Hot interracial session with a sexy blonde

Hot interracial session with a sexy blonde
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Sara's Revenge Fuck part 2 "Hey, Don," Ken called out, as he came through the door, "Sara's out here, she wants to talk to you." As Don headed towards the door, Ken grinned and asked, quietly, "You ain't fixin' to tap that little pussy, are you?

I'd be willing to help, after Sunday, when Virgie goes back home." Don told him, "Yeah, I wish…". On the landing, Sara asked Don if he, and the other guys would be at Lee's party, the on Saturday, next. Don told her yes, the other boys' girlfriends were coming in this weekend, so he was going to see some friends, who had just moved out of town.

"The vacuum cleaner girl?" she asked, "she's a cutie, but she's jail bait, too. Just watch yourself." With that little bit of advice, she wheeled, looked back over her shoulder, winked at Don and flipped the tail of her skirt, showing her upper thighs as she stepped back through her door, and closed it. "You sexy little bitch," Don mumbled under his breath, "One of these days, I promise, I'm gonna hang my cock in that hot pussy of yours, married or not." Don spent the weekend in Oil City, with Claudia and Tina.

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The woman and her little girl kept him well fucked, for two days. During that weekend, he had experienced anal sex, for the first time. Claudia had gobbled his dick into her mouth, the moment he walked through the door. "Wow," he exclaimed, "were you just hungry for a cum cocktail, or are you glad to see me?" "We're both glad to see you, Don. In fact, Tina and I were talking the other day, if you and the other guys would like, you can quit paying rent, and move in, here, with us.

Y'all can have all the sex you want, blow jobs, pussy, ass fuck, anything. Tina's real dad pays me one helluva child support check, and you can just do whatever you can, to help out around here. What do you think?" Don thought for a few seconds, then asked, "Did you say ass fuck? Hmm, now that's something I've never done." "Tina never had, either, 'til her chicken shit brother drugged her one night." Claudia was remembering that night, and getting mad.

"She could barely walk the next day, her ass was so sore. I think all the little bastards took a turn on her." Tina hugged her mother, and said, "But it's not so bad, now that I know how to handle it.

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In fact, I've had your dick in my pussy a few times, already, but I'd kinda like to have it up my ass, when you feel like you can go again." Don told her he'd be ready, whenever she was.

She slipped into the bathroom, gave her guts a quick enema, then another, to get rid of residuals. She beckoned to Don to follow, then led him to her bed. "Face up, or face down?", she asked, "I can handle it either way." Don asked her to lie on her back, raised her knees toward her shoulders, positioned himself, then felt Claudia's hand grasp his cock, from behind, and guide it to Tina's little brown spot.

Tina gave a slight, outward push, as Don forced his body forward. The bulb of his cock head slipped right into her, already lubricated hole. It was tight. He couldn't remember if Chris's pussy was even as tight, the night he took her virginity.


He stroked slowly, relishing the new experience, until his member sank the final inches, and his balls were slapping her ass. The feeling became stronger, and stronger, until he was ramming as hard and fast as he could pump.

He was nearly in a trance, when Tina screamed.

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Her orgasm had caught him off guard, and the noise caused him to nearly pull out. Sensing Don's hesitation, Tina grabbed the back of his ass, and jerked him back in. "Goddamn it, fuck meeee!" She yelled at him, "Fuck me, fuck me!" Resuming his thrusts, Don quickly became aware that his load was boiling, and about to erupt.

His cum began to flow, as hot as lava. Tina's bowels were filled with, what he thought, was his biggest ejaculation, ever. Spent, he collapsed on the girl, kissing her cute face, and massaging her small tits. After a few minutes, Tina lifted his head, and smiled, "See what you could be having, all the time, if you lived with us?" Friday came around, again, and Sara was watching for Don as he got home from work.

She asked him to help her move some furniture, so she and Lee could finish decorating for the party, which was to start at seven, that night. "I need to get it moved before Lee gets here.


He's such a wimp, and fusses about doing any kind of real work. If we can get it moved, we'll have more dancing area." Don pitched his lunch box, and the mail he had retrieved from the box downstairs, into his apartment, than crossed over to Sara's place (we called it a 'pad' back then).

Within a few minutes, the couch, dining room table, an overstuffed chair, and a few small pieces were moved away from the upcoming dance floor. Sara gave him a slight hug, and said, "Now, that wasn't very hard, was it?" Don told her to be careful with her hugs, or something might get very hard. When he turned to go back to his own place, his hand wandered down, and gently patted her on the ass.

She moved his hand and told him, "One thing you ought to know, I'm pregnant. We just found out yesterday. Lee's a little upset because he thinks we can't afford a baby, right now, but I'm excited.

"Congratulations," Don smiled, "at least we know it's not mine, dammit. I'd sure be happy if I could, rightfully, be accused, though." He laid his hand on her tummy, and told her, "I'd be a good daddy." "One more thing," Sara asked, "can you run me to the store?

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Lee won't be home for a couple of hours, and I need to pick up the beer and liquor, for all you 'underage' boys." Don didn't tell her about his fake ID, which he'd already used to buy the supply he, and the other boys, kept in their apartment.

The liquor store was only two blocks away, but Don took the long way around, talking up the possibility of having sex with her. "Please, Don," she moved his hand off her bare thigh, "I like you, probably too much.

But I'm married, and I'm planning on keeping it all at home. Lee is a wonderful lover, and I'm damn sure happy with his dick.

The only time he's difficult, is when he's jealous. Let's just get the booze, go home, and get ready for the party, okay?" Don told her that he'd be good, but wasn't promising he'd always be that way, "But, If you ever just want a good fucking, I'd be happy to oblige, all you want." The party went well, for the first couple of hours. As with most parties, where the guests are between eighteen and twenty-five, the young hormones turn to raging hormones, with the increased ingestion of alcohol.

Lee was staying close to his wife (hovering would be a better description), watching her every move. Sara love to dance, but Lee didn't. Each time Don managed a dance with her, he would rub, and squeeze, her ass when it was in a position that Lee couldn't see it.


Not wanting to be obvious, by fussing about it, Sara said nothing about it…until his hand slipped under her skirt, and a finger made it's way inside the leg opening of her panties. She quickly pushed his hand away, and said, "Stop it, Don." The complaint, itself, was quiet enough that nobody heard it, but Lee saw the action. During the next dance, he decided it was time to dance with his wife. "You Goddamn, fucking whore," Lee spoke quietly through gritted teeth, as the music played, "I saw that mother-fucker run his hand under your skirt.

I know I'm not big enough to kick his ass, but I'll fucking beat the shit out of you, if it happens again. No more dancing with that bastard, you understand?" As the clock approached midnight, one of the girls answered a knock at the door. Two police officers entered, prompting quick action by the three neighbors. As a couple of the girls distracted the lawmen, the boys hid the hard liquor bottles behind the bathtub, returning to the party, one at a time.

At the first opportunity, Ken, who was the youngest of the three, slipped out the open door, and began crossing the landing, toward his apartment. "Hold it!" Another officer was standing on the stairs, holding the halter of a German Shepherd. "Where do you think you're going?" Ken looked at the dog and thought, "Thash the biggest, fucking dog I've ever sheen. Shit, I hope he don't get loosh" "I just live right here," he spoke as clearly as a drunk, nearly eighteen year-old, could muster.

"Then get your butt in there, and stay," the officer ordered. Ken immediately hid everything alcoholic, in their apartment.

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Soon afterward, Don and Roy came in. "The cops told everybody to go home," Roy said, "Lee must have found a good hiding place, he left Sara to explain everything to the cops. Everyone left, too. I thought I was making some headway with Lina, tonight. Thought I just might get her to turn loose of some of that Mexican pussy of hers'." Don was the only one in the living room, when there came a knock on the door. He barely began opening it, when Sara forced her way in.

"Well," Don could tell she was pissed off, "I found out who called the cops.

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It was Lee, the little bastard. He called them and told them there was a big fight going on." She was speaking clearly enough, but kept holding on to furniture. It was evident that alcohol had done its' job, making her unsteady.

"The officer told me about the call, made everyone go home, then told me to go to bed. Lee came in, right after the cops left, and told me he had called them. He said he was gettin' even for your hand under my skirt. I got news for that chicken-shit." She quickly loosened the two buttons on the back of her skirt, and let it drop. "I ran his ass off for the night." Then, when she started on her blouse buttons, she asked Don, "You ready for the fuck you've been wanting?" The blouse dropped, just as Roy came out of the shower, "You, too, Roy.

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Where's Ken? I want all three of you to fuck me all night. If that cock-sucking husband of mine comes looking for me, tell him one of the girls came back, and I left." By now, she was totally naked. "You're first, Don." She walked through the French doors, into the bedroom.

Nobody cared whose week it was to have that bed, they just all wanted do their best, to fuck the cute neighbor they'd all been wanting. Sara was drunk, Don knew that, but he didn't give a shit. Before he got all his clothes off, which would become world record time, Sara was on her back, legs spread, masturbating herself.

"C'mon, c'mon, get you're dick in me, fuck me, Don, fuck me now, and again, and again. And he did&hellip. Don's first load came too fast. He had been wanting Sara's pussy for months, and almost spilled, before he entered. She wouldn't let him rise, though, and his cock never wilted. Within seconds, he resumed his thrusts, slowly at first, but as Sara's sounds of pleasure increased, so did the speed and force of his pumping. Sara wailed, as she came, and came again.

After her second orgasm, he blasted her cervix with his second round of cum. Sara pushed Don up, told him, "That was much better than fucking Lee. You rest a little while, send Roy in. Roy was naked when he entered the room. Sara smiled, and asked, "You don't mind seconds, do ya?" Roy said, "Shit, no!", and landed on her petite body. His dick, which the largest of the three, entered her wet cunt easily. Again, Sara wasn't satisfied with him cumming once, and held him in place, until he asked about doggy style.

Sara flipped over, stuck her ass in the air, and said, "Fill 'er up." Roy's balls slapped against her clit. The sound was loud enough that Don and Ken could hear it in the other room. The nut-bumping was causing Sara's orgasms to come, one after another.

Her yelling was encouraging Roy to ram her harder and faster. "Oh, my fucking God!", Sara screamed, as Roy's stream filled her insides.

As soon as he slowed, she collapsed, passed out. Ken went to the bed, raised her limp body a little, shoved a pillow under her stomach, and spread her legs. Cum, and her own juices, were everywhere, but he didn't care. He had drank more than the others, and could only see her asshole. That's what he wanted. He smeared the mixed liquids onto, and into, her brownie.

After a few minutes of finger-fucking, he mounted her. Sara groaned, unconsciously, as the head of Ken's cock passed her sphincter.

Once past that point, Ken began pushing hard. Within a couple of minutes, he was up to his nuts, in her asshole. She never woke up as Ken emptied his seed into her bowels.

As it turned out, Ken had jacked off, while Don was fucking her, so his dick went limp, fast. Don had made a pot of strong coffee, and had drank two cups, while the others were enjoying the sexy little neighbor. Ken told him, as he came into the kitchen, wiping shit off his dick, "If you wanna good butt-fuck, she's wet and loose." Don set his cup down, and said, "Nope, as long as I've been wanting that pussy, that's what I'm gonna fuck, at least until she sobers up and cuts us all off.

He went back to the bed, rolled the young, lithe body onto her back, and kissed her lips. Although she responded, she never knew it, it was a reflexive action. He traced kisses, licked, sucked, and nipped at her tits, and stomach. Occasionally, he heard a small 'mmmm' escape from her mouth. Her mouth…hmmmm. His prick had reached full staff, again, and Sara's head was near the edge of the bed. He moved that pretty head until it tilted off the side of the mattress, automatically opening her mouth.

He was able to insert his six across her tongue, and against the inside of her cheek. As he slipped it back and forth, she, instinctively, closed her lips around the shaft, and sucked lightly.

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He repositioned, aimed at the back of her throat, and began pumping against her tonsils. The girl never gagged, as spurts of warm, sticky cum made their way toward her stomach. Her eyes flickered, and she smiled, just before she passed out again. All tolled, Don emptied his testicles into Sara, in one orifice or another, seven times, between the time she entered the apartment, and the time she left, just after her 'after breakfast' fuck, the next day.

Roy fucked her pussy four times, and was happy to receive a blow job when she woke up. Ken managed a fourth hard-on, but couldn't cum, that time. He wished he hadn't dumped one load in the towel, to start with. All three young men helped Sara with a bath, then helped her put her clothes on. There was lots of teasing, touching, and fondling, but she wanted to be clean when she faced her husband. She gave Roy and Ken light kisses, but her lips and tongue lingered, when she kissed Don.

"Thanks for the fun," she told him, sweetly, "I wish I'd been awake for all of it, though. Y'all boys made me a little sore, but you and me aren't through." She looked across at the other boys and said, "Thanks, guys, see y'all later." Neither Roy nor Ken ever fucked Sara again. Even though she and Lee made up, stayed together, and moved to another apartment complex (one with a more family oriented atmosphere) Don continued to meet her, and have sex, for the next few months, until she was getting close to her due date.

After the baby was born, Sara wouldn't fuck anybody but her husband. The second half of this story was nearly 100% accurate. Roy married Ila, his girlfriend from back home. She was three months pregnant, at the time. Ken and Don met, and married, their wives in the city, both at parties. All three marriages have lasted past the forty year mark.