Milf stuffed with large weenie

Milf stuffed with large weenie
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It was about 10 in the evening and I just left my friends for a private time alone. I walked wondrously in the streets trying to find a secure place away from the traffic noise and to have a cigarette. I found a park in between buildings and I knew then it was the perfect spot to be left alone. The park was quite empty so I had the freedom to sit wherever.

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I took a seat, lighted a cigarette, put my headphones on and just sat there, staring up at the night sky. It was not too long after that my serenity was destroyed as a couple of rowdy teenagers passed by me. I was obviously startled. I didn't notice that my headphones were detached from my mp3. I was obviously sleeping. I looked back at the time and noticed it was already 12 midnight. I was surprised the park still didn't close yet. There were only a few lamp posts on so I guessed they would've noticed someone was still in here.

Still being tired from my sleep I decided to stay on the bench just a little while to wake up. I noticed I had a boner not soon after awaking. I looked around the park to make sure no one was around to see me.

I listened carefully to hear the slightest clue of people. But there was none. I couldn't hold myself any longer. I loved masturbating in public, especially in parks at night. It was that certain feeling of freedom, and cool air blowing around your junk that made it worth doing. I unzipped my trousers, and with one quick check to see if someone was around, pulled them down together with my boxers.

I left covering a part of my body for the seat was sure to be dirty and cold. It sprung out, I looked at it and even in the dark it looked big!

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I started slow. Up and down, up and down, without touching the head of my penis. It felt magnificent. I started to go a little faster, spat on my cock for lubrication, and away I went. The cold breeze I felt on my wet fat dick wanted me to cum a mile. Not soon enough I was on to it, a loud flapping noise circled around me.

I went fast at a steady pace. It was sensationally brilliant. I went faster, and faster, and faster! My arm was growing tired, my muscles were showing and a few veins were popping out.

I was a about to cum! My ass grew tight. I was lifting it away from the seat as I was about to cum. But right before my big finale, I heard foot steps. I quickly sat down and pulled my pants back up. I didn't have time to zip up my pants for the person I saw was drawing nearer. I just quickly pulled the bottom of my shirt over it to hide my throbbing boner.

I knew he saw me, but what would he want from me? Maybe he was just going to sit on the bench near mine I thought to myself. But I thought wrong. He walked straight up to me.

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There wasn't much light but from his silhouette I could tell he was a huge guy. He asked me for a cigarette. I quickly took out the cigarette pack from my pocket but without thinking. I forgot my zipper was unclosed. My penis flew out of my boxers and I was so embarrassed. But hey, it was dark, hopefully he doesn't notice. So I still calmly gave him a cigarette and a lighter. I was hoping he would leave soon after but no. And I didn't want him to. When he lit his cigarette I saw his beautiful face and body.

He was a total hunk! But there was a drawback, he was a security guard. I didn't know what to do, my cock was still rock hard and sticking out and I couldn't move for he would surely notice I had a boner. He puffed a smoke and gave me back my lighter. After blowing it out he said, "Nice cock". I was glad, but at the same time, embarrassed. I hoped he was joking. Since he found out my cock was already out, I decided to make a joke and said "Thanks, so you wouldn't mind if I continue?".

But I was so hard, what could I do? I mean, a hot security guard right in front of me, come on, right after he leaves I'm surely gonna masturbate about him.


But his answer was unexpected. "Would you mind if I do it for you?".

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He, without giving me time to react, quickly bent down on his knees and started to jerk me off. Flap, flap, my dick went. This went on for at least a minute until he decided to give me a blow job. It was amazing! His tongue flew all over my cock! I moaned so loudly that I was sure someone must have heard. The guard quickly jumped from my cock into my mouth.

He kissed me with some of my pre cum still in his mouth. It tasted good.


We made out while he was on top of me. He stripped off his shirt while kissing me and took off his pants and boots. He stripped mine off as well. We were both naked in the park.

He pushed me down the length of the bench while he lay on top of me. The bench was surely cold that as my back touched it, my whole body shivered and my nipples grew hard. I felt his cock grow. It reached just under my rib cage. It was waaaay longer than mine. I was kind of jealous but still glad. This guy's cock is enormous!

He rubbed it up and down the length of my stomach.

Just him doing that made me want to cum all over between us. He rubbed and he rubbed and without me noticing, he stopped and pulled my legs upward. I was having so much satisfaction that I had no idea what was going on. He jolted his huge cock down my ass. I opened my mouth but no yell came out. His thick muscular thighs bruised mine as he bombarded my ass with his lovely manly muscles.

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His sweat run down his beautiful hairy muscular body. His nipples erect, his ass sure to be tight.


His face looked hotter when sweat dripped down from his hair. His beard was getting all wet as well. He banged me harder and harder. Harder and harder. He pulled himself out. Just the sensation of his cock getting out of my canal was rather, well, sensational. He was grabbing my knee as he did so. He pushed my legs down as I still laid on the bench flat. He worked his way through the bench to finally have his legs spread across both sides as his balls dangled in mid air on top of mine.

He grabbed my cock and lifted it to be straight. He slowly pulled himself down and let my penis in his magnificent ass. He closed his eyes and opened his mouth. I guess I was more satisfied than he was. He quickly went up and down my naked cock. His balled flapped on my stomach as his large cock flew wherever, slapping my stomach as he went down and slapping his own when he went up.

Not soon after I was about to cum. He quickly sat up. He then again laid himself over me, now thrusting himself thru and fro. Our penis' colliding. And went harder and harder. He breathed heavily as he bit his tongue. His muscles were growing and growing. And then. It was magnificent. Our cum flowed gracefully between us in a pool of manliness. He still rubbed himself slowly on me smiling. I smiled back then we kissed. Big question was, how do I clean up the mess on me?

He simply answered my question by pulling me, shirtless, into the night. The cum still on our hairy bodies cooling us down as we ran after our midnight fun. He brought me to his apartment. I was expecting a towel but he looked at me and said, "I'll lick it off for you". He pushed me towards the wall near the window and knelt on the floor.

His long sharp tongue slashed through my stomach, licking both our cum. I looked out of the window noticing the view. I saw directly from the window was the bench I was sitting on. Clearly he was watching me. Well, it all was fun. Doesn't hurt to take seconds.