Have a joy observing the mix of massage with fucking in details

Have a joy observing the mix of massage with fucking in details
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School seemed to be dragging on. Every minute that passed seemed to take years before the clock ticked over. Jeff Kenton, a seventeen year old senior, glanced at the clock for what seemed like the thousandth time in the past couple of minutes, waiting for the bell to ring.

He held his head in his hands, with his elbows resting on the desk, his dark brown hair spilling over his fingers, and sighed. The last class of the day always seemed to drag on inexorably, especially on Friday. Like most teenagers, Jeff was anxious to get the weekend started, and have some fun with his friends.

Looking up, he cast his gaze towards his best friend, Darren Seiver.

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Darren's mischievous look and his sandy blonde hair's devil may care unruly wave remained unchanged since lunch earlier that day. Normally, he and Darren would go to the gym after school and work out, and of course flirt with all the hot babes there.

Today, however, Darren had caught him at lunch and told him he wanted to talk to him after school about having some real fun this weekend.

Possibly even scoring and getting some pussy, instead of being content to flirt with the hard bodies at the gym. The idea had intrigued him, and piqued his curiosity, as it would any red blooded American teenaged male.

He didn't know what, exactly, Darren was getting at, but from his level of excitement, it had the promise of being pretty big. Jeff's parents were gone all week on a business trip, and that left him and Brianna, his sixteen year old younger sister, home alone.

Jeff didn't mind being around his kid sister, but that wasn't the way he wanted to spend his weekend. He'd much rather be getting laid by some hot chick.

He loved and adored Brianna, but its kind of hard to get your groove on when you're hanging out with your sister, hanging around and being a buzzkiller. With those factors in play, he was hoping it was something really big.

Finally, mercifully, the bell rang, and the students in the class leaped to their feet as one, laughing and talking loudly, moving steadily towards the hall, and eventually to the parking lot. Many fine looking girls passed him, brushing against him and pressing their boobs into him, saying, "Hi, Jeff" as they made their way past him. A couple of them he'd actually been involved with to some degree, up to and including fucking them a couple of times, but most of them he just wished he had, and judging from their smiles, looks, and the way they acted, maybe they wished he had too.

Truth be told, he'd only had sex a handful of times. Kissing, petting, oral sex and that sort of thing he'd had a bit more of. Then again, he was only seventeen.

He figured he was pacing himself. Like any teenager, he wanted to have sex much more than he had, but he wasn't overly anxious about trying to run up his total any. The way Darren had hinted earlier, he was bound to have sex several more times tonight and over the weekend. A hand gripping his shoulder got his attention and he turned from his locker, nodding at Darren. His friend was grinning fit to beat the band, and he waved his hand excitedly.

"Hey, hurry up, man," he urged as he stood back. "I've got to talk to you seriously about tonight, and I don't want a bunch of people listening in, you know?" Jeff frowned slightly, and closed his locker door, and slung his backpack over his shoulder. Together, they started walking towards the exit. "What's going on, Darren?" he asked, brimming with curiosity.

"You've been acting all secretive and shit all day long." Darren grabbed him above the elbow and tugged him out the door. Outside, there were throngs of kids moving towards parents' cars, buses, and their own vehicles, all eager to start the weekend. Pulling him to the side, under a tree, and around the corner, he glanced around and then looked back at Jeff, speaking in hushed tones. "Hey, you remember that girl I started fucking back before Christmas break?" Now Jeff was even more confused than before.

Shrugging, he nodded.

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"You mean Cynthia Martin, the rich sophomore? Yeah, what about her?" Darren nodded vigorously, and got even quieter. "Right, Cynthia. Anyway, her family is off on some trip or other and she's got the house all too herself for awhile.

So, she and I were talking, and we decided to throw a special party at her house tonight. It might even run all weekend." His face seemed almost euphoric as he spoke. Cynthia was a slim, but fine as hell girl, and a piece of ass that more than one student at the school wanted to nail.

Darren considered himself, rightfully so, a lucky son of a bitch to be regularly fucking that little chick. All his friends, including Jeff, considered him lucky as hell, too. Jeff thought about that for a moment. Cynthia's house was huge, with more than enough room to accommodate half the school. Brianna, Jeff's little sister, knew Cynthia and was somewhat acquainted with her, if not full blown friends, and Bri would occasionally mention Cynthia briefly in passing.

She hadn't said a word about her in months, though, so Jeff figured they knew each other, and that was about it. Finally, he couldn't hold back any longer and asked, "Sounds great, but what sort of 'special party' are you talking about?" He couldn't help but be intrigued.

Darren rubbed his hands together gleefully and grinned even bigger. "It's a pretty cool idea, really," he answered. "That mansion she lives in has several bedrooms, upstairs and downstairs, or rooms that might as well be bedrooms.

So, we let a bunch of guys or girls go into the rooms, and get ready and wait. After a bit, we let another bunch of the opposite sex go to the rooms, and go inside." His eyes seemed to practically glow in glee as he spoke. "Whoever's in the room or comes in the room is who you end up with, and the two of you fuck, or whatever.

Its totally random." That sounded pretty wild to Jeff, and he crossed his arms, looking at his friend seriously. "Sounds pretty cool, but what happens if you go in, or someone comes in, and its someone you can't stand, or don't want? Seems a little awkward to me." Laughter was Darren's reply and he shook his head, clapping Jeff's shoulder with his hand.

"That's where it gets interesting," he answered. "The rules are you have to keep the lights off, and it has to be totally dark, so you can't see who you've got.

Also, you can't speak to each other. Moan, groan, make all the sex noises you like, but you can't talk. You can go as long as you like, and you can make as many trips back as you want, but you have to stay in the dark and have to stay silent.

What do you think?" Jeff had to admit the idea was interesting, and even somewhat appealing. He was running the idea through his mind, trying to imagine different outcomes. Darren could see him contemplating the idea, and he widened his smile. "Just think, you've got an equal chance to get a prime piece of ass, like Miranda, the head football cheerleader that everyone and their brother would give their left nut to fuck, or you may end up plowing Martha Faraday, the eternal virgin that nobody wants to go where no man has gone before with.

But since Martha isn't invited, the chances of getting someone you wouldn't want to fuck silly are extremely slim." Darren had a point there, and this party was sounding like a better deal all the time. He finally nodded and tossed his backpack into the backseat of his car, which was right nearby.

"Okay, I'm game," he said thoughtfully. "It sounds like its going to be a ton of fun. Can we find out who we've been with when we're done, like turn on the lights or talk or anything?

Darren shrugged and spread his hands. "Every room is going to have a number, so you can play question and answers with the girls later to find out who you might have been with, or I guess if you really can't stand the suspense you can turn on the lights afterwards, or talk. It kind of ruins the glory hole like mystery if you talk or turn on the lights though.

Oh, but you can't talk about the party before you get there, and you can't tell anyone where you're going or what you're doing. Cynthia and I want there to be as much secrecy and mystery as possible. The idea is to fuck a stranger silly without it being an actual stranger.

You just have no idea who's pussy you slammed." The party sounded like a wild and fun time. As Jeff opened the driver's door to his car and slid in, he poked his head back out far enough to grin at Darren. "Okay, you've sold me. I'll be there. I'm guessing the guest list is going to be pretty small and the cream of the crop, so it should be really interesting." "That's my partner!" exclaimed Darren happily, practically bouncing up and down.

"Oh yeah, the guest list is going to be pretty small, and the guys won't see the girls and vice versa until afterwards. We don't want anyone knowing what their chances are, and with who, until the fun is had. Meet me at Sonic at six, and we'll head on over. We've even got segregated parking." Jeff nodded and Darren left as Jeff started the engine to his car.

He looked around, trying to spot his sister. She wasn't easy to miss. She was slender and petite, with blonde hair, and a very nice frame, with long incredible legs. Even though she was his sister, Jeff couldn't deny she was fine as hell. She usually stood out quite prominently after school, but at the moment, he wasn't seeing her. ********* Brianna Kenton lathered her smallish, but firm and perfect breasts up with the soap as she showered.

Her entire body was tingling and she was feeling like she could take flight at any moment. The hot water rained down on her and she thought back to the conversation that she and Cynthia had had, concerning the party tonight after school had let out.

Her pussy had started seeping just thinking about all the fine guys she might end up sucking their cock or riding it like a cowgirl tonight, and her excitement magnified yet again. She'd asked her friend, Carrie, to tell Jeff she'd gotten a ride home with one of her friends, so he wouldn't wait there for her when she was already gone.

As she turned off the water and dried off, she wondered what she was going to tell Jeff about what she was doing that night, how she was going to fool him into thinking she was over at Carrie's or something, instead of at a party where there was going to be a lot of mystery fucking.

She had no idea that he was going to the party, or that he would even be invited. The way Cynthia talked, it was going to be a small group of people, plenty of room for variety, and it was going to mostly be a lot of people Cynthia knew, and she knew, of course.

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She hadn't even considered that any seniors would be coming, and was clueless of the fact that Cynthia and Darren were seeing each other. Standing naked in front of the mirror, Brianna hung up the towel and began brushing her hair, but also appraised her nude form as well, wondering what the guy or guys she fucked would think about how it felt, or even how it looked. Her hands roamed softly over her creamy, soft form, rounding over her breasts, sliding down her smooth and flat belly, fingertips caressing over the soft and puffy pink petals between her thighs, and squeezing the thick and firm cheeks of her ass.

She'd had actual sex a total of twice, and had given a couple of handjobs and blowjobs as well, and that's where her sexual experience really ended. She was hoping for much better circumstances tonight with the mystery fuck party. She thought about Jeff a moment, and she wished that whatever he ended up doing, he'd end up getting laid and being happy.

Brianna loved her brother dearly, and adored him beyond words. He was incredibly handsome, she thought, sweet, and even sexy, though it made her feel all strange to think such a thing. But, brother or not, she couldn't help but acknowledge that he was certainly well put together. She'd never consider doing anything with him, of course, but she could certainly understand why someone else would.

Her friend Carrie, for example, had the hots for him like you wouldn't believe, and they often had discussions about his ass, or whatever. Of course, Brianna pretended to be grossed out by the talk, but she always kept up her end of the conversation, despite her pretend aversion, even when the conversation turned to speculation about his cock and how good a fuck he was. In short order, she'd gotten dressed, primped up and ready to go.

She was dressed hotly, but not an in your face sort of hot. She was smolderingly sexy, instead of sexuality blazing off her like a wildfire. As she came to the bottom of the stairs, she saw he was dressed, apparently going out somewhere as well. Her eyes roamed his body, lingering longer than necessary in some places, and she smiled.

"Hey, Jeff, you going out tonight?" she asked innocently. Inside, she was trying to shake off the sudden fascination her eyes had for looking over his body. It was just her being hyped up about tonight, she told herself. Her brother's eyes caught her, and roamed over every inch of her, lingering in certain places so long, he was surprised she couldn't feel his eyes molesting her hot little body.

Growling at himself, he reasoned he was just excited about tonight, so any female body was treated to a much more in depth look from him, even his sister's. Outwardly, he smiled and nodded. "Yeah, sis, me and some of the guys are going to go to a concert across town. The band's supposed to be really good," he answered. He looked her up and down once more, taking advantage of the opportunity to ogle her body a moment more, though he tried to resist.

It felt weird to check out your baby sister's rack and frame! "Where are you headed off to?" Stepping off the last step, Brianna shrugged and smiled, gathering her things. "Oh, nowhere fancy," she answered, letting her eyes linger surreptitiously on his ass, and then the place where his jeans hid his bulge for a few seconds.

"A couple of the girls and I are going to a movie, and then we'll have a sleepover, so don't worry about me tonight. I'll call you later and let you know we got out and everything okay, all right?" Jeff breathed an inward sigh of relief. Now he wouldn't have to come up with some half baked explanation for where he was and what he was doing later. This worked out perfectly, he thought.

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"That sounds fantastic, cutie," he said with a lightly joking tone. "Be careful, and make sure none of those crazy horny guys gets you to make a silly choice. I'm not mom or dad, so I won't tell you that you shouldn't get laid, if that's what you want to do, but if you do, be careful about it, okay? I worry about you and don't want to go rip anybody's head off, but I will." He chuckled lightly as he spoke, because this was something he said to her often, but they both knew he was as serious as he was light hearted about it.

Jeff knew she wasn't a virgin, they'd spoken about it. She and her brother were extremely close and they shared almost everything. He didn't know who had taken her cherry and she figured he didn't really want to know. All he was concerned with was that it was on her terms, the way she wanted, and that she wanted it.

His little cute nicknames for her were something she loved as well, though she pretended she didn't. It made her feel special. "I won't, I promise," she laughed, hefting her purse over her shoulder. "I might want to get laid tonight, and I might not, but if I do, I promise I'll be careful about it, careful about who its with, use protection and all that stuff." She paused, unable to help but smile at him.

"Have a great time, Jeff. I hope the band is awesome." With that, a horn blew outside and Jeff figured that was her ride. She grabbed his shoulders and leaned up to kiss his cheek quickly. The right corners of her lips overlapped quite a bit with the right corners of his as she did so, and she flushed a bit, wondering why she'd done that. She hoped he didn't pay attention, and didn't see her face turn bright red. Jeff smiled and moved out of the way as she went out the door, closing it behind her.

He had noticed that their lips had touched quite a bit more than usual when she kissed him, but he figured it didn't mean anything. She was in a hurry, after all. So, thinking nothing more about it, he finished getting ready, and locked up the house as he left. ********* The party was just getting underway.

Jeff walked around amongst the guys there, sipping his drink. He was a bit nervous, if the truth be told. He'd had sex before a few times, and he was reasonably sure he'd be fairly pleasing, but the idea of fucking someone you couldn't see, couldn't talk to, and had no way of knowing who it was managed to intimidate him sufficiently to be nervous.

While they couldn't see him and know who he was, he couldn't see their faces and couldn't gauge their reactions by their expressions. He felt a hand on his shoulder, and turning, saw it was Darren, also with drink in hand. If he was nervous about all this, he certainly hid it well.

Moving closer, Darren gestured at the rooms and the staircase leading to the second story rooms. "Everything's ready, Jeff my man," he said with a touch of glee in his voice. "Cynthia told me she invited the hottest girls she could think of, some of the hottest girls in school. Your chances of getting really lucky are really fucking fantastic tonight." Jeff sipped more of his drink, trying to summon his calm and courage. In school, of course, he pretended to be a hot shot, a guy who could please any woman, anywhere, anyhow, anytime.

He kept a façade of being a stud, a sex guru, to his classmates, but in truth, had only had sex a handful of times, maybe six if he was lucky. His companions hadn't complained or told him he was a lousy fuck, but then again, they hadn't been ecstatic and sung his praises loudly to the masses, either. The thought he might actually be a mediocre, or worse a terrible fuck was an almost paralyzing fear. He prayed that not only would he get really lucky with a hot girl tonight, but that he could push all the right buttons and do for her what no one else had ever or could ever do, and give her more pleasure than she could handle.

His fear was that he would be the exact opposite, of course, but he wasn't going to let on about that if he could help it. "Sounds great," he replied, trying to keep his voice from shaking.

He drowned some of his fear in the drink he held, and swished the ice around a bit. "So, I just choose a room and go in? I guess I get undressed before I go in, because I would imagine trying to find your clothes and get dressed in the dark would be a pain in the ass." "Yeah," answered Darren, giving him a nudge in the direction of the rooms. "The guys got the choice of rooms first, so if the lights are off when you go in, that means someone's already taken it.

Find a room with the lights on, get on the bed and turn them off. And yeah, you can leave your clothes out here, in a basket. Nobody will bother them." It seemed to Jeff like Darren and Cynthia had all the angles covered.

There was nothing left but to do it. He started sliding out of his clothes and putting them in a basket like Darren had indicated.

Once he was naked, he put the basket aside where he knew he could find it, and looked at the staircase and room doors. A few other guys walked past him, naked, and headed for rooms. His fears weren't set to rest by the sight of that, either. All the guys were guys he knew, all well built, they took care of themselves, and though he wasn't looking to be looking, he couldn't help but notice the sorts of packages they were packing.

They were all different sizes and sorts, but at that moment, all of them were pretty intimidating. He perceived them as being far more desirable to the girls than his own, whether it was true or not. In his moment of fear, every cock seemed superior to his own, and the guys' prowess seemed better than his, though truthfully, his fears were baseless. He waited for the last guy he saw to choose a room.

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He'd gone upstairs, and that made Jeff consider a room downstairs. If things got crazy, he wanted to be where he could get out, grab his stuff and haul ass. He didn't want to tumble down stairs or cause someone to fall in his haste. Finally getting himself together and getting his resolve set, he approached a room towards the middle of the doors on the downstairs level. Opening the door, the lights were on. The room itself was very luxurious, as he imagined all of the rooms were.

The bed was a king sized affair, soft looking and ready to be used. He made his way to the bed, and sure enough, there by its side was a switch to turn off the lights. He flicked the switch, and laid back on the puffy pillows, trying to relax and to calm his teenaged apprehension and fear down before his companion came in. ********* The cool air wisped past Brianna's naked flesh as she walked back and forth in front of the doors downstairs, trying to decide which to enter.

They'd been given the signal that it was their turn to choose a room a few moments ago, and most of the other girls that had undressed when Brianna had had already chosen a room and gone inside. In fact, behind a couple of the doors, muffled moaning could be heard as the two occupants were just starting to explore one another's bodies in the dark.

The whole idea, while maybe a little wild, was also really arousing to the petite fifteen year old vixen. She thought about Jeff at his concert, and hoped that he was having a really good time. He'd probably flip his lid if he knew she was here, and what she was doing, but she wasn't too worried about it.

It wasn't as if her having sex was a secret. Her belly quivered with excitement and anticipation as she moved from door to door, trying to figure which one to go into. Truthfully, she was also anxious and nervous about the whole thing. After all, while she was somewhat experienced, she wasn't very experienced.

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She hoped fervently that she would be pleasing to whoever she ended up with, and that they could and would please her. Feeling her nipples stiffen even more, to the point of feeling like they were popping, she shivered and slowly opened the door to the room she chose.

Her breath caught in her throat as she shut the door behind her. The room was pitch black, and the air was softly moving from a vent nearby. Other than the hiss of the air in the vent, there was no sound. A few cautious steps carried her to the edge of the bed. The cover was soft and obviously recently laundered, its fresh scent wafted through the darkness to her nose.

There was also a very masculine and heady scent, something that stirred the primal need within her, and made her smooth, shaved little pussy seep thickly onto her soft, milky thighs. There was a guy in here, and he smelled absolutely delicious.

Her left hand reached out and touched a warm stretch of flesh. She could tell it was his leg, and as she started to climb aboard the bed, a hand groped a moment, and found hers, helping her onto the bed completely. Her breathing was a bit labored, because not only did the guy smell good, his leg had been extremely well toned and muscular, and the skin to skin contact made her tingle, as well as made her quivering pussy even wetter than it already was.

She couldn't believe she was doing this, and the guy she was going to be doing it with seemed like he was going to be a hot as hell hunk for sure. Brianna slid into the guy's waiting arms eagerly, feeling her whole body reacting to the experience. Her arousal was obvious, and she was sure her mystery lover could smell her incredible scent easily.

Her lips touched his as they explored one another, tongues gently probing the other's mouth, finally sealing into a heated and passionate kiss, as his arms circled her, pressing her tiny frame to his much bigger one. Her peach sized breasts crushed against a chest that felt like chiseled awesomeness, and she reveled in the embrace.

Jeff could smell the sweet scent of perfume mixed with natural scent, and the unmistakable scent of a heated and aroused pussy. His cock surged to life, standing straight up as he pulled the girl closer against his chest, holding her there. Their lips were locked in a heated and torrid kiss, their bodies pressing against one another, writhing slowly in passion and need.

Each of them found the scent of the other somewhat familiar, the idea that it was familiar tugging at their minds even as their bodies wrapped around one another and writhed in pleasure.

They each played it off as everyone at the party was someone they knew, so of course the scents would be somewhat familiar, but even that excuse rang hollow in their minds, if they were actually paying attention. Instead, their attentions were on the mysterious person they were kissing and caressing in the dark, too into the pleasure they were giving and getting to focus on the thought for any length of time.

The kisses were long, wet and filled with passion. Jeff caressed his hands down the smooth flesh of his sister's hot little body, squeezing her tight, heart shaped ass gently in his fingers. His cock continued to grow, engorged with desire, and his fears were evaporating somewhat. A small moan of pleasure escaped Brianna's exquisite lips as their kiss broke, and her slim, delicate hand slid down Jeff's body, finally curling her thin fingers around the thick shaft of his turgid cock.

Jeff's hips involuntarily surged upwards, stroking his meat through her soft hand, and she marveled that while he wasn't huge, she couldn't touch her thumb and fingertips together around his manhood.

The head of it surged, growing thicker as she stroked him lightly, jacking his soft flesh that sheathed his shaft, causing him to squirm a bit on the bed. Meanwhile, Jeff's fingers had found her soft, wet petals and was softly stroking up and down the length of her delicate pussy lips, teasing them with soft touches, which made her grind against him, and moan again softly. Jeff moaned in pleasure as well, and he froze for a second, wondering if the person he was with knew him well enough to recognize his voice, even in a moan of pleasure.

Nothing was said, and he continued to tease and delight Brianna's perfect little pink pussy. The lips were thickly coated in her cream, her arousal evident as he worked the tip of his middle finger inside her slowly. He was shocked at how incredibly tight his sister was, though he was unaware it was his sister's sweet little pussy he was pushing his fingers into.

Jeff thought whoever the girl he was with might be a virgin, except that he was pretty sure that no virgin would be so comfortable stroking his cock. She tightened her grip around his dick and he groaned again, louder, thrusting his hips upwards towards her as she played with him. Brianna writhed in heat, and moaned long and low, praying that whoever she was about to fuck didn't recognize her voice.

Her thighs trembled at the touches of Jeff's fingers against her heated little cunt, and she involuntarily started slowly fucking the tip of his middle finger, which was lodged gently just inside her. Her grip increased, as well as the speed with which she stroked him, and she could imagine the beautiful cock in her hand growing thicker and redder with each stroke. It wasn't the biggest she'd ever jacked off, or even fucked for that matter, but somehow she knew it would be the best cock she ever had.

She loved how he practically fucked her hand and shoved it up towards her face and upper body. Finally, Jeff could take it no more. His hands found Brianna's hips and with a smooth motion, he lifted her slim hips over his head, letting her hot pussy come to rest right over his mouth. Her knees spasmed beside his head as she almost lost it and came right then and there in sheer anticipation. She prayed that whoever it was ate her pussy and that he was gifted at it. She whispered, "Oh fuck yeah, please eat me, baby," as Jeff's large hands squeezed her ass cheeks and pushed her tiny little slit closer to his mouth.

Thankfully, he didn't seem to hear her, because they weren't supposed to talk. That'd be a giveaway as to who they were. Brianna had her brother's generous cock in a death grip with both hands as she suddenly shuddered and vibrated the bed. Her body was wracked with pleasure as Jeff's tongue slid slowly up and down her soft lips, nibbling at her soft inner thighs, and teasing her sopping wet hole.

Her hips bucked against his mouth as he licked and sucked, and she moaned again and again, trying desperately not to talk to her mystery lover. The young blonde's toes curled tightly as she rode her brother's tongue, moving her hips rapidly, aching for him to make her cum and cum again with his mouth. It was all she could do not to scream in ecstasy as she exploded in his mouth, gushing cum into his eagerly awaiting gullet.

The girl's body rocked and shuddered, and she struggled to regain her wits for even a moment, as her brother, unbeknownst to her, drove his tongue as deep into his sister's delicious little pussy as he could get it. Brianna's juices were absolutely heavenly as he continued to lap and lick at her twat, loving how quickly he brought her to orgasm with his mouth. His hands wandered her slim, but perfect, body, amazed at the silken quality of her skin and the joy even the simplest touch evoked.

Never had he felt such a perfect body, so deliciously framed and proportioned, and he hoped she wanted him to keep pleasuring her all night long. His cock surged, growing thicker and harder, leaking viscous precum as he tasted her, his arousal growing exponentially.

Suddenly, his world shattered in a kaleidoscope of pure bliss as her soft, warm hands were replaced by her hot, silken mouth. He nearly cried out in pleasure, and his balls contracted sharply against his cock as she laved her tongue over the head of his cock, making mmming sounds as her tongue lapped up the precum oozing from the head.

Brianna's body was alive with sensations as Jeff's hands wandered all over her.

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Never had she felt a man with such an arousing, yet gentle, touch. She took his burgeoning cock even deeper into her mouth and throat, sucking him hard, as he continued to work on her soaking pussy. She couldn't believe how hard he was, how he gently fucked her sweet puffy lips without recklessly cramming his shaft down her throat.

The boy she was drowning in her cum and pussy was gentle, almost loving, in the way he touched and caressed her. Whoever lay by his side on a regular basis was a lucky woman, for sure.

She knew, in that instant, she'd do anything to experience sex like this, with someone like him, on a regular basis. She'd do absolutely anything to experience it with him, from now on. She'd never experienced anything like that, she thought, even as the head of his cock bounced off the back of her throat and her lips constricted around the meaty shaft, milking it as vigorously as she could.

God, this girl can suck a cock! If she fucks half as good as she gives head, I think I'm in love! What I wouldn't give to be her boyfriend, though Jeff as he shuddered, trying desperately to hold off on cumming. He was genuinely hooked on his mystery lover now, and he desperately tried to keep the idea that the night would eventually have to end as far away from his thoughts as humanly possible.

Though it was a good fight, it was ultimately a futile one. Brianna's mouth and tongue was far too much for him to take. She worked his cock with gusto, sucking and licking and kissing it with abandon, lost in the desire for the night never to end. Jeff's body shuddered and he cried out, holding her silken haired head gently, thrusting his tumescent cock deep between her soft kissable lips.

As he tensed and his body grew more erratic in its movements, Brianna silently urged him on, wanting desperately to taste his thick, hot, salty cum gushing into her waiting mouth, to swallow it and bask in the pleasure she gave him. With a growl and a wordless shout of pleasure, Jeff made a final thrust and felt his cock explode, feeling as if it were being ripped in two as the torrents of cum gushed out of his expanding head and flowed into Brianna's young mouth, gliding down her throat.

His hands had been caressing her and teasing her all this time, and he'd been licking and sucking at her pussy with the kind of devotion a cat gives a bowl of cream, making her squirm and shudder, cumming three more times into his more than willing mouth. Through clenched teeth, he feverishly whispered, "Oh yeah, that's it, baby. God you're incredible." This litany repeated itself several times, while he tensed, praying she couldn't hear him. After their bodies had stopped shuddering for the moment, Brianna turned slowly towards her brother, shrouded in darkness, reluctantly leaving his cock for the moment.

She had no intentions of leaving this room until she had to, and hoped he felt the same. She moaned softly as his hands found her body once again, and she gently stroked the head of his cock with her soft toes, gliding them against his half erect flesh as their lips met again in another fiery and explosive kiss. Both were lost in the throes of desire, and passion, and something else, something more. Neither could define what they were feeling, but it was obvious to each of them that they were experiencing something far stronger and different than anything they'd ever experienced before.

A gasp of pleasure escaped Brianna's lips as his mouth found her tiny, hard, pink little nipples, sucking gently on them, while massaging the other tit with his hands. Her toes tightened their grip around his cock, and she could feel it growing harder and thicker rapidly. She trembled with delight and excitement as she knew, without doubt, he'd be driving that beautiful, incredible cock all the way inside her tight, pink little pussy, all the way until his huge balls wedged themselves in the crack of her ass in very short order.

She came again just thinking about it, and feeling the precum oozing like crazy from his cock, gliding over her perfect little toes like icing, pooling on her unpolished toenails before running down between her digits. The feeling of her tiny feet and her exquisite little toes gripping his cock left no room for even considering remaining limp. The silken feeling of her feet stroking his cock as he sucked her modest little nipples was more than he could take.

He had no idea what his mystery lover looked like, had no clue it was his sweet and beautiful baby sister that he was so eagerly and passionately ravishing, but he knew somehow that she was gorgeous, radiantly beautiful. In his mind, and his heart, he could imagine nor perceive her as anything less.

His cock, engorged anew on blood, stood tall, hard and proud, swaying between her feet. He moaned, stroking her pussy, the lips growing thicker and puffier as he did so.

Her sweet opening oozed thick fluids as he gently touched her shoulder. Brianna needed no further encouragement, and immediately lay back, opening her thighs and arms to the boy she ached and longed to tell how she felt, to spill the feelings of her heart like an amorous rain.

Silently, she accepted him, welcomed him, and hoped he understood and knew what she was offering and what she was giving freely. Coming between her soft milky thighs, his hands slid under her slim frame, squeezing her firm ass in his hands as the head of his thick cock impacted against her gushing cunt.

Bending down, he kissed his sister softly, but heatedly, passionately, tongues dancing together in a wordless and timeless dance of emotion and desire. With a smooth thrust, the head slid into her tight opening, eliciting a groan of surprise and delight from him.

It felt almost like something popped and then he slowly pushed the rest of his quivering cock inside, pushing all the way until his huge, heavy balls wedged tightly against her ass, spread open by her thighs being parted so fully.

The sensations bombarding Brianna's youthful body were so intense, so mindblowingly vivid, she cried out despite herself in ecstasy. Her hands gripped Jeff's strong back and she lifted her hips, thrusting upwards at him as he began to slowly withdraw and then thrust back inside her.

Her pussy felt like he was driving a Greyhound bus through it with every stroke, but she didn't care. He was hers, for the moment, and she wanted every single sensation she could get out of him.

Back arching, she took him deep, urging him with her body to take her faster, to share with her the passion and need he was feeling, that she herself was feeling and desperately wanted to share with him. Fevered thrusts gave way to impassioned moaning and uncontrolled thrashing. His cock opened up a floodgate inside her, squeezing orgasm after orgasm out of her yearning cunt. With every explosion of pleasure, she gripped him, desperately wanting to give him what he was giving her, wanting to feel him explode on her, in her, it didn't matter, as long as he couldn't stop himself.

Sweaty body glided against sweaty body as they ground against one another. His thick, meaty shaft stretched her tiny pussy open to what appeared to be the breaking point with every thrust, and she could feel him tapping against her inside, which only made her cum yet again, wordlessly screaming her pleasure just for him.

Muscles contracted and expanded, thrusts pounded into her with more and more recklessness with each stroke. Each of them felt like their hearts were going to explode, along with their lungs, as they fought to get enough oxygen to feel the next thrust. Jeff felt exhausted, but relentlessly drove hard into Brianna's flawless body, which gripped him like a pink vise.

Pleasure built and grew, each thrust and stroke building the pressure, until finally, Jeff groaned and abruptly jerked his throbbing cock free of her extraordinarily tight pussy.

Fumbling in the dark, he raised up on his knees, holding his cock tightly around the base, keeping his explosion at bay for what few seconds he could.

His hands touched and caressed her feverishly, hoping she understood what he was trying to convey. Brianna instantly understood, and tapped his hand gently, as she swung her body around, fumbling a moment until the thick swollen head of his cock bumped against her soft, silken cheek. Jeff threw his head back and moaned wordlessly as her sweet mouth engulfed his prodigious cock, shuddering violently as her tongue swished and swirled over the head of his cock as she fucked her mouth with it.

The time came, quickly, where he could stand it no more, and his hands tangled in her soft, silken golden hair as his cock thrust into her mouth just as it had her pussy. His body shuddered like a leaf in a tornado, and he moaned and growled as his body convulsed, and the head of his cock seemed to rip open, hot, thick cum exploding from the flesh like a geyser.

Brianna swallowed convulsively, trying desperately to take all her heart's unknown desire's cum down her throat, to taste every drop he had to offer. The heated liquid passion disappeared down her greedy throat, and they lay together, bathed in sweat, but content, stroking each other, and kissing more like lovers than two people getting together for a casual mystery fuck.

Each felt like they'd known the other all their lives, and though they didn't understand the weird feeling, they were smart enough not to argue over much with themselves about it. ********* Jeff and Brianna, loving and normal brother and sister, fucked each other senseless several more times over the night before finally collapsing into a light and feverish sleep in each other's arms.

Each of them were realizing that they were becoming far more emotionally invested in whoever their mystery partner was, far more than a casual and larkish mystery fuck, than they could ever have imagined. Neither of them had vast experience in expressing deeper emotions, let alone processing the fact that they felt such deep feelings, so were both uncertain of what to do, or how to go about doing it.

With the first gray light of the coming dawn, Brianna awoke with a start, her hand still gently wrapped around Jeff's half erect cock. In the very pale light, she could make out his outline, and a very vague impression of what he looked like, but not nearly a good enough look to positively identify him.

He was little more than a shadow at that time of the morning. She gathered what little she had come with, praying that she could get dressed and get out of there before the hot hunk she'd spent the night fucking like rabbits woke up.

She left the room quickly, all but running for where her clothes were, and with practiced speed, dressed and was out the door before anyone could do much more than blink. As Brianna was moving about, sleep slowly left Jeff. His eyes, still somewhat lazy in the early morning, opened in slits to see a shapely shadow with golden hair moving about the room.

Cute blonde schoolgirl Jessie Young

He smiled softly as he watched her, his own personal sex angel, moving around the room, gathering herself. Like a ghost, she slipped out the door and was gone before he could gather enough energy to sit up.

Deciding he needed to get home and check on Brianna, he quickly exited the room and dressed. Cynthia and Darren were twined together, naked, on a very plushy chair on the way out the door.

He waved at Darren and said he'd see him later. Outside, he was breathing deeply on his way to his car. The sun was still casting a very gray light, though it was brightening a little. As he neared his car, he saw a dark shape on the ground near the driver's side door. Curious, he approached it and bent to pick it up. It was a black woman's wallet, and he looked around, but didn't see anyone anywhere.

They were either gone, or still inside, asleep. "Well, I guess I ought to peek inside and see who to take it to," he murmured to himself.

The whole night of being unable to talk had left him surprisingly in need to hear his own voice. He flipped the wallet open, and stopped dead in his tracks. He blinked several times, as if trying to make something go away, but no matter how many times he blinked, it was still right there, staring back at him.

His beautiful baby sister's face, so lovely not even a school photo could detract from it, stared back at him from her school ID. Right there, in black and white, under her picture, read Brianna Kenton, Ninth Grade, Harrison High School.

Jeff's chest felt tight, like it was about to explode, and he was having trouble breathing. The shock that she was at the party ran over him like a lightning strike. He felt his hands shaking as they closed the wallet, and he looked around.

He knew that the people in attendance were all people he knew, and that they were all pretty good people, that didn't mean he wanted his sister fucking any of them. He knew this crowd, and if they were here, they didn't have anything long term going on, and commitment was a dirty word to people like this. He didn't like the thoughts this conjured at all. As he stood there, unlocking his car, a realization finally hit him.

His head jerked up and he looked around at the two areas where cars were parked. He'd seen them, and even counted them, when he'd come in the night before. He hadn't paid enough attention to them to say who was there and who wasn't, but he knew how many cars came. None of them had gone. Which meant that his mystery lover, and Brianna, were the only people to have left so far. A cold, hard feeling like a rock started forming in his gut.

The fact that the cars were all still here, and that his companion had left, as well as Brianna had apparently left, didn't mean that his mystery lover had, in fact, been his baby sister, but he had to admit the chances of the current circumstances, both of them gone, and his mystery lover not being his sister were extremely slim.

He'd spent the entire night fucking his baby sister's brains out, and not only had he fucked her, she was the best fuck he'd ever had, and worse, he couldn't get her out of his head, he couldn't get how he felt about her out of his head. What in the name of God was he going to do? It all made sense now: the scent of her perfume, her build, the softness of her skin, the color and length of her hair, the naggingly familiar sound of her voice, it all added up.

He couldn't fool himself. The best fuck of his life, the girl he had developed and was still developing very strong feelings for was, in fact, his younger sister. Unable to put it off any longer, he leaped into his car, and raced from the mansion like a bat out of hell, driving like a madman for his house. ********* Brianna closed the door behind her and ran upstairs to her room. Throwing her stuff on the bed, she gripped the edges of her dresser and stared at herself in the mirror, shock still evident on her face.

Her expression contorted in a tortured visage as she began pacing back and forth in front of the mirror, wringing her hands. When she'd come out of the mansion, she'd felt refreshed and vibrantly alive.

She was trying to figure a way she would find out who her lover was, and make contact with them. Maybe something would even develop between the two of them. Then she'd stepped outside, and had caught sight of her brother's car parked along with the others. Horror had begun to take root as she'd numbly approached it, looking it over, hoping against hope she was mistaken and that it was not Jeff's car, but she'd been right on the whole time.

It was Jeff's car, which meant he was at the party as well. On the surface, it didn't seem like that big a deal. So he was at the same party. Big deal. Then little details that she hadn't paid any attention to before came flooding back in glaring relief. The mystery guy's build was the same as Jeff's, he wore the same cologne and it mixed with his natural scent the same way, the way he touched her was exactly the same touch Jeff would use when giving her a massage or working a cramp out for her, in the dark she'd felt a bracelet on his wrist and knew it was Jeff's.

She had ignored that because she hadn't wanted to see it was Jeff, but she knew that bracelet anywhere. She bought it for him herself, it was one of a kind.


She'd fooled herself into not noticing the truth, but now she couldn't lie to herself anymore. The horror evolved, grew worse, and she had a sick and sinking feeling in her gut. She'd thrown up twice on the way home, and despite her trying to get a grip, disturbing thoughts had plagued her, thoughts that revolted her and excited her at the same time.

The door downstairs closed and she heard Jeff's footsteps coming up the stairs. His car had been quietly rumbling just moments ago in the driveway. Now what was she supposed to do? It was only a matter of seconds, and he was standing in her doorway. Jeff stared at his sister for long moments in silence, as she either didn't realize he was there, or pretended that he wasn't. He tapped her wallet lightly against his other hand a couple of times, and then held it up.

"Bri, you dropped your wallet in the driveway at the party," he said quietly, trying to gauge her state of mind at the moment. He wondered if she realized what had happened, or if she was still blissfully unaware. "I didn't know you were at that party. I'm not mad, but I wish I'd known.

It'd have made things a lot easier if I had." His words chilled her and she visibly shivered, wrapping her arms around herself as if to ward off the storm she knew was coming. Slowly, she turned towards him.

Her face was streaked with tears, and he knew without a doubt she knew exactly what had happened last night. "I wish you had known, too. I wish I'd known you were there. I…I don't know what to say, Jeff. Oh God, you know what this&hellip.you know that we just spent the night&hellip.oh God," she whispered softly. She moved to the bed and sat down, drawing herself into as small a bundle as she could. He couldn't gauge the emotions on her face, couldn't tell what she was thinking.

No more than he could tell what he himself was thinking. He watched her a moment, and then gently joined her on the bed. He wanted to wrap his arm around her and tell her everything would be all right, but he wasn't sure that wouldn't make things worse at this point in time. Instead, he rubbed his palms slowly up and down his thighs a moment, and gently took her chin in hand, turning her face towards him.

"I don't know if there's anything we can say. At least, not anything that would actually make sense." He nodded softly, reaching over to take her hand in his and gently squeeze it. "I know what it means, yes. I know we just spent the night having sex with each other, completely unaware of who we were having sex with." He paused a moment, and then cleared his throat before continuing, "I know its bad, that it feels even worse, but we're still brother and sister, we're still family, and we still love each other, Bri.

What happened was crazy, unexpected, and something that if we'd known, we would never have done. But what's done is done, sweetheart. We can't take it back or undo it. We have to live with it, and work forward. Its all right, don't blame yourself.

Its no one's fault, okay? We've got to move forward, together. We can't let ourselves dwell on this, it'll destroy us." The lovely blonde listened to her brother quietly, and squeezed his hand back, even. As he talked, however, new tears began streaming down her face, and she looked up at him desolately.

"No, we wouldn't.


Yeah, we still love each other, we're still family. You're sure right there, it was crazy, unexpected, and if we'd known beforehand, we'd never have done it. But we did. Boy, did we ever. What we did, what we had last night…I can't even start describing what I feel, how I felt, what I'm feeling about it." Jeff listened in silence as Brianna fidgeted, even scooting closer to him and squeezing his hand even tighter.

Finally, she faced him again, and continued, "You're right, we can't undo it or take it back. Its done, finished, no going back. That's crazy, its hard to even comprehend, let alone think about living with. But you want to know the really crazy part, the thing that makes all this look like Sunday morning service at church?" Her voice was cracking, growing strained, and there was a look of desperation in her eyes, along with other things he couldn't even hazard a guess at.

He winced as her voice had increased in pitch, and he was afraid that she'd become hysterical at any moment. As calmly as he could, he squeezed her hand, and looked at her intently.

"What's the really crazy part, Bri?" He couldn't imagine what could be worse than they'd already experienced. He kept pretty much quiet, because he couldn't let on that he was feeling something crazy, something strange, something as wrong as could be, yet he was feeling it anyway, and unlike a smudge on a window, he couldn't wipe it away.

Brianna turned more fully towards him, and the look on her face defied description. "The really crazy part is that what we did was wrong, we know it was wrong, and its one of those things that just can't be fixed, but even with all that, even so&hellip.last night was the most wonderful thing I've ever experienced&hellip.you are the most incredible and wonderful lover I've ever known&hellip.and&hellip.and though I know its wrong, though I know its crazy, I don't want to stop.

Ever. I want to keep on being with you, I want to never lose that feeling." She paused and looked deeply into his eyes, her face a mystery of emotions, then finished, "I feel for you. I love you, not like a brother, but&hellip.like I love you. Like I think I'm in love with you." She fell silent and turned away again, as if she expected to be blasted, or worse.

Jeff blinked several times. He didn't know what to say, what to think or feel. Mind boggling didn't even begin to cover it. Though, no matter if he tried to push it away or not, there was a truth, an awful truth that he couldn't hide from, no matter how much he might want to. He let her words sink in, and there was a war inside him, but no matter what he knew he should say and do, no matter which side should win, Jeff already knew which side had won, and he couldn't hide from it.

His hand took hers, and he turned her, meeting her eyes with his own, and he slid closer. "Believe it or not, last night was the most wonderful thing I've ever experienced too.

I've never known a lover that could even wash your underwear, let alone hold a candle to you. Its not crazy, Bri I want to be with you, I want to keep being with you, too. I don't want to ever lose that feeling either." Running a hand back through his hair, he exhaled slowly, never taking his eyes away.

"The truth of the matter is that I love you, too. Like I think I'm in love with you. I felt it last night, I felt it all the way home, and now, seeing you, I'm more sure than ever. I need you and I want you and I love you, Brianna. I don't care if you're my sister or Mother Superior, that doesn't change what I feel." It'd taken a lot for Jeff to say that, and Brianna knew it. She could tell, and she was sure he knew how hard it was for her to say it as well. The heart wouldn't be denied, it didn't care who you were in love with, being in love was being in love.

Long moments of silence passed between them, and they stared into each other's eyes. Each was asking the silent question of "What do we do now? What do we do about it?" Finally, Brianna swept the things off the bed, and crawled up in the middle of it, tugging Jeff along with her. Nothing was said, nothing was needed to be said, as their lips joined together, kissing deeply once again. Clothes found their way to the bedroom floor, leaving brother and sister as naked as the day they were born, and they came together in love, in a pure emotion that no familial title could dispel.

The day wore long and slow, and was witness to what lay in Jeff and Brianna's hearts. The night before, they'd fucked like rabbits, reveling in the act of sharing their bodies with each other, for hours on end. Today, something different happened.

Gone were the brother and sister. In their place, two lovers, deeply in love, were left behind, and the day was passed with them making love, sharing each other's heart and soul with one another.

They stopped only long enough to eat or to tend to bodily functions, the rest of the day, they were wrapped in one another, the purest expression of love. They weren't sure how they were going to handle things with their friends, and when their parents came back, but at that moment, the only thing they cared about was each other. After that, everything else could be taken care of. Love was first, always.