Skinny hot nymph likes fucking in various positions

Skinny hot nymph likes fucking in various positions
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"Monica did you see that new trainer earlier, was he hot or what?" the woman asked her friend. The two women sat at the juice bar inside Equinox, recovering and replenishing after their spinning class. "Honestly I hadn't noticed, was the instructor new tonight?" Monica answered her friend.

Julia looked at her friend with a puzzled expression. "Not the class instructor silly, the new trainer was ahead of us in line when we were getting our smoothies. Dark hair, killer physique, nice and young - just how we like them. You didn't notice him, that's not like you, are you feeling alright?" "I feel fine Julia, really" Monica answered her friend.

In fact Monica did feel fine, maybe just a little distracted. Julia was looking at her, trying to ascertain what was going on in her friend's head. The two women had been friends for five years.

They had met at an aerobics class and their mutual devotion to exercise was why they had become friendly. But the reason they really bonded was different, but also physical. Both women had an attraction to younger, buff guys. When they first met Julia had just gone through her third divorce while it had been five years since Monica's divorce, something she swore never to repeat.

Since then she hadn't allowed herself to get too close to any man emotionally. The two friends were of one mind, meet young guys and have your fun without getting serious, then end it if the men didn't first. The biggest difference between them was that Julia had obtained large settlements from her first two divorces and lived the life of leisure of a society lady in NYC.

That meant she always needed a man on her arm for numerous events and functions, dressed to the nines. And if she had to buy them clothes and help them out with "gifts" to pay the rent she could afford that. None of them lasted long anyway. Monica on the other hand was a career woman. She was the office manager of a very successful Park Avenue medical practice.

With her in charge the office ran like a well oiled machine and the various doctors relied on her to oversee all aspects, from the office staff to patient relations.


She supervised all with her quick mind and steely demeanor. And for this Monica was generously compensated. "Well forget about the trainer. Now what was I going to say, oh yes, I just picked the dress for the charity function I'm attending next week and it shows a lot of back. Tell me the truth Monica, can I still pull it off?" Julia asked her friend, doubt creeping into her voice. Monica laughed "Please Julia, you look great.

You know most women half your age don't look as good as you." "That might be true, but they're still half my age and in that way I can't compete. Plus the girls today will do anything. They don't date, they hook up.

They all sleep with other women and take it up the ass - hell they probably blog about it" Julia said dramatically.

Monica shook her head. Sometimes Julia could be so impossible, best to get her off this subject. " Well I take it Paul is accompanying you then?" she asked. "Of course, he doesn't have the proper wardrobe but I bought him a nice suit recently. It really isn't appropriate but he can get pull it off.

That's the beauty of him being an artist, well that and his artistic hands" Julia answered. Monica froze at the mention of hands, and then a smile grew on her face as her mind drifted to the previous afternoon. She remembered Matt's strong hands all over her body and the pleasure they brought with them and how she had even tied those beautiful hands to her headboard. Suddenly realizing where she was Monica blushed and looked down. Julia's mouth flew open, then she closed it.

"What's going on Monica, what haven't you told me?" Julia asked, her eyes narrowing. Monica swallowed before looking at her friend. She felt strangely reluctant to discuss this, but she knew Julia wouldn't let up until she learned everything. "Remember I told you last week that my building has a new maintenance worker. I first saw him fixing a light in the lobby when I was leaving for work" Monica began.

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"Oh, a blue collar man, I love them" Julia interrupted "that was one of the reasons my third marriage ended." "Really" Monica said arching an eyebrow. "Yes we were both at fault in that breakup, but he found me in bed with the electrician that was installing our track lighting. He sure put a charge in me" Julia joked "but let's get back to you.

Details, tell all." "There's not much to tell" Monica said, her hand nervously twisting a strand of her long brown hair, "my window was stuck and I called for service and he came." "I bet he did, more importantly did you?" Julia asked with a smirk.

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Lowering her voice Monica replied "Plenty. It was the best I've gotten in a long time. He's young but sure knows what to do." Julia practically squealed with delight. "No wonder you didn't care, you have Mr. Fixit ready to fix you. So what's next on the repair list, those squeaky bed springs of yours?" "There's no guarantee I'll ever see him again, in that way I mean" Monica answered. "Who are you kidding Mon, after seeing those abbodanza curves of yours, he'll probably be camped outside your door" Julia opined.

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"Maybe, who knows" Monica said noncommittally. She wasn't sure after her stupid money stunt if he was interested anyway, but the roses were a good sign she hoped and not just an ironic parting shot. "Well if you're not interested anymore maybe I should visit you soon. See if he does 'side jobs' after hours. Give him an audition as it were" Julia said, licking her painted lips. "Don't you dare try, you slut" Monica replied only half joking, "I didn't say I was done with him, I said I don't know.

So keep your claws to yourself." Julia clapped her hands, the plan to goad her friend into revealing her intentions successful. "I was just kidding; I wanted to see your reaction. I can see you're still interested. My, where has the time gone? Let's head to the showers Monica and remember to keep me filled in on things." The two women got up and headed for the shower room. As they passed many pairs of male eyes covetously watched them go.

The next day there would be nothing for Monica to report, even had she been so inclined. She had seen no trace of Matt when she left in the morning and at work there was one crisis after another which had required her attention.

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Then the receptionist had a family emergency which necessitated her leaving early, forcing Monica into the breach. By the time she arrived home with her steamed Chinese takeout it was eight o'clock at night and she was just happy to put her feet up. The next morning Monica decided to go for an early run before work to burn off some tension. She put on a sports bra, tank top and a pair of capri tights and pulled on her running shoes.

She pulled her hair through a scrunchy into a pony tail and headed out. The street was nearly empty as Monica started walking to the park. When she reached the park she stretched her leg muscles, warmed up, then started her run. Monica did one circuit of the reservoir then headed down to the 79th St. entrance and worked her way back to her building. She had already slowed to a jog when she turned up her street. Her building was halfway up the block and she could see a tall figure in work blues hosing off the sidewalk in front.

Monica stopped dead in her tracks, then started walking forward with her head held high. Matt noticed her long before she reached the building and shut off the hose, then disconnected it from the spigot and coiled it. He stood waiting by a gated archway while she approached, a smile on his face.

"Morning Monica, out for an early run?" Matt asked. "Yes, just burning off some stress before work. If today's anything like yesterday I'll need it." She had stopped moving while talking to him.

Monica felt awkward and wasn't sure what to say, if anything, when Matt solved the problem for her.

"I hope you liked the roses Monica" he said while gazing into her big brown eyes. Monica smiled back at him. "Yes they were beautiful, thank you.

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Matt, about the money, I'm sorry. I had made you late and normally I tip when I get service and I wasn't really thinking, I mean what we did wasn't service but I just grabbed some money.

I'm not even sure how much I grabbed but&hellip. I don't even know what I'm saying" she said, talking so rapidly she forgot to breathe. Matt held his hand up. "Relax Monica and take a breath. It's all good.

I hoped you didn't mean it in a bad way and I'm glad you didn't. If it was the other way I would have learned from it anyway but it's good." The pair stood looking at each other with big grins on their faces. Matt couldn't help admiring Monica's figure and how her running outfit accentuated it. He couldn't stop his eyes from looking over every inch of her or his mind from going back to Monday and the passion they shared.

The effect of this soon became apparent by the growing bulge in his trousers. For her part Monica's relief had given way to a different feeling, one that she saw Matt was experiencing as well, if his erection was any indication.

"Am I causing that?" Monica innocently asked. Matt quickly glanced down, then said "Oh I see you noticed my Monica detector. It activates when in close proximity to you." "Really, and what's its range?" "At least a three foot radius, maybe more. I haven't yet calculated the limit of its detection" he replied. "Does it work closer than three feet" Monica said, stepping into the target range. "Definitely. The optimum range is zero to three inches" Matt answered. "Thank you. I find that very interesting" she said staring at the location of the detector.

"I can't help but notice that you seem very curious about it Ma'am." "You're right of course. I certainly wouldn't mind examining it, just to satisfy my curiosity." While they talked the world seemed to recede from them. The noise from the traffic, the people passing by on their way somewhere, even the air itself faded to a dream and the only thing that seemed real was each other. Not until Monica's hand lightly brushed Matt's did they shake off this phantasmagoria.

Matt seemed startled for a second. He then looked around and when he saw no one from the building about, took Monica's hand and led her through the archway into a dim corridor. As soon as they were off the street, Matt turned so that his back was to the street and his body shielded Monica from view.

He took her into his arms and rained kisses upon her lips and throat. Monica wrapped her arms around him and drew in close to his body. She could feel his body heat radiate outward, nowhere hotter than where his groin pressed against her.

With a desperate moan Matt stopped kissing her. He realized they were just off the avenue and might be discovered at anytime. Monica looked into his brown eyes, asking a silent question. "If we're going any further, we should move from here to where we can't be seen" he managed to say. Her decision already made, Monica simply answered "Where?" Matt guided her deeper into the building, to a recessed door along the corridor.

Taking a key ring from his belt, Matt unlocked then opened the door before throwing a switch and illuminating the room.

As she entered Monica observed a concrete chamber with pipes of various sizes and functions. She didn't have a chance to see more, as Matt closed the door behind them and swiftly kissed her again.

Monica eagerly returned his hot kisses with those of her own. Knowing that their time was limited, the couple's hands had already begun roaming each other's bodies. Matt cupped Monica's toned butt cheeks, massaging the ample flesh while pressing her burning body to his.

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Her hands moved across his back with such force that only his shirt prevented her nails from marking him. Suddenly she broke the embrace and took a step back, a wild look on her beautiful face.

Monica first pulled her tank top, then her bra, over her head and dropped them. She then hooked her fingers in the waistband of her tights and rolled them down over her hips to mid thigh. Matt stood motionless watching her, transfixed in place by her elemental display of desire. Her lips curled in a smile, Monica beckoned him forward.

Matt advanced to embrace her again, their lips meeting then parting. Matt's hands began tracing the length of her spine from her neck to the cleft of her buttocks.

Monica felt the fire of his lips on hers and it stoked the flame that already burned inside her. Her nipples rubbed against the rough material of his shirt stimulating them. She trembled from the sensations his fingers triggered as they traveled across her back sending electric pulses throughout her nervous system. Monica impatiently reached for Matt's zipper and yanked it down. She worked her hand inside his pants and gripped his erection.

Unable to remove it from the constricted space with one hand, Monica used her other hand to unbutton Matt's pants which gave her enough room to work his erection free. "At last the Monica detector is revealed!" she triumphantly exclaimed before bending at the waist to get closer to the object of her desire. The head leaked a trail of pre-cum and the curved shaft was red and throbbed noticeably in her dainty hand.


Holding it halfway down its length, Monica slid her full lips around it until her lips met her hand. She swirled her tongue around, trying to get it as wet as possible. While doing this Monica directed her eyes at Matt's face, which transparently revealed the pleasure she was bestowing on him.

Not content just being on the receiving end, Matt extended his arm around Monica until he could reach her sweetest treasure. When he first made contact there she almost jumped in the air. She then shifted her legs, allowing him greater access to her honeyed slit.

Realizing how wet she was already, Matt wasted no time in sliding a finger into her depths. She responded with a low moan though she didn't pause for a second in her own efforts. If anything, she swallowed Matt a little deeper until he hit the back of her mouth, forcing a gasp of pleasure from him. He then worked a second finger into her tight channel and started to pump in and out of her. His fingers made a slurping sound as her wet flesh yielded to the welcome intrusion.

Matt was easily slipping the full length of his fingers inside her and realized they both needed more. He withdrew them from Monica and heard her disappointed cry. Knowing she was watching Matt raised his fingers to his lips and licked her juices off.

He then reached down and coaxed her mouth off his hardness and guided her face to where he could kiss her tenderly. Matt then placed a hand on each of her shoulders and spun Monica so she was facing the wall. "Put your hands on the wall, spread your legs and bend at the waist" Matt practically growled while pushing her toward the wall. Monica quickly complied with the instructions and felt the cool, rough concrete pressing against her palms. She felt Matt's hardness slide between her legs and rub the outside of her lips.

He worked it back and forth stimulating Monica while also coating the top side of his prick with her slippery secretions. After a minute of this he bent at the knees to adjust his angle, then thrust forward deep inside her. She let out a sudden gasp as he penetrated her womanhood.

Matt grasped Monica's ample hips with both hands and buried his shaft to its root. Matt worked up a slow rhythm using long, smooth strokes which drove Monica wild.

She eagerly pushed back at him gaining leverage from the wall she was pressed against. They continued their coupling, meeting each others movements as if psychically attuned. His hand reached up and palmed her heavy breast. Matt felt the sheen of sweat on her skin as his forefinger and thumb worked their way to her large red nipple.

He pinched it firmly making Monica squirm. Matt also leaned down and kissed her back just below her shoulder.

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His lips tasted the salt from her sweat as he continued to kiss the warm flesh. While continuing to play with her nipple Matt snaked his other hand from her hip to between her toned thighs. His fingers searched for and discovered Monica's hidden rosebud peeking out from under its hood. He gently stroked Monica's bud with light circular motions while keeping his hips moving to their mutual rhythm.

She was making continuous whimpers now and he sensed she was getting close to release. Matt increased the speed of his fingers pushing her to the edge.

He then gave Monica a gentle bite at the nape of her neck. She felt herself explode in orgasm, her wetness drowning his member in a deluge, her hips bucking wildly. "That was so good, you made me cum like crazy baby" Monica managed to gasp out.

Her legs felt so weak from cumming that her hands against the wall were the only thing holding her upright. Matt had continued thrusting through this, never changing his pace, enjoying the velvet vice he was imprisoned in. Even taking it slow he knew it was only a matter of time until he climaxed if he kept going. He reluctantly pulled out of her and missed the feeling of being inside her immediately. "Why did you do that?" she asked in a breathy voice, disappointed as well "it felt so good in me." "I can't last much longer and I wanted to look in your beautiful eyes again before I cum" Matt honestly replied as he turned her body to face his.

Monica felt her cheeks blush from his compliment. "That's so sweet, but how can you cum now?" "If you're willing to try, I have a way I think might work " he answered her. His hand reached out and stroked her face softly. Monica felt butterflies in her stomach as he caressed her. "First things first, take off your pants" he barked at her. Monica quickly complied pulling them down and stepping out of them, leaving them on the concrete floor. "Now put your back against the wall with your legs spread " Matt instructed her.

She wasted no time getting into position. The wall felt rough and cold to her soft skin but she didn't care, she just wanted Matt in her again. He stepped forward so their bodies touched again, causing both to shudder from their mutual desire.

He bent his knees until he could position his head against Monica's open petal. It yielded to the pressure and parted for him as Matt drove into her. She let out a low moan as he sank deep into her canal.

"Put your arms around my neck and hold tight. I'm going to lift you up and when I do lock your legs around my waist, ok" he said. "Yes baby" she answered "I'd love too." Monica wrapped her arms around his neck and laced her fingers together.

Matt's hands reached down and cupped her buttocks while at the same time straightening his knees and slightly arching his back. When her feet left the floor Monica raised her legs up and hooked them behind Matt's back. Her body slid down his shaft until it was buried in her. She felt totally full, as if their bodies were exclusively made for each other. Matt made sure he had a secure hold of her before stepping a few paces back from the wall.

Monica started to kiss him, slipping her tongue between his lips and exploring his warm mouth. He eagerly responded to her, kissing back just as passionately while at the same time lifting her body up a few inches before letting her slide back down.

Matt repeated the process multiple times, raising and lowering Monica on his rigid shaft. Monica broke the kiss and sighed. "Matt" she said "I have an idea." "Go ahead, tell me" he managed to reply. "Just support me, but let me ride you. I think it will be better." Matt stopped his movement, only making sure that he was holding Monica safely. She started working herself up and down him, using her toned arms to help piston her body.

At the same time she was exerting pressure on his shaft by contracting her love muscles on him. Her full breasts pressed firmly against Matt's torso as she rode him, her sensitive nipples stimulated by the contact. Monica could read the pleasure reflected in his eyes and it inspired her to rock even faster and internally squeeze just a little bit harder.

That was the final straw as Matt's body started to shudder as it hurtled toward orgasm. His member swelled larger, then began to erupt his seed. Monica felt each jet as it filled her and she drove her body down one last time.

"Yes baby, that's it cum in me. Give me all you got - I want ityesss" she wailed as she joined him in bliss. They remained still as a statue for a couple of minutes. Monica suspended above the ground, impaled on his slowly shrinking erection, her head buried against his, her arms clutched around his neck and her legs still wrapped tightly around him.

Matt held onto her as if his life depended on it. The scent of her hair filled his nostrils and he heard the sounds of her breathing along with the jackhammer like beating of his heart. Finally Monica shifted her head and whispered in his ear "I know I can't be light and holding me up can't be easy for you." Matt shook his head slowly before replying "Your weight doesn't bother me and I feel like I could hold you forever. And right now I wish I could, but I guess we can't stay here like this." Matt lifted her one more time so that he slipped out of her paradise, then gently lowered her down.

He kept an arm around her waist and leaned in and kissed her. He started softly but it became fiercer as it went on until Monica put her hands against him and pushed him back. "We've got to stop" she pleaded " or I'll never get to work and you'll wind up in trouble." With difficulty Matt wrenched himself from her but he couldn't tear his eyes away. Monica was gathering up her clothes now while he watched her avidly.

As she pulled her tights on she couldn't help noticing Matt's cum oozing from her well pleasured canal.

He also noticed and pulled a handkerchief from his pocket and knelt down and dabbed at her. After wiping what was there, he folded the handkerchief into a narrow strip and placed it against her still wet sex and finished pulling her tights up. "Now it won't make a mess until you get to your apartment" he said smiling at her.

"You are so damn sweet, has anyone ever told you that?" Monica asked. "I believe you told me I was sweet just a little while ago Ma-Monica" he replied grinning. "Well don't change, ever. Oh God, I've got to hurry or I'll be so late" she said pulling on her top. "Monica" Matt said while looking at the ground " um, that was great, do you think, I mean, some time could I buy you a drink and maybe dinner, if you want", his voice trailing off. "Give me your cell" Monica instructed, already headed for the door.

Matt handed her his phone as he followed behind her. She punched a number into the phone while walking down the corridor toward sunlight. She stopped at the archway, the now busy city street beyond. Monica turned and returned the phone to Matt. "My cell is your last number called.

Call me at lunchtime" she said smiling. He smiled back at her, then wrapped an arm around her tiny waist and pulled her close. Monica's words of protest died on her lips as he crushed her mouth with a rough kiss. In spite of herself, Monica reached up and entwined her arms around his neck as the kiss continued. Finally Matt broke the kiss, however reluctantly. Monica stood, trying to catch her breath and settle herself down. "Now that was a good-bye" he said emphatically "I'll make sure the coast is clear." He stepped outside and looked toward the building's entrance.

Monica giggled to herself about the situation. They were acting like a couple of naughty schoolchildren cutting class. Matt looked back at her and winked before nodding yes. She walked onto the sidewalk and headed toward the front door.

She was going to be late, no doubt about that. After their lovemaking she had to shower or she'd smell the office up with her sex scent. As Monica reached the entrance the doorman crisply opened the door for her. She glided in with Matt's eyes accompanying her the entire way. Matt paced back and forth on the sidewalk as his lunch break was disappearing. For the fifth time he took out his phone and punched up her number.

This time he hit send and soon he heard the other phone ringing. After 5 rings he heard her voice but he realized it was her voicemail saying to leave a message.

"Hey Monica, it's me Matt. I was just calling to ask - well I'll try you in a little…" "Hello Matt are you still there?" he heard over the phone. "Yes I am, I was just leaving you a message" he answered.

"Sorry I heard the phone ringing but I was busy with a doctor, one of my bosses that is" she said.

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"Ok, I was wondering if tonight was good for you, you know to have that drink." "I'm sorry I have a commitment this evening. But I'm free tomorrow if that's good for you?" "Hell yeah. Oh sorry, tomorrow is great. Do you want to meet at the building?" "That's fine. I'm usually there by six, so I'll meet you in the lobby. See you then." End of Part Two