Schönheit Grenzen auf Fett dong

Schönheit Grenzen auf Fett dong
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--- Okay, so this is my first story. It's a simple, the-girl-next-door type of thing, so let me know what you think! Sorry if my English isn't all that great.  …………………………………………………………………………&hellip.

I first saw her when she had just moved in. Long, blonde hair, deep blue eyes, and a smile that just melted me. I was eighteen and I'd had my share of girlfriends and so on, but no girl had ever turned my head like she did. I couldn't stop looking at her. Perfect curves, tight shorts, and long, tan legs. Oh, Lord, help me!

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There was no denying I wanted her, but I couldn't just walk over and pull her clothes off. I approached anyhow. "Hello, there, Miss," she turned abruptly, probably startled since she hadn't seen me coming. She just stared at me and I lost myself in her eyes. But wait. She just said something, what was it? She looked like she was expecting an answer.


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I'm gonna ruin it already. "How are you doing?" she repeated. Her lips were moist. "Good, my name is Josh. Yours?" "Lillian, but just call me Lily." The name of an angel. So far so good. "You just moved here?" I asked. She looked around at the new property. It was a two-story town home with white paneling and the basic shingle roof, but it was cute with its rose bushes, oak trees, and brand new wooden fencing around the back.

"Yep, I moved down from New York," Lily stated. The breeze caught her hair, blowing locks of gold across her perfect face.

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She shook it off and rubbed her arms. "You chilly?" I asked.

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She shook her head. "No, I should probably help my parents though." "Alright, well, I hope you like it here.

Oh! Would you like my number in case you need anything?" This would be the test. I had to score with this girl. It was now or never.

"Sure," she seemed slightly awkward, but didn't hesitate. Quickly I recited it to her and she repeated it, practically singing it with her angel voice. It was the only way to describe her. She was an angel. Yes!

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I went back across the street to my house feeling accomplished. I had one goal. I had to get this girl alone and I was sure I could do it. It was all that was on my mind. The next day I was surprised to find my phone ringing with an unknown number. I glanced across the street to see Lily's parents backing out of the driveway. Maybe I can use this time to get a little closer. "Hello?" I answered.


"Josh, how are you?" Lillian's sweet voice called through the phone. "Great, what's up?" I said casually. I had to keep the excitement and curiosity out of my voice. "I got bored and I don't know anybody around here.

My parents went out for some grocery shopping. Do you wanna come over?" she offered. Holy shit, is it gonna be that easy? "Sure thing, what do you wanna do?" I asked. I knew a few things I'd like to do, but I had to keep those things in my head. "Well, we put up a swimming pool this morning, so we could swim, no?" I loved how innocent she sounded.

I was sure she wasn't thinking of the darker things that swam through my head. "Absolutely, I'll be right over." I slapped my cell shut and quickly searched the house for my swim trunks. Finally I found them and ran across the street faster than I'd ever run. I got to the house and rang the doorbell. Nobody answered. This is the right house right?

"Over here!" I turned to see Lillian peeking around the side of the house. Oh fuck! Her perfectly toned, tanned body was exposed to the afternoon sun, except for where that hot pink bikini hid the private areas of her body. I prayed she couldn't see me going hard through my trunks. I followed her around the back of the house and to the above ground pool. She was already climbing in, letting her hair fall down around her shoulders.

She smiled at me, melting me again and beckoned me to come in. I wasted no time climbing the ladder and sliding in beside her. "How is the water temperature?" she asked. It was chilly. The perfect chilly because I could see her nipples harden through the bikini and it only turned me on more. "Perfect," I laughed.

She drifted around the pool a little and I could tell by the young, devilish look in her eyes she was teasing me. I smiled and dove underwater, coming up right behind her. Quickly, I embraced her with my arms and pulled her close. She gasped in surprise and we both laughed. Then she did what I totally did not expect.

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She spun around until her baby soft skin was pressed against me and she pulled me into a kiss. Lillian pulled away suddenly, embarrassed. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have…" she trailed off, turning red. "Do it again," I whispered. She looked at me surprised, but I didn't wait for an answer.

I pulled her into another long, passionate kiss, slipping my tongue into her mouth and allowing her to decide whether or not to give back. She did. As we kissed, I decided to test her boundaries. I ran my hands down her arms and up her back. She shivered. I let myself explore around her shoulders and neck, then down to her waist and across her stomach.

Slowly, I trailed upward toward her breasts. When I reached the bikini line, she pulled back. "I think you should go now. My parents will be home soon." She whispered. Shit, shit, shit! Damn it, at least I knew she was into me. I'd have to give it a little more next time. We climbed out of the pool and I wrapped a towel around her.

I couldn't give up though. I kissed her cheek as I stood behind her, then ran my lips down her neck, kissing and starting to suck on her shoulder. My hands wrapped around her stomach and traveled upward again.


I felt myself go hard…against her. She jolted away from me, startled. "Sorry, I'll go," I apologized, but I knew I'd made an impression she wouldn't forget. …………………………………………………&hellip. Did you like it? Please comment, maybe with some tips or advice to make it better too. I know it's kind of slow, but I felt I didn't wanna rush it either.

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There will definitely be more action in the next one! Thank you!