Redhead slut sucking cock for cum in her mouth

Redhead slut sucking cock for cum in her mouth
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I just became a freshman in high school, when I became a dirty whore. Back then, I wanted to become the homecoming queen, and was ready to do whatever it took to become one.

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So I decided, to become popular enough I had to make people like me. I knew the senior football team was the most popular, so if I could make them happy I would be able to become popular. So I decided to let them fuck me, for homecoming votes.

So I texted the entire football team to come to the locker room after school so they could fuck me. After school I was their in my slutty cheerleader outfit waiting to be fucked like a little whore. When the seniors arrived, they immediately pulled down their shorts and immediately saw ten, big black dicks in my face. I started sucking all of them. But there were so many, that I couldn't please them all.

All of their dicks were 8-10 inches long, and they were shoving it in my mouth. I could only handle so many, when one of them decided to pull up my skirt and shove his hard cock in my pussy.


I begged him to stop cause I didn't want to get pregnant. But he didn't, and soon my pussy was being rammed by his big dick.


My pussy was really tight, cause I never had sex before. Now the team was split up, one using my mouth to deep throat their cocks the other fucking my pussy. There were so many of them, I didn't know if I could swallow all of their cum, but that wasn't going to happen for some time.

For now they just kept fucking my pussy and mouth. That still wasn't enough for them, so one of them stuck his dick in my tight ass. I screamed in pain, but that only made him shove it in harder and deeper. Now all my holes had huge black cocks in them, and none of them were even close to cumming.

Now I was in a doggiestyle position, with a guy under me fucking my pussy, a guy behind me fucking my ass, and a guy in front of me fucking my mouth. Now one of them took his cock out of my ass, and switched with the guy fucking my mouth.

I was tasting my ass juices, and no matter how hard I tried to take it out, I was way too weak. After being fucked for so long, I had no energy in me to stop.


I had to please them to the very end. After the other guys did the same thing, the coach walked in. Immediately I thought I was going to get expelled, but he whipped out his hard cock and told the players to step back. Then before I knew it, I was sucking on a 50 year old man's cock. It was so wrinkly, but I had no choice.

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Then he stuck it in my pussy and fucked me for five minutes. The other players were jacking off right now. A part of me was happy, because I was way too tired to please all of them. But then the old man took his dick out, and put it in my mouth. Mind you, this was my first time having fucking, so when he came I had no idea what it was.

I only felt something sticky in my mouth, and felt it go down my throat. It was really warm, but tasted bitter.

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I always heard of cum, but it felt so weird having it in my mouth. The coach let the players fuck me, while he left. This is when I was pretty much a ragdoll.

They fucked me so hard, that I couldn't move at all. The coach came back, and said that he ran out of toilet paper. That's when he came up to me turned around spread his ass, and told me to lick it clean. I refused, and that's when he told the players to force me. So in a couple of seconds my face was in an old man's ass, and my tounge was deep in his asshole. Not only have I tasted my asshole today, I tasted another man's. That's when the team wanted their asses cleaned, so they made me lick all of theirs.

They were so excited that they were about to cum. That's when they started jacking off has hard as they could. Some couldn't wait and decided to use my pussy to accelerate the process. By this time about 30 guys were jacking off to my body.

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The first one came all over my lips. The next one in my mouth. The next three also came in my mouth. It was so sticky, and hot, that I could barely swallow it all.

Then a guy came in my pussy. I wasn't on the pill so I told him to take his dick out, but he didn't and all of it was in my pussy now. The other guys also wanted to cum in my pussy, and although I told them not to, I couldn't stop them, and after the other five guys came my pussy was dripping with cum.

So five guys were done, but I still had to take 15 other guys' sperm. The others didnt want to cum in my pussy, so I thought they would continue to make me eat it. But I realized they had their eyes on my tight asshole. Well it wasnt tight anymore, after the fucking, so they decided to cum in there.

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So now 5 guys came in my mouth, 5 in my pussy, and 5 in my ass. I didn't know what the other guys would do. But they picked me up and took me to the bathroom, where they began to cum on the floor. They forced me to lick their cum off the floor.

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I did, and it made me feel so dirty. But that wasn't it, they didn't want me to get pregnant so they made me ooze all of the cum out of my pussy onto the floor.

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Then they shoved my face on the cum and made me drink it. They still weren't satisfied so they decided to make the cum ooze out of my ass, and made me drink it with a straw.

And at the end, I had drinken 21 guys' sperm. I felt so dirty, and they just left me on the bathroom floor, naked, and cum covered.

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I was so full, and I couldn't even get up. I laid there in cum, like a dirty slut. The next day was homecoming election, and I won! But now the whole school knew about my sluttiness, even the teachers.

And that's what led to my second slut adventure. If you guys like it, I'll make another one :)