Babes cute You wanted me

Babes cute You wanted me
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I have always been into porn ever since I found some XXX videos in my dad's room.


I have been caught many times looking at porn by both parents before the separated. My mom remarried to Alex, a body builder who was very HOT.He is about 6 ft. 4. He always wears thin boxer shorts for bed. One time I was really horny and went to tell my mom and Alex good night, when Alex came out of the bathroom I could see his hard on.

He knew I saw it, he said "good night Molly" I got back to my room, shut the door, got in bed and started rubbing my shaven pussy. Started fondling my 32 d boobs and flicking/twisting my hard nipples. Then I heard a door shut, I stopped put my night shirt on and looked to see what was going on out there.

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It had been the master bedroom's door, I went to the door. "Suck my cock, bitch. Take it all. MMMMMMMMMMMM FUCK!! That feels so fucking good." my mother was giving him a blow job. I was still horny so I just picked up where I left off right at their door while listening to my mom gag on his cock. After about 5 min I heard more moaning but it was my mom, I opened the door a little Alex was in between her legs licking and fingering her pussy.

Luckily her eyes were closed, and Alex's back was turned away from me. I was on the floor fingering my pussy with my head by the door so I could watch. Then I saw Alex stand up, but couldn't see his cock, which was now in my mom's pussy. All I saw was his big balls pounding against her ass. I didn't realize I had my whole hand in my pussy by then. I was right on the edge, I lost it right when.

"I'm gonna cummmmm. where do you want it" "On my tits, then lick it all off." Cum was all over the floor, I grabbed the bathroom towel and tried to soak it up. Finally satisfied I went back to bed. The next day Alex was home from the gym, and I was horny again. My mom called for Alex, I went to give it to him but he was in the shower. It was urgent so I had to go in there, I knocked and went in.

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He didn't hear me knock so he was facing me. He was washing his hair and didn't see me but I saw his hung cock. It was about 6 inches and it was limp. My mom was still on the phone so I just set the phone on the sink and said "mom's on the phone and needs to talk to you!" and ran out of there.

About 10 min later Alex came to my room, in his thin boxers no hard on this time. And told me that my mom had to go to the hospital my aunt had been in the car accident and she went up there to help my uncle with the kids. Said she is gonna be home late tonight maybe sometime tomorrow morning.

So we were on our own for dinner, he told me to order a pizza and wings for him, he was going to lay down in his room. I ordered the pizza and when it got here I went to get Alex.

He was asleep. I went to go wake him up and I saw his cock hanging out, it wasn't the same as it was earlier, he had a hard on. I shook him, nothing, was calling his name, nothing, snapped my fingers in his face, still nothing. he was out. I had never felt a cock before and I REALLY wanted to feel his.

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I touched the head, it was smooth and felt good. I slowly slid is boxers back so I could see more. I grabbed his whole cock with both hands, it was about 8 1/2 maybe 9 inches.

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curious I started stroking it. He started moaning then I saw him wake up. He forced my face down on his cock, I opened my mouth and figured I could easily take it.

I got about 5 inches in and started gagging. He kept pushing more of his cock in my mouth I was balls deep. He finally let up and I gasped for breath. Alex finally realized it was me giving him this blow job. "what the fuck are you doing?!!!" "No one is here and no one has to know.

You enjoyed it, why is that so bad?" "Because it's wrong, I am your step father Molly.


Now get out of here and not a word to your mother. This will never happen again." "No, I wanna finish what I started" "NO MOLLY! I'm serious.


You and I can no go any farther. This needs to stop now!" " I'm sooo horny please, please, please, please, please, please, please." " I don't know" "I promise I won't ever tell ANYONE anything." "Mmmmm, you are very sexy, and I do need to get rid of this. Ok but you are still a virgin right?" "yes" "Ok well if you really want me to fuck your tight little virgin pussy it's gonna hurt at first, but I PROMISE you it will feel SOOOOO good after that." "mmm yes, I want your cock in my tight pussy, like you did with mom last night." "what?!

you saw that?" "yes sorry" "no no its ok, guess we are just gonna have to be more discreet next time." Alex brought me up on the bed and undressed me. He licked my hard nipples and sucked on one for a minute than went to the other. He licked his way down my body till he got to my clit. his tounge circled my clit and flicked it.

Then started licking my pussy. He thrusted his tongue into my pussy.

I tugged his boxers off and he climbed over me and slowly put his dick in my pussy. I felt his cock break my hymen. It hurt like hell, but after his cock went back in it felt sooo good.

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He went faster and faster then started sucking my nipples again. I loved the sound of his balls slapping against my ass. I heard him yell "I'M GONNA CUMMM!! where do you want it?" "IN MY PUSSY" Then I felt a hot stream of cum followed by about 6 more, there was soo much cum it was coming out of my pussy and into my ass.

"O my god, I have never had that much cum before. Damn that was so hot!!" "I thought my fist was satisfying but it doesn't compare to this" "but this is the last time this is gonna happen. I'm sorry but I can't do this to your mother." "Ok sure" (I am gonna try any way possible to get more of his cock to satisfy my pussy)