Hot Bitch Is Blindfolded Forced To Suck Dick And Fucked

Hot Bitch Is Blindfolded Forced To Suck Dick And Fucked
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Well, hello everyone and welcome to part 11 of my series of stories. Please note: Since English is not my native language there might be some spelling and or grammar errors. I'm trying my best to correct as much errors as I can spot.

Thank you. .Next morning. Me, Mike and Andy woke up very late actually. It was, I think, around 11am.

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That morning I woke up full of energy because, for once that month, I slept without waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to go back to sleep. "Hey guys." I said. "Hey." Andy said. "Mornin' " Mike replied. "I still can't believe that we did what we did last night." Mike added. "Yeah. Well, wait 'till you feel how good it is when you fuck someone." I told him. "Mhm. If getting fucked felt that good, I'm sure fucking someone will feel even better." Mike said full of himself.

"It will." Andy said. I got a boner. We didn't think mike's parents were home so we weren't talking quietly. "Anyone up for a morning fuck ?" Andy asked. "OK." Both, I and Mike said. "I need to get some lubricant form the bathroom." Mike added and jumped out of the bed and left the room.

After, I don't know how long, he came back saying: "My parents came home and they are awake and having breakfast. I was able to smuggle this." Pulling out a little tube of vaseline. "Well, in that case, we'll just have to be quiet." I said smiling. They gave off a little laugh.

"Mike, can I be on the bottom." Andy asked Mike. "Um. That's fine with me." Mike replied. Andy and I stood up and all three of us pulled our boxers down. All of us were having boners at that time. Mike put a little bit of vaseline on his dick and Andy put some on his butt. They positioned for missionary and Mike slowly slid his dick in Andy's ass. I was sitting next to them stroking my dick and watching them fuck.

I think just the sounds of their fucking made my dick even harder. Mike was trying not to moan loudly but he couldn't help it. Andy was doing a good job of keeping quiet, but by the looks on his face you could tell that he was enjoying every last bit of it. I started sucking on Andy's dick and playing with my dick. Mike ran his fingers over my back which gave me shivers and played with my butt for a little.

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Andy was ready to shoot out, but I remembered one little trick how to make a boy not come so fast. I squeezed his shaft a little and then let go of it.

I sucked on his dick for a little more than 5 minutes. I tried to stop both of them from cummingbut I couldn't.

I was about to come too. All of us came and Mike fell on Andy's chest. They stayed like that for about a minute or so and then they got up and cleaned the cum off. I cleaned the cum off my body too and then we put our boxers back on and pants and some T-shirts, if I remember correctly.


We went downstairs and had a breakfast and the rest of the day we hanged out. Then the night came. We said goodbye to Mike and left. On the way home, me and Andy talked about the whole thing. Andy said that Mike's dick felt good but he wasn't much experienced in sex.

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"That was expected. It was his first time fucking someone. Did you expect it would be like with me or Ben? Speaking of which, I really miss him." I started again.


"When's he coming back ?" Andy asked. "In a week." I replied. "Well, that's fine. You'll survive." Andy joked.

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"We'll see." I replied being all cryptic and stuff. .That week felt like an eternity for me. Finally Friday came and they were coming back. They came back at 6pm. I didn't know the time when they'd come, but if I knew I'd go and meet Ben there. When Ben bashed into our room I was reading some book. When I saw him and his beautiful face I jumped out of my bed and ran toward him to hug him.

I even teared up a little. "Welcome back !" I greeted Ben through my tears. I hugged him as tight as I could and didn't want to let go of him. He hugged me back. "I missed you, you know." I added "I can tell." He managed to say. That hug felt like eternity for me. I just didn't want it to end. He put his bags down and we sat on the bed.

We talked about Greece, me, him, how it was there, me meeting Mike, having a hot sex with him and Andy and stuff like that. In the evening we played games together and then went to sleep.

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We hugged and slept the whole night like that. His body was so warm and smooth. It was like a radiator. I was maybe an inch away from him that night. In the morning, I helped Ben unpack his clothes and we went on doing our business. That month, it was May, was one of the worst months.

If I haven't met Mike and didn't go to that sleepover, I think, I would completely fall into depression. That sleepover was a wakeup call for me. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well here we are guys, at the end of another story.

I hope you had a good time reading this story and, although, this one was a little short a lot of work and emotion was put in it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tomorrow's story may be delayed because I'm going to a wedding but I'm sure you will understand. Have a good day.