Hot blonde rides stepdads black dick

Hot blonde rides stepdads black dick
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Work had gone badly after I stopped texting Becky. Things had gone wrong and then progressively worse from there. An entire project had slipped by 3 days so I had a ton of issues to clear up. This was going to cut into my plans tonight. I phoned the diner and asked when the latest we could arrive would be. They told me that 9 o'clock was probably the latest they could manage.

I phoned Becky and told her the bad news. She was fine with it and told me to get there as soon as I could manage. I worked solidly for hours getting things cleaned up. I was a man possessed. It was just after 8 when I pulled up outside her flat.

I jumped out of the car and walked up to door. It opened before I had a chance to knock. Becky was standing before me in a pale blue skirt that was just over mid-thigh in length.

She had high heels on that accentuated her shapely calves and thighs and an open neck blouse. "Wow", I managed to say "Hiya Micky." She grabbed me and gave me a long kiss. I felt her entire body press up against me. I could have easily stepped in through the door, closed it and ripped her clothes off; but I decided to instead break away from the kiss and get to the diner.

"We should get going" I said. "Indeed." She put on a jacket and we went out into the car. In an exaggerated show of etiquette I opened the door for her with a large flourish of hand gestures and bowing. "Well I do declare Mr. Stevens, what a gentleman", she said in her best Southern Belle accent.

The car journey was nice. We chatted easily to each other about the rest of our day's events. I neglected to tell her about Emma. I was going to get into that with her later. For now I just wanted to see if we could actually 'be' together. The conversation continued while never becoming awkward or forced. She talked about the fact that she had an afternoon 'nana nap' and that she had got a text message from Sarah at work trying to get some gossip.

We laughed about Simon going home with a truly unattractive specimen. Pretty soon we got to the diner. "Are we going here!" she said with a huge grin on her face "Well you said you wanted to see what it was like." "OH amazing!" I smiled and secretly congratulated myself.

I managed to park the car reasonably close to the restaurant but we took our time walking. Just talking as we wandered down the road looking into shop fronts at products and goods that we wish we could have. I did, however, notice for the first time some of the looks that I was getting from strangers.

They were a mix of confusion and disgust. Becky and I were holding hands. I felt safe doing this as we weren't in a particularly busy area. The main bar and club part of the city was at the other end of the main road and at this time on a Saturday would be busy. I felt confident that the chances of running into someone we knew would be small.

But the looks on people's faces seeing an average looking middle aged man holding hands with a 19 year old 'smokin' hot babe' were unsettling. I could almost see people going through the scenarios in their minds. Are they a Father and Daughter? Is he going through a midlife crisis? Is she a gold digger? Becky didn't seem to mind though. She kept chatting away and occasionally leaning up and giving me soft kisses on my lips and cheeks.

We made it to the diner and were seated straight away. We were sat in a booth across from each other.


Our waitress was a perky blonde girl, probably around 18 or 19 with a nice hourglass figure accentuated by the 60's style uniform she was wearing. "Hi there", the waitress said with a brilliant smile, "Would you like to order some drinks first?" I ordered a beer and Becky went for a house wine. "So a Father, Daughter night out?" the waitress asked innocently.

I was about to correct her when Becky piped up, "Yes, I haven't seen him for ages". She shot me a wicked grin. I decided to play along. "Yeah, she's just back from University so we thought it was time for a catch up." "Oh that is sweet - let me get you your drinks and I'll take your food order", she said walking away.

"What are you doing?!", I half laughed. "Just a bit of role playing - let's have some fun". So the night was set. I was going to pretend that Becky was my daughter for our amusement.not sure the waitress would understand though. The waitress came back with our drinks and took our food order. I went with a bacon burger, chili fries and slaw, while Becky went with a chili dog, cheese fries and a strawberry milkshake. Before the waitress (who was actually called Steph according to her name tag) left Becky asked her a question, "I'm going to be moving up here soon and I can see that you've got a great body.

Can you recommend a gym for me?" The waitress was a little taken back by the question. But I suspect also at the sultry, flirtatious way Becky had asked her. "Um.I.well I go to Taylor's gym which is great if you want to do classes" she managed to reply.

"OK great. Hopefully I'll see you there one day". The waitress left to place our order still with red cheeks. I sat there looking at Becky. "What?" She protested. "What are you doing?" "Having some fun." "She's going to think you are coming on to her", I laughed. "Maybe she'll knock something off the price of the bill?" "Or get the Manager to tell us to leave." "She's pretty though", she asked me.

I wasn't falling for that, "Well she's not as beautiful as you", I proudly said. "Oh I don't care about that. She's hot. We both know it." "Well I guess she looks pretty good." I jumped a little as I felt Becky's foot, minus her high heel, rub up against my thigh near my knee.

She grinned as it slowly move towards my crotch. She said in a soft voice, "Admit it, she's a babe. You'd go there." Her foot was now up against my balls. Her toes gently massaging me. I looked around to see if anyone could see us. Everyone was concentrating on their own meals and conversations. Even if most of them looked over they could probably not see anything anyway. I moved my leg so it was raised as a shield so that those that were in our eye line would not be able to see the naughtiness going on under the table.

"I'm getting hard", I whispered to her. "I know", she replied. "Tell me what you like most about her body?" "Becky are you." Her foot moved a little so her toes were now up against my almost fully erect cock.

It felt amazing. "Tell me Micky, what part of her body would you like to touch?" I was struggling to deal with what was going on. Judging by Becky's grin she was enjoying my confusion. "I want to know Micky. When she comes back I want to look at whatever you're looking at." I tried to put my arousal out of my mind to answer but her foot was doing an excellent job. "Her tits are great", I managed to stutter.

"I like that she is showing her cleavage off." "Mmmmm - I like that as well. Make sure you make it obvious that you are looking at her tits when she delivers our food." "But I don't want to offend her".

"She won't be offended". Becky moved her foot away from me and giggled. I also let out a small laugh, although I was still very confused about what had just happened.

"I'm just going to nip to the toilet", Becky suddenly said.


She got up from the booth and straightened out her skirt and walked off towards the bathrooms. I sat a bit dumbfounded. My idea of a romantic date was rapidly flying out the window. Things had changed so much on the dating circuit. It used to be meet someone, ask them out, keep going out and then if you're lucky get to make out with them and possibly get a fuck or two.

With Becky it was all different. She was bold and seemed to want to try things. Her appetite for sexual activities looked like it was going to challenge my own attitudes. But I noted that she was already changing the way I acted around the opposite sex. Even just being around her for the last few months I was more confident speaking to women.

I was more open to situations and, dare I say it, felt younger and less inhibited. I looked around the restaurant and saw a couple of pretty mid 20's girls chatting at a table.

The thought of going up to them and introducing myself no longer filled me with fear. I knew that I was fairly average looking and didn't exactly have a body that girls were going to swoon over.but I didn't care. I felt like I was Micky 2.0. I made a decision right there, in the middle of an American diner that I was going to be open to what Becky was offering.

I was going to live a little. I was going to see where things ended up. A short time later Becky came back to the table. Her foot went straight back on to my crotch and again started to massage me. About a minute later we saw the waitress coming over with our food. "Remember what we agreed", Becky reminded me. "You have to stare at her breasts." The Waitress arrived and I moved forward a little in my seat. I was expecting Becky's foot to once again fall to the floor but she carried on massaging my hard cock while the waitress put out our food.

I caught Becky's eye and she motioned to me to start looking. I looked up towards our waitress and smiled at her. I immediately dropped my eyes and come to rest on her cleavage. It was not as big as Becky's but it was still large enough to be impressive.

It was framed by her frilly uniform neckline. The uniform was fitted so it contoured with her curves, from her swelling bosom down past her tapered waist and around her very nice hips and arse. I could see her clock that I was looking. I think she expected me to look away but with my arousal from Becky's foot making my bold I carried on looking and even managed to catch her eye a little. She finished and started to leave. I leant back against the chair and continued to enjoy Becky's foot.

"Sorry, can I get another wine please?" Becky asked. The waitress turned around unexpectedly and caught a view of my crotch being felt by Becky's foot. She stared at it for a little bit longer than necessary and then turned back to walk away. "Check her arse out as well." I moved a little so I could watch her walk down the aisle between the tables. Her arse was toned. Her legs were shapely and with her small uniform skirt it made for a very nice view. She turned her head and caught me looking.

She didn't stop, speed up or make any noticeable reaction to the fact that I was so obviously checking her out. She carried on walking and made her way into the kitchen area. "She is totally going to tell her Manager", I said shaking my head. "No she won't. I think she quite liked it. Shall we eat?" We both tucked in to our food.

It was typical mass produced food. It was tasty but nothing amazing, although the chili fries were incredibly good.

We ate slowly due to the amount of talking between us. I saw our waitress working her section. The diner was starting to empty out with people moving on to the rest of their night.

She walked over to her station and adjusted her top so it was sitting lower on her chest. She walked over to our table. "Everything OK with your meal?" Her cheeks were slightly blushed and her top was definitely sitting lower over her breasts. Becky's foot come straight back up to my crotch and almost instantly my erection developed.

I was sure she could see Becky's foot. "I'll just take some of these empties away", she said as she bent over giving me a fantastic view of her cleavage. She didn't look at me but I knew she was doing this on purpose. I saw her eyes drop to my crotch and I swear she made a little sound as she saw Becky's foot working on my cock.

Becky motioned at me to say something. "Everything is great here Stephanie." I moved back a little more in my chair so she could see even better. Stephanie look again and softly bit her bottom lip. "I'll come back shortly and clear things away when you're finished." She left again but this time she stopped at a table and picked up some cutlery.

She bent from her waist giving me and Becky a great view of her arse. Her dress rode up a little so we got a lovely look at her thighs as well. She straightened up and walked off towards her station again. I looked around and didn't notice anyone looking in our direction.

To be honest there was only 3 or 4 couples left in our area and none of them would be able to see wait was happening. We kept eating for another 10 or so minutes until we finished up.

Becky's foot was still doing its magic and I was starting to get to a point of no return. "Becky - I'm not sure how much more I can take of this?" "Are you close?" "Very close.

Do you want to get out of here?" "No. I want dessert", she said with an impish smile. Her foot continued to massage me, not vigorous like before, but still keeping me hard. Our waitress was packing up another table of people who had just left.

She saw that we had finished. She took her tray of dirty plates to her station and again adjusted her top so it was further down her chest and walked towards our table. "She's coming over", I managed to say. "Good. I think we're almost finished." The waitress arrived and immediately was greeted by Becky's foot working furiously on my cock.

The clear and distinct outline of my fully erect member was plain to see. "You're not Father and Daughter are you", the waitress said. Becky looked at her, "Would it matter?" The waitress blushed again, "No." "Do you like watching me giving a foot job to my Dad?", Becky said brazenly. The waitress was staring at my crotch, softly licking her lips, "Yes" she said in a whisper. "Would you like to touch it?" The waitress gasped a little and then turned around to look if anyone was watching.

The now 2 remaining couples weren't paying us any attention, "Yes" Becky continued to pump my cock with her foot. I could feel my orgasm approaching. "He's going to cum Stephanie, you'd better hurry up.

Dad - take off your belt and undo your trousers so Stephanie can make you cum". I quickly undid my trousers, rational thought had completely gone out the window. I could only think about cumming and wanting to show Becky I was up for anything.

I moved back a bit so I could move my boxers down enough to allow Stephanie access to my cock. "I.I.shouldn't", Stephanie said looking over at the kitchen area.

"It'll just be a few seconds Stephanie. Dad has been looking at you all night and saying how much he wish he could cum over your tight arse and sexy tits". Stephanie's eyes widened.

I saw her hesitation so I decided to speak up. "As soon as I saw you in your uniform Stephanie I got a hardon. My daughter was just helping me out. There is no way she would actually be the one to make me cum. That would be too far". I couldn't believe what I was saying but Becky nodded her approval. Becky piped up again, "I'm fingering myself just thinking about you pulling my Dad off Stephanie. I wish I could see you suck him off but a hand job will have to do." Sure enough Becky moved back and showed Stephanie her hand up inside her own skirt, her fingers feverishly probing her cunt.

Stephanie reached forward instinctively as if to clear away our dishes. Instead she grasped my cock with her hand and started to pump it. Surprisingly she managed to keep up pretenses that she was merely cleaning up our table while her now pre-cum moistened hand slipped up and down my erect shaft. Far too deep into the moment I said, "Show me your tits Stephanie." Almost immediately her free hand pulled down one side of her top and allowed her breast to spring out.

Her nipples were huge and standing firm. Without even thinking I leaned forward and placed my mouth over it and began sucking. Her fist pumps became faster and within a few tugs I felt my orgasm. I grabbed a napkin off the table and placed it over the head of my cock. My cum spurted out against it and drenched Stephanie's hand. I heard her gasp and then after the initial 4 or 5 eruptions she withdrew her hand and quickly lifted her top back over her breasts.

I grabbed another napkin and made sure that my spunk was well covered. Stephanie quickly grabbed her towel and immediately wiped her hand, trying to look as though everything was normal.

Becky sat there with a huge smile on her face. She hadn't cum but she was definitely close. The waitress quickly turned back and to her relief she saw that the remaining patrons on our side of the diner were none the wiser to what just happened.

Becky broke the silence, "Thank you Stephanie. You were amazing." "Please don't tell my boss, I'm so sorry", she looked like she was about to cry. "No one is going to know about this Stephanie", I said. "I think you will be getting a fantastic tip though," I said winking. She managed a small smile. "If you want, we can come back later and maybe drive you home?", Becky said. "Um.well.the thing is I have a boyfriend and he's staying at mine at the moment." "That's OK." Becky took a pen out of Stephanie's pocket and wrote her number down on a napkin.

"This is my number. My name is Rebecca and this is my Dad Michael. Call us if you need a ride.home." Stephanie took the napkin from her and put it in her pocket. She turned and walked away. I, in the meantime had managed to get myself cleaned up and put everything back to the way it should have been. "Well that was not how I expected our date to go." "Sometimes the best experiences are the ones we don't plan", Becky replied.

"Oh very deep", I laughed. "I just wanted to show you that even though I want to be with you, I also want to experience things as well. I hope you'll be OK with that?" "Of course I'm OK with it.

But you need to give me a little time as well. I'm not used to this kind of thing. If you want to take your time I will definitely make the effort." She looked at my crotch, "Well you've made a good start!" "I really can't believe that just happened." "Just the start of our adventure.should we go?" We called for the bill.

Stephanie came over with the card machine. She was back to being her perky original self. Her top was up a little higher but she still looked great. "So I guess I don't have to ask if you had a good meal", she laughed. "We had a great meal thanks. Probably the best for a while". She handed me the card machine and I typed in the gratuity. I was perhaps a little over generous.

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Her eyes widened. "Are you sure! That's a lot of money for a tip". "You did a great job. We appreciated it", I said. "Plus it helps that you wanked my Dad off. Tonight when I play with myself I'll be thinking of your luscious tits", Becky chimed in. Becky stood up and moved towards Stephanie. She stood very close to her and whispered something into her ear.

Becky's hand darted underneath Stephanie's dress. Stephanie closed her eyes and breathed in quickly while her hand shot up to her chest. I saw Stephanie's hips grind against what I assume was Becky's fingers or hand. She kept subtly grinding until the card machine accepted our payment. Becky removed her hand and took the receipt from her. "Remember call if you need a ride - come on Dad, I need to buy you a drink", Becky said as she walked away. I walked past Stephanie and ran my hand up from her lower belly and on to her breast, pausing to give it a small squeeze.

"Thanks Stephanie." We walked out of the diner and immediately burst into fits of laughter. It wasn't at the expense of Stephanie, she had made the night amazing. It was the fact that we had actually got away with it. Becky had fingered herself and I had been wanked off, by a waitress in a popular diner.

It was absolutely crazy. "Do you think she will call?" I asked. "I don't know. Probably not tonight but maybe down line." I checked my watch.

"I think we've missed the movie." "Well maybe you should just hurry up and take me home", Becky whispered into my ear. We made our way to the car and hopped in. I pulled out into traffic and made my way towards Becky's apartment.

We were quiet for a while, enjoying the comfort and gentle movements of the car. Becky broke the silence. "That made me really horny". I laughed, "Yeah, I don't think she'll tell her boyfriend about her night." "No".

Becky went quiet again. She shuffled a little in her seat and slipped off her heels. She placed one foot up on the dash console and her other foot on the centre console between the front seats. I shot my head around to see Becky's legs wide open with her panties pushed aside revealing her puffy pussy. " made me REALLY horny", she breathed.

With that she inserted two fingers into her soaking cunt. Slowly she started to finger fuck herself, her thumb applying pressure to her clit. Almost straight away her breathing became ragged. With her free hand she lifted her blouse to reveal her bra. Her nipples hard against the material. Pulling down the top of her bra one of her perfect tits popped out like Stephanie's had just an hour before. Her free hand pinched and pulled on the nipple causing her to throw her head back and let out a guttural groan.

She inserted another finger and started to pump her hole. She looked at me and started to speak in a breathless moan. "Oh Micky, I want this to be your cock, I want you to fuck me, I want you to fuck my pussy with your cock." I was struggling to keep the car straight. I was watching all this while keeping an eye on the road.

I reached over with my hand and took over the clit duties. With the pads of my fingers I frantically rubbed her nub. She now had four fingers inside her. She had let go of all restraint and was screaming in pure pleasure. "I'm cumming Micky.!" With that she crumpled over, her foot coming off the dash console. Massive contractions of ecstasy warped her body.

I withdrew my hand and witnessed a gush of her juices force their way out of her pussy. She collapse against the door frame in a wet, sweaty mess.

Her breathing ragged. She was like that for a minute. Sitting there, eyes closed and controlling her breathing. "I am going to fuck you so hard when we get back to mine" I had no doubt in my mind that she meant it.

She cleaned herself up in the car and used her skirt to wipe up her mess. I pulled up next to her apartment and turn off the car. She jumped out of the front seat and quickly walked to her door. "Get in here now", she ordered me. No sooner had I entered the door when she was on me. She pulled off my jacket while feverishly kissing me. Her own blouse was ripped off and soon her hands were on my belt, unbuckling it and fumbling for my jean buttons.

I had miraculously removed her bra in a few seconds but had no time to appreciate the wonder of her naked tits. Becky squatted down in front of me while pulling down my jeans and boxers. I clumsily kicked them off along with my shoes while she engulfed my cock in her mouth, expertly sucking me to my full erect length.

Once satisfied that I was at maximum operating level she stood up and allowed me to remove her skirt and sopping wet panties. We stood by her front door and kissed deeply. Both completely naked. I pushed her up against the wall opposite her bedroom door. I felt one of her legs wrap around me, the head of my cock resting up against her swollen glistening lips. "Take me to bed Micky, I want you inside me now." Romance was not going to be the order of the night for our first fuck.

We both wanted to be primal in our lust. I wanted to be completely inside her, feel every part of her body. I wanted it to be basic and aggressive. All the pent up desires were flooding from me in this very moment. I wanted nothing more than a pure lust filled fuck. We ran to the bed.

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She threw herself on to it and spread her legs showing me her excitement. "No foreplay Micky - just fuck me.fuck me hard." I lay down in between her thighs. I sucked her hard nipples as I positioned myself above her hungry cunt.

I felt her hand grab hold of my steel hard cock and position it at the entrance of her pussy. She rubbed the head up against her saturated slit and allowed her pussy time to open, ready to accept me. She released my cock and grabbed my arse with both of her hands. I slowly pressed down on her opening and felt the natural lubrication give way to my mass.

Her lips stretched and allowed me to enter into her warm tight cunt. She lifted her legs so her feet were off the bed, her thighs gripping the side of my torso. As I entered further into her she moaned in pleasure. "Oh god yes." I felt my cock bury deep inside her. I was so deep I could feel the solid mass of her cervix against the head of my rod. She held me in place for a while then started to release me so I could freely thrust into her.

I pulled my cock out so only my head was still enveloped within her. With a little extra force I plunged straight back into her burying myself again. I started to pump with a slow and steady rhythm.

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I boosted myself up a bit with my arms so I could watch it all happening. Her head was rolling with pleasure. Her breathing had become no more than pants. She clawed at me and willed me to go faster. Her tits moved with every thrust, being propelled up towards her neck and then falling again to rest in line with her armpits.

Repeating this every time my cock thrust into her dripping cunt. Her belly was taught and shiny with sweat. Her shaved thighs, wide open to allow my hips room to force my hardness into her.

The vision of her pussy, opened and puffy, accepting my cock over and over again. My thrusts were getting quicker now. I continued to plunge it deep inside her. Her ragged breathing giving way to soft squeals.

I quickened the pace again - I felt powerful, like I could pound her relentlessly. The extra force and pace took her to another level of passion.

Her arms gripped me tightly, her hips rolling in perfect time with mine to allow maximum penetration. Her squeals became muffled screams as her orgasm approached. My pure arousal at what I was experiencing both visually and physically took its toll. My sensitivity increased, the familiar tightening started around my balls and anus.

I was not long from my own release. I felt her insides change. More juice flowed, coating my cock and crotch. Her walls began to spasm. She flung her arms back over her head "Just fuck.oh god.I'm going to cum.are you close Micky.cum inside me.oh fuck me Micky." "I'm going to cum Becky.I'm going to cum inside you.tell me you want me to cum inside you." "Do it Micky.cum into me.cum with me.Oh it comes." The walls of her vagina contracted to the sound of her screams.

Her head was thrown back. Her arms grabbed me by my arse and pushed me in to her as deep as I could go. At the same time my cock swelled and released my jizz in a powerful explosion of pleasure. I let out a cry of ecstasy as I unloaded stream after stream of rich semen into her. She pushed up against me with surprising strength, mashing our bodies together, mingling our sweat and sexual juices.

I continued to eject cum and her cunt greedily accepted it, her internal muscles milking me. And we collapsed. I breathed deeply as I felt her nuzzle into my neck. Her fingers trailing up and down my lower back. I was still inside her and started to slowly move in and out of her. I could feel my cum inside her. I could hear the squelch of it, feel it move with each push. She sighed, "Worth the wait huh?" "Oh my God yes." "It felt so good", she said stretching her arms above her head.

I continued to slowly move in and out of her. I was surprised that I hadn't gone soft yet. " still feels good", she whispered She leaned in and started to kiss me, slow kisses, flicking her tongue on my lips. I kept up the movement of my cock. She started to kiss me deeper, with her tongue probing into my mouth. For about 5 minutes we lay there kissing, my cock still moving in and out of her vagina. "You feel so good inside me", she said. "Let me be on top." I reluctantly pulled out of her and rolled onto my back.

She got onto her knees and straddled me. I saw streams of her juice and my cum drip from her open cunt. She positioned herself above my fully erect shaft and lowered herself on to me. I slipped easily in and watched as my rod quickly disappeared inside her. She let out another moan. The image before me was incredible. Becky, 19 years old, beautiful and big breasted Becky was slowly grinding herself on my cock.

She leaned forward a little and started to get herself off by gently rolling her hips, front to back and then back to front. She lifted her hands to her breasts and started to play with them. Pinching her nipples and squeezing them together.

Her grinding got a little harder. She was paying particular attention to her clit. It ground up against my pubic bone and hair. She stared at me as I heard her breathing start to become uneven. She pinched her nipples again as she bore down on me. Her speed increased and she gently came with a sigh and shudder.

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It was one of the most beautiful things I had seen. She quickly hopped off me and took my messy cock in her hand. She lowered her mouth onto its tip and started to suck and lick the creamy residue off it.

"Mmmm.we taste good Micky." I closed my eyes and savored the sensation of her mouth on my shaft. She expertly deep throated me again causing me to moan. Hearing that she moved again so that she was straddling my chest facing away from me. She bent down again and continued to suck me off. I had a close up view of her juicy pussy, still leaking my cum and her puckered arse.


She inched back towards me so we were in the classic 69 position. At first I was a little hesitant about licking her as there was a lot of mess. But the feelings I was getting from her sucking on me overruled any reservations that I had. I held her by her hips and lowered her pussy onto my mouth. I was instantly hit with the musky smell of her. It was strong but not unpleasant.

I darted my tongue out and licked the full length of her slit. The mix of her juice and my cum was actually OK. I probed a little deeper so I could find her clit. She was sensitive so I was careful around it. I used the tip of my tongue to flick near it but not directly on to it. I could feel her thighs shuddering, she must have been exhausted after cumming so often, and she was picking up the pace on me as well.

I decided to just let it happen. As my orgasm approached I ground my tongue into her hole and flicked her clit directly cause her to squeal at the surprise of it. Just as I did that to her I exploded into her mouth. My orgasm wasn't as intense as the last but I still dumped a hefty load down her throat. Like the cum-slut she was turning out to be she cleaned my cock completely before moving to lie down next to me.

We lay naked, her fingers playing with my rapidly deflating member. There was a chime from her bag that was still lying in the hallway where it was thrown. "Shit, that's me phone", she said. She hopped up and picked up her bag. She pulled out her phone and clicked open the message. "You're not going to believe this, it's the waitress", she said jumping up and down a little. "No way", I exclaimed "Let me read it to you". Hey guys, sorry it's so late. I could do with a ride home if you're still about.

I sat up in the bed, "Oh you're kidding me!" Becky smiled, "I've got an idea". She ran back to the bed. "Let me just take a selfie".

She opened my legs a bit and then sat in between them with her legs over mine.

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She picked up my cock and shuffled in so her pussy was right up against my balls. She then place my cock so it was resting on her thin strip of pubic hair. As if on cue a trickle of cum leaked from me and settled on her smoothly shaved crotch.

She told me to hold still and took a photo. Becky texted back with the photo: Sorry hun we've turned in for the night xx She tapped send and cuddled back up to me. I kissed her on top of the head and said, "Thanks for tonight Becky. It's been amazing". She looked up at me and touched my cheek, "Were you OK with everything that happened?

I don't want you to freak out on me." "Do you know what, I was OK with it all. I feel like a new man." "That's good." "As long as I get to be with you like this every now and then I'm a happy guy", I said sleepily. Becky's phone chimed again. She swiped the screen and opened the text message from Stephanie the waitress. It was a photo text, the photo was a picture of her topless taken in what we imagined was her bathroom.

It came with 3 words: Maybe next time? x Becky texted back: Definitely She put her phone on her bedside table and plugged it in to charge. She lifted up the covers and climbed under. I put my feet under and slid down next to her. I lay on my back as she placed her head on my shoulder. My last thought for the night was remembering her opening her door when I first arrived this evening and how beautiful she was.

I drifted off to sleep not realizing the complicated path my life had just turned down.