Hot Bareback Sex With Ass Creampie

Hot Bareback Sex With Ass Creampie
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I Am Really A Girl In A Boy's Body… Mom opened my door and said "Good Morning and Goodbye, I'm off to work." I told her to have a good day and rolled out of bed and headed for the john. I had to pee badly but after finishing I did my usual, stroked it until it was hard and then jacked off for awhile. I was very curious about what had been going on in my Mom's bedroom during the night because she had made all sorts of loud moans and groans.

So I headed for her room to look around.

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I pulled back the covers and her bed was very wet. Then I checked the hamper and found a pair of panties that were also soaking wet. I rubbed them on my face and enjoyed the aroma and taste.


Then I turned on her video player and saw what had caused the uproar. There was a couple having sex. She sucked him and he fucked her both in the pussy and asshole. My cock was hard again. I took off my cloths and put on her wet panties and looked for a bra.

Finding one I put it on and stuffed more undies and things into them so I had very nice big tits. I thought what the hell and went for it all the way, putting her nighty on. I looked really cool I thought. I lay back on the bed watching the guy fuck his girl's ass and stroked until I almost shot my load.


I wasn't ready quite yet so stopped and looked around to see what else I could find. In the drawer of the little dresser next to the bed I found the mother lode. Two dildos and a bottle of lotion. I couldn't wait until I had one of those in my rosebud. I was so enjoying fucking myself that I didn't hear the back door open or anyone coming up the stairs. I didn't hear anything until a voice said, "What the fuck are you doing?" It was Dan, my best bud.

I looked at him and was so embarrassed but there wasn't much I could do or say.

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He just looked at me with this big smile and then said, "Hey little girl, want to play around?" He had on a t-shirt and a pair of loose shorts that already had a big bulge showing.

I looked at him and smiled and said, "What you got in mind, handsome?" He put his hand on my tit and squeezed and my hand found his hard cock. We had played around several times but never touching each other, always keeping our hands to our selves. But this time was going to be different and I was going to do what I had wanted to do and that was play with and maybe even suck his cock. We didn't kiss and he never made any move towards my cock but I soon had his shorts pushed down and his hard meat in both hands.

That play lasted just a few minutes and then I pulled him onto the bed with me. I so wanted to suck him but wasn't sure what his reaction would be but finally I decided there was only one way to find out. My tongue touched the head of his cock and when there was not negative reaction I slowly took it into my mouth all the way.

His only reaction was to put his hand on the back of my head and start fucking my mouth. I had the cheeks of his ass in my hands and was helping him. He was way too fast because we had just gotten started when I felt his hot cum on my tongue and in my throat. When he was finished he tried to back away but I wouldn't let him. I wanted to clean him up so just kept sucking and licking the cum off the head of his dick. "Damn little girl, that was really good," he exclaimed.

I just looked up at him and smiled and said "Thank you, it was my pleasure." The routine became pretty regular.

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Every day I was dressed in Mom's cloths, sometimes her night gown other times some street cloths but always with bra and panties on. And every day or so Dan would come by and I would suck him dry, sometimes after he had fucked me and sometimes just from the blowjob. I would think to myself, life is good. It had been several days since Dan's last visit and I was really needing his cock. I had one of Mom's play toys in my ass when I heard the door close and feet coming up the steps.

But it sounded like more than two. There was nothing I could do so just waited until Dan and then Lyle, our other best bud, stepped into the room. "Hi little girl," Dan said with a smile. "I brought some help this morning, is that OK?" Lyle had a big smile on his face and said, "Hi." I returned his greeting with a bigger smile as I pulled Dan's hard cock out.

I thought to myself this is going to be fun because I knew that Lyle's cock was bigger because I had seen it a hundred times in the shower after PE. I was kissing and licking Dan and watched as Lyle slowly pulled his cock out of his pants. Oh what a beautiful sight.

I rolled off the bed onto my knees and took Dan's hard meat as far down my throat as I could. Lyle moved over by us and my hand immediately found his cock and stroked it. I pulled him over a little more so I could suck one and then the other.

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This continued for probably 10 minutes before Dan stepped away and was taking off his cloths. He jumped on the bed and told me to join him, which I did. Lyle was soon with me.

I was kissing Dan and had his cock in my hand while Lyle was behind me rubbing his cock on my butt. Then he slid up on the bed and started tapping my head with his cock. I had a pretty good idea what he wanted so rolled over and took him in my mouth. Dan began rubbing my rosebud with his cock which took me to another level of pleasure. I heard Dan open the drawer next to the bed and soon his finger was rubbing around my asshole.

The lotion was a little cold but the feeling of his finger in me was sooo fine.

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Lyle had a hold of my face and began fucking my mouth harder. Then a larger something pushed against the opening and soon a hard cock was fucking my ass.

It was soooo good, this feeling of two hard cocks in me. Dan was very aggressive putting more and more of his cock in me with each stroke. And Lyle had my head in his hands and was trying to get all of his cock down my throat. After several minutes I could feel hot cum on my tongue. I wouldn't let Lyle pull his cock out, I wanted every last drop. Then Dan pulled out of my ass and moved up to my face.

Just as he got the rubber off his cum cover cock was in my mouth. I sucked and licked him clean and dry before letting him retreat. The boys dressed and left me, very satisfied but somewhat exhausted. I decided I had better clean things up when I spotted the condom laying on the bed. I picked it up, examined it and then turned it up side down so the cum could drizzle into my mouth.

I turned it inside out and finished the cleanup. Over the next couple weeks I had company nearly every day.

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Sometimes one sometimes two cocks to entertain me. Then one morning I heard voices downstairs but couldn't hear what was being said. Soon feet were on the steps and someone was coming up. I tried to look my sexist as a guy entered the room.

It was not Dan or Lyle; it was Jess, my Mom's hot boyfriend. Chapter two will cover the morning I spent sucking and fucking Jess.