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Late for Class Introduction: Ashley becomes late for math class, and is punished by her teacher! (Essentially what I would wish to happen if I was late for class) ​As she opened her locker that Friday morning, Ashley had no idea that her life was about to change. She picked up her books, and quickly closed her locker. There was plenty of time before class, and she decided that she may as well go to the washroom for a quick examination of her outfit.

As she was washing her hands, she looked in the mirror and examined her young, sixteen year old figure. Her reflection's big blue eyes stared at her body from the mirror. They roamed over her own shapely legs, her round hips, her small waist, and her perky little b-cup breasts.

She was short, standing at only 5'3, and had long curly blonde hair. She knew she looked good in her school uniform, which she had had tailored to show her curves in the most flattering ways possible. Ashley licked her lips. She looked hot! As she stared at her reflection, she heard the second bell go. "Fuck!", she though; "Mr. S is going to kill me!" Mr.

S was Ashley's math teacher. He was known for his strictness when it came to students being tardy, and she could only imagine how angry he would be with her.

Standing at an impressive 6'3, Mr. S was in his late-30s. With a commanding presence and a ruthless passion for math, he was also Ashley's least favourite teacher in the whole school.

Ashley quickly rushed into the classroom and took her seat. Mr. S was writing an equation on the board. As he turned around, Ashley braced herself. "Hello Ashley, How nice of you to join us" Said Mr. S, with a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

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"I'm sorry Mr. S I just-" "Please stay after class, Ashley. We will discuss your attendance issues then." With that, Mr. S turned and continued writing the math problem on the board, completely dropping the issue. Ashley gulped. She had never been asked to stay after class before. What could he possibly say to her that was so unfit for the rest of the class? Was she really in that much trouble? This was only her third time being late!

Ashley squirmed in her seat, wondering how bad it was going to be. He couldn't hit her, no, teachers couldn't touch the students. It was probably just going to be him giving her a stern lecture on the importance of keeping track of time, or some other stuff like that. Thinking she had an idea what to expect, Ashley started to relax and think about her upcoming weekend plans.

Her parents were going away, and she was really excited to have the house to herself. She couldn't wait. The bell rang, and the students around her quickly gathered their stuff, heading off to their next class. A couple of her peers threw empathetic glances at Ashley, all of them having been through Mr. S's lectures on tardiness at least once. They had no idea how severe her punishment would actually be.

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The students filtered out of the room, and soon there was just Ashley and Mr. S left. Mr. S looked at Ashley sternly and said, "Ashley, I am severely disappointed in you and your lack of punctuality.

Give me one reason why I shouldn't be giving you a week's worth of detention". Ashley's draw dropped. A whole week? But she had cheerleading practice! She knew that she had to get out of this, but how?

Subtly, she stuck out her chest, smoothed her skirt, and bit her lip. Ashley knew that some of the male teachers went easy on her because of her looks, but she had never tried it with Mr.

S before.

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Making her eyes really big, she replied "Please Mr. S, I was busy this morning. My mom was sick and I was so busy taking care of her that I was late for school".

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Ashley held her breath. It was a huge lie, and if he called her on it she would be in even more trouble. But what else could she say? That she had been too busy staring at her reflection to notice the first bell? Mr. S's face calmed. Ashley watched cautiously as he slowly got up and went to the door. Once he got there, he stopped, paused, and turned to Ashley and asked "Ashley, what class do you have now?" Ashley, who had thought that he was leaving, was taken aback by his question.

Could it be that he knew she was lying? Ashley stuttered "I…I have lunch, sir". Mr. S smirked when he heard Ashley's answer.

She had no idea that Mr. S was actually really turned on by submissiveness, and that calling him sir while saying that she pretty much had an hour and a half of free time had given him a perfect idea for her punishment! Of course he had seen her this morning. Walking to her locker, her body and blond hair had always caught his eye. He had been going to get the headmaster so that the dumb slut could tell him her lie, but this opportunity was too much for the sadist in him to resist.

Plus, he couldn't help but notice how hot she looked, in her tight top and pleated skirt. This would be fun. Closing the door, Mr. S locked it making sure that nobody could enter, and covered the narrow window of glass with the piece of paper that was always kept in handy.

Turning to face Ashley, he grinned and moved between her petite body and the door. This would be fun. "Now Ashley, don't lie to me. I saw you this morning by your locker. Are you saying that a stupid bitch like you couldn't come up with a better lie?" The insult hit Ashley like a whip. "E-Excuse me? What did you just call me?" Ashley said, in shock. She suddenly became aware of how much space there was between her and the door, and the fact that she wasn't due in class for a very long time.

"You can't talk to me that way, I have rights as a student" Ashley bluffed, puffing out her chest. He couldn't scare her. She was going to get him in so much trouble. "Considering the fact that you just lied to me, came in my class early, and have been an all-around tease since you showed up in my classroom, I will talk to you however I wish.

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" Replied Mr. S, who was slowly moving towards a now very concerned Ashley. Before she could react, Mr. S grabbed Ashley and spun her arms behind her back, squishing them against his abdomen as he held her from behind. Clamping one arm over her moth, his other hand slowly started unbuttoning her shirt. Ashley screamed, but all that was heard by Mr. S was a muffled wine.

"Now, now, Ashley. No need to struggle. You deserve this, being the lying cock-tease that we both know you are" Chided Mr. S roughly, as he continued unbuttoning the struggling 16 year-old's top. "We'll call this your punishment. Endure it like a good girl, or I might be forced to punish you more severely". Tears formed in Ashley's eyes.

She couldn't believe this was happening! Mr. S's hand had finally gotten her shirt undone, and was now slowly squeezing her breasts, which he had pulled from her bra. Mr. S started to pinch and flick her nipples, making her flinch as they became erect.

Ashley felt herself blush. This was so wrong! Sure, she had fantasies about rape, but this was real. She could feel the moisture increasing between her legs, and started struggling even harder. In his response, Mr. S slammed her stomach first onto a desk. Ashley felt her ribcage collapse as all the air was forced out of her.

"Didn't I tell you to behave? Don't you dare call for help, you'll only make this worse for you " Mr. S said quietly. The calmness in his voice scared Ashley even more, freezing her in place as she tried to get air back into her lungs. Mr. S chuckled. "Good girl," he said, "be a good slut and just lie there". Ashley did as he said, her breasts pressed against the cool surface of the desk.

She was a smart girl, and she knew that at this point she could only hope that someone realized she was missing her lunch, and that they came to find her. As Ashley was thinking these thoughts, Mr.


S had flipped up her skirt, and was slowly running his hands over her smooth, firm ass. He loved the way it felt in his hands, and he roughly dug his fingers into it, leaving angry red marks on Ashley's pale skin.

Mr. S started to feel his pants become tighter as he fondled her young ass. With one hand, he slowly undid his belt and pulled it from his waist. Winding it around his hands, he spoke softly to Ashley. "Good job Ashley, now be a good girl and take your panties off for me" Mr. S had always thought that a girl taking her own underwear of was hot, and Ashley was going to take hers off, whether she wanted to or not.

Ashley, who had been feeling the wetness between her legs increase slowly as her teacher had rubbed her ass, gave a start. If she took her underwear off now, then it would be too late to struggle, too late for escape. He would actually rape her, instead of jus fondling her like she had originally thought he intended. Sounding like a little girl, Ashley wined "Mr. S, p-please stop this.

I won't tell anyone, please!" *CRACK* Ashley yelped as she felt her teacher's belt strike her ass through her panties, causing a bright red welt to form. "Ashley, take your panties off" Said Mr. S, a bit more sternly. Ashley opened her moth to protest, to stall, but no sound would come out. As she tried to find something to say, Mr. S became impatient. *CRACK* Ashley all but screamed this time, and began sobbing.

"…please Mr. S, I don't want to… don't make me… please!" Mr. S lost his temper. "You think that a punishment is something you have a choice in doing? You little slut, you're doing this, I don't care if you want to or not!" And with that, he started whipping Ashley's ass over and over again, causing her to cry out with every crack of his belt.

Mr. S slowly stopped whipping Ashley, and leaned over her, making sure to grind his now raging erection into her fabric covered pussy. "Now, my little reluctant cunt, are you going to take off your underwear, or would you rather I keep whipping you?" Mr.

S whispered into his petite captive's ear. Ashley shuddered. She could feel her teacher's cock, even through his pants! She knew she had to do what he said, pride be damned. Whimpering, she slowly reached back and pulled her white panties down over her ass.

She could feel her juices cool when her shaved pussy was exposed to the air, and she shivered. Dropping her underwear around her ankles, she put her hands back to her sides, shaking. Quickly, Mr. S grabbed her arms and tied them around her back with his belt. Ashley barely struggled, for fear of more punishment. ​She felt his eyes on her ass, which was now sensitive and covered in welt marks.

She heard Mr. S chuckle, and then heard him slowly undo his zipper and pulling out his cock. ​"Now slut, here I was thinking you didn't want it, but now my eyes are telling me otherwise. I mean, look at that wet cunt of yours! Who knew you were such a whore? Don't try and tell me you don't want this, I know you do". With that, Ashley felt her teacher's finger's trail up her pussy, past her clit, all the way to her asshole. Ashley shivered as she felt his hand move back down to her clit, rubbing it in small circles.

"Please, no", gasped Ashley as Mr. S slowly pinched her clit, causing Ashley to spasm slightly. She could feel her arousal growing, her juices running freely down her legs by now. Mr. S simply applied more pressure, rubbing her clit faster while he slowly started squeezing his cock. Ashley's pussy was now bright pink with arousal, her lips puffy and her clit a hard little nub.

Mr. S continued to administer his attentions to her clit, but he then also started to rub his middle and index finger up and down her drenched cunt. Suddenly, Mr. S stuck them in, pumping them in and out rapidly. Ashley bit her lip. She could feel herself nearing the edge of orgasm, but she fought it off.

This pervert could rape her, she told herself, but he wouldn't make her cum. Yet, as her teacher continued to pump his fingers into her pussy, she couldn't help but moan and raise her hips slightly. Hearing this, Mr. S added a third finger to her pussy and said "How do you like your 'punishment', slut?". With that, he slammed his fingers back into her pussy, and started to rub her g-spot with each thrust.

Ashley screamed, her pent up orgasm crashing down on hercausing her to jerk her hips, her pussy clamping down hard on her teacher's fingers as he continued to fuck her with them roughly. As her orgasm subsided, Mr. S removed his soaking fingers from her pussy and wiped them on her skirt.

Slowly, he moved his cock in between her legs, letting her juices coat his cock. Effortlessly, he flipped the petit teen onto her back, her tied arms wedged beneath her.

Without any other notice, he quickly thrust into her, getting half of his cock in. Ashley gasped at the sudden intrusion. He felt so thick! She could feel her still-spasming pussy try to accommodate its girth, but it was difficult. Slowly drawing out, Mr. S let just the tip of his 9''soda can cock remain in her pussy, and then slammed it back in again. Mr. S grunted. She was so tight, and he still had another 2 inches to get in. He repeated the process, and this time he bottomed out in her pussy.

Ashley groaned. She could feel every vein, every inch of his cock inside of her.


The sensation alone was almost enough to make her cum again. She felt like she couldn't breathe, there was so much cock inside of her! Catching his breath, Mr. S started to slowly pump in and out of her pussy. He loved the way she felt, like a velvet vice on his cock! And seeing her below him, arms behind her back, eyes and mouth wide open in shock, he loved it! Increasing his speed, he reached down and started squeezing one of her jiggling tits.

They were so soft, and perky, too! He could've blown his load right then and there, but he wanted to savor this. He continued to pump in and out of her, each thrust earning him a small gasp from Ashley, who was having the air knocked out of her with each thrust of his powerful cock. Slowly, Ashley felt another climax coming.


She looked at her teacher, imploring him to keep going with her eyes, her breath coming out in little ragged gasps. Mr. S read the look on her face and grinned. "How do you like my cock whore?" Said Mr. S, slowing his thrusts. "It's… I…um…" Ashley stuttered, her thoughts clouded by her imminent orgasm.

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"Say you love it." Mr. S commanded, pulling all but his head out of her swollen pussy. "I…I love your big strong cock" Ashley moaned, only thinking of the orgasm which was being deprived of her. "Good girl" Said Mr. S, as with one quick hard thrust he made her cum. Ashley moaned and writhed under her teacher as he pounded her even harder than before.

Each of his thrusts only brought on another orgasm for Ashley, who was by now almost senselessly babbling; "Please-no-more-I-love-your-cock-it-feels-so-good-inside-me-I-can't-handle-it-anymore-please-sir- I'll-do-anything-I'll-be-your-slave-you-can-fuck-me-whenever-you-want-just-please-stop-I-can't&hellip." Having Ashley's cunt spasm around him on top of Ashley's cries was too much for Mr. S, and he collapsed on top of the senseless girl as he came inside of her, blowing one of the largest loads of his life into her young, fertile pussy.

He grinned to himself. He had already decided that he would continue to fuck her, and if she got pregnant then it wouldn't matter to him. It had been nice to hear her beg, though… Quickly, he pulled himself off of the barely-conscious Ashley, and slowly withdrew his cock.

It came out with a small pop, and almost immediately after a river of cum started running down her ass. Wiping his deflating cock on her panties, he then put it away.

Grabbing his stuff, he patted Ashley on the head and walked out of the room. Ashley slowly sat up once he left, regarding the long strings of cum that were now falling to the floor. He had cum in her!

Ashley didn't want t get pregnant, but she knew that there was a decent chance that she was. Ashley sat there, trying to remember what she had said while she had cum. She couldn't remember at all. Shaking, she quickly gathered up her stuff and took the rest of the day off. At least she had the weekend to recover!