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This is the sequel to Sam & Alicia 1 to 7.

Süd haarige Bär erhält eine klebrige Gesichts-

I suggest that you read them first. Alicia and I were living permanently (as opposed to 3 days here then 3 days there) with her mum, Wendy and her dad, Ted, because my mum, Rosalie was in America for work (and play). My dad, Phil, lives in Thailand where he works as a dive instructor. While she was in San Fransisco, Rosalie was living with two of the people that she was working with, Gerald and his stunningly beautiful girl friend Mary.

When Gerald and Mary picked Rosalie up from the airport, they made it abundantly clear that they were planning wild threesomes outside working hours. Then Gerald's 15-year old son, Josh got involved and the threesomes became foursomes. Lucky Josh!


Josh had emailed Alicia and me with details of all their sexploits and those emails had added spice to our own foursomes (Me, Alicia, Wendy, Ted). Then, using skype, Alicia and I had our first cyber sex with Josh.

In the mean time, Alicia and I had arranged that Katrina, a girl in some of our classes at school, would be sleeping over with Alicia and me, and I would fuck her while Alicia watched. We had told Josh about this during our first chat on skype, and he had said how he wished that he could be part of that. On Friday afternoon Katrina came home with us. She had a small back-pack with a change of clothes for Saturday, and another with all her school books.

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When we got home Wendy greeted Katrina. "Hello, Katrina. I hope that you are going to enjoy yourself tonight." Then to all of us "Dinner won't be ready for another hour, so if you three would like to go up to Alicia's room and get acquainted that would be fine." As soon as we were in the bedroom Alicia and I stripped of our school uniforms within minutes.

When I turned to look at Katrina she was still fully dressed and tears were streaming down her face.

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"Katrina? What's wrong? I thought that this was what you wanted. I thought that you wanted me to fuck you." "I do, but I'm scared. I've never been naked in front of a boy before. You might think that I'm ugly." I went to her and kissed away her tears.

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"Katrina. Katrina. You are beautiful. I've seen you often enough in short shorts and a little top to know that you have a beautiful body, and I'm really excited that I'm about to see you naked. At least I hope that I'm about to see you naked. Of course we will not do anything against your will, but I hoped that this was what you wanted." As I held her body against mine, Alicia went behind her and reaching in between Katrina and me, started to unbutton Katrina's shirt.

"May I touch it?" "Katrina. You may touch any part of me that you want to. I think that you want to touch my cock. You can call it a cock, a prick, a dick or various other words, but I prefer that you call it a cock. I would very much like it if you held my cock and stroked it." Alicia took Katrina's hand and pushed it down to my cock.

She folded Katrina's hand around my cock and started her stroking up and down on my cock. When Katrina got the idea Alicea took her hand away and Katrina continued to stroke me. I continued to hold Katrina against me and kiss her and Alicia went back to undressing Katrina. After a few minutes Katrina was naked and I was rock hard.

She didn't seem to be embarrassed anymore about being naked. "You'd better stop stroking me now or I'll cum all over you and then you'll have to wait till after dinner before I can get stiff again so that I can fuck you." Katrina let go of my cock and Alicia and I guided her towards the bed.

"I'm still scared." "Let Alicia and me make you forget your fears. We are going to make you cum and cum." "OK" In a very little voice. We sat Katrina on the bed and while I dived into her pussy with my tongue, Alicia sucked on one nipple while squeezing the other with her fingers. I was poking my tongue into her fuck hole, then licking up her slit to her clit. I took her clit between my lips and stroked across the tip with my tongue.

Then back down her slit to her hole again. It didn't take very many minutes of this treatment before Katrina was screaming as her orgasm hit her. Even though Wendy knew what Alicia and I had planned, Katrina's scream was so loud that Wendy thought that something must be wrong.

She came rushing into our bedroom to be confronted by the scene of the three of us on the bed. Alicia was lying against a pile of pillows with her legs spread wide. Katrina was lying between Alicia's legs with her back to Alicia who held Katrina's breasts, squeezing her nipples. Katrina's legs were spread wider than Alicia's; her feet were outside Alicia's legs.

I was above Katrina, propped up on my arms and pumping my cock in and out of her cunt. Katrina did not see Wendy because her eyes were shut. She was no longer screaming, just moaning quietly.

Alicia told me later that she saw her mother standing there, and grinned at her then winked. Wendy stayed just inside the bedroom door watching. I kept pumping until I felt Katrina's orgasm sweep through her body, then I came too, pumping a flood of cum into her no-longer-virgin cunt. We both groaned at the release that we felt. "Wow! That was so beautiful to watch. Bravo, all of you!" Katrina's eyes flew open.

"Oh! Shit! I'm so embarrassed Mrs Smith. Were you watching all the time?" "Don't be silly Katrina. It really was very beautiful. I'm so glad that you both came together. It doesn't happen like that for everyone. Katrina, please call me Wendy as Sam and Alicea always do. I came running because your scream earlier was so loud that I was afraid that something was wrong. When I got here, the three of you were on the bed, Sam was fucking you and Alicea was massaging your nipples and you had your eyes shut.

Please don't be embarrassed or angry that I stayed to watch. I'm just happy for you that your first fuck was so good." "Oh dear! I don't know what to think. It's all so different. I didn't mean to be rude to you Mrs." "Katrina!

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Please call me Wendy." "Sorry Wendy. I'm just all mixed up. Sam and Alicia were wonderful. But I'm not used to being naked in front of anyone, not even my parents." "Well, it's almost time for dinner. I suggest that the three of you hop in the shower. Then you are welcome to come to the table naked, after all you'll want to be naked again afterwards, but if you can't quite come at that maybe Alicia can lend you a gown, or you could just wrap a bath towel around you.

I've got to get back to the kitchen. I'll expect you in a few minutes." "Did Wendy really mean that we all get in the shower together?" "Yes.

Of course. It feels great to be washed by someone who you've just had sex with, and with whom you are planning to have sex again. You'll love it." "Wow! You guys!" We all crowded into the shower together and we all washed each other. When we were all officially clean none of us really wanted to get out, least of all Katrina who found it very sensuous feeling Alicia's and my hands roaming all over her body. "Do we have to get out. I never expected that I would enjoy having Alicia's wet hands exploring my body.

Do you think that makes me a lesbian?" "I very much doubt that you are a lesbian; you enjoyed it too much when Sam was fucking you. But do you know what I think?

I think that it is best to be bi, because then you get the greatest choice. And yes. We do have to get out now because Wendy is waiting for us." We dried each other, then Alicia and I started out of the bathroom.

"Are you two really going to dinner with nothing on?" "Yes. It's no big deal in this house, or in Sam's house.

Why don't you wrap your bath towel around yourself?" "But then I'd be a woos, wouldn't I?" "Well. Start with a towel around you, then if later you feel brave, just let it drop off." "OK" "Ah!

There you are kids. Katrina, this is my husband. You are to call him Ted." "Glad to meet you, Katrina. Wendy tells me that Sam and Alicia gave you a couple of great orgasms." "Oh, dear!

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How embarrassing!" "Don't be embarrassed, Katrina. Wendy and I are thrilled for you." "Why?" "Because these two beautiful young people brought you into our house to enjoy sex with them, and because we love Sam and Alicia, we also love you, their friend." "Do you think I'm a woos because I'm not naked, then?" "No.

Of course not. We want you to feel comfortable while you are here. I do look forward to the time when you will feel as comfortable as these two do, walking around this house naked." "I think that you just want to see another naked woman." "I can't deny that I like looking at beautiful naked women like you.

You are beautiful you know. But most of all I want you to be comfortable whenever you are in our house, no matter what happens, and since you came here to fuck, I want you to enjoy that too." For the rest of the meal we talked about ordinary topics, friends and school mostly. Afterwards Wendy suggested that we should move into the lounge room while she brewed coffee for us all.

I helped Wendy carry the dirty dishes to the kitchen, then while she was standing over the sink, washing dishes, I moved up behind her and slipped my hands up under her top. Since she was not wearing a bra I was able to squeeze her nipples between my fingers and thumbs.

"Oh, Sam! I can't go on pretending to be a responsible adult. You're going to have to tell her about us" "Tell me what?" Katrina had just walked into the kitchen carrying a couple of empty wine glasses.

Oh shit! "Katrina. Can you promise not to tell anyone the secret that we are about to tell you?


Not even your best friend? Not even your parents?' "Hey! What can be so dramatic?" "Do you promise?" "OK.

Sure. I promise never to tell anyone." "Well. We have a lot of fun fucking each other in this house.

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You already know that Sam and Alicia fuck each other regularly, but also sometimes Sam fucks me and Ted fucks Alicia. Sam didn't want to tell you that because you were already freaking out when I watched you fucking earlier, but I want to join in the fun, and that means that you have to know about us, all about us.

Does that freak you out?" "But that's incest, and underage sex." "Yes, but no one gets pregnant, no one gets hurt, and we are all very happy together." "So what do you expect me to do?" "Well! While you are fucking Sam again, Ted will be fucking Alicia and me.

If that shocks you say so, but I really don't want to give up the excitement of the communal sex." "Oh my god! I seem to have gone from a virgin to a slut in one day. Can I watch you and Alicia being fucked?" "Come here girl." Wendy wrapped her arms around Katrina's body and kissed her on the lips.

I could not tell if there was any tongue involved, but my guess is that there was. Then Wendy tugged at Katrina's towel and let it fall to the floor. Katrina had her hands under Wendy's top, against the bare skin of her back. She slid her hands up higher and discovered what I already knew; Wendy was not wearing a bra.

When we carried the cups of coffee through to the lounge room Alicia and Ted were behaving in a most inappropriate manner for father and daughter. Alicia, still naked, was sitting in her father's lap with her arms wrapped around his neck. They were kissing each other with open mouths, and Ted was squeezing a nipple with one hand, while two of the fingers of the other hand were inside her cunt.

"Hey! You two! It's just as well that I filled Katrina in on our sexual activities. She might have been traumatised by seeing you together." "Oops! Sorry Katrina!" "That's OK. I don't think anything could shock me anymore, after what Wendy just told me.

Sam, I want you to fuck me again. OK?" "Sure. Where? When?" "Here. Now. While the others watch us or fuck each other or both." So I fucked her in front of everyone, and they cheered and generally encouraged us. Then Ted fucked Alicia to the same sort of encouragement.

Finally Wendy really blew Katrina's mind by asking Ted and me to both fuck her, me in her arse, and Ted in her cunt.

After that was all over Katrina, Alicia and I tumbled into Alicia's bed and quickly fell asleep. Ted and Wendy went to their bedroom. To be continued.