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Banging big tit ebony nurse gf
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4. Surf's up Tom became more and more animated as the car descended to the beach; as he watched the surfers catching the waves, carving big curves in the face of the combers his eyes grew larger and he bounced in his seat. He bolted from the car just as it stopped at a collection of buildings that serviced the people at the beach in search of a board. There were shops selling food, shops selling swim ware and shops renting beach chairs, personal water craft and most importantly surfboards; Tom was off with Ginger right behind him running for the surf shop.

Sorting thru the large assortment of boards stacked against the wall he found just what he was looking for. Ginger finally got his attention and asked if he would teach her to surf; pausing to glance back at the remaining boards he selected one and handed it to her with a big smile.

They made their way to the register with Tom selecting various other little things like wax and waterproof sunscreen before they filled out the paper work for the rental.

He was delighted that he could charge the rental to his room back at the hotel and told Ginger that he would reimburse Carol for all this later.


Carrying the boards and all the rest of their gear down to the water's edge they set up camp near the group of young surfers. Tom showed Ginger how to wax her board, how to paddle it out and how to stand and control it before they then went into the shallow water where the waves finally died to demonstrate the basics of surfing.

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Ginger fell repeatedly but always came up laughing demanding that Tom show her again. Finally Tom retrieved his board and they paddled out a little ways further to catch some small waves together; he was a patient teacher and Ginger learned quickly.

While they were waiting for a wave another surfer sliced his way over dumping his board right in front of them. When he came up he was right in front of Tom yelling "Dude, Tom!" It was an old friend from Tom's past, they exchanged greetings and Tom introduced Ginger to Terry, his old surfer buddy.

Terry eyed Ginger up and down in a way that made Ginger blush; they all caught the next wave in and pulled their boards up to their stuff where Terry introduced Tom and Ginger to his old lady Cindy. Terry was almost a carbon copy of Tom except that his hair was much longer and he had a scraggly beard. Cindy could have been the ideal surfer chick, she was tall, blond and had big firm tits and a tight ass covered by a colorful bikini; her tan was so deep it looked like she had been born with it.

Terry said that he couldn't believe it when he recognized Tom and he was staying in the kiddy pool as he phrased it until he saw who Tom was with then he just had to go over and check out his old friend. He told Tom that there were some killer waves further out and challenged him to go out and join the real surfers. Tom shrugged and motioned at Ginger telling Terry that he was with her and he couldn't just leave her high and dry; Ginger quickly said that it was OK with her and besides she could stay with Cindy or find Dan and Carol who had to be somewhere close.

A big smile broke out on Tom's face as he grabbed his board charging for the sea. Dan and Carol had watched the two kids charge off before they moved down the beach to a small cabana that offered shade and cool drinks. The sun was high and hot but they enjoyed their little bit of shade and the tequila laced icy drinks watching the activity all around them. Little kids made sand castles, bigger kids played volley ball, some people were swimming and there were the surfers to watch.

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They watched as Tom and Ginger were assimilated into the crowd of young people on the beach then in the water. Tom told Carol the abbreviated story of his life and learned that Carol owned her own investment firm in Sacramento; she had been married once when she was very young, she now felt that she was too independent to submit to another marriage but was always in need of male companionship. Dan admitted that he too was always looking for companionship to help him thru the long days now that his wife was gone.

They left unsaid their amazement at their last few days together, but they both praised Ginger and Tom expressing their appreciation for the youngsters. The talk was getting a little too serious for Dan so when he saw a couple glide past hoisted high above the crowd by a parachute pulled by a speed boat he dragged Carol out of her chair and led her down the beach to the take off point.

After a short wait they were on the speed boat belted into a large boson's chair waiting to be pulled aloft; up they went as the speeding craft cruised around the bay; higher and higher they rose giving them a terrific thrill and a wonderful view.

They recognized Tom as he and almost a half dozen others rode a big wave from far out in the ocean to within yards of the shore. Carol sat close to Dan feeling many emotions but in the background she had a deep need; though her pussy was a little tender she had a need to be filled again, to be held and caressed in the way she had been the night before. Her life had been so empty for so long that she had sort of gotten used to it because that was just how it was; the last few days however had reminded her of how fulfilling a good relationship could be and she wanted more.

She was not sure if it was Tom or Dan or Ginger that had awakened her, maybe it was the combination of all three, she wanted more but she wasn't sure how she should go about it.

Cindy had introduced Ginger around to the small group of girls that made up the surfer chicks waiting and watching from the sandy shore and Ginger quickly felt at home among her new friends. They engaged in some girl talk and Ginger asked lots of questions about surfing until the guys all came back dragging their boards to be greeted by their happy girl friends.

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Someone made a run back to buy tacos and burritos, the coolers were opened to share the ice cold beer; everyone was starving and they all had a great time as the afternoon wore on. Later everyone decided that there was enough time left before the sun disappeared for a few more runs so they began to grab their boards to head out one last time; Ginger was not sure she should go and was hanging back until Tom noticed and asked if anyone had a larger tandem board he could use.

One guy said sure and handed Tom his board which he took before grabbing Ginger's arm pulling her into the surf. Together they paddled out and with Ginger in front they caught a descent wave which they rode with Tom's hands on Ginger's waist; Ginger was thrilled with the speed… and the touch of Tom's hands. While they were paddling out again they watched another couple together as he picked his companion up onto his shoulders going just a little way before they wiped out.

Ginger wanted to try it so while they waited for the next wave they planned out their moves. Catching the next wave they almost managed to get her on his shoulders before they too wiped out; by their third try they had their coordination down and they rode a wave until they chose to turn around.

Their last try was on a monster wave. With terrific speed they cruised in with Ginger balanced on Tom's right shoulder, she laid out straight, feet extended and arms out like she was flying; at the end Tom let Ginger dive into the surf from his shoulder then he followed and they swam to shore each hanging on to a side of the board. Terry made sure that Tom and Ginger were invited to the cookout that the surfers had planned and though they had nothing to bring they were enthusiastically encouraged to join in.

There was to be a large bonfire and lots of food and drink; a fitting end to a great vacation Ginger thought. Making their way back to their cars Ginger sought out Dan and Carol finding them sipping their drinks in the shade of a beach umbrella. She explained that she and Tom had been invited to a beach party and they would be finding their own way back later.

Carol reminded Ginger that they had to catch a flight out early tomorrow and told her not to get herself into a bind. "Yes, Mom." Was Ginger's answer then with a smile she was off to join the others. Dan looked at Carol and smiled, he had her all to himself for the rest of the vacation, a pleasant thought indeed. They sat there for a little while enjoying the quiet; most of the people having gone home, the beach empty and the sun beginning to set. "I guess we had better be going too." said Dan as he stood and offered his hand to Carol.

She took his hand and he pulled her up right into his arms, holding her close he wasted little time before he kissed her. They stood there in the sand holding one another for some time exchanging kisses and caresses until they moved on back to their car and the short journey home. Dan drove carefully dividing his attention between the road ahead and Carol; she sat in the passenger's seat calmly looking out at the scenery or into Dan's eyes. Dan's dick began to grow large and hard just as Carol's nipples began to harden, her pussy becoming noticeably moist; there seemed to be a lot of sexual tension in the car and it built as they cruised on toward their hotel.

Returning the car to the hotel's lot they walked arm in arm thru the lobby to the elevator; once inside Dan enveloped Carol in his arms and backed her against the wall as he again kissed her crushing his body against her, grinding his hips into her willing body. The lift chimed and the door opened to find them still holding one another firmly, they had to hurry and catch the door before it closed just escaping in time to make the walk down to their rooms.

They chose his room because it was the first one they came to. The bed had been remade and mints were laid out on the pillows, but neither of them noticed before they fell onto the middle of it and began to make out like teenagers.

Shoes were kicked off and shirts were swept away with their shorts. Dan sat up and removed Carol's swimsuit top as she tried to pull down his shorts and they began to laugh at their apparent frustrations with the clothing. Carol had her bikini bottoms on but Dan was naked when they again wrapped themselves around one another again feeling the others skin from their lips to their toes. A small caravan of vehicles carried the surfers from the big beach to a much smaller cove that offered shelter from the wind and lots of firewood; everyone pitched in and soon they had enough wood to last the night, the fire was started, someone turned on some music and they all relaxed.

Ginger found herself lying on the sand with her head on Tom's lap looking up at his eyes and beyond to the darkening sky where the stars were just beginning to become visible. Everyone chatted and laughed as the hotdogs, buns and condiments were passed around; sticks appeared seemingly out of thin air and they all began to roast the wieners.

Tom and Terry were thick as thieves talking about old times and catching up on their lives. Cindy stayed close and seemed to be taking a lot of interest in Tom's life; when Terry went off to find some more beer Cindy moved in closer and continued to engage Tom with questions about his tour in the Army and his travels around the world. Ginger felt a little left out of the conversation so she concentrated on cooking the perfect hotdog; Tom had no problem talking about himself going on and on about all the people he had met and the places he had seen.

When Terry returned with his arms full of cold bottles of beer Ginger jumped up to help him unload and was glad that he wanted to talk to her and hear about her life. She told him about the scuba trip and joining the crew of the Sea Witch, growing up in Ohio and her little job.

He told her that she was a natural surfer and how with just a little more practice she could be better than most of the girls here on the beach. Terry even offered to give her private lessons back in California… if she ever got out his way. Tom had gotten up to talk with another old friend and Cindy had followed so Ginger and Terry were left on their own for a while.

Ginger began complaining about the smoke from the fire bothering her eyes now that the breeze had changed directions. Terry got up and offered his hand to pull Ginger up so that she could step away from the fire to clear her eyes and breathe some fresh air. Once standing Ginger could see Tom mixing it up with some of his old buddies and how Cindy was right at his side like a star struck groupie; it seemed that she had started this vacation being abandoned by her friends and she now would end it being abandoned again.

Terry put his arm around her shoulders and turned her around pointing out the moon that was beaming brightly on the water and started walking her down the beach. He questioned her about her change of mood and when she just shrugged he offered to cheer her up and quickly kissed her then ran away down the beach jumping up and down and hollering for her to follow which she did. It didn't take much for Ginger to catch him and when she did he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her, hard.

At first she was laughing and kissing him back but as his movements became more insistent she became quiet then more resistant to his advances. His hands seemed to be everywhere, at her breasts, her ass, and her back, he even groped her pussy. Ginger had just begun to struggle against him as they stood in the sand at the edge of the surf when a hand landed firmly on Terry's shoulder pulling him back away from her.

To regain his balance Terry had to release Ginger allowing her to step back a few feet. Tom moved in between the two facing Terry. "You never change, do you!" said Tom. "Always looking to score aren't you?" Terry shrugged offering that Tom seemed to have his hands full with Cindy and Ginger was lonely so why should he not offer her some companionship for the evening.

Tom had formed his right hand into a fist and seemed ready to belt Terry when Ginger intervened grabbing his arm and telling him to calm down because everything was alright. He turned to her with a wild look in his eyes which left him as soon as he saw the look in her eyes; turning back to Terry he dismissed him with a wave of his left hand. Facing her again he allowed her to step forward, wrap her arms around him and press her face into his chest before we wrapped his arms protectively around her shoulders.

"I thought you had forgotten about me…" she said with tears welling up in her eyes. He interrupted her before she could finish her thought by holding her face in his hands and kissing away the tears before he spoke.

"I could never forget about you." With another kiss he went on. "I am here with you, and I could never leave you to the likes of him! There is no one else I would rather be with than you." With that said he turned them both toward the fire and they walked together back to the party.

Dan, in his musings this afternoon, had wondered what he could do to make an impression on Carol. Just fucking her silly was not the way to go, that had been done, he had to do something different to stand out in her mind; tonight he had to take her somewhere she had never been before. She had so much experience, she had done so many things and she was so strong… Bam! Another light bulb went off in his head; he knew what she had never experienced before and he was just the man to do it now.

As they lay intertwined he knew he had to act quickly; extracting himself from her grip he got up and went into the bathroom.

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He returned with the sashes from the robes in his hands and leaped on her using his weight and leverage to subdue her; securing a sash to each wrist and the other end to the headboard while she still thought it was a joke.

Using one of Gingers hose he managed to tie one of her ankles to the foot of the bed before he stood watching her struggle against her bonds as she cursed him and all his ancestors.

Her face was red and with her free leg she kicked at him in vain. Once she spent her furry she calmed down but watched him with eyes that would kill a lesser man. Taking a place at her side he began to caress her randomly; his skilled fingers traced soft lines from her ears up to her hands then he made circles around her abdomen then up around her breasts avoiding her nipples for now.

While his hands were so occupied he spoke soft words of praise, telling her how much he loved her. Making sure that she could not land a solid blow with her free leg he massaged her secured foot and lower leg letting his fingers wander up her thigh to circle her covered pussy. He pressed his hands into her sides sliding them up to tickle her armpits. Her eyes began to soften as he caressed her tits firmly pushing them together and lifting them a little before allowing them to slip softly back against her chest.

Pinching the little pebbles that were her nipples he rolled them firmly between his thumbs and forefingers, for the first time Carol whimpered.

Taking a chance he leaned in to kiss her lips lightly while pressing the heel of his hand firmly against the mound just above her pussy; she moaned a little when he lifted his lips away from hers. Carol gave him a sultry look as she pushed her hips up against his hand asking Dan to untie her so they could go on with their play. Dan stopped touching her and told her harshly that she had NO say about what he would do to her and that she would stay bound up until he was sure that she had submitted completely to him; beginning again he started with her hair and worked his way down her body sometimes his touch was hard, sometimes light he delighted in her responses to his touch.

She allowed him to massage her free leg without causing him harm, grazing his hand over her swim suit she would thrust her hips up trying to make real contact with her now damp pussy; he kept pulling his hand away denying her any relief. Getting up on his knees he stroked his hard cock in front of her face then he wiped his precum on her tits as she groaned in frustration. He moved to a position between her legs where he began to pull down her swimsuit slowly exposing her cunt to his view; she raised her hips and flexed her free leg allowing them to slide the material down off her butt; he then slipped it further down freeing one foot.

Then he slid the useless thing down her other leg to her secured ankle. Carol spread her legs as wide as she could lewdly presenting her now open pussy to Dan's gaze; with her scent now wafting around the room Dan maneuvered his cock to touch her cunt lips and slide it over her swollen clit, Carol groaned and thrust her hips up in a vain attempt to get more contact with Dan's hot stick. Dan warned her to lay still or he would stop touching her. Dan again touched her pussy with his cock and smiled when Carol remained still letting a soft moan slip from her lips.

Tied up as she was with her hands over her head and about a foot apart, the restraints were loose enough that with her assistance he rolled her over; her backside now exposed he began to massage her feet, continuing up her legs he slowly worked all her muscles firmly. He paid a lot of attention to her thigh muscles using both hands on each one in turn; at first he avoided the hot space between her legs but as he began to work the globes of her butt he allowed his fingers to slide down and caress her pussy too.

When Carol would wiggle her ass or try and bring it up in the air he would slap her cheeks and stop his work for a full minute; she got the message and though she moaned more and more she kept her ass still. Finally he abandoned her round bottom and moved all the way up to her head he worked his hands around her ears and the back of her neck; then on down to her shoulders and back making sure he wrapped his fingers far enough around to touch her breasts.

He put a little more slack into the nylon securing her leg before he pulled her hips up so that she was on her knees, sliding his hand right up between her legs he cupped her pussy making sure that the tip of one finger was right on her clit. Pulling up with that hand and pressing down on the small of her back with the other he mauled her cunt until she groaned as she came; her juices made his hand slippery as he continued to rub it up and down rapidly.

Carol collapsed back to a prone position and lay motionless as he pulled his hand from between her legs. He was now ready for her to become his cum slut so he rolled her over again and moved up until he was kneeling over her chest with his dick touching her chin.

"Open wide and say AAAAHHH!" He said as he pushed the spongy tip of his cock to her lips. When it went in he thrust himself forward pulling her head up so that he was fucking her mouth, thrusting forward and pulling her head up he established a rhythm that suited him. Her mouth was warm and slick with her saliva and she provided good suction on the head that made him crazy. It didn't take him long before his balls tightened up and he flooded her mouth with a goodly portion of his hot cum; holding her head against his body as his dick pulsed several times he pushed out the last of his load.

For a while he just lay beside her as he caught his breath; Dan knew he was near the end but he wanted to do more before he released her. He got back between her legs and began to lick and suck at her hot, slick hole; taking his time he tested her with several different touches and gauged her reactions to see what she really liked.

Once he got her going he maneuvered his hand down and inserted two then three fingers into her pussy as his tongue worked her clit.


Carol came once then again as he kept up his assault on her center. He released her leg and repositioned himself now that she could bend both knees and he took one finger out of her cunt and slipped it into her ass; it went in easily because of all the lubrication coming out of her pussy. Dan was happy that for all his attention Carol remained relatively passive with the exception of the sounds she was making.

Now he changed position releasing her hands from the soft restraints he plunged his hard cock deep into her slippery hole fucking her mercilessly. Carol did not pull her hands down but kept them where they were as if she were still bound but she did wrap her legs around Dan's hips locking her ankles together pulling him deeper into her hole. Moving with a purpose he grabbed her shoulders for leverage pounding his hips at Carol until his rhythm began to break down and he began to stutter as he came with a groan collapsing on top of her.

When he came to he rolled half off Carol and his now soft dick slipped out and lay in a messy pool of liquids on his leg. She brought her arms down and wrapped them around his shoulders as they adjusted their positions to snuggle in close.

Hours later, sometime in the gray dawn of the morning Dan made gentle love to Carol one last time, it was full of caresses, kisses and holding on for dear life. He came to much later realizing that she was not in bed but he relaxed when he heard the shower running; stretching and rolling about he enjoyed the luxury of a lazy morning.

Carol appeared wearing one of the white robes and humming to herself she sat on the bed then sprawled back against Dan. "Good morning magic man." She purred. Knowing what he must smell like he just snuggled against her back and threw his arms around her in a bear hug.

"Good morning to you too." he whispered softly. He got up on his own to shave and shower before she could chide him for his "rough ways"; once cleaned up he joined Carol in clearing out the two rooms, they searched under the beds and behind chairs for discarded items finding a few things that they threw on a bed to be packed.

Dan went ahead and ordered breakfast for the last time making sure that there would be enough for the kids who would be running late if they didn't show up soon. Carol came out of the bathroom dressed in more clothes than she had worn all week but she still looked stunning. He was all dressed too when the food came and they were just getting started when Ginger and Tom arrived looking a little disheveled; when Ginger noticed Carol's disapproving look she explained that they had spent the entire night on the beach cuddled up under a big beach towel.

The kids immediately jumped into the shower, together, but it was a short one as communal showers go; afterward Tom took his stuff and went to the other room to shave and change while Ginger pulled her traveling clothes out of her bag stashing her dirty things back in the same bag. Picking at the food as she dressed she prepared herself to join civilization again. Dan watched with interest as she moved around the room comparing her now with the little girl he met only days ago.

She still made his dick stir in his pants but he knew that she had out grown him and was ready for a new life.

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Tom finally joined the others at the breakfast table and ate heartily; Dan noticed that Ginger fed him slices of mango every chance she had. Their flights were departing close enough to one another that they took the same shuttle to the airport and stayed together as long as they could.

Ginger's flight would be first, then Tom and Carol's then last of all Dan would depart. After they announced Ginger's flight she hugged Dan and told him that she loved him and that she would be moving out to California in a month or two…to be near Tom.

Tom told her that he had decided to go back to school on his GI bill and since she would be able to get job fairly quickly with the reference Carol said she would be writing for her she just had to make the move.

Dan was not really surprised and hugged her close honestly wishing her the very best. Her goodbye hug for Carol was shorter but when she kissed Tom he would not let her go until the last minute before they closed the boarding gate. It was a short walk to Carol's gate but Dan tried to make the most of the time left; holding Carol close he wanted to say something profound but she put her finger to his lips and silenced him before she pulled him into her embrace.

She was having trouble finding the words too so all she got out was a soft thank you before she kissed him goodbye. She made sure that he saw her slip her business card in his carryon bag before she turned to take Tom's arm and walk thru the boarding gate. Dan hated traveling alone yet here he was getting on a jet buy himself at least this time he had some great memories to keep him company as he flew away from his latest adventure.