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Elsa Jean Small Tits Action
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It was a chilly night, but not yet cold enough for snow as winter had just begun. The wind blew occasionally in large gusts, threatening to blow everything in it's path down to the ground below. I pulled my trench coat closed, clutching it to my chest in an effort to warm my frozen, aching nipples as I strolled through the cemetery. I was alone as I traveled languidly past the rows of tombs. Many people thought I was weird.

Not only because I was Goth, but because I found it soothing to spend my nights walking through the cemetery. Often times my brother would tease me about meeting "The Lady In White," but I had spent many nights in the cemetery and had never seen her. Not even once. In fact, the thought of a female spirit wearing a white dress walking aimlessly through the cemetery at night seemed pretty ridiculous to me. I guess that's because I believe those bible toting rednecks would make up almost anything to try to keep people out of the cemetery at night.

I stopped almost dead in my tracks, suddenly I felt tired. I decided to rest for a few moments before continuing on. So I sat on the ground next to a couple of graves and positioned my trench coat to block the wind as best I could. I looked up at the night sky and watched the stars shimmer and twinkle. It almost looked as though someone sprinkled glitter across the sky. I sighed softly just under my breath as my mind slowly began to wander, the night canvas above me fading into the background.

Suddenly I got that feeling. You know, that feeling that tells you to look at something, or that you've forgotten something. That little voice inside that tugs at you incessantly until you listen to it.

Mine was not only telling me to turn my head and look, but it almost felt as though it turned my head for me! As I looked through the rows of tombs I could see someone coming towards me in the distance. Who ever it was, wasn't just walking in my direction, but was actually walking directly towards me! I scrambled to get back onto my feet in a hurry. My breath quickened in it's pace and formed a small cloud in front of me as my mouth slightly parted to allow the air in and out of my lungs.

My heart began to beat so fast that it felt as though it would explode within my chest. My whole body was shaking, both because of the cold air and because of the nervousness I now felt. The stranger slowly came into focus as they continued a constant, steady pace towards me. I just stood there, unable to move, waiting to see who it was, and what would happen next.

As the stranger drew nearer, I could now see them clearly. It was a woman and, to my astonishment, she was naked! I couldn't believe my eyes.

Why would anyone be walking towards me?


A naked woman no less!! I remained frozen where I stood, she was so close that she was almost right in front of me. In fact, before I knew it she was standing in front of me. She put her hand on my face and caressed it with her ice cold fingers. Leaning in closer to me, she pressed her lips to mine as her vacant eyes gazed into my eyes.

I was well beyond shocked. My entire body was panicking, I didn't know what to do! I felt like a deer in head lights. I continued to stand very still. Her movements were smooth and almost graceful. She slipped both of her hands beneath my trench coat and slid it off of my shoulders, exposing me to the chilling wind. My nipples became harder. They began to sting and burn. I felt my pussy become wet as her hands glided over my breasts.

Before I knew it, my dress had fallen to the ground too. Now I was almost just as naked as she was. She laid me down on the ground right where I had been standing and hovered over me on her hands and knees. In one effortless move she freed my breasts and tossed my bra aside.

She covered my neck and breasts with sensuous licks and kisses as she moved down my body towards my pussy. I began to quiver more and more with every inch of her touch. My pussy began to twitch as it yearned for her caress and her carnivorous licks. I became lost within the sensations that consumed my whole body. Oblivious now to what was going on around me.

I felt my panties slide down my legs. My eyes sank back with pleasure as I felt her hand running up my thigh towards my pussy which throbbed with anticipation. Two of her fingers slid easily into my dripping wet pussy. They began to move steadily in and out of my aching cunt sending me into waves of erotic sensations.

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I arched my back, moaned, and slowly thrusted my hips towards her fingers. I moaned louder as I felt her tongue flick, swirl, and lavishly lick at my clit. She moved her fingers faster, and faster.

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She took my clit completely into her mouth, continuously flicking her tongue at it. My hips thrusted faster and harder against her fingers and her mouth.

I cried out loudly, the pleasure was so intense I couldn't stand it. With one extremely loud moan I came hard onto her fingers. She quickly removed her fingers and shoved her tongue deep into my pussy. Sending me into a whole new level of orgasmic bliss. She licked up my juices hungrily until the convulsions she had put my body in had come to a halt. I was so exhausted from the experience that I quickly fell asleep. When I awoke, it was daylight.


Had I been dreaming? I looked down at myself. My trench coat had been pulled over me like a blanket. I hesitated for a moment to look underneath it, afraid of what I might find. But I had to do it. I convinced myself that it was completely absurd to think THAT had actually occured. Slowly I lifted up my trench coat and peered under it. I quickly brought it back down again!

My face turned bright red and my mind swam in unfinished thoughts.

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It was true! It had happened! I looked to the side of me and saw the rest of my clothes.

I got dressed as quickly as I possibly could. It was daylight now. Someone else could very well come into the cemetery and see me this way.

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If word of this had gotten out, I'd never be able to live it down! After I was completely dressed, I looked frantically around me to make sure I didn't forget anything as I put my trench coat back on. Something caught my eye.

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What appeared to be a piece of clothing was draped across one of the grave stones. I walked over to it and picked it up. It was a white dress.

"No way" I thought to myself. I don't know why, but something possessed me to read the grave stone the dress had been draped across. It read: Here Lies The Lady In White. I dropped the dress and stood there horrified.

Not only had I seen the Lady In White, I had experienced sexual intimacy with her! After standing there for what felt like eternity, I began to walk home still lost in my thoughts. Why had the Lady In White chosen me?

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I didn't know for sure. But one thing I did know was that I liked being in the cemetery at night for a whole new reason!