Nasty brunette hoe blows stiff rod

Nasty brunette hoe blows stiff rod
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This is the first story I've ever written. I know it's short, but if you like it I'll probably work on something more serious. I kind of just did this for fun in a couple minutes. Please comment and let me know what you think. The Lucky Limo The lights in the limo were dim as each couple was dropped off one by one.

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As the last ones left, they leaned back into the window and jokingly say "Keep it PG." They nod and laugh. The door shuts, leaving them all alone in the back seat. The driver's window is up and there is quiet music playing in the background.


He hugs her tight as she snuggles into him. She looks up and kisses him gently. She stops him and leans back a little. "Wait, do you have one with you?" He nods. "Do I get to come over for awhile?" he asks. She shakes her head. "Doubtful, but we'll see." Then without another word, she reaches down and quickly undoes his belt, unzips his pants and pulls them down. She straddles him, her dress riding up, and starts kissing his neck, getting every part of it.

Her warm, gentle tongue runs all over him, giving him so much pleasure. He has to try hard to keep himself quiet. As she straddles him, he reaches under her dress to rub his hands up and down her legs, eventually reaching her ass.

Upon reaching it, he discovers she isn't wearing any panties. He is about to tell her that it's really sexy when he can just feel her smooth, soft ass, but when he looks down at her he realizes why he is feeling so much pleasure. He had been distracted and unable to concentrate on what she was doing because it felt so good.

Without him realizing, she had unbuttoned his shirt and was making her way all over his abs and chest with her warm tongue. Her soft lips grazed his skin. He wanted to moan with each lick, but he had to be quiet. She could feel him getting hard underneath her. "Almost about time to fuck, baby?" she whispered in his ear. With his eyes shut and mouth open, trying to choke back a moan, he nodded vigorously.

"Where's the rubber?" she whispered. He quickly dug it out of his pocket and handed it to her. He closed his eyes as he waited for her to put it on. Waiting to feel her hand wrapped around his cock, slowly moving, stroking it. As he sat waiting, he felt a sudden rush of warmth and wetness overwhelm his hardened cock, and he couldn't help letting out a small moan. The unexpected mouth and tongue wrapped around him was just too much for him.

She was going to send him over the edge, but he knew he would like it. He continued to try concealing moans as she moved her tongue all around his huge cock. Up and down. Side to side. Long licks from top to bottom.

Short, quick licks on the tip. He then felt his balls being engulfed in warmth. He looked down to see her smile as she fit his balls into her wet mouth and ran her tongue all over them, sucking on them occasionally. When he looked in her eyes he could tell what she wanted. She wanted cock. Long, hard cock, and he knew he was about to satisfy her desires. Suddenly she stopped. She grabbed the rubber and quickly put it on his huge cock groping it as she went down.

Without notice, she spread her legs open and shoved his huge cock inside her wet pussy. She had thought about teasing him, and leaving her pussy resting right near his tip, but she had been waiting for his cock all night. Ever since she saw him for the first time that night, she knew what she wanted.

As the people had started leaving the limo, she knew they would be the last ones inside. The anticipation had been building. When she snuggled into him after everyone left, she kissed him gently, knowing it would surpass the light mood, and take on a more aggressive, passionate tone. It had all built up to this moment.

All of her licking and sucking had not only gotten him harder than ever, but had also turned her on as well. She could feel herself getting wetter and wetter by the minute. Finally, after sucking on his huge cock for a little bit, she couldn't take it any longer. She had to feel it. She needed that cock inside her.

As she mounted him and felt it shove into her, she let out a little moan. She was a little surprised that she let it out, but she didn't care. All she could think about was that cock, so deep inside her. He loved that pussy. All the wetness around his cock, with the constant warmth. Then she started to ride him. As she moved her body up and down on his cock, he could feel it tighten and release with every move.

He could feel her clit rubbing against his cock as he moved in and out of her. Every time she lifted herself up, she would go up to the very tip of him, just barely keeping him inside, and then shove back down on him.

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She rocked her body from side to side, giving him sensations from all angles around his cock. He watched her boobs as they bounced up and down in her low cut, strapless dress.

As she continued going up and down, he heard her moan with pleasure each time she felt her clit rub against his cock. He could tell she was getting closer, as was he. As they both got closer and closer, they started to moan. They were moving faster.


She was bouncing up and down on him so hard, you could hear their bodies slapping together. They didn't care about being quiet anymore.

All they could think about was cumming. Cumming so hard. As she bounced up and down wildly, her dress slid down, revealing her boobs to him. When he saw them he couldn't keep himself from touching them. They just looked so round and soft, with her pink nipples sticking out.

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It was beautiful, the way they bounced and he felt her tight pussy wrapped around him, going up and down so fast. She could feel herself getting so close. Each time he touched her clit, it was absolute pleasure. She didn't care that her dress fell down. She loved having his hands playing with her boobs. Holding them in his hands, bouncing them up and down. She loved when he played with her nipples. It just made everything that much better.

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She let out a loud moan. She felt him so deep inside her. Deeper than anything she'd ever felt. She bit her lip as she knew she was about to climax. Her eyes shut tight. She kept going up and down on him, knowing that ultimate euphoria was about to take place. He saw her bite her lip and knew she was about to cum. Her eyes were shut tight.

It looked so sexy when he saw her like that, and he could hear her moan. He loved making her cum and seeing her face. Every time he saw it, it made him want to cum all that much more.

He was so close, as he watched he boobs bounce up and down in front of his face. She let out one last cry before she came, that sent him over the edge.

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She kept going up and down on him hard and fast as he let himself go, sending him into a state of ultimate pleasure. She sat on his lap, still with him inside for a little while, as they looked at each other. "That was amazing." She said as she gazed into his eyes. "Yes." Neither one really knew what to say.

It was an unparalleled experience. They sat in silence, just looking at each other.

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Finally, she raised herself off of him and readjusted her dress. "Come sit next to me, baby," he told her. She gladly sat down as he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her forehead. It was something they would never forget. Don't forget to leave me comments.