Sexy babes gets her ass massaged before she gets a cock in her mouth

Sexy babes gets her ass massaged before she gets a cock in her mouth
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Well for somereason i was wearin a navy camo uniform. must of bein thinking in the future that i hope so much for. dont know but yhea, you walk in the room, opening the door all slow n sexy like. wearing this super sexy bright red lingerie. Btw red is like my fav color on girls. soo. lmao. So you walk over to the bed give me a little peck on the cheek b4 u start clmbing on me and unbuttoning everythin taking my uvershirt off so all i have is my under shirt and unbuttond pants on.

Then u pull my super hard cock out. n start havin some fun with it. just lickin around it and everything.

then taking in the whole thing. using your hands to pull my pants down further. Course the whole time im just laying bak enjoying the feeling and the show. ;) So now u reach up and take my shirt off and climb up onto me so your pussy, covered by the lingerie still, is resting on my dick.

with your lips goin crazy all over my face, your hair fallin down around it. my hands wrapped around your waist. grabbin your ass a little ;) so then i flip over. takeing over the kissing and feeling.

massaging your sides, running my hands through your hair. moving down to your pussy, doin my usual kiss n nibble all the way down.

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down one leg up the other. stopping at your pussy. grabbing the sides of your panties with one finger and pushing the center down with my tounge. Then licking around it in circles getting smaller and closer And then licking up the center, moving my tounge side to side as i go up. using my finger to play with your clit.

my other hand reached around squezzing your ass. moving my toungue in and out of your sweet pussy.

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slowly then faster, shallow then deeper. using my lips to suck on your pussies lips. up to two fingers on your clit now. the over wehlming plessure is making you moan like crazy.

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Then moving up to you tits, still covered. i reach around and undue it. slowly pulling it off. running my fingers gently arounf your back as i do so. nibbling on you neck. Kissing your lips a little. Then moving down to your uncovered breast. Nibbling gently on your nipples, caressing around each tit with both hands. Now were both completely naked I lay down to you. both of us.

undressed completly.

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i lean over and wisper in your ear. I love you. instead of starting. i decide to enjoy it a little more. Thus making you enjoy it more. So i start massaging every part of your beautiful body. I start by massaging your arms. moving up to your neck. feeling every part of your super soft skin. around your tits. down your waist.


around your pussy and down each leg, flipping you over, and up both your legs, massaging each of your ass cheeks intensley. then up your back. Running my fingers gently around it as i do.

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;) slightly tickling you. you flip over again. and i run my hands though your hair. Kissing you on the forehead then on each cheek. then finally one very long one on your beautiful lips. I roll you over on top of me so i can feel the entirety of your body on me. and i wrap my arms around you. kissing you intently.

running my fingers softly around on your bak So your laying ontop of me. were naked. bought to get it on! Lmao So i roll over ontop of you my dick insanely close to your pussy. I sit up and running my hands down your body all the way to your pussy where i run my finger gently down the middle. Then i grab my super hard cock and slowly guide it into your sweet pussy. Inch by inch. spreading your pussy so wide all the way in i let it rest there for awhile so you can get used to it.

as i lay down ontop of you. i kiss your lips, and make sure your ready. Then i wisper in your ear.

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I love you. And start thrusting my cock. slowly and gently. as you adapt more to it. This is for you, so i make sure your enjoying it as much as possible. Getting faster, going a little deeper.

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the whole time im running my hands all around your beautiful body. kissing all around on your beautiful face. Getting faster and harder. Your moaning more and more. are you ready to go hard? i position myself better, you spread your legs more. I wrap my hands around both of your ass cheeks. using them like handles as i thrust my huge dick into your sweet, wet pussy.

Your moaning like crazy as i wrap my lips around yours as your moaning so you are moaning into my mouth(Thats like one of my massive turn ons) Time for some input. lol, so we switch postions. alrighty, so i pull my dick out. lean forward and start kissing you intently again. regaining some stamina. As you position yourself in the position. i come up behind you and burry my face in your wonderful ass. massaging each cheek with my hands.

I move up and work my cock back into your sweet pussy.running my hands along your sides, until they reach your tits, i take one in each hand.As i thrust my cock in and out of your pussy. i move my hands back to your thighs, massaging them and using them to pull you back with each thrust. Im getting close now. I move my hands onto your back and massage it while pumping my cock into your pussy Alright, i pull my cock out and roll over next to you. still on all for i get under you so ur on all 4s above me i put my hands on your ass and push it down as you grab my dick and work it it to your pussy.

so your like sitting on my dick. we start off by you crouching above me so my dick is like 1/4 in your pussy and i lift my self up and down pumping my cock in and out. My hands grabbing your ass. When i get tired, you take over moving your whole body up and down on my cock. leaning down and kissing me everynow and then.

your tits slightly bouncing with each up and down movement. Im getting really close now. you stop. and just sit there. you can feel my cock throbbing. i can feel you pussy clenching around my cock. we move back into the first position.


you lay down on your back and i quickly work my cock back into your pussy. slowling thrusting my cock in.I pump really slowly, feeling your pussies lips wrap around my cock as it slides in and out. Here it comes. i connect my lips with yours i push my cock as far into your pussy as i can. And cum. you can feel my cock throb with each pump.

as my warm semen pours into your sweet pussy. My lips still connected with yours, i disconect them just enough to say, I love you. and i kiss you again. <3