eyes of his; they seemed to sparkle as he stared at me.

I could hear my wetness slurping as his cock ran in and out of my pussy. I pinched at both my hard nipples as I felt my body start to tremble. Christ he had only just started to fuck me and I was about to orgasm. I felt my pussy get wetter with my juices as I came all over his cock. I had to bite into my hand to keep from moaning out or everyone at the dealership would knew that he was in here fucking me and that I was coming all over his cock.

John just kept up his steady pace as he slipped that cock in and out of me. I lie there on my desk with a smile on my face as a very warm loving feeling came over me. I smiled as my heart filled with joy. I knew that the fucking he was giving me was one of love not just sex. I am sure if there are any women reading my story they will know what I mean. I think I had three or four more orgasms as John fucked me lovingly on my desk.

We never changed to a different position. I loved that because I could look into his face. I could tell from the look in those lovely blue eyes that this man did truly love me. I rather laughed to myself thinking that if this is what Kim meant by him just using me, then so be it.

I felt John's hips drive forward as he pushed his cock up my pussy as far as it could go. I swear I felt the head of his cock touching my cervix deep in my womb.

I watched as his eyes went closed and I felt his cock give a few jerks deep into my pussy. "Oh Janet," John moaned softly as his cock throbbed and jerked deep in my pussy. Ahhh," "John give me all your cum," I moaned softly just loud enough that him alone could hear me.

John moaned again softly as his cum splashed from his cock deep in my pussy. If not for me being on the pill, I am sure that with all of his cum splashing onto my cervix; I am sure John would have knocked me up.

"Ahhh," "John give me all your cum," I moaned softly just loud enough that him alone could hear me. I just lie there staring up at his face. I was waiting for him to open his eyes again so I could peer into those lovely blue eyes of his. I almost cried from the pleasure he had just given me. John had just given me the most loving round of sex that I had ever had. He had made me feel so loved with the way he had just done his lovemaking. John had made it feel more than just sex.

All I could do was just lie there on my desk as I felt his cock start to go soft in my wet cum filled pussy. John left my long legs drop from his chest. They fell to each side of him as his cock slipped from my pussy. I felt his load of cum start to drip from my hole. He bent down and he planted a deep, long kiss onto my pussy before he slowly kissed his way up my body.

He kissed at my navel, kissed over both my tits and on my neck before he locked his lips onto mine. I wrapped my arms around him as we kissed deeply and passionately as I lie there on my desk. It seemed like we kissed for hours but in reality it was a few minutes. John went to rise up from me but I pulled him back down for a few more minutes of deep passionate kissing on top of my desk.

I did not want to let go of him, I just held onto him kissing him with all my passion. John finally got away from my arms that were holding him tight and he said, "Janet I do love you and you only please never forget that." "I won't John and I love you too," I replied sitting up as I watched him putting his coveralls back onto his body. I just sat there at the edge of my desk with his cum running down my thighs and down my long legs. I had this feeling going through my whole body from head to toe.

That feeling you get when you truly know someone loves you and cares very much for you. I was thinking what a fool I was to have even thought he was just using me.

I was lost in my own little world at that time. John walked to the door and he blew me a kiss as I watched him walk out from my office. I just sat there on top of my desk lost in the moment. I knew that he did truly love me. I saw John turn and look back toward me as he walked away then John stopped again and he turned to me again and smiled at me.

I smiled back and then I realized something. That fucker had left my damn door wide-open leading into my office. I jumped and I ran to close it before anyone saw me. I stood there with my back against my closed door. That feeling came over me again as I smiled and laughed to myself thinking I will get him for that one. John was waiting for me by my car when work ended. I walked up to him and I threw my arms around his neck as I gave him my biggest smile.

John asked me if I was feeling better and if I still had any doubts about his love for me. "Not at all," I replied as I gave him a deep long passionate kiss until we heard a horn blow. "Son take that fine woman to a room some where," John's dad yelled out his window as he waved and drove by us. "Should we go back into your office?" John asked with a little smile. "Oh don't tempt me," I replied as I gave him another quick kiss on his lips.

" "No not tonight you have to go get your workout at your aunts and I have some business to take care of at home," I replied knowing that I had some questions for my dad. We told each other I love you and we got into our cars and drove away. I had gotten Kim's thoughts about John just using me out of my head finally. However, there was one more thing to take care of and that was my dad. I was not mad at him for seeing Kim and not telling me. No I take that back; I was mad at him as I thought he had replaced me with Kim I arrived home and walked inside.

My brother was sitting in the front room in the big chair. Kevin worked days with my dad at the steel mill; he had a girlfriend but nothing very serious with her. It had been a good while since Kevin and I had done anything together.

I asked Kevin if dad was home. He told me no that he left right after mom went to work.


"Is something wrong sis?" Kevin asked me as I walked over and sat down on the arm of his chair with a long face. "No little brother nothing I can't handle," I replied sitting there beside him. I call Kevin my little brother only because I am taller than he is but he is two years older than I am. "Feel like handling this?" Kevin asked grabbing his cock through his pants. "No not tonight little brother," I replied as I made my way off the arm of his chair.

I started to walk away when I heard Kevin say, "Your never home anymore what with work and being with John on the weekends sis," "What you don't like me no more?" I turned to my brother who was looking at me with the saddest looking eyes I had ever seen.

I walked back over to him and I sat myself right down on his lap. I ran my fingers up through his hair as I felt his boner rubbing into me as I sat there.

"No Kevin that's not it at all." "It is just I am older now and it is time for me to move on," "I mean what we used to do was fun and all but it is time that we both move on in our lives," I said as I looked into those sad eyes. "You do understand and know what I mean don't you Kevin?" I asked him. "Oh sure sis use me like a toy then just throw me away," Kevin replied as he looked away from me. My brother's hard cock was not poking me any longer. I think I made him lose his boner. My mind flashed through all the fun we had ever done in the past.

From the first time I ever saw his cock to the last time we had done anything, which had been last summer when we had went to the lake for a swim together. Kevin was right I thought as I sat there in his lap. It did seem like I had only used him when I had no one else. I ran my hand along side of his face as I looked into his eyes.

I felt sorry for him however, I knew how to cheer him up. I said, "Tell you what little brother how about we take a shower together." I told Kevin to give me a few minutes to get out of my clothes and I would meet him in the shower. "Sure sis," Kevin replied with a smile as I got up from his lap and walked to my room. I sat down on my bed thinking about what Kevin had said.

I did not want him to think that I just used him. However, in reality, I guess that was what I had done. I had used him until something better had come along. I got undressed thinking that maybe I should never have had sex with him in the first place. Then I would not be in the spot I was tonight. I mean he was twenty now and I was 18 someday the fun between us would have to end, would it not.

I took my clothes off, my jeans still wet from my juices and John's cum after the fun in my office. I grabbed my robe as I headed for the bathroom. I got there and saw that Kevin was sitting on the edge of the tub waiting for me. I could see that his cock was hard and standing tall for me. The last time I had seen his cock it was about 6 inches but it was bigger now more like seven or maybe even eight inches. Kevin also had a thick full mat of hair surrounding his cock and even on his balls, which hung lowly from his cock.

I closed the door as I hung my robe up on the back of the door. I turned and I dropped to my knees as I took my brother's cock into my hand. My hand pumped at his cock as I felt his big balls up with my other hand. I stuck out my tongue and I flicked it at the head of his cock. I wrapped my mouth around just his dickhead and I started to suck on it. I felt his hands go to the back of my head. "Suck it all sis," Kevin said as he pressed my head further down on his cock.

I did as Kevin told me too. I suppose that was where I get being somewhat submissive today. It was from having fun with my brother as he used to tell me what to do most of the time. In addition, Kevin knew a lot more about sex than I did back then. I would do anything he had told me to do or at least try it. Kevin pushed my head all the way down onto his cock. My lips were flat against the hairs at the base of his cock. Kevin took a hold of my hair and he worked my head up and down on his cock.

All I was doing was breathing and sucking on his cock as he pulled my head up and down the full length of his cock. Kevin pulled my head off his cock as he said, "Stand up sis so I can give that hairless pussy a little tongue action of my own before I fuck you." "Damn sis you stink someone just fucked the hell out of your box," Kevin said as he backed his face away from my pussy holding his nose.

"Why did you think I told you not tonight," I replied as I reached in and turned the shower on. We both got into the shower; we washed each other first from head to toe. Kevin spent some time soaping up my big breasts that caused my nipples to come to life as they were sticking out hard from my tits.

Kevin spent a lot of time washing my pussy with his soapy hand. I think he wanted to make sure that the smell of sex was gone. I turned toward the front of the shower and I placed my hands onto the wall. I bent over as far as I could. My ass and pussy were sticking up in the air behind me.

I felt Kevin start to run his tongue up between my butt cheeks right up my butt crack. His tongue was hitting my pussy and my asshole as he lapped at me from behind.

"Fuck me Kevin please fuck me," I moaned as I braced myself, as I did not know which hole he was going to take. Kevin slipped his cock into my pussy. He started to fuck me deep and hard right away. I could feel his balls swinging up into my clit. Kevin just kept slamming that cock of his in and out, as I braced myself against the wall. As Kevin was fucking my pussy deep and hard, I realized something. It meant nothing to me; I tried the best that I could but I just could not get into fucking him.

I more or less faked an orgasm moaning loudly as I told him that his cock was making me cum. Kevin fucked me a little harder and faster then I heard him moan. "I am going to cum sis," Kevin moaned as he shoved his cock deep into me. I felt his cock throb and I felt it blowing off up in my pussy. However, that was all I felt.

I had not even come close to having an orgasm. For some reason it just did not feel that great nor was it the same as when we both were younger. I felt Kevin's cock slip from my pussy with his cum too.

I just stayed there leaning against the wall as Kevin cleaned his cock off. I felt a little sad that I had to fake my orgasm with him. Kevin got out of the shower as I washed his cum from my pussy. I turned the water off and I stepped from the shower as Kevin handed me a towel. "It just wasn't the same was it sis," Kevin said as he watched me drying myself. "No Kevin it wasn't I am sorry," "It's just that…" I sadly replied but my brother cut me off.

"Its OK sis I understand," "You are really in love with John and while what we had when we were kids was special," "I knew that this day would come when what we had been doing would have to come to an end," Kevin said smiling at me as he pushed the wet hair from my face. "Thanks little brother I will always remember you as being my first," I replied as I gave him a little kiss on his cheek before he walked from the bathroom; a lone tear streamed out my eye. That was the last time I ever had sex with my brother.

He married his girlfriend about a year later. It brings me to tears in that I have to tell you. I lost my brother Kevin six years ago in a car accident.

However, I have never forgotten him and I never will. I went to my bedroom to dry my hair. I thought about Kevin for a little while and I wondered if doing it with my dad was going to feel the same or not. When my hair was dry, I returned to the living room, my brother had gone to bed.

I sat down on our sofa and I watched a little TV. I lie asleep on the sofa dreaming about John; that was until my dad woke me up. "Janet get up and go to bed you look very uncomfortable sleeping out here," Dad said. I was a little groggy from being a sleep but I was able to ask, "Daddy have you been seeing Kim?" Daddy sat down beside me on the sofa and he replied, "Yes I have been, I should have told you but she asked me not to." "Do you have a problem with me seeing her Janet," Daddy asked me.

"No I guess not but…" I replied putting my head down against his arm. "The answer is no Janet I am not replacing you with her," "Your still daddies little girl," daddy replied as he brushed his hand through my long blonde hair telling me he could never replace me.

"Where were you tonight daddy?" I asked him as I laced my arm through his. "Out having a few beers that's all," Daddy replied. "With any one I know?" I asked figuring he had been out with Kim really.

"As matter as fact I do believe you might know this tall, strong, good looking man," Dad replied, as I just looked at him funny like.

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"He has a very lovely girlfriend from what I hear, her name is Janet," He added with an ear-to-ear smile. "JOHN you was out tonight with my John," I said to him as I sat up on the couch.

"What were you two up too?" I asked him looking into his eyes. "Just guy talk that's all nothing for you to worry your pretty little head over," "Now off to bed young lady before you make me horny," Daddy, said picking me up from the sofa and walking me to my bedroom. I gave my dad a quick good night kiss at my bedroom door then closed it. I climbed into my bed. I lie there thinking about what just happened between Kevin and me.

Was my dad next, I wondered? Would the sex between us still be good or would I just not feel anything? I also wondered just what my dad and John were doing out together. I fell asleep as John filled my dreams and such lovely dreams they were.

I went to school the next day but Kim did not show up. In fact, Kim was not to show up again at school again until just before our Christmas break.

However, I am getting ahead of myself. The weekend finally got here and I was off to John's apartment after school. I showered and then I waited for John to get home from college. He walked in grabbed his gym bag. I looked at him from his sofa as he looked at me.

"Well hey you coming to my Aunt's with me," He asked with a smile. "I was waiting for you to invite me stupid," I replied giving him my evil little grin. We hopped into his car and we drove over to his Aunt's house. I was looking forward to seeing her again. I had been talking to her almost every day by phone. I was starting to become very close to her. As we drove, I asked John why he was out with my dad.

I had been after him all week to tell but he would not and today was no different. "No reason just two guys talking about football and drinking beer that's all," John replied as he drove on down the road with a big shit-eating grin on his face.

I ran my hands over his solid six-pack abs through his shirt as I said, "Well OK but don't make a habit out of it or you will ruin these." John just smiled at me and gave me a quick kiss before I told him to watch the road. I was getting a little horny as I ran my hand over his tee shirt that was under his open jacket.

I dropped my hand to his thigh and slowly worked it to the front of his pants. I no sooner laid my hand on his cock than it started to grow in his jogging pants. His cock was standing tall and hard by the time we got to his Aunt's house. DeRonda was coming out of her house as we were going in she said, "John oh Janet ," "John you go do your workout I am taking Janet with me." I kissed John and then DeRonda gave him a kiss as she said, "I see Janet must have been working this out for you on the way here," as she grabbed his hard cock through his jogging pants.

John just smiled as DeRonda and I walked away to her car. "Where we going DeRonda," I asked as we got into her fancy little sport car. "To the toy store," She replied as she looked over at me giving me a wink. The toy store I thought as I sat beside her in the bucket seat of her car while she drove.

I was wondering why she was going to the toy store. I had never seen any kids at her place and John sure and the hell did not need any toys. DeRonda and I talked as she drove to the toy store. "So Janet has John been his old self?" DeRonda asked. "Oh yes he is pretty much back to being John again plus have you seen his body lately," I said grabbing a hold of her arm as she shifted the gears. DeRonda smiled and gave a little laugh much just like John does from time to time as she replied, "Who do you think he has been chasing around the house to get that body." I laughed and she did too but she told me that he has been over there every night working out with those weights just as he used to during high school.

DeRonda told me that she watched him a few times. However, she had to stop watching him because he would get her so horny and worked up. She told me that she felt like walking in there and pushing him down on that weight bench and going to town on him. "Then why didn't you DeRonda?" I asked. "Oh no dear I would never ever think of doing that not without you being present," "That man belongs to you and you alone now if you were there and willing to share him, hell yeah I am on him in a heart beat," DeRonda replied giving me a big smile.

"I would never do him behind your back Janet and besides John does not even make a play for me any more when he comes over to work out Janet," DeRonda added. "Why doesn't he DeRonda?" I asked giving her look of wonder. DeRonda gave a little laugh and with a smile she replied, "Girl that boy loves you more than he does football," "Something I would have never thought was possible, that was until he hooked up with you my dear." That made me feel good hearing DeRonda tell me that.

If it were not for her having bucket seats in your little fast sport car I would have scooted over and laced my arm through hers as she drove.

We soon arrived at the toy store. "I thought you meant a regular toy store," I said with a little laugh as DeRonda parked her car. "You will love this toy store just wait and see Janet," DeRonda replied.

It was not a toy store but a porno shop. DeRonda and I went inside she must have been a regular because the man and girl behind the counter knew her by name. DeRonda asked them if they had got in any new goodies. They told her that they had. DeRonda started to walk away with me in tow but they she stopped and looked back at the people behind the counter.

"Julie, Mike this is Janet she is my nephews fiancee," DeRonda said to them. I thought it was sweet of her to tell them that. I hoped that someday I would be. I squeezed her arm with my arm, which I had laced around hers as I stood there with her.

Mike replied, "Well congratulation to you Janet and nice to meet you." Julie came out from behind the counter and she gave me a big hug smashing her tits into mine. She released her hug on me as she said, "Janet you are a very lucky girl I hope you make John very happy," "I know he will make you very happy," She added with a smile and a wink.

DeRonda and I walked away and as we did she said to me, "Julie there has had her eye on John for some time so I would keep an eye on her if you see her at any of our parties." "Thanks I will remember that," I replied.

"Oh and thanks for telling them that I was his fiancee, I do hope to be some day." "Oh I am sure you will be," DeRonda added with a smile before she said, "Now let's shop for some goodies." DeRonda and I were having the time of our life in that porno shop.

We were laughing, poking each other with all the toys and dildos. We checked out tons of dildos and cock rings and even a fake pussy. We had a bag full of the stuff we really liked. I loved checking out the bondage stuff. DeRonda noticed I rather had an interest in that type of stuff. "Janet; are you submissive or do you prefer to take control?" DeRonda asked me with a paddle in her hand.

"I guess you could say I am submissive but I have never been in control before so I do not really know," I replied with a smile. "We will see about changing that," DeRonda said flashing me a big smile. About that time, an older man walked up to, DeRonda and he asked her, "You heading to the back room?" "Maybe later Sam," DeRonda replied giving him a smile as she looked toward me.

As the man walked away, I asked DeRonda, "What's in the back room?" "Just some booths for watching dirty movies that's all," DeRonda replied giving me a big smile. I smiled back as I said, "Oh you mean there are glory holes back there." "So you know what they are then?" DeRonda replied. "Yes John told me that they were some at a near by porno store, but we never went back to check them out," I replied giving her a very big smile.

I think DeRonda got what my smile was saying to her. She grabbed my hand and we walked back up to Mike at the counter. DeRonda told him that she needed some quarters for the peep show room handing him a twenty-dollar bill. Mike handed her back two rolls of quarters.

"I may have to go get in line myself I believe," Mike replied with a grin from ear to ear. "You just do that," DeRonda said as we walked away.

We walked through a curtain covering the doorway as we made our way to the back room. After you went through the door, there were a couple rows of small rooms just big enough for two people to fit in. There were a couple of men leaving from two other booths. They watched us with lust in their eyes as we entered a near by booth.

There was a small screen and a slot to put your quarter in; I believe that the movie that was playing was "Doctor Good Head". DeRonda slipped a few quarters into the slot and as the movie started, she pointed to the hole in the wall.

However, neither of us turned to watch the hole or the screen. Instead, our eyes met as we embraced each other. Her juicy red lips went to mine as they locked together for a deep, long passionate kiss. We stood there in our booth kissing and feeling up the others boobs. We had not even been in there for two minutes when a cock slipped through the hole. It was an average size cock, DeRonda reached down and she started to stroke on the strange cock sticking through the hole. The man's cock was semi hard when he pushed it through.

However, it became rock hard from DeRonda's skillful hands.


"Show him what you can do Janet," DeRonda said as she left go of his hard throbbing cock. I got down onto my knees and I took his cock into my hand. I gave his cock a few pumps then I started to lick at the head of his cock. I ran my tongue all up and down the length of his cock. I used my tongue around his dick head and flicked my tongue in his little hole at the head of his cock. When my tongue touched his pee hole, we both heard him release a slight moan from the other side of the hole.

I took his cock into my mouth and I started to suck on it as I went up and down on it. I took his cock into my mouth until my mouth pressed tightly against the hole in the wall.

I bobbed my head up and down on his throbbing cock for a very short time. I suddenly felt his cock tense up as it gave a slight throb. He started to cum I removed his cock from my mouth. I used my hand to pump his cock as cum shot out in many directions from his cock. I pumped harder and faster on his cock milking all of his cum from it. I had cum on my face, my hand and all down the front of my sweater. I left his cock go as I stood back up, I think I even heard him say thanks.

DeRonda took me into her arms as she licked his cum from my face. She gave me another deep kiss on my mouth as our tongues slipped into each others mouth. I broke our kiss when I saw another cock sticking through the hole. I took this one in my hand and I worked on it until it was hard and throbbing in my hand. This cock was a little bit bigger than the last one and a lot thicker. My hand pumped back and forth on this nice hard cock. "Your turn DeRonda," I said looking at her as I showed her that his cock was hard and ready for her.

"Why don't you get his cock wet for me Janet, that is Sam that older man I talked with earlier," DeRonda replied. I dropped back to my knees and I started to suck on his cock. I was trying to think of why she wanted his cock wet. I soon found out as I sucked on Sam's cock through the hole in the wall. DeRonda was taking off her jeans. I sucked Sam's cock harder as I watched her slip out of her jeans. I noticed that she had not worn any panties as her flaming red hairy pussy came into my view.

I almost stopped sucking on his cock to bury my face between her lovely thighs to taste her pussy. DeRonda stood there rubbing her pussy as she watched me sucking on Sam's cock. "I can handle him now Janet," DeRonda said as she tapped me on my shoulder.

I removed my mouth from Sam's cock as I stood back up. DeRonda positioned herself in front of Sam's cock, bent over facing me with her ass toward the hole in the wall. I watched her as she reached back for his cock. DeRonda took a hold of Sam's cock and she placed it at the entrance of her red hairy pussy. DeRonda pushed her pussy down a little onto his cock just taking the head into her pussy She placed her hands onto my thighs as I stood there in front of her watching her. DeRonda slipped her pussy further down onto his cock.

I could tell she had done this before as she had that cock right in her pussy on the first try. I stood there with her hands on my thighs as she pumped herself back and forth on his cock. DeRonda cooed and moaned as she rode Sam's cock. After a while DeRonda reached up, she unsnaps my own jeans, and she pulled then down until they were at my feet.

I stepped out of them, as I was not wearing any panties. DeRonda slipped her fingers up into my already wet hole as she rode Sam's cock sticking out of the hole. DeRonda gave out a series of moans as she rode his cock. I watched DeRonda's big tits swinging back and forth down the front of her top. They looked huge and so inviting hanging down as they swung back and forth in her sweater. I could also see that her hard nipples were poking out as they ran across her sweater.

I had a small wet orgasm as she fingered me as I watched those big tits swaying. DeRonda looked up at me and she said, "Ahhhhh Janet," "He is cumming in my pussy." I dropped to my knees in front of DeRonda and I kissed her deep and passionately as she slammed her pussy back against his cock.

She wiggled and squirmed on his cock as she moaned into my mouth as we kissed. I heard her pussy give out a series of pussy farts as Sam's soft cock slipped from her wet hairy pussy when she stood back up.

I broke our kiss as I said, "I did not know you could fuck at these holes." "You can do a lot at the hole if you're flexible enough," DeRonda replied as she took some tissue and she wiped her pussy. "Oh sorry Janet did you want to clean that yourself," She added seeing the sad look I had gave her as she wiped Sam's cum from her pussy.

"I would have loved too, HOLY shit," I yelled as another cock came through the hole. DeRonda turned and looked toward the hole and she said, "OH my." There sticking through the hole was a big soft black cock. It was huge and it was still soft. I had seen black cocks in magazine but this was my first one to see in person. It looked as thick as my wrist; it filled the completely round hole almost as it just hung down the wall limp.

My eyes were big as saucer and my mouth hung open as I looked at the huge black cock sticking through the hole. DeRonda bent down near the hole and she asked, "Steve is that you?" A low deep voice replied, "It sure is." DeRonda smiled at me as she said, "It's OK Janet that just Steve, he is a regular at some of my parties." "Dam his cock is so big and it is not even hard yet," I replied as I just stared at his cock.

"Shall we Janet?" DeRonda asked as she got onto her knees taking his soft cock into his hand. I dropped to my knees beside her as she started to pump her hand on his cock.

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I watched as his limp black cock started to grow in her hand. DeRonda started to use both her hands on his cock, as it just kept growing bigger. I think it grew harder with each pump she gave it. "His cock is huge," I whispered into DeRonda's ear. DeRonda did not reply she just kept milking his big black cock with her hands. When she had him fully hard, she removed her hands as she smiled at me. His big cock was just sticking there through the hole in the wall. It curved upward but it still looked to be almost 12 inches of hard throbbing black cock and it was almost as round as a beer can.

My mouth hung open, as this was truly the biggest cock I had ever seen and was ever to see. I watched as DeRonda flicked her tongue around the head of his cock. His huge cock seemed to throb each time her tongue flicked at it. I watched as DeRonda closed her mouth around his cock and she started to move her head back and forth on it. She pushed her mouth down further on it. DeRonda barely got half of it in before she pulled back from it almost choking on it.

"Janet you try it," DeRonda said as she looked at me holding onto his big thick cock. I wrapped my hand around his hard throbbing big black cock as she left go of it. I ran my hand up and down on it squeezing it hard just to make sure that it was a real cock. I licked at his big cock head with my tongue coating it with my spit. I took his cock into my mouth I lowered my mouth a little further than DeRonda did before I felt like I was going to choke on it.

I pulled my mouth from it as his pre cum trailed behind my mouth I gasped as I said, "God damn now that's a mouth full." "He sure is at that," DeRonda replied. I took both my hands and I started to pump on his big black cock. His cock felt so huge in my hands. His cock was throbbing away in my hand as I placed my mouth back over the head of his dick.

My pussy was twitching wildly and my juices were flowing as I sucked on that big cock. I could only worked about half of it into my mouth the rest I pumped on with both my hands. I heard DeRonda say something to me. However, I was too lost in sucking on that big fucking cock I did not make out what she had just said. I was sucking and pumping on his cock with my hand when I heard a deep low loud moan coming from the other side of the hole. I felt his cock throb in my mouth and then a huge blast of cum filled my mouth.

I swear it shot right down to the back of my throat. However, it was just too much cum to handle. I choked and his cum came pouring from my mouth as I removed my mouth from his cock. I continued to pump on his big black cock until I milked the last drop from it. I left go of it as I watched his cock slowly going soft as it stuck there through the hole.

"I tried to warn you he was a very heavy cummer," DeRonda said. "God dam that was a lot of cum," I replied as his cum started to drip from my face.

DeRonda got some more tissues out and she wiped my face. She got some more and she wiped the front of my sweater which had took most of his cum. I looked back at the hole as we stood up but that black cock was gone. DeRonda said, "Steve does have a wonderfully big cock but he is quick on the trigger." "Have you ever taken him in your pussy," I asked DeRonda.

"Oh yeah could not walk the next day but it sure did feel good," DeRonda replied. I smiled at her as she also told me that she was sure I would run into Steve at one of her parties.

I was so fucking horny now. My pussy was dripping wet and I needed a cock in it. I was hoping maybe that another big black cock would come through the hole. Suddenly another cock slipped through the hole and I smiled at DeRonda as I dropped to the floor taking all of this smaller cock into my mouth. Once I had him good and hard I got into the same position DeRonda had got into earlier. I slipped his cock into my pussy and I rocked back and forth on it.

I also slipped a couple fingers into DeRonda as she stood there holding me and pushing me back onto his cock. Her red hairy pussy was soaking wet as mine was. "AHHHh JANET," DeRonda screamed out as I curled my fingers up against her special spot. DeRonda pussy squirted all over my hand and splashed me in my face. I felt my own pussy contract around the cock that was in it and as he shot his cum deep into my pussy.

I left go with my own orgasm all over his cock. My pussy juices flowed from me onto his cock and onto the floor. I stood up and DeRonda and I locked into a deep passionate kiss as his cock slipped from my pussy. We kissed for a while then another cock slipped through the hole. DeRonda handle this one as she told me it was Mike the owner. I handled the next one that followed Mike. Another cock appeared through the hole after I had sucked the other off. DeRonda looked at me and she tapped on the wall as she said, "Sorry we are done for now." DeRonda and I slipped our jeans and sweaters back on as we had even taken them off a while back.

We had played with each others tits as the other sucked or fucked the cocks that were coming through the hole in the wall. We laughed together as we walked out of the back room arm in arm. We both had wet spot on our sweaters and on our jeans. Some of the men in the store just stared at us with their mouths hanging open as walked through the store. We both waved to Mike and Julie as we walked out the door to her car. DeRonda backed out and we headed for her house, I told her we left the toys we had brought.

She told me that she would call Mike and he would see that the goodies got to her. As we got near to her place, I had something on my mind. "DeRonda is it OK if we do not say anything to John about that big black cock," I said shyly. "If that is what you want Janet, I won't say anything to him," DeRonda replied. "Thanks DeRonda," I replied. I know it was wrong but I did not know how John would react to me being with a black man let alone a huge cock. All the way home all I could think about was Steve's big black cock.

I was curious to see if I could take all of his cock into my pussy. I wanted all of his big black cock deep in my pussy. I wanted to feel his cum splashing against the walls of my pussy. I wanted to be filled full of all that cum. I sit here typing that knowing that it was so very wrong of me. Especially after the sweet lovemaking John had gave me at work earlier in the week. I just could not help myself, I did not know it at the time but I had just started down a road that was going to lead me to nowhere but trouble.

Hope you enjoyed this chapter and another to follow. This one could have been two chapters but I made it as one. Sorry if this chapter is to long. In my next chapter, I get two surprises one from John and one from Kim both make my head spin. Let me know if you are enjoying my story.

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